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CHAPTER 2 — Daniel


The next morning, there were rain clouds off shore that hid the sunrise. The air was cooler. At breakfast we watched the clouds move in. Rain swept across the island. We all went outside and let the rain wash and refresh our bodies. Daniel and I smiled and stole covert glances at each other. I thought I saw Stefan notice.

The rain was cool and invigorating. But it passed quickly.

The clouds began passing over the island and holding their rain to drop inland. The air stayed cool, but humid. Since we were tired and felt lazy, we sat and chatted while we dried off in the dining fly.

We talked about our favorite topic of the time, football. Aaron, Stefan, and I had all made the varsity. Aaron was making an earnest attempt to talk Daniel into trying out for the team. Daniel listened politely, but wasn’t interested. Instead, he wanted to talk about surfing.

“I don’t want to talk about surfing,” Stefan groaned. “I’m still sore from yesterday.”

I felt guilty about Stefan. After all, we were best buds and had planned this trip together. I should give him more attention. “Tell you what,” I said. “I’ll swap you back rubs.”

“Cool,” he said, a smile spreading across his face. He stood up. “Come on.”

We went to the tent. “I’ll do you first,” he said. Then smiled impishly. “That way, I can stay lying down and relaxed when you’re done with me.”

“Fine,” I told him. “But I think we need to use your cot. There’s more headroom.”

So I lay down on my stomach on Stefan’s cot. We were both still naked, and I felt his balls and soft cock come to rest on me as Stefan sat down on my butt. He picked up a bottle of lotion and began applying it to my back.

Daniel and Aaron came into the tent. “You guys had a good idea,” explained Aaron, as he lay down on the other lower cot.

Stefan gives good back rubs. His hands started low on my back and worked up the long muscles along my spine. As he approached the spot between my shoulder blades, he skipped up to begin massaging my shoulders and then worked down my back. His cock grew hard and I could feel it sliding around on me as he worked.

I looked over at Aaron and Daniel. Aaron’s eyes were closed and there was a blissful smile on his face. It was hard to tell from where I lay, but it looked like Daniel was hard.

If Daniel was going to enjoy Aaron, I would relax and enjoy Stefan. I closed my eyes and felt his hands at work. He slowly worked down my back. Next, he used the heel of his hands to push in and slide up my back muscles from their base in my butt to my shoulders. He did that several times.

From the other cot, Aaron purred. “Damn you’re good, Dan.”

“I’m just watching and doing what Stef’s doing to Sean,” Daniel said. “Stef’s the one who’s good.”

Stefan’s hands did a firm crab walk down my ribs. Then I felt him slide his butt down between my legs, his cock dragging down my crack. The tip came to rest on the back of my scrotum as Stefan kneaded the muscles of my butt, giving them a deep massage.

With my legs still spread, Stefan knelt between them. Beginning with my calves, he worked up my legs, alternating back and forth between right and left. When he reached the tops of my thighs, his hands brushed the back of my balls several times and massaged my perineum. I became really, really hard.

Stefan could tell by the firmness between my legs. He slapped my butt. “All done. My turn”

“Asshole,” I thought, “for stopping there.”

We changed positions and I sat down on Stefan’s butt, making a point to rub my heavy balls and cock over it. Stefan had a great back, with fine golden body hairs rising up his spine from his slim, rounded ass and fanning out like a fountain of flying gold mist. His muscles were firm and tight. His skin was soft and smooth. Damn, I did like messing with Stefan.

I gave him the same treatment he had given me. I looked across at Aaron sitting atop Daniel’s butt, and for the briefest second, longed to be there instead.

Aaron and I were a matched set. We both sprouted full erections that pointed out long and high over the backs of our patients. We smiled at each other as Aaron mimicked my moves on Stefan.

I smiled mischievously, “Here’s my own special treatment, Stefan.” I slid just behind Stefan’s butt and began pulling up and releasing my hard cock to slap his ass. As if it was a massage technique, I twisted my hips back and forth slapping my hard cock all over his butt and enjoying the ripples created by each whack.

Aaron did the same, and Daniel chuckled. “That really doesn’t feel bad,” he quipped.

“Hey,” said Aaron, “why don’t we do another four way?”

The rest of us groaned in unison. “Easy for you to say,” I answered. “You had a good time. The rest of us had a hell of a bumpy ride. It was like you fucked all three of us.”

Aaron threw back his head and laughed. “I’m not that long, guys.”

“I’ve been thinking,” Stefan said from where he lay under me. “We could do a daisy chain. I heard of those with guys and girls, but you could do it with just guys; where you sort of form a circle, each guy blowing the guy in front of him.”

“Uh uh,” protested Aaron. “I’m not gonna suck anybody’s cock. I’m no cocksucker.”

Stefan looked like he had been slapped in the face.

“Damn Aaron,” I snapped. “Don’t be a dick. I mean, we’ve fucked each other’s butts. You obviously like that!”

Stefan and I had sucked each other off several times. I imagined Stefan had with Daniel also. My eyes caught Daniel’s. “I’ve traded sucks before,” I said, watching his face. “It’s no big shit. I’ll do it.”

“Hell, I don’t mind either,” Daniel said, trying not to look too enthusiastic.

Stefan was quiet.

“Look,” said Daniel, “why don’t Sean and I do a sixty-nine, and if you guys are nice and pay us back later, you can have our back ends. That way we can do a four way and not worry about trying to stay all coordinated.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Aaron, stroking his cock over Daniel’s back.

Concerned for Stef, I watched for his reaction. “I’m game,” I said.

“Sure,” said Stefan. “Let’s do it. I get to cornhole Daniel.”

Well, that was a surprise. I shot Stefan a questioning look, but he avoided my eyes as we all got up from the cots. “Oh, great,” I thought. “I get to be fucked by horse cock.” But then I thought back. It had been a while since Aaron and I had last messed around, but he had always been careful to take things slow and gentle.

We stood up, and Daniel smiled at me. I winked back. We lay down onto our sides on the floor of the tent in a classic sixty-nine position. I forgot the roughness of the sandy canvas as I got my first close up view of Daniel’s thick cock and balls. “This could be nice,” I thought.

My hands tested the heft of Daniel’s equipment. The balls were big and loose in his ballsack. His cock was almost hard and already long. It had a nice thickness. A vein stood out on top, extending from the crown to the base. I skinned his cock back. His cockhead was a bright pink (and not from the sun). His balls and cock were just the slightest bit tan and pink. He had only a small patch of blondish pubic hair. His legs and belly were hairless and smooth.

While Aaron and Stefan stood over us stroking, I rolled Daniel’s balls in one hand and took his cock in my other. His hands did the same to me. “Hey, Sean,” he said. “You’ve got some red pubes. That’s cool.”

“Pluck ‘em,” Aaron instructed.

“Like hell,” I answered.

I licked Daniel’s crown and shuddered as Daniel’s tongue swirled over mine. My hand skinned him back as my mouth and tongue washed and caressed his cockhead. I moaned into his cock; incredible sensations came up from my own cock.

Daniel smelled of sea and sweat. His cock tasted salty from the water. It felt good in my mouth, and his balls filled my hand.

As I moved my mouth up and down Daniel’s cock, I felt Aaron’s hand on my hip and he lay down behind me. Stefan lay down behind Daniel. As Aaron lubed my crack, I concentrated on Daniel and tried to forget what was about to enter my butt hole.

Aaron reached a strong hand under my thigh and lifted. I cooperated, raising my upper leg. That spread me open and he could see clearly as he placed his cock against my sphincter. At the same time, Daniel pulled my bottom leg forward to rest his head on, and pushed his own bottom leg forward for me to rest my head on. I held my leg up for Aaron as I felt his cock head enter.

Daniel massaged between my legs. What with his tongue, mouth, and hands, I was well distracted. Aaron’s cock caused only a small discomfort. He had lubed his cock and my ass well, and he slid in, in one long slow stroke. It wasn’t bad. With my cock well into Daniel’s mouth and Daniel’s hands all over my balls and stroking inside my legs, Aaron’s cock in my butt started feeling damn good.

Daniel laid his upper leg back over Stefan’s side. When Aaron released my leg, I did the same, laying my upper leg back over Aaron. Now both Daniel and I were spread open, which gave us each easy access to the other’s goods, as well as a good view of the action from behind.

I tried to copy Daniel’s earlier ministrations to me. I caressed his balls and rubbed between his legs and his inner thighs. Then I took his cock into my mouth as far as I could.

I started to gag, but my throat opened and I found my lips around the base of Daniel’s cock. He groaned. I relaxed my throat.

I could tell Stefan was pumping Daniel from behind now; Daniel’s cock began poking forward. Aaron’s arms wrapped around me from behind, and his strong arms held our bodies together. The sensations I felt from a full butt and well-sucked cock overwhelmed me. I was lost in waves of sensations from all over my body. And the smell intoxicated me.

It was humid; we were beginning to sweat. From between their legs, both Daniel’s and Stefan’s scents filled my nostrils. As Stefan’s thrusts pushed Daniel far down my throat, his balls came forward to my nose. The boy smell was thick and arousing.

I became mindless, my body pressed between two incredible bodies, my mouth full of boy, my butt swelled full and my prostate squeezed, hands on my balls and between my legs, my own hands making love to Daniel’s balls and legs, and a hot moist mouth and tongue moving up and down my cock.

I lost track of time. I wanted to go on and on, but felt my orgasm coming way too soon. I could see Daniel’s balls tightening up too. I moaned louder, trying to signal Daniel to slow down, that I was getting close. But my moans only mixed with all the others’ and Daniel didn’t slow at all. Besides, he really had no choice. Aaron drove the rhythm at that end, just as Stefan drove it at ours.

My orgasm rose powerfully, even violently, as Daniel and Aaron ripped it out of me. I climaxed hard and over endless spurts. I was still cumming as Daniel emptied himself down my throat. His cum had a mild, almost sweet taste, much better than Stefan’s.

I thought of Stefan, almost in a fog of satiation, and moved my hands from where they had been working on Daniel to include Stefan’s balls and legs. His pace quickened. Daniel did the same to Aaron and he was now really pounding my butt. Sweat poured off all our bodies.

Stefan came next, and thrust deep into Daniel as he emptied into him. Then Aaron drove deeply into me and I felt his warm fluid spill inside.

The moans died down. The poundings slowed. Limp cocks slid from mouths and butts. We all lay, breathing hard, relaxing and cooling down.

Aaron was the first to speak. “If we keep this up, we’re all going to turn queer,” he mildly chastised.

“It’s all the fresh salt air,” I joked. “And being naked all the time – makes a guy horny.”

“Fuck you,” said Stefan, with surprising feeling. “I’m no queer.”

“Damn, just joking, Stefan,” Aaron apologized. “Did I hit a nerve?”

“Shit!” Stefan shot back.

“Relax,” said Daniel. “My dad’s told me before that it’s normal for guys our age and younger to mess around together. We’re just horny 16 year olds getting our rocks off.”

“I’ve already fucked girls,” continued Stefan, not listening to his cousin. “Haven’t I, Sean?”

We were all more or less on our backs now, talking and relaxing. That is, we were all relaxing except for Stefan.

“One girl,” I corrected.

“Yeah, but three different times,” he clarified.

“Who was that?” asked Aaron.

“None of your business,” Stefan shot back. I was thinking that Stefan would have been only too glad to say, except that the girl was three years younger than him. He wouldn’t get many points for that.

“Have you fucked any girls, Sean?” Aaron asked.

It was funny, but somehow I could tell Daniel was really listening for the answer to that question, but before I could say anything, Stefan said, “Sean’s fucked a grown woman.”

“No shit,” exclaimed Aaron with obvious interest.

“Yeah, somebody’s mom,” Stefan boasted for me.

“Shut up, Stef,” I said angrily. Damn, he was talking too much.

“I’m going to rinse off,” I said, getting up.

“How many girls have you fucked, Aaron?” Stefan asked.

“Four,” he replied proudly. I wasn’t sure how much I believed that.

Daniel got up too, and brushed off. As he followed me out of the tent, Stefan asked rather tauntingly, “Hey cousin, have you fucked a girl, ever?”

“One,” answered Daniel simply, “I just never told you about it.” We went out to the surf.

The four of us passed the afternoon swimming and then hiking to the pier for an ice cream. We didn’t talk much. After supper we played cards under lantern light in the dining fly. The atmosphere relaxed. There was a lot of scratching of naked, sweaty crotches as we played and smelled up the cards I used those cards a lot for solitaire after that.

We took a final moonlight swim and piss before going to bed. We each slept in our own cot that night.


The next morning, after breakfast, Aaron asked if I wanted to run with him down the beach and maybe take a dip in one of the hotel pools. The idea really appealed. I loved running on the beach. It would be good to get away for a while, and the idea of a swim in fresh water sounded great. Aaron announced our intentions to the others, but Stefan was working on one of the lanterns and Daniel was chasing land crabs. Neither seemed interested.

Aaron had a little backpack/kit where he kept his razor, shave cream, toothpaste, and toothbrush. He also threw in a shirt. He allowed me to do the same. We thought we might run as far as one of the public restrooms down the beach and get a real shave and a clean mouth.

We slipped on swim shorts and running shoes and took off. We ran lightly and easily along the firm sand at the water’s edge. We began in silence, but slowly started chatting as we caught our wind.

Out of the blue, Aaron asked, “What’s it like to get a blow job?”

“What,” I asked, “all those girls and none have given you head?”

“Don’t be an asshole.”

“You’re the one who’s an asshole. All that shit yesterday about not being a cocksucker, and you’ve never even had your own cock sucked once. You’ve got Stefan all worried now about being queer,” I accused.

He smiled as we ran. “You guys did look hot sucking each other’s cocks,” he admitted.

“You’d like it,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Give me a blow job and let me see,” he offered.

“No way, man. You want me to suck your cock, you’re going to have to suck mine at the same time.”

As we ran, I continued. “Yeah, man. You’d like the feel of a tongue on your cock crown, and lips tight around your cock, skinning it back, sucking up and down. Oh yeah.”

We both adjusted our cocks in our shorts as we ran.

“Just suck it a little,” he pleaded. “Let me see what it’s like.”

“Nope. You want me to suck you; you have to suck me at the same time. Besides, I’m the one who’s circumcised. No messy smegma.”

“What?” he asked.

“The stuff under your foreskin when you don’t clean. Have you been washing nicely,” I asked in a teasing voice.

“I’m sure I could use some cleaning,” Aaron wisecracked.

“All we have to do is run behind one of these dunes, man,” I told him. “We do a little sixty-nine. You find out why everybody loves getting their cock sucked. It will be fun.”

He was silent. I thought he was trying to think up some smart answer. Instead, he said, “OK, but you can’t tell anybody if we do it.”

“Cool,” I said.

“I mean it. Not even your fuck buddy, Stefan.”

“You got it,” I reassured him and left the water’s edge, drifting toward the dunes. Aaron followed.

Once hidden behind the dunes, we stopped and I told Aaron, “Give me your pack.” He handed it to me and I put it down in a good spot. Then I dropped my swim shorts to my ankles, my cock springing free, pointing an invitation direct at Aaron. Aaron took it. Smiling, he stroked me.

His hand felt good on my cock, and I sighed. But I kept my mind on business. “It may be real hard to keep sand out of things,” I warned him, “but it won’t be near the fun if we don’t. So don’t kick up any, OK.”

He nodded and released my cock as I lay carefully down on my back. It was early in the day and the sand was still cool. I used Aaron’s pack as a pillow and kept my knees bent up in order to keep my legs off the sand. My long, hard cock lay flat, pointing straight up my belly.

I instructed Aaron to come around and stand behind me and drop his shorts. He got the idea, and knelt with a knee on each side of my head. His balls and long cock hung down over my face. I reached up and rubbed them, and then rubbed between his legs. “You have to do the same things for me that I do for you, OK?” I asked.

He sat back to be able to look into my eyes. “Sure,” he smiled.

I rubbed his cock and balls. “Well?”

“Oh,” he said, and bent forward, putting his weight onto his elbows on either side of my waist. I felt his hands lift my balls, then, encircle my cock, lifting it up.

I skinned him back and pulled his cock down to lick the crown.

“Oh shit,” he said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. That felt great. Don’t stop.”

“Well keep up with me and I won’t stop.” I told him.

Again, I licked over his crown. This time I felt him lick mine. Damn, it did feel good.

Then I put my mouth over his cock head. He did the same. I moved my head up and down sliding him in and out of my mouth. Slowly, Aaron did the same for me.

I had one hand on his cock. The other, I moved over his balls, between his legs and over his inner thighs. As he held my cock in his mouth, I felt Aaron run his forearms under my legs and reach back up from under them to caress my balls and press the root of my cock. He supported his weight on his elbows.

We bobbed our heads. As I took Aaron deeper, his loose hanging balls started to drop onto my upper lip and nose each time. They were damp with sweat, but the ballsack was soft and the weight of the balls pleasantly spread it over my face each time. His smell was strong, but stimulating.

Then I felt his teeth. I pushed his hips up to free my mouth. “Damn it, Aaron. Don’t use your teeth. Cover them with your lips or just keep them out of the way, but don’t let them scratch my cock!”

His mouth never left me, but he covered his teeth with his lips. That felt much better. In fact, it felt damned good. Aaron started moaning, even before my mouth was firmly back over his cock. “Not a cock sucker. Ha!” I thought.

We began a steady rhythm, our hands as busy as our mouths. We went for some time and my neck was getting tired, so I moved my hands to his hips and began pulling him down to me and pushing him back up. He moved to the depth and rhythm set by my hands and thrust slowly into my mouth.

Hitting a rhythm, we began concentrating on the sensations. Each time one of us made a pleasing movement of tongue or hand the other would grunt approval. It became a duet of moaning and grunting.

Aaron became downright enthusiastic, bobbing faster and faster and humping into my mouth with the same cadence. It had its affect. I pushed him up long enough to warn, “I’m about to cum!”

He didn’t pull off and I began sucking again, giving myself over to the pleasures of his cock and mouth. My glans grew more and more sensitive to his mouth and tongue, and the feelings from my cock spread up inside me like a fire. It wasn’t long before I was literally yelling onto his cock with my closed mouth as I pumped my cum into Aaron’s throat. He swallowed most of it down and sucked me dry.

He pumped harder and deeper into my mouth, with some force. Before I could complain, he came hard. His cum was thick and copious. The taste was slightly spunky, not as good as Daniel’s, or even Stefan’s, but I decided it wasn’t bad.

I sucked Aaron dry and cleaned him. As I pushed him up off me I realized his mouth and hands were still on me. He slowly pushed himself upright and then stood, dropping grains of sand onto me.

As I sat up, he shook sand off his shorts and pulled them up. I stood and shook my shorts out as well, but first had Aaron brush sand from my back and butt before I pulled them on. Aaron didn’t do my back the way he brushes his horse. Instead, he was gentle. He brushed me lightly and thoroughly.

But we couldn’t get all the sand off, and as we ran back toward the beach, I realized running would be uncomfortable until I could rinse the sand out. I looked forward to that first public restroom.

“Well,” I asked, “what did you think?”

“It was great,” he said enthusiastically. “Now I know why guys like having their cocks sucked.”

“Well for a first-timer, you were damn good at it! How come you swallowed? I warned you it was coming.”

“I wanted to try it,” he answered, simply.

“Well? What’d you think?”

“As long as you don’t think about what it is, it doesn’t taste bad at all.”

“And you didn’t seem to mind the sucking,” I pointed out with a grin.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “It wasn’t bad at all. You have a nice cock.” Then he reflected. “Maybe I need to apologize to Stef.”

“If you do,” I told him, “I know how you can do it.”

“Eh?” he asked, then, realizing what I was suggesting, he looked thoughtful. “Yeah, maybe so.”

We stopped at some public showers and cleaned up. We showered off the sand and got it out of our suits. Then we shaved and brushed our teeth and showered again. It felt great to be clean. Once outside, we dried in the breeze and put on our shirts before ambling along the beach.

From one of the hotels ahead, two girls walked out toward the beach arcing toward us. As we drew closer, we could see both were nice looking. They were brunettes, and about our age. We met up and talked. They invited us to swim in their hotel pool. I paired up with the slimmer one with smaller tits.

We spent the rest of the day with them; talking, copping feels, and making out in the pool. My girl’s name was Jessica. In the afternoon, as we floated in the pool, Jessica wrapped her legs around me. We kissed and made out. She even rubbed her cunt on my hard cock through our suits. I was pretty sure she eventually brought herself to a mild climax. Her face became serious and she rubbed pretty forcefully on me, then whimpered a few times and collapsed against me.

Aaron claimed that while he and his girl were in the pool, he pulled their suits aside and fucked her. From what I saw, though, the best I think he got was a hand job.

The real benefit came in the late afternoon as we prepared to leave. Jessica’s parents, offered to take us all to supper. It was a nice restaurant and Aaron and I had a ton of barbequed ribs. Because it was after dark when we finished, Jessica’s dad even drove us up to our campsite.

I asked Jessica’s dad to turn his car around at a broad spot in the firm sand, well away from the tent. (I didn’t want them to flip out, seeing Daniel and Stefan running around naked.) We kissed the girls goodbye and thanked the parents, then hiked to the tent as they drove off.

The other guys were sitting under the dining fly in the dark. Stefan’s voice was accusing. “Where have you guys been all day?”

Aaron was effusive in giving them all the details, even down to the barbequed ribs we were treated to. I could feel Stefan’s anger building in the dark. Daniel excused himself to go “rinse, piss, and head for bed.”

“You didn’t tell us you were going to do all that,” Stefan fussed. “You assholes left us behind, and went and had a great time without us.”

“But Stefan,” I protested, “we didn’t know all that was going to happen. What? Did you want us to give you a phone call?”

I thought I was being reasonable, but there was a moment of angry silence.

Then Stefan started up again. “Dumped your buddies for a free supper. Danny and I would have liked a great supper too, you know. But no, what were you thinking about? Not your buddies, that’s for sure.”

“We were thinking about pussy,” Aaron said with unthinking enthusiasm.

Stefan stomped off to the surf.

“But we weren’t the one’s buying supper,” I protested after him in the dark.

We all climbed into our own cots again that night. Aaron rhapsodized aloud about the day as we all tried to fall asleep. Stefan finally told him to shut up.


Breakfast was silent. At least it was after Aaron mentioned barbequed ribs again. Stefan shot him a withering look, and Aaron shut up. We were all naked, as usual, but nobody was even remotely aroused. If anything, we were all shrinking up.

Once, I caught Daniel’s eye. I tried to read his look. He looked sad, and that hurt more than all of Stefan’s ranting.

As we cleaned up, Aaron invited Daniel to go body surfing with him. “Poor Daniel,” I thought. “Aaron probably figures he can at least tell Daniel all about yesterday again.”

Stefan and I finished cleaning up in silence. As we put away the last things, I finally said, “Look, Stefan, I’m sorry about yesterday.”

He turned on me angrily. “Yesterday was only part of it,” he hissed, and walked from the fly. I followed him out into the open space between the fly and the tent.

“Well,” I asked as we walked out, “what’s the rest of it?”

He wheeled around and glared at me. “You’re turning queer on me,” he exploded, “and you’ve already got a boyfriend.” He pointed out at Aaron and Daniel in the surf, “Danny, baby, your queer lover, you lousy cocksucker.”

Damn, I wanted to hit him. “And you,” I said with venomous disdain, “are turning into a jealous bitch.”

Stefan tried to sucker me with a roundhouse, but I dodged, throwing a jab at his chin. Unfortunately, I’m not good at that sort of thing and hit him hard in the Adam’s apple instead. Stefan clutched at his throat and started to gag.

“Oh, great,” I thought. “I’ve collapsed the windpipe of my best bud and he’s about to die on me.”

I reached out to help but he pulled back from me, and started to breathe raggedly. At least he was breathing.

Aaron and Daniel came running up. “Whoa,” Aaron was saying, “hold on guys.” He put his arm on Stefan’s shoulder. “You OK, Stefan.”

Stefan threw me a glare, “Fine,” he shouted hoarsely.

Aaron put an arm around Stefan’s shoulder and walked him away, their heads huddled together.

Daniel looked at me, “Are you OK?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, my eyes following Stefan. Then I turned to Daniel, “Are you OK?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

“Then I really, really am sorry,” I said sincerely.

Daniel gave me a lopsided grin. It implied forgiveness. I smiled thanks.

Daniel returned to the water’s edge, while I took a seat in the shade of the dining fly. I half sat, half laid back on the edge of the camp chair, my legs spread before me, giving my balls and cock a good airing.

Moments later, Aaron and Stefan came by, clothed, and gathering gear. Aaron stepped close. “We’re going to fish the bay side,” he explained. “And I have some apologizing to do to Stefan.” Then he lifted his shades to give me a wink that only I could see. I gave him a hidden “thumbs up” and smiled. They walked off over the dunes.

I stayed under the shade of the dining fly, next to the table that served as our kitchen. The breeze through the open fly seemed warmer that morning and I thought about joining Daniel at the water. But I couldn’t get my mind off Stef. I was pissed that he was being such a prick.

Being together all week in the heat and sand had to be part of it. I was a little tired and ready to go home myself. But I wondered if it was more than that. At the water’s edge, Daniel stood up and slapped at his firm butt, brushing off sand. Then he waded out into the water, the long muscles on either side of his spine flexing alternately as he stepped over the shallow waves.

He was certainly part of Stef’s problem. What I was beginning to feel for Daniel surprised me. I’d never ‘fallen’ for anyone before, certainly not a guy. But Stef recognized my feelings for what they were, even if I was still coming to terms with them.

Daniel was waist-deep now, and dove through a wave. When he stood up, the water came to just above his pubes, low on his hips. He shook his head vigorously, and a spray of water droplets flew out, sparkling in the low morning sun. Unconsciously, I reached for my balls and fondled them as I watched him.

Stef was worried about being queer. That had to be bothering him as well. I sure didn’t want to think about it. I comforted myself that I liked girls. But my cock stirred as I watched Daniel in the surf.

Daniel came up from the water, his hips loose with that casual grace some young athletes have. His arms hung loosely at his side as he stepped over the waves backwashing from the beach. While the water was still waist deep, he paused and, head back, finger-combed his wet hair back over his ears. It fell to his shoulders, blond and glinting in the sun.

I’d seen pictures of girls before, coming up from the water, their wet bodies glistening in the sun. Why didn’t they ever take pictures of guys like that? They were so much sexier. Especially Daniel. Then, as Daniel moved shallower, his erect cock cleared the water; I lifted my eyes to his and found him staring right at me.

Without a word, Daniel entered the fly and knelt between my legs. He smiled when he saw that my cock was rising like his. He leaned forward toward me. The sun reflecting off the sand behind us made his clear blue eyes shine, and the soft skin of his cheeks glow. He looked into my eyes, deeper and deeper. He put his hands on my upper thighs, and I noticed again how his veins stood out over his forearm muscles. His hands were large and strong, as he gripped my legs and moved close.

There was a hunger in his look, a hunger I had never seen before with Stef or Aaron when we messed around. It was an open hunger, a lustful hunger, and I knew it was for me. And I ached for him to kiss me again. I let my lips part, and sat up toward him. His eyes dropped to my lips and his mouth parted as well. Our lips met at the same moment I felt his hardness press between my legs. He held me by my shoulders and opened his mouth on mine. Putting my hands behind his back, I pulled him forward and felt the stress and anger over Stef drain from my body. He pushed forward with his hips, and I moaned softly.

Daniel broke from me to stand up, his hard cock swaying at my eye level. I grabbed it while he reached into a tin on the table and scooped butter up on his fingertips. Then he grabbed my wrist with his free hand and pulled my open hand up. He slid the butter off onto my fingertips. Then smiling, he turned his back to me. He bent over, put his hands on his knees, and pushed his beautiful pink/tan/white butt back at me. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled and asked, “Butter me up?”

Bent over, the muscles on his hairless butt stood out. With my non-butter hand I ran my fingers over them appreciatively. With my other hand, I spread butter in his crack, then some on my cock, and then I worked butter into his hole with my finger. “How are we going to do this?” I asked huskily.

In answer, he turned and straddled my legs. Placing a hand on each of my shoulders he lowered himself down, tracing a wet line down my chest with the tip of his cock. I held my stiff shaft upright with one hand and guided his hips with my other. When my crown pressed between his cheeks, I looked up at him, our eyes met, and he lowered himself down. Daniel grimaced as I entered him, and stopped. The grimace faded, and he slid farther down. We mated.

As he settled on me, his lips met my upturned ones. I grabbed his waist and he ran the fingers of both hands into my hair. I opened my mouth, and his tongue invaded, probing, demanding.

Then Daniel began to move; a rocking motion that moved me around inside him as much as it moved me in and out of him. The base of his cock and the softness of his balls moved back and forth on my belly and I tried to sit up straighter, bringing our bodies closer together. I wanted to feel him rubbing against me, I wanted him to like it.

None of the messing around I’d done with Stef or Aaron was anything like this. This was so… intimate. And more, so much more. This was hungry, powerful, and intense. Daniel and I devoured each other. No way were we simply messing around. This was sex, hot and raw and mutual.

Sweat poured from both of us. My hands moved up and down the muscles of his back and butt, pulling, kneading, massaging. His hands were all over my shoulders and head, stroking through my hair as his hips rocked forward and back in my lap.

Our pace quickened. I grabbed his waist and pumped up into him. Daniel moaned as he rocked on me. His cock jutted up stiffly between us, while the hardness at its root rubbed on my belly. I reached between us and stroked him.

When it was time to cum, I reached behind his neck with my other hand to pull his face back down to mine. And I cried into his open mouth, clutching his neck, as I shot into him over and over. I pumped desire, and passion, and need, and triumph, and, and… love. Oh, damn, it had to be love.

And Daniel kept rocking.

My crown was still sensitive, and his movements sent aftershocks shuddering through me as his cum shot up between us, coating me up to my chin. He slowed, and our kiss grew gentle. Sighing contentedly, he draped his arms over my head; and rested his cheek against mine. The sounds of the surf and the gulls slowly returned to my conscious.

He felt so good, his cheek on mine, his hair brushing my face. He felt good in my arms, his weight in my lap. I squeezed him to me and felt myself slide pleasantly inside him. Daniel sighed.

“You’re incredible,” he whispered.

“I thought it was you,” I said softly and patted his butt. “I never…”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Me either.” Then he wrapped his arms tightly around my shoulders and hugged my neck like he wanted to stay there, in my lap. I wrapped my arms around him in a way that said I felt the same.

We sat quietly until my cock softened and I pulled my hips away from him to let it slip out. Daniel sighed, and rose up off me. When I stood, I put an arm behind his waist and pulled him to me. I wanted another kiss. I wanted his lips, his mouth on mine. I never dreamed kissing could be like this. I wondered if kissing guys was always so incredible.

Daniel smiled, and our lips moved closer. There was a sudden screeching of gulls outside the dining fly, we jumped, and the spell was broken. I gave his butt a good-natured squeeze. “I have to go wash off somebody’s mess,” I said.

He grinned back at me, and we walked together out to the water. We were chest deep, riding swells when a jeep drove by, and we stayed in the water until it was well up the beach. Then we got out and put on our suits. We figured that soon there would be other weekenders.

And there were. That afternoon, several cars moved onto the beach between our tent and the fishing pier. Aaron and Stefan returned. Stefan seemed in a better mood, though he still didn’t say much to me. Aaron gave me another wink, the first chance he got.

The four of us walked down to the pier for an ice cream, and to sit on the bench in the shade and the breeze. Gulls were crying out and diving for scraps that a fisherman threw in the water as he filleted his fish.

In the evening, we did some final beachcombing, and fixed a cold supper. All the cars eventually left the beach, except for a couple down by the pier. So we enjoyed a last moonlit, naked swim.

Once again, we each crawled into our own cots that night.

I listened to the surf, and felt the breeze flow over me. Tired as I was, sleep came slowly. I kept thinking of Daniel and the feelings he stirred in me.

In the middle of the night, I woke. The moon was high. The breeze was gentle and the surf was quieter than usual. I looked down to where Daniel was sleeping on the other bunk. He was on his side, facing away. His skin looked so smooth in the faint light. His side curved in a long, graceful line up from his slim hips to his shoulders, and his hair lay fanned over his pillow.

I quietly crawled down from my cot. Everyone was asleep. Kneeling beside his cot, I caressed Daniel’s butt with my hand. He stirred, and then rolled to look at me. I smiled, raised my eyebrows and nodded inquiringly toward the water. He grinned and stretched. He was beautiful, stretching. I ran my hand down his belly. I wanted to grab him right there and climb in with him. But instead, I took his hand. He got up and we silently went out.

The night was clear, and the breeze was warm. I led Daniel to the front of the dining fly and motioned for him to wait while I went in. When I returned, I grabbed Daniel’s wrist and lifted up his open hand. Then I scraped the butter from my fingertips to his. He looked up at me and smiled.

I led him past the fly so that it would screen us from the tent, and at the water’s edge, I knelt on all fours, facing out to the moonlit waves. He knelt behind me, and massaged the butter into my crack and sphincter. Then I felt his hands on my hips, holding me as he pressed forward and pushed into me. He entered gently, and slid in slowly.

When he was all the way in, he pulled my hips back before moving in and out, slowly, a couple of times. He bent forward over me and, wrapping his arms under my chest, he pulled my torso up so that we were both kneeling, with him deep inside me. I rose up and sat back down, filling myself with Daniel.

What happened next can only be compared to later experiences in college, when I experimented with drugs. Perhaps the pounding of the surf was hypnotic. That pounding after so many days, along with my fatigue, the intoxication of our sex, and the incredible beauty of that night sky all worked together to confuse my senses. Everything at once became intensely real, and yet dreamlike.

I rocked and swayed on Daniel’s long cock and stroked mine. And in my mind, I began to dance. I danced in Daniel’s lap to the rhythm of the surf, under the light of the moon.

The beach was my stage. Like the rows of an immense theater, the waves extended to the horizon. The breeze came up over me like applause. From their black canopy, the moon and the stars were my lighting. And before them all, I danced. But I danced for Daniel.

I moved my body on him in every sensual way I could imagine. I ground my hips; I swayed my body; I pressed back into him as I moved—I danced on his cock; I danced for Daniel, and he joined me.

He pinched and rubbed my nipples as I swayed right and then left. He rubbed his hands up and down my arms, flanks, and chest in rhythm with my movements. Our bodies rose and our hips moved together, forward together, back together. We were upright on our knees now, leaning from side to side, then forward and back. All of our moves were joined where he was buried deep inside me.

His chest pressed against my back. I felt his mouth and teeth on my shoulders and the back of my neck. His legs moved against mine. His hands traveled over my belly and chest.

And then Daniel started to move in and out in longer strokes. We moved less languidly and more sexually. His hands dropped to my hips and held me firmly. But our bodies still held to a rhythm with the waves. His thrusts became harder.

It was still a dance, a dance of sex and love. The waves played our music and we moaned our songs. That night, we charmed the sea and all its fishes; we seduced the night and the breeze danced with us.

I stroked myself; stroking to our rhythmic pace. Daniel’s hands slid down from my hips to grab the insides of my legs. He pulled me back on him with each thrust forward. “I’m going to cum,” he said softly over my shoulder.

I quickened my own stroking. I wanted to cum with him. I tightened my butt. He moaned. It felt good to me too. He plunged deep and pulled me to him as he poured his cum into me and I sprayed my own cum across the water. To my intoxicated mind, it was as though I mixed our sperm deep inside me and seeded it over the surf.

We slowed. His grip relaxed. He nuzzled the back of my neck and wrapped his arms around my chest. My hands went back to his sides and butt. We held together until he softened and fell out.

It was like waking up. I got up first and walked into the surf to wash off the sand and butter. Daniel followed and we bathed each other. Afterward, I started to walk back toward the tent, but he took my hand and led me up the beach.

We walked hand-in-hand and looked at the stars. Moonlight reflected off the waves and made the beach glow iridescently. The breeze danced past us, and, overhead, not a single cloud obscured a single star.

“I can quit football,” I said.

He turned toward me. “What? Why?”

I glanced at him. “So we can spend more time together.”

He smiled. “Yeah, or I could try out for the team.”

“You don’t want to play football,” I said simply.

“You don’t want to quit the team. So don’t,” he said, and continued walking. The breeze blew his hair about his head and he shook it from his face. “We’ll still have most weekends. And we have three classes together.”

I was surprised. “How do you know we have three classes together?”

“I checked.”

I realized then that Daniel really had liked me before this week. “Cool.”

We walked on farther, and then turned back. When we did, we put our arms around each other’s waist and walked side-by-side, our hips together. We fit well.

“I guess I won’t see you after tomorrow, until next week end,” he speculated.

“Next weekend, I have to work with my Dad. It may be two weeks.”

“Or three,” he said, and we both stopped and faced each other as we realized the impact of what we were saying. This would be our last time alone for what seemed to us then, to be forever.

We embraced; my arms around his angular shoulders, his around my waist. I clung to him, and he held us snug at our most private parts. And for just a moment, I was struck by the incongruity of it all. I was in the arms of another sixteen year old boy, our balls and cocks dangling together, and it felt good; it felt really good.

Daniel’s hair blew across my face. There was moonlight in its strands, and a few sparkles of sand. He kissed my cheek, and I nuzzled his neck. I liked being held by him. I liked clinging to him and feeling the touch of his bare skin. I liked the feel of his manhood, as it pressed against mine. That he was male, thrilled me. “What’s happening to me?” I asked in a whisper.

He leaned back and brushed the hair back from my face to look into my eyes. “Don’t you know?”

Tightening my arms around his shoulders, I pulled him back to me and put my mouth to his ear. “I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to think at all.” I pulled him tighter. “I just know I want this.” I kissed beside his ear and rubbed the side of my head against his. “This feels right, Daniel. Don’t make me think about it.”

Daniel held us belly to belly with one hand, and stroked my back with the other. “OK,” he said softly. “OK.” He rocked me in his arms and kissed my cheek again. “I want this too. I want what’s happening with us.” He squeezed me more tightly. “I want to know all about you, Sean,” he whispered, “tell me everything about yourself… everything.”

I chuckled. “Everything?” I asked and rested my mouth in the hollow of his neck.

“Everything,” he said, stepping back and taking my hand. Daniel lay down on his back and pulled me down to lay on him. He spread his legs and I settled between them. Neither of us was hard, not really. Just comfortable. I planted my elbows on either side of his neck and propped my chin in my hands to look down at him, our lips almost touching.

And we talked; at first about me, then about him. We talked about the type of music we liked, the groups we liked, the books we liked, the teachers we liked (and didn’t like) and laughed at their peculiarities. We rolled over so he could be on top with me on the bottom, and later we lay on our sides facing each other, with his leg over my hip. His fingers traced the line of my jaw as I told him about my favorite movies.

We lay back and watched the stars, hand in hand, while he told me about his dad and mom, and his black lab, Cutter. I told him about my family, and my sister’s cat, Boots. The sky paled in the east.

Daniel rolled up beside me and yawned. He lightly rubbed my belly and gave me a final kiss. We bathed each other one last time before heading back to the tent. Then dead-tired, we talced each other in silence and stumbled into our cots.


That morning, we were all tired. There wasn’t much talking. Stefan still spoke to me only when he needed to, and with a strained cordiality. By the time my dad arrived, we had everything packed but the dining fly, which we were using for shade.

We loaded the van quickly. By the time we were on the road, the air conditioner had cooled the interior and we all slept the whole way home.

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