Chapter 3
Written By: Seth Tubby
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From the last chapter...

I took in all I could as we set there and waited for the day to start and we compared class schedules. Oh god has smiled on me this stud is in all my classes.

Oh man, what am I gonna do this guy has PE with me and I will get to see him today... All of him. Oh man...

Now on with the new chapter...

Ok Alex, just calm down and relax man. I think you have to get a handle on this or you are gonna ruin it before it gets started. I'll think about government class and my hardon will go away like a snow cone in July. I just hope I can control this feeling at change time in an hour. Well, we shall see. You're so good looking Seth.

"Hey Seth, over here," he called, looking my way as he waved me over to a couple of empty chairs so we could be next to each other again. I nodded my head and moved through the room with a gait that I imagined being beautiful and graceful.

I thought, "God, this is unbelievable. This has got to be a dream. He is actually after me. Unless I am wrong I think we shall be really, really good friends and soon.

"Hey Jason, this is Seth. He just started today here." Alex says as another cutie sits in the chair next to him.

"Sup man? Welcome to the sticks. Where ya from dude?" Jason asked as he looks over the new meat before him. Jason gave Alex a wink and then wrinkled his eyebrows at him, nodding his head at me.

Alex pretended to kick Jason in the shin, missing it by about a foot saying, "Hell man, not yet! We need to get to know him better."

"Hey Jason, good to meet you man", I said thinking to myself that they must have a stud machine here or something. These two guys are really cute. Geesh; they wear Structure and look great in it. Those A and F guys are great looking, but geesh, these are real home grown guys here.

"Hey meet ya at lunch, ok guys?" Jason called out to us as he left after the class.

"Ok Seth lets get to the gym and meet the coach." Alex says as he turns and heads down the hall. I just stood there a second and watched as Alex moved away; dreams of seeing him nude or almost nude floated through my mind. Mmmmmmmm....

"Hey Seth, lets move man. The coach doesn't like us to be late," Alex yelled back. I shook my head and headed in the direction that Alex was going. He was holding his backpack in front of him to shield his hardon, I guessed.

We finally reach the gym and headed into the coach's office. "Hey Coach T", Alex says to the man in the doorway.

"Hey Alex, how they hanging today man?" coach asks as he slaps Alex on the shoulder. "Hey, who's the new meat here?" as he looked at me.

"Seth Carrolton, Coach T." Alex does the intros and then heads towards the locker room to change.

"Seth, good to meet you young man", the coach reached out to shake hands with me.

"Hi coach," I replied.

"What size you wear Seth?" the coach asked. "We need to get you some gym clothes."

I asked, "Inch or size, coach?"

"Hey Alex, how are these new suits? Inch or size?" coach yells at Alex.

"Size!" is the response from the whole room of guys, some of them shirtless and some are in just skin.

I had to do a double take as I looked into the locker room. I had these feelings in my stomach I couldn't explain. I spotted Alex as he was pulling up a jock. The globes of his ass looked so perfect I had to turn away fast or risk being caught staring. I looked at the coach as he asked me again, "Seth, what size? Medium or large?"

"Ahm...ahm...large I think coach. Not sure." I replied.

"Ok. Carrolton, Seth; one T-shirt...check. One pair shorts...check. One gym bag and clip...check. And one jockstrap...check. Now sign here." the coach said.

"Wha... Wha... Huh? Oh... ok, jock strap," I said.

The coach replied, "Yep, I require you to wear a jock in my class. I don't want you hurting the jewels and then blaming me later".

I thought, "just great. Here I have this god in my class, and I have to strip in front of him everyday.

Alex waved me over and motioned for me to take the locker next to his, saying "this one is empty. All you have to do is tell Coach T the number when you leave class today".

I put my new gear in the locker and started to pull my shirt over my head. I felt eyes on me and thought; "am I dreaming or what?"

Maybe my imagination was just running wild on me. I reached for the button on my shorts. I felt like I should run for dear life, but I waited. I take a deep breath and hook my thumbs in my shorts and boxers and push them all the way down to my ankles in a pile. As I bent to pick them up, I felt eyes on my upturned ass and I knew it was Alex that was looking. I just let it slide and gave my "jewels" a brush to loosen them up and then reached for the jock.

As I stepped into the jock I could feel my balls swinging around. Then they were trapped in the pocket of the jock as I reached in and made sure everything was in just the right place.

I felt good being near Alex like we were now, nearly naked and just stealing glances when we could. We didn't want to get caught, but we knew it was normal for guys to look from time to time.

When we had changed, we went into the gym for an hour of physical fitness training. It was not like any thing I had done before. I was glad when the class ended, the sweat just poured off me.

"Whew, that was a great workout", I said to Alex as we headed into the locker room.

"Yeah, Coach T likes to work us hard at times," Alex replied as he pulled the wet T-shirt over his head.

"Well shower time. Got to get this cleaned again." Alex said as he ran his hand over his chest and stomach, then to his shorts, grabbing his jewels.

I thought I would choke as I watched Alex grab himself.

"Shower?" I said.

"Yep", replied Alex.

Oh no; not that!' I thought, Anything but being in the shower with him.

As the class moved into the locker room, there were clothes being pulled off; skin showing and balls and cocks in all shapes and sizes.

I was in heaven and I could feel my cock starting to stir. I quickly shucked my clothes and headed to the showers, hoping that the scene was having the same effect on another guy in the locker room.



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