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CHAPTER 22 — My Brother

I was in the hospital for another day before they let my parents drive me home. And then, they almost didn’t let me leave, because the first time I tried to sit up in bed, I fainted. They cranked the bed up in stages, and it still took several tries before I could sit, and it took forever to work my legs off the edge of the bed.

I couldn’t stand because of my knee. And when they tried to support me, my ribs hurt like hell. I could barely see out of my one good eye. My nose throbbed. My stomach and groin were sore as hell. “Just let me die here,” I mumbled, leaning against the bed on my one good leg.

“He can stay another night or two,” a nurse volunteered. “I’m sure the doctor will OK it.”

“Do you want to stay, son?” Dad asked. “I can come back this weekend.”

There are things that hurt worse than broken bones, and for all my physical hurt, the hurts to my spirit were far worse.

“I just want to go home,” I said. “Besides, I’m already standing up.”

Well standing was only the first step. Even the wheel chair ride to the car hurt. Getting me into the back seat of the car was pure torture; I figured I’d just have to live there for a few weeks.

On the way home, I didn’t even get out to piss, using a bottle held by my dad instead.

Colin and my sister came out to the car when we got there and Colin gasped when he saw me. It took both him and Dad helping for me to even get out of the car, and when I cried out in pain, I thought they’d both just leave me there. But with infinite patience, they maneuvered me inside to my bed. And then I didn’t want to ever move again.

They wanted to bring pillows. They wanted to bring drinks and food. But I was tired.

“I’m OK,” I told them. “I just need to take a pain pill and sleep.”

I took the pill, and one by one, they left until only Colin was left with me. He sat on the foot of my bed rubbing my calf, and through my one good eye I could see the concern with which he watched me. “I’m OK, Colin. I’ll be alright.”

“You sure? I don’t mind helping. Do you need to get to the john before you go to sleep?”

After everything it took for me to get into bed, I wasn’t sure I could get up, but I hadn’t taken a dump since entering the hospital; there was no way I could do that in a bedpan. The doctor told my parents to give me an enema if I didn’t have a good bowel movement after I was home and I didn’t want that either. Maybe because I was home, maybe because I was moving around things were moving inside and it seemed like a good time to try.”

“Yeah, let’s try the bathroom, but let’s take it real slow.”

“Do I need to get Dad to help?”

“No. Just help me, OK?

“Sure. What do I do?”

“Come here.” I thought I would use Colin in the same way that a nurse had helped me to finally be able to sit up at the hospital. “Lean over me like you’re going to hug me, but don’t you dare do it.”

When Colin leaned over me, I carefully wrapped my arms over his neck. “Now real slow, straighten up and let me just hang on.”

He began too fast. “No!” I yelled, and he stopped. “Slower.”

After he got me into a sitting position, he let me grab his shoulders to pull myself up to a standing position. And then he let me hang onto him as we took several minutes to get to the toilet. When Colin helped me pull down my pants, a small cry escaped his lips. “Oh, damn, Sean.”

I felt his fingertips run over the bruises on my lower abdomen.

“Shit,” he said. “Are you OK… down here?”

“Yeah. Just real sore.”

“That guy ought to be locked up forever.”

Once he helped me sit down on the toilet, he stepped back into our bedroom. “Call me when you’re ready to get up.”

A few minutes later, I called out to him. “Colin, call Dad.”

He leaned in the door in alarm. “What’s wrong? Still can’t go?” And then when he saw tears streaming down my face, he rushed forward, kneeling in front of me. “What is it?”

“It’s stupid,” I said, wiping my eyes with the back of my hands.


I smiled, trying to hide my embarrassment. “It hurts too much to reach back to wipe. Just get Dad.”

“To wipe your butt?” Colin asked.

I nodded.

“Well, hell,” Colin said. “I can do that. It’s not like I haven’t been back there before.”

“Not like this,” I said.

He sniffed loudly as he rolled off toilet paper. “No, not like this,” he said with a chuckle. “You’re going to owe me big time.”

I woke before dawn, needing badly to take a piss. I hated to wake Colin, but couldn’t reach the bottle.

He not only got it for me, but also held it for me while I used it. Then he dumped it in the toilet and rinsed it before going back to bed.

He stayed home that day and brought me breakfast. Then he helped me to the shower. When we removed the elastic rib-wrap, I felt like my insides fell apart; painfully apart, and I felt light headed.

The stitches in my side didn’t hurt much, and the doctor said I didn’t need to worry about getting them wet. They hadn’t operated on my knee yet, so there were no bandages to worry about getting wet.

But I felt exhausted, just getting to the shower and leaned weakly on Colin. So after he undressed me and had the water running warm, he stripped too, and crowded into the shower with me. He soaped me up and cleaned me head to foot, scrubbing well in my crack.

“Just in case I missed anything when I wiped you last night,” he said. Then he chuckled. “Remember, you owe me.”

When he washed my crotch, I sprung a boner. “Well at least it still works,” he said.

“I’m surprised,” I said with a grunt. “I think it’s my first hard-on since… before the hospital. Maybe that’s why my balls are sore.”

He lifted my cock, trying to get a look at them. “Well, they aren’t purple like the rest of you down there.”

“Maybe you can leave me in here a few minutes,” I suggested, reaching for my cock while supporting myself against the wall with my other hand, and with my good leg.

“You want me to wank it for you?” he asked, gently pushing my hand aside. “It will be a hell of a lot easier than wiping your butt was.”

I snorted at the joke, but was already concentrating on the feel of his hand. .

Stepping up to support me with is own body, Colin stroked me, and when I came, helped me stay standing. And though he got an erection as well, he didn’t try to take care of himself.

Afterward, he dried us each off, and then helped me get the rib-wrap back on. He dressed me, and then himself. He made my bed up before he’d let me lie back down on it. And then he helped Mom change the salve and bandage on my right eye.

My mom was always pretty stoic, assuming that boys needed to be tough. But even she was solicitous. Now that I wasn’t getting it on with Daniel, she could treat me like a son again.

My little sister was concerned for one day, and then she was back to her swim team and friends. And Dad returned to work.

It would have been damned lonely without Colin, not to mention, painful. He stayed with me, patiently, anxiously taking care of me, even when I sniped because I felt so bad. None of my friends had come by, but in fairness to them, they probably thought I was still on a bike tour; I hadn’t called any of them. Not Stef, not Aaron or Jorge, and certainly not Ry, because frankly, I was embarrassed as hell. I had told them all year how much Daniel and I meant to each other. How could I tell them that he brought another lover on the tour and that now he was back in Houston without me? How could I tell them that I got the living crap beat out of me? How could I tell them that I wouldn’t be a cross-country star at UT?

My third afternoon home, I had to take another dump, but though I struggled to reach back, it still hurt too much to wipe myself. When I had to ask Colin to help again, the frustration and embarrassment was all too much. I broke down crying, right there on the toilet.

He wrapped his arms around me and let me lean on him to cry. And I cried a long time. I cried until I got the hiccups and those hurt so much, it took my breath away.

Colin stroked my back and soothed me. And when I calmed, he ran to get me a soda. When I felt better, He helped me to take a warm shower.

I felt better then. He brought me clean clothes and helped me dress, then brushed my hair, and helped me to the living room to watch TV.

That night, after he helped me to the john, and then out of my clothes and to bed, he turned out the light and climbed into his bed.

“Colin,” I said softly.

“Yeah?” he immediately answered and sat up. “Do you need some water?”

“No,” I said quietly. “I need to thank you… you know… for everything. And I don’t have a fuckin’ clue how to.”

He chuckled. “You’ll just have to owe me.”

“For the rest of our lives,” I told him.

Ry came by that next afternoon. His mom brought him. “He insisted,” she said. “He’s been so worried for you, Sean.”

Ry knelt by my chair and looked at me with such concern, I was afraid our moms would see how much he loved me. I think they did see, but they said nothing.

After they were gone, Mom treated my eye again with ointment, and left the patch off because the swelling had gone way down and I could see, though my eye still hurt.

Aaron and Jorge came by after I had moved to the living room couch. “We just heard!” I heard Jorge say as Colin let them in. “We saw your dad and he told us.”

“Why didn’t you call?” Jorge asked, coming into the room first.

Aaron was right behind him. “Holy shit, Sean!” he said when he saw me. Then he saw my mom. “Sorry, Mrs. Sullivan. But damn, Sean looks like a piece of… Oh… sorry, Sean.”

I laughed, and it felt good to laugh.

Mom went into the kitchen and they took me to task for not calling them. Jorge asked if I had called Stefan.

I shook my head and ignored Jorge when he told me I needed to. I didn’t want to tell Stef any more than I had wanted to tell them.

Aaron stepped in. “I’ll call him,” he promised. And then he mercifully led the conversation in another direction. “My uncle’s hired us,” he told me.

“Which uncle? And to do what?” I asked.

“My uncle with the ranch. The one we stayed at, you and me,” Aaron answered with a wink. “He wants a new shed built and is going to pay Jorge and me to build it this summer. In fact, if we do good enough, he may have us start a cabin for him.”

“You guys gonna stay out there?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Aaron said with a smiling glance at Jorge. “During the week.”

“So when are you ever going to work?” I asked with a smile.

Before they left, Aaron promised to beat “the living shit” out of Jimmy, first chance he got.

Stef drove down from Corpus that weekend and kept me company on Saturday night when Colin went out on a date. We stayed in my room for a while, and though he didn’t ask, I told him about the tour and the things that happened. After all, Aaron had told him everything anyway. But he couldn’t have told Stef how much I hurt inside, and I didn’t tell him either, but I think Stef knew.

When I needed to hit the john, he helped me in and rubbed my back while I relieved myself. And then he helped me to the living room where we played cards until after my parents were in bed.

I’d been sleeping plenty and was in no rush to get to bed, so we watched movies on TV while I lay on the couch and he lay on the floor. “Did the doctor give you any therapy to do?” Stef asked during a commercial.

“Not till after the surgery, except to start moving around as soon as I can.”

“No leg rubs or manipulation?” Stef asked.

I grunted. “Just what did you have in mind?”

“No, seriously. My uncle, the one I’m working for, gets therapy for his back. I drove him over this week, and his therapist told me what he was doing. Here,” he said, getting up off the floor, “let me work on you.”

“No, Stef. I’m really sore.”

He knelt beside the couch and pulled back the throw blanket I had over my legs. “I’ll be gentle,” he said; and he was gentle as he wrapped his hands around my thigh and began to massage.

“Can you bend your knee at all?” he asked.

“No, not really. The doctor said to not try much until after my surgery.”

Stef nodded, knowingly while he kept working on my leg. He massaged above and below my knee, and I closed my eyes.

“Damn, Sean,” he said, it’s still awfully swollen. “Roll over. Let me do the back of your thigh and calf.”

What he was doing felt good so I carefully rolled over. “Thanks Stef. I don’t know if it does any good, but it sure feels great.”

He worked up my leg, my butt, and my back. And I fell asleep. Hard asleep. And I didn’t get to say goodbye to Stef until he came by on his way back out of town the next afternoon.

Daniel called Sunday night. He asked how I was doing and sounded all concerned. But I wondered why he hadn’t called Saturday night. “So,” I asked, “what did you do last night?”


“What did you do last night? Now that you’re back in Houston.”

He didn’t answer.

“Just tell me it wasn’t Jimmy.”

“Look, Sean…”

I gasped. “You didn’t!”

“No! Of course not. I’ll never see Jimmy again.”

“You know what I did last night?” I asked.

“No,” he answered quietly.

“I took ten minutes to get from the living room couch to the bathroom.” And then I hung up.

I lay awake in bed for a long time that night, mainly feeling sorry for myself. It was damned easy to do that, especially since I was still sore and even simple movements hurt in my ribs or knee.

My parents scheduled my knee surgery for the next week. It was at the regional medical center in San Antonio. My mom also found out that an early registration session for honors students and athletes was scheduled at Trinity for the following week. She planned it all for me to be out of the hospital in time for her to push me around in a wheel chair, signing up for classes.

I knew what she wanted. She wanted me away from Daniel, as if that would somehow make me straight.

Maybe I should have fought it, but the phone call with Daniel had taken me right to the bottom. I was only seventeen, about to turn eighteen, and all the fight had gone out of me. Later, I blamed Dad for not having stood up for me, but I was as much to blame. Truth was, I didn’t want to be at UT anymore, not without Daniel and not if I wasn’t going to be a runner. I wasn’t even sure when registration at UT would be. So I let Mom plan.

Mom and my grandfather pulled strings. I had already been accepted at Trinity, just as I had at UT. But now I received a written invitation, followed up by a phone call inviting me to join the Trinity Honors Program. The school also promised a sizeable academic scholarship and a grant. I even received a call from the professor I had met who was an author. He called to tell me how sorry he was that I had been injured and how he hoped to see me in the fall.

My Granddad made arrangements for me to use the facilities and trainers at Trinity for my physical therapy once school started. And since my surgeon was at the regional health center in San Antonio, Trinity would put me conveniently close for any follow-up visits with him.

Daniel tried calling again Wednesday night, the day before I was to go up for surgery.

“Don’t hang up on me, Sean.”

He was about to turn eighteen, and yet his voice still sounded like a fourteen year old. It still had the power to charm me, but I fought it. “Hi, Dan.”

“Look, Sean, I know you’re pissed. And I know you think I’m on a non-stop party up here, but I’m not, Sean. Last Saturday, Scott came over because I’d been staying at home, not going anywhere. I hadn’t seen anybody.”

“I take it you saw Scott… probably all of him.”

“Fuck you, Sean! It wasn’t like you’re making it sound. Scott remembers you; hell, he likes you. And he wanted to know how you’re doing. It got late. I started crying, though you probably don’t believe that. He held me while I cried. And damn it Sean, I missed you. And he was here, and it’d been a couple of weeks since I even jerked off. “It’ll be a hell of a lot longer than that before I run again, Daniel,” I answered.

He hung up.

Dr. Reese called later that night. “Is there anything I can do to help?” he asked. “What can I do to help you and Daniel work this out?”

“I don’t know if we can work it out,” I said, honestly.

“Don’t say that Sean. You two have been friends too long, and you’ve planned too much together to let this happen. Don’t let the violence Jimmy did to you ruin both of your lives.”

I started to make a crack about just my life being ruined, but bit my tongue.

“Look, Sean,” he said. “I’ve made arrangements with UT for Daniel to go through registration for you. He can sign you up for your classes and get everything set up for you. And I’m pretty sure we can get you guys in the same room.”

“And don’t worry about the cost. We’ll get all that dealt with,” he quickly added.

“Dr. Reese, what happened wasn’t your fault. You don’t need to do all this.”

He took a deep breath. “Sean, I do feel responsible, and hell, I’ve got a lot of reasons for wanting to help. You and Daniel are a good influence on each other. You’ll help each other do well at school.”

“Besides,” he added. “You’re our second son, Sean. I know about Trinity’s fine reputation, but I believe you’ll have better opportunities if you’re a UT grad.”

I felt like I was the rope in a tug-of-war that extended deep into my heart. Dr. Reese was right; Daniel and I had dreamed for two years about rooming together at UT and taking classes together. But I wanted the Daniel I knew before he moved to Houston. And I was afraid that the Daniel I once knew was gone.

Maybe if I just had more time to think, more time to recover, things could have been different. Certainly if Daniel and I had more time to work things out, it would have been different.

“Thanks, Dr. Reese,” I told him. “I’ll think about it.”

The whole family took me up to San Antonio. And when the hospital released me, I shared a hotel room with Colin who took care of me and wheeled me through registration at Trinity.

It hurt like hell and I just wanted to lie down and elevate my leg, but Mom had it all organized and we moved through quickly. And so I was registered, enrolled, paid for… at Trinity.

Daniel called again the night we returned from San Antonio.

“You registered?” he asked.


“Damn it Sean. We’ve planned for two years to go to UT together.”

“I planned a lot of things that aren’t going to happen,” I told him.

Daniel cried out in frustration. “You’ve turned into a bitch. If you want me to disappear, I’ll do it. Say the word and I won’t ever bother you again.”

“Dan,” I said quietly. “I need time.”

“How much time?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I mean, like right now I’m on pain meds and my knee still hurts from the surgery. And my ribs still hurt. My eye’s just getting back to normal. My Mom and Granddad are pulling real hard in one direction and you and your dad are pulling hard in another.”

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“I want to have more time.”

Daniel was quiet a moment, and then took a breath. “What does your dad say?”

“I don’t know,” I told him honestly.

“Ask him what he thinks,” he suggested. “It’s not too late to change to UT and get your money back. And besides, you said your dad promised once to help you to go to UT with me.”

“Well that was then, this is now. You could regret telling me to ask him.”

“If you’re really having trouble deciding after all the plans we made together, I’m not sure I’d be risking anything.”

“Do you want to go to UT?” Dad asked, sitting down in a chair next to where I lay on the couch. We were alone in the living room.

“I still don’t know,” I told him honestly.

“And Daniel?” he asked.

“I don’t know about that either.”

“Sean,” he said, leaning forward in the chair. “You know how I feel about homosexuality, so don’t misinterpret this. I hope you also know how I feel about Daniel. He’s your friend. And he’s special to us too.” He patted my calf. “I think a lot of Daniel.”

He leaned back in his chair. “Did you know that Daniel and the twins stayed with you in the hospital until we were able to get there. Then the twins went home, but Daniel stayed. He stayed in your room with you, even when you’re mom or I went back to the hotel. He caught naps in a chair next to your bed, or in the waiting room. I don’t think he left the hospital until he went home with his dad.”

I shook my head slowly and glanced up at him. “Thanks for telling me. But Dad… I’m not sure I feel anything anymore. It almost doesn’t matter what happens now.” I carefully rubbed my sore eye. “Maybe I’d rather go to Trinity.”

Dad frowned. “Daniel’s a friend, Sean. Friends work through things.”

I looked up to the ceiling. “I know you like to think of us as friends, Dad. But Daniel and I were never just friends.”

At first he didn’t say anything more, but I knew he was watching me.

“Look,” Dad said. “I know you like Trinity. I know how disappointed you are about UT and not being on the cross-country team. But why don’t you think about this… go to Trinity this first year. You can stay close to your doctor while you work through therapy and get back into running form. You can get some mentoring for your writing from that professor you like. Your credits should transfer pretty well. And you’ll only be about an hour from Daniel and UT in Austin. You can see each other every single weekend if you want.”

He stood up and ran his fingers through the hair on top of my head. “I’ll even buy you a good used car to have on campus which will also allow you to drive to Austin.”

I cocked open my good eye. “What kind of used car?”

“Hell, Sean, it’s not the same at all,” Daniel complained. “We won’t be rooming together or taking classes together.”

“Maybe I need some time before we do that anyway.”

“More time, huh?” he asked angrily. “You keep saying that…”

“And it hasn’t been any time at all,” I told him.

Laparoscopic surgery was still new and the doctor explained that it wouldn’t work for me. So they had wrapped my knee in bandages and a plastic brace and told me to stay off my leg for a few days. And once again, Colin took care of me.

In fact, he spoiled me, and I took advantage of it. He brought me a bottle to use when I needed to piss and just didn’t want to get up. He brought me water and food. He gave me sponge baths in bed, first at the hotel in San Antonio, and then when we came home. He was a little rough in an I’m-just-doing-my-job kind of way, but he was thorough and left me feeling better each time.

However, he wasn’t about to let me get addicted. We’d been home four days when he informed me. “This is your last sponge bath. Later, we’re going to get you up and start you moving around. The doctor said the sooner you were up the better.

That morning, Colin scrubbed me extra well. As he was doing my thighs, I sprang a boner. It wasn’t the first boner I’d sprung when while he scrubbed me, but he hadn’t done anything about them since that one time in the shower and I hadn’t jerked off since the surgery.

Colin ignored my cock as it rolled up to lie hard and flat on my belly.

I asked if before he left, he could leave me a box of tissues “In case I need to blow my nose.”

Colin, scrubbing my hip, smiled. “Blow your nose, huh?” He left the washcloth on my hip and wrapped his hand around my cock. “Needing to get a load off, bro?”

I tensed. “Yeah, it’s been a while.” And I hoped like hell he would jerk me off.

He knelt down beside the bed and slowly stroked me, watching the skin moved up and down on my cock. Then he pressed his hands down onto my balls and the base of my shaft, stretching the skin tight on my shaft. He looked it over, then bent his head and took me into his mouth.

I gasped. His mouth was warm and wet; his lips firm. He sucked at the tip of my cock and swirled his tongue over the head. Then he swallowed me down.

“Oh, damn,” I gasped, and clutched the back of his leg.

Colin slowly rose up the shaft and then plunged back down on me.

I gave his leg a tug. “We can sixty-nine,” I offered. “Just don’t poke me in any wrong places.”

Colin came up off my cock and let it flop onto my belly. Without looking at me, he said, “I’m not gay.”

“That’s cool,” I said, just wishing he’d take me back into his mouth.

He glanced up at me to see if I was being sarcastic. Then he said, looking directly at me, “I’m really not. I know you want me to be gay like you, but...”

“You’re full of shit,” I said, propping myself up on my elbows. Sure, I was horny as hell, but Colin was my brother, and I really did love him. I wouldn’t push him where he didn’t want to go. “I’m glad if you’re straight or bi. It’ll be easier for you.” I told him sincerely. “But you worry too much, Colin. Did you know that male relatives and friends in Russia kiss each other on the lips? Or that guys in China hold hands when they’re just walking and talking together? What’s right or not for guys sorta depends on your culture. Or situation. Did you know that guys in prison or boarding school, or even in the army will do each other until they can get girls. And I told you before that guys our age mess around anyway.”

He sat back on his haunches. “You’ve been reading up?”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “And it’s all true, so just don’t sweat it. Besides, we don’t have to do anything.”

Colin smiled, ruefully. “But it’s OK. I like it, I guess; when it’s just us.”

“Is that what bothers you? You like it?”

He nodded and ran a fingertip up and down the underside of my cock.

“So what then?” I said. “It feels good. So does jackin’ off, but just because you jack off doesn’t mean you won’t like girls.”

He glanced at me, stroking my cock with his fingertip. “But I started thinking about it… a lot. Especially after you and Daniel and me… you know… on his birthday.” He knelt back up and wrapped his hand around my cock. “I kept thinking about how good stuff felt and wanted to do it some more. So I made myself start thinking about girls again. You know, just to keep myself straight.”

His hand felt good and I lay back down. “Honest,” I said. “We don’t have to do anything.” My hips responded to his stroking, automatically. “But if you keep doing that,” I said, “we will.”

He smiled and I was glad to see it. Then he slid a palm under my butt. “You know what I’d really like to do?” he asked and gave my butt a squeeze.

“Hell,” I said, carefully rolling to my side, away from him. “After the way you’ve been taking care of me, you could want to do my ear and I’d say OK.” I patted my butt in invitation.

I watched back over my shoulder as Colin stood up and dropped his pants; his hard cock springing up as the pants slid past. He stroked as he stood over me, trying to figure out the best way to go about things without hurting me.

“Get some lotion,” I said.

He grabbed some off the nightstand and then lay on the bed behind me. I waited while he lubed himself, then me. And then I felt his cockhead press in between my butt cheeks. He found my hole and pressed forward. “Damn, you feel huge,” I gasped. It’d been weeks since Daniel had done me and I’d evidently tightened up. And Colin was good-sized.

He was also gentle and moved in slowly. And then I felt his loins press into my butt and his body molded to the back of mine. I felt his lips press the back of my neck as he began to move and I started to stroke myself.

“It’s ok that I love you,” he whispered. “You’re my brother. I’m supposed to love you.”

He reached over my side and his hand joined mine on my cock.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m gay.”

“I know you’re not gay, Colin. Not the way you like girls.”

“But I still like this,” he said, and ground in.

When we both had come, Colin lay quietly behind me, his hand running over my shoulder, down my side, and back. He pulled my hair back from the side of my face. “If I had been there, that Jimmy bastard would be paste.”

I chuckled. “I’m glad you weren’t there. We’d be bathing each other.”

“That might be fun,” Colin said giving me a hug.

“Ah!” I gasped as he squeezed my ribs.


True to his word, Colin made me get up and move around that afternoon. It hurt and I was weak, but it also was good to be on my feet.

“Good!” Colin told me. “From now on, no more bottles to piss in. You have to use the bathroom… I’ll help you. And no more bed baths. You have to shower.

Well I tried, all afternoon. I overdid it though, and was so exhausted that I went to bed early. I barely got my shoes off and fell into bed in shorts and shirt. I slept hard all night, and when I awoke, I really needed to piss.

I threw my pillow at Colin’s head to wake him. “You said no more bottles. So you better help me up.”

Colin climbed out of bed naked and with a morning boner that I pretended to ignore. But I was proud of how my brother looked; he looked damn hot. Yet I had more pressing things to think about. I was desperate to take a leak.

Standing at the toilet with one arm over Colin’s shoulder, I had trouble fumbling with my zipper. “Shit,” I hissed, “if I don’t get this out soon, I’m going to pee down my leg.”

Colin is not in his best mood in the mornings and groused about how things would be different if I had a decent sized cock, while he reached down with his free hand to help. Between us, we managed to jam the zipper.

“Colin! I’ve really got to go!”

“Damn it, hold still,” Colin stepped out from under my arm while I balanced on one foot. Grabbing my pants firmly, he jerked them down hard. Then he quickly stood up again under my arm while I shoved down my boxers to get my dick out.

With relief, I directed my stream at the toilet. But with all the fumbling and rushing, Colin and I were both off balance, and my legs were bound together by my boxers and unzipped shorts. I found myself slowly leaning to my free side and began to fall. While I drew a piss line across the bathroom wall, Colin tried to move around to catch me. I landed on my butt, still pissing.

Colin had managed to slow my fall. At least it didn’t hurt too bad… until I started laughing. My ribs hurt like hell when I laughed.

I leaned back against Colin who was lying behind me, fighting off a chuckle as I tried to arch the last of my piss into the toilet. And then the absurdity of the whole thing hit me and I had to fight off full-fledged laughter. I’d laugh, then gasp, then laugh, then gasp. Tears were streaming from my eyes.

Colin totally misunderstood. “Oh, damn, Sean. I’m sorry, man. It hurts bad, huh?”

I gasped, desperate not to laugh.

Colin pulled my back to his chest. “What can I do man? Did we break anything?”

My gut tightened as I fought down a guffaw. And then I cried out.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

I laughed, and then whimpered.

“Are you laughing?” he asked.

I whimpered.

“You are laughing!”

I tried to stop, but then remembered that slow line of piss drawing across the wall as we fell in almost slow motion and held my ribs as I laughed again.

“You going to be OK?” he asked.

I managed to kick off my pissed shorts and boxers. “Yeah,” I said with a gasp. “If I can just quit laughing.”

Colin started to slide out from under me, “Hold still a second Sean. I’ll get us all cleaned up.”

“Just toss me a towel,” I told him. “As long as I’m down here, I can clean up the mess.”

Colin did just that. And I wiped up urine off the tile floor. I had finally begun to settle down, when Colin started stifling giggles. Then he gave in to a hearty laugh, “That was funny—as long as you’re OK, that is.”

“Don’t get me started again,” I complained, then sat up and carefully pulled off my shirt. “Well, I think I busted all my ribs again, laughing like that. It hurts like hell,” and then I snickered, “but it was so funny watching...” I started laughing again and stretched out on the floor to try to breathe.

“It’s funny now,” Colin said, “but are you going to have trouble getting up off the floor?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, and tried to roll to my hands and good knee, keeping my other leg straight. But with the pain in my ribs, I wasn’t sure what to do next.

Colin walked around me, eyeing the problem.

“I can crawl to the toilet and work my way up,” I said and started to try to move that way.

“How about if I just stand here,” Colin said, planting himself firmly in front of me, “and you work your way up me? Just grab where you need to and pull yourself up.”

It seemed like a good idea. I got up onto my one knee by doing a hand over hand up Colin’s legs. But then, when I tried to pull higher, my ribs hurt. “Here,” Colin said, bending down. He grabbed me under my butt and pulled me up by my ass. There was an unpleasant moment while my sore knee worked through a rough angle, but then I was up, and Colin held our naked bodies together by my butt. Together, everywhere.

It worried me briefly that it had only been a day since Colin had done me, and I didn’t want him worrying about being gay. But we were both teen, male, and standing pressed together.

Despite our differences in coloring, Colin was definitely my brother. We had the same lack of body fat, the same lanky build, breadth of shoulders, and narrowness of hips. He was almost my height. His cock was long with a large crown, like mine. Only his deep red hair and creamy skin, contrasted with my blond/brown hair and tan. He was my brother, and at that moment, I didn’t just want him, I loved him, as my brother.

As I tried to stabilize myself, I just jiggled us together even more. We stood there. His breath flowed warmly down my back; my breath washed down his chest. His cock came up hard and his hands worked my butt in a natural reaction. I put my arms over his shoulders as my cock rose as well. Our dicks pressed up into each other’s balls.

“I think I’m feeling better,” I said, and found myself looking right into Colin’s eyes. His grip tightened on my butt and he swallowed hard.

“Will you help me shower,” I asked in a husky voice.

He buried his mouth in the hollow of my neck and reached between us to straighten our cocks up our bellies. “What about your knee? Don’t we need to get some plastic to cover your bandages and brace?”

“I think I pissed on it anyway,” I told him. “But we can use the plastic liner out of the trash can.”

Colin knelt to wipe off my brace, working hard to ignore my erection that was at his eye level. He tucked the plastic trash bag into the brace, top and bottom. “Let’s just try to keep it as dry as we can,” he said. “And then I’ll dry it when we’re done.”

Then he stood back up and brushed past my cock on the way up. As he stood, he grasped our cocks and pressed the undersides together. He stroked them, as we both watched. I ripped off my chest wrapper. Then, leaving our cocks pointing up between our bodies, Colin stepped up against me and ran his arms under mine. He rubbed his lips up the length of my neck to behind my ear, pressing our bodies together, but only for a moment.

He pushed back gently and put an arm around my waist to help me to the shower.

He stroked me as we waited for the water to become hot. I looked over my brother’s body. It’s no wonder the girls were after him. He was hot. I wondered if my body looked as good to him.

Colin helped me maneuver into the shower as I tried to keep my brace out of the stream of water. It was pretty hopeless.

He crowded in, face to face with me, and pulled me up by clutching my butt to himself. Then he bathed us, standing belly to belly. We turned as we rinsed the soap from each other. And then I found Colin’s slippery butt pressed back against my cock. He leaned back against my chest. My arms crossed in front of him and I grasped his cock.

“Do it,” he said. “It’s your turn.”

I used hair conditioner to lube Colin’s butt and my cock. Colin leaned forward and braced himself with his hands on the wall. His back sloped in a long line from his shoulders down to where the muscles of his butt rested against my lap.

I stabilized myself by planting both hands firmly on the back of his hips. Then I poked until I found the spot, and pressed in, all the way in. Colin grunted and pushed back. It was a damn good fit, and I enjoyed it, just pressing in.

As I supported myself with my hands just above his butt, and some of my weight on my one good leg, I pumped in from my hips. The muscles in Colin’s back were strong and I admired them while I thrust. But my ribs hurt and my arms and leg soon became tired. I laid my weight onto Colin’s back, and he supported me until I came.

And then I noticed the water had cooled as it ran down my back and butt. My cock throbbed inside Colin with the last of my orgasm, and as that throbbing died, I became aware of a painful new throbbing in my knee.

“Did you come yet?” I asked.

Colin shook his head.

“I’m getting a little tired,” I told him. “Can we dry off and let you do me in bed?”

Colin nodded.

I pulled out and we rinsed again, and turned off the water. Colin quietly and quickly dried us both and helped me into the bedroom. With my ribs hurting, I thought it best to lie on my stomach, which I did, shoving a pillow under my hips.

Colin rubbed my butt and kept a hand on an ass cheek while he lubed me, then himself. Then he climbed astride me. I felt him settle on the backs of my legs as he knelt. I felt his balls lying lightly in the crack at the top of my thighs and felt his cock search for my hole. Finding it, he slid in and lowered his body onto my back. The pressure between his chest and the bed, actually felt good on my ribs. His body felt good, as he stretched his legs back and pressed the inside of his thighs against the outside of mine.

He thrust into me, his breath on the back of my neck. In that position, his cock pressed down against my prostate, and as he moved, I became hard again. It sometimes feels very good to get fucked. Almost like having your cock rubbed from the inside.

Colin pumped for a long time, and I just rested and let him drive the feelings down in me.

He ran his arms up under my shoulders, supporting his weight on his elbows. And he moved in long powerful thrusts. Each thrust rubbed my prostate and built me up toward a new orgasm, step by step, just as if he were pumping to inflate a tire.

I came before he did, and when I did, my ass clenched hard. Colin reacted with faster, deeper thrusts, and came himself, plunging all the way in.

We both just lay there, catching our breath. “Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“No,” I reassured him.

“Sean,” he said quietly. “I don’t want to get hooked on this.”

“It’d be easy,” I said, agreeing with his implication.

He wrapped his arms under my shoulders and kissed the back of my neck. “Too fucking easy,” he said. He ground his hips one last time and then pulled out.

“I need to find a girl,” he said and rolled off me.

I turned my head on my pillow to look at him. “I’m sorry, Colin.”

He rolled up on his side and rubbed my back, smiling sadly. “I just need to straighten up.”

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