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CHAPTER 21 — The Second Tour

The plan was for us all to rendezvous at my grandparent’s home in San Antonio. Dad drove me up and it felt like the longest trip of my life; I was so anxious to see Daniel yet so worried about the changes in him and to our friendship that may have come in the previous few months.

The twins arrived first, delivered by their Mom, who hung around until the twins chased her off. Next, Daniel and Jimmy arrived in Jimmy’s car. Then I arrived, delivered by my Dad.

Daniel and I embraced heartily, but circumspectly in front of my Dad and grandparents. Jimmy frowned at me when I shook his hand.

Dad gave Daniel a good hug, and pleasantly greeted the others. As we all visited, Jimmy kept throwing his arm over Daniel’s shoulder. And he would leave it there until Daniel moved off. It might have been my imagination, but it seemed that each time he put his arm over Daniel’s shoulder, Jimmy looked right at me. He had a wicked smirk.

Dad pulled me to one side, “I am beginning to think this is a bad idea, Sean. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it looks like Daniel and this Jimmy guy have something going. This ride could be a heart breaker for you. And,” he glanced over to where Jimmy had his arm over Daniel’s shoulder again. “I don’t have a good feeling about that guy.”

“Yeah,” I sighed in agreement. “But there’s no way I’m going to let that guy chase me off, Dad. Even if Daniel feels differently now, I don’t. I won’t give him up without a fight. I’ve been waiting months for us to be together again. I’m riding.”

Dad nodded slowly and then hugged me. “OK, son,” he said. “I’d try to talk you out of it, but I recognize your mom’s stubbornness when I see it. Just be careful, OK?”

“Sure,” I promised.

After Dad left, Jimmy came up to me, actually smiling. “I talked to your grandmother. She said it would be fine if Daniel and I took the big bed in the extra bedroom. She said she’d make you guys comfortable pallets on the floor here in the living room.”

I was stunned. I looked at Daniel. He just shrugged. “Well, Jimmy, you know, it’s my grandmother’s house, and I think I have first dibs on the bed with Daniel.”

Jimmy’s mouth curled in a crooked smile. “You can have the bed, and the twins can too. Daniel and I will take the floor out here.”

My grandmother passed through the room just in time to hear that last part. “Be a good host, Sean. You can sleep out here. We’ll make it comfortable for you.”

Jimmy’s ugly smile broadened.

And so, that night I found myself on a pallet on the floor with Peter. Alan was on the couch. That is, Alan was on the couch until the lights went out. Once it was dark, I had a twin on either side.

“We’ve been waiting all year to do stuff with another guy,” Alan whispered in my ear.

“I was hoping it would be you, Sean,” Peter whispered from my other side.

Suddenly I had two hard cocks rubbing against my sides through their underwear and two hands thrusting down into my boxers. I may have been deeply discouraged at how things were shaping up with Daniel, but my body didn’t know it. My cock sprang to life.

Thinking I would get things over quickly, I suggested a three-person daisy chain. Once I described what I was suggesting, the twins had all three of us stripped and in position in a flash, with Alan sucking me, me sucking Peter, and Peter sucking Alan. “Just be quiet, OK?” I cautioned.

As we launched into it, I could tell the twins had been practicing. Alan dragged his long hair across my cock a few times, tickling me and building anticipation. Then he let it fall across my legs as he began to lick my balls. Peter’s smell in my nostrils made my cock even harder as I buried my nose behind Peter’s balls. And just when I thought I could get into things, I heard it, the noise of a bed rhythmically squeaking from the spare bedroom.

Something hurt inside; it hurt badly. And I started to go soft. I was afraid, too that my grandparents would hear the noise, and even come out of their room, in which case they would pass through this room and I was a cooked goose.

But the noise died a little as they evidently switched positions, and Alan’s insistent mouth brought me back to full hardness. I grabbed Peter’s soft tush, the soft tush I had fondly remembered over the last year (it was a little harder now; Peter was a year older and the twins had been cycling to get in shape.) I buried his cock in my throat, determined to drive out other thoughts.

Before any of us could cum, the twins decided to switch. Peter wanted a turn sucking me and Alan wanted a turn being sucked by me. We rotated.

Amazingly, Alan tasted and smelled slightly different than his identical twin. And his cock may have been a little thicker. He definitely moved differently as I sucked. He was a more active mouth fucker, pumping his cock into my mouth in rhythm with my bobbing. Meanwhile, at the other end, Peter was a more aggressive cock sucker, better than Alan. His hands fondled my balls and stroked my thighs. He had me half-twisted at my hips so that my butt was almost flat on the floor and my legs spread; Peter had me spread and was devouring me.

I came first. When Alan came, I was reminded that the twins were dribblers, not shooters. His thick cum filled my mouth. It tasted spunky. I could hear Peter breathing faster as he came too. We sucked each other clean and then climbed back up to sleep on the pillows; I thought.

But Alan didn’t return to the couch. I was on my side and soon felt his hard cock pressing along my butt. To my front, Peter rolled my cock and balls over his hands while his lips sought out mine and we kissed.

Sighing, I got up, retrieved the little tube of KY from my pants, the one I had brought expecting to need it with Daniel tonight. Then I returned to the pallet, handing the tube to Alan. I lay back down and Peter resumed kissing me, and feeling me up.

Alan spread the lube up my butt, and then moved up behind me. He held my hips as he probed with his cock. Finding my entrance, he pushed in, fast. I grunted into Peter’s mouth.

“Hand me the lube,” Peter whispered across me to his brother. Alan passed it over. Then, hands still clutching my hips, Alan began pumping into me.

Peter lubed my cock, then turned his back to me and lubed his crack. Reaching back, he grabbed my cock and slid back onto it. I wrapped my arms around Peter’s waist and let the shocks from Alan’s thrusts drive me into Peter’s ass, adding a little grinding of my own.

As hot as the twins were, it took real force of will to not think about Daniel. After so many months, he was so close. I would have never let anyone keep me from him, but he let Jimmy.

Stubbornly, I forced my mind back onto the sensations of being in the middle of a sandwich. Ever since Houston, I found myself developing a liking for sandwiches, especially being in the middle. Twin therapy, I thought to myself.

Peter’s hair under my nose was slightly oily and laced with the smell of hill country cedar. I nuzzled into the back of his neck, and pulled his bare back against my chest. I moved my legs forward to the back of his, and spooned his butt in my lap. Peter felt good. And even Alan’s enthusiastic pounding was soothing in a way.

Alan came fairly quickly. Little fuck bunnies, I thought.

When he slowed and had begun to soften, I picked up my pace in Peter. Damn, his smaller body felt good in my arms. Then I heard Alan whisper, “Hey Peter, I’m done if you wanna switch.”

“Want to switch?” I wondered out loud.

“Yeah,” Peter whispered, “Now you butt fuck Alan and I’ll butt fuck you.”

Hell, I was comfortable the way we were. “This ‘double your pleasure’ can go too far,” I protested. But Peter was already pulling off me. Reluctantly, I rolled. Peter passed the lube over to Alan who lubed his ass and backed onto me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pushed all the way in.

As Peter entered me from behind, I noticed that Alan’s waist felt just a little narrower and his butt a little firmer; his back was harder as I pulled it to my chest. His hair smelled a little oilier, and carried a faint scent from both Peter’s and my crotches. The effect was pleasant, and I decided I liked screwing Alan, too.

Peter wrapped his arms around my waist and waited for me to do more of the moving than Alan had. Peter kissed and nuzzled my back and up the back of my neck.

Because Alan’s little ass was firmer, plowing him deeply put more pressure on my pubic bone. It was stimulating. I picked up speed and lengthened my stroke, plunging into Alan and rocking back on Peter. Peter and I came at almost the same time, moaning quietly in an erotic harmony.

As we relaxed, I thought again, Yeah, little fuck bunnies.

We lay there. Peter was still in me and I was still in Alan, who was

making no move to get back to the couch. “Guys,” I warned, “before my

grandparents get up in the morning, we’re going to have to break this up,


There were a couple of assenting grunts, and we dozed off, our cocks softening and slipping out. In the night, I woke and we were still snuggled together. I pushed both boys away and went to the john. When I returned, I got them each facing away and crawled back between them and fell asleep.

In the morning, I heard my grandparents stirring in their room and realized that both of the twins were lying with legs and arms over me. I woke Alan and got him to get back up on the couch, and then pushed Peter away. I made sure we were all covered and I was dozing off again when my grandmother walked past the room on the way to the kitchen.

Shortly after that, Jimmy came out of the spare bedroom in loose briefs, scratching his balls. He did have a hairy chest and legs. Under the hair was an unmistakably well built body; a Bruce Lee body. “Hey, Jimmy,” I said. “My grandma’s up. You need to get some shorts on.”

He looked at me for a moment, and then shrugged and headed for the bathroom. He took a long piss with the door wide open. Then walked back, scratching his balls all the way, to the bedroom, and shut the door.

At least when he and Daniel came out much later, they both were dressed.

My grandmother made an even larger meal than the year before and was pleased when we all ate heartily. Granddad’s neighbor had an extended cab pickup and Granddad had talked him into taking us up into the hill county. We loaded our bikes into the back.

I don’t think Granddad had any idea what he was doing, but when it was time for us all to climb in, Granddad insisted that Jimmy, being noticeably older, sit up front between my Granddad and his friend. Insisted, even when Jimmy suggested that I should be sitting next to Granddad. “No,” my Granddad said. “Let those boys all be crowded in the back. You sit up here with the adults.” Then he winked at us “boys.”

Daniel and I let the twins crawl in one side. He and I crawled in the other.

Sitting with the sides of our bodies touching drove me crazy. I wanted to hold him, to kiss him. At least I was by the door and put my arm over Daniel’s shoulder, as if making more room for everyone. And then whenever the three in front were facing forward, I pulled Daniel closer, and he would quickly squeeze my leg. And that, I thought, was a good sign. I turned my head as often as I could to smell his hair. Damn, I had missed him.

Once we were unpacked and on the road, however, hanging with Daniel presented all new challenges. Never had a couple been more closely chaperoned. Jimmy’s eye never left us.

Fortunately, however good Jimmy might have been as a karate instructor, he wasn’t much of a bicyclist. It was easy for Daniel and me to pull ahead to talk. But each time we did, Jimmy would almost kill himself trying to catch up and I didn’t get a chance to ask the questions I really wanted to about Daniel, me, and Jimmy.

Instead, Daniel and I caught each other up on things happening at home and in Houston. I was glad to hear that Roger was doing well at the school and with his book, and Mary had made a lot of friends. It made it easier to believe I hadn’t heard from them because they were so busy.

I told him how I had left Aaron and Jorge together after graduation night and we speculated as to whether Aaron was going gay. I told him about Ry sneaking over, and my last fishing trip with Stef, and I filled him in on what was happening with Colin and the rest of my family.

We talked to the twins who were good riders and usually in the lead. And we talked about UT. We each had already requested the other as our roommate and we were arranging who would take a coffee maker, who would take a radio, who would take a TV, etc.

Everything almost sounded normal. He didn’t mention Jimmy anywhere in our plans. I could almost forget Jimmy hovering behind us, but not quite. And I waited for an opportunity to find out just how things stood.

That night, I could tell that Jimmy was exhausted. But he managed to help Daniel get his two-man tent set up and made it clear that it was for Daniel and himself, only. Daniel wouldn’t even look at me when I turned to him.

With a heavy heart, I set up my bedroll on top of the campsite picnic table. The twins had a cheaper, heavier, slightly larger, two-man tent they were setting up. And when they saw what I was doing, they insisted I join them.

“We’ve got plenty of room,” Alan insisted.

“We’ll make sure you’re comfortable,” Peter said in a sly undertone.

As tired as I was, I almost declined.

Once we set up our camp, we ate. Jimmy sat like a dark presence at the end of the picnic table. Too tired to say or do much; too mistrusting to go to sleep.

He finally dragged Daniel off to bed with him and the twins and I decided to swim in the river. I was tired too, and hurting inside, but the water was refreshing. I wasn’t sure if the twins ever got tired. Despite my mild protests, their naked bodies pressed against mine in the water and their hands on my cock brought me up hard. They urged me up onto the root of a cypress where they took turns sucking me.

For my part, I almost fell asleep there. It wasn’t just the fatigue. I was tired from stress and sadness as well. And the water relaxed me. There were roots I could lean back against. The small, distant roar of water going over the little dam was hypnotic, and the air carried the smell of dying campfires. I relaxed and enjoyed the twins enjoying me. Once I came, Peter and Alan drifted off in the river for whatever games they had in mind. I dozed.

When I woke, I slid into the water, and then looked around for the twins. I didn’t see them, but heard unmistakable groans and moans off to my left. I worked along the bank and found them against the side, doing a mutual jerk off in the water. I waded up behind and rubbed their butts and between their legs until they came. Both guys gave me a kiss on the cheek and we headed to the tent.

As we walked, I noticed that Peter and Alan were just a little more bow-legged than usual and chuckled to myself. I felt a little saddle sore myself. So in the tent, I showed them how Daniel and I used to use a modified sixty-nine to apply salve to each other’s behind. They insisted on doing me too, and I was grateful. Then we fell asleep.

I woke in the morning with both twins draped over me and decided that I had become part of their bedding. We all three had piss hard-ons. So pulling on shorts, we scrambled from the tent. It was, I believe, Alan’s idea to sneak up behind the other tent and all three of us cut loose at one time, sounding like a pissing elephant as we relieved ourselves into the dirt only a couple of feet from the rear tent flap. The twins giggling gave away that it was not an elephant doing the pissing.

From inside the tent, I heard Daniel cuss at us, “Shit, now it’s going to smell like a stable in here you ass holes. I can piss too, you know.” There were sounds from the tent like Daniel was getting up. Then there was some low mumbling. And then came sounds of loud, sloppy kissing, or cock sucking.

The twins and I walked away and my day started in a funk.

That day on the road, when Jimmy lagged back farther then he had been, I saw my opportunity and asked Daniel, point blank, “Are you in love with Jimmy?”

Daniel looked genuinely surprised, “Hell no. I mean, he’s a nice guy, and he has been great for taking care of certain of my needs this spring while a certain someone was three hundred miles away. But no, he’s just an interesting guy.”

“Interesting, huh?”

“Well yeah, he is.”

“Is that why you invited him on this trip.”

“I did not invite him,” Daniel sounded a bit put out. “He asked to come and you said it was OK.” He picked up his cadence and pulled ahead.

“Hey, wait a minute,” I protested, catching up. “You asked me if he could come and you made it sound like if I didn’t say yes, you might bail on me.”

Daniel was silent a moment. “Well, Jimmy can be real insistent.”

“Daniel, no offense, but the guy’s an ass. Remember how you told me once on the phone how everybody in the room would turn when you walked in and how you were sampling guys like chocolates. You could pick anybody to mess around with. Why that loser?”

“He’s not a loser. I told you. He’s interesting.”

“You’re not afraid of him, are you?” I asked.

“Fuck you.”

“You are, aren’t you? Daniel, you’ve never been a coward. Tell the guy to fuck off.”

I noticed one of the twins looking back over his shoulder at us. He was smiling, but then his smile turned to a deep frown. I felt a jar at the rear of my bike and then heard the unmistakable sounds of a bike going down. Looking back, I saw Jimmy on the pavement.

While Daniel applied first aid to Jimmy’s road rash and then to his bicycle, I stayed far away, wondering how long Jimmy had been hovering behind us. I had been so engrossed in our conversation that I hadn’t heard the sound of his bike, or his usual heavy breathing.

Alan pulled me aside and told me he had looked back just in time to see Jimmy pull up alongside me and kick at my rear wheel. Well the rear wheel is the most stable part of the bicycle. If you aren’t much of a cyclist, kicking at anything is not a good idea, especially because of the ol’ ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ And if your target is a stable and turning rear wheel, you have a very foolish ‘action.’”

After hearing what Alan told me, I checked the true of my rear wheel, and its alignment in the rear fork. Then I checked my derailleur and chain, even though they were on the other side from the kick.

We all rode a little slower after that, so that a very sore Jimmy could keep up. I could feel his eyes boring into my back. And I could sense his growing hatred.

That evening, I gave him a wide birth. As tight a leash as he was keeping on Daniel, it meant I was giving Daniel a wide birth as well.

The twins didn’t let me alone though. They took turns being solicitous, trying to do things for me. They winked at me and smiled whenever they caught my eye. Their hands were constantly on me, caressing, patting, fondling. I was basically the first guy other than each other that they’d done anything with, and each of them was beginning to treat me like his boyfriend/lover.

When we retired for the night to the tents, the twins jumped me. And though I missed Daniel and worried about him, a guy is a guy, and the twins could turn any guy on. Almost instantly, I had Alan on his back, his legs around my hips as I pumped into his ass. Not one to be left out, Peter knelt over Alan so that Alan could play with his balls and I could suck his cock. It cramped my style with Alan a bit, but overall, I liked it.

I was doing my best to pleasure all three of us at once when I heard a laugh from the other tent. I slowed and listened, and then heard Daniel giggle. Then he moaned. I strained to hear what was happening.

“From now on,” Alan whispered loudly, “We need to set up our tent farther away.”

“Or plug Sean’s ears,” Peter whispered back.

I realized I had quit moving. “Sorry,” I said around Peter’s cock and resumed. But my mind kept wandering and I struggled to ignore sounds from the other tent.

That night, while the twins slept nestled against me, I thought about just going home. It seemed obvious to me that what had been between Daniel and me was dying or dead and every time he went into that tent with Jimmy, it was like a knife twisting in my heart. I stared up at the dark ceiling of the tent and thought about how different this ride was from anything I had dreamed for it. And a tear rolled from my eye as I considered the best way to bail from the ride and go home.

At least at home I had Aaron and Jorge. And I could always hope to see Ry. Maybe I could visit Stef in Corpus. And then I choked on a sob. I had worked so hard all year to earn the scholarship, and mostly for the love of Daniel. And I loved Daniel still… with all my heart.

The next morning, Jimmy caught me straggling as the others headed to the showers. “You need to get on your bike and ride off into the sunset you little shit,” he hissed at me. “Make up some excuse and go home. Tell Daniel you’re homesick or something.”

I just stared at him trying to make sense of what he had just said. And I wondered, when Daniel and I had barely touched each other, what had set him off. Then I remembered that Daniel had ridden alongside me each day. And though we hadn’t made love, we had talked and even laughed together while Jimmy struggled to keep up. More importantly, I wondered if something made Jimmy believe that Daniel loved me and not him. That thought stirred hope. And his warning stirred defiance. I looked Jimmy in the eye, and said, “No.”

When I started to turn toward the showers, he grabbed my arm in powerful grip. I could tell he was trying to make it hurt, but not succeeding. “You could accidentally get hurt,” he said. Then he leaned closer. “I’m sure of it.”

I jerked my arm from his grasp and walked away. I may have thought about going home before, but there was no way I’d let him scare me off.

That day we bicycled to Inks Lake. The twins, Daniel, and I spent a lot of time discussing our plans to golf, canoe, and even hike some of the trails the twins knew. The twins assured us that the shooting season on blackbirds had ended. They were gunning for bigger game. We all laughed and Jimmy wondered why.

The twins had made sure that our special campsite was reserved for us. We arrived early enough that the two of them rode off on their bikes to say hi to their Mom and pick up supplies for a cookout. With the twins gone, it was a little awkward. I tried to be nice to Jimmy. I really did. I offered him an apple I had. I asked questions about his karate, family, and stuff. He answered a couple of questions perfunctorily, and then just walked away.

Daniel asked if I had brought my special swimsuit. I smiled affirmatively and we scrambled into our respective tents to change. When we emerged, we earned a heart-felt frown from Jimmy. He quickly dashed in and changed to swim trunks.

When we swam in the cove, I stayed away from Jimmy. I wasn’t going to give him a chance to do anything to me under water.

When the twins drove up in their pickup, it was loaded with everything for two days of cookouts, including a couple of ice chests of beer. They grilled hamburgers and we sat at the table, just in swimsuits, greedily eating the excellent food. Jimmy chugged beer.

The twins had wanted me to sit between them, but I chose to sit on the other side of Daniel from Jimmy. And it meant that I could whisper to him without Jimmy hearing. “I thought those karate guys didn’t drink or smoke or stuff like that.”

Daniel shrugged, “Must be a different kind of karate. He’s always liked beer. He’ll probably break out the weed before long.”

“You brought grass? On our tour?” I was nonplussed.

“We’ve only smoked it once in the tent, but watch. I bet he breaks it out tonight.”

Within a half hour Jimmy did. The twins were excited, and evidently had done grass before. I decided I really lived in the backwoods if hill country cowboys were doing more grass than me. Of course the truth was that along the border, weed was readily available. My classmates and I just never got much into it.

The joint began to pass, from Jimmy across the table to Peter, Peter to Alan, Alan across the table to me. I tried, and choked. Jimmy snorted. “Just skip Seanny. He’ll waste it.”

Daniel took the joint and said, “He doesn’t do it very often, so we have a method.” Daniel took a deep hit, held it, and then held his mouth to mine, and shotgunned it in. Jimmy looked very unhappy. I, however, suddenly felt blissful, and it wasn’t the influence of the weed.

We passed a couple of joints, and all got pleasantly buzzed. Jimmy, chugging beers as well, was getting downright snockered.

When he wasn’t looking, Daniel leaned my way. “He sometimes gets a little mean when he’s drunk. Just don’t say anything to him. He’ll pass out in a while.”

And I thought marijuana made everyone happy.

Jimmy at least had the courtesy to crawl into the tent to pass out. Maybe he was simply trying to make sure I didn’t sneak in there with Daniel.

But we didn’t need to sneak anywhere. As soon as we were sure Jimmy was settled in the tent, Daniel took my hand. He squeezed it, and then leaned slowly forward. It was going to feel funny kissing him, not only because it had been so long, but also because he’d been getting it on so hot and heavy with Jimmy.

His lips met mine and I let him kiss me. But I also wanted him to talk, to apologize, to tell me he wanted us to be back together. He leaned back, not looking at all satisfied with the kiss and then scooted closer. He put an arm around my shoulders and kissed me again. And then I remembered the first time he kissed me at the beach; how exciting it was. And I remembered all his other kisses and that it was Daniel beside me; it was my Daniel who kissed me, and I melted to him.

The kiss grew warm, then familiar, and then hot. He leaned back and his face was like that of someone waking from a long dream. “Oh, Sean,” he whispered throatily, “I’d forgotten.” And then he wrapped me in a tight embrace, kissing me hard. He laid me back on the picnic table bench, pressing his hardness to my crotch, kissing me deeply. “We’ve gotta get rid of Jimmy,” he whispered.

I had wanted us to talk first. I had wanted to know just where I stood with him. But not after he said that, and not after the way he kissed me, especially with the buzz I had on. I was getting as hot as hell when a sudden loud snore from Daniel’s tent broke the mood for a moment and we chuckled. The twins laughed from the other bench.

I had worried that they had begun to think of me as their property, but when Daniel pushed me back onto the bench, I had forgotten about them. Hearing their laughter, I decided they were doing fine.

Daniel’s bare chest pressing mine, and the feel of his smooth, muscled back under my hands felt so good after months of being apart. I could almost forget Jimmy as well, and what I considered Daniel’s lapse in character concerning him.

Daniel scooted down the bench and, pulling the pouch of my suit to one side, tugged out my cock and balls. He buried his face in them and sighed like someone recognizing a familiar smell; a good familiar smell. I combed his hair with my fingers, and then gripped the sides of his head as he bobbed on my cock. And my moans filled the night.

Daniel tugged at the sides of my suit and I lifted my hips for him to pull it off. Then he pulled off his own suit and patted the tabletop for me to move up. I did, lying on my back.

Daniel came up onto the tabletop after me and lifted my legs. We applied spit to ourselves and he spread my legs with a hand behind each knee. He pushed and my butt lifted. Then he moved forward, finding my hole with the end of his cock and he pushed in. It was as if he entered my heart as well, and my eyes started to water; I was finally, finally, mated with Daniel again.

The twins had seen what we were up to and Peter lay back on the table with his butt at the other end so that his face was almost level with mine in the middle. I turned to watch his face tense as his brother penetrated him. He smiled and gave me an upside down kiss.

Daniel kept one hand behind a knee, but ran his other hand over my belly. I took that hand in mine and brought it to my lips, pulling Daniel forward. I kissed and sucked each lovely finger and the palm of his hand. Damn, I had missed him.

Daniel, on widespread knees, moved in and out of me. In the moonlight, his eyes bore down into mine. Mercifully, they were finally hungry for me. I felt Peter’s hand in my hair, and had to smile, thinking the twins were still trying to keep some ownership after all. Daniel slid his hand from my lips and returned it to my belly and cock, rubbing, caressing.

Overhead, the sky was ablaze with stars. Moonlight filtered through the leaves above Daniel’s head. And under the influence of the booze and weed, Daniel looked preternatural as it dappled his body. I saw a bat fly silently overhead. A waft of breeze came up cool off the lake and rustled through the tree branches, bringing with it the scent of water.

The four of us gasped and sighed and moaned and grunted. Peter kissed the side of my face. Daniel ended each thrust by pushing into me hard, and holding it, so that my butt would stretch back the skin on his cock and press against his balls, then he would grind, pull back, and push in again. His hand rubbed soothingly over my balls and the base of my cock, while I stroked myself farther up the shaft.

It was incredibly comfortable and erotic there in the night breeze with Peter’s hands in my hair and his lips on the side of my face, while Daniel took care of the rest of my body. I had hoped for fierce lovemaking our first time back together. I had wanted passion and long embraces. Instead, we moved together in a summer night’s breeze, our sex mellowed by beer and grass, our couples joined by Peter’s fingers in my hair and his lips on my cheek. I turned my face toward his and we kissed, upside down to each other.

Daniel felt over the side of my legs and hips then up my side and back down. It pleased me that he inventoried my body that way; almost like he was taking possession again.

He leaned forward, planting his hands on the table outside my shoulders. He never changed his pace; just push hard, stretch in, grind, enjoy, pull out, and push hard again. Finally, on one stretch in, he held it. He arched up on his hands and I felt his cock throb as he squirted into me; pressing deep he stretched out his orgasm for a long time. When he finally finished, he relaxed and bent down over me. I left off kissing Peter, and kissed Daniel.

“Your turn,” he whispered in my ear.

I sat up, and Daniel lay down just as Alan began pumping like a piston. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah,” he said over and over.

Little fuck bunnies, I thought again.

I watched Daniel as he lay back, his six-pack showing plainly in the moonlight and I was pleased to see how much he’d tightened back up with only a couple of days riding. Kneeling up between his legs, I used spit to get us ready, and then entered him.

I scooted forward, lifting his hips higher in to mine as I pumped. I used his method of pushing in hard and holding and lost myself in the sensations of being back in my lover. It must have shown on my face. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Daniel asked.

“And so does this,” I said, patting his belly. “You’re already getting back into good shape on this trip. Maybe tomorrow we can do a little sprinting on the bikes.” And then I had a thought. “We might even accidentally lose Jimmy.”

Peter giggled. He still lay at the edge of the table, but now his legs were over Alan’s shoulders as Alan sucked him off.

Daniel frowned. “I’m sorry, Sean,” he said. “I know Jimmy’s been a dark cloud.”

“More like a total eclipse,” I said. “An evil presence.”

Daniel bit his lip, thinking, and I slowed my thrusting.

“I’m not sure what he’d do if I told him to let you sleep in my tent instead of him.”

I stopped. “He needs to go home, Daniel. He’s even threatened me… physically.”

Daniel lay there thinking, and then looked up at me, moonlight falling across his eyes. He held out his arms and I bent father over him. We embraced, with me deeply inside him. “I’ve missed you so much Sean. I didn’t even know how much till tonight… us being back together like this,” he said softly in my ear. “Damn, I’ve missed you!”

He picked a good time to tell me that; I wasn’t about to remonstrate and spoil the mood. Instead, I moved in our embrace, pressing forward into him again, and I kissed him, our mouths opening to each other as I thrust. Daniel sighed contentedly.

The twins left for the water. They splashed in as I felt my orgasm rise. I pumped faster, wanting to put my seed into Daniel again, so that I could feel as if we owned each other again. And when my orgasm came, I plunged deep and held myself firmly against Daniel. I shot hard and he felt it, arching up against me. It was intense. I didn’t remember lying down on Daniel, but was suddenly aware of my belly against his and his legs wrapped tightly around my hips as the last of my spasms died away and I relaxed onto him with only the end of my cock still buried inside.

I pressed my cheek on his. “Beloved,” I whispered.

His embrace tightened. “Beloved,” he whispered back.

We joined the twins in the water where we splashed and swam, our bodies brushing together. When we stopped to talk in chest deep water, Daniel climbed on to my front, wrapping his legs around my hips and his arms around my shoulders. He buried his face in my neck. I held his butt with my hands to support him, and pressed the length of my arms against the muscles of his sides and back.

I walked us around in the water. Eventually, the twins left for their tent. A boat went by out in the middle of the lake, and I wondered why they were out so late. Soon, small waves from their wake rolled into the quiet of the cove, washing Daniel against me.

Daniel kissed my throat. I pulled his butt tighter to me and felt his semi hard cock press into my belly. I kissed his hair.

Daniel’s legs wrapped more tightly around my waist and he rose up on them to place his mouth on mine. His arms wrapped behind my head and we kissed while I walked. My cock came up hard under Daniel. He smiled.

Reaching behind, he grabbed my cock, rose up higher on my hips, and guided me in as he lowered back down. It was not a position for deepest penetration, but it was incredibly right; incredibly comfortable. Daniel laid his head alongside mine.

I walked him like that, with his arms and legs around me. He floated up and down on my cock and occasionally I pushed in farther, but mostly, we stayed connected and moved slowly through the water.

Tiny waves quietly lapped at the shore and from time to time a gust of breeze blew through the trees. Daniel began to move more forcefully on me and I felt the end of his erection slide up and down on my stomach.

He leaned back from my shoulders and started to slowly writhe on me. I held his butt tightly to my lap and moved with him, letting him do most of the work, moving on me any way he wanted. I had the pleasant thought that I was probably bigger than Jimmy, and Daniel seemed to be enjoying that. He writhed faster and faster until he tensed and arched, and I knew he had come. But I was almost there and held him tightly to me, lifting him with my hips, up and down. And my own orgasm came; shorter than before, but intense.

Daniel buried his face back into my neck and relaxed in my arms, though he kept his legs locked around my waist. I walked us again in the water, even after I softened and came out. I walked us deeper, then shallower and back, watching the water run off Daniel’s shoulders in the moonlight.

His breathing became deeper, and still I walked and rocked him.

He began to get cold. He shuddered and pressed his body closer to mine for warmth. A few minutes, and then there was another shudder and Daniel unwrapped his legs from me and stood up.

I clutched him to me. “I don’t want to let you go back to that tent.”

“It’s late. Were tired,” he smiled, and then he kissed my cheek. “I want to sleep with you tonight, too, but there would be hell to pay in the morning.”

“The bastard. We need to tell him to go home.”

Daniel sighed. “Maybe so. But let’s pick a good time. We can be patient, Sean. We have all summer, and then school together.” He took my hand and led me up out of the water. We found our chamois and dried each other off. With a final kiss, we headed to our tents.

The twins were sleeping spooned in the middle of the tent. “At least,” I thought as I climbed in on the side, “I won’t wake up with both of them draped over me tomorrow.”

I was wrong.

That next morning, we were anxious to get to the golf course. Daniel headed for the restrooms to “dump a load.”

As soon as Daniel was out of sight, Jimmy came up to me. His features were ugly with malevolence. Standing with his face only inches from mine, he said, “Today, you need to leave. Right now. Pack up and get out of here.”

“Like hell I will,” I said and began to turn away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back around.

“Today, asshole.”

“Fuck you!”

I was expecting some kind of karate move and wasn’t sure how to react. When he simply swung at my chin, I ducked back and let it pass, then jabbed hard into his side. I was pleased to feel something give. I never saw the elbow coming.

I came to on my right side. My first sensations were of pain, bad pain in several places. I tried opening my eyes. My right one wasn’t working, and it hurt. As the vision in my left eye cleared, I saw Peter sitting beside me on the ground. He was watching my face.


I groaned.

“Just lay still, Sean,” he said. “There’s an ambulance coming.”

“Ambulance,” I thought, and frowned, painfully, trying to clear my head.

“He kicked you Sean. He kicked you when you were down. A lot. Alan and I tried to pull him off and he hit Alan pretty hard. The Rangers are taking a look at him right now.”

“Rangers?” I managed to croak.

“Yeah, Max was driving by while Jimmy was kicking you. Max is a park ranger and he used to be a marine. He saw Jimmy hit Alan and I thought Max was going to beat the shit out of that asshole, but Max only hit him once. Decked him good, though,” Peter said appreciatively. “They have Jimmy handcuffed over there,” he nodded to some point behind me. “Max says they’re going to jail his ass.”

“Daniel?” It even hurt to talk. There was something wrong with my breathing; with my ribs.

Someone squeezed my hand. I tried to turn to look, but it hurt like hell. Daniel leaned into my view. His face was red and wet. Crying? He looked really concerned.

And then I was looking up at the ceiling with my left eye. The ceiling was moving. No, I was moving. I was on a gurney and it was rolling down a hall. Someone asked, “Are you going to do everything at once? How do we prep him?”

Someone else said, “We’ve got to deal with the collapsed lung and I want to take another look at all the X-rays, especially the skull. If that’s alright we may go ahead and take a look at the knee then. And we can do something about that nose.”

“Still no signs of internal bleeding? What about the genitals?” another voice asked.

A woman’s face leaned over me, “Hi Sean.” She said loudly. “That’s your name, right?”

I stared at her.

“You’re in the hospital, Sean. The doctors have to do a little surgery on you, but you’re going to be fine. I have a little injection here for you.” The bed stopped. I felt a prick in my arm.

And then I heard my Mom and Dad talking and opened my left eye. There were bandages over my right. Mom and Dad were looking down into my face. They looked so concerned. “Am I dying?”

“No,” a voice said and someone in a lab coat appeared behind my dad. A doctor? “Though you may feel like it for a while,” he said. “We’ve given you something for the pain, but if you need more, let the nurse know.

“What happened?” I asked. “Did a car hit my bicycle?”

My Dad looked suddenly very angry. I wondered what I had said that was wrong as I started to drift off.

I vaguely remember drifting in and out of sleep. The room was dark and quiet; then it was full of light; then dark.

Then it was bright in the room and Roger was looking down at me. “Dr. Reese?”

“Good morning, Sean. I’ll go tell your parents you’re finally awake.”

“How long,” my mouth and throat were dry and I had to swallow, “How long have I been asleep?”

“It’s been three days since you were attacked, Sean. You’ve had us all concerned.” Then he smiled, “I’m glad you’re doing better,” and then he left.

“Doing better?” I thought. I hurt like hell, everywhere. I just wanted to go back to sleep.

Mom and Dad came in. Mom took my hand. Dad smoothed back my hair. “How do you feel, son? Does it hurt much?


“Are you groggy?” he asked.

“Maybe a little. I’m really thirsty.”

Dad reached for a cup with a long, bending straw from beside the bed and I started to lift my head. “Oh,” I groaned and laid my head back down. I closed my eyes. That hurt.

I felt the straw at my lips and sucked in some water. Dad held it there and I drank some more.

I opened my eye again. Afraid of the answer, I asked, “Did I lose my right eye?”

My Mom sobbed and squeezed my hand. Dad brushed back my hair and said, “No son. We think your eye will be fine. It’s swelled shut right now, and there was some abrasion, but it should be ok.”

“What else?” I asked in a croaking voice.

“Well you had a rib puncture and collapse one of your lungs. They fixed that, though you had a little hole in your side until last night. You might be sore there. Jimmy broke three of your ribs, and you had a concussion. He broke your nose. They’ve set it, but you might have a little bump there from now on.”

There goes the Hollywood type good looks Daniel accused me of, I thought.

“But you were in such good physical shape that he didn’t hurt you too badly,” then Dad’s voice grew more cautious, “except for one other thing.”

“My… crotch? It hurts.”

“No,” Dad said with a smile. “You’re OK there. That’s just a catheter you feel.”

“What other thing, then?” I asked.

“Well, Sean. He did some damage to your right knee. The doctors think it will heal ok, but you may need some surgery, and it may take some time to heal.”

And suddenly I was filled with dread. “My scholarship?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“I’m sorry, son. I don’t think you will be running cross-country for a year or two.”

My one good eye was suddenly full of tears and I couldn’t see. Mom leaned forward and gently caressed my head.

Then I thought about Alan. Trying to blink the tears from my eye, I asked, “What about Alan? Is he OK?”

“Alan is fine,” Dad said. “Just a bruised jaw. He and Peter think they’ll try to do a little bike tour toward the end of the summer. They’re back home for now.”


“He’s still here,” Dad said. “You saw that Roger drove over, too. They’re out in the waiting room. They wanted to make sure you were OK before heading home.”

I tried sitting up. There were stabbing pains everywhere. I winced in pain. “Dad, they need to get Daniel away from Jimmy.”

Mom patted my hand. “That boy is going to be in jail for a long time, and then the judge has ordered him to stay away from Daniel, or any of you boys.”

Then she glanced angrily at Dad. “You know your Dad, though,” she said, looking back down at me. “At first he was so angry, I thought he would have been glad to break Jimmy’s neck, but then, yesterday, he went and visited him in jail, to talk to him about God and forgiveness.”

My thought was that Dad was hopeless, but I wasn’t angry with him. I hurt too much.

The three of us grew quiet. My mind was still groggy and I didn’t know what else to ask. Then Mom said, “Sean, especially after this, and without that scholarship, you need to take your grandfather up on his offer.”

“Honey,” Dad protested, “not now.”

“Well, we’re going to have to do some fast work to get him admitted and into housing in time for the fall semester.” Mom answered.

“There’s time,” Dad said. “Let him recover a little. And he needs to know that Roger has offered to help him with tuition for UT.”

Mom absolutely glared at Dad. I was too tired for this. I closed my eyes. They stopped talking, and I dozed off.

When I woke that afternoon, Roger and Daniel came in. They approached each side of the bed. Roger, on my left, put his hand on my shoulder. He smiled, “Hurting much?”

I nodded.

Roger shook his head. “That boy is bad news and I should have seen this as something that could happen. I am very, very sorry, Sean.” He looked seriously into my one good eye. “Sean, I am also sorry that Mary and I have neglected you so much these last few months; we’ve been trying to adjust to you and Daniel as...well, you know. It was easy to just keep busy and forget about all that. And now I am very sorry that we were so selfish about our own feelings. It was cruel.”

My eye watered. I tried smiling and realized my lip must have been split. “I’ve missed you and Mary,” I admitted.

Roger gave my shoulder a squeeze. “We’ll work on that. And we’ll work on getting you to UT. But now, I’ll leave you and Daniel alone to visit. We’re going to have to head back to Houston soon.”

Roger gave my shoulder another squeeze and left.

Daniel came around to my left side. He took my hand, “I am so sorry, Sean...”

My eye really watered then and I couldn’t see a thing. And of all the things that hurt, my heart hurt the most.

He squeezed my hand tighter. “I’m really, really sorry.”

I shushed him, unable to see him through my tears. “I love you,” I said. “I always loved you.” Somehow, I thought, if he had only realized how much, this would never have happened. He wouldn’t have forgotten to call, or write; he wouldn’t have made Jimmy a lover. He wouldn’t have forgotten me.

I felt his cheek against mine and tried to blink the tears from my eye.

“But can you ever forgive me?” Daniel asked. “I’m not sure I could forgive me if I were you.”

His cheek felt good against mine. And the scent of his hair was comforting among all the other smells in that hospital room. But I hurt so badly inside; I opened my mouth, but only a small, involuntary cry escaped.

Daniel kissed my cheek.

“Dad will get you into UT,” he said.

I looked away. There was a lump in my throat that I needed to deal with before I could answer. When I was ready, I spoke, still facing away. “I don’t know.”

Daniel squeezed my hand. “About UT?”

I sighed and a sob escaped. Swallowing hard, I thought of my knee and my broken nose. I felt all busted up inside and very, very tired. I thought about how hard I had worked all year for that scholarship how incredible I had felt when I earned it. I thought about how much I loved cross-country running. I thought of the dreams I had, maybe even training for the Olympics. And I thought of myself now, ugly and limping all my life. I thought of going to UT, not because I earned it, but because Roger felt guilty.

“I was going to be a runner,” I said quietly. “I worked so hard… I was going to be somebody at UT.” I closed my eyes. “I sure as hell don’t want to sit busted up in some dorm room while you’re out sampling boys like chocolates, or bringing some thug home to beat me up.”

Daniel let go of my hand.

I kept my eyes closed. I hurt like hell. I was groggy and tired. I had just lost everything I had worked so hard for. I was angry. I was sad. I couldn’t think. “Just give me some time,” I said, and opened my eye, but I didn’t see him.

And then I heard the door close.


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