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CHAPTER 51 — The Party

Part A — The Prince and the Stag

The first place we went the next morning was to the camera shop where Dan’s friend, Howie, worked. We hoped that he could develop our pictures – of the Elephant Men weekend and our day with Ry — that same day.

The shop was downtown and had just opened when we walked in. The only one inside was a short guy with curly brown hair who looked to be in his mid-twenties. He glanced up from a camera that he was working on. He smiled, and then he recognized Dan and smiled wider.

“Daniel!” he called, coming from behind the counter. He gave Dan a backslapping hug and then turned to me. “I know you from somewhere,” he said.

“The pictures you developed for me last year,” Dan told him.

The guy’s eyes lit up in recognition. “Of course; you and the other kid… gorgeous pictures… hey,” he said, turning to Dan. “I’ve got something to show you.”

He led us over to the counter and then stepped behind it, pulling out keys. Then he unlocked a bottom drawer and from the bottom of the drawer, pulled out a thick photo album. “I’ve been doing a little photography myself.” He leaned across the counter, and spoke quietly. “Couples pay me to take pictures of them together… you know, naked, making love. It’s gotten to be the thing in one of the high schools close by. Of course, I’ll get my ass fried if it ever gets out… I probably need to move somewhere else pretty soon… but it’s good money for now.” He opened the album to the first page. “Don’t ever tell anybody about this.”

We started thumbing through while Howie kept a nervous eye on the door. Page after page were of young guys and girls – some very young – individually and together, posing and making love… mostly naked, and almost all, very nice bodies. The photography was excellent. Dan and I both had to adjust our crotches. We got really hard when we hit the gay section.

“You guys have to let me do a shoot with you sometime… oh, even better… I’m thinking of getting a video camera. You two would be perfect to try it out on.”

I laughed. “Wouldn’t those be great wedding pictures?”

Dan’s eyes lit up.

“Wedding?” Howie asked. “I do wedding pictures. Who’s getting married?”

“How much do you charge?” Dan asked.

Dan crooked my neck in his arm as we walked out of the shop. “Geez, Seany. When we ask people if they want to see pictures from our honeymoon, we could really show them pictures from our honeymoon.”

“Yeah, like we’re going to take a photographer with us on a honeymoon,” I said, laying my hand on the small of his back.

“But what if we stay in a hotel the first night? We might… before leaving for wherever we’re going.”

“You just wanna show off your body,” I told him.

“No,” he said, his mouth close to my ear. “I wanna show off your body… well, and us together.”

“Porn star wanna-be,” I said.

“Hey, at least we have the umm… talent.”

“Yeah, and I know just where you want to hide yours.”

Dan laughed and pulling my neck tight in the crook of his arm, kissed the side of my hair. “Hey,” he said, “how about a haircut? We need to look good for that dinner party Roger’s dragging us to tonight.”

“Yeah, right,” I said. “You just wanna look good if we stop by Robert’s party afterward.”

“Well,” Dan said, letting go of my neck because we’d reached the car, “what gay guy doesn’t want to look good in front of other gay guys?”

“As if anyone’s going to be looking at haircuts tonight,” I said, climbing into the car.

“I do,” Dan said, getting in on his side. “I always look at hair. Didn’t you know that your hair has always turned me on?”

I laughed. “You’re kidding.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “Seriously. I’ve always loved your hair; it’s sexy. Why do you think I’m always running my fingers up into it?”

I leaned back against the door, looking at him. “It’s sorta neat, you know… still finding out things about each other.”

He smiled. “Tell me something that turns you on that I don’t know about.”

I thought about it. “Damn, you know me so well, and everything about you turns me on; you know that… I love how straight you stand. I love,” I leaned over to tickle the back of his neck,” your neck and throat. I love your hair; the scent of your hair and,” I leaned closer and rubbed between his legs, “I love the scent of your sex; it makes me hard as a rock. So does watching your butt; I could watch your butt all day. But you know all that… hey, wait a minute! There’s something you’ve been doing lately that I really like and keep forgetting to tell you because I’m usually… um, distracted. It has to do with when you run your fingers into the back of my hair.”

Dan grinned. “What?”

“Lately you’ve been grabbing the back of my hair. At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it, but you do it just right… just enough,” I said, drawing a finger down his cheek, “to let me know that you own me.”

Dan smiled. “And that turns you on?”

“I’m hard right now,” I told him.

The corners of his lips curled up and he reached into my lap, feeling my hardness. The he reached behind my neck and ran his fingers up into my hair. He clutched it, and pulled my face over to his, and he kissed me.

. . . . .

Dan’s hairstylist was gay and in his early twenties. He was also friendly.

Dan started to hover over us as the stylist worked, giving instructions until I told Dan to sit down, banishing him to the waiting area. “Thank you,” the stylist whispered.

“Actually,” I said, “I like that Dan’s picky about my hair.”

The stylist nodded. “I suppose that means he likes it.”

“You have no idea,” I said, glancing into the mirror, turning my head this way and that. “Leave it down to my collar; gotta leave it long enough in back for him to grab a handful.”

The stylist clutched a handful of the back of my hair. “That’s easy; your hair’s thick,” he said. “And it’s got great color. But you need to take better care of it. It’s going to look a lot better when I’m through with it, but buy some of our hair care products. If your lover is that concerned about your hair, spend time on it.” He smiled at me. “He’ll like it even more if you do.”

He trimmed my hair, washed it, conditioned it, blew it dry, and trimmed it again. I watched him in the mirror, and I liked what he was doing; feathering it at the sides of my face, taking out some of the curl, leaving it thick looking. “If Dan likes this,” I told him, “I’ll buy the shampoo and conditioner.”

He grinned. “You’ll want two of each.”

And after Dan saw my hair, I did buy two of each.

. . . . .

There were other customers in the shop, and we waited until they left so we could have Howie alone.

“These camping photo’s were a stitch,” Howie said. “You have to tell me what you guys were up to, and who was that black guy with you two? Damn, that looked hot.”

“It was all hot,” Dan said. “But we’ll have to tell you about it later. We’re about outta time.”

Howie nodded. “Well next time you get together with the little guy – the one in the hotel with you two — let me take the pictures. The three of you are beautiful together, and these pictures didn’t do you justice.”

Disposable camera,” Dan said. “What do you expect?”

“Thirty bucks for all the prints you wanted,” He answered. “And that you agree to call me next time.”

. . . . .

“Damn you look good,” Daniel said, smoothing out my sweater. Roger and Mary were already waiting in their car. We would follow in the jeep so that we could leave from their party early, but were checking each other out before leaving.

Dan’s eyes met mine. “I love your hair like that,” he said. “It’s a great cut for you.”

I slipped an arm behind his waist and pulled his belly to mine. “You haven’t tested it yet,” I said.

Dan looked puzzled, and then smiled in understanding. “I was tempted, but I didn’t want to mess it up.”

“Mess it up,” I whispered, brushing my lips on his.

He ran his fingers into the back of my hair and clutched it firmly, and gently pulled my head back, just slightly. My lips parted and he covered my mouth with his.

His other hand dropped to my butt, and I rested my hands on his shoulders. We pressed our growing erections together.

“I suppose Roger and Mary wouldn’t be willing to wait just a little longer out there in the drive,” I said.

Dan smiled and pulled my head back farther, burying his mouth in my neck.

“You keep that up and Roger and Mary will have to wait,” I said with a gasp.

Dan chuckled and let my hair go. “Later,” he said with a final, lingering kiss.

. . . . .

At the dinner party, we made the proper impression; certainly enough of one to please Roger. Everyone took an interest in us. But as soon as we were able to gracefully leave, we did.

“Do you think Roger knows that Dr. Edmonton is gay?” I asked, as we pulled away.

“If he didn’t, he should now. The guy couldn’t take his eyes off us.”

“Didn’t seem to bother his wife,” I pointed out.

Dan shrugged. “Who knows what they’re into.”

“Yep, you psychs are all a little weird.”

Dan raised an eyebrow. “I’m not the one who likes having his hair pulled.”

“Not pulled, you asshole.”

Smiling, Dan reached across to run his fingers into my hair once more, then closed his hand with a fist full. “OK, not pulled… possessed.”

. . . . .

Robert’s new house was a sprawling Tudor type affair on half a dozen acres in The Woodlands. Cars already filled the circular drive and several had parked on the lawn. As we approached the front door, we could hear the throb of music from inside. The front door was locked and a sign directed us around to a side door.

The side door was locked as well, but it opened to a short, narrow hallway when we knocked. Inside, we found Robert in a mid-thigh, black silk robe talking to a big guy in street clothes. They were standing between opposing doorways. One led to a well-lit laundry room. The other led to a darkened room. Greeting us, Robert introduced the guy in street clothes as Luke. “He’s watching the door for us.”

“You have a bouncer?” Dan asked, surprised.

Robert laughed and patted Luke’s back. “Not a bouncer. Sort of a gatekeeper. Luke’s here to make sure only guests make it in and that they know the rules.”

“What rules?” I asked.

“First rule,” Robert said, holding up a single finger. “Towels only… or nothing.” He reached inside the doorway of the laundry room and retrieved two towels and two black masks of the Lone Ranger variety. “Step in there,” he said, pointing across to the darkened doorway, “and strip.”

We stepped in to a small maid’s room; or bedroom for a live-in maid. Lit only by a wall-plug nightlight, we could see that it was sparsely furnished, but full. The closet was full of hanging clothes, while coats and clothes lay over the bed and on top of a small dresser.

Someone else was in the room. A slender form, about my height, turned away from us as we came in; he was about to pull off his underwear, his last remaining clothes.

“Damn, I always said you had a great butt, Jason,” Robert said, following us into the room. The slender form shot a finger back over his shoulder.

Dan and I exchanged looks and began to undress.

“You don’t have to always wear the towel,” Robert said. “But you do have to keep the mask on the whole time. The whole anonymous thing is really cool.”

“Sure, but just so you know,” Dan said, “we may not stay long and we’re going to hang together.”

Jason had folded his towel and when he wrapped it around his waist, it was short, like a loincloth. He had also put on his mask and turned to face us. The effect was striking. He had a good jaw, a wide mouth, and thick, dark hair. With his slender form and short loincloth, he looked mysterious and damned sexy. Dan and I watched him.

Robert noticed. “I don’t know,” he said. “With these masks, you might have trouble hanging together… I mean, like Jason there looks a little like you, Sean. With masks and low light, Dan could… ummm… make a mistake.” He grinned. “You two could go through a lot of guys looking for each other.”

Jason looked from me to Dan, and then as he walked past, he slid his hands over Dan’s bare back, making his way; and perhaps trying to make Robert’s point.

“We’ve been lovers for over two years, Robert,” I said, folding my clothes while giving Jason a hands-off glance. “Dan and I could find each other, blindfolded.”

“That’d be an interesting challenge,” Robert immediately said. “Blindfold you two and turn you loose in a room full of guys with instructions to find each other.”

“Yeah, right,” Dan said. “We’d both get mauled by the time we found each other, and knowing you, we probably wouldn’t even be in the same room.”

Robert laughed, and pulling a mask from a robe pocket, he put it on. “We may just have to test you guys. I’ve got another idea.”

“Forget it,” Dan said. “I know your ideas.”

I liked the short look, and folded my towel as Jason had, making sure I didn’t hang out beneath the front. Dan on the other hand, folded his towel with a provocative twist to partially bare a leg. We left our necklaces on. They’d go well with the black masks.

We followed Robert out, past Luke, and on down the hall. It turned right, into a large kitchen. I counted seven guys standing around the counters, talking and drinking beer. They were short and tall; slim and strong; with blond, brown, or black hair; and they had managed to tie their towels in a variety of ways. Some looked athletic, some boyish, some feminine. But they were uniformly young – late teens or early twenties – and good looking, even with the masks… especially with the masks.

It was eerie how the masks made their unsmiling faces look so exotic, and the feel it gave the entire room; the feeling it gave me. I felt detached; almost like a spectator.

One of them flashed a smile, but the effect was still strange and sexy. None of us were ourselves, but all were equally anonymous. Even if it was the kitchen, the atmosphere was sexually charged.

A tall, very thin blond – even his eyebrows were white — had started to tent, talking to two younger-looking, shorter guys; one with black hair, one with brown. One guy, who had a Bruce Lee type body except with chest hair, reminded me of Jimmy, and my heart stopped until I remembered that Jimmy was in jail.

They all turned to at least glance at us. Several did more than glance, and I stood taller, tightening my abs. One guy, about my height, with close-cropped dark hair pointed at his neck, then at mine and gave his fingertips a kiss, evidently approving of my necklace.

Robert reached into an ice chest and grabbed three longneck beers, handing Dan and me one each. “I’ve told everybody to stick to beer and stay out of my dad’s bar. But I remember, you like scotch, Sean, right?”

“You remember getting me plastered on scotch, right!” I said. “But yeah, I like it.”

Robert grinned and leaned close, patting my towel-covered butt. “Feel free to have all you want.” Then he squared off against Dan and me. “Other rules,” he said. “We’ve got tubes and bottles of lubricant all over; don’t get any on the carpets or furniture. And no cum on the carpets or furniture. Towels and sheets are OK; the maids are going to wash all those.”

The kitchen opened to a large den where a dozen guys were dancing. Other than some light from the kitchen, only a small lamp in a corner added any illumination. Bodies were bumping and pressing. Hands roamed over backs, chests, and under towels. One guy had lost his towel. Others were showing thick under theirs. I followed Robert and Dan followed me through the den and into a wide entrance hall.

“This whole room’s going to melt down,” I said back over my shoulder to Dan.

He patted under the back of my towel. “We’re dancing before we leave, Seany.”

“Lots of food out,” Robert said, waving toward the dining room as we passed. The table and buffets were covered with pizzas, chips, and snacks.

I could smell the grass even before we entered the large living room. In the dim light, I could see five guys in a corner, sitting in a tight circle, passing a joint.

“You burn the carpet,” Robert said, “and your ass is grass. Don’t think I don’t know you with those masks on.

Two guys were kneeling on a couch, looking over the back. I looked too, and saw two guys — one white, one black — on the floor, in a sixty-nine. One of the guys kneeling on the couch glanced at the other and moved closer.

“Wait here,” Robert told Dan and me. “Don’t go anywhere!” And then he was gone.

I glanced at Dan. The black mask contrasted with his pale blond hair, giving emphasis to the planes of his cheeks and his strong jaw, yet also to his eyes. “You look sexy as hell, Stranger,” I said, slipping an arm behind his waist.

He smiled, and even his smile looked wildly sexual with the mask. His eyes traveled down my body and back, lingered over my features, then met mine. We kissed.

And then Robert was back, carrying another towel. “OK, everybody,” he called out to the room as he came up behind us. “Sean and Daniel here have been lovers forever, and they claim they could find each other blindfolded, even in a room full of guys. So we’re going to make ‘em prove it.”

He stepped behind me and wrapped the towel around my head, covering my eyes. I went along with it for the moment, waiting to see what he had in mind.

“After I blindfold Sean, we’ll line several of you guys up in front of the fireplace, and Daniel will be one of them. And then Sean has to find him. You can’t talk, Sean, Daniel… either of you.”

“Is he gonna use his hands to feel?” Somebody asked.

“No, no hands,” Robert said.

“What about the other guys, the decoys?” somebody else asked. “They sure as hell will want to use their hands.”

Guys laughed.

“OK, Dan and the other guys can use their hands, but no tricks, Daniel. And you can’t talk! You gotta do it legit or you lose! And guys… guys!” Robert called out, trying to quiet a growing discussion — it sounded like others had come in from adjoining rooms. “I need volunteers,” Robert said. “Guys about Daniel’s height and build.”

“How about you?” I heard Robert say. “Come over here. And you… and you.”

Several guys laughed.

“What?” Robert demanded. “He can’t tell the guy’s skin and hair color with a blindfold on. Come on. I need a couple more guys… oh, and since Sean’s so sure he can find Daniel blindfolded, how about this. If any of you can fool Sean into thinking you’re Daniel, you get to have sex with him any way you want.”

“Whoa!” Dan and I both said.

“What?” Robert challenged. “So now you’re chickening out? Don’t really know each other as well as you claim?”

“Fuck you!” I said, but I didn’t want to back out. I wanted Dan to know I really could find him, blindfolded in a room full of other studs. “I can smell, right? I can sniff each one?”

“Yeah, sure,” Robert answered.

“And I can use my face to feel with?”

There were several hoots.

“I meant like cheek to cheek,” I called out.

“What do you think, guys?” Robert asked.

“As long as he keeps his hands behind his back,” someone said.

“Well?” Robert said. “You think he can do it, Daniel?”

“Hell, yes!” I heard Dan answer.

“And you, Sean? You willing to bet your butt you can find him?”

“Yep. I’ll find him, but no tricks!”

“Alright!” Robert said. “OK, no more talking, any of you. Oliver… help me arrange these guys.”

Somebody grabbed me by the elbows and moved me a few feet from where I stood. For a few moments, I heard murmuring and the sounds of maneuvering. Then the room grew quiet, and yet, I could tell there were now a number of guys in it.

“OK,” Robert said, approaching. He took my hands and put them together behind my back. “Keep your hands back here,” he said, “or they all get to do you.”

There were several hoots.

“Forget that!” I said

“Then keep them back here,” Robert said, pushing me forward. “There are seven guys. One of them is Daniel. If you guess wrong, the guy you guess gets to do you. If you guess right, you get to do Daniel.”

“That hardly seems fair,” I said. “If I guess right, the other six should do you.”

A lot more hoots for that one.

“You aren’t going to guess right,” Robert said, and gave me a little shove.

I bumped into a hard body. Hands clasped my arms, and then slowly slid around to my back, pulling me close. I heard several ‘Ah’s. A cheek met mine. The height was about right, but I could smell grass. Daniel could have taken a hit since I was blindfolded, but I doubted it.

Lips met mine. The guy’s mouth opened. As the room filled with cheers, he pulled me belly to belly with him and his tongue entered my mouth. It wasn’t Dan. Wrong taste. But still stimulating. I let him end the kiss when he was ready and my cock started to stiffen.

“OK, next,” Robert said, grabbing me by the shoulders and moving me left. The room grew quiet again. But from the last round of cheers, it sounded packed.

Hands slid over my belly and sides, and around my back. Murmured encouragements came from around the room. I could feel the warmth of the body so close to mine. He felt warmer than Dan.

The hands lifted the back of my towel. Whistles and hoots filled the room.

Then his body pressed the front of my body. His skin was hot. His breath on my neck and chest was hot. He reached under the front of my towel and fondled me. His lips pressed the side of my neck. And though it wasn’t Dan, I grew harder. His hand closed around my shaft and began to stroke.

“OK, OK,” Robert said from behind. “Next one.”

The next one pressed his cheek to mine and wrapped his arms around me. His breath was warm as he chewed my ear and his hands roamed down my back. They slipped into the back of my towel and then the towel was gone; dropped to the floor. The room really filled with howls then. With both hands, he grabbed my butt and pulled me to him. He was too tall for Dan. But he had a strong body, and as his lips met mine, I could feel his erection through his towel.

There was quite a bit of cheering and clapping now. And then when Robert started to move me to the next guy, he turned me before I realized what he was doing and faced me toward the room. “Look at this,” he said.

The room went silent and I wondered what Robert was up to behind me. In the split second it took me to realize that everyone must be staring at me, someone said “Oh gawd!”, and the room erupted in hoots and calls.

I heard comments like “he’s shaved!”, “nice cock,” or my favorite, “he’s beautiful,” which I would have appreciated much more if my face wasn’t half-hidden by a mask and blindfold. I turned quickly away just as someone else said, “leave the blindfold on him and bring him to us.”

“You wish!” Robert said, moving me on.

The next one almost fooled me. Arms enclosed me and held me tenderly. The height was about right, or was he too tall? The body felt right. And when I pressed my cheek to his neck, I felt the necklace. He even held me like Dan, a hand dropping to my butt, another around my shoulders as he pulled me close. But it didn’t seem like Dan, partly because his hair didn’t smell like Dan’s. Did they put Dan’s necklace on someone else?

We kissed and he pulled me tighter. My body responded, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t Dan.

Robert moved me to the fifth guy.

He stepped close. A hand went behind my waist, and I could smell his cologne; Dan’s cologne. He pressed his cheek to mine and I could smell his hair; Dan’s hair. His body melted to mine and I knew it was Dan. I took my hands from behind my back and wrapped them over his shoulders.

The room exploded in cheers.

Dan ran his fingers into the back of my hair and closed them on a handful. He pulled my head slightly back and covered my mouth with his. His tongue probed into my mouth, and I could feel his erection, hard against my leg through his towel.

“Do him!” somebody called.

Dan had both hands in my hair now, bending me back. His lips left mine to kiss my throat and I dug into his back with my fingers.

“Do him!” several more voices echoed.

Dan turned me and pressed my back against the wall beside the fireplace. “How nasty do you feel?” he whispered, pressing his belly to mine.

I guess most guys have a little exhibitionist in them; Dan and I had certainly never been inhibited around other guys. And we all have a little of the voyeur in us; I understood the cheers. But what really made my pulse quicken was that we were all masked; all anonymous to a degree and not ourselves. I lifted a leg and wrapped it behind Dan’s butt.

There were hoots, and then when Dan pulled away his towel, cheers.

Still blindfolded, I chewed his neck as he reached under to apply spit to my butt and then to his cock. He bent his knees, finding me, and then guided himself in as the room cheered. And then it slowly quieted as Dan moved inside me.

Dan held me by the butt. I pulled him close with my hands on his back, fingers digging in as he filled me and moved in me. “Porn star wanna-be,” I whispered with a smile into his ear.

Dan chuckled, sucking my neck. “We could really give them a show, Seany,” he whispered. “You could ride me like you did Ry and me Wednesday.”

“In front of everybody?” I asked. Hell, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that in front of everyone… and yet, there was something downright nasty about the idea.

“Leave the blindfold on,” Dan whispered. “Pretend they aren’t here. Let me show off my lover.”

“Where?” I asked.

“Let me have that ottoman,” he called out to someone. And then he grabbed me under my butt with both hands, lifting me. I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me three steps.

“Stand up,” he whispered, and when I did, he slid out from inside me. Dan turned me around. He sat down, and with his hands on my hips backed me up to him; then guided me down until I was in his lap and he had filled me.

There were enough comments and cheers from the room that I knew that at least some guys were still watching. And then as Dan leaned back and our legs spread open to the room, I heard someone say, “Damn!” in an awed voice, and someone else say, “Double damn!”

With Dan’s hands at my waist, I put my hands behind my head and began to move for him; my lap dance for Dan. I gyrated, swiveled, and rocked and the room began to fill with cheers.

I started to get into it, stretching up from Dan’s waist, swiveling from the hips several times, then rocking forward and back, then making sideways ‘S’s with my body, then swiveling again, then bouncing. Someone began rhythmic clapping.

Then someone was kneeling beside us, reaching in with both hands to stroke the inside of our legs and fondle our balls, lifting them to approving voices. Someone else knelt on the other side and a hand closed over my cock.

“Hell yeah!” a voice said. “Pump that thing. I bet he shoots off like a rocket.”

“Nah,” someone else said. “Long ones like that don’t squirt, they dribble.”

Fuck you! I thought, determined to give a show. I thought about pulling off the blindfold, but was afraid to; afraid it would spoil the mood. What if the room was still full of guys and they were all watching? What if hardly anyone was watching?

I left the blindfold on and continued my dance in Dan’s lap, making him feel good; making me feel good. Hands roamed the inside of our legs and balls. The guy with his hand on my cock tried to hold it still enough to lick it as I moved, and eventually succeeded in keeping my crown in his mouth.

Dan and I hadn’t made love since the night before and it didn’t take long, especially with all the help. I began rocking wildly and felt Dan tense beneath me.

“He’s getting ready to come!” someone called out. “Let us see him shoot.”

The mouth left the end of my cock. A hand tightened on my balls. The hand on my cock stroked faster. I felt Dan pulsing inside me, and our joining grew slick with his cum. And then I was shooting; and I didn’t have to see it to know that I was going off like a geyser.

There were several cheers, and I had mixed emotions that the room sounded less full; I liked having been watched. I slowed. My hands were still above my head, and I removed the blindfold. Guys were moving away from in front of us, but there had to have been eight or nine. Still kneeling beside us were Robert on one side and Benjamin on the other. It was Benjamin whose hand was on my cock.

When he bent to lick me clean, my cock gave another throb and I shuddered. Laying a hand on his back, I tensed as he licked my sensitive crown. Then he looked up at me, smiling.

“Wow!” I said, breathlessly. “I can’t believe we did that. Not with those guys watching.”

“There were more,” Robert said. “You got them so horny that some drifted off to do each other.”

I gave Benjamin’s back a friendly rub, and he slowly released my cock. “Thanks,” I said.

He smiled and stood up, the end of a thick erection protruding from under his towel.

“You OK?” I asked, reaching under to fondle him; it wasn’t that bold to do after he had just jacked me off. I was pleased to find that he was not only well endowed, but that his scrotum and the skin of his cock were incredibly soft. His body was nice, too; thin, with beautiful skin tones, long arms, and sweet definition. “Do we need to take care of you?” I asked.

He looked around the room nervously and shook his head, but didn’t back away. “Later,” he said his eyes half-closed.

Dan wrapped his arm around my waist and sat more upright, hugging me. Benjamin stepped away.

“So who’s the porn star wanna-be now?” Dan asked.

I turned sideways in his lap, letting him slip from inside me, and I wrapped an arm over his shoulders. I kissed him and leaned my forehead on his. “For a lark, it was OK, but hardly romantic, Danny.”

With an arm around my back, he reached into my lap and fondled me. “It was hot for me, Seany,” he whispered. “Doing the best looking guy here in front of all of them...” He turned his face up to mine. “You shoulda seen their faces. You were outstanding. I’m going to blindfold you again sometime, Seany. That really turned me on.”

I laughed. “Next you’ll want to tie me up.”

He laughed, and rolled us onto the floor, moving over me. “And I like that mask on you,” he said, brushing his lips on my cheekbones under the edge of the mask. “We’re keeping these when we leave tonight.” Then he pushed up from me, onto his knees and then feet. He offered me his hand up, and we found our towels. And though we’d just bared ourselves to the world, we refastened the towels around our middles.

A guy my height approached. His shoulder-length, sleek black hair looked Asian as did his skin tones. His folded towel rode low on a long, slender torso. My eyes dropped to the towel; it had a nice bulge.

He extended a long, slender arm toward Dan. “Here’s your necklace,” he said in a surprisingly deep voice. “I think it’s beautiful.”

“You were the one wearing it?” I asked.

He nodded.

“You almost fooled me – more than any of the others,” I said, looking into his eyes, trying to see whether he might be Japanese like Ken. His eyes had the oriental fold, but it was impossible to tell.

“I enjoyed trying,” he said. “You kiss very well.”

“I taught him everything he knows,” Dan said with a smile, as he accepted the necklace.

The guy smiled back.

“He really did,” I told him. “Dan was the first boy I ever kissed.”

“In that case,” he said, smiling, “I’d appreciate lessons from both of you, later.”

He started to turn away, but then turned back. “My name’s Nu.”

“Daniel,” Dan said, and I said, “Sean.”

He smiled and turned toward the den.

“Interesting,” Dan said.

“Very,” I agreed.

“Wanna dance?” he asked, nodding after Nu.

“Explore,” I said. “I’d like to see the rest of the house.”

. . . . .

With an arm behind the other’s waist, we walked from the living room to a study/library at the front of the house. As in the other rooms, lights were low, but this room was almost empty. On a leather couch, two guys sat facing each other, each with his hand under the other guy’s towel.

In leather armchairs in front of a desk, two guys sat talking. A third guy was with them, sitting on one of the arms of the chair on the left.

From there, we went to the game room, which held a pool table, a foosball table, and a large poker table. Two guys were playing pool, naked. Their long cocks were flaccid and I assumed they’d already gotten off once.

Two more guys were playing foosball in their towels. A dark-skinned guy was leaning over the poker table while a guy with very white skin was leaning over him, hands propped on the table, rhythmically bending from the knees to thrust up into the lower guy’s butt. A third guy sat at one of the poker chairs, watching.

“Geez, a show in every room. I’m starting to think there are more than thirty guys here,” I said.

With his eyes on the group at the poker table, Dan stepped behind me, wrapping his arms around my belly. He kissed the back of my neck and rubbed himself against my ass. “Robert’s parties have a way of growing,” he said.

“So do you,” I quipped. “Come on, next room.”

In doorframes and every room, we had seen guys talking or making out. “Definitely more than thirty guys,” I said.

“Yeah, maybe,” Dan said as we turned down a short hallway, past a half-bath. “Or they’re just spreading out through the house.”

In a back corner of the ground floor, in a room with no windows, Robert’s dad had built a home theater with one of the new projection type, big screen TVs. The screen was at one end of the room, along with sound equipment and speakers. In front of the screen was a very long couch, with a chaise lounge at each end. Behind that were swiveling recliners, and in one corner, a stack of pillows. The only light was from the gay porn playing on the large screen.

Bodies were everywhere, and all were moving, writhing, humping.

“Well,” Dan said. “We found the orgy room.”

I counted. “There are seventeen guys, just in this room.”

Two guys were kneeling on the couch, facing over the back, and behind them, two more guys stood, plowing them. A third guy was stroking his medium-long cock, waiting a turn. Two guys were spooned on a chaise lounge. In a corner, a guy was on all fours with another guy at each end. A tall guy sat in a recliner, sucking the cock of a guy who knelt precariously on the arms of the chair, facing him. In the back of the room, two guys were on the floor in an over-and-under sixty-nine. Two guys were in another corner lying on a pillow and talking while their hands explored the other’s body. And one guy was walking between them all, watching, stroking under his towel, touching.

“Shit,” Dan whispered. “Who needs the movie?”

We backed out of the room and past the half-bath, this time turning the other way and into a long fitness room with tall glass windows. Outside was a very large hot tub with three guys in it. One seemed to be resting by himself. The other two were talking face-to-face as the smaller appeared to be straddling the lap of the taller. Beyond was a lit pool that no one was in. Off to the right was the den.

The fitness room was well lit. On the single weight bench, a small guy with a tight body was setting up to do nude bench presses; nice butt, average cock. In the back, at right angles to each other, were a glass-doored sauna and a steam room.

When we looked inside them, we found two guys talking in the sauna and one guy sat by himself in the steam room; all wore towels. “Not many guys have found the sauna yet,” I said.

“Or they’re still getting their rocks off,” Dan suggested. “Later, they’ll probably be back here.”

I nodded. “But both these seem a little warm for lovemaking.”

“Says who?” Dan asked, rubbing under the back of my towel.

I smiled. “We haven’t seen upstairs yet.”

There were two stairways up. We took the main one from the large entrance hall and at the top found a loft, with a TV and a few easy chairs and a couch. Only one guy was there, watching HBO. The hallways leading off from the loft to the left and right were partially blocked by a stack of boxes. Farther down the hallways, there were stacks of boxes on the opposite wall, and farther again, another stack of boxes placed diagonally opposite the previous stack. It was like a zig-zag of oddly stacked boxes staggered down the hall.

“I think Robert did his best to make a maze of the upstairs bedrooms,” Dan observed.

I nodded, and taking his hand, led to the right.

We stopped at the doorway to the first bedroom. The door had been removed from its hinges and the hinge pins were nowhere to be seen. “Robert’s thorough,” I observed.

“Yep,” Dan agreed.

Inside the first bedroom, three guys were on the bed, two in a sixty-nine and a third spooned to the back of one of them. We watched for a moment because the guy spooning seemed to be really enjoying himself. I started to tent.

A short guy, solidly built, leaned against the wall in the hall as we passed on to the next room, and he looked us over, but we didn’t stop.

The bed had been used in the next room, but no one was in it. Instead, we heard a shower running in the adjoining bath. Between that room and the third bedroom, we passed a doorway that had been blocked off with cardboard except for a darkened opening at the bottom.

“It’s a closet,” Dan said.

“Robert’s black room,” I whispered, wondering what sort of secret things happened in those black rooms at real baths.

We bent down to listen, but heard nothing, so we passed on. In the third and last bedroom on that side of the house, two guys lay sleeping in each other’s arms. One had dark brown hair and one had hair almost as light as Dan’s. I gave Dan’s back a rub.

We threaded our way back out to the loft and continued through to the other side.

The first bedroom looked like it hadn’t been used at all. In the next, two guys were on the bed; one guy lay on his back with his head on the pillows while the other bent over between his legs; his head bobbing.

Two guys were sitting side-by-side on the rear stairs, talking. And then, in what had to be the master bedroom, we found one guy. He lay on the bed, on his back, stroking a long erection, obviously waiting for someone to come enjoy it.

Dan, who was behind me, leaned over my shoulder and whispered, “Find me.”

The eyes of the guy on the bed had met mine, and then looked me up and down in a rather open invitation, and I hadn’t really paid attention to what Dan had said.

I turned to him to ask what he meant, but he was gone. I quickly left as well, not comfortable being alone with the guy on the bed.

But Dan wasn’t in the last room, or the one before that. I searched, and he wasn’t in the loft or in the other bedrooms. It slowly dawned on me what he might be up to. Wearing masks in a house full of strangers, we could easily pretend to be strangers ourselves. It could be fun… no, it could be damned hot, to pick each other up.

I finally found him in the kitchen, sipping a beer and talking to two guys he evidently knew. Even in only a towel, Dan could look elegant. With the black mask, black and silver necklace, and the contrast of his pale hair, he looked young, masculine, striking. I leaned back against a counter and watched. If he was in the mood to be “picked up,” I was certainly in the mood to pick up such a beautiful stranger.

He watched me from the corner of his eye, knowing I was there and watching. One of the guys he was talking to noticed me, looked me up and down, and smiled… a ‘come on’ smile. But I kept my eyes on Dan. The guy looked from me to Dan and with a smile at Dan, nodded his head in my direction.

Dan glanced my way. His eyes dropped to my middle, then traveled down my legs and back up. He smiled and turned back to his two friends. But he kept watching me from the corner of his eye.

“By yourself?” a deep voice asked.

I turned to find Nu beside me. He offered a lit joint.

I shook my head. “I don’t smoke,” I explained.

“You’ve never done grass?” he asked, surprised.

“Well, yeah, I have. I usually get someone to shotgun me.”

He smiled and took another hit, then leaned close, putting a hand on my shoulder to steady me while placing his mouth close to mine. I liked Nu and wanted to be friendly with him, so I laid my hand on his waist to keep him from getting too close, and opened my mouth to inhale as he blew a stream of smoke into it.

I stole a glance at Dan and thought I saw a slight frown, though he wasn’t looking directly at me. I wondered whether the frown was because of my taking a hit, or Nu’s familiarity. And I wondered, if we were meeting for the first time, would my taking a hit have put Dan off. I couldn’t see how. He did grass before I did.

“What happened to your friend,” Nu asked as I stifled a coughing reflex and held the hit.

I let it out. “He’s over there,” I said, nodding my head in Dan’s direction. “We’re pretending to be strangers, and I’m trying to think of a good pick up line.”

Nu smiled, took another hit, and then blew it into my mouth, leaving his hand on my shoulder. “You should never need a pickup line,” he said. “Guys should be picking you up.”

I cocked an eyebrow and exhaled. “That’s not a bad line, right there.”

He grinned. “Too obvious?”

I smiled, shaking my head. “I liked it.”

A black guy, half a head shorter than me, entered the kitchen, saw us and came over. For his height, he had one of the tightest bodies and some of sharpest definition I’d ever seen; and he appeared to be well-hung under his towel. “Hi, Nu,” he said, and then glanced my way. “Sean, right?” he asked, extending his hand.

I took it; he had a firm grip. “Yep. That’s right, I said. “And you’re…?”

“Avery,” Nu answered for him “You couldn’t see him, but he was your head cheerleader earlier in the living room.”

Avery still had my hand and he squeezed it, leaning closer. “Hottest damn thing I ever saw,” he said. “I had to get a new towel.”

Nu took a last hit from the remains of the joint and pulled me close with an arm behind the waist to shotgun me. Our crotches pressed and his felt full.

“Hey,” Avery said. “You don’t have a beer, Sean. You want one?”

I took the hit, stepped back from Nu, and nodded at Avery. My throat burned a little, and a beer would be nice. If Dan were seeing me for the first time, what would he think of Nu’s easy contact? Would he be put off if someone else was putting moves on me?

I decided not because across the room, a tall, Nordic version of Aaron had joined Dan’s group. He stood very close to Dan, telling him something while rubbing Dan’s belly with a knuckle. Whatever he said, they all laughed.

Dan glanced at me from the corner of his eye and I let him see me watching without looking like I was watching.

It was like he was holding court. He was the center of their conversation; the other three all faced him. The phrase, “flies to honey,” came to mind. Dan didn’t shut down the tall blond, but he didn’t encourage him either. I decided I could use the same approach with Nu. I could let him and Avery flirt. Dan and I, as strangers, were still connecting.

All that happened in an instant, and then Nu leaned close again. “Be careful with Avery,” he said. “He’s got an obscenely fat cock and he loves to top.”

I laughed; and then from behind, an arm closed across my collarbones, another wrapped around my waist pulling me back against a warm body, and a mouth gave the nape of my neck a nibble. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you guys,” Scott said.

“What? You missed the floor show?” I asked, keeping my eye on Dan. His group was laughing again. Dan’s eye darted to me, quickly stealing a glance, before turning back.

“What floor show?” Scott asked.

Avery returned with two longneck beers and handed me one, frowning at Scott. “Scott,” I said, “meet Avery.” I pointed at Avery with my beer. And this is Nu,” I said, indicating him.

“I know Avery,” Scott said, sounding amused, but then his voice softened noticeably. “But I’ve never met Nu.” He offered Nu the hand that had been around my waist and they shook while Scott’s other arm remained across my collarbones.

“Where’s Daniel?” Scott asked.

“He’s over there,” I said, nodding. “I think we were pretending to be strangers and I’m supposed to be picking him up, but we keep getting interference.”

Scott chuckled and returned his other arm to my waist, hugging me tighter from behind. I could feel him hardening against my butt. “Not the best time or place to try that game,” he said.

“But it is,” I said. “What with the masks and all.”

“Maybe so,” Scott said with another nibble to the side of my neck. I felt my cock start to respond. I gently tried to pull away, but he held me tightly.

“You already did each other,” Avery pointed out. “It’s supposed to be everybody for everybody tonight Sean. Variety. Get as many as you can.” He smiled then, as though he was one of the ones I was supposed to ‘get.’

Scott licked under my ear. “Let’s get Daniel interested,” he murmured and dropped his hands to the inside of my towel-draped hipbones, one hand on either side of my crotch. He pressed the flat of his hands so that my bulge, bulged. “This will show you off.”

“To everybody,” I said, noticing that Nu and Avery had both dropped their eyes to my middle.

Scott rubbed his hands around and I felt the towel tighten against my package. He returned to sucking the side of my neck and his growing erection pressed my butt.

“You’re getting me hard,” I hissed.

“The better to show you off,” Scott said.

“And get me mauled in this crowd.

Avery, looking like a kid going for candy, laid his hand between Scotts, right over my cock.

I jumped and backed away. “Geez, guys, you gonna take me down right here in the kitchen?”

Scott scowled playfully. “Well damn it, Sean. It is that kind of party.” He grabbed Nu’s hand. “But you go ahead and play your game with Daniel. I’ll look for you later.”

And with that, he tugged Nu by the hand out of the kitchen. Nu left with a flatteringly longing look back over his shoulder at me.

Dan was now surrounded by four guys, and seemed to be enjoying himself. His eye shot quickly to me and away. Avery stepped beside me and rubbed my back.

“Scuse me, Avery,” I said, and turned from him before he could say anything.

I needed some breathing room, and though I still wanted to play the game with Daniel, it was proving problematic. So I leaned for a moment against the doorway to the den. A slower song had just started; it sounded like Barbara Streisand singing. Four couples were dancing, and three of them moved into each other’s arms. One guy had lost his towel, and I watched his bare butt flex as he moved.

“Care to dance?” Daniel asked beside me.

Were we still playing the game? I glanced at him; he was watching the dancers. The game was still on.

What would I be thinking if this was the first time I’d heard him speak? “I like your voice,” I said. “It’s unusual.”

He smiled, still watching the dancers. “Like I’m still in puberty?” he asked.

“Yeah, maybe,” I said.

He turned to me. “So is that a yes or a no for a dance?”

I nodded. “A yes.”

We moved into the den and he placed his hands in the small of my back. I laid mine on the back of his shoulders. We stepped together and our cheeks brushed.

His height, his soft skin against mine, his firm body against mine, and his breath on my shoulder; all were exciting. I savored the sensations, as if experiencing them for the first time.

“I was watching you,” I said.

“I was watching you,” he replied.

I nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

I took a whiff of his hair and let my lips brush his neck. “I haven’t seen anyone here remotely like you,” I said. “The way you look; the way you carry yourself, the way everyone around you focuses on you – you’re like a young lord or prince.”

He pulled me closer with his hands low on my back and placed his lips at my ear. “There’s no one here remotely like you,” he said. “With those long, muscular legs, and the way you were shying from the guys around you a while ago – I thought of a deer, a young stag.”

“Really? I asked, weighing the thought while laying my head against his. “I do like to run,” I said. “I think I have the heart of a stag.”

He nuzzled my ear. “More than the heart,” he said. “The body. The spirit. Male, yet full of grace.”

“And you,” I said, brushing my fingertips over the smooth skin of his back. “A cut above everyone else; noble born. But it’s natural for you… like a prince.”

He chuckled. “In England, princes hunt stags.”

I smiled, pulling our chests together. “In Houston,” I said, “stags hunt young princes… to cavort with them in the forest.”

He leaned back, smiling. “Young stag,” he started to say; but then his eyes went all soft and his voice trailed off. His gaze dropped to my lips. “Young stag,” he repeated softly and his lips touched mine.

We had grown hard against each other by the end of the song. The next one began rocky and jarring.

We left the room for the entrance hall and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. With a hand behind my head, he pulled me into another kiss. We moved into each other’s arms. Our hands roamed lightly over skin and muscle, feeling as if for the first time, the other’s body.

I took his hand, and we began up the stairs. He stayed close and our shoulders brushed.

At the top of the stairs, I pulled him to me with a palm in the small of his back. “Young prince,” I whispered. “Come to my forest.”

He took me by the shoulders, and we kissed deeply. I couldn’t have cared less if anyone was around, though I wanted for us to be alone. Reaching down, I pulled away his towel, and then mine, dropping them there at the top of the stairs, pressing our naked cocks together. And then I did something I had wanted to do ever since my knee had been injured; I swept him up in my arms, one under his knees and one behind his back.

I felt strong; all the muscles in my arms and chest, tight, firm.

He laid an arm over my shoulders and a hand on my chest. “Strong, young stag,” he said softly to himself, looking up at me, watching my face.

Cock rampant, I carried him past the boxes on the right side of the loft, past the first bedroom, which was empty but too easy, past the second, which was occupied, to the third. It was occupied as well. I turned back to the closet that had been made into a black room and stood at the entrance a moment, listening. It was quiet.

There was room in there, and privacy, but no way I was going to bend down and try to fit us through the small entrance. Only cardboard covered the doorway. Supporting my weight on my good leg, I kicked at the cardboard with my other until I had dislodged it from one side and my young prince pulled it open. I looked down at his masked face, his long, pale hair hanging back from his head, his lips so soft. “Young prince,” I said. “Come into my forest.”

I stepped through the opening, into the darkness of the closet. No one else was there. I felt pillows at my feet and carefully dropped to my knees. Then I lay him down and lowered my body onto his.

He wrapped his arms over my shoulders, and I grabbed on to his. He spread his legs and I settled between them. His breath was warm on my face. Our mouths met, and our bodies became alive to each other, moving together.

I wanted us joined; I wanted my cock inside him. I wanted to feel his tightness around the base of my shaft while I stretched myself, long into him, making us one. His mood coincided with mine and he pulled his knees higher out to the sides. I lifted my hips, positioning myself at his opening, testing for enough precum.

But he was impatient. He grabbed my head with both hands, pulling me forward, holding my mouth tightly to his; full of desire. I pressed forward with my cock, and his tightness passed over my crown.

I pressed all the way in and he lifted his bottom to meet me. I pulled back my hips and we repeated the action, and then again, and again. With each thrust, we met firmly and hit an easy, pounding rhythm. Like a horse's gallop, I thought, and then smiled because the prince and the stag were running together.

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