Chapter 2

The Beginning

Written By:  Seth Tubby
Edited By:   Justin Case

This story is pure fiction and any person shape or form is purely coincidental.

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My parents were moving back east and taking me and my 2 sisters along. I guess I'm a good looking young man. I'm not a bodybuilder or anything like that, but just a normal well muscled kid. I'm also, what one might call an `A D and T' (defined and toned). Mother nature seemed to plan me, and I wasn't trying to destroy the plans she had made.

I'm a down to earth guy, I'm no flashy or anything, I'm more the quite shy type. Sorta like a shadow man, never seen, but you know he is there. I have that dirty blonde hair, and I'm kind of lanky, long arms and legs, that are covered lightly with hair.

My tan wasn't deep and golden, but more soft and tawny like a deer. I kept the same color, except during the summer, when I turn a lovely shade of reddish brown, and then I stay that way the rest of the year.

I have known for years that I'm gay, and had already had a boyfriend. I've also had the bad luck of having to break up with the lover. I thought I would spend his life loving.

The move to a new school sorta worried me. Not knowing if, or how, the new kids would accept me. So I put on my straight face and attitude, and walked right in. That first day, I had walked into the classroom for homeroom and I spotted him, the tan made him stand out from the others, although they had tans, his was deeper, and darker that made his features stand out. He looked at the door as I walked in and our eyes met, sorta like small shocks ran up and down my spine. I just had to meet him and be a friend to him, the tan god that was to be my new boyfriend.

I thought `down boy just ease up,' trying to will my dick to stop growing, as I looked at him. There was an empty chair there beside him, and I went and asked, "Ahm, hey man this seat taken?"

The eyes that looked up at me melted my insides, and they ran into my shoes. I was glad I had my hand on the table to brace myself.

"Yea, grab some chair man," this god spoke to me, but I didn't seem to hear his words, just saw his lips move

"Huh, say again?" I asked the guy.

"Yeah man, take it its free," he replied this time. I thought of angels and their heavenly voices.

"Th... Thanks" I stuttered. `Whoa great start there Seth,' I said to myself.

"Seth, Seth Carrolton. And you? " I reached over extending my hand towards him.

"Alex, Alex Stuckley, good to meet ya man," he said. "Your first day here, huh?" He asked as we did the slap shake.

"Yeah, just moved here from out west last week," I said to him.

I wasn't meaning to stare at his face, but I couldn't help it. He was gorgeous. I was in love.

I took in all I could, as we set there and waited for the day to start. We compared class schedules. Oh god has smiled on me, this stud is in all my classes.

"Oh no, PE, damn I had been a slacker back home, and hadn't taken PE, here I had to take it to graduate. No way out of it, and I had it this year

What I had found out from Alex, that day, and many others that followed, was to him, it was just like all the other days here at school. Alex looking at the guys and wondering if they wanted to play sink the meat or not, he explained in a whisper.

He told me how he wanted to hear the others talk all that faggy stuff now. He was like me, and just about a year ago, most of us were doing that and having fun at it too. But most of my friends found girlfriends and drifted away from me.

He told me how `a few of us found that girls were not for us.' "Oh we had to date them save face with the rest of the crowd. But we had our own lil crowd that we just hung out with. Russ Jason and myself were the last of the originals, and we have a couple of new members now, Brandon and Chris have joined us." The words drifted from his lips as he told me about himself and his friends.

"Oh, let me tell you about myself, I am Alex Stuckley, gay boy to the max. Hiding from the real world. I am 5'7" and weigh 160 lbs, have brown hair, a killer tan thanks to my granddad's background, and hazel eyes. I don't think my self to be a stud but a lot of people think I am." The words seemed to pour out of his mouth as I listened intently.

"I am not all muscle bound just have them in the right places, and I try to keep them there with a light workout." He continued talking to me like he'd known me all his life.

"I had a strange feeling this morning, as I gelled and styled my hair, that something was going to happen to me today and I just couldn't shake the feeling. But I went on about my prep work and headed out to school. As I set in homeroom waiting to start the day, with lack luster appeal, in walks you, this gorgeous guy. I looked up and our eyes met and it was like small shocks ran up my spine and little shocks of electricity shot through my whole body."

"Oh my god look at that guy," I thought myself. "This...this...this guy is hot, oh man I got to get to know him." He prattled on.

"Oh god here he comes. What am I gonna do, what do I say?" His voice seemed to trail off.

`Oh man, the angels from heaven above have certainly shined on me today,' I thought....