White lights flash all around us. The aliens are here. I don't know where but Jax is afraid. He grabs onto my hand and leads me down the hallway.

“Are you ok?” I stop him.

“It's just parts of me really thought I was dreaming when they took us the last time,” Jax explains to me, “You're seeing this right. The light. It's real right.”

The blinding light is coming from all of the windows. Once we saw nothing but darkness and stars but now we can't see anything out of there. People are panicking and rightfully so. It's not everyday something like this happens.

“You'll be ok,” I tell Jax, “They didn't do anything to you last time right.”

Jax shakes his head, “No...”

“Then you'll be ok.”

For that moment I feel like I need to comfort Jax. I hold him close to me. We put our hands around one another and stand there for a second as people run past us back and forth. The look on his face says that he isn't ready for this to happen again.

Are we being abducted?

What do these aliens want?

Captain Laperla comes on the loud speaker, “All students report to your dorms. Lock all doors and close all window shutters. All students report to your dorms. Lock all doors and close all window shutters. This is not a drill!”

Jax and I start moving down the hallway. We keep moving until we finally run into Jae Jae. I expect him to be with Chyna but I'm not surprised when he has Kaysha with him. I guess in times of fear you really get to know where your heart lies.

“We need to hide,” Jae Jae tells us.

“Follow me,” Jax replies.

An hour passes and two hours. We are sitting in Jax's room. Greg is there too. He's quietly sitting down in the living room. Even though the blinds are down the bright lights peak through Jax's huge ceiling length windows.

Jae Jae and Kaysha are sitting on the chairs. They aren't really saying much. Jax is by me. He hasn't left my side at all.

I'm not surprised when I start getting funny looks from Greg. After almost 2 hours Greg is the one who breaks the silence.

“Am I the only one excited?” Greg asks.

“Yeah pretty much...” Jae Jae responds.

I'm far from excited. Terrified is one thing. Excited is another.

“Relax...I'm sure Captain LaPerla is going to move this thing out of the way before they take us...”

It's Kaysha who leans back and grabs her stomach at that moment. She says something under her breath that sounds a little pessimistic.

I don't hear her though and I lean over, “Speak up Kaysha.”

“It's too late,” Kaysha responds.

I don't know what she's talking about. I look over at Jax. He doesn't seem surprised she's saying it. The way his eyes start scurrying around the floor makes me think that he agrees with whatever she's saying.

“Too late for what?” Jae Jae asks Kaysha.

“For us to run,” Kaysha responds.

Kaysha is quiet at that moment. She stays quiet as though she doesn't want to talk about it. She looks over at the door. I think she's checking to make sure the door is locked or maybe she's checking to make sure no one is walking past. Then she leans back in her chair again.

“Why the fuck would we run?” Greg asks, “No one has ever seen aliens before on Earth. This is big shit. You guys seriously want to take off and run.”

“What makes you think they are friendly?” I ask Greg.

“What makes you think they aren't?” Greg replies.

He's arguing this point like it's sensible. Greg is acting like an idiot right now and truthfully I wouldn't expect anything less from him. He has his chest up showing his bravado or what not. I can't take him being here in my face at that moment.

“It doesn't matter like Kaysha said. Whatever they want they'll get,” Jax explains, “The white lights...that means we are already taken.”

“Taken where?” Greg asks him.

“Don't you get it?” Jax replies, “We are already abducted. We are already on their space station.”

“Impossible,” I say before hesitating and changing my tone, “I mean...I believe you. It's just. How big is our space station. Our entire space station cant be inside of there's. Can it?”

I'm careful with my words. I don't want Jax to think that I'm turning against him again. I don't want him to think that I'm going against the grain here.

Jax shakes his head, “Look out any window you want, bae. Take a look. They have a hold on us somehow. I can't explain it. Some things humans don't just understand yet.”

He's right. I nod at that moment. I'm sitting here trying to use my brain to understand what's going on but maybe these aliens are far more advanced than I can comprehend. What's the point of trying to understand it. However sitting here feeling helpless like Kaysha and him are doing is something I'm not used to. I don't want to sit here and just tuck my tail between my legs waiting to get anally probed or whatever the fuck is going to happen.

I'm scared but I'm resilient.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

I jump.

“Relax little boy,” Greg tells me at that moment, “I just called my sister's room a while ago and tell her to come over. Don't shit your pants.”

Bambi. I'm not so worried about the fact that Bambi is coming over but Jae Jae seems a little worried and it's clear why when they open the door.

Bambi doesn't walk in alone. Chyna walks in with her. The look on Chyna's face as she sees Kaysha and Jae Jae hugged up on the couch says it all.

As soon as Chyna walks in she doesn't hesitate to go straight into Jae Jae, “You fuckin' left me!'

“I didn't mean to. I looked for you. I couldn't find you,” Jae Jae reponds.

“I got left too...by my best friend at that,” Greg replies.

Greg is talking about Jax. He's tryin to make Jax look bad. It's clear. He's jumping in on Chyna's pain to make this about him as if the two were equal. I want to say something so bad but I'm trying to respect their friendship. It is hard though. Jax doesn't reply to Greg. It's clear he values Greg as a friend but Greg is here taking shots at him over leaving him? Really?

Chyna is crossing her arms, “I guess that's what happens nowadays huh. All this side shit no one being honest. Jae Jae she is having someone else's baby. You do realize that right?”

Kaysha doesn't stand up for herself. Ever since she came back from Mars she hasn't really been the same. She hasn't had her same humor. I have no doubt it's the baby. She's still embarrassed about the fact that she got pregnant with Jax's kid. She's still not sticking up for herself.

I feel bad for Chyna. She looks hurt. For the moment I feel bad for her until Bambi walks into the room rolling her eyes and revealing, “Chyna can you stop kidding yourself. You've been sleeping with Greg the entire time you were dating Jae Jae.”

“Jesus Christ,” I roll my eyes.

Chyna just looks embarrassed at that moment. She looks like a fucking idiot. For a moment I felt bad for her.

“Jae Jae,” Chyna starts.

“Don't...care...” Jae Jae states.

Within that next minute he holds Kaysha even closer. I should have known Chyna was still getting it in with Greg. There was no doubt she would do anything to stay down with the popular kids.

Greg looks over at Bambi, “What do you do? Just come into people's apartments and ratchet it the fuck up?”

Bambi replies to her brother coldly, “I'm tired of protecting you...”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“I think you know,” Bambi replies.


We are all shocked the voice comes from Kaysha at that moment. She is standing up fully pregnant. She looks completely upset. It's the first time she has raised her voice since she came from Mars. It's the first time she showed any bit of assertion.

Kaysha continues to talk after getting everyone's attention, “I understand everyone is on edge. And we all have a lot of history. Right now we have to stick together and be here for one another. We are not the enemies. Right now we are surrounded by extraterrestrial beings and you know what...I just don't give...two fucks about the high school drama.”

A part of me almost wants to clap for Kaysha. Even though she slept with Jax and I don't know how I can continue to be her friend, I'm glad she's saying what it really should be. We are bickering about high school bullshit even when we are under threat.

I'm not the only one who feels that way either.

Jax backs up Kaysha, “She's right. We need to focus on the fact that aliens may board the space station at any minute.”

“We should go take a closer look Jax,” Greg says with a daring smile on his face.

We all look at him as though he has three heads.

“Are you fuckin' serious?” Jax replies.

“You said they didn't hurt you. So why the fuck are you scared?” Greg asks him, “If we are on their ship then we should go take a closer look.”

Bambi looks over at her brother, “Greg...”

She doesn't finish what she is about to say. Greg seems completely dismissive of her anyway. He's looking over at Jax. Clearly that's who he wants to be around. I am annoyed by it honestly. This boy is clearly just trying to spend some time with Jax. Even after all that Kaysha said Greg is still on his high school drama bullshit.

“I got a boyfriend now and a baby on the way,” Jax replies, “So yeah. I'm a little bit cautious now. We are leaving that door locked and sealed.

He isn't holding back.

“A boyfriend?” Greg asks.

“A boyfriend,” Jax replies.

“Aw that is so cute,” Bambi says clapping her hands, “Congratulations you two. That's so cute...isn't that right Greg?”

A part of me expects Greg to continue on playing the role he's been playing this whole time. The DL guy who is happy for Jax but secretly in love with him. I think Jax expects it too. He kind of gives a half smile to Greg. Greg doesn't smile back. Hell he's pissed.

He looks at me. Jax makes sure Greg sees our hands coupled up together. I'm wondering if Kaysha minds but hell she is coupled up with Jae Jae. So it's just Greg. And even though Greg has spent almost our entire trip acting like he wasn't gay and that he didn't mind it was clear that right now at this moment he was bothered.

Greg's face turns up almost like he smells something bad.

“Yo you're tripping,” Greg responds shaking his head at Jax, “You holding hands with another guy Jax? Really. Dancing. Kissing. All that gay shit man. What the fuck did he do to you? Now all of a sudden you are gay to the world.”

There it is. There is the true Greg. I look over at Jax. It's clear that he's surprised.

“So much for focusing on the real issues,” Jax dismisses Greg.

“These are the real issues,” Greg replies rolling his eyes.

“Greg stop it,” Bambi tries to calm her brother down.

Greg looks at his sister, “No fuck that. Since when is Jax Christopher gay.”

“But so are you!” I respond.

I can't take it anymore with Greg. I can't take this DL guy bullshitting and pretending like he wasn't what he was.

“Bae...” Jax tries to stop me.

I know why Jax is trying to stop me too. He's trying to save face. He's trying to avoid embarrassing Greg but I'm not going to let Greg sit here and continue to do this fake DL bullshit.

I explain, “It's clear. He doesn't want to be your friend. He wants to continue fucking you like you guys were doing before you met me. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. And you know what scares him. You know why he keeps sleeping with Chyna? It's because he hates to admit the fact that it wasn't just sex with the two of you in the past Jax. Greg is IN LOVE with you. Period.”

I don't know how I can make this any more clear.

It isn't sex. It isn't infatuation. Greg was in love.

I look over at Greg daring him to sit here and lie about it. He doesn't though. His face drops to the floor. He's embarrassed. I've been holding off because I knew he was Jax's best friend. But fuck that. He was going to far with this.

The room is taken over by silence.

“You're gay?” Chyna asks Greg.

The hoe honestly looks hurt about it. I can't help but to roll my eyes.

Bambi says what we are all thinking, “Of course he is. He always has been. And he's always been in love with Jax. I've known forever Greg.”

I'm surprised that Bambi knew her brother's feelings towards Greg this entire time.

“And you tried to keep us apart forever,” Greg replies, “What kind of BITCH does that to her own brother...”

He looks like he is upset at that moment. Greg has tears in his eyes. This is definitely something that I'm not expecting. The emotion is written all over him. All the cards are on the table now. He can't hide it any longer. He's in love with Jax and we all know it. He walks towards the kitchen and grabs a beer. He slams the door and walks into his room storming off. Bambi doesn't reply. No one really says anything.

I look over at Jax. He's looking at me. I can read his mind.

“Babe...” he says.

I know what he wants to do.

“Go ahead,” I reply.

Jax gets up at that moment.

“Go ahead,” I tell him.

I'm not surprised when Jax goes after Greg. He follows him into the room and I am sure that Jax is attempting to calm him down.

More time passes. After Greg's blow out things just getting even more awkward. He refuses to leave his room. Jax goes back and forth from the living room to his room to check on him. He's upset and I know why.

I'm in the kitchen pulling out knives when Jax comes back from one of his trips.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting knives out,” I explain to Jax, “Just in case they get on the space station. Just in case they get into our room. I want to be able to protect myself.”

Jax nods, “I understand but I don't think there's anything we can do.”

“Why not?”

“You won't be able to see them when they come,” Jax explains, “The bright white light follows them. It blinds us. You'll have to close your eyes.”

“Well I'm not going to be like Greg,” I explain, “I'm not going to just assume they are friendly. Even if I can't see I can still stab...”

Jax laughs a little bit, “It'll be ok...we'll keep the door locked. We'll stay safe.”

He leans over and kisses me. His lips are soft. He makes me feel safe by doing that. The warm feeling is something that I obsess over. I can't help it.

“How's your best friend?” I ask.

“I shouldn't have doubted you,” Jax whispers to me.

The others are in the living room. No one is really talking. It is so quiet. Chyna is looking at Jae Jae. Jae Jae isn't paying a lick of attention to her. All his attention is on Chyna. It wasn't hard to tell how that love triangle would end up.

“About Greg?” I ask him.

Jax turns me around. He picks me up and puts me on the counter. He manages to ease his way in between my legs at that moment.

“He just admitted that he was in love with me,” Jax explains, “He says that he always was. We used to have sex often you know. He was very sexual. I have to admit...there was a point that I did want more too. It was before I met you of course. There was a point that I would have given anything to have Greg say the things he just said to me.”

Jax telling me this hurts a little bit. I lean my head back on the kitchen cabinets. It's painful to know that Jax cared so much about him.

“Did you tell him that?” I ask Jax.

Jax shakes his head, “No. Not then and not now.”

I'm confused a little bit.

“Why not?”

Jax shrugs, “I didn't want him to think it was more than what it was. Now I don't want to think that he has a chance.”

“Really. That's Greg Hampton...” I reply.

“I don't give a fuck if he was Angelina Jolie. You the only one I find sexy,” Jax assures me, “You are the only one that I want to be with. All the feelings that I wanted to give to Greg back in the day, I already gave to you. And unlike Greg...you knew what to do with them. And I'm down with you for that. I love you for that.”

“Love me?”

Jax leans over and kisses me, “Yeah.”

“Say it again.”

“I love you. I love you. I love you.”

He kisses me three times back to back. His soft lips turn into a tongue. His tongue comes into my mouth at that moment. It massages the back of my throat. I can feel it all over me. I am in love with this boy. I know it now. Looking back to almost 2 years ago when I first met him I didn't think it was possible that we can be here now but we are.

So as I kiss this boy I realize I'm not worried about losing him to Greg Hampton or anyone else. He only has eyes for me.

Things are getting heated on the counter. I don't know how it happens. Maybe Jax starts to really grind between my legs. He pulls me off of the counter and wraps my legs around his waist. He's so strong. I can feel the tent in his underwear as his dick hardens in the kitchen. His wet tongue enters my mouth over and over.

“I love you....love you...love you,” he continues to whisper.

He says it over again and again after every kiss. He could care less that Greg finally wants to make it work with him. He could care less about the bullshit.

“Guys, this is cute and all but I have to interrupt,” Bambi states walking into the kitchen area, “I think someone is knocking at the door.”

I didn't even hear someone at the door even though the kitchen area is a little open. I grab a knife and make my way out. I realize as I walk out that Greg is in the living room. He is the only one who seems to notice that Jax is turned on. He looks down. He must still see a little bit of a bulge in Jax's pants when he looks down because Greg looks heavily annoyed.

Kaysha and Chyna are standing in the back. Jae Jae is at the door.

I'm holding my knife in my hand and walk next to Jae Jae.

My heart is racing. I have to admit. Jax is standing next to me. He isn't moving but he doesn't seem like he is ready to defend himself. Maybe he honestly just doesn't think that these things are going to hurt us.

That begs the question. If he doesn't think we are going to get hurt why is he so nervous? Why is Jax so scared of these things?

If they won't hurt us what does he think they would do to us?

“Jax are you ok?” I ask.

Jax nods, “I'm fine.”

I decide I'll be the one to take the first steps forward, “Who is it?”


Everyone in the room looks at one another. Pia...LaPerla?


“Send that bitch away,” Bambi warns us.

I think about it for a second. Why the fuck would Pia LaPerla be here? Did I trust Pia? Hell fucking no I didn't trust her. But she was the daughter of the Captain. If the Captain knew anything she would have shared it with her daughter. She trusted her daughter more than anyone else on this fucking space station.

So that's when I decide to do it. I walk over to the door and open it. I allow Pia to walk in.

Pia isn't alone. She's with Dre. Dre has a gun.

She looks...afraid. It's rare to see Pia look afraid.

Pia looks across the room at all of us, “Figured you all would be here. Of course I wasn't invited to the friend reunion huh?”

She's making small talk. She can tell she isn't welcome here. She isn't welcome by anyone. Her shady behavior is just nothing that I'm expecting.

“What's the gun for?” Jax states.

He's looking at Dre. Dre is looking at me. I know Dre would never hurt me no matter how mad he is. I don't know if the same thing could be said about Jax though. I remember the conversation he had about Jax. He was planning on spying on him. They were wondering if they would hurt Jax. What the fuck is going on here?

“It's not for what you think it is,” Dre responds before adding a cocky, “Unfortunately...”

“He's just protecting me,” Pia explains.

“Captain LaPerla is giving out guns to underage kids now?” I ask.

Pia looks over at us and shrugs, “Unless you guys weren't aware...we aren't alone. And after what happened with Peter we can't take any chances...”

“Why the fuck are you here?” Bambi asks her.

“Do you still hate me that much?” Pia asks her.

“Answer the question,” Bambi responds, “Or get the fuck out.”

Pia hesitates a little bit.

“I'm here because my mother would like to speak to the survivors of the Mars trip. She wants to know more information about what happened so that she can make her next move.”

“There are no moves to make,” Kaysha tells Pia, “The aliens have us already. We just hope they find what they are looking for and let us go...”

“How about we let the Captain let us know what our options are,” Pia states, “She wants to see you guys. Now...”

“It's not safe...” I say.

“We have an armed guard outside waiting for Jax and Kaysha,” Pia responds.

I look at Pia. She doesn't get it. It's not the aliens I'm worried about.

I look over at Jax, “Like I said. It's not safe.”

Pia gives me a look, “Listen. Mario. We are not going to hurt Jax or Kaysha but we need more information about what they know on the aliens.”

“And if we refuse?” Jae Jae backs me up.

“We'll take them by force,” Pia states before crossing her arms, “Now...go ahead make my day...”

We all look at one another. I don't doubt Pia would have her guards outside the door take us by force. It's clear they are desperate. I remembered what happened a year ago when the wormhole opened. I remembered how they killed all those students. The LaPerlas felt like they were above the law. They felt like nothing could touch them.

“I'll go,” Jax explains.

“She wants both of you,” Pia argues.

“I'll go my fucking self. I know just as much as Kaysha does,” Jax explains, “I'll go. Kaysha stays. That's what is going to happen.”

Pia stands silently weighing her options thinking about it. I can't believe Jax is doing this. I can't believe Jax is putting himself on the line right now.

“Fine,” Pia replies.

“I'm coming too,” I immediately say.

Jax looks over at me, “No...”

“Jax...I can't let you just go out there alone.”

Jax looks over at me, “I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened to you. Besides...Kaysha needs protecting. You are the only one that I trust to protect her...”

I look over at Kaysha. Even though I hate her it's clear Jax is worried about the baby in her stomach. Jax is clearly worried about it. If I love him I can't sit there and argue about this. If I loved Jax I really had to just let him go through with this.

“I'll go,” Greg responds.

“Greg don't fuckin' do it,” Bambi states with an almost stance.

“Wait, that may be a good idea,” Jax explains, “If that's ok with you Mario...”

I don't want Jax to go alone but then I don't really trust Greg. I'm sitting there wondering what is worse. Would Greg make a move on Jax? What if he did though? Jax wouldn't have done anything about it. Jax wouldn't have been down with it.

I nod at that moment, “I'm fine with it.”

Pia smiles, “We just want Jax.”

Why is she stressing it. I watch Pia's eye look at Greg. It's almost like she only wants Jax alone. Something just seems off. I don't trust anyone right now.

“Me and Greg,” Jax states.

Pia looks over at Dre. Dre looks over at her. The two of them seem like they want to say something to one another. I watch at that moment as Pia walks over to Dre. The two stare at one another after. Why are they...nervous?

Why do they look scared?

Pia pulls back and finally says to the rest of us, “ Dre will stay here...”

“No he doesn't,” Jax replies to her.

Dre looks at him, “Listen. I have a gun. I can protect Mario and your friends. What exactly are you so worried about? Think Mario might change his mind?”

Jax gives Dre a hard look at that moment.

Then he walks right over to me. He puts his hand on my head and kisses me. His tongue goes right down my throat. I know he's doing this particularly to show Dre that he isn't worried. Jax's tongue tastes so good. My heart pounds at that moment.

Jax looks over at me when he is done kissing me.

“I'll be back,” he tells me.

“I'll be waiting.”

I watch silently as Jax and Greg follow Pia into the hallway where her escorts are waiting. I have to admit that I'm nervous. I have to admit that I'm a little on edge.

Something just doesn't feel right.

Something doesn't feel right and I realize almost as soon as the door leaves.

“Somethings not right,” I say.

Dre looks over to me, “Listen. I need the phone...”

Dre is panicking. The look on his face says it all. He is running around the room at that moment.

“Why?” I ask.

“I NEED THE FUCKING PHONE! I need to call the Captain and tell the Captain he's on his way.”

He knows something.

“So you can kill him huh?” I ask.

Everyone in the room turns to me. I am looking at Dre.

Dre stops, “What?”

“I heard you in the bathroom one day. You were planning on spying on Jax. You were talking about the possibility of killing Jax,” I say.

Dre looks over at me.

He laughs at that moment, “Is that what you think this whole time? You think I'm plotting on killing the guy you cheated on me with?”


“I thought you were smarter than that,” Dre replies, “What would we get from spying on Jax? What would we be learning? How to clean? How to charm boys? How to steal boyfriends? That's the only thing Jax could fucking teach us...”

Dre is being spiteful and he's not making sense.

“It's not Jax...” a voice states.

We all look over at Bambi. She is sweating. She looks...scared.

Dre nods, “We wanted to spy in Jax's apartment but it wasn't spying on Jax. We were spying on Greg.”


“The LaPerla's have been suspicious of him for a while. I need to get the phone. I need to warn the Captain to be ready for Greg.”

I'm so confused. I'm so fuckin confused.

I look over at Bambi. She knew something. Come to think of it she must have known something this entire time.

“Why are they scared of Greg, Bambi?”

Bambi shakes her head, “Greg...opened the wormhole. Greg...killed Peter. My brother Greg...isn't actually my brother. He isn't even actually human.”

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