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CHAPTER 7 — Ryan


Daniel called before I left for school on Friday morning. “There’s been a change in plans,” he said.


“Last night my uncle John in Houston had a mild heart attack. He’s ok now and it looks like he’s gonna be alright. But my parents are going up to be with him. Uncle James and Aunt Dorothy are going too.”

“But you’re not, right?”

“No,” Daniel said, but quickly added, “but before you start getting ideas about us shacking up at my house or going to the beach house by ourselves, I’ve gotta tell you the bad news.”

“What’s that,” I asked cautiously.

“Well, Austin and Ryan didn’t want to go to Houston, and they were so disappointed about not going with us to the beach that Uncle James said we could still use the beach house and take Austin and Ryan. He just doesn’t want us taking them out on the boat. Anyway, my folks and my aunt and uncle are leaving after work today and will drop Austin and Ryan by here on the way.”

“What about Jeremy?” I asked referring to Austin and Ryan’s little brother.

“No. They’re taking Jeremy with them. My aunt says Jeremy’s too young to leave.” Daniel paused. “So, do you want us to spend the night here and drive down to the beach tomorrow, or go down after the game tonight? I could take Austin and Ryan with me to the game and we can just go from there. It’s on the way anyway.”

The game was out of town and half way to the coast. I’d have to clear it with my parents first and then get coach’s approval to not ride back with the team. While I was thinking about it, Daniel added, “This means we can use the master bedroom ourselves.”

“King-size bed?”

“King-size bed.”

That decided it. “Let’s do it. Austin and Ryan will probably be so tired when we get there, we can bed them down and have the night to ourselves.”

“Yeah, right,” Daniel answered skeptically. “How about I drive you to school then? The team is taking the buses right after class, aren’t they?”


“OK, then. Get your gear for this weekend together and I’ll be by in a few minutes.”

I quickly got my parents’ approval and Dad called the Coach. Coach had to say yes; he had done so for other guys.

On the way to school, Daniel and I reviewed our gear. We decided what snacks and groceries he might need to pick up. We agreed to meet after the game.

My mind was a mess that day. Concentration on anything other than finally having Daniel in a bed was difficult. But I really needed to buckle down for the game. It would be our second district game and my second time as a starter. Determined to not have a repeat of the type of game I had the previous week, I worked hard to settle myself down.

As we got off the bus, Coach pulled me aside. “Sullivan, you gonna be focused tonight?”

“Yeah, Coach,” I answered, worried that he might be considering starting someone else.

“Good,” he said. “We’re going to need you at your best tonight. I heard today that they’ve got some trick plays for us. You’re on their strong side. Anything tricky is going to come your way.”

Well that sure put my mind at ease. I was already nervous as hell. I guess it showed as we suited up. Stef noticed and slapped my shoulder pads. “Relax, Sean. You’ll be great.”

“I better be or I can’t go home,” I told him. Our opponent that night was another old rival, and one we’d have to beat to win district. I sat down on the locker room bench. “That’s the one thing I hate about playing cornerback,” I said. “If I goof up, everybody sees it. Worse. If I goof up, we can lose the game.”

Stef patted my back encouragingly. “At least you aren’t the safety. Be glad you aren’t Richardson.”

The school rivalry had a tradition; one involving our bands. Each school had a unique war drum beat; an aggressive drum cadence that sounded like primitive jungle drums. Drums were booming back and forth as we walked out of the dressing room.

Daniel, Austin, and Ryan were there, to one side. I was surprised. Usually no one was around locker rooms before a game. I walked quickly over to them.

“Man, you look huge with all that gear on,” Austin said.

Daniel grinned. “You better win tonight or you’ll spoil our whole weekend.”

“Great,” I mumbled. “As if I didn’t already feel enough pressure.”

Ryan was quiet, and looked bashful. It was nice to see someone looking more nervous than I felt. I gave his arm a playful punch. “You going to cheer for me.”

He smiled, half-heartedly. “Sure.”

“You cheer,” I said, and I’ll make a tackle for you.

He looked up at me skeptically. Maybe I’d been silly. He was thirteen, after all, and not as young as he looked.

“I will,” I promised. “The tackle I do for you, I’ll let you know. I’ll… I’ll do this…” I held up my fist and pumped my arm. “When I do that, it means the tackle I made was for you.”

He studied me a moment, trying to determine whether I was serious, and finally smiled happily, as though he decided to just enjoy the offer.

“What?” Daniel asked. “No tackles for me?”

“To you,” I said, “I dedicate the whole game.”

“Sullivan!” coach called. Everyone was heading for the field.

“Gotta go,” I said, and took off running to catch up.

While we loosened up on the field and fans filed into the stadium, drums from both bands beat out a deafening cadence. That only made the butterflies worse. I searched the stands and found Daniel and his cousins sitting just a few rows up from our bench. I waved at them to let them know I’d seen them, and somehow, felt better knowing they were there. Ryan pumped his arm in the air.

On their first position, the other team marched seventy yards, mostly on the ground, and scored. Our offense sputtered and failed to make a single first down on our first possession. On their second possession, the other team marched fifty yards, mostly on the ground before Richardson intercepted a pass and we got the ball.

The bad news was that Richardson twisted his ankle and coach rotated me to the safety position. I was too busy covering the field to worry about playing the most exposed position on defense, though. They had begun passing, and my job, as our last defense, was to make sure their passing game failed.

For the remainder of the half, their offense was on the field twice as long as ours, and they ran us ragged, but we held them to only one more touchdown; while our offense managed a touchdown and a field goal, both set up by long passes.

Each time I came back to the sidelines, I glanced up at Daniel and crew in the stands, and each time I left to go onto the field, I looked up at them. Almost every time, at least one of them would pump his arm. Each time, I got a little boost to my spirit. But I couldn’t get a tackle I was proud enough of to pump my arm for Ryan. We went into halftime, down four points.

Coach called me aside in the locker room. “Their quarterback is getting way too much time to pass,” he said. “The next time they’re third and long on our side of the fifty, you’re gonna blitz; blitz the quarterback.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“You can’t screw up, Sullivan. You can’t let him get the pass off. You’ve got to nail him for a loss. You’ve gotta hit him hard and make him worry that you’re going to blitz him every time he’s in an obvious passing situation. Can you do it?”

Well you always said yes to the coach. “Yeah,” I growled, and wondered how many people would want my hide if I blew it. It was damned risky.

On the second series of plays after the half, I blitzed. Their fullback picked up our blitzing middle linebacker and screened my approach from the quarterback. He’d turned to look downfield on the opposite sideline and never saw me coming.

When I hit him, the loud whack rang in my ears. He went flying one way, and the ball another. I landed between him and the ball, and scrambled for it, scooping it up just before their fullback could reach it. There was a roar from the crowd as I raced their fullback for the goal line.

I ran away from his pursuit, and leapt into the air as I scored the touchdown. I jumped in the air several more times before I realized I was pumping both arms. Remembering my promise to Ryan, I turned to face where they were in the stands and pumped my arm twice before several of our guys swarmed me. We were up for the first time in the game, by three.

The other team’s next possession began on their twenty-five. They quickly earned a first down on our forty. Then we held them the next two downs. Coach sent Stef in at cornerback for the third down. “Coach wants the safety blitz again,” he announced in the defensive huddle. “Sean’s supposed to blitz.”

As we broke from the huddle, I grabbed Stef’s arm. “Cover for me, Stef. If the quarterback gets off a pass before I get to him, don’t let it be caught.”

“You just better bust him,” Stef warned, not sounding at all confident as he headed to his position on the side.

This time the quarterback saw me coming and was ready for me, but I still hurried his throw. As I closed on him, I had to make a decision to go for the tackle or to block the pass, and I went for the block. The ball made it past my hands, barely. “Shit!” I cried out and turned to look downfield, prepared to be the world’s fastest human if one of their guys caught the ball.

What I saw was a surprised Stefan catch the ball yards from any of their receivers. He came my way, followed closely by their tight end. I caught Stef’s pursuer, right in the gut with my shoulder, before he could catch Stef. That bought Stef five more yards before they brought him down. When he got up, I tackled Stef myself, in celebration, and several guys piled on.

Stef’s interception took all the wind out of the other guys’ sails. The rest of the game was defensive for both sides as defenses hunkered down and clung to every inch. No interceptions for me, but twice I ran stride for stride with a receiver and batted the ball away from his hands. We finished the game with a three point win.

Stef was ecstatic in the locker room. Once our pads were off, I put an arm over his shoulders and squeezed. “You saved my butt, Stef,” I told him. “I owe you big time!”

“Yeah, you do, Sullivan,” coach said from behind. “Great interception, Reese,” he said to Stef. “Well done.”

Stef’s smile got even wider. Mine, however, came crashing down.

“Relax, Sullivan,” coach said, laughing. “You played an excellent game, son. Next week, you’re defensive captain.”

Coach swatted my butt and left. Stef grabbed both of my shoulders and shook me. “Way to go, Sean!” he said.

Coach wanted me to ride back on the bus. If I hadn’t been before, I’d become one of his favorites. It would have been fun to ride back with everyone, talking about the game, my touchdown and Stef’s interception. Stef and Aaron might even let us sit up front this time.

All that was beside the point; Daniel was waiting. Daniel and a bed. And he’d be glad to talk to me about the game.

I wanted to be clean and smell good for Daniel. So I showered thoroughly, while fighting off Aaron’s butt slaps. “You know,” he said, leaning confidentially toward me, “Stef had his head up his ass. They flooded us with receivers and Stef just lost it. He froze. He just happened to be in the right spot at the right time for the interception.”

“So?” I asked. “Listen, Aaron. He caught the ball, and he ran it. And he was in the right spot. Give him some credit and don’t spoil things for him, OK?”

Aaron grinned as he soaped up his crotch, his big cock flopping back and forth. “Sure, I won’t say anything. I’m just jealous anyway.”

I dressed in my best shirt and shorts, and splashed on cologne, all in record time. Leaving the locker room, I found Daniel and his cousins waiting. I had hoped Austin and Ryan would be tired and sleep all the way to the beach. No such luck.

They were all excited about the game. They greeted me like a conquering hero, with whoops and back slaps, and butt slaps all around. “Hey, Tiger,” I said to Ryan. “Did you like your tackle?”

Ryan grinned from ear to ear, and pumped his arm. “Woohoo! That was the best! The best play of the whole game!” And then he gave me a verbal replay from the perspective of the stands, including crowd reaction.

Daniel winked at me. I claimed the front passenger seat and while the cousins climbed into the back, Daniel leaned over the hood of the jeep. “You’ve done it now, Sean,” he said with a grin. “Ryan may be hard to shake all weekend.”

“Sorry,” I said with a sad smile.

“Don’t be,” he laughed. “You’re my hero, too.”

The jeep was noisy. As we talked, Austin leaned up between the two front seats so that he could take part in the conversation. Ryan began pushing from behind, trying to get in on things too. It seemed natural then, when Austin moved up and sat sideways in my lap; his legs out toward Daniel and his butt firmly in my crotch.

It also seemed natural that his butt moved around while he talked excitedly about the game. But just not as much as he moved it. He kept rubbing and bouncing. I couldn’t help sprouting an erection. Austin snuck his hand down and grabbed my cock through my pants. I jumped and looked over at Daniel. He hadn’t missed a thing, and was smiling at my predicament. Ryan retreated to the back seat, wrapping himself in a beach blanket, looking like he felt left out.

About the time I thought I’d pull Austin’s pants down and rape him right there, we hit a lull in the conversation and Austin moved back to the rear seat. I think he was satisfied to have given me a hell of a boner.

No sooner had Austin gone back, than Ryan crawled into my lap with his beach blanket. “It’s my turn to sit up front,” he announced, covering himself, and me, with the blanket.

Ryan sidled back into my lap, but didn’t settle there. It was his turn to talk and he was still excited about the game. Ryan may have been thirteen, but he was as giddy as a ten year old, obviously delighted that I dedicated a play to him. It occurred to me that he might have taken it more seriously than I intended.

Ryan bounced in my lap almost as much as his brother had when he talked. My erection had no chance to subside. I groaned under my breath as his firm little butt applied repeated pressure to my crotch.

Ryan put his hands down into my lap to adjust his seating and felt my hard cock. He stopped in mid-sentence, felt up and down my cock, and looked up at me surprised.

“Sorry,” I said, apologetically, “but you keep wiggling, you know.”

“Does he still have a hard-on?” Austin asked, leaning forward between the seats.

“Shut up, Austin,” I said, as Ryan stared up at me. He started to leave my lap, but I held him, not wanting to have screwed things up with my major fan. “Just move over a little, and stay here,” I said.

“I told ya he’s got a big one,” Austin said. “Feel it.”

And then shy little Ryan surprised me and did just that, grasping the outlines of my cock through my shorts.

“Big, huh?” Austin said.

I glanced at Daniel and caught a smirk on his face. He just shrugged, laughed, and returned his eyes to the road.

Well fair is fair. Ryan felt me up under the blanket, so I reached between his legs. His package felt full, and as I gently caressed, it got fuller. He was more than adequately endowed for a little guy.

Ryan spread his legs slightly, moaned softly, and let his eyelids drop half-way.

“Kiss him,” Austin encouraged. My eyes weren’t on Austin and I wasn’t sure who was being encouraged to kiss whom. Austin leaned farther between the seats. “I told Ry that you taught me how to kiss and he wants you to teach him, too. Kiss him.”

“Shut up, Austin,” Ryan said, removing his hand from my lap, and turning his eyes from me to frown at his brother.

“Just do it, Ry,” he said. “You know you want to.”

I took my hand from Ryan’s lap and moved it to his ribs. “Maybe he doesn’t want to be gross with a grizzly old football player,” I joked and then dug my fingers into his ribs.

Ryan’s eyes widened and he wriggled in my lap, laughing. He could have bounced out of my lap. He could have fought harder. But he just wriggled against my cock and laughed, and I wondered if he was even ticklish.

I tickled him, rested a second, tickled some more, and kept it up until Austin, losing interest, sat back in his seat. Then, during a pause, Ryan, leaning back in my right arm, lost his smile, and with hesitant eyes, invited a kiss. I bent slowly, brushing my lips lightly over his. He closed his eyes and I gave him a firmer kiss. Ryan wrapped an arm lightly over my shoulders and relaxed in my arms. I pulled him to me allowing his head to rest on my shoulder.

Daniel, who had been watching, shook his head. “You’re no prince charming, Sean. Sleeping Beauty is supposed to wake up, not go to sleep.”

“What? Did he kiss him?” Austin asked, leaning forward from the back seat.

“Go to sleep, Austin,” I said. “And be quiet. Ryan’s sleeping.”

Under the blanket, Ryan gave my stomach a playful squeeze to let me know he wasn’t sleeping, which I knew, of course.

Austin wasn’t fooled. “Ryan’s not sleeping. Kiss him again,” Austin encouraged.

“Go to sleep,” I repeated.

Austin threw himself back in his seat. “You’re going to have to do it again so I can see.”

We rode quietly after that, and Austin did go to sleep. But, even though Ryan kept his eyes closed, under the blanket he slid his hand into my shorts and felt over the end of my cock with a fingertip.

So I slipped my left hand up the loose leg of his shorts and inserted my finger into the leg hole of his briefs. His cock was hard, but his skin was soft and damp. Ryan moaned so softly that only I could hear.

After a while, Daniel assumed that Ryan was asleep. Looking at the younger boy, supposedly sleeping in my arms, he shook his head. “He’s got a crush on you, Sean. Of course,” he said, “I can hardly blame him.”

I hugged Ryan closer to me with the arm I had around his back, and it occurred to me that it could be awfully easy for me to get a crush on him. Ryan was a really sweet kid. I rubbed my cheek on his head and then felt Dan staring at me. He was frowning. At the way I was holding Ryan?

“Don’t you fall in love with him either,” Daniel said in a way that made me wonder if he read my mind.

Ryan’s fingers closed over my cock and he gently squeezed. I assumed he’d heard Daniel.

I chose my words carefully. “He’s a neat kid, Dan. I like him. But,” I said clearly, “that’s not going to happen.”

Daniel smiled at me, and then bit his lip. Leaning toward me, he lowered his voice. “Look, I know you’ve been looking forward to us having a real bed and all, and tonight, it’ll probably work out, but you know Austin’s gonna want to mess around this weekend, and probably Ryan, too. And well, I guess I sorta figure we’ll do it. What do you think?”

Ryan’s hand squeezed my cock again, firmly.

“Yeah,” I said, “I guess so. But not tonight; even if I have to nail our door closed.” I said it clearly for Ryan to hear. I might like the kid and even find him sorta hot, but tonight, I was determined to have Daniel to myself.

Daniel smiled and reached across to rub my shoulder. “You and me,” he said. “I’ve been looking forward to it all week.”

He rubbed my shoulder until we crossed the railroad tracks in Los Fresnos. When we bounced over them, Ryan shifted, nuzzling my neck, his lips close to my ear.

Then just loud enough for me to hear over the road noise, he whispered. “Austin says you do ‘it’ special,” his breath tickled my ear. “He said you laid on him and kissed him the whole time you… did it.” His mouth so close that his lips brushed my ear. “I want you to do it like that to me.”

Well that stiffened my cock in his hand. Ryan moved again in my lap, removing his hand and pressing his hip against me. Burying his face in my neck, he slipped his arm behind my back. On the side of my neck, where no one could see, he kissed me.

When we arrived at the beach house and Daniel opened his door to get out, Ryan nuzzled my neck. “Carry me,” he whispered.

Well, he was a slender little guy, and so, I stepped from the jeep and let him climb sleepily onto my back. Daniel led Austin, zombie-like, up the stairs. I followed.

It was a clear night. There was a warm breeze off the gulf. As tired as I was, the evening and the thought of finally getting Daniel in bed stirred me.

The beach house faced the bay. Stairs rose from ground level to a deck that ran across the entire front on the bay side. Opening onto the deck was a living room/den. At the rear of that room was a dining table. A breakfast bar separated the dining area from the kitchen.

The living room had two couches, two arm chairs, a coffee table, and a TV. In a corner, several large throw-pillows and blankets were stacked. A hall lead from the middle of the living room and ran between the master bedroom/bath which faced the bay (and also opened onto the deck) and the other two bedrooms that looked out on the island side. It was in one of those two rooms that we laid each of the brothers down on a twin bed.

I caught Daniel frowning when Ryan clung to my neck. He got Austin into bed and grabbed my arm. “For Pete’s sake,” Daniel whispered. “Leave ‘em dressed. Don’t wake ‘em.” We pulled their shoes off, covered them, and turned out the lights.

Daniel turned on the air conditioner. It immediately began to cool. Quietly, we hauled up our gear from the beach. Then I followed Daniel into the master bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed. “Sometimes, it’s a little hard,” he complained, “when EVERY BODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD wants to fuck with you, Sean. Even my thirteen year-old cousin’s climbing your bones.”

Sitting down beside him, I patted his leg. “We’ll keep the door locked all weekend,” I volunteered.

He shook his head and put his arm around my shoulder. “Nah, I’m just tired, and maybe a little jealous… football star.” He laughed lightly, and kissed my cheek. “You sore from the game? Want a rubdown?”

“Oh, yeah,” I murmured, leaning into him. “I am a little sore.”

“Strip,” he whispered.

He stood, pulling off his shirt. I got up and pulled mine off. Then I couldn’t resist grabbing Daniel to press my bare stomach to his and rub them together playfully. He smiled and reached between us to unfasten, first my shorts, then his. While I held his angular shoulders in my arms, he pushed down my pants, then his, and pressed his hardness to mine.

“Oh, hell,” I mumbled. “Forget the rubdown.”

Daniel smiled and wrapped his hands over my butt, pressing his mouth to the side of my face.

We kissed for some time before Daniel lay back on the bed and pulled me down onto him. I managed to keep my arms around his shoulders, my cheek pressed to his, and settled my hips between his open legs. Daniel kneaded and squeezed my butt, encouraging me to meet his thrusts with my own.

“You feel good,” he whispered.

“You feel good to me, too” I whispered back.

“Can we just stay like this?” he asked. “I like the feel of your body on mine.” He pulled me to him by my butt. “I even like the feel of your balls lying on mine.”

I pressed forward with my hips, pressing my balls down firmly against his. “We can stay like this. I like the feel of your balls, too,” I answered huskily. Then I pressed my lips to his neck. “I can cum this way.”

“Me too,” he said, and then found my mouth with his.

We took our time, grinding slowly, kissing, embracing. We rolled, and on my back, I spread my legs for him, discovering how good it felt to be on the bottom, the weight of his body on mine, the weight of his loose ballsack resting on mine, his firm back and butt under my hands.

“It’s a bed, Dan,” I said. “And clean sheets.”

He grunted, and sucked and licked in the hollow of my neck. We rolled again. And once more, I settled between Daniel’s legs. Our pace quickened and I tightened my arms around his shoulders. He clutched my butt, and spread his knees wider to either side, pulling us together, intimately, snuggly.

I rested on him when we were done and only reluctantly got up to use the john and to grab a towel. Sitting beside him, I wiped his belly dry, then my own. I lay down on my side, backing up for him to spoon me, which he did, pulling me to him with one arm under my neck and the other over my side, hand on my belly. I snuggled my butt back into his warm lap and my back into his chest. “I’ve wanted to be able to do this, too,” I said. “Just to be able to sleep together.”

“We’re going to do more than sleep,” Daniel said, pulling me tighter. “What we just did was great, but I want to do more.”

“Like I said,” I told him, putting my hand over his that rested on my stomach. “We can keep the door locked.”

“Wish we could,” he said.

I rubbed from his hand up his forearm. “You’ve messed with both Austin and Ryan, right?”

“Well,” he answered reluctantly. “You know Austin; he can be damned pushy. For that matter, little Ryan can be pretty determined, too. Both of them inherited one hell of a sex gene.” He kissed the back of my neck. “It’s OK if we wind up messing with them. It’ll be easier than fighting them if that’s what they want. Besides, it could be fun.” He rubbed himself against me. Then he spoke half to himself. “It’s not like competing with Stef for you.”

My thoughts had run on when he mentioned Ryan being quiet. “I like Ryan,” I said. “I sorta feel sorry for him. He’s shy and it seems like his dad picks on him.”

Daniel chuckled. “He’s definitely not so shy when he gets to know you. But yeah, I think Uncle James likes Austin and Jeremy more. I don’t know why, but he seems to.”

“Poor guy; Ryan, that is.”

“So,” Daniel said, a little tenseness creeping into his voice. “You have the hots for Ryan?”

I shook my head. “No, not really. I mean yeah, he’s a really cute guy and all, but I just sorta like him, for himself, you know?” I pulled Daniel’s arm tighter around me. “But he’s nothing like you, Dan. You’re perfect. The kid doesn’t stand a chance.”

Daniel nuzzled into the hair at the back of my head. “Perfect, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said with a sincere definitiveness. “Perfect. You have a perfect body. You’re like, the smartest guy in school. You’re always cool… you know, self-confident. You enjoy the things I enjoy, like being outdoors and fishing and bicycling. You’re fun to be with. I can relax and be myself around you. I love everything about you.” I sighed contentedly. “I love being with you, Daniel. And you know it.”

“In that case,” he said, nuzzling my hair. “You can mess with Ryan. Just don’t get carried away.”

“I’m afraid he’s expecting it,” I said, and told Daniel about the jeep ride. By the time I was done, his cock had stiffened against my backside. And that started an erection for me. “You wanna do it?” I asked. “I mean, you’re already in position.”

Daniel ground forward with his hips. “Yeah,” he said, throatily, gnawing the back of my neck. “Speaking of perfect… you’ve got this ass that’s… ummm.”

Dan stayed in me after he came. And though I hadn’t cum again, I was tired and ready to sleep. It was fine with me to stay just that way. He held me tightly and I was asleep before he softened enough to slip from me.


I woke to the feel of lips lightly on mine. I pressed my eyes closed more tightly.

Daniel had rolled away and I was on my back, lying naked on top of the covers. The lips pressed mine more firmly and someone with hot skin pressed his body against me, leg over me, his hard cock pressing along my hipbone. My hands came up reflexively; I found Ryan’s slim back and bottom.

His hand found my cock and pulled it up onto my belly, and I finally opened my eyes. He rubbed the underside of my cock with the heel of his palm, watching my eyes. When I was hard, he took my hand and backed from the bed.

I was awake now, and saw daylight behind the window curtains. It would have been nice to stay with Daniel, but he was on the other side of the bed, and had already pretty much said to go for it with Ryan. I let Ryan pull me from the bed.

He led me by the hand to the living room from where I could see that the sun had barely peeked over the horizon. Ryan turned, and his erection poked into my thigh. I reached down for it, and decided he was longer than his older brother, but thinner, for now.

Despite the size of his equipment, he had little pubic hair. His skin was soft, smooth, and flawless. The dark tan of his torso and legs contrasted with the narrow band of white left over his hips and butt by his speedos. His slender body was lean, but willowy and soft. He smelled of sleep and slightly of sweat from the night before.

When I wrapped my arms around him, his body melted into mine and he wrapped his arms almost delicately over my shoulders. He was slender and fragile, and he aroused something masculine and protective in me; something that wanted to hold him tight, to possess him.

We kissed, and the kiss deepened. His body molded to mine. He felt so slender, pliant, yielding, and yet, so hungry. Ryan’s mouth was hot. His skin was hot. His hands lightly stroked my shoulders and his fingers combed my hair. Any shyness on his part had long ago melted away. Our kiss became incredibly passionate.

Both his hands were in my hair now, while mine tested the softness of his skin and the firmness of his back muscles beneath. His breath was fresh. He’d brushed his teeth for me, but it was way too late to worry about brushing mine for him. He whimpered as we rubbed our erections over each other’s bellies, hips, and legs.

Grabbing Ryan’s ass, I lifted him up, and he wrapped his legs around my waist. He grabbed my hair and held my head firmly while our tongues probed each other’s mouth. He moved against me as I carried him to the floor beside the couch.

Kneeling down, I grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and lowered him down onto the floor, so that his butt rested on the pillow. He lay back, and I moved over him. I lifted his knees to either side, and the tip of my cock pressed against his crack. “I’ll get some lotion,” I said, quietly.

But Ryan wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly. “It’s OK,” I reassured him. “We don’t need to do… that.”

“No,” he whispered. “I want to. I just don’t want you to leave. Can’t you just do it?”

Damn, he was hot. And I was just as hot. I rubbed spit into his crack and then onto my crown. Pressing slowly forward, my cockhead slid into his crack and found the softness of his opening. I pushed, and then had to push a little harder. He was tight, and squeezed as I pushed in. I placed my mouth over his and felt him tense as I popped in. His tightness slowly traveled down my shaft. I held the kiss and pressed my hips forward. Ryan relaxed and his mouth opened to mine.

When I was mostly in, I relaxed onto him and wrapped my arms under him. He was so slender and I was so long and we were both so limber, I was able to lay flat on him while still buried deeply. His cock felt like a rock between our bellies. I wrapped him so tightly in my arms that our chins rested over each other’s neck and we were snug from our chests to where I moved in and out. Our heights made for a perfect fit and when we kissed, it was eye to eye.

Then I realized that I was all the way into him and he was handling it fine. In fact, he was moving with me, undulating under me. His arms lay over my shoulders as lightly as a girl’s; his mouth brushed my ear; his breath was hot.

Each time I thrust forward, I buried myself so deeply that my pubic bone pressed his perineum and my cock dragged my balls to the edge of his hole, squeezing them into his crack. “Oh, damn, you’re good,” I whispered and his arms tightened over my shoulders.

And then my mouth was on his again. Our bodies parted and came together as I thrust and he moved to meet me. He grabbed my hair again; his mouth hungry. I had to take a breath, and licked inside his ear. “Is it like you wanted?” I asked breathlessly.

He nodded, his cheek against mine; his pelvis rocking with mine. “Oh, yeah,” he panted.

I planted my elbows on either side of his neck and wrapped my arms over the top of his head. I pushed up off my elbows, pumping longer, harder, from my waist; pumping with my whole body. My gut tightened and relaxed; tightened and relaxed; reflexively, convulsively. It felt almost as though each thrust was pulled from my gut by the twisting, writhing body I was joined to. “You’re so fucking hot,” I whispered, mindlessly.

Golden sunlight streamed into the room as I shoved my arms under his back and lifted him upright in my lap. He clung to me, arms around my neck, as I held him close to my body and let him settle down on me. I felt long inside him; stretched. Then I rose on my knees, lifting him, and laid his back onto the couch.

Clutching his hips, I pulled his butt to the edge. His legs stayed loosely wrapped around me and I moved my hips within them. Bending from my waist, I pressed my belly to his cock and rocked forward and back on my knees; rubbing his cock with my belly.

Ryan’s head rolled back and he squirmed under me, moaning softly with each of my thrusts. I watched his body writhe and rock under me. His fine, blond hair lay out around his head like a silken pillow; his eyes were closed; his lips slightly parted. I pulled up his legs, holding them with a crook of my arm behind each knee and bent to kiss him.

And then I was pounding into him, biting my tongue to keep quiet, pouring my seed into him. It was a long orgasm, stretched longer by his tightness. Slowly, very slowly, I came down from my climax, kissing tenderly, over his face and lips.

Sometimes, after making love, you feel a flood of gentle affection and that happened to me. Ryan had just given himself to me and I felt an acute tenderness toward the boy stretched under me. With my lips over his face, I showed him how I felt.

When I slipped from inside him, I kissed down his body and took his cock into my mouth.

Ryan, still hot, grabbed my head and thrust into my mouth. When he came, the taste was mild, almost sweet.

And when we were done, I pulled him to the floor and put pillows under our heads. Then I spooned him as Daniel had spooned me the night before. I wanted to hold him, I wanted to wrap his smaller body protectively in mine. I wanted to cuddle him to me.

“You OK?” I asked in a whisper.

Eyes closed, he sighed, smiling. “It was better than I dreamed it would be. Way better.”

That made me wonder what he’d been dreaming about as after-sex drowsiness stole over me, and I fell asleep.

It seemed like I had barely closed my eyes when I felt hands on my butt and looked to see Austin stroking himself as he knelt behind me.

Austin was not content to just do his thing, and just let me hold Ryan and try to sleep through it all. No, once he pushed in to me, he had to squeeze and press and measure every one of my muscles that he could reach. That included my legs and butt and back; he even reached between Ryan and my bodies to feel my belly and chest. It took him forever to cum. And when he was finally done, he snuggled on to me like he was going to leave his hard cock in me and go to sleep that way. Letting Daniel do it was one thing, Austin was something else entirely.

Holding Ryan had been sweet and special for the moments I’d been allowed to do it before Austin arrived. Now I just wanted to go back to bed. I pulled myself off Austin’s softening cock and crawled from between the brothers.

When I crawled back into bed, Daniel lifted his head. “Where have you been?”

I groaned and rolled onto my stomach. “Don’t be mad,” I said.


“Well, I was with your cousins.”

He rolled onto his side and stroked my back. “Better you than me.”

“What?” I asked, surprised. “You aren’t mad about it?”

He laid his body half on mine and kissed my cheek. “You took good care of me last night. I’m still sleepy.” But then he pushed back from me. “But why did you go looking for them? What was all that about locking the door all weekend?”

I groaned. “I didn’t go looking for them. I woke up with Ryan’s hot little body lying on mine. He got me all worked up and then dragged me to the den. That’s where Austin found us.”

Daniel’s hand trickled down my back and danced lightly over my butt.

“I’m sorry. I should have dragged you with me,” I offered.

He laughed and laid on me again, his leg over my butt, and his arm over the back of my shoulders. His soft cock and balls hung over my butt cheek and his breath brushed my cheek when he exhaled. “I hope you didn’t get too tired out.”

“Hmmph,” I grumbled. “Austin was no problem but Ryan’s something else. It was like plugging myself into a sexual socket and short circuiting everywhere.”


“Yeah,” I said softly, remembering the feel of Ryan’s body under mine. “It was hot.”

“I warned you,” he said. “He’s in love with you.” Daniel rubbed my back. “Don’t fall in love with him, Sean, please,” he whispered. “Don’t fall in love with anyone else. Not yet. You said that you need me. Well I need you.”

I had closed my eyes, but opened them again at the sound of Daniel’s concern. Daniel’s eyes were earnest.

“Do you have any idea,” he asked, “how long I have liked you? How long I’ve wanted to be your friend?”

“No,” I said softly, looking at him across the pillow.

“I always envied Stef,” he said. “I never had a best friend and he had a perfect one.”

I chuckled. “Perfect, huh?”

“Perfect,” he said, rubbing my neck now. “You can be perfect too, you know. I remember the first time I realized how special you were. You guys were choosing up sides for baseball, and you picked fat little Timmy Rogers for your team, as like your second choice. He always got picked last for everything, but you picked him second and acted like you really wanted him on your team. I saw exactly what you were doing.”

“I’ve watched you ever since and you do stuff like that all the time. I’ve watched you include little kids in games. You took care of the new guys in scouts. You spot anybody being left out or lonely.” He stroked back my hair. “You care about people.”

He slid his head forward to touch my nose with his. “I’ve always looked for someone like you to be my best friend. Somebody special. There aren’t any others like you out there, Sean, at least not in our town. You told me before that you need me. Well I need you, Sean.” He moved his lips to my ear. “I’m gay Sean. And I can face that if my best friend is the kind of guy who picks Timmy Rogers for his team.”

“Best friend?” I asked quietly.

His hand moved to cradle the side of my face. “My lover,” he said as lightly as a breath.

“Lover,” I said, nodding. I might still fight against being gay, but I could never fight against what I felt for Daniel.

“You know when I started dreaming about doing stuff with you?” he asked, so close that his lips brushed my cheek. “When you and Stefan started messing around again on fishing trips, Stef told me about it.” He smiled and leaned back on the pillow. “He told me so I would mess with him, too.”

“I didn’t need convincing,” he said quietly. “But Stef and I hadn’t done anything in a while, and he thought I did. Anyway,” he idly twisted a strand of my hair, “I always figured you were straight. But when Stef told me about the fishing trips… well,” his hand traveled down the back of my neck and onto my shoulders. “I started thinking about you that way.”

I chuckled and Dan looked surprised. “It’s funny,” I said, “because I started thinking that way about you after Stef told me about you guys having messed around. And for the record, when we were kids, Daniel, I envied Stef, having a cousin like you. I mean, like you were born cool.”

He smiled and massaged my neck. “And then last spring… “ he began to say.

“… at Lara Ann’s swim party?” I asked, grinning.

He laughed. “You too?”

“Hell yes. You looked so damned hot in your swimsuit. And then when we wrestled around in the pool…” I leaned my forehead to his. “I was rock hard for like an hour.”

Daniel laughed out loud. “I was hard as hell, too. That night, I jacked off thinking about you.”

I laughed. “Me, too.” Then I looked into his eyes. “You’re beautiful. I know you know that, but I’ve gotta say it. You’re beautiful.”

He shook his head. “You are, Sean. You’ve got a good face and a heavenly body.” His massaging of my neck, became a caress. “I dream about your body,” he added, softly.

“I dream about your body, too,” I told him, in a whisper. “And us being together like this. I dream about it even when I try not to.” I nuzzled my face under his cheek. “I’m sorry, Dan, but I fight it. I always try fighting it. Thinking of guys… you know? But I always give up sooner or later. And when I do, I try to think only of you.”

Reaching across my back, he pulled me tighter to him. “Do you mind so much?” he asked quietly. “That we’ve fallen in love.”

“It doesn’t matter now.” I said after a moment. “We already have.”

“It might not last,” he said quietly.

“It’s going to last,” I said.

He said nothing, but rubbed my back.

“Well,” I said. “At least as far as I’m concerned.”

“You haven’t fallen in love with Ryan?” he asked.

I started to quickly deny it, but then remembered some of what Ryan stirred in me. “It’s different with him,” I said. “It might be easy… you know… to fall in love with him. There’s something about him that makes me want to hold him, protect him… and I know it sounds crazy, but something about him turns me on. But, Dan, he’s a kid.”

Looking into Dan’s eyes, I tried to fit a sixteen year-old’s heart into words that were totally inadequate. “It’s not right, what I feel about Ryan. It’s really love as much as… he excites me.” I shrugged sheepishly, and then looked as earnestly as I could into his eyes. ”But it’s right between you and me, Daniel. It’s love… honest. It’s more than that. It’s incredible,” I said softly, letting the wonder I sometimes felt about us creep into my voice. “What I feel for you is so much more than anything I could feel for Ryan or anyone else.”

His eyes searched. “Yeah,” he said, softly. “I love you like that, too.” Then he smiled. “You really love me?” he asked.

“You know I do.”

He squeezed my back and rubbed himself on my butt. “Yeah, I do,” he said happily. “And damn, I love you.” He snuggled on to me and held me while I closed my eyes and relaxed. Just before I fell asleep, I heard him whisper softly. “With all my heart.”

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