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CHAPTER 8 — Cousins

After a late breakfast we decided to head down to the beach. I’d bought a new pair of black Speedos to impress Daniel. They had a one-inch side seam and there wasn’t a whole lot to them. I slipped them on in front of the other guys.

Austin whistled.

“I hope I look like that when I’m sixteen,” Ryan said.

Daniel smiled and let out a soft, “Wow!”

“Damn it, guys,” I protested, “You’re giving me a woody.” And they were.

“Hell, don’t tear the suit,” Daniel said, “You look way too hot in it. Put that woody away.”

“Gentlemen,” he said very seriously to Ryan and Austin, “we’ll need to protect Sean from being raped when we go to the beach, OK”

“Yeah, right,” I said. “I’m going to feel real protected with you guys on the job.”

As it turned out, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves, it being past the season. There were a few people, primarily adults. Several of them, and not just the females, did a pretty good job of raping all four of us with their eyes. One pair of youngish looking women kept their eyes on us the whole time we were near. They made me feel completely speedoless. It was difficult not to get hard, mainly because I felt, well, sexy.

The four of us started to build a big sand castle next to the water while a slow parade of people passed by. We looked all the young ones over, guys or gals.

A couple of good looking Hispanic guys in their late teens or early twenties walked past. They looked to be from Mexico partly because they had that unique cosmopolitan, almost continental feel that wealthy Mexicans have, and partly because they were wearing the really tiny swimsuits guys from down there wear. These guys definitely tested the stretch ability of those suits.

One of them was taller than me. The other was short, like Stefan, but taller than the cousins. They smiled as they passed. We smiled back. Though we didn’t know to call it gaydar back then, mine beeped twice.

A short way up the beach they turned around and came back. With smiles in our direction, they sat at the water’s edge close to us.

The sun was growing hot on my back and the back of my neck. I rose, put my hands behind my neck, and arched in a long, comfortable stretch. I felt their eyes on me, and held the stretch for the benefit of our Mexican neighbors. When I relaxed, I casually looked their way. They both had open-mouth smiles. I smiled back. The tall one winked.

I felt a stirring in my groin and sat back down before I showed hard.

“Hey,” Ryan said, looking down to where he had scooped out sand. Water was filling into the hole. “There’s a little shrimp thing.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, squatting next to him. “There are lots of little animals in the sand at the water’s edge.”

Ryan smiled up at me, excitedly. He was damned cute in the sun.

I cleared my throat. “I forgot you like biology. Maybe later, we can try seining in front of your beach house.”

Austin had noticed the guys from Mexico, too. There was nothing wrong with that kid’s gaydar. He lay down on his stomach on the wet sand, to their side of the sand castle, and rested his face on the back of his hands. Their eyes went to his butt, which was undoubtedly what he intended. The guys were much older than Austin and I got the impression that Austin was only teasing them, and he did it well.

It was moments later that we heard gulls crying out, and turned to see two of them fight over and drop a sand crab. Before either of them could swoop back for it, I dashed over and picked up the thumb-sized crab. Though they’re everywhere, sand crabs are devils to catch.

This one was pretty much dead. Ryan came up beside me, his head at my shoulder. I held the crab up for him to see. The legs were barely moving. “Not gonna make it,” I said.

“Aww,” he said, rubbing his finger over the crab’s shell.

And then I had an idea. “Watch,” I told Ryan.

I snuck up on Austin. Daniel paused in his sand castle building to watch. The taller Mexican shook his friend and pointed in my direction. I pulled up the back of Austin’s speedos, shoved in the crab, and back peddled.

The crab formed a little lump in Austin’s speedos, just over his crack. The lump moved and Austin exploded from the sand. “Ahhhhheeeeee!” he shrieked, pawing at the back of his suit.

Everyone roared in laughter except, of course, for Austin. He hopped around and finally pulled his suit down to his thighs, to the delight of our two neighbors and to the amusement of the few others on the beach. Austin wasn’t sure what had been in his speedos until he jerked them back up and saw the crab barely moving on the sand. He glared at me and charged.

I ran and Austin chased… into the water, down along the edge, past the Mexicans, back on the beach, back past the Mexicans on the other side, and back into the water. It would have been easy enough to get away from Austin, but I figured I better let him get me now, rather than worry about him getting me later. So I slowed and turned on him.

I’m not sure what I expected him to do, but I didn’t expect what he did. I thought he was going to tackle me into the water, but instead of his arms going around me for a tackle, his hands slid to the back of my suit and he pushed it down.

The back slipped under my butt, but the front didn’t come down over my pubes. When I grabbed the suit to pull it back up, Austin shoved me into the water. I came up sputtering and bare-assed for a moment before getting my speedos back up.

Both Mexicans were grinning broadly and not that many people were around, so I mooned them, and then chased after Austin who tried to hide behind Daniel.

“I owed you!” he shouted, dodging around Daniel. “We’re even.”

Laughing, Daniel tried to get out of the way. “Leave me outta this!”

Facing Daniel and Austin, I was suddenly aware of Ryan sneaking up from behind. I wheeled on him and caught him with the crab in his hand. Burying my shoulder into his belly, I hefted him up. Then I ran into the water, bouncing his gut on my shoulder before I tossed him in.

Daniel and Austin waded out to us and the two Mexicans stood up, brushing sand from each other’s butts.

As I splashed Austin and Ryan and they splashed back, our two neighbors drew close. They were friendly guys and we exchanged first names. The taller was Enrique. The shorter was Miguel.

They stuck with us as we made our way out to the second sand bar to wait in the swells for good body surfing waves. The water jostled us against each other; Daniel, the cousins, and I got into a bit of underwater suit tugging and butt poking. Our two tag-along friends watched, grinning, and then moved closer to try to join in. It bothered me a little that they were both older than Daniel and me and much older than Austin and Ryan.

I watched them to make sure they were cool. Enrique was pretty obvious when, pretending to struggle for footing he grabbed a handful of Daniel’s ass.

He hung around Daniel. Miguel spent more time around Austin, which really worried me. But before I could do anything about that, or even think about getting jealous over Daniel, Ryan declared me his personal buoy and climbed up my back. It’s hard to do much body surfing with a kid wrapped arms and legs around you, but we tried.

Austin didn’t exactly ignore Miguel; Austin didn’t ignore any male that looked that good. But Miguel was an old guy to him, and Austin liked body surfing and was busy trying to catch every wave. Miguel drifted my way. When Ryan climbed off my back to join his brother, I felt Miguel’s hand on my butt and turned to find a wide, white-toothed smile.

“I like your swimsuit,” he said in careful, perfect English. Miguel was built a lot like Stef. A little short, but tight. “A very nice suit,” he said. And under the chest-deep water, his hand felt over my butt and then pressed closed over my package.

Reflexively. I moved my feet apart and grabbed his forearm.

“Are you ahhgay?” he asked.

I smiled. “Ahhgay,” softly, the way he said it, sounded sexy.

“Look,” he said, nodding past me. “Your friend likes Enrique.”

I turned. Daniel and Enrique stood close, face-to-face. Close enough to be fondling each other. And I definitely wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

Miguel took my hand and held it to the front of his suit. He was hard, long and hard. “Come back to our hotel room with us. All of you. We can have a great siesta together.” His thighs brushed mine.

Maybe if I we didn’t have the young cousins with us, maybe if I hadn’t already gotten my rocks off that morning; maybe if I didn’t suddenly feel jealous because Enrique was feeling up my boyfriend, I would have been tempted. Instead, I backed away.

And when I glanced again at Daniel, I caught his eye. When he saw my look, his brow furrowed and he backed away from Enrique. There was no mistaking what they’d been up to. Daniel pulled his suit back up.

Enrique and Miguel were persistent, trying to get us back to their hotel room. But I was persistent, too. I know it was hypocritical after all I’d been up to, but it was one thing for Daniel and me to mess around with his cousins. It was something else entirely for two twenty-year olds to do it… and I certainly didn’t want to compete against a twenty-year old for Daniel. They finally left.

We swam a while longer, neither Daniel nor I speaking much to each other. Then Austin wanted to get some lunch. Gathering our gear, we walked on up to a hamburger stand that was just up the beach. After getting our food, we walked out to the covered patio and sat at one of the tables. Austin and Ryan talked animatedly about body surfing. Daniel and I were both quiet.

Finally, Daniel put his hand on my arm. “Look, I’m sorry.”

“Why?” I asked with a shrug.

“I saw your face,” he said. “You were jealous, and I don’t blame you.”

The cousins grew quiet and watched us.

I shrugged. “Look, it was no big deal, OK.”

Daniel smiled. “It’s OK if you’re jealous of me for a change. I sorta like it.” He brushed my hair gently, slowly back from my brow and looked tenderly into my eyes, resting his palm on my cheek for just a moment. It was an unmistakably familiar and intimate action. It was the gesture of a lover.

A lady, sitting across the patio with two other adult women, saw it. Her look was not just disdainful; she looked utterly disgusted. My stomach dropped. She saw Daniel’s action for just what it was.

Turning red, I pulled my face away from Daniel’s hand. “I’m really, OK.”

The lady bent to whisper to her friends. The other two looked our way with frowns.

I suddenly wanted out. “Let’s go,” I said.

“I’m not done,” protested Austin.

“Me neither,” echoed Ryan.

Daniel looked inquiringly at me. I just shrugged, “I’m sorry. Go ahead and finish.” With an eye on the ladies, I reassured him. “I’m fine, Dan. Go ahead and finish eating.” My own appetite was gone. I tried to ignore the ladies and was grateful when we finally did leave.

It was silly, perhaps, but I was honestly worried that those ladies might call the cops on us, especially with Austin and Ryan looking so young. I kept checking back over my shoulder as we walked away from the stand.

We returned to the water for a short swim, mainly body surfing. Then we rinsed at the public showers and headed back to the beach house to avoid the hottest part of the day. I was glad to get off the beach.

I couldn’t get that lady’s face or her look of disdain out of my mind. It made me feel embarrassed and unclean.

Back at the beach house, the guys immediately shucked their suits. Still distracted, I pulled mine off and tossed it aside. Austin and Ryan piled all the throw pillows and pillows off the beds onto the living room floor. There we collapsed onto the pillows and each other, pulled a couple of blankets over us and napped. It was a neat feeling, our naked bodies resting comfortably together under blankets. The smell of sunscreen filled the air around us, and the chill of the air conditioner brought on an instant drowsiness as we snuggled together.

I lay on my back. Ryan lay beside me, and under the covers, plucked absent-mindedly at my pubic hair as he dozed off. Daniel, on my other side, threw an arm over my chest and laid his head next to mine on the pillow. His breath smelled of hamburger and onions. It flowed over my face each time he exhaled. Austin snuggled up behind Daniel.

I forgot about the lady at lunch, and her friends, and fell asleep.

I woke when Ryan got up and went to the fridge for a soda. When I followed, the other two got up as well. Austin was sporting a woody.

“Good grief,” I said. “Don’t you guys ever wear out?”

Austin smiled and gave himself a couple of playful tugs. Ryan came beside me and handed me a Big Red soda. I smiled. He remembered what I liked. “Austin’s always horny,” Ryan said, matter-of-factly.

It occurred to me that Ryan probably was Austin’s release for much of that horniness. Putting my arm around Ryan’s smooth, slender shoulders, I gave him a sideways hug. “If you ever need to get away, come to my place.” I said it half-jokingly, but the way he looked up at me so hopefully, I wondered if I should have thought that one through before I spoke.

Daniel cocked an eyebrow.

I shook it off and suggested we go buy some live shrimp to have for fishing from the dock that evening. “I’ll go with you,” Ryan said, quickly grabbing up his clothes. But then the phone rang.

Daniel answered. It was his aunt, checking in on her sons. Daniel passed the phone to Austin who began telling his mom all about Friday night’s football game and our day down at the beach. Ryan sat beside him, waiting for his turn on the phone. So I took the opportunity to pull Daniel into the bedroom, intending to talk.

As soon as I closed the door, his arms went around me and he kissed me hard. “Maybe after they go to sleep tonight,” Daniel said. “I’m sorry it’s not just us.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “I’m sorry it’s not just us, but we had a great night last night.”

Daniel’s eyes bore into mine. “You and I are going to make love again, tonight. I don’t care if it takes all night to get alone.” He kissed me again. “Just us.”

I put my arms over his shoulder and kissed him as he pulled my crotch against his. It was a comfortable feeling.

Daniel smiled. “I’m still a little salty from the beach.”

“And you smell like you still have a lot of suntan lotion on you,” I replied. “Shower?”

Quietly, we snuck into the master shower while the cousins talked to their parents. I tried not to think about the innumerable ways they could let something awkward slip over the phone; something that would get us into trouble.

In the shower, Daniel took my shoulders in his hands and kissed me. Daniel liked kissing, and we stayed joined at the mouth while I gently lathered up his privates and butt. But then Daniel decided we better finish, and we had just turned off the water when the cousins came bursting in, ready to join us. We got out of the shower stall before they could.

They were more than glad to help us towel dry, though. Ryan took particular care drying me, in various places.

Once we were dressed, though, I got our minds off sex, and on to supper and fishing.

Ryan was anxious to buy the shrimp. He was an old pro at dock fishing and buying live shrimp for bait. He knew that there would be fishermen cleaning their catch at the boat service where we would get the bait, and hurried us over before they would all be finished.

Ryan went from cleaning table to cleaning table, checking out each catch and watching the crabs and seagulls fight over the scraps tossed to the water from the tables. I followed him, delighting almost as much in our mutual interest in marine life as in the marine life itself.

He dragged me from table to table to see one fish or another. When it was time to buy the shrimp, Ryan carefully examined the bait bins for extra large shrimp or for other creatures that had been netted with them. I was right there with him. Daniel and my mom might talk me into pursuing writing for a career, but I would always love marine biology. And now I had another reason to like young Ryan.

Back at the beach house, we tied the bucket of shrimp to the pier and went in to prepare supper and wait for dark. The clothes came back off as soon as we were in the door.

I lay back, stretching out on a couch in the living room, my hands behind my head, intending to watch the sunset through the large windows. With a couple of whoops, Ryan and Austin raced for my lap. Austin won, and I shifted just in time to save my balls from being crushed. Austin wiggled back onto my lap trapping my upturned cock under his butt.

Daniel turned on the TV. Ryan pouted but sat in Daniel’s lap when he took a chair.

Austin squirmed around, careful to rub my cock around under him. He did have a great little body and his butt felt good sitting on my midsection. His legs were slightly spread which allowed his balls to rest on my cock. I fought an erection, determined to just relax and watch TV.

We relaxed. We watched TV. I got hard as a rock. So did Austin.

Acting like he was just getting more comfortable, he laid face down on me, his head under my chin and his hard cock on mine. He wiggled to get comfortable. I laid my hands on his back and gently scratched my fingernails up and down his skin. He shivered and pressed into me, grinding his pelvis onto mine.

We watched TV that way. I noticed Ryan playing idly with Daniel’s semi-hard cock. The room grew bright gold with light from the setting sun.

Before the TV show had ended, Austin had dozed off to my back scratching, our cocks still thick between us. Ryan slept, curled in Daniels lap. It was growing dark.

“We could just put them to bed,” I whispered across to Daniel, but Austin stirred, “Huh?”

I reached down and slapped his bubble butt. “Time for supper,” I said.

We roused ourselves and went into the kitchen for sandwiches. I decided to eat standing rather than hazard another battle for my lap. The other guys followed my example and we stood at the breakfast bar to eat.

My mind was on fishing and I was mentally going over our gear when I felt a cold hand under the counter and jumped back. There was mayonnaise on my cock and balls and Ryan giggled delightedly under the breakfast bar.

As I stood, hands spread in surprised, looking down at my cock, Austin grabbed the squeeze bottle of mustard and shot it at me, adding yellow to the white of the mayonnaise.

“Shit, guys!” I protested. “I was clean. You’re gonna make a mess.”

“Get Daniel to lick it off,” Austin said, wriggling his eyebrows.

Ryan climbed out from the other side of the breakfast bar and quickly raised his hand. “I’ll do it!”

“No thanks,” I said, heading for the sink. “I’m going fishing.”

When I stood on tiptoes to wash my cock and balls, I felt Daniel’s hand on my butt. He whispered in my ear. “Don’t wash it all off.”

The evening was cool. We wore shorts, shoes, T-shirts, and windbreakers. Walking out to the lighted dock, we saw a couple of shrimp float by, a good sign.

Both Austin and Ryan were good fishermen. The fish were biting and we did well. I pride myself on being a good fisherman, but marveled as Ryan caught two to my every one. We caught almost all trout. But there were a few skipjack, flounder, needle-nose gar, and ribbon fish. Ryan knew what each was.

He stayed close to me while we fished and I watched him. His features, which really were pretty, were intent, serious, as he fished. His eyes darted over the surface and down into the water. After each cast, he played the line, working his retrieve like a consummate artist. He was rapt, and I found myself smiling repeatedly at my new little friend. And I liked him even more.

How fish decide to when to start biting has always been a mystery to me. Supposedly, they are influenced by the tide, the moon, the water temperature, and many other things that the true pro always takes into account. All I know is that when they’re biting, they’re biting. When they’re not, you can go mad watching huge trout swim right past your bobbing shrimp with no apparent interest. I can’t remember how many times I stayed up until one or two in the morning without so much as a strike, only to be told by others that the fish began biting within an hour of my going to bed.

When the fish stopped biting before midnight, I considered that we’d had a good run and was ready to call it a night. I did not want to wait hours in the hope they would start biting again. Daniel felt the same way. However, Austin and Ryan were still hyped and wanted to fish longer.

Maybe there was still a lot of “boy” in both of them, though I suspected by nature they tended to be enthusiastic about most things. I marveled at Ryan, who one moment was all boy and the next could be so damned sexually exciting.

As I watched Ryan, Daniel joined me at the end of the dock “We can’t just leave them down here,” he said.

I shrugged. “We can start cleaning the catch and let them keep fishing.”

“Yeah,” Daniel nodded, scratching his head. “Somehow, doesn’t seem fair since they caught most of them.”

“C’mon,” I said, reeling in. “Fish oil’s good for your skin. I’ll love the softness of your hands later.”

“Yeah, right,” he grumbled. “And the smell.”

The cousins caught a couple more fish as we cleaned, but we soon caught up with them, filleting the last fish. Daniel and I carried the fillets on up to the house and put them into the fridge. After we washed our hands, Daniel joined me at the window. Both cousins were still on the dock, fishing intently.

“You’ve got neat cousins, Daniel,” I said.

He caressed my butt, “Well you ought to know.”

I leaned back against him. “Yeah, maybe.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my neck.

“I want to make love to you, Daniel,” I said. “Just you and me. Your cousins are great, but...”

He turned me, planting his mouth over mine, and he backed me to the window frame. His arms went up under my shirt and windbreaker. Mine went down the back of his shorts. “Damn all the clothes,” I said and started to push Daniel’s shorts down.

“No, wait,” he said, grabbing my arms. “We can’t just leave Ryan and Austin out there. Let’s get them on into bed.”

“Shit!” I said, dropping my forehead to his shoulder. I pulled his butt to me.

He started to melt, then stiffened. “Come on,” he said, pushing away from me. “First things first.”

We went down to collect them. The cousins were even more reluctant to come up than I had been to go down. That is, until Austin asked if we were going to mess around.

They didn’t even wait for an answer. Both tossed their poles into the cabana and ran up the stairs. Daniel and I shut off the dock lights and then those in the cabana. In the dark of the cabana, I pulled him close. “We could stay out here,” I offered.

He pulled up my shirt and windbreaker along with his own and pressed his naked belly to mine. I felt his teeth and hot breath on my ear. “Didn’t you want a bed with sheets?” “Oh, shit, Dan,” I gasped as his tongue entered my ear. “Let’s do it on the dock. I don’t care.”

He laughed. “Nah, you wanted a bed and sheets. I do too. But maybe,” he said, “if we wait a few minutes, they’ll fall asleep.” Backing me to a lounge chair, he pushed me down and laid himself down on me.

I spread my legs for him and he settled between them. His full package pillowed pleasantly on mine; his still-bare belly pressed my belly. My eyes were adjusting to the dark and I could barely see his smile before he brushed his lips on mine.

“You really love me?” He asked softly.

I spread my legs wider and grabbed his ass. “Some parts of you for sure,” I said with a chuckle.

He laughed. “I like every one of your parts.” He wrapped one arm over my shoulder and the other around my side, and then planted his mouth in the hollow of my neck.

I shuddered when he sucked on my throat. When he ground his crotch on mine, I clutched his butt hard. “Ohhh,” I moaned. “I like what you do with all your parts.”

He ground harder, sucking all over my neck.

“Dan, if you don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum.”

He quit thrusting and licked saliva from my neck. “Sorry, but you’re so damn hot.” He kissed my cheek, his hard cock still pressing way to pleasurably on mine.

I tried to shift weight off my cock and he rolled to the side. “I don’t want to wait any longer. Let’s go in,” I suggested.

We stood and he started to reach for my hand, but I grabbed the waist of his pants and pulled him after me.

I had hoped that they’d go on to bed, but we found the cousins washed, naked, and on their backs, waiting in our bed.

“Shit,” Daniel and I said in unison.

“OK,” I told them, “Ya’ll can have this room, Daniel and I’ll take the living room.”

Wails rose from the bed and both guys jumped up as if to follow us. Obviously, that tactic wouldn’t work.

I glanced helplessly at Daniel. It just wasn’t going to be. He shrugged and took off his windbreaker. The cousins clapped and Austin whistled. Well, we rose to the applause and did a strip tease for them. They cheered off every piece of clothing and grew hard watching.

Dan and I were hard, too, when we crawled into the bed. We tried to crawl in together, but the cousins wedged their way between us. It was me, then Ryan, then Austin, then Daniel. “Night, Night,” I said, and turned out the bedside lamp. In seconds, Ryan was humping one of my legs and it sounded like Austin was pulling Daniel’s cock right off his body.

I turned back on the light. Everyone looked surprised. “That was a little foolish of me,” I commented.

Austin turned back to stroking Daniel, and Ryan scooted up until his nose almost touched mine. “Kiss me,” he whispered. “Please.” He looked so serious and frankly, his puckered lips looked so inviting, that I did. I kissed him, gently at first.

He kissed back firmly. The kiss grew hotter. I rolled him onto his back and moved my body over him. “Put your arms around my neck,” I told him, looking down into his eyes.

He did. I wrapped my arms under him. “Now let’s really kiss,” I said, quietly.

I brushed my lips back and forth lightly over his before he opened his mouth to me. When I pushed my tongue into his, he sucked and licked it. He was a natural.

Ryan’s arms closed tighter around my neck. I clutched him to me, with my cock resting between his legs, his balls in my pubes, and his cock hard against my lower belly. He rubbed his cock up against me. We moaned as we took the kiss deeper. His hands ran up into my hair while my hands explored his thin shoulders and slender torso. I kissed over his face and down the side of his neck. I kissed up his chin line and down onto his throat. He said thickly, “I like kissing.”

“Wow,” I heard Austin say from close by.

I kissed down Ryan’s chest and sucked his nipples, and Ryan squirmed. I kissed down his belly and licked inside his navel, and he clutched my hair. I kissed down his tender belly, and it quivered under my mouth.

As I licked past his cock and under his balls, Ryan’s legs spread wide open. I knelt between them and buried my face in his crotch. I sucked his ballsack into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. Then I sucked in his cock and bathed its length with long tongue swipes. Ryan’s legs jerked and squirmed.

Next to us, Daniel had just lubed Austin. So much for us being alone. So much for being careful with the cousins. As Daniel set down the KY, I picked it up and lubed Ryan’s little ass liberally, then I lubed my cock.

Ryan looked dazed and dreamy. His hands felt over my face and shoulders. Grasping his hips with both hands, I lifted Ryan’s butt and moved forward between his legs. I placed my crown at his entrance, pressed and tested it. I gasped as his tightness slid over my glans in a moment of exquisite pleasure. Ryan grimaced.

I took my time, moving slowly. And slowly, his tightness moved down my shaft. I paused halfway and bent to kiss Ryan. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed back. He kissed hungrily. I concentrated on making the kiss good for him, and it surprised me when I felt his butt against me. I was all the way in.

Next to us, Daniel was doing Austin doggy style. As I watched, he laid his weight down on Austin and Austin dropped to his stomach. Daniel supported his weight on outstretched arms, like a girl’s pushup, his cock buried deeply in Austin’s fleshy little butt.

Ryan pulled my face back to his and kissed me hungrily. He was enjoying it; the way his body moved under me told me that he was enjoying it. So was I, and I wanted this to be really good for Ry.

I gave him all my attention, moving in ways that I thought he’d enjoy, and enjoying it myself. His body moved with mine, naturally, sensuously and I lost myself in him.

Ryan’s mouth came off mine, panting. He grabbed my shoulders, rocking his hips, milking me. He groaned, eyes closed. Then he whimpered, once, twice.

“Are you getting ready to cum, Ryan?” I asked. He nodded and whimpered again. I held him tightly and slid my cock in as far as I could. Ryan’s ass tightened hard on the base of my shaft once, twice, three times. His spasms pushed me over the edge. I arched up over him, my cock throbbed, and I squirted into him. His cock throbbed in unison with mine and cum shot up my chest.

We slowed quickly, and in a tense voice, Ryan asked, “Can you pull out now?”

I cupped his butt with my hands while I carefully pulled out. He tensed until I was out all the way. Then he relaxed under me, his cheek against mine; his hand lightly brushing my back.

Moving my weight off him, I cuddled him to me. He sighed pleasantly and snuggled in as I pulled up the covers and looked over at Daniel and Austin. Austin was still on his stomach. Daniel was laying flat on Austin’s back, covering his smaller body, grinding into Austin’s flattened butt while his kissed and sucked on the side of Austin’s neck. Daniel was strong, dominant, every muscle working and showing itself in his back, butt, and legs. Under him, Austin, with smooth, soft skin, and slender muscles chewed the sheets and moaned.

Then Daniel arched and strained. “Uh… uh… uh,” he grunted as he emptied his load. He pumped, tensed, held, and then relaxed onto Austin. “Did you cum yet?” I heard him ask. Austin shook his head. While staying in him, Daniel rolled both their hips to the side and reached under to stroke Austin’s cock. His cousin came, loudly spilling his cum onto the pillow.

Then, Austin relaxed as Daniel soothingly rubbed his back and butt. Before long, Daniel slipped out and Austin was asleep.

Daniel looked across at me and yawned. I yawned back.

I rolled off Ryan and got up out of bed. Daniel slid out too and we went into the living room.

Light streamed in the side windows from streetlights down the road.

That light highlighted the definition of Daniel’s muscles, his long lines, and lean body. He was always beautiful in the night. He put an arm over my shoulder.

“Do you have anything left?” he asked.

“Do you?” I asked with rueful smile.

“I don’t think so.”

“Cuddle?” I asked.

He nodded. I lay down on the floor. Daniel rolled me to my back and lay his body down on me. We kissed. I spread my legs for him. Our soft cocks and loose balls pressed comfortingly, soothingly together.

We talked for a while and our cocks thickened between us, but we were too tired to do anything. When Daniel started to doze off, I patted his butt. “Bed?” I asked.

Daniel nodded.

We crept back into the bed. Austin rolled over in his sleep and put his head on Daniel’s shoulder. Ryan’s back was to me. I turned off the light and then spooned Ryan’s body with mine, wrapping my arms around him after I pulled up the covers. And for just a moment, I felt a little guilty because I liked Ry. I liked him a lot. But I loved Daniel. And I didn’t want to lead Ry on. And I didn’t want to get him hooked on sex with us. Something in him really did make me want to protect him.


It was a dream that woke me. I dreamt that I was in the nursery of a large maternity ward. There were dozens of babies in their little hospital cribs. A doctor was going from baby to baby putting drops in their eyes. I asked him what he was doing, “This will blind them,” he said smiling, “for life.”

I was horrified. He had to be stopped. “Why?” I cried out. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because,” he answered simply, “I want to.”

When I realized he was blinding these babies for his own simple pleasure I was horrified. This was so evil; I thought this doctor had to be the Devil himself. I recoiled. But then my dream shifted. Suddenly I was back at lunch in the hamburger stand and that ugly lady was curling her lip at me in disgust and revulsion. Then she turned from me to Ryan and Austin as they sat eating. She gave them the same, hateful look. What if they saw her? What if they saw and felt that devastating look? In my dream I shouted, “No!”

And I woke, clutching Ryan to me. It was beginning to turn light outside. I wondered if I had actually shouted out loud, but the others seemed to be sleeping. I crawled out of bed and walked into the middle of the living room. I stood looking out the front window at the bay. It was glassy smooth in the morning calm.

I felt a hand on my bare butt. I looked around. It was Ryan. He looked up at me, concern on his face. “Did you have a bad dream, Sean?”

“Yeah, Ry,” I did. I wanted to hold him. I wanted to protect him from the evil of that dream. I wrapped him protectively in my arms. He rested his head on my shoulder and placed his arms loosely around my waist. I held him tightly to me, only slightly aware of our mutual nakedness.

Then I drew him to the couch. When I sat, he sat sideways in my lap and smiled sleepily at me. Ryan’s bottom slid between my legs and he laid his head on my shoulder. I told him about the doctor part of my dream. Ryan said how wicked he thought the doctor was. “That really was a bad dream,” he agreed.

Then I told Ryan what had really frightened me. “I think,” I told Ryan, “That I was the doctor.”

“Huh?” he looked up at me, confused.

“I wonder if the dream had a meaning. I wonder if you and Austin were the babies and I was the doctor.”

“I don’t understand,” Ryan said, perplexed.

“I’m not sure I do either,” I sighed, “but when I woke up, I felt sure the doctor was me. Maybe I’ve been doing things with you, showing you things that will keep you from seeing other things later. Maybe our messing around is messing you up.” I gave him a sad smile and ran a hand over his hair.

Quietly, Ryan put his head on my chest. I hugged him and stroked his back. “Maybe,” I said hopefully, “maybe the dream didn’t mean anything.” It had shaken me and I wanted it to signify nothing.

After a moment, Ryan asked, “Does that mean you won’t mess around with us any more?” He temptingly ground his soft butt into my lap.

I hugged him again, hard, and buried my nose in his hair to smell him again, to smell his blend of sea and boy and sleep. “I think it means we won’t mess around this morning, you and me.”

Ryan looked up at me. He put his hand on my cheek and looked earnestly into my eyes. “But we’re friends now?”

“Yes,” I answered with certainty. “We’re friends.”

He put his arms around my neck and hugged me hard. “I want to be your friend, Sean,” he said softly. “I want that more than… anything else… you know… with us.” Then he kissed my cheek and climbed off the couch to head back to bed.

Ryan must have awakened Daniel because he came out and looked around. “How come you’re up so early? It’s barely sunrise.”

“Bad dream,” I answered.

He came and sat beside me, placing a hand on my thigh. “Want to tell me about it?”

For some reason, I didn’t. It seemed natural to tell Ryan about it. I wanted him to know about it. But not Daniel; because of what it might imply about me, and about him. “Not really.” I said with a sigh. Then I looked into his eyes, “But if you’re up to it, I want to make love with you, just you and me, one last time before we go back. Any way you want.”

Daniel kissed me and reached down to roll my balls in his hand. He looked at my flaccid cock. “Are you sure? Can you get it up?”

I put my hands to either side of his face. “I need to. And yeah, it’s getting up already.”

Daniel looked at me curiously. “Need to?”

I nodded.

He smiled. “You know… I like making love face to face.”

We moved to the floor, taking suntan lotion with us, and we made love face to face, bodies pressed together, first one, then the other buried deeply inside the other. We made love a long time and then slept in each other’s arms, Daniel lying on top of me, pillows under our heads.

“No fair,” said Austin standing over us and stroking his morning woody. Ryan came up beside him, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He looked down at us and gave me a smile. Then Austin grabbed Ryan by the arm and led him back to the bedroom.

Ryan didn’t look upset, but I felt sorry for him as I scratched Daniel’s back. But I wasn’t sorry enough get up. The weight of Daniel’s body on mine was more comforting than any bed and covers. We slept more.

After breakfast, we gathered up towels and sheets to start a load of laundry. Once the washer started, Ryan and I pulled on our speedos and went out on the dock, leaving Austin sitting in Daniel’s lap, watching TV.

Ryan and I slipped on aquas and walked along the shallows. Over and over, I tossed out a throw-net I’d brought. We caught crabs, small fish, including a baby flounder, and even a hermit crab. Ryan stayed excited as I pointed out the different animals and even types of seaweed that came up.

Looking in to Ryan’s delighted face I had two thoughts. The first was that teaching young guys would be a wonderful job to have. The second was a sudden conviction in my heart that Ryan and I were going to grow up friends; good friends.

By the time we re-made the master bed, folded the towels, cleaned up and packed, we were all tired, and glad to head home. Ryan sat in my lap the whole way.

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