Chapter 8

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Author's Note: I would never have gotten this far if not for the much needed help and support of a few people, some great editors Justin Case, and REM, who are also some good friends.
                                                                                            Seth Tubby


From the last chapter:

Then I heard a car coming up the street and I looked, it was Dad and Mom, Mom saw me and yelled, "Seth, wait stop, don't run baby, please stop."

"I stopped and looked at her crying and said " why should I you don't want me there anymore".

" I would be an embarrassment to you, " I cried.

"Seth, you would not be any such thing now get in the car," Dad yelled at me, through his tears.

My dad crying.

What was this, a man crying?

Now on to the new chapter:

I heard the words and couldn't believe them.

I turned to look at Dad, he had tears running down his face, as he was walking towards me with his arms outstretched.

"Seth, please baby, come on back," he cried.

Mom was driving now, trying to get to us.

When she got close, she parked the car, got out, came to us and hugged both of us. We all had a good cry right there in the street. Good thing there was no traffic.

"Seth, we love you. We have had thoughts that this would come out sooner or later, and we don't care. You are our son and nothing...nothing...will ever changed that. So, you understand us?" Mom said, Dad nodding in agreement.

I tugged loose of the hug and said, "let's go home. I need to tell you more."

So we all piled into the car and made it back home, still sobbing a little bit.

"Ok lets get this out of the way," I said as we sat back down at the table. "I have met a guy and I think I am in love with him."

"His name is Dave Sanderson, I think you know him, or of him," I say.

"Thomas Anderson's son Dave? Little Davie?" My dad asked.

"Yes, Dave Sanderson. His parents are Thomas and Karen Sanderson. Do you two know each other?" I ask.

My dad had a funny look on his face as he replied. "I think so. We were roommates in college, and now we work for the same company."

"Did you know that when you two kids were younger, you use to play all the time and you thought that you were brothers instead of friends?" Mom said, as she held me tight and we rocked back and forth on the couch.

"And to find out now that you two are more than just friends makes sense to me." She said.

Dad then asked, with a smile on his face. "So when do we meet the guy that swept you off your feet, and his family?"

"Not sure, let me call him and see what we can set up, ok?" I said to them.


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Seth Tubby