Chapter 10

Written By: Seth Tubby
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From the last chapter:

Dad asks. "So when do we meet the guy that swept you off your feet and his family?"

"Not sure, let me call him and see what we can set up, ok?" I say to them.

Now on to the new chapter:

I can't believe that my folks are so cool about all this, I think as I go to my room to call Dave.

"Hello is Dave there?" I ask as someone answers the telephone. "Hold please." they reply.

"Hello babe. How are you?" Dave says as he answers the telephone.

"Just how did you know it was me? What if it had been some other guy that doesn't know about you?" I say to the handset.

"Naw; just to the one that has stole my heart." he says. "So what's up babe?"

My mind wandered to his body, wanting to touch him all over and make love to him, kiss him and give myself to him.

"Hello, you still there?" Dave said into my ear.

"Yeah I am here, just drifted off for a moment," I said to him.

"Hey can you meet me here in a few minutes and bring your folks also?" I asked.

"Huh, do what?" He stammered.

"Yeah my folks wants to meet the man that swept me off my feet and his folks," I replied. "I know it's all of a sudden. Do you think you can make it?" I asked.

"Let me check and call you back in 10 or so." He stated.

"K" I replied, "love ya babe". We ended the call.

Okay, here we go. I thought this could make or break our relationship. My folks were acting like it was okay with them. They were a little bit disappointed, as could be expected, but they accepted me for what I am.

The ringing of the telephone brought me back to present time.

"Hello" I spoke into the handset.

"Hey babe my dad said open the door and invite us in he hates to wait outside." Dave laughed into the telephone.

"Dad!" I yelled. "Help!"

Dad came running into the hall with a look of fear on his face, ready to beat anyone that was after his son. "What's wrong?" he gasped at me.

I must have looked like death as I pointed to the door, with my mouth open.

"What's the matter son?" He asked, "Speak to me."

"Th...Th... They aaaarrreeee hhhhheeeeeerrrreeee." I finally squeaked out.

He turned toward the door as the chimes sounded. "How did you know they were here?" He asked.

I still had the telephone in my hand. Dad heard someone say "I asked him to open the door."

Dad took the telephone and said "Hello...who is this?"

"Mr. Carrolton its Dave. We are at the door." Dave replied.

Dad moved toward the door ready to defend his castle and his prince. As he looked carefully out the peephole, his shoulders dropped in relief.

He grabbed the doorknob and opened it, greeting the newcomers with a smile and a hearty handshake.

Welcomes were passed to one and all as mom came out to see the new arrivals.

Mom was surprised to see the woman standing in her house to say the least. "Oh my god, you?" she gasped.

We all looked at mom with surprise. I walked to her and asked, "Mom are you alright?"

"Yes dear, I am fine," she replied as she reached for my hand and we walked together toward our visitors.

Mom looked like she was surprised that this woman and man were in our house. It seemed that they were about to have words when all of a sudden out of the blue, "How are you Ellen? It's so good to see you again." Mrs. Sanderson said.

Dave and I looked at each other, puzzled and confused.

Dad led the guests into the living room and asked them to have a seat. Dad and Mr. Tom sat in the two chairs near the door, mom and Karen sat near the dining room door. Dave and I just stood there looking back and forth between them, not really knowing what they were up too.

I looked at Dave and said, "I have had enough of this. I am gonna find out what's going on here ".

"Okay would you four please tell us what is going on here?" I asked a little louder than my normal voice.

"Well if you two must know, we are old college friends, and Dave's dad and I work together," my dad replied looking at me with a smile on his face.

"Karen, um Mrs. Sanderson, and I are old college friends also." My mom said as the two held hands and looked at each other and laughed.

"It seems that we are in the dark on this one Dave." I said.

"Yep." was all he said as he reached for my hand.

"Well folks it seems this is a reunion for you four then isn't it?" Dave and I said at the same time.

They laughed at us and then went back to their conversation.

I did notice Mr. Sanderson nod his head at dad when he saw Dave and I holding hands.

Dave and I set there holding my love's hand and thinking that this can't is happening to us. This just can't.

This is too unreal.

After an hour or so, the Sandersons said they needed to get home as it was getting late.

We will get together over the weekend and talk more was the last we heard from them as they left for the night.

After the door closed that night, there was a good mood in the house as my sisters came in from their practices.

I asked Mom and Dad how long had it been since they had gotten together with the Sandersons. Mom said, "It has been almost 10 years."

The weekend came and we spent the day at the Sanderson's home, talking and having a grand time. That was the first of many happy days we spent there or at our house.

During the next two years, we were inseparable. Where you saw one you saw the other. We went on vacations together with each other's families.

The fun times we had together were all the better because we had each other. The sex, lord knows, was fantastic. We made love at least every two days a week if not every day.

The last week we were together, we made love every day. We had made plans to spend the weekend it at the cabin on the lake his father owned.

However, father fate stepped in and had his say in that. They had gone out to have a family night like they usually did once a week; just the three of them. We also had those nights.

It seems like a dream to me still as I saw the news that night in my room while I was finishing my homework. The mangled truck and the little SUV under...and in...the wreckage. The reporter said the trucker seemed to have suffered a heart attack. He was dead before the impact and the Sandersons didn't have a chance either. I had a sick feeling most of the night when I saw the wreckage. I knew it was them.

"Hhhhhheeeeeeelllllllpppppppp" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Mom, dad and my sisters were standing in the doorway in seconds banging into each other.

"What's wrong Seth?" Dad held me as I started to cry and point to the TV. I couldn't get the words out.

"Oh my god!" my mom screamed and ran to me. Grabbing me, she took us to the bed and took me in her arms. Dad then took us both in his arms. My sisters were there in front of the TV, looking, then they turned it off and came to us. Kneeling onto floor in front of us they hugged us and started to cry also.

That night there was no sleep in the Carrolton house as we all sat there and rocked and cried together.

I don't think I slept much for the next three or four days. I was like a zombie, the walking dead. I was there, but I wasn't there. Mom called the doctor and made an appointment for me to see him. I went and saw the doctor who gave me an examination and said I was more in shape than most people were and that I was in a state of emotional refusal. He prescribed a nerve pill for me and told mom to give me one every six hours.

I took the pill that Mom gave me and I could feel myself getting sleepy. I told mom I was going to lay down for a while and she walked me to my room and sat on the side of the bed until I went to sleep.

I woke and there was Dave lying in bed with me. I had my arm over his chest spooned up to his naked form in my bed. He felt so good to me.

I moved my hand over his chest and felt his nipple harden under my fingertips as he cuddled his back into me. I ran my hand farther down his stomach. I felt his soft skin and it felt so warm. As my hand moved farther down, I could feel the treasure trail that ran from his belly button to his pubic bush.

My hand reached that bush and I pulled at them just a bit and he moaned and tried to pull away from me, but I kept him in my grasp. My hand felt his cock head move as I eased my hand lower. I traced the slit and I could hear him suck in a breath as the feelings he was having was turning us both on.

My cock had hardened and was pressed into his backside and was leaking precum onto his back. I reached for his cock and closed my hand around it as I felt the warmth of his cock in my palm.

I closed my hand around the warm flesh and started to stroke it from base to head and he moaned as he felt the pleasure I started to give him. He backed into me and begged me to stroke him harder. I granted him his wish. I worked his dick in my fist as fast as I could, running my thumb over the head to collect the precum that was leaking out to use as lube.

I felt him move his hips against my cock and I knew I had to have him. I moved my hips and placed my cock in that beautiful ass crack of his. As I moved my cock between his legs he moaned and asked me to take him. I always loved it when he would beg me to fuck him.

I moved my cock to his rosebud and moved it around the opening. He moaned and begged me to take him now. I applied some pressure against his opening and felt the head ease into his hole.

I stopped there and just held us still as the tight ring gave into my assault. I started to gently push into his ass. It felt so hot and warm I wanted to stay there forever, but I knew I could not hold out that long. We moved at the same pace, me forward and he backward. We picked up the pace and moved into each other. The smacking sound of flesh against flesh was filling the room and the smell of sex was permeating it. We were getting high from the smells and sounds, the moans were getting louder to the point that we were yelling our pleasures and love for each other. Good thing we were alone in the house and would be for a couple of hours so we could take our time and enjoy each other and ourselves.

The pace was starting to quicken and the vocal level was rising also. I hope the neighbors aren't home, I thought. I rolled Dave over onto his back and raised his legs to my shoulders so we could see each other as we made sweet, delicious love. This wasn't just fucking or sucking; this was love pure and simple.

As we looked into each other's eyes there was unspoken love in them. I bent to him and kissed his soft lips and I felt him open his mouth for my tongue to enter. I licked his lips and his teeth as I continued to move my cock into his waiting tunnel of love. We were working up a sweat as we made love and my sweat fell onto his chest. I raised up and looked at him saying how I love you so, my Dave, and I always will."

"Oh Seth I love you so much. I don't think I could live without you in my life." he moaned to me.

I leaned into his body. I licked the sweat from his chest and circled his nipple with my tongue. I breathed in his scent, I got a rush and my hips started to move faster. I could feel that knot in my stomach like I always did as my orgasm was near.

I started to fuck him harder and faster. We were both so close to cumming that we wouldn't have cared if the whole city had come into the house to see us making love. Dave `s cock was so hard and leaking precum that his stomach was coated with it. He begged me to fuck him harder and faster so that we could get off together and he not touching himself.

I picked up the pace of my hips and moved so that I was rubbing his cock as I fucked into his ass. He yelled at me that I was killing him. "Pleeeeeeaase...harder...fuck me harder my love."

We continued to move toward our goal of shooting our cum onto each other. I was nearing the ultimate goal of orgasm and so was Dave.

I held his hands in mine over his head on the bed and licked his face and neck as we moaned and humped each other. The smell of raw sex and sweat was getting to us.

I humped twice more and pulled out of his ass. The cum was blowing out my cock slit as I humped my hips to his, our cocks rubbing together as he started to shoot his gooey cum along with mine onto our stomachs.

We were rocked with spasms as we reached our mutual orgasms. We humped our hips together and I fell onto his chest smearing our cum between our bodies as we kissed and licked each other's faces.

We cuddled each other for a while until we fell asleep in each other's arms. I could hear Dave calling me, shaking my arm trying to wake me. "Seth, Seth, wake up babe. Seth wake up baby."

I rolled over expecting to see my lover and life-mate but instead it was dad trying to wake me. "Seth, Seth! Son; you need to take a shower now." dad whispered to me.

Dad was sitting on the side of my bed shaking me gently. He looked down and said, "Son; you had an accident you need to get a shower and get ready. It's almost time to go."

I told dad okay and started to get up. That's when I noticed that I was naked and had shot a load all over my stomach while I slept. I looked at dad and blushed crimson.

He swatted my ass and said get going we are going to be late.

I then realized that today was the last time I would see Dave. I started to cry. Tears ran down my cheeks and I felt sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom just in time as I lost the contents of it into the toilet. I felt two hands on my shoulders as I just knelt there. Dad just rubbed my shoulder and let me be. I know that he felt bad, but he felt so bad for me; losing my love, my life. "Seth, I can't tell you I know how you feel. I hope I never do." he said in a cracking voice.

I looked up at dad and wiped the tear from his cheek. I put my hand on his shoulder as I pulled myself up and fell into his arms crying together.

I felt another pair of hands on my shoulder. "Seth, babe; I am safe, and you will find love again. I will always be with you, watching you always. Now you have to be strong for the both of us. You will have many bad days ahead, but together we will get through them."

I lifted my head and looked in the direction of the voice. There stood my love, my Dave. He looked so good to me I smiled at him. I started to go to him but he lifted his hand to stop me.

"Stay there babe. You can't touch me, but you can feel me and hear me, but only you; no one else. I will come to you at times and you must not tell them I am here."

"Dad; I love you and mom and I thank you for being here with me." I whispered into his chest.

"Son, that's what we are here for; we love you. Don't ever forget that." Dad whispered to the top of my head.

Then he swatted my ass and told me to get a shower and get dressed or we would be late.

The funeral was somber and mournful. A lot of sobbing and crying was heard in the church. The school choir sang and Father Bobby gave a beautiful eulogy, then off to the cemetery. That was the hardest part.

When Father Bobby said amen, people left the graves. There was the five of us there, Mom Dad, my sisters Stacy and Nancy, and myself. Mom and Dad were on either side of me as we stood there, me crying inside until it spilled out and I lost it. I knelt at Dave's casket as I reached out to it I heard him again telling me, "babe; I am safe. I will always love you."

I got up, tears still running down my face as I turned to see four more sets of teary eyes.

We left the gravesite.

As time went by I would always stop there and talk to Dave and tell him about this or that and it felt so normal to spend time with my lover.

I returned to school and all of our friends stood by me just like they always had. I made a new friend about 4 months later. He didn't know I was gay but we would hang out together, going skating together and all that. Then one day I told him I had to come clean with him and his friends.

"Hey man; we need to talk," I said to him.

"Sure man; sup dude?" Heath asked.

"Well we have been friends for awhile now and I have to tell you something about me you should know from me and not someone else." I said, looking at him.

"Heath I am gay," I said.

"You fucking lie man. No way! Get the fuck away from me!" Heath screamed at me.


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