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Chapter II




A boy sighed at the edge of his crude seat, stretching his face below his stopping point--the chin. Jayson wouldn't usually be this aggravated if Jackson, the one he was waiting for, would show up and stop being bi-polar at home. After Jayson's foot incident, which still throbbed a little in the night, Jackson hid in his room. Occasionally he would pop out for dinner or some hygienic activities, but quickly coward back in his lair.

Nights would pass that Jayson thought about taking one of the maid's keys, whip cream, and a smirk as he smeared it on Jackson's face; you know, just for giggles. Still, the fun wouldn't end there. Cameras were the greatest invention to Jayson. He would sneak a no flashed picture and tell everyone Jackson had fun with another man. Oh, the evil resided in him and it would not end until Jackson apologized for being late to a very important event.


Impatience running through his veins, Jayson growled latching and unlatching his overall's strap for the last, billionth, time. Why would he sit there and play with a strap? Well, a boy, around the same age as Jayson, was being late for their appointment to do whatever Jayson wanted. It was his day. Don't get them mixed up, they made days especially for each other, hoping to bond as brothers, not close friends. On this day, August 13th, Jayson had the ounce of hope Jackson wouldn't be late for such a holiday.

Alas, he was proven wrong, again. This wasn't the only mishap between the two. Being late was one Jackson's specialities, and being too early or exactly on time was Jayson's. Opposites attract, or that's what a man, before they lived, had said. Still, a park was a lonely place for a boy, age of 16, had to endure.

Wind was nonexistent, the good side, and the stares of older people on your appearance was the down side. The boy sighed, letting his multi-toned hair drape over his profiles. He sighed again, shifting on the park bench. No tree to shade him from the sun, no person to talk to, nor a little animal nibbling on a nut to amuse him. Nothing, but the rustles of leaves; Autumn was on its way.

Another minute or so, and Jayson furiously growled under his breath while a foot, decorated by a folded pants leg, stomped on the dirt. Dust swarmed around the better half of his leg before he asked no one, "Where are you, Jackson?" The tone was quite different in that question. It was soft and incoming like no other as he poked his head a few inches from his body out the park walk. To the left he adventured, discovering it was empty and the same with the right.

Yet, his tone didn't change how angry he was his best friend, or brother, could ignore him. Push him to the side, thinking there were better things to do. Well, on April 27th, Jackson's day, will be delayed; who knows how long. Arms folded against the chest pocket of his overalls and the white tee underneath, Jayson slammed his back against the park bench's own back, cursing to the Heaven's.

"Now, that isn't any way to greet God." Jackson appeared out of no where carrying the smuggest smiles of them all as his head hovered over Jayson's.

"Late." The black hair wasn't phased by his "brother's" tactics, and right now, he particularly didn't care.

"I know, but Sir-Talk-A-Lot..."

"Sam?" Jayson rudely interrupted, not caring about manners at this second.

Jackson nodded before continuing like nothing had stopped him. "wouldn't shut up."

"Not an excuse." Jayson simply stated, returning its head to the blank stare ahead.

"Aw, Gayson!"

Jayson's face fell. "Is that original, or did one of your manly friends help you with that?" he slanted his eyes opposite to where Jackson sat next to him.

"Original." He grinned, fixing that pink jacket, with a smiley face planted on his right shoulder.

Jayson looked over his friend in a way that suspected one question. It wasn't until he went from the black and white converses to the tight fitted jeans, to the pink jacket with a lighter pink shirt under it all, that Jayson spoke up. "If you wear that shit, and you're hair all fixed up," he plucked a piece out, heard a squeal of disgust from Jackson, and went on. "how come your friends think I am a fag?"

"Well, there's a good reason for that, you see." Leaning on one arm, while the other covered the side with a missing strand of hair, he nodded in laughter. "I told them you were."

Jayson's eyes bulged out of his sockets, his arms loosely fell to his sides while his mouth came ajar. Sitting there, he slowly rotated his head 180 degrees, staring at a pretty Jackson laughing lightly, as Jayson grated his teeth together. "You, WHAT?!" He found his voice echoing through the non-inhabited park.

Jackson was found laying on his back, holding his arms across his face for protection, and his legs bent over his stomach. The black hair safely tucked behind the multiple ear piercing-s as Jayson suddenly realized he towered over a chicken pose, but that didn't stop Jayson for finding a piece of vulnerable cloth to clutch his white knuckles onto. He pulled on it, forcing his friend to follow the cloth if he didn't want it to rip.

Face and voice carrying a very serious tone, he forced the next words to come out of his mouth not to shout. "You did what?" Heart hammered on his chest from the anger that colourized itself on his cheeks.

"I-" Strangely enough, the blonde chuckled, letting the other take him as he pleased. He was in the protection of a policeman striding over. "spot a man in blue." He finished that off quickly and smoothly deflating his chest as Jayson took this chance to come fully aware of his surroundings. Swearing, again, he looked over his shoulder to find a man primped and polished in a police uniform.

He stood there in a bigger ego than the man should have. His moustache covered the top of his lip, but moved as a top lip would when the man started talking. "You kids in a fight?" His mouth worked on something other than the words that spilled out in a slow drawl as he corrected his shiny, pleather, belt. "Am I right?" he pressed on when neither of them would answer. They were too amazed at the way the man chewed on that something in his mouth just like a cow would.

"Uh.." Jackson tried to speak but twitched when the older man took a step closer laying a wrinkled hand on Jayson's shoulder.

"I think you should let him go, son." He spoke so slowly that Jayson questioned his own mental stability.

Still, this was a man of the law. Jayson obeyed, kindly and, at once, let go of Jackson, who fell with a thud on the three planked bench. "There." Breathless, he couldn't stop staring at the drool seeping out of the man's mouth.

"No more problems?"

Jackson and Jayson shook their heads in a hurry, hoping to never see any of the man again.

"Good." He gave one nod and turned, but stopped in the middle of the process, held a finger in the air and addressed Jackson by pointing and staring at him. "Anymore trouble out of him, yell or something." After that, he walked away into the void of emptiness, never to look at them again.

Both of the boys didn't say anything for several long moments. They waited out to see if another, random, human would pop out of the vacant park and scold at least one of them. From right to left nothing came from anywhere and Jayson found this time to rag on his friend again. Lips pursed, a fist on Jackson's jacket, he gritted his beautiful teeth, demanding, "Tell me you did not say that! It's bad enough I have to deal with your little emo self at home, but not in public, mister!" His other fist hung dangerously behind his own head, its bulls eye being Jackson's head.

"Okay, okay!" Jackson's hands eagerly pushed the air to Jayson's chest, eyes pleading for any moment where Jayson would find pity in a "man" like him and release his annoying grip. When his wish didn't come true, he sighed deeply. "I didn't tell them." His voice dropped to a low whisper, each time a word came out of his pretty little mouth.

"WHAT?!" Jayson's voice did echo through the park, causing several birds to take flight from places neither of the boys knew were there.

"I was aggravating you..." he told his friend in a whiny voice; he has been through this many times.

"Jackson! You're such a fuckin' bitch!"

This was a moment to bring a familiar quote to Jayson's life, again. "Let's cuss, it helps our lives." He smirked evilly, knowing that ajar mouth of his friend was good enough for him.

"OH MY GOD!" he went on, not caring about anything around him, not even Jackson. "That was so rude!" Without a thought a hand flew from his body, making a poor man cry. Jayson didn't know what to do. His fist stung and his feelings ached for the boy he just hit on his day. "I-" He dropped Jackson, his face, his arm, his fingers, and his body on an empty spot on the bench.

For minutes at a time neither of them said one word, just sat in the silence people called the outside. Jackson holding his cheek while he silently cried beside Jayson, who instantly wrapped an arm around his buddy for support on his accident. Jackson's head peacefully consoled itself on the other's shoulder, still not letting up the tears Jayson had to wipe away.

"I'm more than sorry." Never in his years of knowing Jackson had he hit him so hard. Of course it didn't help as the stinging on his knuckles didn't reside.

"It's okay, Gayson." Jackson smiled under his depressed state, still holding the side of his face as the both shared a chuckle.


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