Chapter 3. Nothing new here...Anyway...on with the story.
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From Chapter 2 (Flinn's POV):
OK, that was too weird. Did I hear myself say that it WAS nice? That I enjoyed it? WHAT?! I know I'm not gay, but did I like that?

I liked that.


Wow. I don't know where that came from or what I was thinking, but it was pretty stupid. I thought to myself. Change the subject, Scott, silence is bad....

"So, are you hungry? I could make some lunch..."

He responded, "Oh, um, OK. What's on the menu?"

"Well, I could make some pasta, or salad, I'll have to look."

"Sounds good."

I took him inside, still unsure of the situation between us. He decided on pasta, so I put some water in a pot and threw it on the stove. Then we watched some TV.

I flipped on the set and MTV came on with that commercial about Matthew Shepard. I have always hated that commercial for one reason: it hurts so much to think about how he was killed by ignorant bigoted people. I glanced over at Flinn; he had an almost sympathetic look on his face.

Maybe he isn't homophobic look after all. He DID say that he like the position we were in earlier, but I still can't be sure. I am suspicious, though...

Deciding to be forward for once in my life, I voiced my opinion. "I really don't like that commercial, he shouldn't have died for such a stupid reason."

I didn't know what to expect from him after that, but after a few seconds he started shaking his head and looked over at me. He started to speak, "That's true, I'm just glad it didn't happen around here."


"I don't like that commercial either," I responded to Scott's question. The situation was only heading for the better. It was still kind of hard for me to accept that I kind of liked Scott, but I guess I had no choice.


After a bit of quietude between us, I remembered the water on the stove. I got up and retrieved the spaghetti from the pantry, and put it in the water. I set the timer, went back to the den, and sat next to Flinn, on purpose of course.

He looked over at me, his expression pensive. I was really starting to believe this new kid liked me back. I pretended not to notice his stare and continued to watch TV.


      Wasn't he just sitting over there? Why did he decide to sit over here next to me?


Since the Matt Shepard commercial was just on, I figured my next question wouldn't be too out of line.

"Have you ever thought about being gay or bisexual?"

Now, to the casual listener, you wouldn't have noticed it. But he gasped very quietly, and responded. "Yes I have. Have you?"

I took a deep breath. I gave it a bit of thought, and concluded that it couldn't hurt to do what I would do next. After all, the signs were all there, and I could almost feel the sexual tension in the room. And if I told him, that would give him all the more reason to tell me.

"Actually, I do all the time." My voice then hushed quite a bit as I turned towards him, "I think I may be bisexual."


AHH!!! This is too good to be true! How incredibly cool! The thoughts raced through my mind. Should I tell him? Does he like me? Damn, he's cute.

"Really?! That's really co -- I mean that's cool. Um, you know.....I think I may be too." I could barely get those last words out of my mouth. There was no turning back.

Then the room suddenly got quiet. The TV even seemed to be drowned out by our lack of talking. We looked at each other. We looked. And we stared. At the same instant, we closed our eyes and moved in for what would be the beginning of something very big, and to both of us something that would change our life forever.


Something magical happened at that moment. Our lips sealed, and I swear time stopped. There was no tongue, no lust, just two guys showing their mutual affection. All of a sudden, the magic seemed to die down, and I realized that the kiss had ended. I opened my eyes, and there I was, sitting in the middle of my den. But then there he was. Flinn. And I had just kissed him. I never knew such a feeling existed. The tear that ran down my face was wiped off by that god that I called Flinn. I then burst out crying, and his strong arms wrapped around me. There was no need to say anything, because somehow we both understood. I fell asleep on his shoulder; it must have been the most wonderful rest I've ever experienced. A friend of mine once told me that one of the best feelings there are is falling asleep in someone's arms. He was right.

        As I awoke, I felt Flinn's warmth all over my body. Best sleep I've ever had hands down. I looked up at him, and he was still awake, looking at me.

        "Good morning, sleepyhead," he said with that perfect voice of his.

        All I could do was smile. I asked, "Can I try something?"

        "Sure, what are you going to do?"

        Without answering, I kissed him on the cheek. Not too bad, I thought. "OK, done."

        "What was that for?"

        "I just wanted to test something out, you know. Don't worry, you passed."



        I wonder what that was for. "Can I try it too?"

        Scott smiled, and happily replied, "Of course."

        Now, I kissed him on the cheek, and I realized what Scott was going at. That little peck in itself was like a tiny jolt of electricity. It felt great.

        The next few minutes were spent in silence, contemplating the events that happened just an hour ago. Pretty amazing, I thought, what can happen in a day between two people.

        I guessed Scott was doing the same thing, because at glancing at him, I could see the withdrawn look on his face.


        "What happens now?" I asked.

        "I don't know..." he responded with a sigh. "Um, I..that was really nice."

        Once again, smiling took over. Meekly, "I think so too."

        I got up, hugged my angel, and said that I'd be right back. I saw the pasta, with the burner shut off, presumably by Flinn. How thoughtful, Flinn is so adorable. I was really running to the bathroom. I let my bladder go, and I guess I really had to go, because I peed for a full 2 minutes.

        "What are you doing in there?" Flinn yelled. "Filling a swimming pool?"

        I chuckled at this, and opened the door. He was standing there, showing those perfect teeth. I could do nothing but kiss him on the cheek again. "That is really enjoyable," I explained. Walking over to the stove, I asked him, "Do you still want this?"

        "Heheh, no thanks. I think I'll pass on soft wet noodles   ...   wait, that came out really bad."

        "I know," I laughed. "You sure about that? I have one here that would really like you," I said pointing to my crotch.

        He chuckled, "I'm sure."

        I took the pot, and dumped it outside in the compost. The dogs will love it, stupid animals, I thought with a smile. I loved my dogs. They'll eat anything.          ***Flinn***

        Scott walked through the back door with the pot in his hands. He went into the kitchen, and from what I heard, put it in the dishwasher. He returned to the living room, sat down on the couch, and snuggled against me. I was beginning to like this. "Scott?"


        "Does this make us boyfriends?"

        After thinking for a moment, he responded, "Yes, I guess it does."

        "Wow, I never thought that I would have a boyfriend. I'm glad you were the first."

        "Why thank you, that means a lot."



        I thought for a minute. "There are a few things I would like to say." He looked up. "There are certain things that I won't tolerate. Oh God, I sound like a drill sergeant. Anyway. I don't want to have sex. For a while. I believe that it should be really special though, when it does happen."

        "I totally agree. I'm not ready either."

        "Thanks. Also, no drinking, no smoking, drugs of any sort. I hate them."

        "Also, I'm in absolute agreement."

        "I'm glad," I said with a smile. Still quite comfortable in my snuggling position, I flipped on the TV with the remote, which was on the table. "What's on?"

        "Let's see, it's 4:30." With a pause, he added, "I have no idea."

        "Oh wow, 4:30. My Mom will be home in an hour."

        "No problem, I don't want to watch TV anyway. I want to find out about you."

        "Not much to know. I moved at 10 to here, from the ghetto basically. There was a shooting next door there, so that pretty much motivated us to get the hell away from there. Um, I'm 15, 160 pounds. Anything else you want to know?"

        "That just about covers it.'s your last name?"                  "I can't believe I haven't told you before. I'm Scott Lipari."

        "Oh. I'm Flinn Vandilay."

        "You know, your name sounds like it came straight out of a storybook."

        "I get that a lot. I kind of like it."

        "Me too. Scott Vandilay...nice," I said with a smile.

        He lightly punched me in the arm, with a "I kind of prefer Flinn Lipari."                  "Is that so?" I returned his punch, only harder.

        We looked at each other, with big goofy grins plastered all over, and knew that a wrestling match was to follow.

        I made the first move, and scooped him up from his current position into my arms. He was unable to squeeze from my grip, so I walked him outside and onto the diving board, him protesting all the way. With a big, mushy kiss on the lips, I said, "Goodbye Flinn." And dropped him into the pool.

        He surfaced, and screamed, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!"

        I took flight and ran inside into my room. He quickly followed, rather surprisingly since he is in wet clothes and had to get out of the pool. He pinned me, laid on top of me, and stared. And smiled. That made me smile, and we both leaned in for a kiss. It started out as one of those sweet, innocent, tongue-less kisses, but it soon gained some passion. I opened my mouth acceptingly, and let Flinn's tongue enter. He willingly roamed and explored my mouth, but then I felt something hurting. I opened my eyes, and Flinn said, "It's not over yet," with a smirk. He was squeezing my groin. Hard. I fought against him, and he let go. He got up, and he walked into the bathroom, dripping all the way. Mom's going to kill me, I thought. Oh well.

        I opened the door, where Flinn was standing, naked and proud. He reflexively covered his privates, but his brain finally registered that it was me. He relaxed a little, but still a little wary of my presence. I reassured him, "Its just me. Do you mind?" He looked at me, and then smiled. I added, "I certainly don't." And I didn't. He was beautiful. His manhood was perfectly sculpted, as was the rest of his body. Yummy. I got behind him, and wrapped my hands around his tummy, looking for a response. He shut his eyes and whimpered softly. What a nice sound. I looked at his dick, which I was taken aback to see it getting hard. "Excited, are we?"


        Normally, I would be hiding in a corner right now. There was just something about Scott that totally relaxed me. Almost involuntarily, I started rocking us back and forth. I could stay in this position forever. Scott was breathing on my neck, and nibbling my earlobe, it was like a scene out of a movie. Perfect.

        Later that night, Scott's parents came home. We exchanged our hellos and whatnot and I went back up to Scott's bedroom. We ended up spooned on his bed, enjoying each other's presence and watching TV. I began to think about if I had to go home or not. I asked, "Do I really have to go home?"

        Scott responded, "Of course not. My Mom always lets my friends stay over, just call your parents."

        I did, and everything was set. We would have another day to ourselves, doing whatever we wish. The perfection of it all was almost unbelievable. Reminiscing the day's events, I thought, I am bisexual. I have a boyfriend. He likes me. I like him. What more could I want?
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