Chapter III

"Ow, Gayson, that hurt!" Jackson exclaimed, swatting away an icepack Jayson asked one of the maids for and cupped his overly pink cheek.

"You know, we're not going to make that a habit." Jayson stated firmly, face fallen.

There they were in the bathroom, again; except the roles were switched. Jackson swung his feet off of the countertop, Jayson leaning into his friend, trying to examine the accumulating bruise.

"You wish," the blonde replied wincing to a stinging cold sensation.

"I know," lifting up the ice, he peeked around it then instantly laid it back down, chuckling. "Dude, I totally kicked your ass," he said, still chuckling.

"You caught me off guard," he paused, eyes shifted to the side until his mind maliciously grinned. "Gayson~" he drawled brought the grin from his mind to his face.

Jayson sighed roughly, "One more time and your bruise will have a sister."

"Or a brother."

The black hair friend didn't reply, he figured it would be better for his nerves. Then, when their aiding process was complete, Jayson handed Jackson the ice. "I'm going to go watch some television." He told the blonde bitterly. Through thick and thin, Jayson discovered himself STILL bitter.

But when the blonde's lips became a slit to reply with something clever, Jayson gruffed away, ruffling the multi-toned hair. "Ew, what a bitch," Jackson stated about the ice and his friend. Disgusted, the blonde chucked the sweating icepack in the sink he sat by then made his way toward his 'brother'.

He ruffled his own hair, silently closing the bathroom door. He wasn't sure how far Jayson was and he didn't want the black head to cause him anymore facial pain. Although he cared for his friend, Jackson would not tolerate the physical blemishes intentinally caused. Of course, all of this roughhousing would be repented somehow, someway, except, Jackson didn't give a second thought to all the past experiences. He noticed the preoccupied self-stir within him as he took a step into the living room, nodding to a maid to leave. Oh boy, he felt big.

Clacking feet leaving the boys, Jayson sighed heavily, almost creating a morbid whisper. "Jackson, out." He demanded, switching to another channel.

"Well, well, well..." Jackson, instead of feeling the preoccupied boy whispering in his ear, experienced confidence. "Look what Jackon has found."

"Don't," Jayson warned, very well knowing what his blonde friend was going to say next.

"Jackson found a gay son," he grinned.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BOTHER ME!?" The black haired boy screamed, shifting his body onto his knees, while he hung off the back of the couch.

"Because, my Gayson, you just look so cute when you get angry." Jackson baby-talked

pursing out his lips.

"Well, it's not funny." What's the use of arguing with a complete moron that thinks he has an ego? There isn't one, and that is why Jayson turned back around, searching for the remote that flew from his grip during the small yell.

"I beg to differ," Jackson sauntered over to the couch.

"Yeah, me too," Jayson ignored the weight shift beside him.

Although the blonde had certain sentences to say back, he kept silent, staring through the channels that flipped a number up every second. What did they have to say to each other? Jayson was being a total chick and Jackson was being a total man. Both of them had an excuse, but they did not have the ability to express the frustration they ignored through words or physically. So, for hours, they sat there, huffing and puffing away their troubles until Jayson threw the remote behind him, scaring a butler half to death.

"Mr. Jayson!" The butler exclaimed, picking it up with the pinch method and dropped it beside the black-hair boy. "Be careful!" He finished, dropping it beside the boy's furious body.

Jayson rolled his eyes before standing to leave. He had enough of all this. Enough of butlers, an ungrateful sibling and a "father" who never shows up-- that one day in the year he was the center of attention, JACKSON had to ruin. He just had to think of himself more than the other did. He had to hang out with his friends that all think he's gay, and he had to make fun of him every chance he had. Well, Jayson was no longer going to take this. Hands sternly at his sides, the boy stomped away from the living room and headed to his master bedroom, muttering something about a blonde dead man.

Jackson, all the while, silently sat there watching his friend be angry at the world. Somehow, just somehow, he blamed himself. He knew he had done something to Jayson, but he didn't know what. Overall, the blonde stood, mimicked Jayson's stomping for his own person fun until something occurred to him. The conversation him and his friends shared before he remembered today was Jayson's day. Mentally kicking himself, Jackson started to run down the spiraling hallway to halt instantly in front of Jayson's room.

"Go away," Jayson yelled from the confides of the grand room.

"No.. wait, how did you know I was out here?"

"I could hear your galloping from the living room." Jayson said while Jackson could have sworn he heard Jayson's smile.

"Oh, ha ha," Jackson folded his arms across his chest, "I'm sure you patted your back for that remark."

"No, I simply went, YEE HAWWW," Jayson yelled without a laugh or a huff after he poked fun at Jackson. Instead, the magnificent hall became silent.

Jackson sighed out his anger, squeezing his fist to control his physical actions. Eyes closed, he clicked his tongue on the back of his mouth before lightly yelling, "Jayson, I want to take you somewhere." He breathed out, lolling his forehead on the bedroom door.

"Why?" Jayson's voice asked from the other side. He sounded closer, as if he were standing directly across from the door itself.

Jackson jiggled the doorknob; no success. "It's your day still, isn't it?"

A click echoed through both of their heads followed by the creak of henges, "Jackson," the blonde heard his named whispered as he took a step back, watching Jayson stepout, eyes and nose red. "Thank you so much." His friend whispered again, soon hugging the blonde.

Jackson smiled, patting the black hair, "Anything for me Gayson," he smiled to a small, displeased grunt.


"Then, where are you taking me?" Jayson asked, poking Jayson's arm to get his attention. Jackson in a limo equaled ADD. Jayson in a limo equaled bored to death.

"Shh, Gayson, the TV, stereo, and my head are playing at once. And I'm more than amazed this is more interesting than you are." Jackson said with fascination in his voice. Although they had lived with all of these expensive things, the boys never felt the need to take advantage. The maids and butlers always kept them amused by tripping them down the hallway, dropping something, throwing mud on the floor. All of which the 'help' hated them for, but... What the hell? Life is boring without mischief.

Jayson huffed and puffed. Jackson was thinking about himself again, as always. There, or so Jayson thought, was no rest in the blonde's head. Every thought, fantasy, or wet dream dealt with Jackson's own body. The boy could be A-sexual, just admire himself as he did 24/7. "Surely you don't mean that."

"Sh," Jackson flapped his wrist towards the black hair boy. "It's America's Funniest Home Videos."

"Dude, that show doesn't even pick the right winner. They pick the stupidest one. Clearly, it's whichever family is the one that buys them off."

"Ah contraire," Jackson said as if he were debating with the king. "If they paid them off, then why would they station agree? It is a 10,000 prize."

Jayson smacked his forehead.

"But it doesn't matter, boys," the driver spoke up. "We're almost there. Just put your happy faces on." The driver smiled back at them, holding out an "A OK" thumb.

They both nodded, holding back the urge to say something about how ridiculous it was for the driver to be doing that. Yet, all faded away when the limo started slowing down, coming to a slow halt with lights engulfing the black limo. Jayson skimmed the inside, mouth gaping open to the circus theme dancing in his multi-pierced ears. He knew where Jackson brought him and Jackson knew it by leaning back in the black leather.

"Yeah, I so did."

"Okay, boys, it's time to partyyy!" The driver shouted, making the blonde and black hair jumble around. "I'll be waiting here while you boys have fun with whatever you do here."

Jackson nodded to show he heard the driver before he scooted out of the car, laughing to Jayson's jumping a few feet in front of him. "Keep doing that and some gay hobo is going to have a wet dream."

Jayson's face fell instantly before a smile gradually formed his lips, "Aw, don't call yourself names. Your self-esteem will go down."

Jackson smiled, "Okay, I'll admit," he sauntered on up to Jayson and wrapped an arm across his friend's shoulders. "It's on." He warned before pushing the boy and running off to the entrance.

Jayson stumbled before realizing a race Jackson wants, a race he's going to get. "YOU BITCH!" Jayson called out, making several people do double takes.