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CHAPTER 4 — The Boat

The Laguna Madre is a large, shallow bay that lies between South Padre Island and the Texas mainland. Though it is several miles wide and runs all the way from the mouth of the Rio Grande River to Corpus Christi Bay, it is rarely more than five or six feet deep. That is, except for the Intercoastal Canal which is a narrow, man-made channel running up through the length of it.

It was easy, back at the time of this story, to travel up the bay only a short distance, and to find your own isolated spot, still close to the island but away from other boats. The water teamed with trout, flounder, red fish, drum, and just about every kind of fish found in the Gulf of Mexico, just across on the seaward side of South Padre Island.

Since then, some heavy freezes and extensive fishing have diminished sporting fish populations. Today, the water never seems to be as clear as it often was back then. The water has been polluted by too much construction and traffic.

Saturday, cont.

A dry cool front had moved through during the night, which, at that time of year in South Texas, meant the highs would drop into the nineties. But it also meant the usual Gulf wind fell off. When we arrived, the bay was smooth, and very clear.

We drove to the boat service where Daniel’s uncle kept his boat. After gassing up and buying bait shrimp and ice, we left the channel and took off up the bay. It was barely 10:30 AM.

The boat was a joy. It was long and wide, a real party boat. It moved with slow grace up the bay.

On the port side, astern, was a galley countertop with a fridge underneath. On the starboard side, there were wells for live bait and for the catch, and a spot for a large ice chest. The pilot’s seat with the wheel and throttle sat in the middle, between the galley countertop and the live wells. The canopy was folded down behind (over the gas tanks and batteries). A railing ran from the kitchen counter on one side, and from the live wells on the other, along both sides of the boat and across the front (except for a gate onto a small front platform). Inside the railing were padded benches. We put our gear on the deck in front of the pilot console.

For an area as large as the bay, the boat was a slow mover. One problem we wouldn’t have, though, was fighting the wind. The cool front made for calm waters and smooth boating. And it was a great boat for fishing and snorkeling, for spending the day and night on, and for all the other things Daniel and I had planned — all the other things.

I sat beside Daniel on the pilot seat, the sides of our legs pressed together, as the large boat plowed ahead, northward. When we passed his uncle’s beach home, Daniel pointed it out to me. From what I could see it was a typical beach house, but a large one, built on stilts, with a good-sized dock and a thatched cabana on the bay.

The sun was well up now. I took some sunscreen and worked it into Daniel’s golden legs while we continued on. As I worked his thighs, I lightly brushed the crotch of his suit. Then I brushed it again. And then I pressed my hand to it and smiled at Daniel when I felt his package thicken.

Once we were past all the houses and motels and away from most of the other boats, I pulled off his shirt and lotioned his back, kissing the back of his neck. Then I rubbed lotion onto his chest and gut, my face close to his.

When I finished his neck and behind his ears, I had him turn his face toward me and gently applied sunscreen over his brow, cheeks, nose, and lips. Our faces drew closer as I worked until finally, I put my palm on his belly, and kissed his lips. He looped an arm behind my back and the kiss deepened.

I closed my eyes and ran my tongue around in his mouth. His mouth felt cool, but hungry, and then his tongue was in my mouth, searching. When I felt his hand slide between my legs, I opened my eyes and felt his kiss become a smile. I smiled too, and sat up.

We were now far up the bay, much closer to the island than the channel, in about four or five feet of water. We were well away from any other boats, but we decided to go farther.

The water was incredibly clear. Our boat glided over alternating patches of sea grass and sand on the shallow bottom. Through my polarized shades, I caught glimpses of fish in the water, darting out of our way. Daniel and I pointed them out to each other.

Kneeling beside Daniel’s feet while he drove, I sun screened his calves, feet, and behind his knees. I tugged at his suit, and Daniel stood at the wheel to let me take it down and off.

Still kneeling, I applied lotion to the top of his thighs, to his butt, his balls, and to his loins. He stood like a youthful god, and my hands worshiped his perfection. He cock rose in approval and bounced as the boat surged over each small swell. Daniel kept his eyes on the horizon, closing them when my hands pleased him.

Before putting lotion on his erection, I kissed it, licked the crown and dragged my tongue slowly along the shaft. Then I took it in, and bobbed slowly, in time with the motion of the boat. As the bow rose on each swell I took him in, when it dropped, I let him out.

Daniel pulled my shirt up and I paused to remove it. When I returned my mouth to his cock, Daniel ran the fingers of one hand into my hair and clutched it while I worked. I deep-throated him, pressing my mouth all the way down. “Enough, Sean,” he called over the engines. “I haven’t jerked off since Wednesday either, remember?”

Giving him a final stroke, I rejoined him on the seat. We were miles up the bay now, half way to Port Aransas. There was nobody in sight. I removed my suit and slid naked, next to him, resting an arm behind his bottom. Both our cocks stood up proud in the wind.

He throttled back. “How’s this?”

“Great,” I said, standing and stretching. He grabbed my cock and gave it a couple of playful strokes.

“Damn, Sean. You’ve got a beautiful cock,” he said, holding it and looking it over. With his other hand, Daniel cut the engine.

“Like yours,” I said. “A good match; don’t you think?”

He chuckled and stood up beside me, looking me over with a pleased expression. “Ah, boys in their natural state; naked,” he said, as if quoting something he had heard somewhere.

We tossed out the two anchors his uncle kept (the high profile of the boat and beach winds required two), and the boat caught. Then Daniel and I put up the canopy. As I finished the last latch, I felt Daniel’s hands run lotion up my back. I stood up to allow him to lotion my back and shoulders, then behind my neck and ears.

“You have an incredible body,” he whispered, squeezing my shoulder, testing it. “Your muscles are so hard.” He slid his hand down my back and kissed my neck.

“Well, they’re sure getting that way,” I said, breathlessly.

He moved behind me as he applied lotion to my butt and I felt his cock slide along my hip. He crouched, working lotion between my legs and over my thighs. He did my calves and feet, working around to my front. I watched the muscles in his back and arms work as he began moving up the fronts of my legs. I bent slightly, pressing my fingers to the flesh of his back. “You’ve got firm muscles, too, Dan,” I told him. “I like your back.”

Dan smiled, and squirting more lotion onto his fingers, he lifted and caressed my balls. Closing my eyes, I let my head drop back and let him rub lotion thoroughly over my entire scrotum, gently, soothingly. Then I felt him work lotion onto the base of my cock. I opened my eyes and grabbed his wrist. Leave that for now or you’ll make me come in no time. Been three days, remember?”

He grinned and placed his hands flat on my belly, slowly rubbing in lotion. Daniel worked up my body, and stood as he rubbed lotion onto my ribs. Our eyes locked as he worked lotion onto my pecs and pinched my nipples with slippery fingers. When he slid his hands up to my shoulders and throat, he stepped closer, and our cocks poked each other’s bellies.

Without stepping back, he squeezed out more lotion onto his fingertips, and then carefully applied it to my face. “You’ve got nice cheekbones,” he said, tracing his fingers over them. “High, strong. And incredible eyes.” His face moved closer. He drew the tip of his finger over my lips, and replaced it with his lips.

Pressing his mouth to mine, he wrapped an arm behind my waist and pulled us together; our hard cocks pointing up between us. I explored his back. He grabbed my butt and pulled us tight.

I grabbed the back of his head, holding him firmly while I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth. His hands clutched my butt hard and he ground his cock against mine. A muffled, desperate whine escaped from his throat.

Holding his head, I backed us under the shade of the canopy and onto the bench. I lay back, pulling Daniel onto me. As he laid the length of his body down onto mine, keeping our cocks pressed together between us, I realized how close I was to coming. His body was slim and firm. His weight felt good on me. His skin was soft and his mouth demanding. And then Daniel started to move, pushing his hips forward, and then pulling back.

“Not too fast,” I gasped. “I’m about to explode.”

“Me too,” he gasped. “Just relax and let it happen.” He ground even harder, his knees dropping between my thighs as one of my feet dropped to the floor.

Our tongues waged war back and forth in our mouths. Daniel grabbed my shoulders and I placed my palms on his butt, and felt his muscles working there. I pulled him snug against me as we ground into each other.

Sweat built between our bodies. The pleasure of Daniel’s body on mine, his cock on mine, his balls slapping mine; all had their affect. I felt my long repressed orgasm gather powerfully, deep in the root of my cock. My balls pulled up. Daniel’s moans sounded strangely boyish, and yet aggressively male at the same time. And my mouth opened in a silent gasp, as deep down at the base of my cock, sperm mixed with semen and prepared to explode from me.

I let myself cry out loudly, far from other ears, as my orgasm racked my body and flooded our bellies with cum. Yet I stayed hard, and we kept moving until Daniel reached his own loud and cum drenching climax.

We slowed, but didn’t stop, rubbing our cocks languidly. Daniel rested his chin on my shoulder. I kissed his cheek and said, dreamily, “You have no idea how much I needed that.”

“Oh yes, I do. I’ve held off since Wednesday too you know,” he stroked my rib bones with a finger.

“You have no idea,” I thought.

Daniel lifted his head, his eyes on my forehead as he stroked my hair, and our bellies slid over each other with the rocking of the boat. His eyes grew soft and dropped to mine. His lips parted and he kissed me, not in the heat of passion, but differently; tenderly, intimately. For the first time, I felt the kiss of a lover, a kiss that was part of belonging to someone. Like a warm drink, it soothed me, and melted me, and made me want to belong to him.

The kiss ended slowly, with the soft brush of his lips. Daniel took a deep breath and when he looked at me, I could tell that he felt it, too. He kissed me again, and then rested his cheek on mine. I wrapped him in my arms, and we lay there, Daniel’s body resting on mine. The gentle rocking of the boat soothed us, and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke to the feel of Daniel’s hand gently caressing my shoulder. His body was still lying on mine, his face beside mine on the bench cushion. When I opened my eyes, he was watching me, and smiled before he kissed me lightly. I reached to the back of his neck and stroked his hair.

“I’m in love,” he said quietly.

“Really,” I asked with a grin, “who with?”

He smiled and laid his hand on the side of my face. “With a great looking guy; really sexy. But sorta dumb.” He raised himself to look down into my eyes and our bellies slid on each other, still coated with our blended cum.

Looking up into his clear blue eyes, I felt my smile fade and I swallowed hard. I wanted him to kiss me again.

Daniel saw it, and took my face in his hands. He softly pressed his lips to my nose, and then over each of my eyes, lightly on each cheek, and then so softly on my lips that I could barely feel it. I opened my mouth for a breath and felt his tongue dance over my lips and teeth. I laid one hand on his butt and the other in the middle of his back, and enjoyed the feel of his body resting between my legs.

When he pressed his cheek against mine, I kissed him, beside his ear. “It’s happening too fast… you know?” I whispered.

“Way too fast,” he agreed. “And it keeps getting worse.” He touched inside my ear with the tip of his tongue.

I groaned. “Worse and worse,” I mumbled.

Daniel reached under me, sliding his arm under the small of my back, and pulled our bellies forcefully together. Then he put his forehead on mine. “It’s your fault,” he said with a quiet chuckle. “The way your body responds to me… it’s the greatest feeling in the world. It’s like I own you.”

I knew exactly what he meant. I was feeling it right now.

“Ready for more?” he asked, grinding his hips on me. “Or do you wanna wash before I attack you again?” he asked.

Wrapping my arms around him, I rolled him under me, onto the padded bench seat. “What if,” I said, smiling down at him and pulling his belly forcefully to mine. “What if I want to own you?”

“Oh, damn,” he said, quietly, “You already do.”

Things were becoming too intense, too fast. It was all true; everything we felt. But it suddenly seemed awfully important to slow down.

I stood up and held out my hand. “Let’s snorkel.”

Suiting up for snorkeling meant fins, mask, weight belt, and snorkels only; no suits. As for the weight belts, neither of us had enough body fat to need weights, but we wore the belts for the knives at their sides. I had borrowed my Dad’s gear for Daniel and my first impression was that Daniel looked one hell of a lot better in the gear than my Dad ever did (not that I ever saw my Dad snorkel naked, but I could make suppositions). Daniel looked damn fine, and I now looked at snorkeling in an entirely new light.

I jumped in first. The water was only up to the top of my chest. I ducked under to watch from below as Daniel jumped in. He arrived in a plume of green-gold bubbles that rose up his legs and past his floating balls and cock. He ducked under and grinned at me.

Everything looks closer and larger under water. It was like looking at Daniel’s body through a magnifier. Cool.

Then we looked around us. The water was extraordinarily clear for the bay (these days, it’s rarely clear at all). We could see almost forty feet, which meant there was an eighty foot circle of visibility around us. What we saw within that circle was incredible.

To understand what we saw, you need to know what an ink fish is. An ink fish is a member of the squid family (and yes, it does eject ink if threatened). It looks like an eight inch long snail, complete with small antenna, but with broad, rounded, delicate wings instead of a shell. As it moves, the wings ripple, pushing water from front to back. Ink fish are slow but graceful swimmers, and are lovely to watch in the water.

Daniel and I had jumped into the middle of an ink fish spawning session. To the edges of visibility, we were surrounded by an underwater ballet of mating ink fish. They were joined up, end to end, in lines of two’s, three’s, even four’s. In those lines, they swam in large circles going from just below the surface of the water, down to the bottom and back up again. Everywhere, hundreds of ink fish, brightly lit by the sunlight, swam their mating dance. They filled the water with their circles, and with a random array of individual ink fish swimming between mating groups. It was a beautiful underwater ballet.

Daniel and I popped our heads up at the same time, “Incredible!”


“What are they?” he asked.

“Ink fish. They’re mating.”

“It’s beautiful. Are they poisonous or anything?”

“Naw, they’re absolutely harmless.”

“And they’re mating?”

“That’s what it looks like to me.”

“Do you think we started something?” Daniel grinned.

“You have that affect,” I answered, grinning back.

We swam among them as uninvited guest performers in their ballet. We dove through their circles and touched them as they swam. Swimming with fins always looks graceful, but as I watched Daniel weaving through all the color and movement, he seemed especially so.

Bright sunlight through the water turned his body greenish gold. The slender muscles in his long legs and lighter colored butt, took turns showing themselves as he kicked, languidly. Narrow bands of bright light, refracted from the small waves, traveled up his body like tiger stripes. His cock and balls flowed behind and every time he pulled up to turn, they kept moving forward, floating out from his crotch.

We watched each other swim among the mating circles, doing stunts for each other, our naked, youthful bodies and man-sized equipment adding a raw, afternoon sensuality to our participation within the ink fish ballet.

Daniel came alongside and we leisurely kicked shoulder to shoulder along the surface. My hand drifted over and I brushed it over Daniel’s butt. His hand drifted under me and lightly scratched through my pubes. Then he moved his hand, palm upturned, to hold my cock and balls as we swam. When I became hard, he grabbed me by my cock and pulled me along gently as we kicked.

I did the same to him. It made for some slightly awkward kicking, and we didn’t do it for long, but long enough that we were both hard.

As we swam, our cocks jutted out in front of us like long spears, for impaling ink fish (or other things). The water flowing over my glans, shaft, and past my balls felt good and kept me hard, as did watching Daniel.

He stood to adjust his mask and I dove under. Spitting out my snorkel, I grabbed his legs and forced my face under his balls, exhaling a huge amount of bubbles. I heard his laughter down through the water.

Pushing off, I circled him. As I came around in front, I pulled up my mask and rolled onto my back, pointing my cock up into the air from my body. “Up periscope,” I called as I sailed by.

In those days, I enjoyed looking at my own cock almost as much as I enjoyed looking at other guys’, it still being new equipment and all. So I was staring at my own cock, high and glistening wet in the sunlight when I felt Daniel push my legs apart and swim up between them, sliding his arms under me. His shoulders caught me high up under my thighs, close to my butt. He pushed me through the water, his face directly over my cock. Then he spit out his snorkel and placed his mouth over my “periscope.”

I lay back to make it easier for Daniel to push as he kicked, which wasn’t hard for him to do with long fins. His shoulders cradled my butt as he kicked and his mouth worked on my cock. I arched back, eyes closed to the bright sun, and just relaxed as Daniel leisurely pushed us along and played with my cock.

We were linked, like the ink fish, I thought. And I wondered if they felt the kind of sensations I felt as Daniel swam us in a lazy circle around the boat.

After a few minutes, I pushed his head up off me. “That feels really great,” I said. “You’ve got to let me do that to you.” And I did.

Kicking with long, strong beats of my fins, I pushed forward, swimming like Daniel had in a large circle around the boat. As I licked and played with his saltwater cock, water flowed over my own jutting cock and floating balls. From time to time an ink fish brushed past.

Finally, I released him from my mouth and swam forward over his body. He sank, pulling me with him.

We both scrambled up, sputtering. With a chuckle, I grabbed his cock and stroked. “You horny again yet?” I asked with a smile.

He stroked me too. “Oh yeah,” he said with a grin. “You don’t think one time is going to make up for three whole, horny days do you?”

“Let’s head back to the boat,” I suggested.

Daniel threw his fins on deck and climbed up the boat ladder, his golden back and butt shedding water like some male vision rising from the sea. I tossed up my fins and followed, tensing the muscles of my shoulders and arms, showing them off for Daniel, as I pulled myself up the ladder.

We met at the top and pulled each other into the shade of the awning, where we embraced. Our bodies were hungry again, or maybe it was our spirits.

I spread an old blanket on the open floor in front of the pilot’s console. Daniel lay down on his back and spread his legs out to the sides, like a frog. His cock and balls lay open in invitation. I laid mine down on his and watched his face as they pressed together. Daniel wrapped his legs over me and put his hands behind my shoulders. Our eyes glazed as I ground my hips between his legs.

“What do you wanna do next?” I asked.

He smiled and ran his fingers into my hair. “Since our campout here,” he said, “I’ve thought of a hundred different things I’d like to do with you.”

I grinned.

“Remember,” he asked, “when we ‘messed around’ in the dining fly?”

“When you sat on my lap and we butt fucked?”

Daniel frowned slightly. “Yeah, to put it bluntly. ‘Butt fuck’ sounds crude though. It was… well, nicer than that.”

I rubbed my nose on his and slowed my hips. “Sorry,” I said. “I know what you mean. We need to find something else to call it.” I thought a moment. “Messing around?”

“How about…” he asked, looking up into my eyes, “making love?” There was no smile, no joke in his question.

I stopped thrusting my hips. We held each other’s eyes and the bottom dropped from my stomach. I nodded slowly. Acknowledging that what Daniel and I were doing was no less than that. I agreed, “Making love,” and lowered my mouth to his. We kissed lightly and ground pleasantly. Then I pressed my cheek to his.

“Why did you mention the time we... made love... in the dining fly?” I asked.

“Because I liked... making love... face to face.”

“Me too.” I smiled.

“I’ve been thinking. Kneel up a sec,” he instructed. I did, kneeling between his legs. He pulled his knees up and out. His butt hole rose up before my outstretched cock as if I had called, “Open Sesame.” He raised his eyebrows inquiringly.

“Cool,” I said and looked for something to stuff under his butt in order to hold it up. I shoved first one, then two flotation pillows under him. “How’s that?” I asked, “Comfy?”

“Sort of. I think it will work. Let’s try.”

I grabbed up some suntan lotion. Then I gently lubed and massaged his butt hole, and up his perineum, balls, and cock. Next, I lubed my own hard cock and placed the tip at his hole. I pushed slowly in, placing one hand on the deck by his shoulder to support my upper body weight.

As my cock slid into his tight hole, I put my other hand beside his other shoulder and watched his face to gauge how slow to go until my cock “hit bottom.” Daniel bit his lip and closed his eyes. Wrapping his legs over me, he grabbed my biceps and slowly wiggled his bottom snuggly to me.

I liked the position. I liked the depth of penetration. I liked how his tight ring felt at the very base of my cock, and the feel of his butt hard against me. I liked the feel of my balls pressed against his crack. But especially, I liked us face to face and me inside.

“This is good,” I pronounced. “I like this a lot.” I studied his face. “How is it for you?”

“Give me a minute,” he said with a little strain in his face and voice. “It’s beginning to feel good.”

Staying deeply buried, I lowered my upper body down to my elbows and kissed Daniel over his face. He wrapped his arms tighter around me. I laid my weight on him, pressing our bellies together, trapping his cock and balls between us.

My cheek pressed to his, I moved in and out of him in increasingly longer strokes. I felt his breath flow over my neck, and blew my breath out on his. The smell of his hair filled my nostrils, and pushing up with my pelvis, I pulled Daniel’s shoulders down, wanting to be deep in him, wanting him all wrapped up in me.

The angle put increased pressure on the underside of my cock. Daniel felt exquisitely tight. I had no idea that two bodies could be together like this.

“Ummmm,” I purred and rubbed my cheek on his. “You really feel good. I don’t think we need to try the other ninety-nine ways you’ve thought of.” I wrapped my arms behind his shoulders, pushed deep, and held it; wanting to hold it forever.

“It feels good for me, too,” he said huskily.

“You’ll have to let me try in a moment,” I said. “But not the hell yet.” I kissed him, and his mouth opened under mine, drawing me in.

Daniel’s mouth tasted salty from bay water. But he still tasted like Daniel, warm and wet.

I had to move my hips; I had to thrust. Keeping us tightly entwined, I moved only my hips. Every time my balls pressed into his butt, there was a little shock of pleasure. With each stroke, Daniel’s tight ring grabbed my shaft and milked it as I pulled out, and pushed the skin of my shaft back each time I pushed in. Unintentionally, I whimpered.

The boat rocked with us as I thrust. As I felt that happening, I pumped harder on each long thrust in, trying to rock the boat even more. But I kept my attention on the lovely body wrapped in mine.

“I could do this forever,” I told him.

“Me too,” he agreed. We kissed; eyes open. I watched his eyes as I moved in him and he watched mine as he moved under me. A quick lowering of the lids, a slight roll of the eyes; we let each other know when a move was right.

Entirely too soon, I felt my orgasm gathering. I tried to slow, but it came, forcing its way up. As it climbed, I pressed my lips into the hollow of Daniel’s neck and muffled small cries as my semen blasted almost painfully from my throbbing cock. Even though I had come earlier, I had plenty left. It pulsed out, squirt after squirt.

Holding Daniel tightly, I pressed my hips forward, hard, placing my seed as deeply as I could. It was one hell of an intense orgasm. And when I came down from it, I realized that I was drenched in sweat. My cock was rock hard and staying that way. I looked at Daniel’s face just as drops of sweat rolled off my forehead and onto his cheeks and lips.

“Aaaah!,” he cried out, turning his head back and forth to try to dodge them. I shook my head fiercely. Sweat flew. Daniel let out a, “Yuck!” He pulled me down into a tighter embrace with one arm, and with his other hand used his long hair to dry my face. When I laughed, he pulled my head tight in the crook of his arm and nibbled my lips.

It tickled and I laughed harder, squirming on him.

“You aren’t getting soft,” he observed.

“That was sommmmmme ‘love making’,” I commented.

“I know,” he said, and moved his stomach under mine. Our bellies were damp with cum. Daniel had orgasmed too.

I lazily pumped my hips and we kissed. I stayed deep inside him.

“Are you going to stay hard?” he finally asked, smiling.

“The way this feels, I think I could already go again,” I marveled. “It’s almost like it didn’t all get out; like there’s more down there I’ve gotta get out.”

“Want to go some more?”

I pulled out and pushed back in, testing the condition of my cock. Still rock hard. I pulled out and pushed in again. Damn, he felt good. I pumped again.

“I guess that’s an answer,” he commented, arching his back under me. “It’s fine with me. Your cock is pressing something really good.” Daniel hadn’t lost his erection either.

“Let’s switch,” I said. “You do me.” And wrapping my arms tightly around him, I rolled onto my back, bringing him up on top. Daniel pushed himself into an upright, sitting position. The pressure of his weight on my crotch pushed me even deeper. We groaned.

“I’m not sure I want to switch,” he said. “This feels even better.”

“Let’s just stay like this,” I said. “All afternoon.” I grabbed his legs and rocked my hips, testing the feel. “I might need a few minutes before I can cum again.”

He rocked up and down, tentatively, on my cock. “We don’t have to come again,” he said. “At least not right now. Just enjoy the feelings.” He put his hands behind his head, arched his back, and rocked forward and back on my cock.

“Oh, shit,” I groaned. “There are a lot of feelings to enjoy… and sights.” I watched his undulating body, and the sight of him, moving, while at the same time, being inside him, feeling him, intensified that deep itch I felt.

I clutched the hard muscles of his thighs as my sensitized cockhead brushed against the tight articulations inside his colon, and his weight held me deep inside him. He rocked again, and sighed. Then rocked again, casually.

The lotion was nearby. I put some in my hand and spread it over his cock, beginning at the crown. Daniel threw his head back and moaned. The wind caught his damp hair and blew it in strands back from his head.

The sweat over his legs and torso glistened in the light reflected off the water, and Daniel fairly glowed. With his head back, his neck muscles looked thick and strong from the line of his jaw down. His skin slid over the muscles of his belly. As he stretched, every muscle in his arms tightened.

While I used both hands to caress Daniel’s cock and balls, I pushed my hips up for Daniel to rock on. I remembered our last night on the beach as I danced in Daniel’s lap. We were dancing again, a languid rhythm as we enjoyed each other.

The sensations were different with me on my back. I decided I liked them. “Maybe I can come again,” I said with a moan.

Daniel’s answer was to grab my forearms and guide my hands up and down his shaft. He rose and fell in my lap, and his grip on my arms tightened.

I worried that I might climax before Daniel, get soft, and leave him unsatisfied. But then Daniel’s balls tightened. He was building to a climax, and suddenly I was afraid that it was too soon for me.

Without taking my hands from his cock, I concentrated on the sensations in my own loins and the wonderful pressure of Daniel’s body each time he came down on me.

I came first, lifting my hips up for Daniel to rock on. And he rocked, drawing out my orgasm, my prostate trying hard to pump semen that was no longer there.

And I stayed hard long enough for Daniel. He leaned forward and put his hands on my shoulders while my hands worked his cock and balls to climax. He squirted a small amount of cum up my belly and chest as he had his own, long, semi-dry orgasm.

Our bellies rose and fell as we panted, catching our breath. Sweat dripped from his body to mix with mine. I winked at him. “I think I can get soft now,” I said, “At least for while.” He grinned and, very slowly, pulled off me.

Sitting back down on my stomach, he wiped his brow. “We better give it a while,” he said, “or you’ll get me pregnant for sure.”

We carefully moved the boat into shallower water, wanting to fish for reds.

As we rigged the lines, Daniel asked me, “Are you sure this is very smart?”

I looked up surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Fishing naked with treble hooks,” he said, laughing.

“Just warn me whenever you are going to cast,” I answered.

“What about me? You need to warn me too. I’ve seen how you look at my butt,” he kidded.

“Well if I catch you anywhere, I’ll kiss it and make it well,” I promised.

“Yeah right, and you’ll have to explain to the doctor why I need stitches in my balls.”

We each cast out our lines carefully. Then, relaxing with a soda in one hand, a fishing rod in the other, and legs spread to air out our sex, we intended to relax. That ended quickly as the reds started biting.

We had an excellent afternoon of fishing. Daniel hooked one large red that took him fifteen minutes to land. We didn’t time mine, but I had one that took at least that long. We also caught several trout, a flounder, two skipjacks, a sheepshead, and even a perch.

We moved the boat each time the bites slowed, but finally, as the sun was getting low, the fish pretty well quit biting. We fixed ourselves sandwiches and sat side by side, our naked legs and flanks together, as we ate. We drank enough soda to have a great pissing contest afterwards.

We moved the boat back to chest deep water and took a short swim to wash off dried cum, sweat, and sunscreen as the sun set and the stars came out. When we got out, we used some of our drinking water to wash the salt off each other.

We dried off, grabbed another soda, and sat together on the flat deck of the boat, backs to one of the side benches. Sitting that way, we could lay our heads back onto the seat cushions and look at the stars. I got out the guitar.

While I tuned it, Daniel picked at golden hairs on the inside of my thigh in a familiar, possessive sort of way. I liked it, and moaned my approval.

I had a good singing voice and Daniel’s wasn’t bad. I helped him to match notes as we sang everything from Beatles and Stones to campfire songs.

While I played, I crossed my legs at the ankles. My balls nestled atop my thighs and my cock lay out across my leg toward Daniel. He sat the same way, our hips touching, his cock lying out across his leg toward me. The heads almost touched. In fact, as we sang, we leaned together a couple of times to make sure they did.

While trying to think of another song to sing, Daniel asked if I had ever tried writing any songs. I was embarrassed, but admitted I had been working on one about him. Of course he wanted to hear it. The words were mushy, but the tune was light and fun. When I finished, Daniel put his forehead to the side of my head, squeezed my neck in the crook of his arm, and kissed me high on the cheek. “I love you too,” he whispered.

For some reason, that brought a lump to my throat. I must be tired, I thought. I couldn’t say anything. I just nodded.

Daniel squeezed my neck again, and then scooted down to lay his head in my lap. His long hair lay over my legs and across my scrotum. His eyes glistened in the faint light as he looked up at the stars. The dry front had blown the usual sea haze away and the sky was blazingly clear.

I put the guitar up on the bench and laid one hand on his chest while I stroked his hair with the other.

“They call it being ‘Gay’ now, you know,” he said, his eyes not on me, but on the stars.

“Yeah, I read the article, too. Newsweek, right?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“I read it twice; when no one was around.”

“Me too,” he chuckled. “I had to buy a copy. We don’t take it.”

A puff of breeze came off the water.

“Well, what do you think?” he asked.

“About what?” I asked back.

“About being, gay.”

“I’m not sure.”

“Not sure how you feel?”

“No,” I answered. “I’m not sure I am gay.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No. The article said there are guys who like both girls and other guys. I could be one of them. I like girls, too, you know. In fact, I wouldn’t think I was gay at all if you and me hadn’t gotten together.”

“Even with all the messing around you seem to have done with Stefan and Aaron, and who else?”

“Just Stefan and Aaron, and it was always just messing around. You know, just getting our rocks off. You know Aaron. He’s always after girls, but he’ll fuck anything that moves. He’s been horny since elementary school.”

“And Stefan?”

“Well, I thought we were just messing around. He seems to have taken it more seriously lately.”

“Is there anything different then, about me?” Daniel asked, and glanced at me.

“You know there is.”


“Damn it,” I clenched his hair in my hand, “Don’t you know how I feel about you?”

“Yeah, I know,” he smiled. “Have you ever felt this way about a girl?”

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Have you?”


I stroked his chest and fingered his hair again. And I laid my head back on the bench and thought aloud, “I’m not sure I want to be gay when I’m older. I know I don’t get excited thinking about sex with hairy old men. Besides, someday I’ll probably want to get married and have kids.”

“Well, I can’t do that for you,” Daniel said ruefully. “So you think we’re just having a high school fling, you and me?”

I looked down at his face. There was a faint glow to his skin, even in the starlight, and a faint gleam in his eyes. He was beautiful, even when I could barely see him. “No,” I said, “It doesn’t feel at all like a fling.”

A fish splashed close by. I ran a finger over one of Daniel’s nipples and marveled at its softness. “The way I feel about you…” I said, “If that makes me gay or bi, then I probably will be for a long time, but” I asked defiantly, “do I have to decide right now whether I’m gay or bi? I’m just a Daniel lover, OK?”

“Lover?” he asked softly. “Do you really love me?”

I nodded slowly. “Yes. I love you. And damn it, you know it!”

He laughed, then asked thoughtfully, “So you still think you can pick whether you are going to be gay or not?”


“I’m not sure you can. Not if gay is the way you are naturally. It’s like saying you want to be a different height or skin color,” Daniel speculated.

“I don’t know. Homosexuality is something you do naturally, not something you are naturally, like six feet tall. And some people do some pretty weird stuff, naturally. Your dad’s a psychologist. Doesn’t he help people change what they do naturally?”

“Well yeah,” he admitted, crossing his hands over his stomach. “And there are some really strange people, even in town. You ever hear about fetishes?”

“I’ve heard the word.”

“A fetish,” Daniel explained, glancing at me, “is when someone’s sex drive gets aimed crooked. Like my dad has one patient that gets horny over women’s shoes. That’s what really turns the guy on. Oh, and have you ever heard about pyromaniacs?”

“Guys who like to start fires?”

“Yeah. Did you know that it’s something sexual for them? Some of them come watching fire.”

“Weird. What does your dad do to help them?”

“Well, he’s a behaviorist,” Daniel said. As he talked, his head moved around in my lap. I enjoyed the weight and movement of it there and continued to stroke his hair and chest. Daniel continued. “So he treats people by doing something called conditioning. It’s sort of hard to explain, but it’s a way of training behavior through rewards and punishments.”

“Can he help people with a fetish?”

“Yeah, he’s done it before. But I don’t think he’d agree with you that it’s a matter of choice. In fact, behaviorists don’t really think people have choices; they believe that people are just products of their conditioning.”

“That sounds depressing,” I said. “Makes people sound like animals. And it sounds wrong. I like your dad, Dan, but I think he’s wrong about choices. Like, I think I can choose whether I think about and have sex with girls or guys or both.”

“Well, you’re wrong.”

“Why? Because of what your dad says?”

“No,” Daniel answered simply, “because I know how you feel about me.” He looked up at me, one eyebrow cocked. “How much choice did you have about that? I know I didn’t have any. I fell for you a long time ago, and I don’t remember it being a decision I made.”

I tousled his hair, “That’s hitting below the belt—pun intended. No, I guess how I feel about you had very little to do with choice.”

“So, maybe you can’t choose whether you are gay.”

“Somehow,” I said, looking out over the water as I tried to think things through, “it makes me feel like less of a man to say I don’t have a choice. I’d like to think that no matter what I am by nature, I can always strive to be something else if I want to. You know, be better, more noble, more… I don’t know; more than I am.”

“So you can’t be gay and noble?”

“I didn’t say that and you know it,” I pinched his nipple.

He winced.

“I just mean,” I said, “that people can make choices about who they want to be. If I’m going to be gay, I want it to be because I want to be gay.” I looked down at him, “And by the way,” I smiled, “I want to feel about you exactly the way I do. Isn’t it more noble to love you because I choose to? Because I want to?”

“Love?” he glanced up at me with a slight grin.

“Yes, love.” I said firmly back.

Daniel looked thoughtful. “Your family goes to church, right?” he asked. “Your dad is real religious?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But that doesn’t mean that I am.”

Daniel looked back up at the sky, “My dad doesn’t think much of church goers. He says most are hypocrites and show up at his office with some of the worst problems.” He glanced at me, “He likes your dad, though. He’s talked about him before. He says your dad’s really smart.”

“He is. And he likes your dad too. He told me that he hoped you and me being friends would give him an opportunity to be friends with your dad.”

“Cool,” Daniel smiled, and rolled his head to blow air onto my balls. I jumped.

“I don’t think your dad is right about church goers, though,” I said. “Maybe he just sees the weird ones. Most of the people in our church are really nice.”

“What would your dad do if you turned out gay?”

I had to think about that. “You have to understand, my Dad is something special. He really loves everybody. I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He’s always made us kids feel like he would love us no matter what. I think he might be sad for me. He’d probably pray for me a whole lot. To tell you the truth, I think I’d be more afraid of my Mom’s reaction. She’d probably let me have it,” I frowned. “What would your dad do? Would he try to use conditioning on you?”

“I don’t know,” said Daniel thoughtfully. “He probably wouldn’t worry about it. He’s really laid back about homosexuality. He has a cousin who is one and they get along fine.”

“I think my Dad would believe I had a choice in what I become,” I decided, “He’s always encouraged us to make what he calls good choices.”

We sat thinking, and watching the sky.

“Do you believe in God?” Daniel asked.

I looked up at all the stars blanketing the heavens. I could trace the cloud of the Milky Way across the middle, and I tried to imagine all those vast expanses without a Friendly Presence. I tried, and the sky ceased to be benevolent. It almost seemed malevolent. It was a scary moment.

“Yeah,” I told him. “I guess I do. Do you?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t see any evidence for Him.”

I wondered if we were looking at the same sky. “My dad,” I said, “says there is plenty of evidence if people are willing to see it. I think, though, for me, I believe there is a God because I’ve always felt like He was there. No, it’s more like I know He is there.”

“If you believe in God, what do you think He thinks about what we have been doing?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t really wanted to find out.”

“Don’t you think it’s possible that if there is a God, He made you the way you are?”

“I think that there is a God, and He lets me make my own decisions.”

“Then how can He be upset about what you choose to do?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think He’d be angry about what I feel for you. But when some choices hurt people or are just plain evil… I can see God getting mad about those.”

“Being gay doesn’t hurt anybody,” Daniel stated flatly, “and it doesn’t seem evil.” Daniel eyed the stars thoughtfully, “I think if there were a God, He would approve of something as beautiful as our friendship.”

“Probably,” I reflected, “all the same, I may wait a while to ask.”

“Good,” he said.

“Why? Are you afraid of what God might say?” I asked with a smile.

“No. I’m afraid of what you might think He said,” Daniel said, glancing, pointedly, at me.

Good point, I thought to myself.

Daniel’s brow knitted. “What would you do if you thought God didn’t want you to be gay?”

I leaned back again. “Look,” I sighed, beginning to get frustrated, “for me, being gay means I… love… you. That’s my choice right now. If it were just sex, it would be simpler. But shit,” I clutched his hair and looked down into his eyes. “I am in love with you, Daniel, and you know it. So maybe that makes me gay. You asked, what if I thought God didn’t want me to be gay? To just be real honest, I guess it would boil down to who I love more then, you or God. OK?”

“That’s some choice.” Daniel said, looking back up at me.

I moved my hand to his cheek and said, “Maybe I’m already making it.”

“Will it always be your choice?”

I was silent as I looked back up at the stars and thought. “Maybe I can have faith and love you,” I said. “Right now, this moment, I love you like I’ve never loved anybody.” Then I said, more quietly, “Like I never dreamed I could love anybody. And now that it’s happened, I think I will love you all my life.” I had said more than I intended, and now I didn’t want to look at him. I didn’t want to see his eyes if saying ‘all my life’ went too far. I kept my eyes on the sky and sighed. “Maybe I can love God, too.”

We sat quietly for a few moments while I stroked Daniel’s hair and played with one of his nipples. He rolled toward me, put a hand on my chest, and rubbed my pecs.

Maybe I hadn’t gone too far. I looked down at him, and his eyes were on my chest. “Besides gay,” I asked, “what do you want to be, you know, after college?”

“Who said I wanted to be gay?” he asked, but didn’t wait for an answer, “I think I would like to be a psychologist, but maybe a research psychologist.” He glanced at me, “What do you want to be?”

“I don’t know yet. I want to do important things. I know that. I want my life to matter. I thought I’d like to be a marine biologist, but my Mom really thinks I ought to write. I’m a good writer.”

“What would you write about?” Daniel asked, interested.

“Oh,” I smiled, “probably about making love on a boat under the stars.”

He smiled and played with my navel. “If you write about us, you better make one of us a girl or no one will publish it.”

I massaged his scalp. “No, I won’t make either of us a girl,” I said, letting my eyes travel down the lines of his slender body, down the seams of his muscles, and the curves of his hips and thighs. “If I write about us and do a good enough job of it,” I said, thoughtfully, “maybe I’ll write such a story as to turn the whole world gay.”

“That would have to be some story,” he said with a chuckle. “About us, huh?” And he blew again on my balls and plucked at my pubic hair with the fingers of one hand. His tongue snuck out and licked my scrotum.

“If you write about us,” he said, “be sure to write how cute you are and how ugly I am so guys know you don’t have to be good looking to win the prince.”

“Ha!” I yelped. “You’re strikingly good looking, and you know it.”

“And you’re the one every girl in school moons over,” he replied.

“Well,” I said, looking out over the bay, “I think I will try to write stories where the love makes people beautiful.”

He smiled at me, “Then you better make us very beautiful in your story because,” and then his face showed surprise and strain, as a depth of emotion caught him off guard and tightened his throat. His eyes watered as he looked up at me.

“I know,” I said, stroking his hair. And I smiled happily. “I know.”

He turned his face and buried it in my lap. He nuzzled me and I felt his tongue lick the underside of my balls. Regaining his composure, he said, “I love your smell and taste.”

“Are you sure it’s me and not the salt water?” I asked. “I don’t think you have ever ‘smelled’ or ‘tasted’ me any other way.

“Maybe I should start carrying around a salt shaker,” he teased, and took a big swipe at my balls with his tongue. Then he breathed deeply through his nostrils. “No, it’s not salt water. It’s Sean.”

He licked over my balls. I laid my head back on the bench and he licked up my cock. I looked up at the stars and purposely not at Daniel. I just wanted to feel what he was doing and concentrate on those feelings, rather than watch.

So my eyes stayed on the brilliant, shining stars as he licked my entire shaft clean, and when his tongue swirled over the crown, I shuddered and closed my eyes. I was fully hard when his mouth closed over me and he moved his head up and down, his tongue caressing my length.

I groaned, and parted my legs. He adjusted and a hand went to my balls.

I slid my head from the bench and bent down, seeking him with my own mouth. We worked into a sixty-nine position on our sides. Each of us slid our bottom leg forward to pillow the head of our lover.

Down, out of the night breeze, his scent filled my nostrils. The curve of his hip drew my hand, and I slid my palm from his leg, along his side, down his back, and over his butt; holding him while I pressed my face between his legs. Firmly rubbing his aroma over my lips and nose, I grew harder and felt him keenly on my shaft.

The boat rocked gently in quiet swells. A night bird flew past, and a mullet jumped close by. The breeze brought the smell of the island, and mixed it with the scent of our bodies, before dancing past and over the side of the boat. We were tired, and still recovering from our earlier love making, so we took our time, and made love as softly as a song.

Afterwards, we rested, each of us with our head on the other’s leg. We ran our fingers over each other’s softening cock and relaxing scrotums. I ran my hand appreciatively over Daniel’s belly and up over his hip. His skin was smooth and soft over his firm muscles. I drew my fingers down his long thighs and back up his flanks. He did the same to me. We explored and somehow, silently took possession.

With a final kiss to the inside of his thigh, I sat up and then moved up alongside Daniel, laying my head on a pillow beside him. He slid down and put his head on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm behind him and rubbed his back. He kissed my chest.

Cuddled together like this, it occurred to me that besides loving Daniel, I was in love with being in love. I’d never had a lover lay his head on my shoulder and rest his naked body on mine. At sixteen, it felt like what I had been made for.

Daniel rested an open hand on my belly and rubbed. “You know,” he said, “Stefan really loves you.”

“He thinks he does,” I said.

“What are you going to do?”

“Give it time, I guess. Just let things work out.”

“You guys have been good friends for so long,” he said. “I’d tell you to mess around with him if you need to, but I think that’d be hard for me.” He rubbed my belly nervously. “It’d be hard not to get jealous,” Daniel said.

I scratched his back and tried to put Stefan and Friday afternoon out of my memory. “Maybe,” I said, “if Stefan really ‘needs’ it, we can invite him to join us for a three-way.”

“Think it would work any better than a four-way?”

“Hey, that second four-way was good,” I protested.

“That was because you and I had a great sixty-nine session, just ourselves. The other guys were only along for the ride,” he answered, then thought… “Was that a pun?”

“No, just a bad joke.”

We lay quietly a few moments. I pressed my fingertips on the soft skin of his back and tested the hardness of his muscles beneath.

“Do you think,” Daniel asked, looking again at the stars, “that it’ll last?”

“Us, you mean?”

“Yeah. Us,” he said, snuggling against me.

Could something so good last? “Where are you thinking of going to college?” I asked.

“The University of Texas,” he said, giving the name a flourish, “You?”

“Well I had been thinking of A&M.”

“Shit, what would that do to a relationship?” he wondered.

“Yeah, Texas and A&M; that’d be messy. But hey, if I’m going to be a writer, UT is a good school. Want to be roomies?”

He kissed my chest. “Forever.” He looked up at me. “Do you think we’ll last that long?”

I gave his back a vigorous rub. “I don’t know,” I said with a grin. What are you going to look like in thirty years?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he answered. “In your stories, the love makes people beautiful.”

“Then,” I said, looking up to the sky, “I think you will be beautiful all my life.”

Daniel nuzzled into my neck, wrapping a leg and arm over me. His breath was warm as it flowed from his nostrils down my chest and made the night air feel cool. With my free hand, I grabbed a blanket and threw it over us. Daniel helped spread it, and we fell asleep.

The deck was hard and not very comfortable. In the night, we moved around a bit. Toward morning, while it was still dark and very quiet, I woke with Daniel spooned back into me. I had an arm over his waist and my cock was hard, pressed against his butt.

In that moment, between sleep and wakefulness, my mind filled with wonder. It seemed so unreal, holding him against me, sleeping together like this, how I felt about him. It was hard to believe that he could feel the same way about me, but he really seemed to.

My eyes focused, and I let them linger on the way his hair fell behind his ear in the starlight, a couple of stray hairs blowing in the night breeze. I followed the dim light, soft on his skin, down his neck and up onto his angular shoulder. Very carefully, so as not to wake him, I kissed the back of his neck and snuggled him, molding my lap to his butt.

“Did you want to put it in?” he asked, sleepily.

“No,” I whispered. “My body just likes holding your body.”

He pulled my arm tighter around his waist and cuddled back into me.


When I woke, the sun was peeking over the thin line on the horizon that was South Padre. The bay was so calm that it was glassy. Away from the island, it was impossible to find the horizon, as the sky met its reflection on the water. I had a moment of vertigo as I searched the light blue/grey distance.

Daniel stood at the front of the boat, hands on his hips. He was watching the sunrise as the front of the boat rose and fell over barely perceptible swells.

I walked up behind him and pressed my body to his, wrapping my arms around his waist. I put my chin on his shoulder and looked toward the sun. “Beautiful, isn’t it,” I said.

“What? What’s in front of me or behind me?”

“Well you do have an incredible behind, Dan,” I said, “Yeah, I think it could rival a sunrise for outright beauty.”

He laughed and rested his hands on my arms. When he leaned back against me, I pulled his butt snug against me, and it seemed incredible to me, that I was holding Daniel like that, watching the sunrise.

He laid his head back on my shoulder and let it roll with the boat’s rocking. “Morning wood?” he asked quietly.

“Well it started that way,” I said. “Maybe I better…” I stepped from behind him and put an arm over his shoulder and rested my hip against his. Lifting my cock I pissed out over the water. Daniel joined me and we played swords with our streams for a moment. As we did his hand moved to my butt and rubbed.

I dropped my hand to his butt and rubbed too. We shook off our last drops and then Daniel turned toward me and put his arms over my shoulders. He slid his fingers into the back of my hair and pressed his pelvis forward. I met him with mine, and wrapped my arms around him.

The sun washed us in gold, making Daniel’s smile even warmer. “You look good in the morning,” he said, and toyed with the hair at the back of my neck. “Golden boy.”

“You feel good in the morning,” I said. “You look good, all the time.”

He tossed his head back and laughed, while I admired the line of his jaw, and the way his neck looked thicker with his head back.

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” I whispered.

He lowered his eyes to mine, and pulled my face forward. We kissed, his fingers in my hair and mine on his butt. It struck me as very comfortable, holding each other that way, though my cock stirred for what seemed like the hundredth time that weekend.

With a little lip sucking, our kiss ended. I bear-hugged Daniel and swung him in my arms. “What do you want to do first this morning?”

“Eat something,” he answered, “I’m starved.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Not that, asshole,” he rubbed his crotch playfully against mine. “I’m hungry for FOOD.”

Daniel broke from our embrace and walked back toward the small deck galley area. For Daniel, even such a short walk was athletic and beautiful to watch from behind.

He ate a banana leaning back against the pilot console. Then he ate a couple of cinnamon rolls and drank milk while watching me gather up the snorkel gear. I drank some milk while I worked, but was anxious to get the day started. I had noticed that the water was even clearer than yesterday and I wanted to snorkel.

“Didn’t your Mama ever tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Daniel joked. “You should eat something.”

“Not hungry,” I replied, which wasn’t entirely true. “I just wanna get in the water.”

I thought the water would be cool, but it was pleasantly warm. There was not an ink fish in sight, though. In fact there was almost nothing in sight. We saw a couple of dog fish, poking their ugly heads out of holes in the silt bottom. We saw a stingray. There were a lot of reflections of fish turning away from us in the distance. But despite wonderfully clear water, we had to content ourselves with looking at different seaweeds, and of course each other.

Daniel and I drifted apart as we swam, and I watched him, moving through the crystal clear water. He stopped to watch a crab crossing a sandy patch. Carefully, I snuck up behind him, and pinched the inside of his leg. He almost jumped out of the water.

He came at me, and I was too slow turning. Daniel grabbed my cock and squeezed, then took off. I chased him and reached under to give his cock a squeeze, and then swam off at a right angle.

With our swim fins, we moved like fish through the water. We swam hard, and gasped for breath between laughter. Any slight erections we might have had disappeared in the vigor of the game.

We were both good swimmers and enjoyed flying over the bottom, butts breaking the surface as we chased each other. Finally I rolled to my back, spit out my snorkel, and caught my breath. Daniel came up and swam on his side beside me. The water flowed luxuriously over my butt and privates. Daniel reached out and took my hand. I rolled to my side and faced him. We swam, face-to-face, and talked.

It was out of concern for our butts that we finally climbed from the water. We didn’t want sunburned buns.

Deciding that we wanted to fish next, we moved the boat to shallower water. The fish weren’t biting so we moved the boat closer to the island, and this time, hit a good spot. Time flies when you’re catching trout, and it seemed like no time before Daniel pointed out that we needed to get the boat back to his uncle.

When I put down the pole, and literally turned from the excitement of fishing, fatigue suddenly hit me, like a wall. But I wasn’t ready for my time alone with Daniel to end. As he bent over the bait well, I kissed his back and brushed his butt with my hand. “I want to make love with you one last time before we head back,” I said.

“You’ve come four times since yesterday morning,” he kidded. “You have any left?”

“All I have to do is look at your butt and I ooze cum,” I said, half-seriously. “I have plenty.”

He laughed. “Yeah, me, too. But let’s get everything stowed away.”

As we worked, I spoke out loud what I had been thinking. “We need to figure out how to be together more.”

Daniel paused and looked at me thoughtfully. “Yeah, I know. I thought we could study together.”

“But where would we have any privacy? Not at our houses,” I pointed out. “I did think we could keep fishing on weekends. Maybe do some camping.”

“Do you think people would start ‘talking’?” he asked, his eyes twinkling.

“I guess they might,” I acknowledged with a smile. “And my parents will give me trouble if I miss church too many Sundays. But they know I love fishing and camping. They like for me to do that.” Then I had another thought. “I wonder, though, what Stefan would think.” I glanced at Daniel. “I mean, we’ve always fished a lot together.”

“Have you ever thought about bicycling?” Daniel asked.

“Hey, yeah, I have.” I answered excitedly. I had been thinking about taking up bicycling. “I’ve even looked at a couple of bikes.”

“Cool. I have a road bike that I really like. We can ride on weekends and after football season is over, we can take rides after school.”

“That would be soooo cool,” I agreed.

He winked.

By the time all the gear was stowed, we had made several plans for getting together. I was bent over, putting away some of the last of the fishing gear when I felt Daniel’s hands run over my butt and back.

I stood up and leaned back into him and felt his breath on the side of my neck, and then his lips. He squeezed my shoulders, and then slid his hands along my arms and over my chest. His semi-erection pressed against my butt, and I reached back for his hips. He kissed under my jaw, wrapping his arms around my waist. I turned my face toward him and kissed him over my shoulder.

He let me turn in his arms, and then tightened them around me again. Slipping an arm behind the small of my back, he pulled me so hard, it bent me backward and immediately, his mouth was on my throat, kissing, sucking. Daniel was damned horny, and it was exciting that he wanted me.

Daniel’s cock was hard, and poked me between my balls and right leg. He forced me back, lowering me to the deck. I tried to kick the bedding back out and open. But I made no progress until Daniel paused to help me.

As soon as it was spread out, I lay down on my back and held my arms out in invitation. Daniel knelt between my legs and lay down on me. I wrapped him tightly in my arms and squeezed his hips between my thighs. He kissed me hungrily, and thrust gently from the pelvis. Then he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back, and kissed my throat again.

I was wondering whether Daniel was about to give me my first hickey, and was sort of liking the idea, when Daniel paused, his lips resting beneath my ear. His breath seemed hot on my neck. And damn, his cock felt huge on the inside of my thigh. Then he started again, sucking my neck, humping against my leg.

“You owe me,” I whispered hoarsely, squirming, catching his heat.

“What do I owe you?” he asked breathlessly, chewing my ear.

“You owe me what I did for you yesterday,” I whispered, spreading my legs out to the side and pulling my knees up. Daniel grunted and moved his hips, dragging his down into my crack.

“Lube,” I said. “We need lube.”

Daniel spit into his hand, and rubbed it into my butt. Then he spit again and rubbed it on his cock.

“Is that gonna work?” I asked nervously.

Daniel pressed his mouth to my neck again, and guided his saliva-slicked cock to my hole. He pushed in and I clutched at his back. “Oh, damn. Go slow,” I pleaded.

Daniel paused. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “You’re just so fuckin’ hot.” He rose off me and grabbed the two cushions we used the day before. After he stuffed them under my butt, he reached for the sunscreen and worked the lotion into my crack. His hand felt good. When he pushed a finger into me, I moaned approval. He searched around with his finger and pressed against good places. I moaned louder.

He pulled his finger out and rubbed lotion between my legs and gently over my balls and cock, just as I had done for him the day before. Then he lubed his own cock, and moved up on me, also like I had done to him. He placed his cock at my hole and watched my face as he pushed in.

The moment of discomfort passed as Daniel lowered himself, and breath from his flared nostrils washed over me. “That’s better,” I said. “That’s good.”

His hard, warm body settled onto mine. When he was all the way in, he held himself there, pressing against me. It gave me a wonderful, full feeling, and exquisite pressure against my prostate. His mouth found mine, I clutched at his back and locked my ankles over him, and Daniel moved his hips.

It felt wonderful, the feel of his long cock moving in and out of me. I realized that it was not just the prostate, but also the anus itself that could be a source of sexual pleasure. The weight of his body on me; the feel of his waist between my legs as he pumped; his shoulders wrapped in my arms; his tongue pressing into my mouth; all added their sensations to those rising from my butt.

All at once, something happened deep down inside me; I felt an intense craving and satisfaction. It rose from where Daniel’s cock stretched me and ran up through my gut. My cock actually tingled, and my body twitched and shuddered. I grasped his shoulders and arched my neck back. I found myself actually gurgling.

Daniel licked and gently bit my bared throat as he pumped. The boat joined in our rhythm. My leg muscles tightened on their own, squeezing Daniel’s waist and my butt hole clamped down on his cock.

He pushed up from me, and thrust harder, deeper. I grabbed his biceps tightly as I sucked in my gut and lifted my butt up to feel him plunge deeper into me. I wanted him to move faster; I wanted to feel the little, sexual shock each time his pelvis slapped my butt. And to my amazement, I felt a climax start to build with nothing touching my cock. It lay straight up my belly, naked and exposed.

Daniel pumped frantically. The stimulation to my butt was building what felt like a huge orgasm. He was still pushed-up off me; our bodies met only where he was buried in me and my legs encircled him. But from that pounding connection, a double explosion was building.

Daniel cried out and thrust all the way into me, holding there as he throbbed out his seed. I reached for my shaft. As soon as I grabbed it, my orgasm hit. Cum arched up from my cock, shooting over my head, landing on the deck above me; some drops landing on my face. I could hear my own cries, as if from someone else, echo across the water.

We held there, enjoying the last of the sensations from our orgasms. Daniel’s cock still filled me with a strangely deep, stimulating feeling. Lowering from my arch, I relaxed the muscles in my back and gut. When I opened my eyes, Daniel smiled dreamily. He laid himself down on me, and kissed my neck once more.

Daniel felt so thick inside me; I wasn’t softening at all. Not only was my cock still hard; it felt just as primed as when I had blown my load. It was like I still hadn’t finished my orgasm; like I remained on a sexual high, almost over-stimulated. I moved my cock against Daniel’s belly, and it felt good. I arched my back again, intending to rub my cock up into Daniel. When I did, the shaft of his cock pressed up against my prostate, and I was immediately slammed by a second, intense orgasm. More cum came squirting out between our bodies. I cried out, involuntarily arching my back higher and lifting Daniel on me as I rode up a fine edge between ecstasy and agony. I had no more cum but I was still orgasming, my butt squeezing Daniel’s cock repeatedly. He whimpered.

I couldn’t stop. Every muscle in my back went rigid. The rest of my body racked with shudders as my prostate continued to try to pump semen. I cried out, my back arched tighter, with my cock pressed hard up against Daniel. I couldn’t stop, but kept going and going until finally, Daniel pulled out. When he did, the stimulus was suddenly gone. My orgasm stopped. I collapsed, eyes closed, gasping.

“What was that? What happened?” I heard Daniel asking.

I kept my eyes closed and let my head loll. My sphincter was still convulsing, and I was trying to quiet my insides. Slowly, they calmed. My butt relaxed. I opened my eyes and looked up into Daniel’s concerned face.

“I don’t know,” I answered breathlessly. “But I sure hope it happens again sometime.”

I smiled, weakly. Reassured, Daniel smiled back at me. “I want one of those!” he said.

I felt absolutely exhausted. My limbs were strangely heavy. I could barely move. I dozed on one of the benches while Daniel stowed away the bedding and rest of the gear. When I heard him start the engine, I got up and sat next to him. We stopped in deeper water to rinse one last time. It was refreshing and I felt better.

When we climbed back on board, Daniel dried me off tenderly. He was concerned for me. I was so tired; I let him dry himself off while I sat back on the pilot’s seat. Daniel brought me a cold soda to drink. The soda was good.

“I think you need to drink that whole soda and maybe eat something,” he suggested.

I decided he was right. So while Daniel put the canopy down, I finished the soda and ate a cinnamon roll. My energy began to return.

As he sat back down beside me, Daniel tossed my shorts into my lap and held his in his hand. “Not yet,” I said, and gripped inside his thigh.

As we headed back, the wind and spray from the bow as well as the sugar from the soda and food revived me. I leaned against Daniel and put my arm around his shoulders. And then I nibbled his neck.

“Feeling better?” he asked over the engines, and I could hear a chuckle in his voice. I reached with my free hand and gave his cock a squeeze. “Great answer,” he said.

When we saw more and more boats in the distance, I gave his neck a final kiss, and we slipped on our shorts. Then Dan and I embraced one last time, and kissed one last kiss.

We tied up to the dock at Daniel’s uncle’s beach house. As we lifted our stringers of fish onto the dock’s fillet table, the back door opened. Austin and Ryan came ambling down the stairs in red Speedos.

As I mentioned, I mainly remembered Austin from the scouts. But that was a couple of years earlier, and I sure didn’t remember the package he now sported, and it certainly hadn’t been as obvious the day before when he was in shorts. For small guys, both he and Ryan were packin’!

Ryan jumped onto and off the boat, looking at our gear, looking at the fish. But I noticed that he kept looking at me.

Dan and I unstrung the fish and started filleting them. Austin came up from behind. I felt his arm on my shoulder; then he leaned his almost naked body against my back and side. I turned to smile at him. He smiled up at me.

“Hi, Sean. Long time no see,” his smile widened as he asked, “Did you and Danny have a good time?” Then he winked.

I turned to look at Daniel. He was pretending to work on the fish, but he was turning red.

Austin laughed. “Yep. Looks like you sure did.” And then he winked again.

I glanced once more at Dan, and he looked away.

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