It's Cold Tonight

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People always say that college or uni was the best time of their school lives. Whatever happened to High School? I mean, it's where all the serious crushes began, where all the dances looked so inviting, and where you started to notice hidden qualities in people, whether bad, or good. And most of all, there's less work than uni of course... so what's the big deal? Whatever happened to High School?


         Brandon sat upright on his soft double bed. 2 minutes ago, his alarm went off and he nearly fell off the bed trying to break the stupid thing. It was five thirty in the morning. Five thirty-two to be exact. Brandon would have an hour to get ready, and half an hour to drive to school. He sighed, and looked at his room: his empty room. There was absolutely nothing except for an open suitcase, a bed, and several unopened boxes littered around the place. Yesterday, when he came back from the school's orientation, he dropped dead on his bed and fell right asleep. He didn't even have dinner. And now, he was starving.

         He yawned for the fourth time and got off his bed in a slow manner. Exiting his bedroom, he entered the bathroom opposite his room. 20 minutes later, a fresh and clean Brandon stepped out of the bathroom.

Brandon: Damn, I smell good...

He smiled at himself.

         As he turned left to go down the hallway and down the stairs, he took the sheet of paper that was hanging on his bedroom door, and read it aloud as he walked:

"Looking for 3 roommates to live in a two story house in the suburbs. Details: 20-30 min drive to school, local grocery store nearby, quiet neighborhood. Roommates must be highly responsible and respectful to the other roommates. If you are interested, meet me, Brandon (grade 11), after school Wednesday in the reception. For financial details, read below..."

         He sighed. Yeah, Brandon had to get roommates. His house had 4 bedrooms, including his. And his parents said that they would not pay for the house's monthly bills, even though they could easily do so. So Brandon has to dig from his pockets and share a house with 3 strangers for his High School years. Fun, eh?

1 hour and 35 minutes later, at Chicago's Silver Academy.

         Brandon got out of his car and shut his door. He walked off with his backpack but was jerked back and he fell on his ass. One of his bag strings got caught in the car. He silently swore at the thing and unlocked his car. When he walked through the glass doors of the school's entrance, and into the reception, the clean and pleasant smell of the school hit him in the face like a wave. The ambient lighting and modern architecture of the building mesmerized him once again. He continued walking until he reached the elevator. On the second floor, he got out of the lift and made his way to the locker area, nearly ending up in the wrong area.

Jacey: Morning

Brandon: Heya, nice skirt.

Jacey smiled and opened her locker as Brandon did the same. Their lockers were next to each other.

Jacey: Thanks, and, uh... you look really tired... but you smell good.

She said smiling.

Brandon: Uhuh, the wonders of Herbal Essences.

Jacey: (laughing) Oh, okay...

         They gathered their stuff and made their way out of the locker area and to the cafeteria, or `The Glowing Lounge', as CSA has named it. Most of the students where there sitting by their new friends and chatting away about today's classes and such.

Brandon: I'm gonna grab a muffin, didn't have breakfast today...

Jacey: Auww, why not?

Brandon: I don't have any food at home

Jacey: Oh right, you just moved in. Well, I'll be at our table.

Brandon: K.

         Brandon made his way through the table and joined a small line at the counter while Jacey made her way to the table they sat at yesterday.

Jacey: Morning.

Jeff: Hey sugar

Jacey ignored him.

Benjamin: Hey, uh, do you know how to read this schedule? I don't get it.

Nina: For the third time Ben, we all have history first...

Benjamin: Well, I'm just making sure.

Ben handed Jacey a sheet of paper.

Jacey: Hmm, yea, we all have history... damn, for the first thing in the morning? History??

Nina shot Ben a `I told you so' look.

But Ben pretended not to see it.

Brandon: Hey guys...

Brandon sat himself down in between Jeff and Nina, and began devouring his muffin.

Jeff: Woah, slow down there Godzilla, you don't wanna choke on that...

Brandon: Godzilla, eh? Nicknames already? So what do you guys have first...

Jacey: We all have history...

She said in an emotionless manner.

Brandon: History? First?? Great...

Nina: Oh come on, it's not that hard. All you have to do is pay attention, and it will be over in a second... trust me...

2 hours later...

Jacey: Jesus Christ Nina, that was the longest history lesson I've ever had... And look at all the papers we got! My binder is nearly halfway full...

Benjamin: And that essay we have to do... 3,000 words... for next Wednesday...

They all sighed as they made their way to one of the six lifts to get to the second floor to their lockers.

Brandon: It's actually for tomorrow's Wednesday.

They all looked at him.

Brandon: What?? Sorry?

One of the lift doors opened and they all stepped inside.

Nina: Ben move, I wanna press the button.

Benjamin: Hey! I wanted to do that!

But before they could press the second floor button, another student pressed it first.

Nina and Ben just stood there the entire time, staring down the boy, while Jacey, Brandon, and Jeff, silently giggled behind them.

Jacey: What's next for you guys?

         They stepped out of the lift and made their way to the lockers. But Brandon stopped by the notice board and posted up his roommate poster. They guys stood next to him, and read it.

Benjamin: Hey, I'm looking for a place to stay...

Jacey: Me too!

She bursted.

Nina: (sighing) Me three...

They all looked at Brandon with puppy eyes.

But Brandon just rolled his eyes.

Brandon: I'm not saying yes. If you want a piece, meet me after school tomorrow as it says on the paper...

Jacey: (sighing) Oh ok... but I know your gonna cave in Bran... you watch

She gave him a silly serious look, and left with Nina to go to English. Jeff had German, while Ben and Brandon had French.


Jeff: Ooh, have you heard about them?

Jacey sat herself down at their table and opened her Cola bottle.

Jacey: Who

Jeff nodded in the direction of another table and the gang looked at the people occupying the seats.

Benjamin: What about them?

Jeff: I heard that the girl with short hair, Ora or something, cheated on her German exam. And the buff dude, Sean, beat the crap outta one of the 12th graders...

They all raised their eyebrows, then looked at the group again.

Brandon: It's the first day of school and there's already trouble... who are the other three

Jeff: Okay, there's Ora (he pointed at the girl with short black hair), Linda (he pointed at the girl with designer reading glasses), Sean (he pointed at the tall, well-built guy), Fred (he pointed at the guy with a pierced ear), and finally, Ricky (he pointed at the tanned guy).

Jacey: God, I think the boys are hot...

Nina: Count me in...

Benjamin: So we have an evil clan here

Brandon: The Evil Smurf Clan...

They all looked at Brandon.

Brandon: What? It just came up ok?

Jacey: Actually, it's got a nice cath to it... evil smurfs...

Jeff: Let's nick name them

They started off with Ora.

Jeff: Playboy Smurf...

Nina: Nah, she's not that pretty. She's got no boobs... Flat Smurf...

They all agreed to that. And then they moved onto Linda.

Jacey: She kinda creeps me out... ya know, she has that `im a school girl, but im also a demented serial killer' kinda look... Stalker Smurf...

They laughed at that, but they totally agreed with her.

Brandon: Sean? That's easy, Concrete Smurf.

Benjamin: Ricky seems to the leader... Papa Smurf?

Nina: Sure

Lastly, Fred.

They took sometime to analyze him, but they couldn't find an appropriate name for him...

Brandon: ...Slutty Smurf

Jacey: Why's that

Brandon gazed at Fred a little longer. He didn't know why he called Fred that, but deep down inside, Brandon had this feeling, kinda like a sixth sense. It would fit the guy perfectly.

Brandon: I don't know... but trust me... I'm sure it will work later...

They all agreed to that.

Jeff: (laughing) The Evil Smurf Clan... that's a classic. Flat Smurf, Concrete Smurf, Stalker Smurf, Slutty Smurf, and Papa Smurf...

They continued enjoying their lunch time as their classes weren't that fun at all.

Benjamin: I thought that this school was hard. And I was right.

Nina raised her hand in objection.

Nina: It is I guess. But, we ARE workaholics. I mean, hell, we have surgeons, lawyers, and a vet sitting at this table. Those are pretty demanding jobs.

Jacey: Yeah... Yesterday my parents went and bought be 6 thick law books... I read through the first chapter of one of them and I nearly fainted of exhaustion...

Brandon: Stress Overdose...

Benjamin: Overload...

Jeff: Overflow...

Jacey: Overkill...

Then they all looked at Nina for her emotionless answer.

Nina: What?? I think it's fine.

Jacey: Oh god Nina, what have they done to you... So Brandon, your house? You drive?

         Brandon was daydreaming. All the work load and stress seemed to be getting the best of him lately... and they were only halfway through the day... the first day.

Brandon: Ow!

Nina had thrown her mars bar at him.

Brandon: Jeez... uh... my house?... hmm... it's got a kitchen, livingroom, study, 2 bathrooms, small garden, 4 bedrooms. And yes I drive.

Jacey: Cool, so you'll like be able to drive me, Nina, and Ben to school then?

Brandon: No I won't because I haven't chosen you guys yet.

Jacey: Aah... so you `will' choose us then...

Brandon ignored her comment.

Just then, the bell rang. He whispered to himself.

Brandon: god... maths...

         When Brandon got home, he lazily went up the flight of stairs and into his room. He had a history essay to finish, and 210 math questions for Thursday to do. But he couldn't help but think about his new friends for a moment. There was Ben, he seemed really innocent, kinda like a puppy. There was Nina, a highly competitive workaholic who doesn't really care about anything much except for her position. A true surgeon, Brandon thought. Then there is Jeff. A cocky, honest guy. And Jacey, a highly sociable girl. He liked them; they are a crazy bunch, but nonetheless, friends.

Brrrr. Brrrr. Brrrr.

Brandon picked up his cellphone.

Brandon: Hello? Um, I'm sorry but the roommate interviews are tomorrow. Yeah... well no, I don't have the time at the moment so... okay... bye.

He put the phone down, and searched through his bags for the right stuff for his work.


Whatever happened to High School? I guess they were right... High School does suck. It's where all the stress, heavy workloads, and long hours begin... But hey, they say it's supposed to shape us up into what we must become... supposedly... I hope so at least. Hoping is not a crime, right? Now if you will excuse me, I have a History essay that's due tomorrow... but...

Shit, did I forget my books???!?

To Be Continued.

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