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CHAPTER 46b — Elephant Men, pt 2

The sky was growing dark as Dan and I walked up to the patio, hand in hand. A radio played, and Reggie was dancing with Jorge to some of the new Tejano music; the kind that had a faint, disco sound to it. Still clad in only shorts, they held their arms high and bumped hips. We stopped to watch them for a moment, or more exactly, to watch their bodies and the play of their muscles.

Peter worked at the grill in a red apron. Aaron and Lenny sat beside each other on the low pool wall, eating hamburgers. Lenny’s eyes dropped to my hand in Dan’s, and he looked away.

Aaron looked at our joined hands and then up to Dan. “You guys are going to share boyfriends this weekend, right?”

“For what?” Dan asked innocently.

“Leave him with me,” Aaron said with a grin, “and see.” He reached out and patted my butt as Dan and I turned toward the grill.

Peter had stacked several cooked patties at the back of the grill to keep them warm. He served up two each to Dan and me. Close by, he had arranged buns, condiments, chips, and… a cooler of beer, which Peter showed us proudly. We made our burgers, loaded on chips, and got beers.

I sat down beside Lenny, resting my shoulder on his bare back. “Hey, Babe,” I said. “You OK?”

Lenny looked back over his shoulder at me and gave me a smile that was either a little tired or a little sad. He twisted my way. “Yeah, Baby. We made a good start today.”

“Just wait,” I said. “Tomorrow will be great.”

Lenny nodded. “Aaron and I’ve been talking. I’m going to show him the plans,” he said. “I told him how I only planned to landscape all around the pool house and pool this weekend. He thinks we might be able to do more.”

Lenny sounded encouraged, and. I thought it was great that Aaron might become the de facto foreman for Lenny this weekend. Aaron was perfect - confident, knowledgeable, and a leader by nature. I wished I had foreseen the turn of events so I could have taken credit for it. Instead, I settled for being gratefully pleased, and when Lenny turned back to face Aaron, I kissed the back of his neck. He reached back and patted my leg.

Peter turned from the grill long enough to take a few pictures, including a couple of Jorge and Reggie dancing. I insisted on getting one of Peter in his apron beside the grill and then one of him sitting beside Aaron and Lenny.

Before we even finished our burgers, Reggie dragged Dan and me out to dance with Jorge and him.

Reggie looked me up and down. “You dance better naked,” he told me with a sly grin.

Naked fitted my mood. Though the evening was quickly beginning to cool, my underwear was dank and uncomfortable from earlier sweat and… melted ice. And I felt grimy. So… I began a bump and grind strip of my shorts and underwear.

Reggie hooted, stepping behind my swaying butt to help tease down my pants.

That caught everybody’s attention and soon, they were cheering me and Reggie on. I kicked out of my shoes and let my pants drop, and Aaron raised an eyebrow over my shaved pubes. Reggie held me by the hips and matched my movements, pressing his shorts against my backside while I held my hands over my head and swiveled my ass back into him. Peter took pictures.

Dan and Jorge followed my lead, unfastening their pants and playing with their flies. Reggie started on his own pants and I danced – a little awkwardly because my knee really was sore — into the pool.

In moments, an avalanche of naked bodies came splashing in after me. Only Peter and Lenny stayed out; Peter began cleaning up and Lenny looked like he was going to help him.

The water felt cold at first, but incredibly refreshing. I swam several strokes, enjoying the feel of the water on my naked body, and then I joined the splashing free-for-all the other four guys had started.

The pool lights came on, and I saw Lenny beside the switch. He watched us a moment. I waved at him to come in, but he waved me off with a smile and went back toward Peter.

The pool was a well of light in the gathering dark. A lit pool is sexy, especially with five naked guys in it. I was splashing at Jorge and enjoying the floating of my balls and the feel of water on my stiff cock when Reggie sprung at me from behind. He wrapped his arms and legs around me and wrestled me under, his thick cock and soft balls brushing the side of my butt.

Dan came to my aid, and in seconds, the two of us had wrestled, and felt up Reggie into full erection. We pinned him between us and Dan fairly well immobilized him by giving his cock a few strokes. Then I took my turn and closed my hand over his cock, which was about as long as Dan’s, but thick, like Aaron’s. And absolutely rigid.

Dan kissed Reggie and cupped his floating balls. I pressed my erection against Reg from behind, but then two sets of hands grabbed me and pulled me into a different three-way press; Aaron and Jorge sandwiched me tightly.

My initial reaction was disappointment; I wanted to be with Dan and Reggie – and my cock felt good on Reggie’s butt. But Aaron and Jorge were playful; playful and sexy. They laughed as their hands roamed my body, cupped my floating balls, and tugged my cock. They pressed their growing erections against me; at first with Jorge to my front and Aaron to my back. But then Aaron turned me to face him. His laughter faded but his smile grew wide. He finally had me.

I laughed just before his mouth covered mine and his hands grabbed my butt to pull our crotches together.

Jorge pressed in from behind and his hands slid in below Aaron’s forearms to grab me by the hips. He sucked at the side of my neck and rubbed his cock on my butt. The press of their bodies grew tighter. Legs wedged between other legs and hard cocks rubbed on hard bodies.

We swayed together, moving with the water. Then the movement became all our own and the three of us rocked our hips in unison. Aaron gave a deep, sexual growl, pulling at my butt; pulling my cock hard to his. “Jorge,” he said, throatily. “Let’s get him up on the bank.”

In two seconds, they had turned me and tilted me back in Aaron’s arms. He wrapped his arms under mine and across my chest, supporting my back with his chest. Jorge grabbed up my legs, looking intent. But then our eyes met, and he grinned.

“Guys!” I protested, laughing. “What do you mean ‘get him up on the bank?’ I’m not like some fish you’re landing.” I playfully wriggled as they moved toward the pool steps, but didn’t really try to get away. Though I still wished that I was with Dan and doing Reg, I also wanted to be with Aaron and Jorge, doing this. And frankly, being treated like a captive was a bit of a turn-on.

From the corner of my eye I could still see Reggie and Dan at the other side of the pool. I saw Reggie grab Dan by the hips and lift him up to sit on the side of the pool as though Dan was as light as a child. Then Reggie bent over Dan’s lap.

There were molded plastic tanning lounges around the pool; the flat, inclined kind. Aaron and Jorge laid me down on one. Before Aaron could get his arm out from under mine and come around from behind me, Jorge had sat astride my legs. Pressing his balls to mine, he leaned forward for a kiss.

I wrapped a forearm over the shoulder of my old, part-time lover, and kissed him fondly. His balls on mine were familiar, friendly; they had been there many times before. We smiled the same kind of smile at each other; a ‘hey old friend’ kind of smile. Then Aaron’s face was next to ours as he knelt beside us.

Jorge leaned back, letting Aaron in. First Aaron covered my mouth with his. Then he covered my chest with his and wrapped his arms under me, his tongue probing hungrily into my mouth.

Jorge slid down my legs and I shuddered as I felt his mouth close over my cock.

They couldn’t have planned it. If they had, Aaron would probably have had me to himself, at least to begin with. Instead, while Aaron still held my chest in a passionate embrace, Jorge made my cock slippery with saliva and then moved forward until he was standing over my lap, his feet planted on the ground on either side of the lounge. Then he squatted and with his right hand, he guided my saliva-wet cock into his crack. He worked my crown into his opening and then settled down onto me.

When he first let go of my shaft with his hand, my cock felt cool in the night air. Then his tightness slid down my length, taking me into his warmth. I forgot to breathe… until Jorge moved.

I moaned long and deep into Aaron’s mouth as Jorge, hips rocking, leaned forward over me. Holding my sides just under Aaron’s embrace, his movements became larger. He bounced and ground — grinding my cock up into him, pressing my balls back with his smooth butt.

I let my feet fall to the ground on either side of the lounge and found myself moaning each time Jorge hit bottom.

Aaron looked up, appraising the situation, which gave me a chance to look down past the length of our bodies. Out across the pool, I caught a glimpse of Reggie’s back and saw his head bobbing over Dan’s lap.

Aaron was never one to be left out, and though he could be amorous, he was not in a romantic mood. He stood up and walked behind Jorge who continued to hold me by my ribs and bounce in my lap with his eyes closed in concentration.

Jorge’s rhythm was bounce, grind, grind; bounce, grind, grind... with each bounce, his cock slapped my belly. With each grind, the full length of it, from root to tip, balls included, rubbed on me. I grabbed his cock and pressed it to my belly, and he ground even more.

Aaron bent to one side, studying my union with Jorge. Then he stepped across the bottom end of the lounge, standing astride that end, and planting his stance between my outstretched legs. He sat down and scooted forward, sliding the top of his thighs under the backs of mine, lifting my legs up and over his.

He slid forward until I felt his cock poke under my balls. His fingers, wet with saliva, probed down into my crack. He worked down there as Jorge bounced and ground in my lap, totally distracting me. Aaron got me wet along with himself. Then he grabbed my butt in both hands and lifted my hips, and Jorge with me. Jorge managed to keep his feet on the ground, but fell forward, bending hard at the waist so that we were face-to-face. I pulled my hands out from between us and wrapped my arms over Jorge’s shoulders. He grabbed mine and covered my mouth with his.

While Jorge’s mouth probed mine and our joining slowed to a gentle grind, Aaron held my butt in his strong hands and found me with his cock head. There was pressure, and then he was in; sliding forward until my butt was in his lap. And Aaron was deep inside me.

He made his hands into fists and, bending, put one under each of my butt cheeks to keep me elevated. Then he thrust from his hips; bumping and grinding against my perineum with his pubic bone while Jorge’s weight pressured me from the other direction.

Jorge lifted his head, his face was just above mine now, his eyes vacantly staring at my hairline. I let my head roll to the side, and through a sexual haze I noticed that Reggie had Dan back in the waist-deep water, facing the bank. Reggie was behind him, holding Dan’s shoulders as he pumped his hips. His back muscles, large and small, rippled. He didn’t pound Dan, but he looked magnificently powerful. He even fucks like a young stallion I thought dimly. Poor Dan.

I rolled my head to the other side and saw Lenny over by the pool wall, removing Peter’s apron from over his head. Then he unfastened Peter’s jeans while kissing him. And I remember being vaguely surprised at how Lenny looked with someone else; someone smaller and younger. Lenny had a beautiful male body, well proportioned and lean; veins showing on his forearms and belly. He looked downright masculine. It looked like Peter thought so too; his hands fanned across Lenny’s tight pecs, feeling, caressing.

I watched them as Lenny pushed the jeans down off Peter’s hips. Peter was wearing black bikini briefs. But the jeans didn’t fall; too tight on the legs. Lenny pushed down the briefs and Peter’s thick little cock — well at least little in present company – sprung up.

Lenny took it in his hand, and smiling, said something. Peter smiled back and looped his arms over Lenny’s shoulders as they kissed again and Lenny pushed the jeans and briefs down farther.

But then Aaron hit two, three, four strokes just right; Jorge matching and opposing his movements, squeezing me inside and out between them. I closed my eyes and gurgled mindlessly as Jorge’s lips pressed behind my ear. And I quit looking; I quit thinking.

Jorge came while chewing on the side of my neck. And then he stayed on me, returning my kiss as I held him tightly and let Aaron pound me up into Jorge until I came too, gasping with the intensity of it.

And finally Aaron came, arching back, his mouth open wide in silent ecstasy; lifting my butt to pump into and pitching Jorge forward even more. He pounded hard, driving my waning stiffness into Jorge. Jorge and I whimpered, and I chewed on his ear as my butt spasmed involuntarily.

Aaron relaxed, lowering my butt to the lounge and slipping out. Jorge lifted his head and smiled, heavy-lidded.

I took a deep breath. “Well,” I said. “It’s sure good to see you guys again.”

Jorge chuckled.

Reggie was in the hot tub, alone. Lenny and Peter were on a cushioned lounge chair at the far end of the pool in an over-under sixty-nine with Lenny on top. His butt was in our direction and I could make out the shape of his scrotum as it flattened on Peter’s face with the rise and fall of Lenny’s hips.

Jorge climbed off me, Aaron backed off, and the two of them helped me to my feet.

“That was great,” Jorge said, with a pat on my butt. Then, with a glance in Reggie’s direction, he headed for the hot tub.

Aaron pulled me to him, his belly to my belly which was slick with Jorge’s cum, our thick cocks dangling together, and he gazed into my eyes with a small frown. “Sometime before we leave on Sunday,” he said, “I get you alone.”

His strong arms and body felt good. His handsome face was one I loved. Good ol’ Aaron, I thought. I smiled, slipping one of my legs between his, and holding the back of his head, I gave him a long, open-mouthed kiss. “Yeah,” I said. “I’d like that.”

We walked with our arms behind each other’s waist, over to the hot tub. Jorge slid over beside Reggie, and Aaron and I settled on the opposite bench seat. “Where’s Dan?” I asked.

“Right here,” he said, “stepping into the hot tub from the side. He settled sideways into my lap with his legs across Aaron’s. Aaron pulled Dan’s legs to him and I pulled Dan’s butt to me.

“Had to go?” I asked, grinning as I pulled him into my lap.

Dan groaned and Reggie leaned back, laughing out loud as he put his arm up on the bank behind Jorge. “What?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you later,” Dan said, looping his arm behind my shoulder and leaning his forehead on mine.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Jorge said, glancing from Reggie to Dan. “Tell us.”

Dan lifted his head and narrowed his eyes at Reg. “Well,” he said. “Young Mr. Reggie over there forgot how thick his ding dong is and pulled out too fast once he did his little thing.”

“Hey!” Reggie growled, playfully. “What do you mean, little?”

Dan shook his head and leaned his forehead back onto mine. “I learned something, Seany. If you let a guy with a thick cock plug your butt under water, don’t let him pull out too fast. I didn’t close up fast enough and water got in.”

“Like an enema?” Jorge asked laughing.

Aaron roared and Reggie joined in the laughter.

“Exactly like an enema,” Dan said, and shot Reg the finger.

“You OK?” I asked, trying not to grin too broadly.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding his forehead against mine. “Actually… took a good dump.”

I chuckled and rubbed his back. Aaron stroked his legs.

Peter and Lenny slipped in, side-by-side on the third bench.

We adjusted legs, making room.

“Thanks for a great supper, guys,” I said to the two newcomers.

Additional thanks echoed around the hot tub. Dan asked if there was more clean-up to do and Lenny said no, that everything would be fine till the morning. Then Reggie commented that he enjoyed watching Lenny and Peter cleaning up.

Peter grinned bashfully and Lenny put an arm over his shoulder.

“And we’re not worried that somebody’s going to show up out here?” Reggie asked, looking around as though it had just occurred to him that someone could be lurking in the bushes.

“Nah,” Lenny said. “The owners are in Dallas all weekend.”

I leaned my head back and saw the lights of a plane, high up in the sky. “I guess we could worry about someone flying over,” I said.

“Or put on a show,” Aaron offered. “We go naked on my uncle’s ranch all the time.”

“You’ve got a ranch?” Reg asked.

Aaron and Jorge told the guys about the ranch. We talked, everyone getting to know everyone else, until our faces grew flushed, our bodies over-heating from the water. Even our fingers and toes had wrinkled. “I’m going to build a fire in the fireplace,” Lenny said.

“I have Oreos for you guys for dessert,” Peter offered.

“Yea!” Reggie cheered. “I love Oreos.”

Dan chuckled quietly and I poked his side because I knew what he was thinking; two black guys with a white guy in the middle. We had heard of an Oreo sandwich before. He laughed.

“I’m going to jump in the pool to cool off,” Aaron said.

We followed him. In the water, I pulled Dan to one side. “Are you really OK?” I asked.

He smiled and pulled our crotches snug with hands loosely on my butt. “Yeah, Seany. How are you? It looked like you were getting a royal workout.”

I laid my forearms on his shoulders. “I’m fine. Pretty good, actually. Don’t think I’ll get an irritated prostate, if that’s what you mean. I just wish I could have been with you and Reg. I wanted us to do him together.”

Dan nodded. “You’ll get another chance. You know, San Marcos isn’t that far from Austin. Maybe I’ve found my Lenny. That is, if he’ll take turns. I love that ass… and well, I like him Seany. Do you mind?”

I laughed. “After all you put up with from me? It’s about time you met a guy you actually liked.”

Dan smiled. “I like Sammy and Marco, but I really like Reg.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I know. He could be special for you. It’s cool, Dan. You know that.”

Reggie splashed us from the side. “What are you guys talking about? You getting it on again?”

“Nope,” I said, pulling Dan closer. “We were talking about you.”

“Oh?” Reggie asked with a grin, and floated nearer.

“Yeah,” I said. “Dan says you need lessons.”

Reggie’s jaw dropped, and then he scowled playfully, and splashed us again.

. . . . .

After drying off, Dan and I carried in our bedding (including the mattress) from the back of the Bronco. Aaron and Jorge carried in theirs from the back of their truck. Reggie carried in his bedroll and pillow. Nobody bothered to dress.

While Lenny and Peter started a fire going in the fireplace, we spread the mattresses in the middle of the floor. There were two couches and Reggie claimed one of them. I retrieved my guitar from the Bronco and sat on the floor near the fire tuning it while Peter passed around a package of Oreos.

“No crumbs on the floor, guys,” Dan warned as he lay down on his side behind me, cupping my butt with his middle; legs out to my right, his head and trunk to my left. He propped his head on one arm and scratched my back with his other hand as I began to play.

The Oreos were gone almost instantly. “No more?” Reggie asked with a frown as he took the last half-dozen.

“Not tonight,” Peter said. “I’ve got another package for lunch tomorrow.”

Reggie shook his head. “I love Oreos. Next time, I’ll bring ‘em.”

The only lights we had turned on were the fluorescent ones, out in the kitchen. But the fireplace filled the room with a golden glow, warmth, and the pleasant aroma of an oak fire.

Aaron sat on the floor and leaned back against Reggie’s couch. Jorge sat between Aaron’s legs and when he leaned back against him, Aaron wrapped his arms around Jorge’s shoulders and I heard his affectionate “Hey-hey,” before he kissed the side of Jorge’s hair.

Reggie crossed his legs and reclined on the couch behind them; his large balls and cock proudly perched on his lap. Lenny sat down on the edge of the other couch, looking tired. Peter climbed in behind him, kneeling up behind Lenny and rubbing his shoulders. I smiled. Peter had really attached himself to ol’ Len.

Lenny caught my look and grinned back. He liked Peter. I thought it was ironic that Peter, the youngest, having just turned seventeen, had latched on to Lenny, the oldest at twenty-two. But then maybe it wasn’t ironic. Peter had no dad around. Just like Trevor, maybe Peter liked being with an older gay guy.

“Play Lost in Love,” Jorge suggested.

I did and they sang along. I played through several songs and then took a break. Peter hit the john and Lenny retrieved his gear from his truck. Peter returned just as Lenny set his gear down on the floor.

“I’ll go get mine,” I heard him say. And then he found where he’d thrown his jeans on a chair and pulled them on.

“What are you doing?” Dan asked.

“What?” Peter asked back.

“Why’d you put on your pants?”

“It’s getting cold outside.”

“No one said you could put any clothes on,” Dan said sternly.

Peter looked uncertain for a moment; not sure that Dan was just kidding.

“Strip him!” Reggie cried, swinging his legs over Aaron’s and Jorge’s heads and springing off the couch. Peter laughed and started to back away, but Aaron grabbed his arm. In a flash, the rest of us, except for Lenny, joined him.

Peter yelled and struggled, but he was laughing. Aaron and Jorge each grabbed a leg while Dan and I each grabbed an arm. Reggie unfastened Peter’s jeans.

“Lenny! Help!” Peter cried laughing.

“Yeah, Baby!” Lenny answered. “Really sounds like you need it.”

“Lenny!” Peter cried again as we carried him, struggling, to the middle of the mattresses. “See if I give you anything to eat tomorrow!”

We set him down, and Dan and I quickly pinned his arms. It took all three of them – Aaron, Reggie, and Jorge – to wrestle Peter’s jeans off. Then Aaron and Jorge quickly spread Peter’s legs and pinned them.

We were all growing erections, watching Peter’s writhing young body. But no one was harder than Reggie who now stood between Peter’s spread legs. He stroked his black, rock-hard erection and hungrily looked over Peter’s vulnerable body. Lenny came to kneel on the floor above Peter’s head and we all waited expectantly to see what Reggie would do.

At that point, I figured Reg could do what ever he wanted and even Peter would go for it; Peter’s own pink erection pointed straight up his heaving belly.

What Reg did do was to drop to his knees between Peter’s knees and lower himself onto Peter, cock on cock, holding himself up on his hands, like at the top of a pushup.

“Touchdown,” Daniel whispered.

Watching Peter’s face, Reg ground his hips, and Peter’s eyes rolled.

I’d never been into dominance and never thought much about race except that variety was cool. However, Reggie’s powerful black body, butt and back muscles flexing, grinding on Peter’s young white body had me oozing precum.

Of all the things I might have expected Reggie to say at that moment, none would have been what he did say. “No more Oreos,” he growled. “No more dessert, huh? Well I know what we can have for dessert.”

Peter’s eyes popped open and his mouth dropped in surprise before slipping into a lopsided grin. We all laughed.

Reg sat back onto his haunches and surveyed Peter’s body. He wrapped his large hand around Peter’s cock and stroked. “What do we have that we can put on our dessert?” he asked out loud.

“We have some sugar,” Jorge offered.

“Nah,” Dan said. “Sugar gets all over everything. If it gets on the bedding it’ll make everything sticky.”

“Do we have anything else sweet?” Reggie asked, now stroking his own cock with his other hand.

Peter’s head rolled back and forth. “No,” he said with a breathless laugh.

Reg grinned. “I wasn’t asking you, dessert boy.”

“I saw two cans of Redi-whip – that spray whipping cream stuff — in one of the ice chests,” Lenny offered.

“No,” Peter said, suddenly looking serious. “That’s for a special surprise tomorrow.”

“Redi-whip would be perfect,” Reggie said, and we all agreed.

Lenny came around to Peter’s side and looked him in the eye. “Do you absolutely have to have both cans?” he asked.

Peter paused for only a moment, but it was enough.

“Ha!” Dan said. “Bring one. We’ll save the other.”

Peter howled, “No!” and began struggling again, but his laughter gave away how he really felt.

Lenny dashed out to the coolers on the patio and quickly returned to kneel above Peter’s head again, this time with the Redi-whip. He and Reggie passed it back and forth, spraying the white cream as we each directed.

Peter howled and his muscles quivered. When Reggie sprayed some into his navel, Peter sucked his belly in, almost to his spine. His leg and arm muscles flexed as he strained against us. But that only made us all hornier.

Soon, Peter had cream squirted onto the inside of his thighs, spread over his cock and balls, and in a line up his belly to his sternum where it flared out to a dollop on either nipple.

“His face,” Dan said. “I want some on my side.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Aayee!” Peter howled as Lenny responded to our requests. He even put a line down Peter’s nose.

“And now for my spots,” Lenny said, and he squeezed a line of cream down from under Peter’s chin to the middle of his chest, and then a little in each armpit.

Peter looked strangely appetizing as we took a moment to survey our work. His cock strained itself up his belly, almost red against the white cream. Cream rose and fell as his belly and chest heaved.

“Do we ask a blessing?” Jorge asked with a grin.

“I think we’ve got the blessing,” I said.

“Yeah,” Aaron said, impatiently. “Let’s eat!”

Peter screamed, laughing and twisting, as we all bent over him. Reggie went right for the navel. I went first for a nipple, licking off all the cream and then sucking gently. We all growled playfully, licking, sucking, and even chewing a little. And Peter giggled, almost uncontrollably. He squealed. He yelled. He even said ouch a few times.

I brushed my cheek on the soft flesh of Peter’s side and met Aaron coming from the other direction. We kissed and I licked cream from his face. Then we went back to Peter who was beginning to grow quiet. I moved up his side to his armpit. Lenny had left some cream and I licked it out, enjoying the flavor Peter’s faint scent added to it.

I moved on to his face, licking cream from beside his mouth. Peter turned his head and smiled dreamily. I licked the cream from his nose and kissed him.

Lenny leaned over our kiss, moving down Peter’s throat and chest. Peter’s eyes squeezed shut and he moaned. I glanced down his body to see that Reg had begun licking cream from Peter’s cock.

The room grew quiet except for the sounds of slurping and kissing. I released my pressure on Peter’s arm, straddling it. When I did, his hand came up under me, fondling my balls.

I knelt up, both to let Lenny work his way down Peter’s chest and belly and to let Peter’s hand have easier access to my balls. Dan glanced up, saw, and then released Peter’s other arm to do the same thing to him. Peter did.

Aaron and Jorge had cleaned inside Peter’s legs and had begun to feel up Reggie as he worked on Peter’s balls and cock. Reggie spread his knees wider on the floor to give them access.

Peter had long since quit struggling and now he let go of Dan and me and grabbed Lenny by the waist. He arched his head back and found the end of Lenny’s cock with his mouth.

Lenny, whose mouth had joined Reggie’s at Peter’s middle, groaned. I gave Lenny’s butt a rub and Dan, following my lead, rubbed Lenny’s perineum. I could see muscles in Lenny’s back tense.

Jorge had moved off Peter’s leg, and lifting it, slid under on his back. Sliding under Reggie as well, he took hold of Reg’s cock and stroked it, holding the end over his mouth.

At the same time Aaron moved behind Reggie and reaching between Reggie’s legs, started fondling him. He picked up the can of cream, shook it, and then sprayed it into Reggie’s crack.

Reggie let out a little, amused yelp.

And then Aaron’s head disappeared behind Reggie’s bottom.

I glanced at Dan; he glanced at me, and we met over Lenny’s back to kiss. We stood up and moved beside each other. I stroked Little Danny and he stroked Little Seany, and we watched the erotic tableaux below.

Jorge had taken Reggie’s cock into his mouth. Along with Aaron, the two of them had Reggie moaning and humping his back.

“Remember when Aaron wouldn’t even suck cock?” I whispered to Dan.

He nodded, grinning. “That was before whipped cream.”

I popped his butt.

Peter made a slurping noise on Lenny’s cock, and on a whim, I retrieved the can of cream and bending, sprayed some on Lenny’s shaft where Peter’s mouth was working. The can was almost empty and splattered over the side of Peter’s face, but Peter kept on working.

Aaron knelt back up behind Reggie. His duffle wasn’t far away, and keeping one hand on Reggie’s ass, Aaron retrieved a tube of lube from it.

Oh, yeah… completely gay, I thought. Carrying lube around.

Aaron rubbed lube into Reggie’s crack and Reggie made no move to stop him.

“Use plenty and take it slow,” Dan told Aaron. “He’s not used to it.”

Aaron nodded and liberally lubed his cock. He lined it up with Reggie’s hole and then massaged Reggie’s butt while slowly applying pressure.

“Looks like Aaron’s the one who get’s to make a woman of Reggie,” I whispered quietly to Dan.

Dan swatted my ass.

Reggie’s head came up, his eyes squinting. He bit his lip and held his breath.

“Just relax, Reg,” I told him.

Dan and I moved to Reggie’s sides, me kneeling beside Jorge’s prone body. We rubbed Reggie’s flanks and back. Aaron held his hip with one hand and soothed his butt with his other as he slowly pushed in.

Lenny took over sucking Peter’s cock, completing an over-and-under sixty-nine with him. When he did, Peter pulled up his legs, almost out of the way from the rest of us.

Aaron hit bottom against Reg, slowly backed out, and hit bottom again.

Reggie handled it well, already starting to relax. Aaron had a thick cock, but then Reggie was a big guy.

We continued to sooth Reggie’s back and sides and watched Aaron thrust.

Reg saw that Lenny had taken over Peter’s cock, saw that Jorge’s cock was lying open and exposed, and shifted to complete an over-under sixty-nine with Jorge. Aaron stayed with him through the maneuver, not missing a beat. But Dan and I stood up and backed out of the way.

Dan took my hand and led me over by the fire. I was momentarily distracted by the view of Aaron’s flexing butt action until Dan tugged my hand.

He sat down with his legs straight out in front of him. I recognized the invitation and sat my butt down between his legs facing him, my legs out over his.

He grabbed me by the butt and pulled us snug at the bottom. I looped my arms over his shoulders, smiled, and we kissed.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, leaning my forehead on his.

“What do you want?” he whispered, taking our two cocks in his hand.

“We could get in line for Reggie’s butt,” I said with a chuckle.

“Or plug into one of the other ‘openings,’” Dan suggested with a grin.

There was a rustling in the room and we turned to see Lenny and a glimmer off his erection in the light of the dying fire. He grabbed up Aaron’s tube of lube while Peter lay back on the couch Reggie hadn’t taken. Peter lifted his legs and Lenny knelt between them.

Dan and I put our foreheads back together. “We could just make love,” I suggested to Dan, knowing that’s what both of us really wanted anyway.

He smiled and kissed me. “Let’s give our butts a rest. How about a touchdown or sixty-nine?”

“Touchdown,” I said.

Dan brushed my nose with his. “How did I know you’d say that?” He gently pushed me back and moved up over me, settling his weight onto me.

I spread my legs and we circled hips, finding a good fit. Then we kept circling hips because the fit was good. Dan wrapped his arms over my head and I stroked his back with my hands. He took a little nibble of my ear. “I love you, Seany,” he whispered.

And we forgot about everyone else in the room.

Guys drifted singly and in pairs out to the hot tub to wash off whipped cream. No one said much; mainly because we were tired. Dan and I finished our lovemaking last and were last out of the hot tub. By the time we returned inside, Reggie had settled on his couch. Peter and Lenny shared the other, spooned with Lenny behind. Aaron and Jorge spooned under a blanket on their mattress, Jorge behind.

We crawled under our blanket, Dan rolling to his back letting me decide how we’d sleep. If I backed up to him, he would spoon me. But I was in the mood for another of our favorite positions. I rolled half onto him, my leg between his, my package against his hip, and my arm across his chest. He closed his arm over my back and turned his head my way so I could nuzzle in under the side of his face. I could spend my whole life that way.

“I love you forever,” I whispered.

“I know,” he whispered back.

It was much later, sometime well after midnight, when I dreamt that Dan was rubbing between my legs from behind. He was also rubbing the side of my butt. But wait; I was still snuggled to Dan and his arm was over my back.

And then I realized it wasn’t a dream; other hands were rubbing me and had gotten me hard. Sleepily, I lifted my head and in the dim light from the kitchen, I could see that it was Aaron behind me and it was his hand under my butt. Not only that, but Jorge was on Dan’s other side and it looked like he was stroking Dan’s cock under the blanket.

“Fuckin’ horn dogs,” I groaned. “Let us sleep.”

But Aaron didn’t stop. Neither did Jorge and I realized that he was kissing Dan.

As tired as we were, I wasn’t entirely surprised. Dan and I had wakened each other before in the night with hard-ons that were already there and a pulse that had already quickened. Tonight, Jorge had succeeded in waking Dan that way. Aaron was trying to do the same with me.

Later, Aaron would tell me that was exactly how they woke each other this time. They woke up rubbing erections, and decided to come after Dan and me. They came without words; only hands and lips and stimulated passion.

Aaron moved up over me on all fours, his breath and skin hot. He lifted my hand and held it to his cock, which was thick and rock-hard. Nothing ever wakes me up like the feel of thick, hard cock. And I was awake now.

I rolled to my back for him. “Horn dog,” I accused again, this time, resigned, teasing, aroused.

He laid his cock down beside mine, belly to belly and wrapped his arms under the back of my shoulders. “Sullivan,” he whispered with the same tone of affection I’d heard earlier in the night when he called Jorge, “Hey-hey.”

The weight of his strong body on mine, between my legs and in my arms, lit all the fires that Aaron so easily lit in me; even in the middle of the night. He covered my mouth with his and in moments, affection was swallowed up in passion.

It wasn’t something conscious at all; at least not initially. It just felt different. But it felt right; the coupling of our two couples. Even though Aaron was with me and Jorge was with Dan, the four of us were together, side by side. Dan and I even held hands as Jorge and Aaron shared the tube of lube and we lifted our legs for them.

We continued to hold hands as they entered us and we adjusted to the fit. And then, even as we let go to wrap our arms around them, they moved in unison. The outside of our legs brushed. Hands roamed from one couple to the flanks of the other.

And then, at the end, we raced for the finish like two race horses and riders, and at the last moment, Dan’s hand found mine one last time and gripped it tightly.

As Aaron nuzzled my neck and our breath returned to normal, I wondered if it could happen; a bonding of Dan and me to them. If Aaron and Jorge stayed together like Dan and me, I thought I’d like it to happen.

I fell asleep thinking about the ways a foursome could mix and match their lovemaking. And then I remembered Ry, and drowsily considered five-way combinations before dreaming that Ry didn’t like it, but didn’t want to be left out. So I struggled in my sleep to make it all work.

. . . . .

“What happened here?” I heard Reggie ask.

I opened a reluctant eye and looked up to see him standing over us with the remains of morning wood. I looked us over. Jorge was on his stomach. Dan was on his, half-on Jorge. My legs were entwined with Dan’s from behind, all the way up to where my package was snug to his butt. Aaron was spooned to my back with his arms around my chest. A blanket covered Dan’s and my feet.

I glanced up at Reggie. “Earthquake,” I said.

He frowned. “I wish it had woken me up.”

“Next time,” I said. “I’ll be glad to send it your way.”

“Hey!” Aaron mumbled from behind me. “Watch your attitude.”

“Reggie,” I said. “Meet Earthquake.”

Reggie shook his head, and then I saw his eyes drop down the length of my body and linger.

The dinner triangle rang out from beside the pool and Dan stirred with a groan. His butt moved against me and I gave him a playful rub with my morning wood.

. . . . .

The air was chilly, especially since we were following Dan’s ‘no clothes except shoes and socks’ rule. However, Peter had a great breakfast for us; grilled pork chops, eggs, and camp biscuits.

“Where’d you learn to cook like this?” Reggie asked as we stomped our feet and tried to keep warm while Peter served up our plates.

“Working for my uncle,” Peter answered. “He runs a chuck wagon service for trail rides out of his store, and my brother and I help him. This is his grill.”

“You warm enough, Baby?” Lenny asked as he wrapped his arms around Peter’s waist from behind and pressed himself to the gap that the apron left in back.

“Yeah, the fire helps,” Peter said. “But my back was a little cool – thanks.” He twisted back to kiss Lenny. Then he turned back to the grill. “And as soon as you guys get your plates,” he said, “we can all go inside to eat.”

“No crumbs,” I reminded everyone. “Keep everything clean, guys.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Aaron said, taking a sip of coffee. “Only cum and whipped cream on the floor.”

“Oh shit,” Lenny said, staying pressed to Peter’s back. “Did you guys spunk the floor?”

“Nope,” Jorge replied brightly. “We put all the spunk inside places.”

“Jorge’s one of those annoying morning people,” I told Lenny.

Aaron had started a fire inside and we ate on the floor around the fireplace. Dan sat with his bare back to mine so that we provided a backrest for each other. The aroma of food and hill country morning mixed with that of the oak fire and reminded me of campouts and bike tours.

“I’m ready for another bike tour,” I announced to Dan, over my shoulder. “Knee or no knee.”

He chuckled. “I was thinking the same thing.”

“Or a trail ride,” Peter said from where he sat leaning back against Lenny’s side. “We ought to do a naked trail ride.”

“Or a naked campout,” Reggie offered from where he sat beside Jorge.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Dan said. “Nobody goes anywhere until you’ve been officially initiated into the Elephant Men.”

Aaron, who had moved over on Lenny’s other side to talk about the day’s projects, stopped and eyed Dan with a frown. “What do you mean… initiated?”

Dan waved a dismissive hand. “I know we have a lot to do so we won’t take long, but you’re working on the Elephant Men team now and we have to get you ‘suited up.’”

A short, quick laugh escaped Lenny’s mouth, and Aaron’s frown turned his way. “You guys better explain,” he said.

So Dan quickly told them about how he, Lenny, and I shaved our pubes and drew eyes over our cocks, and how they looked like elephant eyes and trunks. “Especially when we trumpeted,” Dan said with a grin. It took a moment for Aaron to realize what that meant.

Peter and Jorge were for it. Aaron and Reggie took a little coaxing. But before long, Dan and I had those two on the floor, on their backs, as the first two to be shaved. The others watched and kibitzed as we wiped away the shave cream and drew eyes. Since Aaron and Reg were both hung, and both semi-hard with our handling of them, there was no trouble seeing elephant faces.

“This is almost like camp,” Jorge said. “What with the food and outdoors and initiation and all… sorta like gay camp.”

“Yeah!” Peter said. “We need a name for it, for our camp.”

“Camp pop-a-nut,” Dan mumbled as he drew eyelashes over one eye.

“Camp bump-a-rump,” I suggested.

“Camp sucka-cock,” Reggie countered.

Peter bent over my shoulder to watch as I applied finishing touches to Aaron’s eyes. “Makes you wanna take a flying leap, doesn’t it:” Peter said, studying the two, muscular, prone bodies.

“Down boy,” I said. “We’ve got work to do.”

Peter cocked his head as his eyes returned to my handiwork. “You ought to draw more,” he said. “I mean, there’s so much skin on those guys and such little eyes.”

Daniel sat back on his haunches, studying Reggie’s body. “What would we draw? We don’t have much time to do everyone.”

“Write something,” Peter suggested.

Dan considered that.

“We could draw something — make their asses into smiley faces,” Dan suggested. “We could put an eye over each butt cheek, let the crack be the nose, and draw a smile under their butt.”

“Or we could… write on each guy’s back what his favorite thing to do with another guy is,” Reggie suggested.

“Or have his lover write it,” Jorge said. “And give away his secret.”

Aaron frowned at him and Jorge laughed.

“Or we could write who he belongs to,” Dan said, wriggling his eyes at me.

I saw Peter frown. “Not everybody has a lover,” I said. “But we could write who they have a crush on.”

Peter’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, how about if we write that on our fronts, you know, right above our hearts like this,” he drew an arc over his chest.

In the end, we did them all. Once we had shaved each guy we stood them up and everyone had a chance to write on them. We made smiley faces on butts and instead of writing our lover’s name on our chests, everyone signed their name – that was decided when Dan wound up putting all of their names on my chest and belly anyway. “You love ‘em all and you know it,” he told me.

On our backs, we had someone write our favorite type of sex with another guy. Dan wrote ‘Frot’ and ‘Face-to-face F’ on mine. (We had to explain Frot.) Below those, he wrote ‘Sandwich’ (and we had to explain that one to Reggie). And then I made him add, ‘Suckin’ Lil’ Danny.’

“Don’t forget this,” Lenny said, kneeling behind me. I felt him write something across the top of my butt.

“What are you writing?” I asked, twisting at the waist to try to see.

“Rub my balls?” Reggie asked, reading. “He likes to have his balls rubbed?”

“Oh yeah,” Lenny said. “Rub his balls and he’ll follow you anywhere.”

“Damn, Seany,” Dan commented with a grin. “Lenny’s let your secret out. You’re going to be at everyone’s mercy.”

Behind him, I noticed Reggie eyeing me speculatively, and I knew that at some point, he planned to try it on me.

I wrote everything on Dan’s back that he’d written on mine, including ‘Sucking Lil’ Danny,’ and everyone got a kick out of that. And instead of writing, ‘Rub my balls,’ I wrote on Dan, ‘Rub my butt.’

Aaron started to get pissed as Jorge wrote and kept writing on his back. “What are you putting?” he demanded.

“Just your favorite things,” Jorge answered sweetly.

“You better not be,” Aaron warned.

“Why? These guys like the same things,” Jorge answered as he finished. On Aaron’s back, he had written, ‘Riding Jorge’s Rod, Sucking Jorge’s Cock, Fucking Everyone.’

“Well not all the same things,” I said with a grin.

Jorge dabbed red body paint into my navel before I could dodge.

On Lenny’s back, we ended up writing about every type of sex it’s possible to have with another guy and ended up adding a few to other people’s backs. On Reggie, we wrote ‘Suck and then Fuck, Closet Bottom.’ And we made a target on Reggie’s butt.

By the time we had finished discussing and writing what we liked, most of us were hard.

On our thighs, we wrote the age we were when we first had any kind of sex with another guy other than a brother. Lenny won with ‘8.’

Peter wanted to add the number of guys we’ve had sex with, but we turned that one down because some of us would be embarrassed by how many and others by how few.

All this was done in less than thirty minutes. Then Dan ushered us out onto the patio where we stood with naked pubes and half-erect cocks, studying each other’s paint jobs in the cool morning air. Dan lined up Reggie, Aaron, Jorge, and Peter, and we moved into the sunlight, which felt good on our skin. The paint dried almost instantly.

“OK, guys,” he announced. “You’ve been initiated into the Elephant Men. I thought about getting you T-shirts, but didn’t want you wearing them.”

They laughed.

“I thought about hats, and they’d be cool, but they’d get dirty and sweaty. I liked the idea of these better,” he said, holding up a handful of sweatbands.

I was already wearing mine. Dan let Lenny pick a yellow one and I put it on him and gave him a kiss. “You OK, Babe?” I whispered, feeling a little guilty for how little time I’d spent with him.

“Yeah, Baby,” he answered with a grin and pat to my ribs.

Next, Dan handed me a red sweatband that I placed on his head as he continued to explain the ‘initiation.’

“Lenny, Sean, and I as the founders of the Elephant men,” Daniel said, sounding solemn, but with a twinkle in his eye, “will place one of these on each of your heads as a token and a symbol that you have joined the circle of Elephant Men.”

“Oh, that sounded good,” I said under my breath.

Dan grinned.

“And an official greeting,” Peter said. “You gotta have an official greeting.”

“Like?” I asked.

“Simple,” Dan said. “We’re Elephant Men. We rub trunks.”

The guys hooted and clapped.

“I want the blue one,” Peter said, pointing to the headband in Dan’s hand.

Dan handed the blue one to Lenny stepped forward to place it on Peter’s head. Peter’s cock was already rising. After Lenny slipped the headband on him, they held hips and rubbed… trunks. And then wrapped each other up in an open-mouthed kiss.

There were more hoots.

“I want the white one,” Reggie quickly said. “And Sean to put it on me.” His cock rose with each heartbeat.

I glanced at Dan, who shrugged and held out the white band. I took it, starting to get an erection myself, and as I reached up to place it on Reggie’s head, he grabbed my hips and pulled our loins together, holding me tightly there while I slipped the headband on him. Then he wrapped me in a backbreaking hug and bent me backwards in a kiss.

That left a silver (or gray) and a gold sweatband. “Which do you want?” I heard Jorge ask Aaron as Reggie grabbed handfuls of my butt, and I tried to pull away before things got out of hand.

“Gold,” Aaron said. “You can have the silver one, Jorge.”

Lenny and Peter had parted, but both were hard. I managed to step back from Reg, but we were hard as well. Jorge’s cock had begun to rise. “Will you put it on me?” he asked Dan.

Dan smiled and placed the sweatband on Jorge’s head. Dan’s cock had thickened by now. They held hips and brushed together. Then they kissed gently, and then more warmly.

Like ours, Aaron’s cock had risen. “Who do you want to put yours on?” Dan asked, stepping back from Jorge.

Aaron surprised me. “Let the boss put it on me,” he said with a smile at Lenny.

Lenny took the band from Dan and stepping close to Aaron, placed it on his head. They grabbed hips and brushed semis, and then Aaron took Lenny by the shoulders and kissed him.

“We need a picture,” Peter said, breaking for the sliding glass doorway to inside. “Don’t go away.”

“Hurry,” I called. “We need to get to work.”

Peter returned immediately with the camera.

“Does that thing have a shutter delay?” I asked.

“What’s that?” Peter asked. “It’s my mom’s camera. I don’t know much about it.”

“Let me see,” I said, holding out my hand.

He gave it to me and I looked it over. It was an inexpensive single-reflex Fuji, but it had a shutter delay. “OK, I said. “We can all be in the picture. Of course,” I said, looking for a place to perch the camera, “we may never get these developed.”

“We’ve gotta have hard-ons,” Peter said. “Elephant Men have to be trumpeting. Come on guys, get ‘em up!”

I chuckled as I set the camera on a box on a table, stroking myself, just like the others. I lined everyone up; Aaron and Reggie as tallest in the middle, with Peter between them. Then Jorge next to Aaron and Lenny next to Reggie. Dan stepped next to Lenny and I framed the shot, leaving room for me.

Their bodies glowed in the morning sun and their brightly colored paint glistened. Aaron’s heavy cock pointed straight out as did Lenny’s. Dan’s and Jorge’s cocks pointed a little higher. Reggie’s cock had a definite upward arch, like mine. And Peter’s pointed almost straight up his body. I set the timer and then stepped over by Jorge.

We took a second shot with Peter on Reggie’s and Aaron’s shoulders. And then a final shot with us in a line from the tallest to the shortest; Reggie, Aaron, me, Dan, Jorge, Lenny, and Peter. We turned sideways, butting back against each other. Each guy grabbed the hips of the one in front, so that we looked like a long train. I stepped out of line long enough to frame the shot, started the timer, and jumped back in line. “We’ll never get this one developed,” I said through gritted teeth as I smiled for the camera.

It was getting late. Dan and I were repairing little smudges to people’s paint jobs when Aaron started passing out assignments.

“If we hear anyone coming up from the gate,” Dan warned. “Head for cover!”

“I have to get you back for drawing that target on my butt, Sandwich Man” Reggie said, goosing me.

“What target?” I asked, innocently.

. . . . .

We may have gotten to work a little later than we wanted that morning, but not much. And by then, the sun had mercifully warmed the air.

We worked hard. Reggie, Dan, and I formed one work team, clearing beds. Reggie kept calling me Sandwich Man, and sexual jabs punctuated our work. But we did work, plugging away.

Aaron and Jorge worked together using the backhoe to haul and spread soil, and to move materials. Lenny moved back and forth between our two groups and worked on projects of his own. Peter worked on food.

By mid-morning, the aroma of barbequed beef rolled across the bluff. “What are you fixing for lunch? It smells terrific,” Reg asked, when Peter came by with water bottles and his camera.

“That’s not lunch; that’s supper,” Peter said. “Brisket. We’re having sandwiches for lunch.”

"Sandwiches?" I asked with a grin.

"Cool it," Dan said, punching my butt.

“Oh, man,” Reggie moaned. “I’m going to digest myself having to smell that all day.”

“We’ll give you some meat to chew on,” Dan volunteered.

“Oh, shit!” I said. “I don’t think I’d put it that way – chew on.”

Reg patted my butt with his big hand. “Maybe I’ll give you some meat, Sandwich Man.”

. . . . .

Lunchtime came and we ate quickly; anxious to get back to the projects we were working on. The bluff was beginning to look very different and everyone was getting into working the transformation. We were almost finished with clearing walkways and beds. Jorge and Aaron would start next on planting, using the corkscrew and jackhammer attachments on the backhoe to quickly dig holes for trees and larger shrubs.

Peter volunteered to help Lenny with some of the smaller plantings as soon as he cleaned up from lunch. Aaron assigned Reggie, Dan, and me to finishing the edging of the walkways after which we were to build two, low, dry-stack stone retaining walls.

Before we headed back to work, Dan, who was sitting beside me on the pool wall, leaned my way. “I think Lenny’s been avoiding me,” he said. “I’ve noticed since last night. He won’t meet my eyes.”

Lenny was across the patio, talking with Aaron. “Why?” I asked.

Dan shrugged. “I am your mate, you know. Not only has he fallen in love with you, but he knows you love him. Maybe he feels a little guilty.”

“You really think so?”

Dan nodded. “I’m going to hang back and talk to him, OK?”

“Sure, Dan,” I nodded and rubbed the inside of his thigh before giving his cheek a peck. “You really are a sweet guy sometimes. Just don’t leave me to do all the work.”

Dan grinned, and as we all stood, he headed across to talk to Lenny. I never found out what they said, but when I glanced their way a few minutes later, Dan’s arm was over Lenny’s shoulder and the two of them were laughing with cocks half-risen from their shaved loins.

Reggie’s large hand patted my butt. “So you sleep with both those guys?” he asked, nodding in Lenny and Dan’s direction.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Pretty lucky.”

Reg grinned. “Them or you?”

I laughed. “All of us, of course.”

Reggie smiled. “Later, I’d like to get ‘lucky.’”

My cock, which had started to rise while I watched Lenny and Dan, gave a little jump. Reggie smiled and went back to work.

Dan joined us and we worked hard and quickly, finishing the smaller of the two walls by mid-afternoon. It had grown warm by then; almost hot, and we rested against the wall we had just built. We had formed it against a low rise, close to one of Lenny’s paths, but on the other side of the house from where the others were working.

Our body paint was streaked and running from sweat, which gave us an appearance right out of ‘modern’ art. From the way Reggie looked me over as we rested, I assumed that he liked modern art.

“How’s the knee, Seany?” Daniel asked.

“A little sore again,” I admitted. “Stacking boulders isn’t the best thing for it.”

“Let me see,” Reggie offered.

He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up to sit on the edge of the wall just as easily as he had lifted Dan from the pool the night before. I sat with my balls hanging over the front of the rocks and I noticed Reg glance at them.

He straightened my leg with a hand at my ankle while examining my knee with gently probing fingers. His hands felt good. Then his fingers started probing higher up my leg.

His cock grew thicker, rising from the taut muscles of his shaved belly.

“Cut that out,” I said.

“What?” Dan asked.

Reggie looked up at me, smiling, and grew even longer.

“Reggie’s getting a hard-on,” I said.

“So are you,” Reggie said, nodding at my lap.

“It’s your fault,” I said. “I wouldn’t be getting hard if you weren’t.”

His smile widened, and he lowered my leg, sliding his hands up the inside of my thigh. “I think we’ve earned a little break.”

One of his hands reached my balls and he lifted them, rolling them in his fingers, his face coming close to mine. “So this is what you like?” he asked.

My eyes rolled and I nodded.

Reggie moved his lips to my ear. “You’ve got a nice body, Sean,” he said quietly.

I glanced at Dan to see how he was taking this; he looked amused. That, and his cock was rising.

“I’m not too skinny?” I asked Reg.

He chuckled, leaning back. “No,” he said, sliding his hands over the sides of my butt. He pressed his hips forward between my legs so that his cock touched my balls. “You’ve got a really fine ass,” he said.

“Yeah, well I’ve heard that before; usually right before someone says they want to do something to it.”

Reggie smiled, and then his look softened. He leaned forward slowly and touched his lips to mine. He touched them again and I felt his cock slide up over my leg and his arms wrap low around my back. He pressed his crotch to mine.

His kiss deepened. Reggie had a cool mouth; it actually felt cool. He had no real taste other than something left over from sandwiches and red pop. But his kiss turned me on, and we grew fully hard against each other.

Dan stepped up behind Reg and stroked his butt. Reg kissed down my chest and belly, and then backing up, bent over my lap.

He licked my balls and up and down my shaft. I was glad we hadn’t painted them.

Reggie worked on my balls and cock as though he really enjoyed doing that. I understood. I loved doing the same with Danny. And then Reggie’s mouth closed over the end of my cock and I realized that a mouth of a different temperature could be very stimulating. He swallowed me down, almost deep-throating me in one gulp.

I groaned and leaned back on my hands. Dan smiled, stepping behind Reggie. “He’s good, isn’t he?”

“Oh yeah,” I mumbled. “Real good.”

Dan smoothed his hand over Reggie’s butt, much like a man would smooth his hand over a horse’s flank. Then Dan knelt down behind him.

Poor Reg, I thought, amused. Every time he bends over to do a little sucking, somebody wants to plug him. He’s going to leave here a woman after all. I suppressed a chuckle. I wasn’t about to spoil the moment with my random musings.

Dan’s head bobbed behind Reg and I leaned to the side to see that he had pulled Reggie’s cock back between his legs and was sucking it.

“If you’re planning to stick that think of yours in me,” I said, quietly to Reggie. “Don’t make me come first.”

He pulled off. “Just let me know if you get too close.”

I leaned my head back, looking up into the sky and thought, easier said than done.

A few moments later, Dan stood up at Reggie’s butt, drooled some spit into Reggie’s crack, and used his cockhead to smooth it in. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on entering Reg gently. Once his crown made it in, he took Reggie by the waist and eased all the way in.

I watched Dan as he rocked from his hips, all his stomach and chest muscles working. He bit his lip and his eyes traveled slowly, admiringly over Reggie’s back.

At whatever age, Dan’s body had always been my ideal. None of these guys here could compare with him as far as I was concerned. He wasn’t as ripped at Reg or as hard muscled as Lenny. He wasn’t as strong as Aaron or as elegantly graceful as Jorge. But his smooth skin had a glow to it. He was lean and his muscles showed when he worked them. He stood so erect, and yet he had just enough sway to his back, that with the sway I had to mine, our bellies always met first. I loved that.

And no one ever looked more erotically beautiful than Dan did when he tossed his white mane back and pumped his hips in coitus. The movement of his body was fluid, the rise and fall of his butt was hypnotic, and the working of his muscles was exquisitely sensuous.

I spread my legs and wanted Reggie to suck me deeper because watching Dan fired my loins. Instead, Reggie pulled my butt even farther forward and nosed into my crack. He probed me with his tongue, and then he drooled spit onto my perineum and spread it into my crack. He stood up, and reaching behind for Dan’s butt, brought him forward with him. Then Reg held my waist with both hands and frowning in concentration, guided his thick cock into my crack. I pulled my knees up, trying to watch; trying to help him find me, and then gasped as I felt his cockhead enter me.

I gritted my teeth and tried to relax as we watched his naked, black shaft disappear into me, beneath my balls, and I felt it, stretching and filling me.

I let my head drop back as Reggie leaned forward, pressing the last inch. That’s when I saw Peter standing a few yards behind Dan, his cock jutting straight out. He set down the water bottles he was carrying and snapped a picture.

Good luck getting that one made, I thought.

But then Reggie lifted my chin and looked deeply into my eyes. Holding my gaze, he let go of my chin and ran his hands up and down my flanks, swallowing hard. The pounding Dan was giving him, barely moved him.

“So,” I ask quietly, spreading my legs a little wider as I adjusted to his size. “Do you like being in a sandwich?”

Reg nodded, his eyes searching mine. He reached around me, placing his hands flat on my back; one high, one low. He pulled my whole body to his - bottom first, then chest. He kissed me, almost tenderly.

He did that, barely moving his hips until Dan had come; sweating, pounding, his eyes cast skyward, his muscles tight, and his neck thick. It was almost like Reggie’s strong body stood between me and a storm, one of Danny’s sexual storms. And I wasn’t sure that I liked that – I liked storming with Daniel. If it was me, I would be writhing with him, not simply taking it with a hard butt like Reggie was.

Nothing turned me on more than when Dan and I were turning each other on. I watched him and found my hips gently rocking to Dan’s rhythm.

But Reggie’s attention was all on me, his hands running over my chest and belly, down my sides and the sides of my butt, along the outside of my legs.

With a final cry, Dan arched back, pulling hard on Reggies hips, driving in. He held there a moment and then slowly collapsed onto Reggie’s back. Dripping with sweat, he rested his forehead against the back of Reggie’s neck and ground his hips, squeezing out the last few drops of his cum. He eased himself out and kissed Reggie’s back. Then he sat down on a rock beside the wall and leaned against the wall, watching us.

Reggie had closed his eyes when Dan pulled out, but now it was like all the sexual energy Dan had pumped into Reg boiled up. He pulled me off the wall and onto his lap. I wrapped my legs around him, and there he held me to him as he raised and lowered me on his cock and pumped his hips at the same time.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my cheek against his closely matted hair. His jostling slid my cock up and down his slick belly but without much pressure. I wasn’t sure I could come that way, but I had adjusted to Reggie being in me and it felt good.

Reg sucked on my neck and sounded a deep, guttural ‘ummmm,’ almost like a great cat, purring. He carried me around a few steps. I thought he was just enjoying the feel, but he was looking for a place to sit and found it on a limestone rock.

He sat and I crossed my ankles behind his butt as I settled all the way into his lap. He wrapped his arms around me below my waist and pulled me tightly to him, bending my back. Now there was pressure, both on my perineum and on my cock. And he was touching all the right places inside. I clutched at his muscular back, surprised to find that it was as rock-hard as Lenny’s.

Without pubes, we were completely skin against skin; the damp flesh of his loins peeling from and pressing back against my butt with a quiet squishing sound as we rocked. And strangely, it added to our intimacy and my arousal.

I wasn’t sure how much I really wanted Reggie to be Dan’s Lenny. The guy was incredible. Dan already liked him, and if he started looking at Dan the way he looked at me…

Taking his head in my hands, I kissed him. I probed his mouth with my tongue and he slowly pumped his hips, holding my waist loosely. We settled into a slow, grinding, bouncing motion and I wondered just how long a break we’d be taking – not that I wanted it to end.

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