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It had been Sunday since I’d last been with Daniel, and I hadn’t jacked off since Wednesday, just as we had promised each other. The drive to Austin late Friday afternoon seemed to go on forever.

Once there, I found a parking place close to Daniel’s dorm and grabbed out my bag. Other than my neck chain and watch, I’d worn only a T-shirt, shorts, but no underwear, and shoes without socks. I’d be able to strip in three seconds flat.

I was hard by the time I reached his room, which was a particular problem without underwear to control and hide my erection. I covered myself with my bag.

When I knocked on his door, it opened almost instantly. Daniel was behind it, naked, and shut the door quickly, locking it, even while he threw his other arm around my shoulders and pressed his semi-hard cock to the front of my shorts.

“I love you,” I said quickly, tossing my bag and cane aside and unfastening my shorts while I stepped from my shoes.

“I love you,” Daniel answered, pulling my shirt over my head.

We flung ourselves at each other, wrapping our arms tightly around shoulders and backs; cocks pressing up between bodies, mouths open and hungry. We worked toward his bed, kissing desperately, and we fell on to it, together.

I moved up the bed on my back, pulling him up over me, and his hips settled between my legs, cock on cock, his balls on mine. “Damn you feel good,” I gasped.

“I’m gonna be fast,” he said, pumping hard between us.

I thrust with him, rubbing cocks belly to belly, tight in each other’s arms. “Oh, hell yes, me too,” I said.

I grabbed his butt in both hands and held him tight to me as we moved. “Oh, you… feel… so… good!” I said again, rolling the pressure of our thrusts down our cocks until our balls pressed together, and then repeating.

The bed squeaked loudly and somehow, made it seem even hotter. And then we kissed and our mouths stayed locked while we ground together; locked until long after we both came.

We slowed and he pressed his cheek to mine, his breath still fast and hot against my ear. “I’m gonna want to go again,” he whispered.

“Shit yeah,” I whispered, holding his butt tightly, grinding up against him; still loving the feel.

“How many times do you think we can come like this?” he asked.

“I’m sure willing to find out.”

. . . . .

It was late. We hadn’t even bothered with supper. We’d come three times together without leaving each other’s arms or changing positions except to roll Daniel to the bottom the last time.

And then Daniel wouldn’t let me out of his arms and we fell asleep that way; me lying on him, our bellies slick from our lovemaking.

I woke first and slid off to the side, leaving a leg over him. I took his face in my hands and kissed him several times, lightly on the mouth, nibbling. He stirred and rolled up on his side to snuggle into me.

“Do you want to clean up?” I asked, kissing him again. “Are you hungry.”

“Yeah, a little hungry,” he said, without opening his eyes. He buried his face under the side of mine. “Can’t we just sleep this way? I feel so good now.”

I stroked his back. “Yeah, my stomach might growl, but I can wait till morning. I feel awfully good myself right now.”

“By the way,” Daniel mumbled. “Sammy’s coming by in the morning,”


“Sam,” Daniel said. “You know, the little guy I wanted you to meet last week. The one who keeps shaking his butt at me.”

“Sammy, huh? Have you two…”

“Nope. I told you, I was saving him for us for dessert. I told him to come by in the morning because he wants to go to the game with us and I told him I’d talk to you about it.”

I kissed behind his ear. “I don’t think I’m going to be ready for dessert for a while.”

Daniel chuckled. “You might be,” Daniel said. “I know you. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll be hornier than ever. And, Sean,” he squeezed me tightly. “Sam’s been coming on to me for two solid weeks. If we don’t do him together, I’m going to want to do him sometime… it’s a long time between weekends.”

I wasn’t ready to give him carte blanche on that. “Well, you’ll always be all the dessert I need.”

“You think so, huh?” he said. “I know you Sean. You get just as horny as I do.”

I slid my leg between his and pulled him closer to me. “But when we’re like this,” I whispered, nibbling his ear, “I feel like I never need anyone else.”

“Maybe,” he said. “We sure have great sex together.”

“Remember,” I said, softly. “It’s love.”

He nuzzled under my cheek. “Yeah,” he said. “It is.”

. . . . .

Daniel was sleeping on my shoulder when I woke up. I was ready to be awake, but thought I’d let him sleep. So I got up and grabbed up my toothbrush, toothpaste, and a towel from where Daniel kept his. Unlocking the bathroom door, I found Lad inside, shaving in his underwear. He looked skinny.

He looked me up and down and swallowed hard.

“Morning,” I said.

He nodded.

I stepped up to the next sink thinking I probably should have put on underwear. I looked to see if the dried cum on my stomach showed. It didn’t look like it. So I started brushing my teeth.

Daniel hadn’t said just how “out” he was to his suitemates. But from the way Lad eyed me nervously and kept his distance, I figured he was out. And I wondered if Lad, the open-minded-liberal-wanna-be had a little trouble with a naked gay guy standing beside him.

After brushing, I walked behind him toward the shower, and it was hard to resist the temptation to give his ass a grab and blow him a kiss.

Lad was back in the bathroom when I stepped from the shower and dried myself. This time, he was clothed and carefully brushing his hair. He smiled nervously. “Almost done,” he said.

The door to Daniel’s room opened behind me, and I felt Daniel’s naked body press against the back of mine and his arms encircle my waist. He kissed the side of my neck, and then saw Lad. “Oh, good morning, Lad.”

“I was just leaving,” Lad said, backing away. He left and closed the door.

“Well,” I said with a sigh. “I’m not too sure what your suitemates are going to think now.”

“What’s done is done. Sooner or later something like this would’ve happened,” Daniel said and kissed my neck again. “You showered without me.”

“You were sleeping,” I told him, laying my head back on to his shoulder.”

“Well, you’ll just have to shower again,” he said. “But let’s do your therapy first; then we’ll shower and go get something to eat.”

I felt his erection rising between the back of my legs. “Yeah, I know what kind of therapy you want.”

“Come on,” he said, dragging me back through his door, and then locking it. He laid me back on the bed, and lifted my leg, his eyes glazing with morning lust.

There was a knock at the door.

“Shit,” he said softly and held his finger to his lips.

“Hey, Daniel,” a voice called from the door. “It’s me, Sam. You said to come by this morning.”

Daniel frowned and pointed a finger at me. “Pull on some pants but don’t go away.”

“Go where?” I asked, and got up to pull on my shorts.

Daniel pulled on his shorts and tried to hide his boner. It didn’t hide well. He rubbed himself. “Maybe dessert?” he whispered. “Let’s do it, OK?”

Daniel did know me. I got horny in the morning, too. Besides, Daniel would do him sooner or later. “OK,” I said, returning to sit at the edge of the bed.

Sam was a short guy and older, a senior. He had curly brown hair and a baby face, and was cute in an impish way. And though he wasn’t an athlete, or sure didn’t look like one, he did have a good looking ass; a cushy sort of ass.

He wore shorts and a T-shirt and shook my hand with a warm smile, long clasp, and an equally long, though subtle, visual tour of my bare torso. “You have matching necklaces,” he observed. “Cool.”

“Have a seat,” Daniel said, pointing to a chair at the desk. “I was just working on Sean’s physical therapy. Then we were going to shower up and get some breakfast.”

“We ought to do that on the way to the game,” Sam said. “We need to get there early. It’s always crowded for Arkansas.”

“Yeah, maybe so, but we have some time,” Daniel said, while motioning me back on the bed. I didn’t have to see the wink Daniel gave me; I figured he’d use the therapy to try to turn Sam on.

I scooted on to my back, and Daniel followed me up, kneeling at my bottom. “I just need to manipulate his legs a little.”

Sam smiled, good-naturedly.

“First, however,” Daniel said. “We have to remove his shorts so they don’t hinder his stretching.”

I frowned at Daniel, who ignored me, and… pulled off my shorts.

Since I was still a little more than semi-hard, my cock was up my belly. Daniel lifted my leg slowly and put it onto his shoulder. Then he leaned forward, slowly. Even with a bad leg, I was always limber. As he moved up, he straddled my other leg, and our crotches met; separated only by his shorts. I saw Sam lick his lips, as though his mouth were dry.

Daniel smiled down at me, and blew a kiss. Then he straightened and lifted my other leg onto his other shoulder. He leaned forward again, and the pouch of his shorts pressed against the underside of my cock. He leaned way forward, until his nose was right over mine. He smiled softly, and for a moment, we almost forgot Sam was there.

When he straightened back up, I was fully hard.

Sam caught his breath.

Daniel turned to Sam, as if remembering he was there. “You want to help, Sam? Come over here.”

Daniel scooted on his knees to the side, making room for Sam to kneel beside him and he held up my legs for Sam to take. Sam took a moment for the invitation to sink in, and then he roused himself and came to the bed. Hesitantly, he moved up and put his shoulders under my legs.

I tried not to frown, but if Daniel was going to offer my butt to Sam, just like that, he had another thing coming. Still, the obvious tenting in Sam’s shorts was provocative, and Sam wouldn’t have noticed a frown anyway; his eyes were locked onto my cock.

“Careful of the knee,” I said.

Sam glanced up and nodded, and then his eyes traveled slowly back down my body.

“Move your butt up a little,” Daniel instructed, helping the maneuver along with a firm hand on Sam’s butt. “Now lean forward.”

Sam carefully leaned forward, and as he did, his eyes traveled back up to my face. Daniel pushed him farther forward until I could feel the hardness in his shorts, pressing mine. The poor guy looked nervous and I didn’t blame him. He couldn’t be sure what we were up to, or how I felt about it.

I smiled. “The stretching feels good,” I said.

Sam smiled, nervously.

I needed to say more to relax him. So I patted his shoulder. “We’re seducing you,” I whispered.

That sunk in and his smile went wide. Subtly, he pressed his hips down, pressing his cock against me. And when he straightened back up, his hands traveled down the sides of my legs.

“Beautiful, isn’t he,” Daniel whispered close to Sam’s ear and gently rubbed Sam’s back. “You can touch him if you want.”

Sam’s eyes went back to my cock. And he tentatively placed the palm of his hand on me.

It felt good. I sighed.

Then Sam sat back on his haunches and bent down over me. He lifted my cock to his lips and kissed it on the crown. He smiled up at me and then opened his mouth and swallowed me a third of the way.

Sam certainly knew what he was doing.

As Sam stroked and sucked me, Daniel rubbed down Sam’s back, moving behind him. He rubbed Sam’s butt, and then he rubbed up between Sam’s legs and Sam moaned softly onto my cock, but didn’t stop sucking.

Daniel pulled and lifted Sam’s butt, pulling Sam’s knees back so that he was butt high as he bent over me. Daniel rubbed some more between Sam’s legs and then pulled down Sam’s shorts and underwear, down to Sam’s knees. And then he fondled Sam’s balls and rubbed up under his cock and Sam moaned, but kept sucking.

Daniel stepped from the bed, pulling off his shorts, and retrieved the lube. Then he knelt behind Sam and lubed Sam’s butt and then his own cock. Moving up on Sam, he took him by the hips, positioned himself, and pressed in.

Sam paused in his sucking and tensed.

Daniel entered slowly, his eyes closed, concentrating.

Sam held my cock and rose up a little, taking Daniel in. Both of them had their eyes closed, and their brows furrowed in concentration. And then Dan began moving his hips; moving in and out. And both of their expressions relaxed. Sam took my cock back into his mouth and Dan picked up his pace, opening his eyes, smiling when he caught my eye.

He had wanted Sam’s butt, and he got it. But briefly, I felt sorry for Sam. It was just sex for Daniel, and for me, too; just getting our rocks off with one of the many college guy butts we’d been watching. And as I watched Daniel pump in and out of Sam’s high butt, I realized that I wanted some of that cushy butt too, and I determined to hold off coming until my turn to move behind Sam came.

So I tried to let my mind wander, which wasn’t easy because Sam had real skill as a cocksucker. And it wasn’t easy because the two of them were hot to watch. I always liked watching Daniel fuck, though I did like it best when it was me he was doing. He was easier to watch, though, when it was someone else. He always used his hips a lot, which worked his belly muscles, and they were working now.

Each time Sam lifted his head, bobbing up, I could see his cock hanging under him. It wasn’t a long cock, but his cock wasn’t what Daniel had been interested in. It occurred to me to feel guilty because no one was taking care of Sam, and then I realized that he was rock hard; he must like getting fucked. I could identify with that.

And then it struck me that I didn’t know Sam at all. I’d never had sex with someone I just met. Even at the party in Houston, there was a little chat after the introduction. I reached down and ran my fingers through Sam’s curly hair. And it struck me as insanely weird that I could suddenly feel some affection for a guy I didn’t even know. But I had come to know myself – it was my tendency to feel love when I made love.

My next thought was that it sure as hell better not be that way for Sam. I didn’t want him getting some big crush on Daniel so that he’d try to take him from me. And that sudden surge of affection I felt for curly-headed Sam simply vanished.

Dan bent over Sam when he was about to come, and wrapped his arms under him. He thrust long, driving Sam forward over my cock, and when he came, he straightened, pulling Sam right off my cock.

It seemed like a good time to move to the rear of the line, and so I slid out from under them, and when Daniel had pulsed out the last of his climax, he bent Sam back over an empty spot.

I soothed Dan’s butt with my hand until he relaxed, caught his breath, and pulled out. And then I moved in, kneeling behind Sam’s butt.

He had a nice one, with hips that flared slightly from a narrow waist. His dark leg hairs climbed up to the bottom of his butt and fine, dark hairs fanned out from the top of his crack.

He sighed as I entered him, and he started to stroke himself. Sliding my hands under his pecs, I pulled him up and back on to me. He was tight on my cock, and his soft ass felt good when I thrust forward into him. And he moved with me. I liked fucking a guy who liked being fucked. And I wondered if it was perverse that I found it hot to mix my semen with Daniel’s.

. . . . .

Daniel had been invited to a Frat party after the game. Sam had no taste for Fraternities and I was glad he chose not to go with us. He was a nice guy, and I felt guilty for our two-man gangbang. At least Daniel had had his “rescue.” Now I was ready for it to be just us once more.

Texas had won, and the celebration was in full blast at the two-story Victorian house when we arrived. As we stood out front on the sidewalk, we heard the sound of breaking glass from inside and then several cheers.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

“Haven’t you ever heard what frat parties are like?” Daniel asked with a grin.

“Yeah, lots of drunk girls getting screwed,” I said. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Look,” he said. “I think the guy who invited me could be gay. Let’s just check it out, OK?”

Frowning, I followed Daniel up the steps to the front porch. Inside the door drinking a beer, were a guy and a girl. The guy didn’t look like a bouncer; he wasn’t that big. But he did look at us like we didn’t belong.

“Adrian VanRoy invited us,” Daniel said. “Is he here?”

The guy jerked his head back a couple of times. “He’s back there somewhere.”

Adrian VanRoy? I thought. That was way too interesting a name for Daniel to hang around.

I followed Daniel as he threaded his way through guys and girls drinking beer, dancing, and making out. Finally, he seemed to spot the guy he was looking for and we cut through a doorway to the kitchen.

“Hey, Adrian,” Daniel called to a guy who was as tall as Aaron, but thin, with frizzy black hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had a long face, a small mouth, deep brown eyes, and black eyebrows that met in the middle. I thought he was good looking, but then I had already decided that I tended to think most guys were good looking. I just hoped Daniel didn’t.

Adrian was serving beer from a keg and handed Daniel a big plastic cup full. They shook hands and Daniel waved me over. “This is my best friend from back home, Sean Sullivan. I told you about him; he’s going to Trinity.”

Adrian raised an eyebrow and smiled warmly. He took my hand and held it. “Hello Sean Sullivan,” he said in a voice so deep and resonant that I could swear my balls vibrated. His hand was warm, and surprisingly soft.

“Hello Adrian VanRoy,” I answered.

He held on to my hand and smiled.

I smiled.

He finally released my hand and handed me a beer, but his eyes never left mine. Well, I thought, Daniel’s gaydar is definitely working.

“How do you like Trinity?” he asked, grabbing a beer for himself and stepping away from the keg. He put an arm over my shoulder and led us away from the keg.

Daniel punched my butt.

“I like it a lot,” I said.

“What’s with the cane?” Adrian asked.

“Getting over knee surgery.”

Daniel was forced by the crowd to follow behind.

Adrian moved behind me and with a hand on my shoulder, guided me through the crowd and out to the front porch. I leaned back against the front porch railing and Adrian leaned back on the railing beside me. Daniel leaned back on my other side.

“You guys didn’t bring dates?” Adrian asked, casually.

Evidently, his gaydar didn’t work as well as Daniel’s; he was still testing.

“Just hanging around with each other,” I said.

“Enjoy the game?” he asked.

“Oh, he enjoyed it,” Daniel said, leaning forward to talk past me. “He used to play football himself, but he kept watching the cheerleaders.”

Adrian smiled and elbowed me. “Which ones?”

I shrugged. “All of them.”

“All of them?” he asked, and then grinned. “You know there are as many male cheerleaders as female.”

I smiled.

Adrian smiled and took a gulp of beer.

I did too.

Daniel pushed off the rail. “Did you enjoy the game?” He asked.

“Oh yeah,” Adrian said, his eyes on me. “I like watching cheerleaders too.”

He drained his beer cup. “You’re almost empty, too,” he said, handing Daniel his cup. “How about getting us refills.” He turned to me. “Finish yours, Sean Sullivan, and give Daniel your cup. He can handle three.”

Daniel frowned, but Adrian didn’t notice; his eyes were on me. I suppressed a smile and drained my cup, handing it to Daniel.

Daniel gave me a, you’ll-be-sorry-later look and left for the kitchen.

“You staying overnight?” Adrian asked.

“Yeah, I’m staying with Daniel.”

“If the party runs late,” Adrian said, leaning so close I could feel the vibrations of his deep voice in my chest. “You could stay here. I have my own room.”

“Look, Adrian,” I said, “Daniel and I are more than best friends.”

“Cool,” he said, then leaned closer. “I thought he was gay.”

“Like you?” I asked.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“Are you out?” I asked. “Like I thought only straights were in fraternities.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t find a gay fraternity. And no, I’m not really out; not officially. A couple of guys I pledged with know, so that might mean other guys do.” He smiled. “Maybe I’m the token gay.”

“Why do you want to be in a frat?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Lots of reasons. I like it.”

“And you have a class with Daniel?”

“Yeah, chemistry.”

I looked for Daniel.

“Look,” Adrian said. “If the party runs late, you guys can still stay with me… we could have our own party.”

Daniel came back out onto the porch, carefully holding three cups of beer. It looked like he’d sloshed a bit out.

We each took a cup. “Thanks, Dan,“ I said, smiling.

This time he didn’t lean against the railing, but stood in front of us. The discussion returned to the game, while inside, the noise grew louder.

“You guys want to go upstairs to my room,” Adrian asked. “It might be quieter, and…” He leaned closer. “I’ve got some great weed.”

Daniel frowned at me, expecting me to accept. But I didn’t. “We need to get going,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind, Daniel, but I’ve got to study sometime this weekend.”

“You can study upstairs,” Adrian offered. “You have your books?”

“No,” I said.

“Well Daniel, you could stay,” Adrian said.

I raised a warning eyebrow and Daniel smiled. “No, we need to go.”

After we climbed into the jeep, Daniel reached across and took my hand and squeezed.

I laughed, lightly. “You aren’t used to that, huh, guys going for me instead of you?” I said.

“Guys are always going for you… turkey.”

“Well he was willing for you to stay without me.”

“But I wasn’t,” Daniel said.

“Yeah, no brainer for me, Dan,” I said, squeezing his hand. “You hungry?”

He thought about it. “Yeah.”

As the jeep left the curb, I rubbed his leg. “We can rescue Adrian sometime if you want.”

He glanced sidelong at me. “Forget it.”

I smiled and leaned across to kiss his neck.

. . . . .

Daniel decided we could splurge for supper since we didn’t need a hotel room that weekend, so we went to The County Line restaurant and ate on a terrace that overlooked a hill country canyon that was golden in the setting sun.

“We can save money next weekend, too,” I said. “Eric’s going to be away for a road game. Can you come to Trinity?”

“Of course, but I want to meet Eric sometime. I want to meet this guy you’re running around naked with in the dark.”

I winked at him. “You and I could… go running naked in the dark.”

“Yeah, well, don’t expect me to carry you very far on my back.” Candlelight from the table reflected in his twinkling eyes.

I smiled, resisting the urge to make a crass comment about riding Daniel’s back. It was too nice a night.

“Look, Sean,” he said, “I found out on Thursday that there’s a field trip I want to take in two weekends… There’s a mental health seminar in Dallas that one of my professors has offered to take some of us to.”

I shrugged. “We knew we wouldn’t be able to make every weekend. And I may not be able to make the next one. I’ve got to run up to Inks Lake for Jimmy’s trial. The DA wants me there on the Monday. I’ve already talked to my professors about it.”

“Are they sure about the date then?”


“And the twins? Are they still going to testify?”

“Supposedly. They want me to stay with them.” I watched Daniel’s face and he glanced up.

“Yeah,” I said. “I know what they’ll have in mind. You want to go with me? I didn’t ask because it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before I can come back.”

Daniel shook his head. “No, I better stick around for classes. And you can stay with the twins. It’s not like you haven’t done them before.”

“What about you? It’s could be three weeks if we don’t get together that weekend. I could come up before going to Inks Lake. Or I could come during the week sometime.”

“We’ll have to see what works,” he said. “Maybe I’ll take out my frustrations on Sammy.”

I frowned. “Let’s see how it goes,” I said. “I don’t have a Sammy.”

He looked around and reached across the table, palm up.

I took his hand.

“I love you,” he said.

. . . . .

As he locked the door behind us, I sat back on his bed, and scooted my butt back against the wall. Then I kicked off my shoes, letting them drop to the floor beside the bed.

Daniel kicked his shoes off too, and then climbed onto the bed, straddling my lap on his knees. He settled down, our pouches pressing together, and looped his arms over my shoulders. Leaning forward, he rested his forehead on mine.

“Hey, Danny,” I said, rubbing his sides.

“Hey, Seany.”

“Thanks for not minding we ditched Sammy,” I said.

“Thanks for not minding we ditched Adrian,” he said.

I chuckled and kissed him. “You don’t mind we didn’t do the grass?”

He kissed me. “No.”

I ran my hands under his shirt. “Next week, I get to see you on my maroon bedspread. Maybe I better get a camera.”

He smiled and rose on his knees so we could lift his shirt off him. I kissed his nipples then drew my tongue up to his neck and sucked.

He sighed and rested his head on mine. “Did I ever tell you what it was like the first time I saw you naked?”

“Uh-uh,” I murmured.

“I didn’t know any body could be so beautiful,” he said, wrapping his arms around my head. “I couldn’t wait to see you hard.” He whispered. “You remember touching my cock that first time at the beach? You said you were afraid I was getting sunburned.”

“You were,” I murmured and sucked some more.

“And you started to get hard,” he said, and kissed beside my ear. “Your cock was so beautiful.” He tongued my ear. “Still is,” he whispered.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged his hardness to my belly. “I thought you were beautiful, too.” I said. “I still do.”

He pulled my shirt up and off me.

Then he ran his fingers up into the back of my hair, cradling the back of my head, and smiled at me. “We’re going to spend our lives together, Sean.”

I fingered his necklace. “You still willing?” I asked.

He gripped my hair, pulling my head back. “Don’t ask me that. Don’t ever ask me that again, Sean. We already promised.”

“And Sammy? And other guys?” I asked, and gulped at the pain from my pulled hair.

He relaxed his grip and smoothed back my hair. “It’d be hard to do just each other,” he said softly, “especially while we’re apart.”

I nodded and rubbed my palms up and down his bare sides. “Yeah, I know. But let’s hold off while we can, OK? I feel like we’ve just gotten back together.”

He smiled and put his cheek to mine. “But together, forever… beloved” he whispered.

I rolled us down on to the bed, facing each other, side by side. We kissed and I wrapped my arm over his angular shoulders, pulling him close. “I had an idea,” I said. “I’ve been kicking it around. Can I tell you?”

He leaned back. “Sure,” he said, curious.

“Wait,” I told him, and got up off the bed. “You don’t have a Bible, do you?”

“No,” Daniel asked, rolling to his back to watch me.

“Doesn’t matter,” I said. “I wrote it down to show you sometime.” I searched through my bag, and while I did, Daniel removed his pants and kicked them off the bed. So I removed mine and lay back down naked beside him. I ran my arm under the back of his head and handed him the paper. “It’s a verse from the Bible. It has to do with a slave, when he is freed. Read it and then I’ll tell you my idea.”

Daniel gave me an uncertain look and took the paper. He studied it.

It shall come about if he says to you, 'I will not go out from you,' because he loves you… then you shall take an awl and pierce it through his ear into the door, and he shall be your servant forever.

“Just what do you have in mind?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow. “You know what an awl is?”

I laughed and kissed his cheek. Then I laid my knee over his semi erect cock and rubbed his belly. “I’ve been trying to think of something we could do… you know, like the rings or matching tattoos you thought about. I kept trying to think of something to give you that would say you are mine, that you belong to me… sorta like a wedding ring is supposed to do. But then one day, I realized, what I really wanted to do was to give you something that said I belong to you.”

I pulled his hip to me, snug against my hardness. “I want you to pick an ear stud, or an earring, and then I’m going to give you a needle; a big fat needle,” I said with a smile. “But not an awl.” Then I looked down into his deep blue eyes. “I will not go out from you, because I love you,” I quoted. “I want you to take the needle and pierce my ear. Then put the stud you pick into it, and I promise… I will be your servant forever; I’ll give you my life… my will… my heart… I’ll even give you everything I ever own… I’ll give you all that I am, or ever will be. And I will never leave you, unless you send me away. I will give you all that, if you’ll accept me. And the ear stud will mark me as yours… always.”

Daniel’s eyes moved back and forth between mine, and they filled with tears. The tears ran down from his eyes and he mouthed the words, “I love you,” but no sound came out.

I hadn’t expected that reaction, but I should have. After all we’d been through that summer, I should have. Suddenly tears filled my own eyes, and I moved over him. We embraced. And then Daniel sobbed and clutched me tightly. He took my face in his hands and kissed me hard and rolled me to my back; then looked down into my eyes.

“I’m going to…” his voice broke; that wonderful sexy voice that sounded perpetually adolescent broke for real. He swallowed and wiped his eyes on his arm. He smiled. “It better be a big fucking needle, because… boy am I going to stick you!”

He kissed me hard again, and took my face into both his hands and put his lips close to mine. “And then,” he said. “I’m going to give you the needle and you better have an ear stud ready because I’m going to give myself to you, Sean; the same exact way… servant for life; everything I am or ever will be.”

“It’s a much bigger promise than just saying we’ll always be together,” I whispered.

“Much bigger,” he agreed.

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