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The Secrets of Waldo

by FreeThinker

Chapter Two

Sean Lindquist never entered Ralph Waldo Emerson High School without a sense of irony. Above the main entrance of the ancient First World War-era red brick building was an inscription, one of many around the structure quoting the great nineteenth-century American writer and philosopher. This one, however, seemed particularly ironic for this place and its many inmates: "Whoso would be a man must be a non-conformist."

As he walked through the lobby and sidestepped the Emerson mascot inlaid on the floor, the Emerson Wildcat, (what on Earth did Wildcats have to do with Ralph Waldo Emerson?), he looked at the other Emersonians, boys with the identical long feathered hair parted in the middle with identical flaired pants, girls shrieking in the same strange accents and speech-affectations that only adolescent girls seemed to use. What would Ralph think of the inmates of his name-sake?

Sean was brought back to reality by Gavin Dietrich, who had very thoughtfully shouldered him into a locker to wake him up. Gavin Dietrich, rich kid. Gavin Dietrich, stud. Gavin Dietrich, star quarterback of the junior varsity football team, worshiped by the other ninth grade boys, lusted after by the ninth grade girls, beloved of the ninth grade faculty. Gavin Dietrich, buttface. Even as Sean watched with contempt as Gavin walked away, chuckling with a couple of his buddies, he felt an irritating surge in his pants.

Recovering balance and dignity, Sean continued on until he came to his locker outside his home room, First Hour Algebra. He opened the locker, hung his coat on the hook, and removed his notebook and Algebra text. Before closing the door to the locker, he leaned forward and rested his head against the cold gray metal of the shelf. It was Monday, January 5th, the first school day of 1976. Sometimes, Sean had trouble finding motivation to do anything other than simply exist. Sometimes, he had to just stop and remind himself that whatever he was feeling at that moment, it would not last forever. Eventually, things would get better, They had to. It just couldn't keep on getting more difficult, more challenging, more painful. He took a deep breath and stood up straight, closed the door, and turned to enter the classroom across the hall.

A large knot of kids was just pushing its way through the hall at that moment. He waited until there was a break in the pushing, laughing, jostling crowd and, then, moved forward and into the classroom. He took his seat at the far side, next to the windows looking out on the morning rush hour traffic of State Street and the office buildings of the south side of Greenfield's downtown. Mr. Worsley had entered the room and was puttering around his desk. Sean looked up at the door and froze.

There, looking uncertainly about him, was a boy.

Well, that wasn't unusual. Half the school were boys. However, there was something about this particular boy that made Sean's breathing stop, that made his heart speed up, that brought a tightness to his stomach, (and his crotch).

"Who's the dork?" Sean heard from the back of the room.

"Man, look at those highwaters!" someone else added, to appreciative chuckles.

The boy was wearing some unfashionably dorky looking pants, Sean had to admit; but, the v-neck sweater over the white shirt didn't look too out-of-date. It was the face, though, that fascinated Sean, a quiet, kind face, an innocent face topped with very conservative chestnut-colored hair.

Gavin Dietrich stood behind the boy and, much to Sean's anger, shoved the boy to the side as he forced his way through the door. The boy fell against the door frame and, momentarily looked angry. Then, Sean was surprised to see a strange transformation came over the boy's face. Almost immediately, a comfortable, friendly smile formed and the boy said to Gavin, who now seemed completely unaware of the boy's existence, "Sorry, I'm a little lost."

Mr. Worsley, who had either not seen Gavin's entrance or had chosen to ignore it, (Sean generously assumed the latter), looked up and attempted a smile at the boy.

"Adam Foster?"

"Yes, sir," the boy replied with a smile.

Worsley raised an eyebrow and pointed to an empty desk in the back.

Sean's heart broke for the boy as he continued to smile, walking down an aisle toward the assigned desk, seemingly oblivious of the snickers and grins of the other kids in the classroom. Sean couldn't take his eyes off the boy and saw, as he took his seat, a momentary look of shame and embarrassment flash across the face, only to be replaced almost instantaneously by the warm and accepting smile.

As the bell rang, Worsley called the roll and read the daily announcements. Sean was looking out the window as large, heavy flakes of snow began to fall. Others seemed to notice, as well, for Worsley commented, "I know I may not be as entertaining as small droplets of frozen water falling through the air, but I would appreciate some attention."

His eyes seemed to bore into Sean at that moment, who blushed and looked down at his algebra book in consternation. Worsley continued.

"Now, I notice we have an addition to our class in Mr. Adam Foster. Mr. Foster, please stand and tell us something about yourself, hopefully something more interesting than the fact that it is snowing again."

Sean turned and saw the smile frozen on Adam's face as his eyes gave a much different impression of the boy's feelings. Slowly, he stood and Sean had a sudden desire to run back and hug him.

"Um, I'm Adam and, uh, we just moved here from Arlington, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington, DC. Um, my Dad worked at the Pentagon and now he works at Multitron."

He was still smiling, but Sean could see that Adam's right hand was very tightly gripping the back of his chair.

"Very interesting, Adam. When you lived in the Washington area, did you visit the Smithsonian and the various museums much?"

"Oh, yes! The Smithsonian is really cool!" he answered enthusiastically. However, as he heard a few chuckles and someone's whispered, "Dork," he quickly added, "And, Dad had season tickets to the Redskins games, too."

Sean noticed that this seemed to add some respect for Adam in the others' eyes. Mr. Worsley, nodded for Adam to resume his seat and said, "Well, I hope you don't find Greenfield boring after your tenure in the nation's capitol."

"No, sir. Not at all," Adam replied, politely.

"Dork," someone declared.

"Was that the voice of our Student Council representative, Mr. Sutherland?" Mr. Worsley asked, his eyes aimed like laser beams at the stocky guy in front of Sean. Sutherland;s long thick dark curls bobbed as he nodded and raised a triumphant fist in the air.

"It sure was, Mr. Worsley," he announced with cockiness. Sean hated Craig Sutherland, but would never have expressed those feelings to anyone out of fear for his physical safety.

"Well, perhaps, Craig, you would like to come up to the board and assist the class with this morning's quadratic equations."

Sutherland seemed to lose some of his bravado as he stood up and stumbled toward the front of the class and for the remainder of the hour, Sean enjoyed watching Worsley torment Sutherland with different equations. When the bell rang and the class had begun exiting, Sean knew that Sutherland would need someone to take the brunt of his anger and help him regain face in front of the populace. He held back until the bully was out the door, which also, happily, meant that he and Adam came to the door at the same time.

Adam was to his right and as Sean turned his face toward him, the new boy froze and a look of shock came over his face. He was staring at Sean in utter amazement, a look of stunned surprise in his eyes. Sean felt suddenly very uncomfortable. He needed to say something, but could think of nothing. Suddenly, he blurted, "Are you OK?"

Adam seemed completely flustered.

"Um, yeah."

Quickly, Adam rushed in front of Sean and hurried out the door. Sean, feeling uncertainty, and a surge, entered the hallway and watched Adam hurry away.

Adam was not in Sean's second hour Science class, much to Sean's disappointment. Yet, he was still distracted and paying no attention to Mrs. Lightner as she explained the differences between electrons, neutrons, and protons. When asked to repeat what she had just said, Sean simply blushed and looked down at his desk in shame.

When the bell rang, Mrs. Lightner dismissed the class, but asked Sean to stay a moment.

"I'm really sorry I wasn't paying attention, Mrs. Lightner."

The elderly lady smiled warmly at the boy.

"Sean, you're one of my best students and I know you weren't being irresponsible. Is there something bothering you?"

Sean blushed again and looked down.

"Is there... something at home that is troubling you?"

"Oh, no," he quickly replied.

Mrs. Lightner frowned and thought for a moment and, then, suppressed a smile.

"Are you in love?"

Sean's eyes grew wide and his face almost spontaneously combusted.

"Mrs. Lightner!"

She chuckled and affectionately squeezed the boy's shoulder.

"Get out of here," she ordered with a smile. "And, remember that sub-atomic particles are much more interesting than cute girls!"

You can say that again, Sean thought as he hurried out of the classroom with relief. Mrs. Lightner was one of his favorite teachers. She was not like a lot of the others, killing time until summer break or retirement. She actually enjoyed teaching and cared for her students. Sean was grateful for the escape, but inside, he felt gratitude that she was concerned for him.


As Adam rushed up the hallway to his locker, he was completely blown away. His first day at Emerson High and there, in his first class, almost walking into him as they left, was... The Perfect Boy! His fantasy boy. The boy he dreamt of. The boy he had drawn last Wednesday night. The boy with whom he had danced, if only in his dreams, on New Year's Eve. He had the exact same hair, impossibly blond, luxuriously thick, down his ears and near his collar, sweeping across his forehead. He had the same deep blue eyes, the same pug nose, the same thick, kissable lips. And, that voice... the voice of an angel. How was it possible?

He opened his locker and threw the Algebra book in. His first day at his new school and, despite the usual crap from the usual buttfaces, which Adam had long ago learned could be disarmed by simply smiling and shrugging it off, he had met the boy of his dreams. However... was Adam the boy of this kid's dreams? Was the guy even gay?

Adam's face exploded in fire and his stomach exploded with acid as he realized what a dork he had made of himself, standing there in front of the doorway, starring at the boy like an idiot, (or a fag). Back in Arlington, Adam had quite successfully learned how to hide the truth, his thoughts, his feelings, from others. This was a definite slip and it could have been fatal!

Adam's second hour was U.S. History, but, first, before going to class, Adam had to stand at the locker for a moment. There was something that needed to go away before he attempted the walk to History. The crowd of rushing teenagers in the hall was starting to thin out a bit, but Adam remained hard as a rock and his pants were too tight to hide it. He took a deep breath and closed the locker door, doing the one thing, the only thing he could do, the age-old trick that every teenage boy with a boner had done in school for years, he held his notebook as casually as he could across his crotch and pushed into the flow of the remaining students in the hall.

History was not too far down the hallway from Algebra and he entered the doorway just as the bell rang to begin second hour. Most of the kids in History were already in their desks, though a few were standing around, talking, laughing, flirting. Once again, he took an empty seat in the back.

A tall, youngish looking man with strawberry blond hair was standing behind the desk in the front. He wore his hair much the same way as most of the boys in the class did, long and feathered back over his ears. He wore a pink short-sleeved shirt with a wide red tie and was holding a clip board, apparently checking off names. At one point, he stopped and looked around the room until he eyes fell an Adam.

"OK, everyone! Down. Come on. Settle down, doggies!"

As the class came to order, the teacher looked at Adam again and said, "We seem to have a new subject for our little autocracy, here. Would you like to stand up and introduce yourself?"

Not really, Adam thought, wondering if he was destined to be punished with this charming little ritual at the beginning of every class today. However, he dutifully stood and smiled and announced, "Hey, again. Adam Foster, again. From Arlington, Virginia."

He started to sit down when someone up front chimed in, "Oooh, and his daddy had season tickets to the Redskins!"

"That's enough, Purvis, unless you'd like to relive that last glorious trip of your's to the Dean's office."

Purvis's acne-ridden face grinned hysterically at the class and was met with appreciative chuckles.

"Well," the teacher continued. "My name is Mr. Ryan and we have... oh, by the way, you may not yet sit down, Foster. As I was saying, we have a tradition here in U.S. History in which I tell something terribly embarrassing about myself to the class and then you tell something embarrassing about yourself. It sort of lets down the barriers and reminds us all that we are all equally weird under the law. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

This had to be a joke. As Adam continued smiling, feeling like a jackass, he responded, "It sounds like a blast."

"Good. I'm glad you approve. Well, I'll go first, since I'm into humiliation. Let's see. Hmm. Ah, I have it. Everyone knows this is my first year as a teacher. Last May, when I graduated from Greenfield State and was walking across the stage at commencement to receive my diploma from the President of the University, just as he handed my diploma to me, I very loudly and very disgustingly, broke wind."

The class was silent until Purvis spoke up with, "Huh?"

Sutherland came to the class's rescue with the explanation, "He farted," which, being more understandable to the average ninth grader, sent the class into paroxysms of choking laughter. Adam, despite himself, grinned at the image in his mind of the tall, lanky, dorky but kind of cute red-head farting in front of thousands of people at the ultimate moment of his college career. The only problem now, was, which of the choices in Adam's smorgasbord of embarrassments would be appropriate.

"Well, Foster, its your turn at the Wheel of Humiliation," Mr. Ryan intoned. "What is your contribution to our collective shame?"

"Um, well, once I got car sick and barfed all over my big brother and his girlfriend."

"Ooooh," several in the class moaned. "Gross!"

"Yes," Mr. Ryan replied, "disgusting, but not very original. Who doesn't vomit on their siblings?"

Chuckles broke from around the class. Adam rolled his eyes.

"What we're looking for, Foster, is total abject, mind-numbing humiliation. Surely, you have something along those lines?"

Adam shrugged.

"I like ABBA?"

"OOOOOOHHHHHH!" the class collectively declared, all except a skinny boy with pimples on his face sitting to the side, who smiled slightly. Purvis yelled, "Fag." Mr. Ryan nodded with satisfaction.

"I think we have a winner. In fact, I think we may all need therapy after that one! Having met the requisite requirement for humiliation, Foster, you may sit down now."

Adam grinned, feeling a bit more relaxed about life at "Waldo." The incident had even taken his mind off both his dream boy incarnate and his subsequent erection. He was able to pay close attention to the causes of the Civil War for the rest of the hour with little difficulty.

At the end of class, as he was walking toward the door, he noticed Mr. Ryan's eyes on him. He smiled, but suddenly, his teacher looked away, flustered. It seemed a strange reaction and Adam was about to walk up to him and ask if something were the matter when a boy walked up to him and said, "Hey, Adam. I'm Jason Huffnagle."

He was a handsome boy, just a bit taller than Adam, with brown hair parted in the middle and feathered back, just like half the boys at Emerson. He had a light blue denim shirt on over a white t-shirt and really tight jeans which showed off his butt very nicely. Adam tried not to get caught checking out the butt.

"Hey. Oh, um, is General Huffnagle your Dad?"

"Naw, he's my uncle, but when you said first hour that your Dad works for Multitron, now, I knew they probably knew each other."

As they walked out the door and into the hallway, Adam said, "Yeah, I met your aunt and uncle New year's Eve. They took my Mom and Dad to dinner."

"Cool. Well, if you need any help or anything, let me know!"

And, with that, Jason put his arm around a cute blond girl, kissed her cheek, and waved good-by as he headed off on the opposite direction. Adam swallowed and walked toward his locker. Jason seemed like a nice guy. He would be good jack-off material that afternoon when he got home. Well, actually, he might have to compete with Dream Boy.

Adam's heart froze as he reached his locker, realizing that he was starting to get hard and that this was not the time to do so. Third Hour was.... PE and he did not want to parade around the locker room on his first day sporting a boner.


As Sean entered the locker room for Third Hour PE, he felt the usual sense of dread and anticipation. Winding his way through the stragglers from Second Hour still drying off and getting dress, he found his locker opened it, and pulled out his gym bag. He tried not to look to his right as Jay Mueller's butt was projecting outward just a couple of feet from his face as the hot, husky sophomore bent over to pull his briefs up. He also tried not to look in the other direction as Tim Zitisky's tiny, almost hairless dick faced him from the other direction as the diminutive freshman pulled his jock strap up. Poor Tim, thought Sean as he began to undress. The poor kids complexion and last name had seemed to make it inevitable that his nickname at Emerson would be "Zits."He was a nice kid and he seemed to take the nickname in stride, even though he seemed to have almost no friends.

"How's it going Tim?" Sean asked as he slipped his turtle neck sweater up and over his head. Sean refused to join in the convention of using the boy's nickname.

"Pretty good," the boy's voice squeaked as he slipped his gym shorts on and sat down on the bench next to Sean. "That new guy seems pretty cool."

Sean didn't look up as he slipped his loafers off and unfastened his belt.

"Who, Adam Foster?"

"Yeah. He's in my Second Hour History and Mr. Ryan made him stand up and tell something embarrassing, you know like he does on the first day of school? Well, Adam said he liked ABBA and the class all went 'Oooh!' and Mr. Ryan said, 'Yeah, that's pretty embarrassing.' It was hilarious.'"

Sean tried to picture it as he slipped his pants and underwear off, sitting naked on the bench.

"I like ABBA."

"Well, so do I, but I wouldn't admit it like that. But, Adam was so cool about it. He just make it like a joke. It was cool. Oh... he's in Gym with us."

Sean was careful to keep his gaze ahead and his voice level, pulling his jock and shorts from the gym bag.

"He is? How do you know?"

Tim was tying his sneakers after donning his shorts and gym shirt.

"I saw him coach's office getting his gym clothes."

Sean said nothing as he pulled his shorts up and slipped his t-shirt on. Jay Mueller was brushing his thick, wavy curly hair to his left just before throwing the brush into the locker, slamming it, and leaving, seemingly oblivious of the younger boys beside him.

"Well, seeya," Tim chirped as he slammed his locker shut and ran toward the gym. Sean took a deep breath and let it out as he lifted his right foot up to the bench to tie his sneaker. He was in the same gym class with Adam Foster. He was going to be naked with Adam Foster. He was going to see Adam Foster naked.

Slowly, Sean became aware he was getting hard. Quickly, he tied his left sneaker, slammed the locker shut, and ran to the gym just as coach as was emerging from his office.

"Hurry up, Lindquist! Get a move on. I don't wanna give ya swats!"

"Yes, sir!"

As the boys lined up and Coach read the roll call, Adam came running out of the locker room in his new shorts and shirt and took his place at the end of the front line. Sean noticed that he didn't look at anyone as he entered. He looked down at the opposite side where Adam was standing at attention. He had slender legs and cute knees. His arms were slender, as well. Sean quickly looked away as he felt another surge in his jock strap.

Fortunately, ten minutes of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups took care of any inconvenient swellings and when Coach divided the class in half to play basketball on the two courts, Sean was too out of breath to think about anything dangerous.

He did notice, however, much to his relief and chagrin, that Adam was in the other half. He wouldn't be distracted by him. As usual, he was one of the last to be picked for a team and as the game got underway, he did his usual best to stay out of the way and not find himself in a position where he would have possession of the ball.

Coach's whistle ending the game and sending everyone to the showers was a welcome relief to Sean. Knowing his proclivity for unwelcome erections at the most inconvenient times, Sean ran to be one of the first in the locker room. However, fate was conspiring against him.

The locker room was designed with the lockers along three walls, with the door to the shower in the center of the middle wall. Sean quickly discarded his gym clothes on the bench and hurried to the shower, but not before Gavin Dietrich cut in front. Sean, as naked as Gavin, accidentally ran into him from the back.

"Get the fuck off me, you fag!" Gavin growled as Sean looked on in horror.

"S-s-sorry! I didn't mean to."

Gavin turned on one of the dozen nozzles in the large communal shower and looked with gleeful contempt at Sean.

"Yeah? Then how come you're boning?"

Sean looked downward and felt like dying. There was his dick rather quickly swelling, growing longer and fatter, rising inexorably upward from his white-blond pubic hair. He froze. He didn't know what to do. Everyone was looking at him. Several guys were already laughing. Oh, God. He wanted to die. Not in Gym class. Not in the locker room. Not in the shower!.

"Hey, sweet thang!" Craig Sutherland vamped as he walked by naked into the shower. He grabbed his own dick, which Sean noticed was a bit longer and fatter than normal, and said, "You want some of this?"

Sean ran into the shower and turned on the closest nozzle, turning only the cold handle and shrieking silently inside as the frigid water hit him.

Zac Melville walked in just as other started laughing and making the expected "fag"jokes about Sean's now fully engorged erection. Zac was the class clown and Sean was waiting for the inevitable Zac-joke about his boner. But, that was not to come. Zac caught his eye and gave him a look and a wink and then flounced in front of Gavin Dietrich, who had soaped up his body and was rinsing off. Zac was just slightly shorter than most ninth graders and just slightly chubbier, not much, but slightly. He had very long, shoulder length dark-blond hair and a huge dick that everyone joked about. Zac grabbed his dick, walked up to Gavin, and declared, "Fuck! Lindquist's dick is nothin'! Now look at this, if you wanna see a real boner!"

Indeed, Zac's dick was seriously large. Suddenly, everyone's attention was diverted from Sean's accidental boner, to Zac's deliberate hard-on. He pranced around the shower as everyone laughed at the class clown.

"Zac, you're such a fag," Sutherland declared as he entered the shower.

"That's not what Heather said last night!" Zac declared as he pranced around the shower, thrusting his growing erection out for all to see.

"Wooooooah," a dozen boys said as Zac grinned at Sutherland.

"She said she was tired of your teeny weeny. She needs some Zac-bone!"

Everyone in the shower laughed as Sutherland scowled.

"Besides, she says you bit her clit off last week with your braces!"

Howls echoed off the walls of the shower as Sean rinsed off and escaped from the shower, but not before giving a very grateful nod to Zac, who winked back. However, just as Sean was about to reach the towel bin, he suddenly yelped as someone popped his butt with a towel, forcing him to thrust his hips outward and, consequently, his still hard erection. AND, it just happened to be just as Adam Foster was approaching the shower. They met, face to face, Sean's face exploding with pain and humiliation, Adam's eyes locked on Sean's erection. They seemed frozen for moments, though it was only two seconds, before Sean turned to the towel bin and grabbed protection. Adam hurried on to the shower.

Sean was sitting on the bench, dripping wet, holding the towel over his straining erection as Zac was waltzing out of the shower, his quite sizable, (and appealing), erection leading the way, as guys continued to joke and laugh.

"Alright, you perverts, settle down," Coach yelled as he approached. "And, Melville, for God's sake, you sick freak, get yourself under control!"

Zac grinned at Coach and grabbed a towel, but not before he noticed Coach's eye linger for just a split-second longer than it was supposed to on his boner.

Sean, however, as he closed his gym locker, was still just as hard as he had been in the shower and looking toward the door to the shower didn't help. For just at that moment, Adam Foster was emerging, his slender body glistening with water, his dick hanging down, a bit longer than one might expect, just slightly fatter than one might expect.

Adam approached the towel bin and, just as he pulled a towel out, his eyes landed on Sean. Once more, he froze, the same look of shock and recognition on his face as in First Hour. Their eyes met. Sean, mortified before in the shower, now simply sat, his erection standing up rigidly in full view. Then, he realized what was happening. Quickly, he looked away and pulled on his briefs and pants. It was with shock, however, that he saw out of the corner of his eye that Adam was walking directly toward him. He pulled his shirt on just as Adam passed by and stopped in front of one of the lockers at the end of the row. He stood naked in front of it, drying himself off. Sean saw him glancing out of the corner of his eye at him. He surreptitiously allowed his eye to roam up and down Adam's slender body, checking out his chest and stomach, his slim legs, the... yes, the slowly plumping penis in the front. Adam was starting to get hard. It was getting longer and slowly arching outward from the little patch of chestnut hair at the base. As Adam's body shook back and forth from his rubbing the towel over his head, his penis bobbed back and forth as it grew.

Sean was spellbound. He couldn't look away. He gave no thought to getting caught staring at the boy's growing boner. He had to see it, gaze at it, remember every single detail of the beautiful penis, the way the head seemed wider than the milky white shaft, the way the circumcision seemed a perfect circle, how silky and pretty the deep reddish-brown hair seemed from halfway down the bench.

Adam dropped the towel on th bench and opened the locker. His penis was now about halfway up as he removed his briefs from the locker. Sean was holding his breath as Adam bent over and stepped through the leg-openings of the underwear. When he stood back up and pulled the briefs up and over his inflating boner, he adjusted his penis so that it was pointing down and to the left. Bashfully, he glanced to his right toward Sean as a cute flush came over the cute face. Sean quickly looked away and pulled on his white socks. By the time he was tying his shoes, he saw Adam had pulled his pants on and was buttoning his shirt.

Sean threw his PE clothes into his gym bag and slammed the locker. Without looking back, he walked deliberately through the locker room, his face burning again, knowing his boner was perfectly obvious in the tight pants he was wearing. A couple of jerks whistled at him, but he was able to escape to the hallway without further incident.

Jamming his hands into his pockets, he made his way through the hall to the cafeteria. He would have to do something about his boner, but it was way too dangerous to beat-off in the restroom during lunch hour. Too many people going in and out. And there were no partitions between the toilets. He sighed as he realized he was going to have to wait until Fourth Hour Music. Mr. Seldon was usually pretty lenient about giving hall passes for the restroom. In the meantime, however, he had the dilemma of surviving lunch and the next thirty minutes.


Adam's hands were shaking as he silently prayed that he would not pop a full-blown boner his first day in his new PE class. But, that beautiful blond boy was too much! His penis was stunning! There was no other word to describe it. Thick, curving upward slightly, that silky whitish blond hair curling around the base, those fat balls hugging his body. His entire body was stunning, the spectacular hair, sweeping around his head, those big pink nipples on his broad smooth chest, those puffy lips, those blue eyes. He was completely hard as he closed his locker in amazement at his first day at Emerson.

Walking through the hall, his hands jammed into his pockets to hide his erection, (and not noticing the knowing smirks of passers-by), he considered what he should do about the situation. He passed a restroom, but the traffic flowing in and out made it certain that masturbating during lunch was not an option. He was going to have to wait for Fourth Hour and pray his teacher would give him a hall pass.

As he entered the crowded cafeteria and walked toward the line, he could hear several transistor radios around the large room, apparently all on the same station, for that super high screech of Minnie Riperton's as she sang "Lovin' You" was reverberating through the cafeteria. Taking his place in line, he saw one of the boys from his PE class swagger up to a table of jock-looking guys devouring their meat loaf.

"Man, you shoulda seen it!" he shouted with a huge grin. "Lindquist popped a bone in the shower just now!"

"No way!"

"Yep, full-blown. He ran into Dietrich in the shower, practically attacked the dude, and then... boing!"

Everyone at the table cracked up. Adam looked at the goons with barely hidden contempt. He turned away and looked toward the front of the line and saw Dream Boy, Lindquist, picking up his tray and sliding along the rail. Adam had a sudden urge to run up to his and hug him, but he kept the poker face he had become so adept at using and moved along with the line.

He sat alone at the end of a table near the main door to the cafeteria, looking around and watching the crowd. Word about Lindquist's humiliation seemed to have spread because as Adam looked to his left, he saw the boy heading toward the door of the cafeteria, his face aflame and a grotesque look of anguish on his face as several people called out taunts and jibes. Heir eyes met again for a fraction of a second. Adam wanted to send some kind of signal to him that he understand and was a friend. However, at just that moment, Jason Huffnagle, his arm around cute girlfriend came up from another direction and put his free arm around Lindquist's shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, Sean. Its cool. It happens to every one."

Someone from a few tables away yelled.

"Give up, Huffnagle! Sean only bones for Dietrich!"

Jason laughed and yelled back, "Eat my shorts, Adams!"

The three of them then exited the cafeteria.

Adam looked at Jason Huffnagle with incredible respect and looked at the rest of the cafeteria with disgust.

So, he thought. His name is Sean. Sean Lindquist. Its perfect, he thought. Absolutely perfect. Of course. He would have to be named Sean. And, with that, Adam's erection, which had partially subsided, came roaring back with even more vigor that before.

After depositing his tray on the conveyor belt and jamming his hands back into his pockets again, Adam departed the cafeteria and headed for his Fourth Hour, Art. This would be his favorite class and he was looking forward to it. But, first, he would have the problem of how to finagle a way to get to the restroom when no one would be in there.

As he approached the door to his Art class, he looked down the hall and saw Sean approaching the door to the music class next door. Once again, their eyes met for just a fleeting moment before they both entered their respective classrooms.

With another surge, Adam wondered how he was going to survive until he could relieve the need. He took a seat at one of the long many long tables that had been arranged in an oval in the classroom and, after introducing himself yet again, Ms. Hoffmeister, after advising Adam that she insisted on being called Ms, began a lecture on the differences between oils, acrylics, and water colors. She walked around the room as she spoke and as Adam squirmed and she approached, he raised a hand and requested permission to go the restroom. She nodded and continued speaking as she strolled to her desk, wrote a pass and, then, took forever to stroll back to Adam's seat and hand him the pass.

As Adam entered the deserted hallway, he sighed with relief and a surge of anticipation. Nearly running up the hall, he passed an open door to the neighboring Music class. Glancing to the right, for just a fraction of a second, he saw Sean walking by in the classroom carrying a stack of sheet music. Once again their eyes met and then Adam was gone.

He was tempted to stop and go back, but that would be way too obvious and his boner was not willing to wait any longer! He hurried on until he came to the boys room. Glancing up and down the deserted hall, he entered the door, walked past the sinks and into the back part of the restroom.

There was a line of six urinals against one wall, with two ventilation screens spaced among them, and a line of four toilets along the other. Adam hurried to the last toilet and nearly ripped his pants open, freeing his straining dick. His hand was already wrapped around the rigid five inches before he had even sat down. He pushed his pants all the way down to his ankles, spread his legs wide, and leaned back as he closed his eyes and began to pump his boner, erotic images of naked Sean and his beautiful boner dancing before him. He thought of every part of the angel's body, his lips, his hair, his nipples, even the pimple on the side of his nose, as he worked his dick. He moaned.

Oh, God, it felt so good. Oh, needed this so badly, pumping his dick and thinking of the sweet, pretty angel boy he had dreamt of and finding him incarnate in his new school.

His heart froze. The door had opened.

In a panic, he grabbed his pants and pulled them up above his knees. He shoved his boner down between his thighs and closed his legs. Nervously, trying to appear normal, he looked to the corner.

It was Sean.

Sean Lindquist was standing in the boys room.

He had come to the boys room to beat off over Sean and, suddenly, there he was!

He tried to hide his amazement and his embarrassment. He looked back forward and down at the floor. He could see Sean walk uncertainly in, hesitate in front of the urinals, and reach down to open his pants. Then, as Adam thought things could not get any stranger, Adam backed-up to the second toilet, not the first one and farthest from Adam, the one anyone would be expected to choose, but the second one. He opened his pants and Adam stopped breathing as Sean quickly stooped over and sat down, thrusting a very obvious boner down between his legs, just as Adam had.

Had Sean guessed that Adam was going to the boys room? Did he realize Adam was going to beat off and not just relieve himself? Had he come to beat-off, too?

Adam's hands were shaking as he huddled forward on the toilet, afraid to move. What if Sean had come to the bathroom legitimately to use it?

He was taking quick, shallow breaths and his boner was painfully straining, trapped between the insides of his thighs. How long could be get away with sitting there, either from Sean or Ms. Hoffmeister?

Slowly, nervously, he turned his head a bit toward Sean and gave him a quick smile and nod. Sean nodded back and then, after a moment, he slowly leaned back. His dick was still trapped between his thighs, but this exposed the base and the impossibly blond public hair around it. Adam's eyes were drawn to the sight; he couldn't stop himself. Sean was watching him as intently as he was watching Sean. Almost as if he were on autopilot, Adam slowly sat back and exposed his pubic hair. The look on Sean's face almost seemed hungry. Adam could see the boys hands were shaking and Adam realized that Sean had, indeed, come in to beat-off.

Slowly, Sean slid his pants down his thighs and past his knees. Adam watched as the knees opened and he almost gasped as Sean's boner suddenly freed, popped up, rigidly, angrily pointing toward the ceiling. Sean said nothing as he sat there, his boner out in the open, on display for Adam to see. Adam's eyes devoured the fat shaft. He lusted after the slight upward curve, the way the head slanted backward on top, the way the silky hair around it seemed to smooth and almost delicate. The dick was bobbing with Sean's pulse, though ever few seconds, it seemed to jump on its own.

Adam had never felt to sexual, so... nasty. He could barely contain himself as he slowly slipped his own pants down, opened his legs, and freed his own erection. It snapped up instantly.

The two boys sat on their respective toilets, silent, gazing in awe and lust at each other's erections. Sean's breathing seemed ragged. Adam could barely breath. And, then, Sean's right hand, which had been hanging at his side, slowly moved upward. He extended his fingers and began to run them slowly up and down his throbbing boner, pausing on the sensitive underside of his circumcision, to rub and trace circles. His index finger spread the large drop of clear goo in the slit all over the tip. Adam saw Sean's tummy jerk reflexively.

Both boys were now breathing heavily. Both of them were trembling with excitement. Adam reached up and began feeling his dick as Sean watched. Still, neither said a word.

Sean wrapped his fingers around his boner and began slowly to stroke himself. Adam watched the hand move up and down, from the wide head down into the silky hair. Sean breath became ragged again as he started pumping. Adam couldn't help himself. As both boys stared hungrily at each other, he wrapped his hand around his dick and copied Sean, starting slowly, but speeding up as the feeling was just too good.

Sean exhaled heavily and scooted his butt forward on the toilet, spreading his legs out, and leaning back. With his left hand, he lifted his shirt up over his stomach as he began pumping faster and faster, his fat balls, though tight against his body, jumping with the rhythm of his jacking fist. His hair was falling across his face with the same rhythm. Adam's mouth was open as he beat his boner, amazed, more turned on than ever in his life. Sean was biting his lower lip as he watched Adam's hand furiously pumping his smaller dick.

Suddenly, Sean gasped and let go of his dick. His body was tight and trembling, his dick throbbing as it stood up, pointing to the ceiling. He was gasping. Adam understood. He, too, was almost to the point of no return. He reluctantly let go of his boner. Both, grinned at each other, still silent, as their boners throbbed. Then, Sean, grabbed his dick again, and began pumping for all he was worth. Adam followed suit and soon both were wriggling on the their toilets, getting closer and closer, quietly gasping and panting as they beat their boners faster and faster.

Suddenly, Sean threw his head back, thrust his hips out, and gasped, his breathing echoing off the walls. Streamers of thick white boycum shot from his boner and landed all over his stomach and thighs. It was too much for Adam, who moaned as he closed his eyes and shot on his own stomach, his body quaking with each spasm.

As they came down from their orgasms, the two sat there, exhausted, panting, their hands covered with cum. Sean looked at Adam and suddenly seemed embarrassed. He smiled sheepishly and blushed as he reached for toilet paper to wipe himself. Adam, too, seemed strangely embarrassed and as he wiped himself off, he avoided looking at Sean.

The blond boy stood and pulled his pants up, tucked his shirt-tail in and gave another sheepish look at Adam. Their eyes met again; they smiled shyly, and, then, Sean turned and walked away, leaving Adam alone on the toilet and realizing that during that entire, wonderful, exciting, amazing, breathtaking experience, not once had either spoken a word.

What a first day at his new school.

And, so ends the second chapter of The Secrets of Waldo. If you have any comments, please email me at FreeThinkerCG @ Thank you for reading my story!