Chapter 4
Written By: Seth Tubby
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As the class all moved into the locker room, there were clothes being pulled off and skin showing and balls and cocks in all shapes and sizes.

I was in heaven. I could feel my cock starting to stir so I quickly shucked my clothes and headed to the showers.

Little did I know that the scene was having the same effect on another guy in the locker room.


As I moved into the showers, I quickly glanced over at Alex as he bent over to remove his jock. What a sight that made. That bubble butt of his was glaring at me; creamy white compared to the dark, golden tan of the rest of his body.

"Snap out of this you dummy," I thought to myself. "You are gonna get into something you can't get out of...again." I walked into the showers, grabbed a spot and started to soap up, trying to keep my eyes straight ahead and not letting them wander to all of the flesh around me.

"Hey Seth, where do you stay?" Alex asks.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I soaped and daydreamed of things I would like to do to Alex.

"What? Why do you want to know?" I replied. I thought he might be planning to try and hurt me later. I have been paranoid ever since I had been beaten up about a year ago in New Mexico.

I had made the mistake of telling a friend that I was gay. Then, a week later I was walking home from a movie and this car pulled up. The "friend" and three other guys jumped me. I never had a chance against the four of them.

After a few days in the hospital and a month at home, I started a new school and things went better for me there. I never left the house though, unless I had a friend or two with me.

When I moved here, I told myself that if I found someone that I could be friends with, I would not tell them my secret. I couldn't go through that again, the laughing and taunting, the pain of it all. Even if this person did tell me he was gay, I just couldn't take a chance again.

I looked at Alex and could see his face had a puzzled look on it.

"Oh man; I'm sorry. I was out of it," I said softly. "I stay near Branch Hill Church, about a mile down a dirt lane my pops owns. You?" I ask.

"No way! Hell man, we are neighbors," Alex laughed.

That laugh, that smile; God, if he only knew what he was doing to me.

"Why the laugh man? Is there something wrong with that area of this lil' place or what?" I ask.

"I live behind the Farmer's Market just down the road from you. Ha isn't that a hoot?" he replied.

I finally got through the shower and was heading back to the lockers to dress. As I looked at all the flesh around me, I wondered what I had missed by not taking PE there.

I reached my locker and dried fast, hoping that I would be ready by the time Alex got there. No such luck. As I sat on the bench to dry my legs, here he came, strutting towards his locker with his towel draped over his shoulder. Little spots of water gleamed on his body like stars in the night sky.

He stopped to talk to some of the guys, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. His head kept tilting in my direction though and my paranoia went up another notch.

Nervous now, I busied myself dressing. As I was just getting ready to leave, a voice roared through the locker room. "Alright maggots, that wasn't too good out there today. So tomorrow you pay on the outside course for not giving your all.

It was Coach T. This time he wasn't looking like the gentle giant he had seemed like at the beginning of class. After saying that, he turned and left the locker room without another word.

"No! Coach T; please! We will work harder tomorrow!" the other guys said in unison.

"What's the outside course?" I asked Alex.

"Tell ya at lunch. Ok?" He mumbled in reply.

I went by the clothes bin and dropped in my bag like I'd seen all the other boys doing. I pulled out my schedule and looked at it, pleased to see that my next class was in fact lunch. "Good," I thought. "I am ready to eat."

While waiting for my food in the cafeteria, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see that beautiful smile and those eyes looking at me. I melted inside. I wanted to lean into him and kiss him. I couldn't though; not here, not in the middle of school. Not ever, actually, for I feared telling him or anyone the truth about me. I had to say something to him though.

"Hey man, I need to talk to you about something, ok?" I said, leaning towards him slightly. "Let's sit over here" I said as we got our food. We walked to an empty table under a tree in the courtyard.

"What's up man?" he asked.

"Well, I have to tell you something about me. I don't know why, but I feel like I can trust you not to tell anyone else. Can you promise me that?" I asked him, looking directly into his eyes.

"Okay man; this is just between you and me. No farther, not a word, I promise." He replies, his eyes looking lovingly into mine.

I look into his eyes and see the love I have felt once before. Suddenly, I know I can trust this guy. I have to start trusting people again.

" I go. See, am..."

"Hey guys, what's up?" Jason says, seeming to have appeared from nowhere.

As I had gotten ready to speak the words to my new friend, my mind had jumped back to that day two years ago when I had told Dave that I was gay. Jason's voice cutting across my own yanked me back to the present suddenly.

"Hey Jason, s'up man?" I ask, my voice managing to not break on the lump in my throat.

"Hey Seth..."A" man. What you two up to, sitting out here? Getting it on or something?" Jason said laughingly.

"Hell no! I am not gay. Why do you say that?" I stammered, hoping I was doing a good acting job.

"Hey Jas, what're you always pulling the fag jokes for, man?" Alex says, his voice rising as he slaps Jason on the back of his head.

"You know it pisses me off when you say that, so if I hear you calling me or Seth fags again, I'm gonna break your leg. Got me?" he says, his voice now loud and filled with menace.

Then Alex goes into a rant about gays and fags, as if they're trash; that they "should be shot. Better yet, cut the weirdo's balls off. That would teach `em. Yeah, teach `em good."

Jason seems as stunned at me at Alex's tirade and tries to smooth things over. "Hey man; chill! Just trying to break the ice a lil' bit. Shit, you two looked all serious over here."

"Oh shit," I thought to myself. What have I gotten into here? The guy I have fallen for is a basher! He's really a gay hater, one that wants to castrate all gays. I was totally confused now, because earlier he had told me he was gay.

Jason looked like he was about to cry. I felt bad for him. His friend had really jumped him bad, and in front of the whole lunch crowd too.

There were eyes looking in our direction, some of the faces void of reaction. Some even looked like they were ready to jump the three of us. The three fairies sitting here. Well, one fairy and two straight fag bashers, so I thought.

I had never been so glad to hear a bell as I was then. I jumped up and put the trash in the bin, looking to see which way Alex had gone so I could follow him to class.

He stopped and waited on me. "Sorry about that little outburst back there," he said. "He just gets too sissy for his own good at times."

I had trouble believing what I was hearing now. What did he just say? I stood for a moment utterly confused.

"No prob dude," I replied. "You just surprised me is all. Didn't know you hated gays that bad. you? I mean; are they that bad here in this school?" I asked.

Alex looked around as if to make sure the coast was clear. With a wink and a quick smile that I just couldn't read, he replied "Not out; but they are here, like I told you earlier."

What the hell was that?


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