Chapter 1

Written By: Tubby
This story is pure fiction, and any person, shape, or form is purely coincidental. The normal rules apply here all legal aspects also apply. This story is copyrighted to the author and can't be used without his approval. If you are to young to be reading this then leave now and come back when you are legal to read. If you're legal then read on, and I hope you enjoy.

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I lay in this hospital room, thinking, and thanking god, to be here, after a night like I had.

It had started out as a fun night out with friends just like normal, partying and having a good time. Then things went wrong, very badly, and very wrong.

Jason, my ride, decided to have a drink, and he wasn't used to drinking. We ended up in the back of a Camero, and the other driver wasn't happy. So we got out and started to talk. There wasn't that much damage to his car, so we went our own way. Before we could get home Jason dozed off, and ran us in to a roadside ditch. I had hit my head on the roof as we came to a sudden stop. We had to call a friend to come get us, and try to get the car out of the ditch. Good ole buddy of mine, Alex, came to get me. Jason's step dad came to get him and the car. Well Alex, nor myself, were ready to go home since it was still early on a Saturday night. So we go clubbing, and then we check out the adult book store- to see what was new this week.

After we had spent some time there we decided to go back to the beach and walk the pier to see if there was anyone there. We go under the pier and look for the boys that hang out under there and like to give a blowjob to the guys that get restless on the pier. This night wasn't busy; we split up and said we would meet back at the truck in a about 30 minutes, after we got a nut. Alex walked off and disappeared in the darkness. I stood there looking after him to see which way he would go. Then I slowly eased around and stood ahead of him, and propped up on the walls, like one of the pier-boys. Little did Alex know it was me that called out to him, asking if he wanted a blowjob. "Yo dude, need to drop a nut? I'm waiting for you. " I say to him, in a voice that was strange even to me. I could barely see him, because the soft glare of the pier lights, he had a look about him that could make the heavens sing.

He looked around, as if to see if anyone else was there, or nearby, and said, "Sure fag boy, come and get some of this real man meat. You know you want it. Come on, come and get it faggot."

I thought, `oh buddy, you are gonna regret those words tonight, you can bet your sweet ass on that, one way or another.'

"You want my fag mouth to suck you off don't ya?" I asked, teasing him as I smacked my lips so he could hear it. But I never moved from the shadows. He never knew it was me standing there. "Take out your cock so I can see it before I suck it all down dude." I was making him hard talking and smacking my lips.

He moved into the shadows, and I kneeled in front of him. I reached out, and lightly ran my fingers up and around the head of his cock. It was throbbing, and harder than a pulsing steel rod. He moaned at my touch, and I could feel his hips hunch at me, but I held back on his cock. He moaned once more. "Not so fast dude, easy man lets make this last a bit," his voice almost hissed. Then he moaned again.

I inched the tip of my tongue out and licked the slit on the end of his cock. He humped his hard dick at my face trying to get more into my mouth.

I ran my hand to the base of his cock, reaching it, I clamped down and applied pressure to it, as it throbbed at my touch. I took the head into my mouth, and licked around it, as he moaned above me. I reached into his pants, and pulled his balls out so I could play with them.

"Oh dude, suck me, please ssuuuuccckkkkkk me!"

He moaned. I grunted at him, I couldn't speak with his cock in my mouth. I worked more of the shaft into my throat as he frantically humped my face.

"Ooooooohhhhhh dude, that feels so good," he moaned. I could feel his hands in my hair, rubbing my head. He was moaning as I worked his dick deeper in my throat, something I had wanted for as long as I had known Alex. He had caught my eye that first day of school here.

That first day, I had walked into the classroom for homeroom, and I spotted him, his tan made him standout from the others. Although they had tans, his was deeper and darker, which made his features stand out. He looked at the door as I walked in and our eyes met, sorta like small shocks ran up and down my spine. I just had to meet him, and be a friend. The tan god, that was to be my new boyfriend, seemed to stare back as I took my seat.

"Shit man suck it hard. Ooooooohhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, man dude, suck it oh yeah. Take me deep." Alex was beside himself, with the pleasure he was feeling, from the blowjob this stranger was giving him.

I worked the dick like a candy cane, licking it and smacking it, sucking for all he was worth. I could tell I would be rewarded soon by the pulses and throbs of the cock in my throat and the balls in my hands.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, dude I am so close," Alex almost screamed at me, as I continued sucking him. "More, please, suck it harder, deeper, please I gotta shoot!" Alex was shaking he had to come so bad.

I knew I had him just where I wanted him now. I started a `hummmmm,' working the shaft from head to base, as fast as I could, sucking harder with every stroke on the shaft.

"Dude, here it comes I cant take it anymore. Here it comes dude, take it, take it all dude." Alex moaned, his knees buckled, as his orgasm took control of his teen body, racking every fiber in his being. He felt like all his being was being shot out his cock into the mouth of the pier-boy. He reached out and rested his hands on the shoulders of the pier-boy holding himself up.

Quickly as I could, I regained myself, and got out of there. I had to get back to the truck before Alex did so as not to raise questions about things.

We met back at the truck and acted normal, nothing new to relate about the pier-boys tonight. We both said we had got a nut and it was great. I sorta smiled to myself, so pleased with my talents.

We were ready to head home now, we both were satisfied, but in different ways.

I nodded as we drove along the roads. Both of us were starting to get sleepy. I actually nodded off as Alex was driving. The next thing I knew I was being thrown around like a rag doll, then the lights were turned out.

I remember hearing Alex moaning as I came to, but I couldn't see anything. I thought, `oh god help me, I cant see.' I had a headache, and could feel something running down my face. I tasted blood in my mouth, so I knew I was cut, but didn't know how bad at the time. I called to Alex and asked where he was no answer. `Oh god let me hear him and let him be safe. Please god I don't want to lose him not now.'

"Seth, where are you? Seth?" Alex called. Alex held a hand to his forehead as if he had a headache. He got up onto his feet and he wobbled back to what was left of his truck, looking and calling my name. "My phone, I need to find my phone and call dad," he called out.

"Alex, where are you? Alex?" I called. Then I heard my angel's voice. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Alex, is that you?" I asked.

"Yes, Seth its me," Alex replied. "Seth, o god. What have I done? You, your head?" Alex cried out. Then we both grabbed each other and managed to get back to the truck.

That's the last I remember `til I woke up in this room.