This is my new character, Daniel. I hope you like him...

"Sexual Crucifixion"
mr. b

Normally, I don't even think twice about the Christian retreats at my school. It's just a bunch of fake Christians getting together to recite lines of Bible bullshit and sing overly happy songs. My stomach almost churned at the thought of such a hellish experience. At least it did until my dick churned too.

Daniel was a grade below me, a junior, and I would have sang "Jesus Loves Me" for a year to get with him. I'm not sure why I showed up at fellowship that Thursday morning at school. I guess I just couldn't get enough of him. He was there, eating a bagel and laughing, his gold cross dangling hypnotically from his smooth, pale neck. In a trance, I followed the rest of the "Christian" students and filled out my permission slip to go on the retreat that coming weekend.

I really didn't know him well. We had spoken a couple of times at the homecoming dance and then again at a track meet. But, for some reason, he didn't seem interested in talking to me for more than a couple of words. I guess that frustrated me. Maybe that's why I signed up for the retreat. Anyway, I found myself Friday after school sitting in the row behind him on the retreat van up to the Highlands. He was sleeping. My eyes scanned his resting head. I loved his straight, almost sharpened, sandy blonde hair. He had sort of a crew cut that let his bangs extend down over his forehead, just above his always-cringed eyebrows. His eyelids curtained deep, piercing blue eyes that sent Arctic shivers down my back. His nose formed a perfect peak that I often imagined caressing my navel and he had full, deep, red lips that he always kept wet with his tongue. I ran my eager eyes down his hairless cheek to his tense, bent neck. I stopped and brought my vision back up to his sleeping eyes again. My dick throbbed so hard it began to ache like an over-exerted muscle. His eyes opened.

His cerulean eyes met mine and in an instant I felt like my entire sexual being was exposed and stolen. I was sure he knew exactly what I was thinking. He gave a little smile, turned his head, and closed his eyes again. I exhaled slowly, trying to recapture my composure. Catching my breath, we rode on.

The van stopped abruptly at the cabin and me, Daniel, and our Christian classmates all filed out, exhausted from the ride. It was already around 10pm so I knew it would be bedtime soon. I grabbed my stuff and tried to follow Daniel to a sleeping spot within the cabin. We all threw our sleeping bags down in personal spaces on the floor. He was three guys over from me. I could barely see him when everyone began to get in their bags for the night. The lights went out and I laid there for a long time, wishing I could've gotten a spot closer to him. A myriad of thoughts swept through my sexual mind and several times I had to adjust my resting position to keep from squishing my hard cock. I think I may have dozed off when I awoke suddenly. I didn't know what the noise was and I couldn't see anything but still, dark, vague images. I slowly raised my head in the direction of the faint sound and strained my eyes to see. My dick instantly began to harden.

The details were obscure, but the motions and the shapes were definite. I counted the bodies from me: one, two, three. It was the third and the fourth. Some guy and Daniel. At first I wanted to scream out, but as I focused more and as my eyes adjusted, I realized it was only Daniel who was awake. The other guy was completely still. The sound was that of slippery cock running between wet lips. I could make out the shape of Daniel's bent head rising and lowering over the sleeping guy's body. My dick jumped vigorously in my underwear. I watched vicariously as Daniel played with the base of his sleeping neighbor's cock while simultaneously moving his free hand about in his own crotch. The sound of dick-sucking combined with Daniel's self-inflicting gyrations of pleasure drove me wild. I was astonished merely by Daniel's unexpected actions but enthralled so that I couldn't look away if I wanted to. Unconsciously, my hand rubbed my boner. Beyond the faint sound of slippery cock, I could hear Daniel breathing heavier. I heard his legs moving in his sleeping bag and just as I began to fully expose myself and jerk off, I heard him give a slight moan, increase his dick sucking pace and then grunt. Everything was silent. He slowly took the dick from his mouth and slid it back through the guy's boxer flap. He then laid back down, zipped his sleeping bag and turned over.

The next morning, I felt like a Catholic priest whom Daniel had confessed his deepest secret to. I wanted to scream aloud to all the guys on the retreat that I knew Daniel was a fag. But, I also wanted to scream to Daniel that I was a fag, too. I did neither. Instead, over breakfast, I kept eyeing Daniel. He didn't seem to notice my prolonged glances, but he did speak to me a couple of times after the breakfast Bible discussion. The day went by extremely slowly, torturing me with exegesis reading and explications of the Christian doctrine. By the afternoon, I was about to wonder if what I saw the night before really happened. Not once, did Daniel ever give a hint of his gayness, nor a second glance at any of the guys in the room. During our pre-dinner free time, I isolated myself down by the creek beside the cabin and watched the sun go down. The day seemed such a waste as the air was brisk but warm, the water clear and flowing, the birds bustling in the bushes, and me stuck at a school Christian retreat with another gay guy who barely acknowledged my presence.

The leaves shuffled behind me and I turned around. Daniel was walking down the same trail I had. He didn't look up, though, and, for a second, I thought he may walk by me without taking notice. He did. I suspected that he saw me, but I wasn't sure. So, I mustered my guts and called to him. He stopped walking, turned around, looked up, and gave me a slight smirk. I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was just taking a break from all the Christianity. He came and sat down by the creek about a foot away from me. I could see down the open leg of his khaki shorts past the plaid boxers and to the soft underside of his ass. His thighs were fuzzy with blonde hairs but modestly smooth. He was wearing sandals and a Patagonia t-shirt with sleeves that dropped just a couple of inches below his shoulders and fit snug to his wrestler's build. His blue eyes studied my face, moving quickly down my body and then went off down the creek to the pink sky. The gold cross hung from his neck like a medallion of divinity. Blood began to rush into the shaft of my cock as I was reminded the blatant stare I was giving him. I looked away, searching for the spot of sky he was looking at.

He asked me if I was hungry. Dinner was soon. I told him I wasn't really. Our conversation was similar to that, very few words, but filled with underlying energy. My palms were sweating as all of my senses told me to jump on him and make him suck me like he did the sleeping guy next to him the previous night. My body, though, was frozen as this was the first time I had been next to a guy who I suspected capable of returning the attraction for me. I tried to think of something else, but my dick flexed eagerly as if to remind me of the hotness Daniel exuded. At the same time, our heads turned towards each other and I met his eyes once again. I tensed even more and sat almost frightened as he continued to hold the stare. So many times, he had simply glanced at or overlooked me. The smirk he frequently had on his rosy lips extended to a devilish smile which was interrupted by his licking tongue. His wet lips shimmered in the dimming light and matched the slight sparkle of his oceanic eyes. I lost all inhibition and sent my head toward his.

Our lips met like molten lava mixing and motioning for more activity. I felt his tongue dart to the roof of my mouth and retreat. His sandals scuffed up dry dirt as he pushed himself on top of me. My thin shirt provided no cushion to the forest ground and my boxers rode up in a wedge between my sweating ass crack. I felt hardness against my hip and his weight smother my heaving body. As our tongues slammed against each other and tangled like fighting serpents, I felt the coolness of his cross drop onto my neck. His hands rummaged around my chest and proceeded up the leg of my shorts. My right hand grasped the back of his prickly neck while my left rubbed one cheek of his skinny, yet muscular, ass. His tongue lapped at my lips and continued down the right side of my neck. His dick flexed through his shorts repeatedly into my thigh. He eased himself down the length of me, pulling my shirt up my torso. He gently pecked my nipple and slurped on my defined abs. His hands worked methodically unbuckling, unbuttoning, and unzipping. He slid my pants through the dirt and down my legs. He took the elastic of my boxers in a stern bite and pulled his head up, freeing my rigid cock from its cloth home. My chest heaved in and out as he stuffed the length of me in his warm mouth and slipped his tongue around my dickhead. Involuntarily my thighs tightened and my hands rushed to press his head down on me. I became lost within his oral realm and my eyes squinted from the acute stimulation of sucking jaws. One of his hands groped my sweaty, hanging balls, while the other slid fingers around the outskirts of my asshole. Each time down, he buried the peak of his nose into my jet black pubic hair before slithering his mouth back up the length of my dick. And like a squirrel poking at nuts, Daniel rose up, looked at me grinning, and began to undress himself.

I did the same, quickly removing my pushed up shirt and sliding my pants and underwear the rest of the way off. I looked back to see him spread eagle on the ground beside me. His bare body looked like ivory in the dusk and his nipples resembled droplets of caramel. I stood above him, facing his feet, and kneeled on his arms pinning him down. My cock and balls dangled inches above his forehead as I began to rub my hands down his smooth, damp chest. His standing cock did flopped up and down wildly as he flexed from the sexual torture. He flapped his arms underneath my knees trying to grab a hold of something. I pressed my hands down past his chest and hairless stomach and pushed his thighs down to the ground. I could feel his tongue then as my body lowered lapping wildly at any and all parts of my furry crotch. His dick, which rose about six inches up in the air, throbbed and flexed as if to yell for me to suck it. I did.

I sent his cock surfing in my saliva while at the same time his lips tugged my dick inside his mouth. His pinned body swelled beneath mine as we gave each other sensational sucks. I used my hips to fuck his mouth gently, occasionally sending the tip of my dick all the way down his throat. The panting breath from his nostrils cooled the crack of my sweaty ass while I feasted on hard meat and pre-cum tartness. His light brown pubic hair tickled my cheeks with every trip down on him. I could feel his abs flexing and relaxing against my chest while I fucked his helpless mouth and sucked his imprisoned cock. His legs tightened in my hands and slight moans invaded his heavy breathing. My closed eyes squinted hard as I began to throb within his starving mouth. The dinner bell rang from the cabin. I felt his dick repeatedly bulge against my tongue and splatter shots of hot spunk down my throat. A second later, my hips pushed violently into his face and my inner fluids erupted into his oral tunnel. I heard again that familiar sound of slippery cock as he wrung my dick of sperm with his thrashing tongue. I took a deep breath, swallowed the remnants of his ecstasy and let his arms go free from the pierce of my knees. I turned myself around and laid down on his shuddering body. I stroked his damp, spiked hair and rested my arm on his panting chest. His gold cross slid down his neck and fell silently into the dirt by his tender neck.

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