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CHAPTER 49b — And Ryan Makes Three (cont.)

Dan poked my side again, and I cocked an annoyed eye at him. I had been sleeping comfortably; holding Ry like a teddy bear.

Dan was leaning over from Ry’s other side with a serves-you-right kind of look. “If you fuckbunnies had actually slept last night, you wouldn’t be so tired now,” he said. “You don’t want to sleep away our special day with Ry.”

“No,” Ry mumbled in agreement, but snuggled closer to me. “Let’s get up.”

“Yeah, right,” I said, closing my eyes again and cuddling Ry to me.

“Well, I’m hungry,” Dan said. “And if you want to go shopping and still have time later, you need to get up.”

I dozed off.

Dan poked my butt and I looked back to see that he was dressed and there was the smell of food and coffee in the room. “I ran out to McDonalds and got us breakfast,” Dan said. “Now will you guys get up?”

Ry yawned and stretched in my arms. “Smells good,” he said. He looked up at me and smiled. “Last night,” he said, “that was the best ever.”

“Well you sure as hell made it hard to sleep,” Dan said as he set out food on the small writing desk.

I gave Ry a kiss and the two of us stretched at the same time, bellies pressing.

“You could have joined us,” I pointed out to Dan with a yawn.

Dan came over, wiping his hands and then bent over me. His hand dropped to my butt and he gave it an affectionate rub as he bent to kiss me. “I will,” he promised.

. . . . .

I was thinking of a Service Merchandise or a Target, or some place that sold less expensive jewelry. I knew how much I had available to spend and it wasn’t as much as I’d hoped. It did help that Lenny stuffed a fifty-dollar bill in my pocket before I left.

“It’s not from me,” he said. “Stan Stuebing gave it to me and insisted that I give it to you, and here’s one for Dan. You gotta take it or he’ll be pissed at me.”

I had added it to my money from my work-study with Tom and set aside the amount that Lisa, Trevor’s mom, said I would need to buy Trev contacts for Christmas. I could count on a little spending money from home, but I wanted to save what I could. So I was concerned when Dan wanted to go to an upscale mall he knew of, not that far from the hotel.

We found two jewelers and I talked Dan into trying the one that didn’t have rich décor. There were two people behind the display counters. One, a good-looking guy not much older than us, with jet-black hair and really white skin and red lips, was helping a well-dressed, middle-aged woman. He gave us a second, interested look as we approached the counters.

The second attendant was a guy as old as my Dad. He was bald and anemic looking, and he glanced at us skeptically.

“Let’s wait for him,” Ry said, nodding toward the young guy.

“May I help you?” the older clerk asked.

We walked over to the counter behind which he stood. “And how can I help you gentlemen?” he asked, unsmiling.

“We’re getting married,” Ry said happily.

Dan jostled Ry’s shoulder and I popped his butt.

The clerk looked down his nose at Ry. “Simon will help you,” he said, and then walked over to the young guy. They spoke briefly and then the young guy, who I assumed was Simon, headed our way, looking clearly annoyed.

He came up to us, glancing back at the other clerk.

“Maybe we better leave,” I suggested.

Simon heard me and turned to us, apologetically. “I’m sorry,” he said under his breath. “It’s just… I was about to make a big sale.”

“Commission?” Dan asked.

Simon nodded and then smiled as we heard the middle-aged lady say that she would come back before stepping away from the counter and leaving the shop.

With a frown, the other clerk left for the back room, and Simon smiled with satisfaction. “How can I help you guys?” he asked.

“We’re getting married,” Dan said.

Both Ry and my heads jerked Dan’s way. He shrugged with a smile. “Well, we are.”

Simon grinned broadly. “Are you boys gay?” he asked.

“They are,” Ry quickly answered. “I’m going to be the husband.”

I slapped Ry’s ass, but Dan laid his hand on Ry’s forearm and leaned toward Simon.

“Heth thuch a thtud,” Dan lisped.

I rolled my eyes, embarrassed, but Simon laughed.

“I think I better explain,” I said.

Simon nodded. “This oughta be good.”

“First,” I said, “You are gay, right?”

Simon grinned. “If I wasn’t, I would have been as soon as you walked in.”

I grinned and Dan biffed the back of my head.

“That’s beautiful. It really is,” Simon said when I finished what turned into a fifteen minute explanation. “So you want two earstuds now, and you’ll be wanting four more when…” he nodded toward Ry, “your husband joins you.”

“He’s going to so pay for that later,” I said, kneeing the back of Ry’s thigh.

“Shut up, wife,” Ry said with an elbow to my gut, then to Simon he said, “that’s right. Two now and then four when we all do the piercing together.”

Simon nodded, knowingly. “You’ll want something simple,” he said. “Like diamond studs. Besides being able to wear them anytime, you can always find four more diamond studs. But like…” he pointed to Dan’s and my necklaces, “that’s black agate right? You might have trouble finding black agate studs” He studied Dan. “But with that hair, you’d look striking with black ear studs.”

Dan smiled and I biffed the back of his head.

Simon glanced down the line of display cases. “You know… necklaces like yours aren’t common, but I may have one similar to those two.”

Ry gasped. “Where?”

Simon walked us down the lineup of display cases and I held my breath. Any necklace like the ones Roger and Mary had bought us must be expensive.

“Black agate isn’t normally that expensive,” Simon said, as if reading my mind. “But matched stones in silver settings…” he paused at a display case, looked down and then back at our necklaces, comparing. “May I look at one?” he asked, holding out his hand.

I gave him mine.

Simon looked at it carefully, front and back. “This is really nice,” Simon said. “White gold… quality gemstones.” He set my necklace down, and unlocked the display case. He pulled out a man’s necklace that actually was similar to ours; similar enough that it took a closer look to see that they weren’t identical.

“It’s white gold as well,” he said, “but not solid… gold plate. And the stones aren’t as uniform.”

Ry, who’d been watching wide-eyed, reached out to take the necklace from Simon. “How much does it cost?” he asked, studying it.

“Two hundred and ninety-five dollars,” Simon said.

Ry was crestfallen. Reluctantly, he handed the necklace back.

Simon, watching Ry, looked thoughtful. “You know,” he said, “this necklace has been around as long as I’ve worked here. I bet the owner would give a discount if you were to buy it today.”

“Old Sour Face?” I asked, skeptically with a glance toward the backroom.

“Glen?” Simon asked with a laugh. “He’s not the owner. Why don’t you guys look over the diamond studs in that case over there and I’ll call the owner.”

I knew that diamond studs could be inexpensive, but that really good diamond studs could cost a fortune. I wanted to get Dan the best I could afford. Those in the case we looked into ranged from fifty dollars up to over a thousand.

“See anything you like?” Simon asked, rejoining us.

I glanced at Dan. “Maybe.”

“What’s the difference between all these?” Dan asked.

“Will he give a discount?” Ry asked impatiently. “Will the owner give a discount on the necklace?”

Simon smiled. “He will! He said that if I can get you guys to buy it, I can go up to half off.”

Ry didn’t even have to think about it. He shook his head sadly. “Thanks for trying,” he told Simon.

Simon looked kindly at Ry for a moment and then returned his attention to us. “The differences in the studs,” he said, “are in the color and clarity of the stone, the cut, the size, and the setting. How much are you willing to spend?” he asked.

“That depends,” Dan answered. “How much of a discount can we get on these?”

Simon laughed and unlocked the display case. One at a time, he took out diamond studs, explaining their quality and features. Dan and I could read each other. We knew right away when Simon pulled out the right ones. They weren’t the largest or most expensive. But they were a perfectly matched pair of half carat, white diamonds. Each was marked $498.00. I had decided that I could go as high as six hundred.

Simon smiled when we showed interest in them. “Good eyes,” he said. “These two are brilliantly cut. See how they sparkle? Here,” he said handing me a jeweler’s loop. “Look through this. Look at the clarity. These two diamonds are about as clear as they get. They are remarkable stones, and they should have been in settings of platinum, but that makes it better for you. White gold is less expensive.”

I glanced at Dan who nodded Then Dan glanced at Ry who had drifted back down the cases. “Could I…” he began to ask me, but I knew where he was headed.

“Buy the necklace for Ry?” I asked in a whisper.

He nodded.

I gave him my best you-really-are-wonderful smile and nodded.

Dan leaned confidentially toward Simon. “Look, we’re college students, so we’re broke, right? Sean here has been saving months for this. But we’d really like to get Ry that necklace. Can you see if your boss will come down on the earrings if we get them and the necklace?”

Simon shook his head, sadly. “These are already a terrific price. They are spectacular diamonds.”

Dan sighed. “Well it was worth a try. I guess we can look around and see if we can find some less expensive earrings somewhere that we like as much. Then if we have enough left over, we can come back for the necklace.”

Simon chewed his lip. “Hold on,” he said. “It won’t hurt to call the owner.”

Simon went to the phone and Ry slowly wondered back over to us. “Did you guys find anything yet?”

“Maybe,” I said, watching Simon return.

“I knew he wouldn’t come down on the price of the diamonds,” Simon said. “But he said that if you buy both of the ear studs, he’ll let you have the necklace for a hundred dollars.”

There was a quick intake of breath from Ry, and he looked quickly at Dan and me. I nodded toward Dan. “He’s the one buying it.” I said.

“Deal!” Dan told Simon.

Ry’s mouth dropped. “What?” he asked. “Who for?”

Dan grinned. “Merry Christmas,” he said.

Ry let out with a whoop and danced around us before taking Dan into a hug bear hug.

Simon winked. “I could marry you myself,” he said.

“Sorry if we bit into your commission,” Dan told him.

Simon laughed. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll get yours and Mrs. Thompson’s when she comes back.”

We put the necklace on Ry before we even left the shop, and with only Simon to witness, Ry gave Dan a huge kiss.

. . . . .

Ry kept feeling at his neck and smiling from ear to ear as we ate at the food court. “We still need to buy a camera,” he said. “We can’t forget the camera.”

“And someone to take the picture,” I said.

“You going to show us off to Nate?” Dan asked.

“Hey! You wanna see his picture?” Ry asked.

“You have a picture, you turkey!” I said. “And you hadn’t shown us?”

Ry shrugged. “I didn’t think about it.” He pulled out his wallet. “I started carrying my photos like Sean does.” He pulled out several pictures, including two of his brothers.

“Oh, here’s Melody,” he said, handing me the photo. Dan leaned close to examine it with me. In the photo, Melody wore an almost impish smile. She had long, brown hair and looked older than Ry but was probably the same age – girls just looked older at fifteen. She looked like she was probably curvy.

“Here,” Ry said, handing me the next photo. “That’s Nate.”

In the photo was a very young-looking, black guy. His smile was dazzling with white teeth, and his large, wide-set eyes looked intelligent and happy. “Damn,” I said. “He’s cute!” Then I remembered that we were in public and quickly glanced around. No one was close enough to have overheard.

Ry smiled happily. “Yeah. He is.”

I handed the photo to Dan. “How tall is he?” I asked.

“Almost as tall as Dan,” he said, “but skinny like you and Colin.”

“Who’s skinny?” I asked with a frown.

“Are you saying I’m fat?” Dan asked, narrowing his eyes.

Ry laughed. “Yeah. I’ll call you Gordo,” he said to Dan, “and you, Flaco,” he said to me. And actually, neither nickname was bad; not in South Texas. I had to laugh though at the idea of him calling Dan ‘Gordo.’

Dan gave me the benefit of a brief frown and a poke in the ribs. “So what’s he like naked?” Dan asked, returning his eyes to the photo of Nate.

“He’s nice,” Ry said. “And yeah, he has a nice cock. Bigger than mine.”

“That’s not saying much, Ry-itito,” I said with a grin for the major diminutive. “But maybe we’ll have to meet this Nate guy,” I added.

Ry leaned across to punch my arm. “Ass-itito,” he said, and then smiled. “He wants to meet you guys, too.”

“Oh?” Dan said holding up the photo. ”That could be interesting.”

. . . . .

Ry followed Dan to his side of the jeep, and Dan pulled the driver’s seat forward for Ry to crawl into the back. I climbed into the passenger seat and turned to watch when Ry only started to back in, but stopped.

“Dan,” Ry said with his butt backed partly into the door. Ry fingered his new necklace. “About this,” Ry said. Suddenly he grabbed the front of Dan’s jacket and pulled him into the back seat with him.

With a surprised yelp, Dan fell forward onto Ry, and Ry wrapped Dan up in arms in legs instantly. Dan laughed until Ry pulled Dan’s mouth down to his and muffled Dan’s laughter.

What little struggling Dan attempted died pretty quickly, replaced by pleasant moans and amused chuckles.

“Geez, guys,” I said. “At least get your feet inside the door and let me close it if you’re going to be screwing in the back.”

Dan lifted his head. “That’d be a little hard to do back here,” he said.

“I just wanted to say thank you,” Ry told me, gazing up into Dan’s eyes, his expression growing serious. “Thank you.”

Dan smiled and they kissed again, sweetly.

“You can do more thanking later,” I suggested. “Or let me close the door.”

“Where’s your romantic spirit, you turkey,” Dan said, pulling in his legs. “Close the door and drive. Ry can thank me more now.”

And so I did. And all the way back to the hotel, the two of them kissed, laughed, and made out, scrunched up in the narrow back seat.

. . . . .

“That one,” I said, pointing to the shortest of the bellhops we had seen working the desk.

“Why him?” Dan asked.

“Because of the way he smiled at you,” I answered. “You wanted a guy who was gay or wouldn’t flip out at gays. I think he’s the best candidate.”

Dan looked inquiringly at Ry.

Ry shrugged.

“OK,” Dan said. “We’ll ask him.” He walked over to the bellhop and pulled him to one side.

A half hour later the bellhop knocked at our door and Dan let him in, handing him the camera. The guy took several pictures of the three of us in our costumes with Ry wearing his new necklace.

Ry kept goosing us under the back of our loincloths and it was a challenge to keep from tenting. In fact, by the time we tipped the bellhop and sent him off, the tents were becoming obvious

“You fart!” I said to Ry, who had now risen well above horizontal.

He grinned and pulled off his loincloth. Standing there, erection in hand, wreath on his head, and in arm bands, leggings, and necklace, Ry looked like some Greek myth-writer’s dream of a boy; slender, lithe.

Ry backed to the bed and sat on the edge, his cock pointing up from his lap. He motioned to me. “Come here, wife!”

“What?” I asked with a sudden frown, hands on my hips.

Ry grinned. “I said, come here… skinny wife!”

I glanced at Dan who smirked.

“Yeah, laugh now,” I warned Dan. “He’s going to call you fat wife in a second.”

“Wives,” Ry corrected himself. “Come here, wives!”

I cocked an I-told-you-so eyebrow at Dan. Then I stepped up to Ry, changing my cocked eyebrow to a just-what-did-you-have-in-mind eyebrow.

With a grin, Ry stroked his cock with his left hand and reached under the front of my loincloth with his right. He lifted my balls in his palm and pressed his fingertips behind them, firmly on my perineum.

I “ummed” and spread my feet a little. Dan came up on my right side and, and Ry removed his left hand from his own cock and reached under the front of Dan’s loincloth.

I’m not sure that I’d ever thought of Ry being as “male” as Dan and me. He wasn’t feminine at all; not in an effeminate sense. But he was younger, and a bit of a bottom. But Ry was male; a fifteen-year-old, thick-little-pubic-bush male. It didn’t simply amuse us to let him play the part. At that moment in our developing, three-way relationship, it probably was important. And Ry was obviously enjoying himself.

“Turn around,” he instructed.

We turned our backs to him and felt his hands slide under our butts, over our buns, down between the back of our legs. “Drop your loincloths,” he said, his voice sounding thicker and suddenly more serious.

We dropped them, and stood with our feet apart, giving him full access to us from the rear.

Ry fondled us, not timidly, but with a firm, masculine hand. He handled my balls and cock possessively, appraising them, taking his pleasure in them.

“Dan,” he said. “Bring the lube.” And taking me by the hips, Ry backed me between his legs. Dan retrieved the lube and as he returned, cock wagging, he glanced at my rock hard cock and then up to my face. A small smile showed on his lips.

Dan lubed us; my butt first and then Ry’s cock. Then Ry held my hips as I lowered my butt to his lap. I didn’t expect Ry to fill me like Dan, but he was thick and long enough that I knew I’d enjoy it. More to the point though; I knew Ry was going to enjoy it. I’d learned a few things about cock riding from Lenny.

Ry maneuvered me by my hips to the right spot and then held his shaft as I lowered myself, making little circles with his crown in order to make entering me easier. He popped in and I slowly sat all the way down. My weight in his lap forced him up into me, and he hit some very good spots. Little Ry felt good.

Ry kissed between my shoulder blades, and Dan stepped back, holding the lube, a hand on his hip, to watch.

I usually rode facing the other way, but I liked the feel of this. When I slid my hips forward, it was the underside of Ry’s cock that stroked my prostate and it hit it right. And sitting like this, my balls rested on Ry’s balls. We were both still loose enough that I could fondle them together.

Dan chuckled. “You love balls on balls however you can get it.”

I smiled slyly. Then I put my hands behind my head and stretched, swiveling my butt in Ry’s lap as erotically, as provocatively, as I could.

Dan’s eyes widened in delight at my moves, and behind me, I heard Ry catch his breath and fall back on the bed while still holding me firmly by the hips.

Hand’s behind my head, I swiveled my butt, then rocked my hips. I could move well. I knew it. I had the body for it. And I did it for them; bottom dancing in Ry’s lap, swiveling, grinding, rocking, sliding forward and back.

Ry’s hands tightened on my hips and he whimpered as I worked. Dan, his smile long faded, dropped to his knees between our legs and took my wagging cock into his hand. “Oh, damn, Seany. I want you to do that to me sometime.”

I rocked harder now, making myself feel good inside with Ry’s cock, feeling his legs with the back of mine, enjoying Dan’s hand on my cock.

Dan bent forward and closed his mouth over my crown. I held still, dropping my hands to his shoulders as he swirled me, and then I stopped him because it was too much – I wanted Ry to come first, or with me.

So Dan held my cock and played with Ry’s and my balls as I began to rise and fall on Ry’s shaft.

Ry’s hands moved to the sides of my waist, clutching hard. I looked back over my shoulder and his head was up watching my butt, like he was doing a crunchy, and all the muscles of his belly and chest were tight. His teeth were clenched and his lips pulled back. A faint grunt escaped him with every bounce, grind, or rock I made.

So I moved faster.

I heard a much higher whimper from Ry.

“Oh, Damn,” Dan whispered. “Go, Seany!”

If ever anyone fucked himself on a cock, I did it with Ry. And I was damned close to coming myself when Ry cried out, half sitting up, his fingers squeezing the sides of my waist almost to his thumbs.

I rocked fast and one of Ry’s hands went to my shoulder, clutching it tightly, holding on, and he cried out again, and again.

I rocked unmercifully until he had finished every last bit of his orgasm and was gasping breathlessly with my movements.

Only then did I slow and stop. “Well,” I asked looking back over my shoulder at a slowly relaxing Ry. “How’d this wife do.”

Ry covered his eyes with a forearm and his belly heaved. He waved a hand at me as if to say, “give me a minute.”

I smiled at Dan who still held my cock. “Well?” I asked. “You ready for the treatment?”

With a quick grin, Dan took a seat on the edge of the bed next to Ry and I lifted off Ry and moved over.

Dan filled me, though surprisingly, Ry had felt as good in this position. I wiggled onto Dan until I was well seated, and then I began slowly. Dan’s hands grabbed my hips, and with a smile, I began my dance.

. . . . .

Ry lay back on his elbows between us while Dan and I sat and carefully shaved his pubes.

“There’s no way you can let your dad see this,” Dan said. “He’d come at us with ball cutters.”

With a sigh, Ry dropped to his back. “There’s no way my dad will let me come to your ceremony,” Ry lamented, “and by the time summer comes, you guys will be used to just each other.” He glanced at me. “Where are you guys going to be this summer?”

I glanced at Dan. “Dunno. Maybe here in Houston, I guess. Or maybe San Antonio if Lenny has landscaping work and we want a summer job.”

“A paying summer job,” Dan said.

“We just did the first one for free to help him get started,” I replied. “It’d be for pay. And Lenny’s third roommate just moved out. If he doesn’t have another tenant by then, I bet we could rent his third room.”

Dan flopped Ry’s semi-thick cock around, looking for more to shave and Ry’s belly tensed. “Seany,” Dan said, thoughtfully. “I’ve been thinking about something… UT has a summer program in Mexico. I could go down for four weeks and pick up credits in Spanish and cultural studies. You could go too if we can get you transferred in time.”

“My Spanish isn’t like yours, Dan,” I pointed out. “I’d be lost.”

“They have classes for that; it’s called immersion Spanish – sink or swim. You’ll learn. And you need to know more than border slang and how to order Mexican food.”

“I wonder if I could go to Mexico,” Ry wondered idly.

“What are you doing for spring break?” I asked. “Do you know when yours is?”

Ry perked up. “I hadn’t thought about that. Yeah, maybe we could do something spring break.”

“Well,” I said, lifting Ry’s balls to look them over – we hadn’t found anything to shave on them. “UT and Trinity have spring break at the same time. If you do too, maybe we could...”

“Oh, yeah!” Ry said, propping up on his elbows. “I just gotta figure out how to do it, like maybe say I’m going to Nate’s house.”

“What? And fly over here?” I asked with a frown. “Where would you get the money for it? I was thinking that maybe we could drive over there.” I glanced quickly at Dan, who looked like he would consider it.

“Really?” Ry asked.

Dan looked at his watch. “When do we have to think about heading back to the airport?”

“Oh, not yet,” Ry said. “We’ve gotta make love at least one more time. It’s gotta last me until Spring Break.”

“Dude,” I said. “We just did it an hour ago.”

“But that’s all… for the whole day,” Ry said.

“Yeah, after four times last night,” I pointed out.

“Three for me,” Dan corrected.

“Hey, I know,” Ry said, pushing from the bed. He stood at the foot of it, and with his eyes on us, he began to slowly sway his hips while feeling up his front with his hands. Shaved bare, his cock and balls looked big on him, like those of a fifteen year old on a twelve year old body.

“Sometimes,” Ry said quietly, “when Nate or I want to get the other guy in the mood, we try to turn each other on.”

He turned his back to us and looked back over his shoulder as he gyrated his hips. I’d seen girls do it like Ry did, but I didn’t know a guy’s hips could move like that. I wondered if my hips looked that good when I danced at the ball, or for Dan. Come to think of it, Ry looked like maybe I did when I was circling my butt in his lap.

Ry turned slowly with each gyration of his hips, and now had both arms up, running his fingers into his hair, lifting it up, exposing his sides and belly as his muscles flexed.

“I don’t know, Dan,” I said, squeezing my cock with my fingers. “It might be working.”

“Get up!” Ry said.

So we did, and once we were off the bed, Ry crawled onto it on all fours; butt toward us. Then he laid his head and chest down so that he was butt high in the air. He spread his knees wide so that his balls and cock hung low. And then he made circles with his butt.

His slender legs working, his slim butt circling… Dan and I glanced at each other and both reached for our cocks. Ry reached back with one hand and rubbed up and down his crack.

“Oh, shit,” I said, unable to resist stepping forward. I lifted Ry’s dangling balls in my hand and stroked my hardening cock. “Ry,” I said. “I think it’s working.”

. . . . .

Dan made a few phone calls before we left, and found out that his friend who had developed the pictures of Dan, Ry, and me over a year before was still working at the same camera shop. He agreed to develop the Elephant Men pictures for us while we were in town for Thanksgiving. So we decided to finish the film in the disposable camera; we could take him the camera as well.

We used three shots taking close ups of our butts, at Dan’s insistence. He also insisted that we take three pictures of our hard cocks and balls. “For later,” he said. “The next time we get together. I’ve got something in mind.”

We almost didn’t make it to the plane. But that wasn’t bad; since the gate area was almost empty when we kissed each other goodbye. And Ry didn’t cry; not then at least.

He gave Dan a really long hug, thanking him once more for the necklace and the hotel room. When they kissed, I could see it in their eyes, the genuine affection; the growing love.

Then Ry picked up his guitar and coat. He stopped at the door to the Jetway for a long time, looking back, and I think he was weeping by the time he turned toward the plane. I know I was.

“Come on, Seany,” Dan said, squeezing the back of my neck. “Let’s go see Roger and Mary.”

. . . . .

“You OK?” Dan asked, glancing at me from the driver’s seat.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“What about? Ry?”

“No.” I shook my head. “I was thinking that I haven’t spent the night at your home since you came out to Roger and Mary. I was wondering if they’re going to have any problem with me sleeping with you.”

Dan laughed. “You crazy? They’ve put us up in a hotel together, you cluck.”

I shrugged. “Yeah, well, my dad can handle it as long as we’re screwing somewhere other than his house.”

Dan reached over to rub my shoulder. “Sean, we practically lived together for almost a year; in our house.”

I had to grin. “I gotta admit; I’m anxious to be back in our room, in our bed.”

Dan gave my shoulder a squeeze.

Then I had a thought, and spoke before I gave it enough consideration. “Dan,” I asked. “Did you ever… last year when you were up here and I was back home… did you have other guys… you know… sleep over?”

Dan stiffened, and looked away.

“I’m sorry,” I quickly said. “I was stupid to ask that.”

He took a deep breath. “We were apart, Sean. I wish it had been different, but I can’t spend the rest of my life apologizing.”

I frowned. “I wasn’t trying for that, Dan.”

“Then why did you ask?”

I looked away, out my window, and shrugged. “I said I was stupid for asking. It’s just that… well it was sorta our bed for a while.”

We rode in silence for a moment.

“Scott was the only one,” Dan said quietly.

“Really?” I asked. “I can handle that. Scott’s cool… hell, we’ve both done Scott.”

“Oh, and Robert once,” Dan said. “I’d forgotten, but just once.”

I shrugged. “I think I did Robert once, though I don’t remember that particular night too well.”

Dan smiled.

“Jimmy never…” I started to ask.


I looked back out the window. “You know what else is stupid?” I asked.

“What?” he asked.

“How good I feel finding that out.”

Dan reached across once more and squeezed my shoulder. “It’s still our room Seany.”

. . . . .

A deep, penetrating dog’s bark bellowed out through the door just as Dan put his hand on the knob. We both jumped.

With a grin, Dan opened the door. “Cutter!” he called, just as the black lab jumped up on him.

. . . . .

When they found out that we hadn’t eaten, they didn’t even ask what kind of food we wanted. They ordered Chinese as a treat for me. They didn’t even ask what I wanted. They ordered triple delight for me.

We stayed up late, talking mainly about school. Roger had a new book out, and it was doing well. “They’re calling it Pop Psych now,” he said. “But people are interested in psychology and if you can write in a way people understand, there’s nothing wrong in making new theories available to the public.”

“Have you been criticized for it?” I asked.

He nodded. “There are a lot of pompous fools out there.”

Mary patted his arm. “They’re jealous,” she said. “Roger’s books are becoming very popular.”

Roger chuckled. “And I’m making damn good money at it. That’s what they’re really jealous of. At least the university is pleased with my fame. They love having a well-known author and leader in the field heading their psych department.”

“Are you a leader in the field now?” Dan asked.

Roger grinned. “If you go by book sales, hell yes.”

. . . . .

When I came from the bathroom, Dan had already stripped to his briefs and was letting Cutter into the room. “He was scratching at the door,” Dan explained. “It’d be cruel to make him stay out.” He knelt down, scratching Cutter behind his ears. “Poor guy’s missed me.”

I patted Cutter on the head. “He looks good. His coat’s all shiny,” I commented and started undressing. “Of course, your coat’s all shiny, too. Probably why I love petting you.”

Dan laughed and watched me disrobe while he petted Cutter. Cutter watched me too. “You think he remembers me?” I asked.

“Of course he does, don’t you, Cutter,” Dan said. “See, he recognizes you now that you’re naked.”

“Funny,” I said, kneeling beside him.

Cutter licked my face.

“Told ya,” Dan said.

I crawled into bed. Dan pulled off his briefs, told Cutter to stay on the floor, and then climbed in after me. He lay on his back, and I snuggled on to him, almost covering his body with mine. He pulled the sheets up over us, and I wrapped my arms under the back of his neck, just in front of the pillow, then nuzzled in under the side of his face the way I loved to do. My crotch rested comfortably on his side and my leg lay between his legs.

Dan drew his fingertips up my back with long strokes, as if he was playing a harp, and I could feel his cock begin to stiffen under me. I purred into his ear.

“I love you, Seany,” he said.

I nodded and kissed his neck.

“You’re gonna miss Ry, aren’t you?” he asked. “Especially after the last twenty-four hours.”

“I think you’ll miss him, too,” I said.

“What happens,” Dan asked thoughtfully, “if in a couple of years, Ry meets somebody else and decides not to move in with us. Will you be OK?”

I kissed Dan’s cheek. “Just don’t you go anywhere.”

He nodded. “Honestly, Seany… I know it’s mushy as hell and sounds all clichéd, but as long as I have you, I really don’t need anyone or anything else. I really don’t.”

I pulled an arm from under his neck and wrapped it up the other side of Dan’s head. “Danny,” I whispered. “We love Ry. But I’ve only ever had… and will only ever have one… Beloved.” I hugged the side of his head to my face. “Ever!”

Dan wrapped an arm around my waist and ran the fingers of his other hand into the back of my hair. “I know you’re tired, Seany, and that we made love a lot with Ry, but make love to me now, Seany. Just us.”

I lifted my head, smiling down at him, and shifted my hips so that they settled between his spreading legs. I rubbed my flaccid cock and balls on his and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Touchdown,” he whispered with a smile.

I kissed him again and our mouths opened. A “touchdown” was just what we needed. Frottage was becoming something special, just between us. Our lovemaking was never more intimate than this way; face to face, mostly quiet, with many long kisses and slow pleasurable grinds.

We were interrupted when Cutter tried to come up onto the bed, but Dan chased him off. Then we picked up speed and our tongues probed deeper.

We came at the same time, lubing our bellies with our mutual cum. Our kisses slowed. Dan looked as sleepy as I felt. We smiled at each other and I pressed my cheek to his. He turned his head toward me and I nuzzled in under the side of his face.

We were back to one of my favorite positions, me lying on Dan, my face nuzzled in under his.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, the bed jiggled and Cutter lay down beside us, his flank against my side and his head laying on the back of my leg.

“See,” Dan mumbled. “He remembers you.”

“When Ry comes,” I said, “we’re gonna need a bigger bed… or a smaller dog.”

“Don’t listen to him, Cutter,” Dan said. “We’ll just snuggle closer.”

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