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CHAPTER 15 — The Tour II


Daniel was sitting naked on my bare ass, in the tent, returning a backrub, when we heard Peter whisper, “Sean? Daniel?”

Daniel reached back and unzipped the end of the tent. “I was just giving Sean a back rub,” Daniel told him. “Strip and come on in.”

Daniel continued to work my back while Peter undressed. Then he crawled in, his eyes adjusting to the darkness of the tent. Daniel zipped up the entrance behind him.

“Lie down here,” I said, and patted the bedroll beside me. Peter laid down on his side next to me, trying to see me in the dark. I reached out and put an arm over him, pulling him into a kiss.

Daniel pushed Peter’s hips back flat and moved as well as he could in the confines of the tent, to place his face at Peter’s crotch. I slid Peter higher to the end of the tent to help. As Daniel started to work, Peter gasped in surprised pleasure. His arms wrapped tight around my back and his lips pressed against my cheek, and he began to whimper.

He held me so tightly; there wasn’t much I could easily do. I managed to get one hand on a nipple and began to tweak it, and then I was able to maneuver my lips back onto Peter’s. I freed my other arm to run it under Peter’s head and down his back, where I caressed and rubbed. Peter began moaning loudly into my mouth; the pitch of his moans rising rapidly.

Then Peter broke from the kiss and gasped as he came into Daniel’s mouth.

Peter started to relax in my arms after his orgasm, but then tensed; Daniel never stopped. He didn’t let Peter go soft. So I decided it was time to try some of that soft looking ass and climbed over their bodies. I pushed Peter’s hips to twist him up onto his side. Daniel helped. His hands were already on Peter’s ass as I began to massage it.

I ran my hand between his legs and rubbed his perineum and tickled the back of his balls. And then I pulled my hand gently up his crack a few times. I found the KY and worked it slowly into his hole. There was a sharp intake of breath as my finger entered.

If Peter was as unused to this as I thought, I wanted to prepare him as gently and as well as I could. I worked my one finger until he relaxed enough for me to insert it all the way and probe for his prostate. When I found it, he let out a really loud, “Oh, wow!”

I chuckled. Then I moved in a second finger. Peter tensed, and I encouraged him to relax. With my other hand, I gently rubbed the soft skin of his fleshy butt. And Daniel kept working Peter’s cock. Peter relaxed.

When he had relaxed well, I quickly lubed my cock and moved the tip to his hole. Peter tensed. I told him, “We don’t have to do this part if you don’t want.”

“No. I want to do it all.”

I pushed the crown in. Peter tensed briefly, and then I felt him relax. I held him by the hips and moved slowly until I was all the way in. Then I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his long hair. It smelled of trees. I pulled slowly back; then moved slowly forward until I was all in. Peter groaned.

Daniel moved up and put his back to Peter. I handed over the lube and saw Daniel lube his butt, then Peter’s cock. Peter groaned as Daniel rubbed the lube onto him. Then Daniel backed up and guided Peter in. Peter began panting, “Oh, shit. Oh, shit.”

“You OK?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah.” He wrapped his arms around Daniel, just like mine were wrapped around him.

“Ok, Peter,” I instructed, “We’ll let you do all the moving now. You do all the work. OK?”

“Uh huh,” he answered, and began to move his hips; into Daniel, back onto me.

I heard Daniel sigh. In that moment, I think I loved Daniel as much as I ever did. I guess it was because we were doing something good together for someone. We were doing it together. We were partners. It was almost like we were parents, taking care of a child.

As I rubbed my face through Peter’s hair, it parted and I found skin on his neck that I could kiss. I nibbled at it and at the back of his shoulders.

Each time Peter moved back onto me, I gave him a little grind. His soft butt felt good against me. There was something to be said for soft butts, I decided.

Peter pumped faster and it felt damned good. My balls pulled up tight. I was ready to cum.

Now I was making my own noises and whimpered into Peter’s neck. My climax came and I plunged deep into Peter, forcing him hard onto Daniel. Peter felt it as I pumped my load into him and added more, “Oh, wow. Oh, wow.”

When I had spent myself I eased back and let Peter continue his pumping. My dick was still hard, and seemed likely to stay that way. I put a hand up on Daniel’s side and gave him a squeeze. He grabbed my hand and held it tight. I could hear him using his other hand on his cock.

Peter was getting hot. He was pounding both of us; back hard, forward hard. I guess there had been a lot of humping waiting to come out. Daniel began moaning loudly. I could hear his hand working faster. Then I heard his cum hitting the side of the tent. He must have been clutching his ass as he came because Peter gasped and plunged forward. I followed him and pressed him into Daniel as I felt Peter’s own ass spasm around my cock.

Peter’s orgasm must have come ripping its way out of him. It was the first time I actually saw someone crying as they came; not just crying out, but crying with tears and sobs of ecstasy. The crying continued for a while as the orgasm died away. I rubbed his back and slowly pulled my still hard cock from inside him.

By the time I was out, he was out of Daniel. We rolled Peter to his back and both began to kiss the tears from his face, our bodies pressed against each side, and Daniel’s thigh lay over Peter’s cock. Peter sighed out a shudder, and then another. He reached an arm around each of us, and began kissing us back, dreamily.

“Can I stay here forever?” he asked.

“No,” Daniel said. “You do have to go outside to piss.” Then he added. “Now that I mention that...” Daniel pushed up on all fours and backed to the end of the tent.

I was still hard, but I needed to piss as well. “Sorry,” I said to Peter as I began to back out. “Must have been the beer.”

“Yeah,” agreed Peter as he slid on his butt toward the entrance. “I drank it too.”

We all three stepped to the edge of the campsite and pissed. I rubbed Daniel’s butt as we did. Then I felt Peter’s hand on my own ass.

As we were shaking off drops, I asked, “You guys want to wash off?”

They did. We walked down to the water and waded out. I washed the lube from my cock and then did the same for Peter.

“That was so incredible,” Peter said wonderingly. “I really wish you guys weren’t leaving in the morning.”

“I think I’m good for another go in a minute or two, if you want,” I said.

“Yeah, me too,” Daniel agreed. I could see he was stroking.

“Shit, I’ve already cum three times, guys.”

“You can cum more. What’s our record, Daniel?” I asked.

“Five times in one night. Seven times in twenty-four hours,” he answered.

The moon was up and I could see Peter’s jaw drop.

It was eerily still, except for night bugs. I realized the blackbirds had quieted. Silently, I stepped up to Peter and rubbed his butt with one hand while cupping his balls with the other. I rubbed my semi against his hip. “What would light your fire for another go around? I asked.

Peter pressed his hands to the back of mine over his balls and sighed. Then he looked at me. “I’d like to fuck you, Sean” he said flatly.


“Do I get left out,” Daniel asked, coming up and humping my butt crack with his own growing erection.

“Not a chance,” I answered, “But let’s stay outside, OK? Not go back into the tent yet?”

Peter nodded.

I led us up to the picnic table. There I took Peter into my arms, and kissed him. Daniel came up behind and we hugged Peter in a sandwich. Peter kissed me back and I could feel his cock rising between my legs. Oh, yeah. He was good for another go.

I turned and put my hands on the table, pushing my butt back. “Ride ‘em, cowboy,” I said.

Peter came up behind and rubbed his hands admiringly over my ass. He patted my butt, almost like someone pats a horses butt before climbing on. His hands flowed gently up my back, then back down my legs. I realized he was enjoying the chance to finally feel another boy’s body. And Daniel was feeling Peter’s in turn. Finally Peter positioned himself behind me, grabbed my hips, and began rubbing his cock up and down my crack. I squeezed my butt cheeks.

“I’ll go get the KY,” Daniel volunteered. In moments he was back. Daniel lubed my butt, then Peter’s cock while kissing him. I could hear Peter groaning. Then I felt him enter. Daniel grasped my cock and stroked it as he watched Peter move into me.

Peter pushed all the way in, and then began moving. I could feel his balls come pressing against my butt on each slide in. His fat little cock didn’t go as deep as Daniel’s, but it did a good job of stretching me. I grabbed Daniel from the side and moved him in front of me and up onto the edge of the table. Daniel sat and leaned back, his hands on the table behind him.

Bringing Peter with me, I moved forward to put my mouth over the head of Daniel’s cock. I licked it fiercely and he moaned.

I worked down his shaft, my hands possessing his legs, his hips, and side. I could feel his strong butt muscles flattened on the table as I ran my hands over them. Daniel ran a hand through my hair.

Peter moved more slowly this time. His hands explored the muscles of my back, my ribs, my side, and my ass. I milked him with my butt, wanting to make it good for him. His hands paused in their exploration and he grunted appreciatively.

And there, in the moonlight, at a table under the trees, we made love to a lonely boy, long and slow. With moans, and sighs, and uttered appreciations.

Peter came first. I think the little rabbit could keep cumming all night, if he just knew he could.

He pulled out and sat on the bench beside us. When he noticed I was deep-throating Daniel, he gasped. “You a sword swallower?” he wondered.

Daniel laughed, “You just open your throat, sort of like you’re going to swallow. That’s what I was doing to you earlier.”

Peter thought on that a moment as he watched me work up and down Daniel’s cock. Then he left the bench and knelt down in front of me.

I had been jacking myself, but let Peter’s hand replace mine. He held my cock firmly as his tongue licked up my balls and up my shaft. He tested my taste. He licked my crown, tasting my precum, and felt the weight and skin of my cock with his tongue. Then he closed his lips over me and began tentatively to bob his head. I gasped as I felt his teeth.

“Don’t let him feel your teeth,” Daniel instructed. “Cover them with your lips or hold your mouth really wide open. And use your hands too. Play with his balls. Rub the inside of his legs. Rub all the way down between his legs to where the root of his cock is.”

Peter did all those things. He gagged a couple of times, and really never took me more than halfway, but he was enthusiastic and learned fast.

Once Daniel was able to concentrate on his own feelings again, it didn’t take me long to bring him to orgasm. He shot down my throat and I sucked him dry and kept sucking, enjoying his cock in my mouth as Peter worked on mine.

His tongue slid up and down under my shaft when he bobbed. He swirled it over my crown from time to time, and tickled my cock with flutters of his tongue. He had learned from what Daniel did for him in the tent.

It was when he had me half way in and was working his tongue that I came, shooting down his throat. He swallowed most of it reflexively and kept sucking until I pushed away. I pulled him to his feet and kissed him warmly. “Thank you,” I said. “That was great for a first time.”

“Oh, I liked it. I liked it a lot.”

Daniel came to stand beside me. “He tastes pretty good, doesn’t he?” he asked Peter.

Peter nodded emphatically. “I’ve tasted my own. You taste better. Damn, I wish you guys were staying. There’s no one around here I can do this with.”

“Well,” Daniel speculated, “you could always try sucking Alan off in his sleep.”

I slapped Daniel’s ass.

Peter looked thoughtful.

“Don’t count on Daniel for the best advice,” I cautioned.

“Hmmm,” Peter answered.

“Well,” I asked. “What next.”

“I guess I better get on back,” Peter said sadly. “I need to get some sleep before I see off my friends in the morning.”

I could see his broad smile in the moonlight.

“You can sleep with us,” Daniel volunteered.

“No, I need to be in my own bed in the morning. Thanks though.”

He turned and we followed him back up toward the tent. Daniel and I walked side by side, our arms around each other’s waist. I kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “We did a good thing.”

Daniel nodded, smiling.

I whispered again, “I love you very much.”

His arm around my waist squeezed me, and he turned his head to kiss my lips.

Peter reached the tent and started dressing. As we came up, I said to Daniel, “That tent is going to begin stinking if you keep shooting cum on the walls.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, I’ll scrub it down in the morning before we leave.”

Alan and Peter pulled up in their pickup early the next morning, just as we returned from the showers. They watched us pack and bungee our remaining things and volunteered to take us in their truck up to the park entrance, or farther if we wanted. We thanked them, but said we’d be fine. (Loading two fully loaded bicycles into the back of a pickup and keeping things from getting screwed up is harder than a little bit of riding.)

When he had a chance, Peter shoved a piece of paper in my hand. It had his name, phone, and address. “I’ll mail you ours,” I promised.

“I think Alan knows I was out last night.”

“He said something?”

Peter just nodded. The others were getting closer again. But before we left, Peter had a chance to whisper in my ear, “Thank you. Tell Daniel thank you.” And he squeezed my arm.

There was a state fish and game fish hatchery close by Inks Lake. It had been part of our plan for Daniel to indulge me with a short visit there. It was a fantastic place and we stayed longer than intended. As we rode away, Daniel complained, “You were like a little kid back there. In fact, you were worse than I’ve ever seen Ryan, running back and forth between holding tanks, asking all those questions. I thought you had decided to be a writer, not a biologist.”

“I’m going to write about fish,” I said.

“Oh, that’ll have a great market. I bet you can get a scholarship to UT for that.”

“Are we still going to UT,” I asked. “Or now that your Father is a Dean, are we going to go to his school.”

“I’m not sure I want to go to a school where my dad is any kind of Dean. Besides,” he said thoughtfully. I think I’d like to get away to school. Someplace where you and I can room together and I can screw you all night while I’m studying my textbooks.”

“Oh yeah, my back is great to lie open books on while you study.”

Daniel stood up in his pedals and pulled his cock out over his pants to piss off to the side. We had gotten to where we hated to stop for a piss. “I’ll read aloud,” he promised as he pissed, “We can learn together.”

“Hope my butt lasts through your college education.”



It was the next day that we came across another cyclist. We weren’t really ready to stop for lunch, but when we saw a bicycle with two rear panniers sitting in front of a country store at one small town we had to stop. We found the cyclist inside. He looked to be in his mid-forties, thin, tough, and weathered. There were squint lines in his face from years of sun and wind, and his skin was leathery.

He wore brief canvas shorts with pads sewn in. He was shirtless with a mat of sun blond chest hair, and a flat torso, wearing an old, Astros, ball cap decorated in a myriad of sweat rings. He was looking at cans of Vienna sausage.

We introduced ourselves and talked as we shopped. Daniel and I picked up a few things we needed and then the three of us sat drinking sodas on a bench out front in the shade. The guy’s name was Jack. He was a high school history instructor, and every summer he took bicycle tours. Long ones. He was single, but didn’t seem gay.

Since we were headed in the same direction until the next town, we agreed to ride together. Daniel and I had begun to feel like old pros. I thought it would be fun to show this old bird a little wind. Dumb. He almost killed us.

He rode up the first hill as fast as Daniel and I normally ride down them. His cadence was brisk and easy, while we labored at gears, cadence spurts, and stand-up cycling to make the low hills with him. I was grateful that the hills on that stretch of road were little ones. (Though there is no little hill to a flatland bicyclist.)

We chatted while we rode. Jack was a friendly guy and gave us some good tips. But I was really glad when we came to the parting of our ways. Daniel and I could finally relax a little.

As we rode away, I looked at Daniel and shook my head. “Did you see that guy’s calves?” I asked. “They looked like they were all bone and tendons. The guy’s butt and legs looked like old tree roots. I bet his butt is so hard and boney that you’d bruise up your belly butt fucking him—if you could get it into his boney butt to begin with.”

“I’d laugh,” Daniel replied, “but in case you hadn’t noticed, you’ve been getting pretty lean and tough yourself. Oh not all boney like that old bird,” he interjected as I was about to protest, “but your muscles are so hard, it’s like making love to a tree.”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “I know what you mean. You’re all muscled up yourself. That’s why Peter’s soft little tush was an interesting change.”

“Well I wouldn’t know about that. I didn’t get to fuck that little tush,” Daniel said, sounding a little bitter. His eyes were straight ahead and his face was blank.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked.

He looked at me as if he were trying to decide. “No,” he said. “But maybe just a little disappointed. I think I would have liked to try that soft little ‘tush’ myself.”

“Next one’s yours, buddy.” I declared. “And in the meantime, I’ll try to keep my butt all relaxed and soft for you whenever you’re using it.”

“Next one?” Daniel asked.

“Well, if we do any more errands of mercy. There are probably tons of lonely gay boys up here in cowboy country,” I joked.

“What are you going to do so they can find us? Put signs on the back of our bicycles saying ‘Hill Country Emergency Gay Services’?”

“Naw, I’ll just have you ride shirtless. The guys that crash into trees when they drive by are the ones that need our help.”

“Let’s both ride shirtless.” Daniel suggested seriously.

We did. Our backs felt the sun, but the wind as we rode was cooler. No cars went crashing into trees, though they seemed to notice us more and give us greater right of way. And then, when we were on the side of the road, replacing one of Daniel’s tires and trying to ‘true’ up his wheel, three different older guys stopped to see if we needed help. The last one stayed until we finished and chatted with us about the hill country.

I think all the help was as much because people in the hill country are just friendly. It could have been our naked torsos, but none of the guys came on to us.

After that, we rode shirtless quite a bit.

By evening, we were running late. it was dark and the moon was rising when we still had several miles to go to our next stop, a private campground on a river. At that point, the road wound through bottom lands and the ride was pretty in the moonlight. There was almost no traffic. The only sounds were pretty much those of our tires.

We were tired. But Daniel is never too tired to get crazy.

“Let’s ride naked,” he suggested.

“Yeah, right.”

“No, really. We haven’t seen anyone in hours.”

“More like fifteen minutes.”

“No, no. Look at all these trees. We’ll see anybody coming and can shoot off into these trees while they go by. Come on,” he pleaded. “Don’t you want to feel the breeze over your balls?”

“The way I’m feeling, they’d probably droop into my bike chain.”

“Damn, you’ve always got gruesome thoughts,” he began slowing down. “I’m going to do it.”

I have to admit, the thought of seeing the ass that I had admired for so long in lycra, pumping away bare in the moonlight, revived me. We stopped and both stripped, stuffing our shorts into the bungees over our gear. That way, we could retrieve them quickly.

We got back on the road. The breeze did feel good. I spread my legs a little as we road and aired out the equipment. I stood in the pedals and felt the breeze wrap up past my butt. The only downside was that I missed the pads that the cycling shorts had.

Daniel’s butt was beautiful in the moonlight as his muscles worked the pedals. Watching it, I barely noticed that we had climbed into some low hills where there were no trees close to the road.

Quite suddenly, a pickup came flying around a bend ahead of us and was past before we even had a chance to think about hiding. “So much for your ‘hiding in the trees,’ Daniel!”

We came to a rise. The pickup slowed, stopped, and turned around behind us. As we came over the rise, we could see trees at the bottom of the hill, about a mile ahead. The pickup came flying past again. The windows were down and we could hear guys yelling. A couple of beer bottles flew past our heads, smashing against the rocks at the side of the road.

Daniel and I were flying now, racing to get down into the trees. The pickup slowed about a half mile ahead and turned back again. As they came flying past, Daniel and I hugged our bikes as two more beer bottles flew past and smashed beside us. The truck climbed the road past us and went over the rise. We were coming into the trees.

We both slammed on our brakes and jumped from our still moving bicycles to run them into the brush, scratching our bare skin as we plunged several feet in. Then we stood, panting, and listening for the truck. It was silent except for our breathing.

“You... and... your... crazy… ideas,” I panted.

“What?” Daniel asked, “You... don’t... like... excitement.”

I took off my helmet and shook out my hair. I felt easier to breathe. Daniel removed his.

My breath was coming back. “I have to admit. You look damn fine riding naked,” I conceded. “You have no idea how good your butt looked.”

“No. But I noticed yours. And it did feel good, didn’t it; all that wind in the pubes?”

I stepped up to him and wrapped an arm around his waist. Just before pressing my lips to his, I said, “Damn it’s exciting to be your friend.”

After we kissed, he gave my ear a nibble and said, “I’m glad you think so. I had some more excitement in mind for tonight.” And he ran his hand down to my butt and squeezed.

We dressed before returning to the road, and as quickly as we could, got to the campground. The clubhouse was still open and we were able to select a tent pad on a bend of the river. There were other campers close by, so after setting up camp, we went into the river wearing our bicycling shorts. We were going to wash them anyway. They would have a chance to dry the next day. We had plans other than cycling.

We were the only ones in the river that late. In the moonlight, we removed our shorts scrubbing the fabric over itself, rinsing, wringing, and scrubbing again. Daniel ran a hand between my legs to clean me, he said, before I put back on my shorts. I returned the favor. We held each other and kissed, letting the current of the river sweep past us, washing us clean.

That night, we made love in the river. Then we made love in the tent. We both came each time. But something strange was happening. The more we made love, the hornier I seemed to be becoming. I woke before Daniel the next morning with an incredible erection. It wasn’t a morning piss hard-on. It was a throbbing, skin stretching, I gotta have sex, I’m about to bust hard on.

Daniel was lying on his stomach next to me. I didn’t want to wake him, but his body was so beautiful in his sleep and his relaxed butt sticking up all exposed was the perfect place to land my problem. I carefully knelt astride the top of his legs and laid my cock in his crack. My intentions were to simply rub up and down a few times, get off, and apologize when he woke up.

Daniel moaned, “Damned horny bastard. You can put it in if you want.”

I wanted. Oh, I wanted. I lubed and entered him easily. We had been screwing each other so much that our butts required less and less warm up. As I laid my body down onto his and wrapped my arms up under his, I apologized, “I’m sorry, man, but I woke with this colossal ‘FEED ME!’ hard-on. All this sex is creating a monster. I just really needed this.” I ground into him, rotating my hips.

“Hell, I guess so. I think you’re bigger and harder than usual. And by the way, this is as big as I’ll allow. Any bigger and you’ll have to go find yourself a cow somewhere.”

I merely grunted. With each thrust of my hips, I pulled my whole body forward on his and ground myself up into him, in a kind of push, grind, grind, relax, push, grind, grind, relax kind of rhythm. Daniel began to flex his butt and move under me.

As urgent as my cock had felt the need, I wasn’t fast coming. It was a long, hungry build up to orgasm, and at the end I was thrusting hard and fast. With a final deep grind, I pumped a huge load in, and my cock stayed rock hard. I laid on him for a while, still slowly grinding. “I think,” I said, “I have a hard-on for life.”

“Well you sure as hell have given me one. You need to do something about it.”

“Delighted,” I answered. “What would be the gentleman’s pleasure this fine morning?”

“Why I’ll have the same as my roommate, my man. The exact same.”

When he said the word, “roommate,” I remembered our hope that he could stay with my family this next year. As I wiped myself on my chamois and we changed positions, my imagination filled with all the possibilities. I thought pleasantly of them Daniel and me sharing a trailer in back of my house while Daniel straddled me and pushed in. He rode me with his hands up under my shoulders and his breath on my neck. Before long, my day dreams were overwhelmed by sensations and my still aching cock rubbed into the sleeping bag under me.

Daniel took a long time, fucking me exactly like I had fucked him. I enjoyed being on the receiving end. The angle made each of his grinds a prostate massage. And yet, when he was done, I had not cum and my cock still ached. He softened and rolled off me. I rolled up on my side and began to stroke myself. “Damn, I’ve got to cum again. This erection is just not going away and I really, really, really need to cum again.”

I stroked faster. Daniel crawled over behind me and rubbed my butt with his hands, and then ran them up between my legs, massaging my perineum. I lifted my top leg and he caressed my balls. I stroked frantically, and cried out as I emptied another load into my chamois.

Daniel continued to rub, and I continued to stroke, gently now, until the hard ache died and I began to soften. Daniel kissed my back. “Oh man,” I said. “I think all this sex has done something to my hormones.”

“Good,” Daniel said as he slapped my ass. “Maybe now you’ll catch up with me.”

Tubing was our plan for that day. And this was back before tubing became so big. The “tubes” were large, inflated inner tubes. One rides a tube, by lying back on it, butt in the hole; legs, shoulders, and arms draped out over the tube itself. These days, huge flotillas of drinking and sometimes naked partiers, sit in inner tubes and float along with the current, crowding hill country rivers every holiday. But there were fewer back then.

Big River Bend campground was situated in a wide bend of the river. They rented tubes. You could carry your tube to the beginning of the river bend, climb in, and float along with the current, sipping soda, chatting, swimming, and even eating, as you drifted along in the shade of the huge river Cypress trees. At the end of the bend, you climbed out, carried your tube back across the neck of the bend to the start, and tubed again.

The campground also had a van that would take you a few miles up the river and let you out to float back down. The drive up took only a few minutes. The float back down through all the bends in the river took a couple of hours.

The bend alone took about a half hour to tube. We did that twice, dipping our ride-sore butts into the water through the hole in the tube, and just relaxing.

Then we bought sodas, sandwiches, ice, and a cheap styrofoam ice chest the store clerk assured us would float between our tubes. We also paid the fee to take the van upriver. But before we left, Daniel talked me into putting on our “new” swimsuits. As we walked to the van carrying our ice chest, I felt naked in public, and like my little red suit was a flag for everyone to look at me—and not just at me, more specifically at my butt and crotch. And people were.

In the van, we rode with a family. I sat next to a slender kid about ten years old who kept looking at my suit and body. I was afraid I would spring a boner that would be impossible to hide. I picked the ice chest up off the floor and sat it in my lap, crossed my arms over it, and looked out the window so the scenery could occupy my mind. Daniel on my other side looked past me at the boy, then at my face and laughed.

He took the ice chest from my lap and set it back on the floor. Then reached across me, holding out his hand (and put his other on my thigh), “Hi, my name’s Daniel. What’s yours?”

“Alex,” the kid smiled back.

“Well, Alex,” Daniel said retrieving his shaking hand, but leaving his other on my thigh as he continued to lean past me. “You on vacation?”

Alex nodded, “This is our second day. We tubed all day yesterday.”

I leaned forward and whispered a warning in Daniel’s ear, “You’ll never get me into this swimsuit again.”

Still smiling, Daniel removed his hand from my thigh. “And do you like it?” he asked Alex.

“Yeah,” Alex said enthusiastically. “And there are a couple of rope swings on the way down the river. And there’s a really big one back at the campground.”

Alex became our little guide. Because his family put their tubes into the water at the same time and spot as Daniel and me, we floated close together. The dad was friendly, though the mom was a little stand-offish. (I don’t think she thought much of our suits). Alex had a younger brother and sister.

When they stopped at a rope swing at one deep spot in the river, Daniel and I stopped as well. The dad and all the kids climbed up the bank to take turns on the rope. Daniel and I followed. Alex explained to us how to catch the rope when it came back and instructed us as to where to let go as we swung. We knew all that of course, but were glad to let him explain it to us. He was impressed when I did my first back flip off the rope. (Back flips are easier off a rope swing than forward flips.)

The trip back to the campground took about four hours to tube. There were a couple of small rapids where we almost lost the contents of our ice chest, but they were fun. We came up on other tubers, or they came up on us as we stopped at rope swings. I forgot all about the suit I was wearing, though from time to time, someone gave it a look. When we finished, we sat at a picnic bench at the river, snacking, relaxing, and then decided to go up the river again.

For our second trip up the river, only Daniel and I were in the van. It was in the heat of the day.

This time we didn’t bother with the ice chest. It was just the two of us, and our two tubes. As soon as the van pulled away, we joined tubes by holding hands and locking a foot over each other so that we were holding our tubes side by side, hand and foot.

We floated for a while, watching the canopy of Cypress trees and patches of open sky pass overhead. Dragonflies would land on our knees or arms and ride for a while. We splashed water over each other to keep cool.

I turned over onto my stomach and grabbed Daniel’s ankles so that his inner tube was in the lead and mine followed. It gave me a great view of his body as we talked. He really did pack his speedos, and I enjoyed looking over his body as we talked. Even relaxed, his muscles were defined. He looked like some young Greek god, reclining comfortably, and only needing for his grapes to be peeled. I felt a rising desire to make love to him.

At one deep pool, the current carried us over against an overhanging bank. The water there was shallow over a gravel shoal and we grounded. I climbed forward, pulling my chest over Daniel’s inner tube. And then I reached up and massaged the pouch of his swimsuit. He sighed and arched up his hips. I pulled his suit down and off, leaving it hanging over one of his ankles. Then I crawled farther up, sliding my hands under his smooth butt and massaging it while I rubbed my face in his crotch.

I loved his balls when they hung loose and wet, and used one hand to fondle them while I licked up his cock. Daniel put his hands behind his head, laying his head back to look up into the trees. As I bobbed on him, I had fun with my hands, running them over the muscles of his legs, sides, and belly.

A breeze came up my legs and over my back. A mocking bird sang happily above us. I could feel the sun dappling my back through the trees. Daniel was mine, and his long thick cock filled my mouth and throat. I was happy, peaceful.

We were both relaxed, almost dreamy, in the shade of the trees and overhang. I worked my tongue under his shaft and shook my head, but mainly sucked slowly up and down. Daniel pumped up into my mouth just before he climaxed. I sucked him dry and then laid my head over on his thigh as I looked up his body at the underside of his chin where his head lay back over the water. Thinking that other tubers could come by, I pulled Daniel’s legs together and began moving his suit up his legs.

He had just finished pulling it up and adjusted himself, when, a naked boy’s body came flying overhead on a rope swing. He dropped into the water. Four young boys, about that age where the equipment has grown but the hair hasn’t shown up, had arrived to use a rope swing we didn’t even know was there. They were all bare-assed.

Fortunately, they hadn’t seen me working on Daniel.

I said, “Hi!” to let them know we were there. It didn’t faze them. The first kid passed by swimming back to the bank. I asked him, “Hey, what do you guys do about being naked when tubers come by?”

He laughed. “We try not to land on them.”

One of the kids on the bank yelled, “If it’s old ladies, we hide till they go past. If it’s guys, we don’t care. If it’s girls, we swim up to them.”

“What if it’s girls and their big, ugly Dads,” I yelled up to him.

“We push Timmy in,” he said, pointing at the smallest boy who was at that moment swinging out on the rope.

We decided to rope swing with them. The kids were good at it and a couple of us worked at full gainers. One kid had no trouble with one-and-a-half’s. Daniel and I kept our suits on until the guys teased us enough that we pulled them off for a couple of swings. I think the kids were interested in seeing our equipment because of how we filled our suits. Timmy sprung a boner waiting in line with me for the swing. No body seemed to care.

After a while, we saw some tubers coming. Daniel and I pulled on our suits, said goodbye to the guys, and floated away. It was getting to be late afternoon. Back at the campground, there was a huge line for the big rope swing, so we only used it long enough for me to show off my now perfected full gainer. Then we swam until the sun was close to setting.

On the way back to our tent, we passed Alex and his family. His dad was grilling hamburgers and invited us to join them. Having barely eaten, and being perpetually hungry on this tour, we quickly accepted. Daniel and I went to our tent to “dress up” in shorts, tank tops, and sandals. When we returned, we brought our cheap ice chest to offer them since we couldn’t take it on our bikes. They thanked us and took it.

The mom was much friendlier now that we had more clothes on, and we enjoyed the meal, talking with them until the moon rose.

Later, in the tent, we continued talking, just to ourselves. Daniel lay on his back and I lay face down on him, just casually rubbing parts. His legs were wrapped over my hips. My elbows were on either side of his neck and my hands interlaced over the top of his head. He combed his fingers through my hair and we kissed as we talked, and ground our bodies together.

I don’t remember what I said, but at one point, he pushed my head up and looked into my eyes. His look was one of unabashed affection. It warmed me, and I smiled. With his hands in my hair, he pulled me down into another kiss. His hands left my hair and ran lightly over my back and butt as I pumped my hips and clenched my butt for him to feel when his hands passed over.

“I like it when we’re like this,” he said. “When I’ve got you all wrapped up and can feel up and down your body. I like the feel of you lying on me. And I like being able to kiss while we rub our cocks together.”

“I like it too, when you’re on top of me. But I also like this; being on top. We haven’t cum this way in while. You want to?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“Don’t think we’ve gotten too accustomed to mouths and butts to still get off this way?” I asked.

He ground his hips up against me. “I think this feels damn good.”

“Yeah, I can definitely cum this way. If I do and you don’t, I’ll take care of you,” I assured him.

“And if I cum and you don’t, I’ll take care of you.”

We kissed some more and continued to grind.

“Sean,” he said thoughtfully, “you know I love you, don’t you?”

I stopped kissing his neck and looked down into his eyes. “Yes. Did I do something to make you think I didn’t?”

“No,” he answered, “I was just thinking. At first, I didn’t know whether how we felt about each other would last. But now, I seem to love you more every day. There are times when you’re riding beside me when I just get this overwhelming feeling that everything is right and good. I feel good. I feel… contented. Yeah, that’s the word. Contented. Really contented.”

He looked up into my face with a look that was hungry and sad and wondering. “And there are times,” he said, “when I’m watching you walking or riding or taking a shower, and I almost ache inside with love for you. I look at your body and I think, ‘he belongs to me,’ and I’m amazed.” He squeezed me, while still looking into my eyes, “I’m so grateful for you, Sean. And then I think of having to move to Houston?” His voice trailed off.

“Maybe it will work out,” I said in a hushing tone.

He looked at me quite seriously, “I don’t have a good feeling about that.”

I ran my arms around him and hugged him, my face next to his. I felt a tear run down from his eye. He kept rubbing against me, though. And I ground back. His arms hugged me harder. His movements against my body became more urgent. Our grinding picked up in pace. His mouth found mine and we devoured each other. We pressed our cocks together and ground hard and hard and hard, over and over.

Moans of deep pleasure rose from both our throats. Daniel’s legs wrapped tighter around me. I spread my own thighs, pushing them up against his butt, giving my balls more direct contact with his. Daniel picked up our pace again, faster. He gasped and began shooting out between our bodies. It was only a short time before I did as well. Our hips slowed, but not our lips.

We continued to kiss hungrily until our mouths actually hurt as we held each other tightly. As we started to relax, I rolled off onto my side and moved up against Daniel. I ran an arm under the back of his head, and soothingly rubbed his still thick cock and balls.

“So, you know I love you?” he asked again.


“I’ve gotten mad at you a couple of times lately.”

“I know.”

“Really?” he asked.


“I didn’t say anything because it just didn’t seem worth it. I figured I’d get over it, and I have.”

“I know. I’ve gotten mad at you a couple of times, you know,” I said.

“Yeah, I guessed a couple of times that you might be mad at me. Like when those guys were throwing beer bottles at us.”

“No. Not then. That was one of the those times I thought hanging around you might get me killed, but it was sure a damn lot of fun.”

He chuckled.

I continued to rub his genitals soothingly. And then we were asleep.

The next morning I woke up on my back as Daniel was raising my legs into the air. When I opened my eyes, he said to me, “You know that monster boner you had yesterday?”

“You got it?” I asked

“Yep. Damned incredible. I’m hard and aching. It’s saying ‘FEED ME!’ just like yours did.” He started lubing my butt. “And I notice you’re hard again.”

“Yeah. Feels almost like it did yesterday morning. Better get yourself in me, Daniel. We may have a bit of cock feeding to do.”

Every morning after that, one or both of us woke up with what be began to call “Feed Me!” boners. It became our joke. One of us would wake the other and say in our best monster voice, “Feed Me!”

We took a last swim before riding out that morning, and stopped by Alex’s family to thank them. As we left, Daniel said, “Now see? Aren’t you glad we had those new swim suits, so we could make friends?”

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