Chapter 5
Written By:  Seth Tubby

Edited by:    REM
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From the last chapter

"I replied, "no probe dude, you just surprised me is all I didn't know you hated gays that bad, do you?"

" Hey men are they that bad here in this school?' I asked.

Alex looked around as if to make sure the coast was clear and said with a wink." Not out, but they are here."

What the hell was that?

Now on with the story

What was that a wink?

Oh my God; he didn't just wink at me, did he?

Is this guy putting the make on me?

"Hey Alex, where's our next class?' I asked.

"In the portable behind the commons here," he said as we headed out the door. "Follow me."

"Hey, you never told me; what's the outside course?"

"Oh that. Well you see that wooded area over there behind the bus lot," he said, nodding his head in the direction he'd just described.


"Well, there's an outdoor trail and obstacle course in there that the ROTC uses for training and its tough. Muddy and rough as hell." He looked at me as we continued to class and said, "it's Coach T's way of making us pay for slacking off."

"Here we go; this is the last class of the day," he said as we walked up the steps to class.

We walked in and I was introduced to the teacher and she started class. Soon, thankfully, the bell rang.

"Hey Alex, what's there to do around here after school?" I asked, as we made our way to our lockers.

"Is there a mall to hang out at or a skate park?" I asked, hoping to spend more time with him.

"Nope, not around here. We have to go to the beach for our fun. But we cant go there everyday; just the weekends," he replied, sounding sort of sad. "But, we can go to the river and just chill there if you want too." He said, looking at me hopefully.

"Ok, let me call my dad and tell him where I am gonna be." I told him.

"Hey, did you drive to school today?"

"Drive? Ha, I don't have a license yet." I laughed at him.

"What? Oh, ok. Want me to run ya home?" He said. "Cause, it's on the way to the spot we go to."

"Sure" I said nervously.

Man I get to ride with this good looker, I thought that I would lose my lunch I was so excited.

"Hey where's your car?" I ran to catch him looking, at his fine ass as he walked towards the student parking lot.

"The green S-10 over there," he said, pointing.

"Cool "

"Hey Alex, will it be just us there today or are more of your friends gonna be there?" I asked somewhat nervously.

"Not sure yet. A couple of them said they were gonna be there," he said. "Why ya nervous?"

"Weeeeeeeelll," I stammered out finally.

"Oh man don't be, we don't bite...the first time," he laughed.

That laugh made me feel good, and bad. It warmed my heart to hear it, and it was a little unnerving too.

"Hey, I am going to go by my house to get some trunks in case the girls show up today. Might not need them though," he said as he looked at me, winking again.

What's with this guy and the winks? If he keeps this up I will have to jump him and see just how much he really knows about being a gay boy to the max.

He reminds me a lot of Dave. Dave was my first lover and I will never forget him. He was so loving and caring. But then he turned on me too. Dave and I met at the Skate Park near our homes. We had lived 3 streets apart. We had known each other for ages and been in classes together for most of our years in school.

We had started to hang out back in New Mexico, more and more often as we got older. We would walk home the long way, talking all the time and learning more about each other than most people did about us.

Usually his folks didn't get home until at least 7:00 at night, and he was left to fend for himself. He had the house to himself less than the housekeeper did. So we would go to his room and listen to music or play video games like most kids our age.

One day he asked, "hey wanna see something I found on the net last week?'

"Sure," I said, hoping it was a porn sight, so I could see some guys.

He logged on and typed in a URL, and up came this sight.

"Seth? Seth? Seth are you all right?"

Why was my head hurting? And I couldn't see. I moved my hand to my face and felt a damp cloth over my forehead; I moved it up so I could see him kneeling over me with a worried look on his face.

"Hey man what happened?" I stuttered out slowly.

"Not sure dude, you were behind me, and then I heard you moan and hit the floor hard." Dave said worriedly.

"I remember going to stand behind you and that was it until I woke up just now."

I looked around the room and I almost fainted again, cause the screen still had two of the hottest guys I'd ever seen, and they were sucking each other.

Dave helped me sit up against the bed. I looked at him and said I was feeling a little better and that I thought I'd better be getting home.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go along?" he asked, his voice filled with concern.

"Na..... nah, I can make it, I will cut through the yards and go straight home," I told him.

"I will give a buzz when I get there. So you don't worry, ok dude?"

"Ok," he said, with a saddened tone. He looked at me, and you could tell this hurt him.

I made it out of that house on shaky legs. The trip home wasn't much better. There were four yards for me to get through, but it felt like four hundred. I made it finally to my house and up to my room. I felt a lot better then. I was safe in my world, my lonely... lonely gay world....

Rinnnnnnnnnggggggggggg, riinnnnnnngggggg, I reached for the phone and muttered "Yo! Go head"

"Hey man you ok?" It was Dave.

"Yeah man just got here. I am ok, thanks for calling," I said to the handset. "Catch ya in the morning ok? I am going to lay here a bit and then get a shower before I call it a night. Ok?"

"Sure man. Hope you feel better. Later dude."

I got up, stripped off my clothes and walked to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I didn't know who that was looking back at me.

What is happening to you man? You have to get a grip.



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