Chapter 7

Written By: Seth Tubby
Edited By: REM

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Seth Tubby

From the last chapter

We stand and strip our remaining clothes and jump back on the bed, I can feel his dick rubbing mine as we grind our bodies together, hands roaming and cocks leaking. Our stomach glistening as the precum wets them.

I feel him move on the bed I realize he is turning around and going to look at my cock, and I will be able to see his. I reach out and just before I can grab the cock, bang bang bang ... Bang bang bang hey boys are you in there...

It's his dad...

Now on to the new chapter

Talk about woodies wilting! Shit man, I didn't think mine would ever get hard again and if it did I would be fucking myself. We both went pale as cotton, and then we started jerking clothes on like mad. I think I ended up wearing his boxers by the time we were dressed.

Dave told his dad we would be right there, as soon as we cleared the mess up. I looked at him and we smiled. We could faintly hear him walking away as he said, "Ok, just hurry up Dave; we need to talk. I'll be in my office."

His dad's office was a small bedroom he had converted. He was sitting there as we walked in. He looked at us over a book and said, "Guys, sit down and take a load off your minds, we just need to set some rules."

We looked at each other. I could see the redness in Dave's cheeks and feel the heat in my face. I am thinking "oh no this is it, he knows about us, he is going to kill us both."

"So Dave, is this the young man you have talked to me about?" He asks in a stern, harsh voice.

"Yes father, this is Seth, Seth Carrolton, and he is the one." Dave stated.

I felt like a deer in the headlights. I just knew my life was over, that my folks would be finding out soon and all would be lost.

Mr. Sanderson looked at me and then to Dave. He smiled and said, "good looking couple you two make. Good choice, I think."

"What did you say sir?" I almost yelled.

"Seth, calm down son. I have known Dave is gay for almost a year and he has done nothing but talk about you since you two met," said Mr. Sanderson.

"Mr. Sanderson, I....I...I think you...", is as far as I got before he cut my words off. "Seth, it's all right if you and Dave are friends; boyfriends even. Mrs. Sanderson and I have been preparing for this day for some time now."

I drop my head in my hands and start to cry. I knew I had just died, or knew I would soon. "Mr. Sanderson, sir, please don't tell anyone. I have not told anyone yet, not even my folks." I sobbed.

"Would you like to talk to them alone, or would you like some help them, Seth?" he asked.

I felt an arm around my shoulder, and then I was being pulled onto a strong chest. It was Mr. Sanderson. He was hugging me to his strong, manly chest and rubbing my back, trying to get me to stop crying, trying to console me.

Dave came up beside us, putting his hand on my shoulder as he said, "It's alright Seth, my parents know about me and about the way I feel about you. I love you Seth I would be proud if you would be my boyfriend," he whispered.

I looked over towards Dave and into the sweetest eyes. I could see nothing but love in them. I just stared back at him in awe.

"Seth, I need to tell you something else. Your father and I have been friends for years and he has a feeling about you; you and my son." Mr. Sanderson says, looking down at me.

I can't believe he just said that to me as I look into his face and see that he is sincere.

"Alright, you have held him enough, he is my boyfriend not yours, so give him up father." Dave laughs, as do we all.

Well, I feel like a load is off my shoulders as Dave and I head back upstairs to his room to talk about our lives together. As soon as the door is closed and locked, Dave is kissing me and pulling my shirt over my head. He attacks my nipples, working down my chest towards my shorts. As soon as his tongue reaches the top of my shorts, his hands have them open and are going down over my cock and butt cheeks.

Dave moans, "Seth I love you and I want you. Let me satisfy you please."

I reach for his face, looking into his eyes and say, "Its yours Dave. All you can take or want, it's all yours".

I felt warmth on the tip of my cock as his tongue ran over and around it. Then his mouth was working down my cock and his tongue was doing things to my dick I didn't know a tongue could.

I felt a hand on my balls as he worked them gently. Then he pulled them as he worked my dick into his throat and I felt him hum around the shaft. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned how good what he was doing to me felt. He just continued to hum around my shaft. I could feel that all too familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me I would be shooting soon.

"Dave, please pull off. I am gonna cum if you keep that up and I don't want to yet. Please...please pull off."

He just looked up at me and shook his head no and went down again. Working my shaft from tip to base, twirling and sucking like a vacuum.

Dave had taken his cock out of his shorts and was jacking himself off as he sucked me. I wanted to taste him bad. I told him to let us 69, but he again shook his head no. I felt my balls pull up and I know that this was the final time and that I was a goner; no turning back this time, I was cumming.

"Dave, I...I am cccccuuuuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnnnggggggg!" I hissed through clenched teeth to keep from yelling and screaming.

He raised up and helped me shuffle to the bed. My knees were so weak from the orgasm that I could barely stand by myself. He sat beside me and we looked at each other, smiled and laughed then leaned in for a kiss.

That was one kiss that I would never forget.

I reached for my boxers and shorts and then stood to fasten them. I said, "Dave, babe, I need to get home or my parents are going to wonder what has happened to me.

We kissed again. He unlocked the door and walked me to the door. We sneaked a goodnight kiss at the door as we parted for the night, "See you in the morning babe."

I was home in no time. I think I floated there, never touching the ground.

Mom had dinner almost ready when I got home. I asked if I had time for a shower.

"Sure babe. Just make it a regular shower," she winked at me and laughed.

"Mom!" I sighed.

After dinner, which my sisters had missed again, mom and dad were there talking. I said I had something I needed to talk to them about that was really important. That's one thing we had always been able to do.

"Mom, dad, I don't know how to go about this." I said. "Well no way but to just say it.; I am gay."

"Well son, so that is what you have been hiding from us this, long huh?" Dad said. "Well Ellen, no grandkids from this one I guess."

"Jake, it s been a long time coming but at least he told us." My mom said.

"Son, listen; we have had some thoughts about you for about six months now and if you are happy we are happy for you. A bit disappointed, but we will just have to get over it."

"So you have your eye on someone special yet?" mom asked.

"Mom, I just told you I am gay and you are already after me about someone special, aren't ya mad, angry or anything?" I asked.

Dad kicked his chair back from the table and got all mad looking, acting like I had just shot someone. I mean I had never seen dad look that angry before. "Let me tell you one thing young man; I will not he you talking to your mother that way." he said.

He was moving around the table fast so I got scared and jumped from there and ran out of the house as fast as I could. I ran for a good two blocks before I stopped. There was a bus bench ahead, so I sat there wondering what went wrong? One minute they are all lovies and then I am being attacked.

Then I heard a car coming up the street and I looked, it was Dad and Mom. Mom saw me and yelled, "Seth! Wait...stop...don't run baby, please stop"

"I stopped and looked at her crying and said, "Why should I? You don't want me there anymore. I would be an embarrassment to you." I cried.

"Seth you would not be any such thing. Now get in the car!" Dad yelled at me through his tears.

My dad crying.

What was this? This man crying?


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Seth Tubby