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CHAPTER 17 — Moving

Two little kids running past the tent woke me. I was on my back and Daniel was lying on me. His head was on my left shoulder, his left leg was thrown over mine, and his left hand was lying, palm down, on my right shoulder. His hair smelled of trees and river.

My eyes moved down our bodies. We had become tanned, hardened, and slimmed. But the effect was softened by soft down of our fine golden body hairs and the glow of our youthful skin. My abs were clearly defined, even when I was lying down. I tensed them and watched the definition sharpen. Then my eyes traveled to Daniel’s white, muscled butt, which rose down the landscape of our tanned bodies like distant snow covered hills.

As gently as I could, I laid my hand on Daniel’s back. I didn’t want to wake him. I just wanted to touch him and feel his soft skin and the hardness of his back. But he stirred, snuggling his crotch against my hip. I felt him kiss my chest, and I kissed the top of his head, taking another deep smell of his hair.

His lips closed over my nipple and he sucked gently while his cock grew hard against my hip. My cock rolled upward onto my belly as it thickened. I started stroking Daniel’s back, and he moved a hand to my cock, rubbing it with his palm. It felt good and I pressed my hips up into his hand, and sighed my pleasure to him.

Daniel’s head moved down my body. His back blocked my view, but I felt his warm, wet mouth close over my cock.

I could hear the river close by. Birds were calling and campers were waking. I was glad our tent was in the shade of some trees. It would be getting hot soon. Hot enough that I didn’t bother closing the end flaps like we often did to make love. No one could see in the screening anyway.

The way Daniel was lying lay had me pinned at the waist, but I twisted my torso to run my hands over his butt. His muscles twitched. I grabbed two handfuls of glutes and pulled them apart; moving them in circles, first clockwise, then counter clockwise, then one clockwise and one counter clockwise—damn I loved his ass.

I ran my left hand between his legs. He lifted his upper leg to give me room and I rubbed firmly on his perineum. His hips made a couple of little involuntary thrusts. I moved my hand on to his balls and rolled the loose, moist skin of his scrotum over my fingers.

I bent farther and reached my right hand over to grasp Daniel’s cock. The skin of his shaft was soft and moist, and still a little loose over his cock. I kissed the back of his waist and ran my tongue over his warm skin. Then I stretched, trying to push my tongue into the top of his crack.

Daniel rolled to his other side, and we moved into a sixty-nine position. I buried my face between his legs and licked his ballsack. When I took him into my mouth, he was leaking precum. I savored it on my tongue, sucking lazily.

He rubbed my butt, pulling my cheeks apart as he took me deeply into his mouth.

“Did you want to fuck me one last time before we leave?” I asked.

Taking his mouth off my cock, he licked it once, twice, then said, “I’m good like this.”

“Me too.”

We swallowed each other again, and sucked lazily, caressing, stroking.

Later, when we both had cum, I crawled up between Daniel’s legs and laid down on him. His arms welcomed me, and I planted my elbows on either side of his head, brushed back his hair, and smiled down at him. “I don’t want to go home,” I said.

Daniel smiled back, and moved his hips under me, rubbing us together.

“Hell, now I know I don’t want to go home,” I said.

He rolled us, me onto my back. I rolled us back, him onto his back. Our legs tangled. We embraced more tightly. We kissed. And I imagined that Daniel was as reluctant to end the trip as me.

“I changed my mind,” Daniel said. “I do want to fuck you.”

Since I happened to be on top at the time, I knelt up, straddled his waist, greased up, and backed my self onto him, watching his face.

When Daniel’s cock was all the way in and I was sitting firmly in his lap, I slid back and forth, dragging his cock forward and backward inside me. I stroked myself as I did, and Daniel ran his hands over my thighs. I rocked harder and he cupped my butt.

His belly and chest muscles worked as Daniel ground up into me. It was like watching a dance of muscles; beautiful muscles. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open in a silent moan. His light gold hair fanned out from behind his head. I looked back over my shoulder at his long legs. He was pressing his heels into the floor of the tent and all his leg muscles were standing out where they wove together under the skin. I was fucking an angel, a god.

My cock felt thick in my hand. In fact, I felt good from the tip of the crown, all the way down through the root to where Daniel’s cock worked my prostate. When I came, I splattered Daniel up to his face. He smiled, reached out with his tongue, and licked a drop from his cheek. Then he grabbed my hips and pumped harder. He arched up hard, and came in me.

I rocked on him until he relaxed. When I bent forward to kiss him, he slipped out. Keeping my lips on his, I straightened out beside him and laid my hand on his flat belly. When the kiss ended and I leaned back from him, we both became aware of two faces looking in through the screen at the end of the tent. It looked like two boys, prepubescent, but they disappeared so fast, I couldn’t be sure. I wondered how long they had been there.

“Shit, I think it’s time to pack up and go,” I said, pulling on shorts.

“Yep. We can shower up at the entrance campground, then scoot.”

We made it to Uvalde about an hour before my Dad and Colin. It was a long drive for them. Colin came along to keep Dad company. I helped drive back.

I was dying to ask Dad if he had made a decision about Daniel living with us, but knew not to ask while Daniel was with us. So we occupied the ride home with tales of our tour and Dad filled us in on news from home.

When we left for the trip, the plan was for me to help Daniel’s family with their move, which would now be in two weeks, and then to stay with them in Houston until the end of the summer. Nothing Dad said indicated that anything had changed in those plans.

It worried me that no news might be bad news.

It was early evening when we arrived at Daniel’s house. Roger and Mary acted almost as happy to see me as Daniel. They insisted we come in and, over soda, Daniel and I recounted highlights (well what Roger and Mary would consider highlights) of our trip. But we were tired, and Dad finally excused us to go home.

As soon as we were in the van, I could resist asking no longer. “Dad, have you come to a decision about our ‘exchange student’?”

He held up his hand as if to ward me off, “I’m sorry, Sean, but I don’t have the answer you want.” He looked at me apologetically, and then said, “I want you to know that your Mom and I had decided that we would be glad to have Daniel live with us.”

Colin spoke up from the back seat, “Dad even found a travel trailer to put out back for Daniel.”

“Then what’s wrong?” I asked. “Why can’t he stay with us?”

“Because of Daniel’s parents, Sean,” Dad explained as he drove, “especially Daniel’s mom. This will be the last year Daniel will be at home before he leaves for college. You know that Daniel has always wanted to go to UT.” Dad glanced at me, “You have to understand, Sean. Daniel is their only child and they simply aren’t ready to part with him yet.”

I was quiet, trying to think things through. Dad added, “And no, you are not going to live with them in Houston. Your Mom and I talked it over. We don’t think it would be wise, for several reasons. But it’s late right now, and we can talk about it tomorrow if you want. But, Sean, we are sure about the decision.”

That night, as we lay in our beds, Colin wanted to be sure that I understood where Dad was coming from. He told me about a conversation that he'd had with Dad, just after they had left for Uvalde that morning…

Colin started it. “I heard you tell Mom last night that Daniel won’t be staying with us after all,” he said.

Dad kept his eyes on the road. “No, Colin. I’m afraid it’s not going to work out.”

“What went wrong?”

Dad shrugged. “The Reeses took a long time to decide. Dr. Reese finally called me yesterday to say they just couldn’t do it. It’s likely to be their last year to have Daniel living at home.”

“I guess they’re a close family, huh?” Colin asked.

Dad nodded. “Daniel is their only child, Colin. They love him very much. And it would be too hard, especially for Mary right now, to not have Daniel at home.”

Dad looked thoughtfully off in the distance. “But I can’t help but think they are making a mistake.”

“Why?” Colin asked.

Dad shot a glance at him. “I know you love your brother, Colin.” He paused, “How much do you love him?”

“That’s a weird question. Sean’s my brother. You know I love him.”

“Do you love him, no matter what?” Dad asked. “Would you love him if you found out something about him you didn’t like?”

Colin was now concerned now. “Yeah, Dad. He’s my brother.”

“Then I’m going to tell you some things,” Dad said, “that you are not going to repeat to anyone. I’m going to explain something to you to help you understand what is going on with your brother.” Dad smiled gently at Colin. “Maybe what I tell you will help you be a good brother to Sean. OK?”


Dad took a deep breath, “It ‘s been obvious to your Mom and me… well your mom doesn’t want to believe it, but it’s obvious to me for some time that Sean and Daniel are in a homosexual relationship.”

Colin felt himself blush, and hoped his mixed feelings weren’t obvious. He tried to think. “Then why have you let them be friends?”

Dad sighed. “Because they had fallen in love with each other long before we figured out what was happening. And because, despite the... complications, they have a deep friendship. Their lives are bonded together right now, tightly.” He sighed. “I don’t want to hurt my son,” he said quietly. “Or Daniel.”

He stared out the side window, “Colin, I am glad for their friendship — oh, not the homosexual thing, and certainly not what they might be doing together – but every guy needs to find at least one close friend in his life. And what your brother and Daniel have is a once in a lifetime kind of friendship. Maybe a friendship that will outlast the other thing.” He sighed once more. “I think they have been good for each other. I know Sean has been good for Daniel.”

“So that’s why you are willing for Daniel to live with us?” Colin asked.

Dad shook his head. “Only partly. What really has me concerned about Daniel moving to Houston, is Houston itself. That city is a bad place for boys who have gotten into the things your brother and Daniel have gotten into. I’m concerned for Daniel.”

Dad continued almost to himself, “I would have never wanted Daniel staying with Sean inside our home. I wouldn’t be comfortable with what they might be doing together. It’s funny though, because when Sean suggested a trailer out back, somehow, that made things more acceptable. Silly, huh?”

“But what’s with Houston, Dad?” Colin asked. “Why are you worried about Daniel moving to Houston? If you’re right about them, maybe it will be good for the two of them to be apart.”

Dad shook his head emphatically. “No. A lot of homosexuals live in Houston. They even have their own little area in town. They have their own bars, their own theaters —pornographic theaters. Houston also has more of a drug problem in their schools than we do here. And I’m worried because Daniel is not the wallflower type. Sooner or later, he will get into things that aren’t good.”

They rode in silence for a while, each of them thinking.

“Sean is going to want to move to Houston then, Dad,” Colin said.” Maybe he could be a good influence on Daniel if he did.”

“No,” Dad answered sadly. “Not up there. Eventually, Daniel would get Sean into some things he shouldn’t, or resent Sean if he doesn’t. Besides, Sean can be tempted all on his own… And don’t forget. It’s our last year with Sean at home as well.

“And there is one other thing,” Dad added. “I believe that if Sean finishes high school here, he’ll stand a much better chance of getting scholarship help of some kind. He’s going to need it.”

“If the Reeses know all this, Dad, then why aren’t they willing to leave Daniel with us?”

“I don’t think Roger and Mary have let themselves see the obvious,” Dad answered.

“But, Dad, Dr. Reese is a psychologist. Don’t you think he’s figured it out?”

“He’s a psychologist,” Dad answered. “But he’s also a Dad. He and Mary have the same dreams as most parents; dreams of their children growing up, doing well, getting married, having children. Mary may even hope to have a daughter by gaining a daughter-in-law.” Then Dad shook his head sadly, “Daniel is their only child. If they admit to themselves that he is homosexual, it means giving up a lot of dreams.”

“Maybe Sean and Daniel won’t always be… you know… that way. Maybe they’ll meet girls and get married. Maybe they’re just going through a phase.”

Dad shook his head once last time and gave Colin a rueful smile. “Maybe. But those boys have gone well past the ‘phase’ stage. Once a boy goes very far down that path, it’s almost impossible to change.”

“You mean,” Colin asked, “you think Sean is queer and going to stay that way all his life?

Dad winced at the word, queer. “Yeah, son. I think it could happen.”

“So, like what? Are he and Daniel going to just be together all their lives?”

Dad bit his lip. “No,” he said quietly. “I could almost hope for that. But it would be extremely unusual. And if Daniel moves to Houston with his parents, I can’t see it happening. I’m afraid your brother is going to get hurt. Anytime you love someone like he loves Daniel, you run the risk of getting badly hurt.”

“So you think moving to Houston is going to really mess up Daniel?” Colin asked.

“Yes. I do.”

“Then, Dad, you need to warn the Reeses. You need to tell them what you think is going to happen if Daniel moves up there with them.”

“No, Colin. I don’t think they would accept what I would say and it would probably split our families. And it’s just as likely that Roger and Mary would become even more determined to keep Daniel with them; split the boys up.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Dad looked him in the eye. “I’m going to tell your brother that he can’t move to Houston. I’m going to repeat our invitation a few more times, for Daniel to stay with us. And, I’m going to pray. I’ve been praying. I think I will be praying a lot.”

I was tired when Colin told me all this. It was late. It had been a long day. We were each sitting on our own bed. I had my head down in my hands, and Colin watched me for my reaction. My first reaction was that Colin was an ass for hitting me with all this so late.

And then I was angry at Dad. I was angry that Dad could assume that Daniel and I wouldn’t stay together if we just had a chance. He obviously underestimated both Daniel and me. And, I had to wonder, despite everything that Dad had said, if deep down, he really wanted to see Daniel and me break up.

At least it was a relief to know that my parents knew the true nature of Daniel’s and my relationship. Even though I was angry at my Dad, I was grateful that evidently my parents were going to let me spend almost all the rest of the summer with Daniel.

I felt Colin staring at me and glanced up at him.

“Is it true?” He asked.

“About Daniel and me? Yeah, mostly.”

I could see that Colin’s mind was working. “Don’t worry,” I said sarcastically, “I’m not going to be kissing boys on campus. I won’t embarrass you.”

Colin gave me a puzzled, hurt look.

“Weren’t you worrying about my being queer?”

Colin frowned at me. “I was trying to think of ways to help.” Then he pulled off his briefs, crawled under his covers, and turned his back on me.

Other than that conversation with Colin, there was no more talk about Daniel and me being lovers. Well, at least when I was around. My Dad continued to treat me the same way that he always had. But I thought I detected a little distance in my Mom.

Dad may have preached it, but Mom was the one who lived it; the belief that you can choose what you want to be in your life. She is a stubborn redhead who always did what she set out to do. She was quite a woman. And I think she felt as if I could make different choices.

And, one thing did change between Colin and me after it became clear I was gay. Colin quit visiting my bed. And I didn’t visit his because I was afraid of the reception I might get.

We had arrived home from Uvalde on Saturday night. My parents took me to church Sunday, where everyone wanted to hear about our bike tour. I was able to forget about my family worries. Instead, as I repeated details of our trip over and over, it was a like reliving some of the experiences and reinforcing them in my memory.

After lunch, I talked to Daniel on the phone. He had talked to his parents and knew about their decision to take him to Houston with them. We agreed to meet the next day. Then I wrote a “thank you” note to Becky and Richard to thank them for their hospitality. And I mailed our phone numbers and addresses to Peter at Inks Lake.

Later that afternoon, Ryan came over. He had taken care of my aquariums while I was gone, and wanted to show me the baby swordtails he had saved. He also brought his guitar to show me some new techniques. He was excited about his guitar playing, and rightly so; he would be giving a recital at the local junior college in the spring.

But first, he was anxious to hear about the trip. I gave him a few more details than I did everyone else. It was good to see Ry. I realized I had missed the little guy.

The next couple of days were busy. There were things to do at home; catching up on chores and trying to get ready to spend several weeks in Houston. Nevertheless, Daniel and I were able to spend time together, and of course, make love at his house.

We racked our brains to figure some alternative to his moving, or to work out ways to get time together if he did.

I never told Daniel about what Dad said to Colin, mainly because I felt Dad was wrong about how Dan would do in Houston, and I didn’t want Daniel to even think about the things that worried Dad.

Eventually, Daniel and I resigned ourselves to inevitabilities. We knew a parting was coming, but until then, would simply make the best of things.


Roger and Mary had already done much of what they needed to do for the move, while we were on our bicycle tour. And since they were hiring professional movers, Daniel’s and my work consisted mainly of hauling off things Mary didn’t want to move to Houston. That, playing with Cutter, and organizing Daniel’s things for the move.

That first Thursday morning after we got back, Daniel called and told me to wear really old clothes; clothes, he said, that I wouldn’t mind throwing away if they got messed up. He explained that we would be doing some messy work.

That afternoon, when I arrived, Mary directed me back to Daniel’s room. When I stepped in, Daniel looked me over and smiled. “I’m glad you wore trash.”

I acted indignant, even though I was in a holey T-shirt, old cut-offs, and old sneakers. “I’ll have you know, this is sartorial splendor, my good man. Only my underwear is old.”

Daniel smiled mischievously, and moved to the door to close it. I raised an eyebrow when he locked it.

He walked casually over to me, and then lunged, tackling me onto the bed. Straddling me, he pinned my wrists to the bed and bent to kiss me fiercely. Then he whispered in my ear, “Ever since you told me about the time Aaron ripped your clothes off, I have wanted to do it.”

Before I knew what was happening, he had gripped my shirt at the middle of my chest with both hands and ripped it wide open. Then he dove for one of my nipples and began sucking and tonguing and chewing it. I clutched his head and let out a yelp.

And then I realized that Daniel was wearing old clothes, too. I reached over his back and grabbed his old shirt, tearing it open. Then I proceeded to shred it as he ate relentlessly on my nipple and I thrashed on the bed.

Meanwhile, his hands undid my cut-offs and tugged them down. As he worked them down off my hips, he worked his mouth down my belly, mouthing and sucking loudly. Then he buried his face in my naval and tongued me mercilessly as he freed my legs from my shorts.

I grasped his hair in my fingers and squirmed under the attention. He had left my briefs on me. But both our shirts were in tatters, hanging from neckbands.

His tongue in my navel was driving me crazy. I grabbed his shoulders and shoved him over onto his back, and began a little tugging of my own, taking off his shorts to find him in dingy old briefs.

Daniel reached up and grabbed the throat of my shirt and with a huge tug, pulled the shirt apart, all the way to my belly. With his shorts out of the way, I grabbed each side of his briefs and ripped away handfuls of material.

Our laughing had faded, and though it was still a game of sorts, it was a game for testing strength, and for making a different kind of love.

Daniel put a foot to my chest and shoved. I fell from the bed and twisted to land on my stomach. As I started to rise on to all-fours, Daniel flattened me with his body. Pinning me with his chest pressed to my back and his legs on mine, I felt him hitch up his hips. He gripped the back of my briefs and ripped them apart, and I felt cool air on my butt.

I looked back to see Daniel tuck the waistband of his briefs under his balls. He spit into his hand and spread the spit into my crack. He spit again and applied more, and then again. He finished by applying spit to his cock and then he guided himself in. Once in, he began without preamble to pound furiously.

And then he slapped by butt, twice, hard. “Yeow,” I complained and pushed up. He reached under me, tearing away the last shreds of my underwear and grabbed my cock. I dropped my head and groaned. Holding me firmly by the waist, he took us to our sides. Then he drove in deep, holding himself there while he stroked me rapidly. His weight pushed me forward and I felt him run his mouth and teeth over my back. My skin was too tight over my muscles for him to get much to bite, but it felt like he was leaving scrape marks.

I writhed with him and at one point, bucked him right out. But he plunged right back down into me, driving a gasp from me; I decided to slow down. Daniel drove his cock all the way in and held it there, with all his weight behind it.

I was rock hard.

His long thick shaft in my ass pounded shocks of pleasure into my insides and I was hungry for it. I drove my ass back on his cock with each of his thrusts. The remnants of my shirt were close by and I grabbed them to catch the semen I felt rising.

My orgasm actually started in my butt. It was like my butt hole connected to my prostate connected to my balls connected to my cock. I felt like I was having an ass orgasm; a hard one. I could hear my cum squirting into the torn shirt.

Within a few thrusts, I felt Daniel shoot powerfully into me. He pumped long after the orgasm finished.

He didn’t stop so much as slow to a stall. I sighed. “I’ll drive halfway up to Houston every night for this,” I told him.

“I’ll drive half-way down.”

“But my clothing bill is going to be outta sight.”

Daniel laughed. He gently pulled out of my ass and rolled me over to face him. He kissed my cheek, and my ear, and my neck. He reached between us and massaged my still semi-hard cock, soothingly.

“I think I need first aid on my back,” I joked. “I’m sure you left marks.”

“I hope so.”

“And what am I supposed to say to Roger and Mary when we go swimming in your new pool and they see the welts on my my back?” I asked with mock indignation.

“Bed bugs. Tell them you found bed bugs.”

“Yeah, Bed bugs with big teeth” I said looking up at Daniel’s face, “and full lips, and beautiful eyes, and a smile that would seduce a statue.” I reached up to pull his head down for another kiss.

He relaxed on me and nuzzled my neck.

“You’re going to have to loan me a shirt to go home in,” I said, stroking the back of his head.

“Oh!” Daniel exclaimed. He jumped up from the bed and told me to go wipe my chest and belly.

When I returned from the bathroom, Daniel was holding a bright yellow T-shirt up by the shoulders. The neck ring and sleeves were black. The back was to me. On it, in black, was a funky looking bicyclist (who looked eerily like the older bicyclist we ran into on the tour). In large letters over the cyclist was the word “RESCUE” and under the cyclist were, in smaller letters, “H.C.G.R.” Daniel smiled. “Hill Country Gay Rescue. I have one for each of us.”

“Where’d you get them?” I asked.

“I have my sources.”

“What the hell do we say if someone asks what the letters stand for?”

“Well the truth, if the person is gay. If not, tell them the “G” is for galloping...or how about gear. We can tell people we helped somebody fix a bicycle gear ring.”

“I like galloping. After all, it is cowboy country.”

He turned the shirt to show me the front. It said “Rescue” in small letters on the left chest. He tossed me the shirt. “Try it on.”

I did; my cock and balls hung out beneath the hem.

“Sexy,” he said. “Turn around.”

I turned and when my back was to him, he ran his hand over my butt. “Damned, sexy,” he said.

I bent forward to let him feel me up. I widened my stance and he reached through to caress my balls. He pushed the shirt up, rubbing my back as he went. When he had the shirt to my shoulders, he said, “Oh, shit! I did leave some marks.”

His fingers probed delicately around on my back. When he dropped my shirt back down, he said, “At least the shirt colors will match some of the marks.”

“Thoughtful of you,” I observed.

He turned me to face him and pressed my waist-down nakedness with his.

I grabbed his butt and put my mouth to his ear. “Put on your shirt, too,” I whispered.

When Daniel pulled on his shirt, his semi-hard cock held the bottom of the shirt up. “Oh, oh,” I said, “Your shirt doesn’t fit right. It seems to be riding up just here.” I reached out and took his cock into my hand.

Then I stepped into Daniel, putting my right leg between his legs and felt his balls come to rest on the top of my thigh. I put my hands on his hips and said, “Dance with me.” I began to sway us in a slow, rhythm as we pressed ourselves against each other’s leg and rotated our hips. Our faces were inches apart.



“I want to “rescue” you while you’re in your T-shirt.

The following Tuesday was two days before my seventeenth birthday. Daniel’s parents were both in Houston. I arrived at Daniel’s a little earlier than normal because I was horny and had an early birthday present in mind for myself.

When Daniel answered the door, he frowned. “You’re early.”

“I love you too.”

“Well you’re going to just have to sit in the living room a moment. I was working on an early birthday present for you.”

I leaned forward to kiss him. “Actually, an early birthday present is what I had in mind.”

“Good, go park your ass on the couch and pet Cutter or something.”

So I did pet Cutter, who seemed particularly lazy that morning and not at all in a happy birthday mood.

He turned to walk toward his room. I called after him, “If it involves whipped cream, you better be the one wearing it!”

Daniel returned a short time later. “It’s ready, come on.” He took my hand and led me back to his room.

The door was closed and he knocked and waited a second. Damn, I thought. He really does have someone in there. I sure hope it’s not Austin. In fact, I sure hope it’s not anybody. I’d prefer another T-shirt. Then Daniel opened the door.

Shit, there was somebody on his bed. Daniel stepped aside and I moved closer. As I reached the side of the bed, I realized, to my surprise, that it was Ryan. He was naked except for a broad red ribbon that swathed his privates like a brief and climbed his torso in a broad “X” before diving behind his back and wrapping around his chest over his nipples. In the center of the chest ribbon was a large red bow. Ryan reached out and took my hand.

I heard the door quietly shut behind me and turned to see that Daniel had left. As I started to follow Daniel, Ryan’s hand gripped mine harder. “Please, Sean. Daniel said to give you this.”

I turned back to see Ryan grab an envelope and some scissors off the nightstand. He handed them to me. Sitting down on the bed beside Ryan, I opened the envelope:

Happy Birthday, Beloved,

Please don’t come running after me. This is different from my birthday and the present you gave me. It needs to be different.

I know of your concern for Ryan. But Ryan knows what he wants, and nothing you are going to do is going to hurt him. What he wants is your love and for you to make love to him. I won’t be here this year. Until we can room together at UT, it could get lonely for you.

I could never be jealous of Ryan. And he needs you. We both know what it’s like for him at his house. He needs this. Very badly. Please don’t disappoint him. I think it would break his heart.

Consider it a ‘Rescue.’ And consider it my birthday present to you.

Not that you and I won’t celebrate more, later.

Happy Birthday, Sean. I love you very, very, very, very...well I could keep going. I love you very much. Take all the time Ryan needs. I’ll be working around the house.

Love, Daniel.

I laid the letter down in my lap and looked at Ryan. His eyes were pleading. He took my hand once more and squeezed it. “Please, Sean.”

I loved my young friend, my Sunday afternoon companion. And with the exceptions of the two times at the beach, I had repressed my physical desire for him; wanting to protect our friendship, and not wanting to mislead him. What Ryan ultimately wanted, already belonged to Daniel.

“Ryan,” I said, cupping his cheek. “We’re friends. We’re sorta like best friends.”

Ryan took my hand and placed it over the ribbon at his crotch. I could feel him semi-hard underneath. “Please, Sean. Please.”

The feel of a hard cock, or even a semi hard cock, always melted my resistance, or should I say, logical thought processes. And since our first night together, there wasn’t a time I was with him that I didn’t want him.

“Please?” he repeated.

Ryan looked so needy, so desperate. I bent to kiss him, and rubbed my hand over the ribbon at his crotch. Then using the scissors, I cut through the ribbon across his chest and those that formed the “X” up his torso. As they fell away, I noticed that Ryan was beginning to get true muscles. His body was moving from boyhood to youth.

The last time at the beach had been mainly in the dark. Now, I had a good look. His stomach was flat, his waist narrow, his shoulders pleasantly wide. His light skin was smooth, his lips soft. His belly heaved with nervous breathing, and I wanted him.

Carefully, I cut away the last of the ribbon and pulled the shreds from under him. He lay open to me.

My eyes were drawn to his now hard cock. When I was hard, my cock head easily reached my navel. I tried to remember if it did at Ryan’s age because Ryan’s was damn near there.

I touched it and drew my finger down the underside. Lifting his balls, I smiled at him, “You’ve grown.”

Ryan forced a nervous smile.

Bending, I kissed him, and while holding the kiss, I wrapped my arms under his back and pulled him around and up to sit in my lap. His firm little butt settled pleasurably over my own hard erection. He felt it through my pants and smiled into our kiss. His arms went over my shoulder, “I was afraid you would say ‘No’.”

“You damn well know I want to do this every Sunday you come over to my house.”

He cocked his head, “Really.”

“Well, I guess I do most of my staring at your butt and crotch when you aren’t looking.”

Ryan smiled, “That’s what I do to you.” He buried his face into my neck. “I want you all the time.”

I smiled and stroked the back of his hair. “There have been a few times that if you had just backed your little butt into me, I would have raped you right in front of all the fish in the aquariums.”

Ryan chuckled and kissed my neck. I pulled up my shirt. We separated long enough for me to pull it off, and then I pulled Ryan back to my bare chest, lifted his chin, and put my mouth over his. He opened to me, and as I explored his mouth with mine, his body melted into mine.

Sliding an arm under his knees and one under his back, I stood up and lowered Ryan down onto the bed. Then he rubbed himself as he watched me remove my pants and shoes. “You’ve changed, Sean. You look really strong now. You have a strong body.”

I laid down on him, pressing our erections together, and looked down into his eyes. “Ry,” I said with all the affection I felt. And then the desire returned and I kissed him. I wrapped his smaller body in my arms and he grasped the hair at the sides of my head. We kissed deeply and for a long time, rubbing our bodies against each other.

We could have done that all day as far as I was concerned, but I wanted to make sure I took care of Ryan. “What would you like to do, Ry?”

Without hesitating, he pulled his knees up to the sides, rotating his butt up under my crotch. “Like our first time… at the beach,” he said. “Oh,” Ryan added, smiling up at me. “And Happy Birthday.”

It was almost noon when we showered together. Ryan wanted to stay naked, so we carefully (in case someone had come to visit) went in search of Daniel. When we found him, Daniel put his hands on his hips and grinned. “Was it an OK birthday present?”

I walked right up and hugged him. “I don’t know,” I whispered in his ear, “how much Ryan actually needed that, but he sure seemed to have saved up for it.” Then I whispered more quietly. “I got him off three times.”

“Oh?” Daniel chuckled in my ear. “And how many times for you?”

“Oh, um. Maybe two and a half.”

“A half?”

“Had to leave something for you now didn’t I?”

We ate a late lunch with Ryan sitting sideways in my lap. When we were done, he laid his head on my chest and dozed off.

Daniel looked at us and cocked his head. “You’d make a pretty picture. You two really look strikingly beautiful that way.” He sat back in his chair. “I realize he’s only three years younger, but you know how young he looks. You almost look like… well, someday Sean, I think you’d make a good Dad.”

“You looking for someone to adopt you?”

“Hey, I’m serious. I think you would.”

“Well, how are you at child bearing?” I asked.

“I think we’re going to have to fuck a hell of a lot more, Sean, if you want to get me pregnant.”

“Have you ever heard of cloning?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorta. Have you been sneaking off to study biology again? I thought you were going to be a writer.”

“Remember, I’m going to be a writer about marine biology. Yeah. I’ve been reading. Anyway,” I started to warm to the subject, “a clone has to have a full compliment of genetic information, obviously. But I’ve been thinking, if someone could perfect the technique of combining the genetic material of two gametes; say, for example, from one of my sperm cells and one of yours—well, two guys could make their own babies.”

Daniel raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously. Like you and me, we could each supply half the genetic code from our sperm. We would just need to make sure to get two X chromosomes (one from each of us) for a girl or an X and a Y for a boy. We could get an X from you and a Y from me for one boy, then an X from me and a Y from you for another. And since there are so many chromosomes, we could make all sorts of kids.”

“And what do two Y’s make?” he asked.

“Hell, I don’t know; some kind of monster, I guess. Like maybe that’s where football coaches come from.”

“So who carries the baby?”

“Well, they haven’t done very well with any kind of synthetic womb. We’d probably need to hire a surrogate.”

“A what?”

“A woman to bear the baby,” I explained.

“I think you would also need a mom after the baby is born. You know, the kind of mom with tits that a baby can nurse on, and who can change the diapers.”

“I know,” I said brightly. “We could marry two lesbians.”

Daniel shook his head. “No, I saw a couple of lesbians once. If we did that, I don’t think anyone would want to be the mama.”

“Well, we’ll just have to come up with a solution,” I said. “The world needs children with my good looks and intelligence and your...your...”


“Yeah, patience. And adventurous spirit.”

“Speaking of which,” Daniel said, again looking at Ryan asleep against me. “I wonder if I took pictures of you guys if I could find someplace to develop them.”

“Maybe if you throw a blanket over us,” I speculated.

Daniel left the room, and returned with his father’s 35 mm camera.

“Daniel,” I warned him. “Don’t get me hauled off to jail because you’ve taken incriminating pictures.”

Daniel loaded in the film without saying a word. He just kept smiling at me.

“Daniel...” I started to protest.

“We’ll just do waist up,” he said as he began snapping pictures.

There was not much posing I could do with Ryan asleep in my lap, but Daniel had me do a few things, like hold a kiss on Ryan’s forehead while he took a couple of shots. Then he had me lay my head on Ryan’s as if I had fallen asleep, too.

Daniel shot a whole roll. I suspected, from the angle of the lens, that a couple of the photographs were full body.

“I promise,” Daniel said several times, “I won’t get these developed until I find a safe place to do it.”

“And keep the negatives.”


“If you’re going to do that, then I get to take some pictures of you nude.”

Daniel looked up at me over the camera. “Cool. And I’ll take some of you. Maybe I’ll set the camera on a timer and we can get some of us together.” He winked.

Later, when Ryan woke up, he saw the camera sitting out and asked about it.

“Oh,” Daniel explained, “later I’m going to take some pictures of Sean naked.” Well that was all Ryan needed to get excited about a new project. He became our director and executive producer. First he took pictures of me, then of Daniel. And then he insisted that we take a couple of him as well.

“You better be damn sure of any place before you get these developed, Daniel,” I warned. “Or we’ll all be in deep shit.”

“Now you and Daniel,” Ryan instructed.

Daniel smiled and I knew what he was thinking. He wanted pictures of us together.

And so, Ryan directed our poses, initially just letting us embrace and kiss . Daniel came up hard right away. And though Ryan and I had taken good care of each other, my cock began to stiffen as well.

Ryan was actually pretty good. He took pictures of us laughing together and even tickling. He took a couple of us kissing, including a couple where we were laying together, tender and nuzzling. And of course he posed us a few times in positions where it looked like Daniel and I were fucking. Finally, he arranged Daniel behind me as if he were doing me doggie style. He wanted us to do a sixty-nine, but we turned him down. It was one thing for him to take pictures of us pressed together. It was something else entirely to take a picture with us sucking each other’s cocks, or actually taking one up the rear.

Taking the pictures excited Ryan enough that his erection wagged back and forth as he moved around snapping shots.

Daniel got up from the bed and took the camera. “Kneel down on the bed, Sean,” he instructed. “OK, now move your knees apart. Now Ryan, you kneel too and back your butt up to him… come up on your knees a little so that your butt’s even with his cock… cool. Now Sean, put your arms around his waist. Yeah, like that. Now both of you look at me and smile.”

He took several pictures, including a couple where I was kissing Ryan’s neck, and one where I had both hands down over his crotch.

“OK, now Ryan, on your back, legs up. And Sean, lay down on him like you’re fucking him that way… Cool… That’s good.”

Both Ry and I were hard now, and I almost forgot about Daniel as Ry and I wrapped our arms around each other, he crossed his legs over my back, and we kissed. We rubbed our cocks together.

“Oh, that’s hot!” Daniel said. “That’s good.”

Well it sure felt hot, and good.

“Now roll over. Let’s do one where it looks like Ryan’s doing you.”

Reluctantly, because we were already feeling pretty good, we complied and resumed our mutual rubbing with me on the bottom. Again, we wrapped each other up and kissed and rubbed, and forgot about Daniel.

He didn’t forget about us, though. Unlike Ry and me, he hadn’t come all day. Soon, I was vaguely aware that he was up to something. I felt one of his hands between our legs and under my balls, and Ryan moaned into my mouth while squirming with his hips. I assumed that Daniel was working on Ry’s butt.

The assumption was accurate and soon I felt Ryan tense in my arms, and Daniel’s head appeared over Ryan’s shoulder. I felt his weight add to Ryan’s and the thrust of his hips down through Ry.

Ry relaxed and we did our best to move our crotches against each other while Daniel pumped into him. Then it got a little crazy as Ryan kissed me, then Daniel strained forward to kiss me. Then we both tried to kiss Ry.

For having waited so long, Daniel took a long time, and by the time he came, Ry and I were almost there. We all kept moving until first Ry, and then I, came.

We slowed and stopped.

Ryan took a deep breath between Daniel’s and my chests. “Don’t either of you move,” Ry said. “Ever. Let’s just stay like this… forever.”

"Did you like getting rescued?" I asked.

"Hey!" Daniel said, looking down at me over Ry's shoulder. "We should've had our shirts on. Let's take a couple of pictures with them on... in just our shirts."

"No," Ryan protested, tightening his arms around me. "Let's stay like this a while."

I thought about how Ryan's dad favored his brothers, and how Austin probably used Ryan a bit, sexually. And it occurred to me that maybe he did look at us as a rescue.

That evening, before Ryan left for home, we used the camera’s timer to get all three of us in a couple of shots. We even invited Cutter. The black lab was still acting lazy, which worked out well for us to pose him like a prop in several of the shots.

After Ryan left, I watched Daniel put the camera away. “Is this one of those things that someone is going to use to blackmail me when I’m rich and famous?”

“Nah,” Daniel answered. “They’ll be my private stash… for dark and lonely nights.”

“Shit,” I said, following him to the living room. “I get copies too!”

By Thursday, we had packed up most of Daniel’s things. That’s when I ran across the page off the hotel notepad upon which Frank had written his phone number. “How come you still have this?” I asked.

Daniel walked over and looked at it. “Oh, didn’t know I still had it. I kept it that day because I thought we might...well, consider it.”

“Did you still want to keep it?” I wondered.

“No. Toss it.”

I tore up the paper, and then tossed it.

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