Chapter 9

Written By: Seth Tubby

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Seth Tubby

Alex's point of view:

Well Seth has told me he is writing about us, so I thought I would add my two cents in this story.

I am 19 now and 5' 7" 165 brown hair and tanned all over (just a little lighter around my crotch area.). That's due to my grandfather, who was an Indian, so I have the features of that culture as well as the high cheekbones and a slightly rounded face. Some call it hot looking.

I am gay and have known it since I was around 10 when the guys at the pool caught my eye more than the girls. I have been able to keep it a secret until about four years ago when I was caught up in something I never knew or thought would happen.

I fell for a younger guy and an older guy. The older guy was married and I have known him for years. I knew something was up with him the first time I saw him when I was about 11 or 12. We looked at each other and had looked at each other for years from afar.

More about him later. Now about the people I have fun with.

I met some friends at school and we made a pact to help each other out and keep the secret.

These guys are Russ, Jason, Brandon, and Chris.

We are all the same age within six months. We started out as a one-time thing once at Russ' house. Then we would do something with just two of us and we decided to just have camp outs and group jerks to get off.

These lasted for a couple of months and we went a bit farther and started to jerk each other off. Then one night we got drunk and played strip poker. Russ said, "last hand is a blow job for the others by the loser. Are we all in?" You talk about five guys getting sober fast; we looked at each other and agreed. Blow jobs by the loser.

We played hard and we were all sweating bullets, trying to get a winning hand and not have to give the others a blowjob. We all were wanting a blow job, but didn't want to be the one to give it.

Well, the game didn't go good for Jason. He got a bad hand and had to fold. "Looks like we have a sucker for the night. Hope Mrs. Rosey doesn't get mad at us." Russ laughed.

You could tell we were all nervous as hell but, we were all boned up and hurting too, even Jason. We asked if he wanted us to stand by his chair or go to the bedroom and collect our winnings. "May as well stay here and see that we all are treated the same," Jason said with a blush.

"Ok, whose first?" asked Brandon. None of us moved forward. "High card goes first." says Chris.

We all cut a card and Brandon won the first hand so he was first. Then we cut again and Russ was second. Chris and I cut, and I was next which left Chris as last. Poor guy; he was the youngest of us at 14. So we all sat around, waited and watched as Brandon got ready for his blowjob from Jason.

Jason looked nervous as hell sitting there waiting to give his first blow job...or so we thought. He wanted all of the cum we had, and he wanted it now. We never knew that Jason had been blowing the guys on the baseball team for years, as he told us later that weekend.

Jason reached out and touched Brandon's cock and you could see that Brandon was nervous about us watching Jason blow him; he had had that mouth before. He moved forward and let Jason play with his cock as Jason began to stroke it from head to base. Then he flicked his tongue at the tip to collect the drop of dew that had formed there. Brandon moaned, and gave a slight push with his hips, reaching out to run his hands through Jason's hair, stroking his neck and face as he let Jason suck the head of his cock. Then Brandon did something none of us expected, he pulled his cock from Jason's mouth bent and kissed him on the lips. It wasn't just a normal kiss, it was as intimate a kiss as I had ever seen; mouths opened and tongues were intertwined and the moaning, god these guys had it bad.

The kiss broke and Brandon took his dick in his hands and rubbed it around Jason's face before he put it back in Jason's mouth, pushing it in to the hilt. Jason just moaned as he took all of Brandon's cock and we could see his hand on Brandon's balls as they were pulled and played with.

Jason was moaning as he sucked the dick up and down. Stroking the base as he sucked the head, then would taking it all down into his throat and hum. Poor Brandon was about to collapse, his knees getting weak. He leaned over Jason and braced his hands on Jason's shoulders, moaning, groaning and almost yelling out as he fucked his dick into Jason's throat.

I felt a hand on my dick and looked at Russ who was sitting beside me. He had a hand on my cock and on Chris' boner as well. Chris was rubbing Russ' cock and I let my hand fall into Russ' lap to grab his balls as we all were getting hot watching the show before us.

I had to quench my thirst, so I fell onto Russ' lap and licked at his cockhead. I could feel a hand bump my face from time to time as Chris was still jacking the cock I was licking because he wasn't looking at it but rather at the show. Russ let out a moan as I licked the head and played with his balls, as I hadn't turned loose of those nads yet.

Chris looked in Russ' lap and saw the back of my head and moaned, "Oh man, Alex. You too?"

Russ pulled me off his cock long enough to say, "Let's go to the bedroom. Theres more room there." We left Brandon and Jason to their business as we made our way to the bedroom. It was apparent that something very good was about to happen in there tonight.

Russ, Chris and I looked at each other with shy, sly smirks on our faces. Then Russ said, "Ok guys, tonight we move forward to what we all have wanted for months. Chris and I have done this before Alex, so just relax and go with what you like to do or you can just watch for a bit."

"You have to be kidding Russ. Shit man, I have wanted your cock for months. Really since the first night I saw it, so I am in from the start." I replied.

We got on the bed and Russ arranged us so that we all had a cock to suck and that we could be sucked. I had Chris' cock in my face, my cock was in Russ' face and Chris was sucking on Russ' cock before Russ and I could start. He is a cock hound for sure. Horny bugger too. He was sucking and licking that cock for all he was worth. He wet a finger, and had it at Russ' rose bud. I heard a moan as Russ pulled off my cock threw his head back, moaning again, calling out Chris' name. "That's it buddy, hit my button there. Yeah, go...aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Russ then dropped his head onto my cock and took all of it to the hilt. I felt his nose on my balls, which were drawn up around the base of my dick. I moaned around Chris' cock and I felt him shudder as I did that. I could smell the heat of the moment coming from Chris' groin and the room had a smell and sound of pure lust and sex. That drove us onward, toward the golden reward of pleasure, getting our rocks off.

We had a very good time to say the least. We continued to suck for a few minutes, then I felt something wet at my hole. Russ was licking my ass and I felt like I was gonna blow my load at the added pleasure. "Russ...oh man stop, please. I'm gonna blow; please stop," I moaned.

Russ and Chris then attacked my crotch to an unusual extent. My cock was in Chris' mouth, and Russ was eating my ass and balls like it was his last meal. I felt an added something as Russ started playing with my ass with his finger. I tried to pull away but I couldn't move as they had me pinned to the bed by their weight. I reached over and started to stroke Chris' dick as he sucked me deep into his throat.

I felt that knot in my stomach like always before I cum. "Guys...take it take it all. I am gonna shoot a load for ya; please take it!"

"Man! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh...ooooooohhhhhhh...please take it!" I reached down and placed my hands on Chris' head and held him there in case he thought about getting away. Just as I felt Russ stuff at least two fingers up my ass and hit my prostate. I saw stars as my orgasm hit me. I felt the load start and I shot it deep into Chris' mouth. Russ was having a hard time holding me down and hanging onto my balls while keeping his fingers in my ass.

As I came back to earth from the orgasm, I looked at Chris and Russ. They both had worried looks on their faces. "Are you ok Alex?" Russ asked.

"Yeah; I...I...I'm fine, I think. Whew! That was fan-fucking-tastic! Never had a cum so good before." I said to both of them.

They smiled at me, waving their hard cocks and said, "We are next, so wanna help us?"

I tried to jump to it, but I moved as if in slow motion because of the greatest cum of my life.

"So, who's next?" I asked. Russ raised his hand and said, "I need to shoot bad. Your ass has me so hot. Please eat my ass or suck my cock. I need to come."

"Well then big boy, get up here and spread those legs `cause I have a pair of balls and an ass to get to know a lot better before I am through tonight." I replied.

Russ lay on the bed and spread his legs. I crawled between them and reached for his balls and pulled them towards me, licking and then sucking them in to my mouth. The sexy smell coming from his crotch was intoxicating, making me want to do things I had never done before. I wanted to eat his ass and then fuck him. I had never had those kind of thoughts before.

I attacked his ass like he had mine; like a starved man. There was something that snapped in me and I just had to try to satisfy that hungry feeling I had. I was licking his asshole and I stuck my tongue in there. I tasted Russ...all of him...and I had to have more. I licked a finger and played it around the opening. Then I eased it in and worked it gently in and out. He was moaning and begging for more, so I pulled that one out and wet another finger and gently eased them both into his ass. More moans and groans from him. "Please, I want you in me Alex. Take my ass man! Please fuck my ass." Russ begged.

I crawled up on the bed and got between his wide spread legs. I lined up my dick head to his ass and I started to enter that rose bud. He moaned and caught his breath as my cock head made entrance into his ass canal. I paused there, just inside him. Looking at his face, I saw something I had never seen before in a guys face; lust. Pure lust. "Now Alex! I need it all in me now. Shove it all in me!" Russ groaned at me like a man possessed. "Fuck me hard and deep Alex. Please!"

I leaned on his chest and did something else new for me; I kissed him on the lips. Not just a peck, but a passionate, open-mouth tonsil washing if I had ever seen one. We wrapped our arms around each other and just drifted off into never-never land. Nothing else mattered at this time. Just lust and cum could kill the feeling.

We kissed again and then I felt something in my ass crack. I looked over my shoulder and there was Chris, crouched down and licking my ass, going in after my rose bud. "He's not yet, man not yet," I said.

"Now or never Alex ", Chris huffed at me lustfully.

"I don't think I am ready for that yet Chris. How about a blow job?" I asked hopefully.

"Not tonight Alex. I want it and you probably wont even feel my little dick in your ass." Chris said softly.

I felt his finger gently work around my hole and I knew I had to have him in there. "Chris, just take it easy ok?" I moaned.

We made sweet love that night to each other and as we each reached our orgasms we fell to the bed exhausted. As Russ reached his orgasm, we were startled by the applause that came from the door as Brandon and Jason clapped for us. Then jumping on the bed with us, they cuddled close with the three us.

We all fell asleep like that; all cuddled together and naked.

The next morning was the wake up that I hadn't expected as we were sober. Even though we had messed around some before, we had never been as far as last night. I felt like I wanted to puke my guts out because of the liquor and from the thoughts of what had happened as they gathered in my head. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a voice. "Its alright Alex. You are safe and so is your secret." I looked to see which of the guys had said that to me, but all of them were still asleep. I got scared but then I felt a burden lift off of me and my mind as I knew who it was. My guardian angel. I knew I had made the right choice. Now how was I going to keep this a secret?

Well here is a start of how the gang and I started. Maybe later Seth will let me tell you more about us and when he joined up with us.


Thanks for the mail and hope you have enjoyed the story so far.
Seth Tubby