Written by: J.P.G.

{The Shadow of My Father is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it,  stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Chapter 43

As the night turned into the early morning, no one wanted to leave the dancehall. When the DJ left, they started to play tapes so they could keep the party going. When three rolled around, they had no other choice but to call it a night. The Governor and his family headed home, with Dolly right behind them.

Governor Lopez didn't want Dolly to stay at a hotel since she came down as his guest. So he offered her the guest room, and she accepted. When they walked in, Daniel showed Dolly the room and where the bathrooms are at. Before leaving her, he told her to make herself at home. A little uneasy doing that, Dolly agreed.

No one woke up until midmorning on Saturday, except Josh. He woke up a little after eight and couldn't get back to sleep. In order not to disturb Cesar, he got up and sat on the floor in the corner thinking about what Chris had said the night before. trying to get it out of his mind but couldn't.

For the first time since last Saturday, he couldn't stop his mind from going over every second of that night. He wanted to see if he could have done something that wouldn't have cost Frank his life. Over and over again Josh asked himself if he would have paid more attention to his surroundings, could Frank still be alive.

No matter how he replayed the night events, there was no way he could have changed the outcome. Plain and simple, he had no idea Elizabeth was there. Even if he knew she was there, he couldn't ever have imagined she would have gone crazy and tried to kill him. Still Josh feels it is his fault. He kept coming back to the lie he was living when he dated her. If only he was truthful with himself, he would have never gone out with Elizabeth.

Josh was so deep in thought, he didn't hear Cesar get out of bed and sit down next to him. It took Cesar wrapping his left arm around him to get him out of his own little world. When Josh did pull out of his mind, he looked over to Cesar with tears rolling down his cheeks. Cesar reached over and wiped the tears away.

"You need to stop torturing yourself over what happened last Saturday. No matter what you think, you couldn't have done anything to prevent Elizabeth from going crazy. If it wasn't that night, it would have been another time. You it isn't your fault and you need to start believing that."

Josh wrapped his arms around Cesar and kissed him. "I hear what you are saying Cesar, but if you look at it, Frank would still be here if I didn't lie to Elizabeth. She felt betrayed and lied to, and that is my fault. I should have never gone out with her, or for any girl for that matter, since I knew who I was. Eventually I was going to be true to myself. So what did I think would happen to the girl I would have been dating at the time? What, she was just going to walk away thanking me and a hand shake?"

"No, the girl would have been angry, but not crazy. You deserved a slap across the face, perhaps even a kick in the nuts, but not a crazy person trying to kill you! You and I thought we couldn't come out to our parents. In order to live the life they wanted for us, we had to live a lie. In order for us to live that lie, we had to lie to others. Like you said, eventually we would have been truthful with everyone, but again that doesn't warrant a crazy person coming after us."

They talked a little while longer sitting on floor before crawling into bed. Once they crawled under the blankets, they snuggled with each other. Eventually Josh fell back to sleep and didn't wake up again until he heard a knock on the door. When he poked his head above the covers, he saw Bernice's head poking in.

"Instead of just standing there, why don't you just come in Bernice?" Josh sat up on the bed and moved towards the middle to make room for Bernice to sit down. "I figured you would be with Eric enjoying the last couple of days of spring vacation."

"I am heading over there from here, but my dad asked me to stop by and ask you for a favor." Bernice sat down on the bed, pushing her hands through Josh's hair. "Frank's family is having his funeral tomorrow and asked my dad to do the services. They also asked my dad to see if you would speak at the funeral. I know it's a lot to ask, but my dad was wondering if you would do him the favor."

Josh thought a moment, choking down the huge lump in his throat. "Tell your dad I will be there and will be honored to speak. I was wondering when Frank's funeral was going to be, because I want to go."

"Good I will tell my dad when I get home tonight. Better yet, why don't you call and let him know yourself." Josh nodded his head. "One more thing; I wanted to tell you this in person, without the group around. My father told me what is going on with Patrick a couple days ago. The only reason I didn't mention it yesterday, was it your father's wedding. There is no way I was going to make a happy occasion into a sad one. Even though many at the table wondered and asked about Patrick, I couldn't spoil things for you and your family and the friends too.

The night that Frank passed away, Patrick couldn't deal with it. When he got home, he locked himself in his room and refused to come out. He moved his dresser in front of the door and just curled up in a ball in the corner of his room crying. His father had to knock the door down to get to him.

When they could only get sobs out of Patrick, they took him into the hospital. He didn't go completely crazy, but he can't cope with loosing Frank. He got admitted into the psych ward at Providence. They want to make sure he doesn't hurt himself after losing someone close to him, particularly the way Frank was taken."

This time Josh couldn't hold back the lump in his throat or the tears. He couldn't believe how many lives have been crushed by one action. There is no way Patrick is going to be the same after this. Right in front of him he saw his boyfriend being killed. Josh couldn't even imagine the thoughts that Patrick keeps repeating in his mind.

"I need to let my father know what happened to Patrick. Once he knows, I am pretty sure he will want to pay Patrick a visit. No one deserves this, more so innocent, decent people. I can't even imagine the pain Patrick is going through. Even though I almost lost Chris when we first were getting to know each other, but that is the key word; almost. I was barely getting to know Chris, where Patrick and Frank were going out with each other."

Bernice sat with Josh until he got control of his feelings. Once he felt he wasn't going to fall apart again, he got dressed and walked Bernice out. When they walked out the front door, Josh was surprised not to see the press. He looked around and started thinking that his father may have gone back. But when he walked to the gate with Bernice, his concerns were answered. The press was pushed back several blocks from the house.

Josh went looking for Russ and found him in the living room. He went over and explained that Frank's funeral is going to be held tomorrow at Father Gomez's church and he was asked to speak. Russ felt it was to short notice and let Josh know he needed more time in order to secure the church. Just then Daniel walked in with his coffee and newspaper. Both Josh and Russ looked over when they heard him clear his throat.

"Russ, my son and the family are going to go to Frank's funeral. That means you need to get the other details involved and get the area secure. I don't care how you do it, just get it done!"

Russ nodded his head and walked out the door. Before leaving, Josh went over to his father and thanked him. As he walked out, he saw Barbara heading towards him. Josh waved at her and headed upstairs to see how Brandon is doing.

Barbara joined her new husband in the living room. She sat down on the arm of the chair and leaned in to kiss Daniel on the forehead before moving to the couch. Daniel put down the newspaper and gave Barbara his attention. Although they have only gotten to know each other in the last couple of months, Daniel knows when she wants to talk.

"This may sound strange, but I was wondering about something. This house you bought when you were with Martha. Your kids have grown up here and pretty much know the neighborhood, but it is way too small for what you need now. When you were in the military, it was fine, but not being Governor."

"Believe it or not I have been thinking about that ever since I won the election. But one thing after another came up and I was unable to really move on getting a bigger place. Don't get me wrong, I looked, but nothing will work for what I need now. So I started to look at land where I can have a house built."

"How much of this was Martha involved in? The only reason I am asking is because I don't want her hurting or scaring the kids. Although I am not their mother and I don't want to replace her, I do care for the boys as if they are my own. I can't stand seeing them get hurt over and over again by their mother. If she was in the planning stages of building the house, like blue prints, you might want to redo all of it."

"No she had no idea I was looking for a new house or land. Since I hadn't decided between buying a house already built or building one, I never had blue prints done. I did find the land where I would like to have the house built." Daniel got up from the chair and sat next to Barbara on the couch. "Why don't you and I go out and look at the land then you take over the project."

Barbara smiled; she didn't expect Daniel to do this. "I won't start anything without your approval. After all this is our house that we will be growing old in it! We both need to like the house, or we won't be happy living in it."

Just then Rose popped her head in the room to let them know the boys were all awake. Once Rose said that, Daniel and Barbara knew it was just a matter of minutes before Rose would come back and let them know that breakfast is ready. Before dropping the subject of the house, Barbara asked if the boys could be involved in the planning stages. Daniel didn't object, in fact he loved the idea.

During breakfast Daniel told the family about the idea of building a new home. Right away everyone started talking. Rose and Isaac had the same concern that Barbara did, how much of this does Martha know. The boys had no problem with a new house, in fact they loved the idea, but they wanted to make sure it was on this side of town. None of them wants to move and start all over in a new high school.

Once everyone settled down, Daniel answered all their concerns. After eating breakfast, Daniel told everyone to get dressed so he could show them the lot he was looking at before he went to Austin. The boys didn't need to be asked twice, they went running upstairs to get ready.

"Two questions for you my brother." Daniel looked over to Isaac. "If you plan to build a house, why are you going to do the additions to this house? To me that is a waste of money. Second, shouldn't someone stay here and be host to Dolly? After all she came down for your wedding and sang for you."

Daniel laughed and said; "I took Dolly to the airport early this morning before the press was awake. Just like you guys, the press was sleeping the events of the night before off. That made it easier for us to get through the press without being noticed.

Now as far as the additions to the house, we are not going to do that anymore. Now what you need to do is help Barbara sell this place. I would like to have the sale closed two days after we are move into the new house. Not a day sooner, and hopefully not a day later. Do you think you could sell this house with the market the way it is?"

"I don't see why not. There will be buyers jumping out of the wood work because of it being your house. Trust me when I say whoever buys this house will turn it into a tourist trap. They will make up the money they spent for the house and than some."

Once again Isaac got Daniel to laugh with his remarks and humor. They both got up and headed up to get ready. When Daniel got downstairs, he found everyone waiting for him for the first time. Before getting into the limousines, Daniel told Lloyd where they were going. He then sent several cars ahead to secure the location for the family.

Whenever the entire family goes out together, it makes Lloyd's job easier. He has access to all the details and he will use each and every agent in each detail. Just like last night, he had every agent involved keeping the entire family safe.

The boys looked out of the window as the drove down Mesa Street. So far they are happy since they haven't gotten on the freeway or gone too far down Mesa Street. If they go too far down Mesa, they will have to change high schools to the other west side high school, Coronado High School.

All of a sudden the limousines turned on East Castellano Dr. They passed several apartment complexes and then several houses. At first Josh thought that his dad is going to buy one of these houses, but then they drove past them. Once they drove passed the houses, it was nothing but dessert. Then the name of the street changed to Grand Teton Dr. and then ended.

Right as the road ended, the cars stopped. Everyone got out and stretched as they looked around seeing nothing but dessert. Josh turned to look down at the housing community and apartments they passed on the way up. As he turned around, Daniel called everyone over to him in the middle of the lot.

"As you guys saw coming up, there isn't anything once you pass the houses. This should make it easier for the security to secure the area and keep the press back." Daniel started to point all away around the property as he kept talking. "All along the property line will be a wall with huge trees blocking the view from the outside. Unless a person climbs a tree, there are no way they will be able to see inside the property, but security I will leave to Lloyd and Jonathan for the new house."

Daniel looked over at Lloyd and then over at Jonathan, they both nodded their heads. He went on to explain that this is going to be their family home and everyone will have input on how it is built. Once the blue prints are drawn up and finalized, no changes will be made after that. Everyone agreed and started walking around the property.

None of them knows where the property lines are, but they guessed that Daniel is going to buy all the land on top of the hill. That way no one can build a house close to theirs. As the boys ran around the property, Daniel and Barbara stood there talking with Jonathan about where the main entrance should be located at. Lloyd stood back listening to the conversation that was going on between the other three. As Lloyd listened he was impressed that Jonathan considered and recommended that main entrance not be in direct line of sight to the street.

After they looked around the property and had a rough outline of what it is all going to look like, they all jumped back in the cars and headed home. Just as they drove up to the house, Josh was surprised to see Chris sitting there on the curb. The biggest surprise is that Chris is still wearing his clothes from yesterday.

When they went through the gates of the drive way, Josh got out and walked over to Chris. He looked down the street where they just came up from and saw the press trying to get whatever news they could. With Chris sitting on the curb, Josh knows they will make a story out of it. So he decided not to step all the way out of the yard where the press could get pictures. Instead he called Chris into the yard to join him.

Chris got up when Josh called him and walked over. He didn't say a word. He just followed Josh into the house and up to his room. Once they shut the door, Chris walked over to Josh's bed and sat down with his head in his hands. Josh knew by the way Chris is sitting, something is up. Maybe he heard about Patrick and he wants to talk about it. Whatever it is, Josh decided to let Chris start the conversation so he doesn't step on his tongue.

"I really screwed up Josh! I mean I really screwed up!" Josh walked over and sat down next to Chris on the bed.

"Whatever you did can't be that bad. Not after what we have been through this week and the last year. So why don't you take your time and just relax. Once you are ready to talk, tell me from the beginning why you think you screwed up."

Chris looked down to the floor, playing with a rubber band in his hand. "Well as you know last night Rusty and I went to his house before twelve together!" Chris looked over to Josh to see if he agrees with knowing, and he was nodding his head. "We didn't go to have sex or anything like that. All we wanted to is to be alone with each other and watch a movie and fall asleep beside each other.

Well it didn't end up happening the way we planned. We left the wedding and went to his house. Rusty invited me in and went to the living room. I took off my jacket and placed it on the chair before joining Rusty on the couch. It didn't take us much time to decide what movie to watch on cable.

As the movie went on, both of us started moving towards each other! Before I knew it, we were putting our tongues in each others mouth. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and I have wanted it for a while. You know me Josh, I am horny and as long as it has been without being with someone, it was driving me up the wall not being able to be with Rusty."

"You don't need to tell me how you are as far as being horny. You and I have had some good times in this room and yours. And we didn't have much of a break between make out sessions or sex sessions once we started to have sex." Josh started to laugh as he hit Chris on his right shoulder.

"Well it didn't stop there. We broke the kiss and tried to watch the movie as we planned to do from the beginning. But before I knew it, I was once again putting my tongue down Rusty's throat. Rusty made the next move. He moved his right hand slowly up my leg and didn't stop until his hand was on top of my hard dick. At that point my dick wanted to get free. If Rusty didn't watch it, I was going to shoot my load right then and there.

That is why I broke the kiss for the second time. If he and I weren't going to have sex, I didn't want to end up worse than I already was. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to need to take a cold shower in order to get rid of the blue balls. Even that wouldn't have worked because of how horny I was. Only several jerk off sessions would have done it.

We made it through the rest of the movie without jumping each others bones. But the damage was done. I dick still didn't go down. I knew Rusty was looking at my lap as he watched the movie through the corner of his eyes. That alone made it hard for me to lose my hard on. I don't think Rusty has ever had a make out session or sex before last night."

"No way! You've got to be kidding!" Josh's voice went higher than normal due to finding out that Rusty hadn't had sex or a make out session before last night. "Well we all start out somewhere I guess. If you and I were not our first, I don't know where I would be right now. I don't know if I would have been as open as I am with Cesar if it wasn't for our relationship."

"I agree Josh, I agree. We learned a lot from each other. All the mistakes and being amazed that sex feels so damn good, we have been through it. Poor Rusty hadn't and I know by telling you this you won't go around repeating it to anyone else." Josh made a cross on his chest, which got a smile out of Chris.

"Anyways as I was saying, the movie ended and I sat there wondering if he was going to select another one or we were going to go to bed. Rusty got up and told me that I was going to be sleeping in his room. I didn't care at this point; all I wanted is to jump into a cold shower to bring done my boner.

I followed Rusty to his room, hoping he would point me to the restroom, but he didn't. The minute we walked into his room, he sat on his bed. I looked around and didn't find another bed, sleeping bag or even extra blankets. It dawned on me that he meant sleeping together in the same bed for the first time!

Just when I opened my mouth to ask to use the restroom, he asked me to sit next to him. Before I could even sit down, He had his hands all over me. I didn't have to worry about getting hard, because my hard on hadn't gone down at all. Rusty picked up from downstairs as if we didn't have a break from watching the movie.

Before I knew it, Rusty had unbuttoned my shirt, and had it almost completely off. He had made his way down to my waist and started to undo my belt. I pulled him up and asked him if he was for sure he wanted to do this. He said yes and went right back to undoing my belt. Heck I didn't care; I wanted to get rid of all the pent up juice in my balls!

Rusty got my belt undone, and then without a problem he had my pants unbuttoned and my zipper down. As he pulled my zipper down, my dick flew right out and hit poor Rusty right between the eyes. I thought I had blinded him with all the pre-cum I was already leaking, but I didn't. He engulfed my dick, causing me to fall back on the bed.

I started to put my hands through his hair, guiding him up and down my dick. I was in the moment; I had no idea what I was saying.  All of a sudden he let my dick slip out of his mouth and got up from between my legs. I propped myself up on my elbows as I asked him why he stopped. At first he didn't say anything, but I could tell he was angry.

By the third time I asked, I had gotten up from his bed and walked over to him. I tried to wrap my arms around him, but he pushed me away. Since I had no idea why he was so angry, I was getting upset. Here I am with my pants at my ankles, with a hard dick, all because he started it. I started to think he was angry that he was going down on me, but I was wrong. I didn't know I was wrong because he refused to tell me.

When he pushed me away, I fell on the floor on my back with my dick pointing straight up. Rusty walked over and spit on me as he yelled at me to get out of his room. I looked up at him, trying to figure out what I did wrong. Then he said it and I couldn't believe it! Remember, I was in the moment and had no idea what I was saying."

Josh shook his head as he sat on the edge of the bed wanting to know what Chris did to get Rusty so angry. The Rusty he knows doesn't sound like the one Chris is describing. But maybe sex made him mad and that is why it doesn't sound like the same Rusty.

"He starts yelling at me that `if I am so in love with you still, why don't I try to get back together with you?' At first I didn't understand what he meant, but then he explained. He went on to say that I was calling out your name as he was going down on me! According to him I was saying stuff like `man Josh you really know how I like it' and `Josh deep throat me like you always do'. Hell, I had no idea I was saying those things!

Well after yelling at me, Rusty opened his bedroom door and walked out. I jumped up from the floor, pulled up my underwear and pants, and then grabbed my shirt and headed to find Rusty. When I found him, he was throwing a pillow on the couch with a couple of blankets. He didn't say a word to me as he went to his room. The next thing I heard was him slamming his bedroom door.

Since I couldn't go home because I told coach I was staying at your house, I had no other choice then to sleep on the couch. I didn't sleep one minute because I was afraid Rusty was going to come out and try and cut my dick off while I slept! Of course he didn't come out of his room until mid morning. By then I was up and hoping that he would talk with me. He didn't! He showed me the door and told me we were done before closing it in my face!

I didn't know where to go, so I just walked around. I found myself walking to your house and was greeted by the security detail, I decided to sit and wait for you. Man Josh I screwed up with Rusty and I don't think I can fix it. What do you think?"

Josh agrees with Chris, he indeed screwed up and he sees no way of Chris coming back from it. No question about it, he would have reacted the same if Chris did the same thing to him or Cesar for that matter. The only thing he would not have done is kicked the guy or spit on him. That was a step too far in Josh's mind.

"Chris I understand that you were in the moment, but you have to understand where he is coming from. Now I believe he went too far with how he reacted, but you deserved to be kicked out of his room. The thing I don't understand is why you didn't leave his house and just come over here. You know that the door is open to you no matter what time of day it is. You should have come here instead of staying on the couch."

"I know and you're right. I just hoped that he would have settled down so we could talk about it, but he didn't. Or maybe he did and decided that he didn't want anything to do with me. Hell Josh, I don't know what Rusty is thinking! Help me!"

"What, do you think I know what Rusty is thinking? I don't think so! Just give him time to settle down and come around. But until he does YOU settle down. The security detail won't let him nowhere near me. They don't want another issue from another student to get out of hand. If he doesn't come around by the end of next week, which I think that is giving him plenty of time, he won't.

Don't go and bother him. Let him come to you. That way when he does, he comes on his own terms. In the mean time you need to find a way to move past me. Our past I will always treasure and I know you will, but you can't keep it in the forefront of your mind. If you do that, you will always be making this mistake and the end result is that you will never get your life partner. No one deserves to grow old without anyone at their side experiencing the ups and downs you go through.

For now let's go down and eat dinner. After dinner I'll see if I have some of your old clothes still here. That way you can change into them after taking a shower to get rid of your blue balls." Josh started laughing as he ran out the door. Chris tried to hit him for what he just said, but missed him.

The rest of the evening everyone hung out in the den watching TV. Every now and then Josh would look over at Chris, and start to laugh as he looked down at his mid section. That caused Chris to laugh, which made everyone look. None of them understood why they were laughing. No matter how many times they ask what's going on, all they would say is it was an inside joke and drop it.

Since Frank's funeral was the next day, Chris stayed the night. That way when they wake up in the morning they don't have to wait for him. Josh is very uncomfortable over having to go and bury a friend; a friend that lost his life because of him!

Just like the morning before, Josh was the first one up. Instead of sitting in the corner, in his mind, he decided to go down and watch TV. Maybe watching something will keep him from thinking about Frank. If that wasn't enough, he is starting to remember seconds before Elizabeth got shot. He now has haunting images of Elizabeth being hit and what her last expression was before she died.

Josh thought he was the only one awake, but Russ had arrived early for his shift. He was in the kitchen when josh turned on the TV. He walked over to see who it was and couldn't believe that it was Josh sitting there with the TV on, but not watching it. Russ could see the blank expression on Josh's face and new he was being haunted.

Russ debated with himself whether to go in or not. He finally decided to see if he could help Josh through whatever is bothering him. Quietly he walked in so he didn't spook Josh. If he's right, spooking him right now will make things worse! Just as he reached the couch, Josh turned to face him with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Not knowing if Josh wanted to talk, Russ just sat down next to him. At first they just stared at the blue screen that Josh had turned on. Still not knowing what to do for Josh, Russ got up and went to get Jonathan. He had hoped that Daniel was awake, but if not, he will wake up Jonathan.

The only reason he didn't do what his mind was telling him to do, wrap his arms around Josh and just let him cry, is because he is new. He didn't want anyone to walk in and get the wrong idea. There's no doubt that everyone that needs to know, the adults that is, knows that he is gay. If they would to walk in and find him hugging Josh, they could jump to the wrong conclusions.

Just as he reached the staircase, Daniel was walking down. He waited for the Governor to reach the bottom before hitting him with what he found. "Governor Lopez I came in early to take care of some items before the funeral. I heard the TV on and went to see who was watching it. I found Josh in the den and he looks like he is really hurting. I wanted to console him, but I don't want to overstep the line of my duties or anyone getting the wrong idea."

"Russ there is going to be times that none of us are around and you are the only adult that Josh can lean on. I hired you and therefore, I trust you. There is no way I will bring someone in my sons' lives that may cause them harm. So don't think that again."

After clearing up what Russ can and can't do, Daniel thanked him and walked over to the den. When he walked in, Josh looked over and tried to mask what he was feeling. Even if Russ didn't tell him what he saw, he would have figured out immediately something is up.

"Josh what are you doing up so early? With this being your last day of spring break, I thought I was going to have to toss you out of your bed in order to wake you up." Daniel sat down on the couch with his son.

"I couldn't sleep! I can't stop thinking about Frank's funeral. His parents want me to say something, but I don't know what to say. What if I say something that isn't right or say something that Frank never told his parents. I don't want to hurt Frank even more. He already is being put in the ground because of me."

"No son he is not being put in the ground because of you! Don't you ever, I mean EVER think that again. Frank lost his life because of that crazy bitch losing her mind. In public I will say nice things about her, but in private I don't have to hide my true feelings about her. Everything that happened that day was because of her. If she would have just dealt with reality, none of this would have happened.

Look son you see things in a way that others don't see. You always see the good in people and never the bad. That's a good thing, but eventually it will come back and bite you on the butt. What happened is no ones fault except Elizabeth's; her parents and every grown up that saw the signs, including me, and didn't take action.

I should have listened to my gut the day when she helped your mother on trying to kidnap you. Not only did I want her kicked out of school, but arrested for her part in that day. Maybe if I did that, she would be alive today. Maybe if I did something about her when she went after you the other times, she would still be alive.

What I am trying to tell you is that the blame isn't on your shoulders. We adults saw the signs, but ignored them; kept dismissing her actions as teenage rants, instead of getting her the help she needed. The blame is ours and we have to live with that. I don't like her and you know why that is. She refused to see what was in front of her and now an innocent person paid with his life for her inability to move on."

Josh heard and understood his father. He is telling him the truth no matter what light it puts him and every other adult in. Still Josh believes that nothing would have helped Elizabeth. She was set on getting him at any cost. The cost was high with two lives lost, including her own. A cost way to high to pay in order to learn a lesson!

"Oh one last thing Josh, say what is in your heart today at the funeral. Don't worry about saying the wrong thing, because there is no such thing. You need to honor your friend. The only way to get that done is to tell the truth. Frank will be looking down on you and will be smiling that you are telling it like it is."

"Thank you dad; I will do just that. Although he wasn't a friend to me like Eric, he still was my friend. He was part of our group and I will say whatever comes to my mind and heart. I owe him that much at least."

Daniel pulled his son into a hug. Before letting him go, he rubbed the top of Josh's head. Josh struggled to get free, but once he did, he was laughing. The smile on Josh's face is what Daniel was looking for. No matter how hard he tries, he can't shield his kids from the ugliness in this world. But at the end of the day he hopes his kids come out on the other end not hurting, but stronger, from what they went through.

Instead of getting ready for the funeral after breakfast, everyone relaxed. About an hour before they had to leave, everyone got ready and met down at the cars. Since the church where the services were being held wasn't that far from the house, it didn't take more than ten minutes to get there. When they arrived, Daniel was surprised they were not the last ones to walk in. In fact Frank's parents hadn't arrived yet.

As soon as they walked in, Josh saw the coffin by the altar. He walked towards it with Cesar at his side and Chris behind him. When the reached the coffin, it didn't look real. It looked like Frank was just laying there asleep. Josh was half suspecting any minute Frank to jump out of the coffin and let everyone know he is okay.

But reality hit when Josh heard crying behind him. He turned around to see Frank's mother being helped to her seat by her husband. She was crying so loud, it echoed through the church. Josh wanted to go over and say something, but didn't know what he could say. His going over there might make things worse. He threw caution to the wind and went.

As he walked up, Frank's mother looked up at him. "Ma'am my name is Josh and I was the guy your son saved that night. I know there is really nothing I can say that will make you feel better. I am sorry that all of us lost such a great guy. He was my friend and I will never forget him, I promise you that."

Frank's mother grabbed Josh's hand and held it tight. "My son always talked about you. Every time you were on TV for whatever reason, he made us all sit down and watch. He sat there yelling at the TV that you are his friend. Through you, he lived and I hope you don't forget him. You need to live right and become the person Frank kept saying you are going to become." She let go of Josh's hand as Josh leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

Daniel paid his respects to Frank's family, followed by Barbara, Rose and the others. As each of them paid their respects, they found their seats. Shortly after everyone sat down, Father Gomez stepped to the altar. He opened the bible and started the sermon. The only thing you could hear in the church is sniffles and low cries.

After the sermon was complete, Father Gomez closed his bible and looked over to Josh. That was Josh's cue to make his way to the altar. He got up and slowly made his way to Father Gomez. As he stepped up to the altar, Josh looked out to see everyone looking at him. Everyone is dressed in black, holding some kind of cloth to wipe away their tears.

"Anyone that knew Frank knew what kind of guy he was. A guy that loved life and tried to get everyone to love it as well! No matter what was happening, good or bad, you could always count on Frank to be the one anyone could turn to. He could make us laugh, cry and get over whatever we are upset about with just his smile.

When I woke up in the hospital the night that Frank gave his life to save mine, I couldn't make sense of it. I couldn't figure out why someone so good like Frank was taken from us so early in his life. I couldn't understand why Frank jumped on top of me knowing what was happening." Josh couldn't hold back his tears; he started to cry.

"Then I remembered that this was Frank. He didn't care what would happen to him as long as his friends were safe. He gave his life for me and that I won't ever forget." Josh wiped the tears from his face. "Ever since this happened, several people have come up to me and told me that I was lucky. I say to them it wasn't luck. I just had a great friend like Frank watching my back. Because of him I am here today."

Josh looked up to the ceiling of the church. "Frank I know you are looking down on us from Heaven. I know you are where you deserve to be, on the right side of Lord. I promise you I will never forget you and I will live my life for the both of us. Whatever I do in my life, will be because of you. You gave me a chance to live, by giving your life for mine. I promise to do nothing but good as long as I walk on this earth in honor of your life and memory."

As Josh walked back to his seat, he wiped more tears from his face. Daniel patted Josh on his hands as he sat down next to Cesar. After settling in, Cesar grabbed Josh's hand and held it tight while Father Gomez went through the rest of the service. At the end, everyone stood up, prayed and watched as Frank's casket passed them.

Once the casket made its way outside, Daniel walked over to Frank's parents. He helped Frank's mom and walked with her to the entrance of the church. They stood there at the entrance watching as Frank's casket got loaded up in the hearse. Daniel looked over to see regular cars, no limousine or police on motorcycles.

He turned to Frank's immediate family and invited them to ride with him and his family in their limousines. Not allowing Frank's family to say no, Daniel turned and ordered his detail to make sure they have a complete police escort to the graveyard. Lloyd nodded his head and went off to let the EPPD know what the Governor wanted.

After getting in the cars, the convoy made its way down Mesa onto the freeway and over to the graveyard off the Gateway. The entire way, the EPPD closed the roads, allowing only those in the funeral through. Once they made it to the grave yard, Daniel, along with his brother and sons went over and helped carry the casket to its final resting place.

Everyone looked on as the Governor and his family carried the casket. They have never seen that before, but again they have never been to a funeral with the sitting Governor present. Even the members of the press that were there couldn't believe what they were seeing. They took pictures and went live the minute the Governor picked up the casket.

There was not a dry eye in the crowd as the casket got lowered into the ground. It is hitting home for so many that this is actually happening. Once that casket is in the ground, it is without a doubt Frank is gone. Just like Josh, many expected Frank to pop out and say he is fine, but, of course, it never happened.

Governor Lopez took Frank's family home and then headed over to the church. After speaking with Father Gomez for a few minutes, they headed home. What the others don't know is that Daniel asked Father Gomez and the funeral home to send him the bill of the funeral. He doesn't want Frank's family paying one red cent. Plus he asked the father to keep him in the loop if Frank's family needs anything and he will take care of it for them.

The rest of the evening was very quiet. No one talked about Frank's funeral or even Elizabeth's. She had her services an hour after Frank was laid to rest. Daniel debated on going or not, but decided not to. He said his peace the night at the hospital and now he wants his family to move on, putting Elizabeth in the past.

Both of the funerals were on the local news only because of how they died. First they showed Frank's, including Josh's speech. Josh was angry that his speech was being broadcast for the world to see when he thought it was a private ceremony. But anyone can see the quality of the video wasn't up to the standards of a professional. That means someone in the church video taped it with a small camera and then sold it to the press.

As the news went to commercial, Daniel got up yelling at Lloyd. "What the hell is this Lloyd? I made it very clear when I hired you this stuff won't be tolerated in any way, shape or form. If this person was able to no only get a video camera past your staff and then get up and video tape my son, what is stopping them on getting a gun past you guys. I can tell you! NOTHING! You guys are fucking worthless if this can happen a week after that fucking day. Get your act together, or you and the security detail will be gone. This is the only warning I am giving you!"

Lloyd didn't say a word. He just walked out of the room. Daniel sat back down still steaming about the video tape. Josh looked away from his father thinking that his father isn't angry about the video camera. What he is actually so angry about is that they got in without the security detail finding it. Josh agrees if they could get a video camera in and not get caught, then they can get a weapon of some kind in.

After the commercial break, the news started talking about Elizabeth's funeral. As they showed clips of her funeral, to Josh's surprise, there were a lot of people there from school. Josh knew that she was popular, but what she did many would try to get far away from her as possible. But maybe Josh is thinking wrong because here they are.

Then they started to air clips of several of her friends who took time to talk with the press after the funeral. Josh couldn't stop thinking how much they sounded like idiots. They have no idea what they are talking about. Here they are saying that she is the victim and how he was the one that made her do what she did. Josh just couldn't understand how they could not only come to that conclusion but then say it out loud.

More and more as Daniel watched the news, the angrier he got. He already was upset about the video camera, now this. By the fourth kid, Daniel had it. He jumped up from his chair and was heading out when Barbara stopped him. She pulled him to the kitchen to settle him down. Everyone knew where he was going; out to the press.

While Barbara was talking to Daniel, Josh got up and went over to Russ. "I need you to please go out and make sure that everything is okay for me to go out and talk with the press. I have stayed quiet far too long and now I need to try and get the truth out. The press won't leave me alone until they get some kind of statement anyway. I might as well deal with it now."

"Wait! I can't do anything like that unless Lloyd or your father tells me to go out and secure the area. Josh, just go back with your family and watch TV. All this will blow over in a matter of days and things will get back to normal."

Josh now was the one getting angry. "Of all people you should know things like this just don't blow over. The press will keep this story on the front news until they get a statement from me. Not my father, not my brothers, not even a spokesman; me! These guys are spreading lies and I am going to clear that up. So either you go and do what you are supposed to do or I will go out without you securing the area. See how that sits with my father who is already angry with you guys for screwing up at the church."

Russ knew Josh was serious by the look in his eye. He got up and walked out with his detail to do what he was asked. Just as Josh was about to walk out, Daniel caught him! He walked over to his son and tried to talk him out of it, but Josh was dead set on going. So Daniel didn't fight him, he put on his coat along with other members of the family.

They walked together down the five blocks where the press was pushed back to. The minute they walked out of the door, the press cut into their news to go live. The photographers immediately started to take pictures as the first family of Texas walked towards them. When they reached the barrier, Josh cleared his throat.

"Good evening. Many of you know me by now, those who don't I am the second youngest son of the Governor. I would like to say a few words to you all and then head back to home to get ready to go back to school tomorrow.

I would like to start with the video tape that you all are showing on a non stop loop. Today was a day for remembering and putting to rest a loved one and friend. The one that not only videoed the private moments of the funeral, but more than likely sold the tape should be ashamed of themselves. Those of you that bought or put that private moment on the air should as well be ashamed of yourself. This was a funeral; we lost someone close to us and to turn it into a ratings war is just wrong.

I lost a friend this week! To make matters worse, he lost his life in order to save mine. I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. I am asking you to please respect the family of my friend and stop airing the private moments of his funeral. Whatever we did in public is yours to air, but inside the church isn't.

As far as Elizabeth is concerned I am sorry she is dead. So many of you have been pushing the blame of her death to everyone else except where it belongs. Then you all aired her friends on the six o'clock news saying I was the one that drove her to the breaking point. That is far from the truth and I am sure you all know that.

I was wrong for leading her on, but that didn't give her the right to try and kill me not once, not twice, but several times. Since I was wrong for lying to her about my sexuality I let her go off on me in order to get her pound of flesh. But she wanted more than a pound of flesh; she wanted everything.

She allowed her hatred and anger get out of control to the point that she lost her life. Along with her losing her life, she took a good person with her. No one can say she wasn't warned or given several chances, because she was. So before you air a clip, find out if those that are willing to give you a statement is telling the truth or just wanting to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

I truly wish that night never happened. No one deserved to lose their life no matter who they are. But it did happen and we all must respect the families that are hurting. I am fourteen years old and I know what you are broadcasting is wrong. Why don't you, as supposedly responsible and intelligent adults, see it too?"

Josh turned and headed back to the house with his family at his side. Not one member of the press was able to find their tongue after the last statement Josh made. By the time they did it was too late. The entire family was already walking into the gates of the yard. They wouldn't hear the question even if they yelled it.

Barbara didn't allow any of the TV's in the house to be turned to the news. She had enough of the men in the house getting angry as they watched TV. No matter how much Josh wants to deny that he isn't like his father, he is. He is a duplicate copy and everyone can see that. Without a doubt Cesar has his hands full with Josh as she does with Daniel.

When they woke up the next morning, none of the boys wanted to get up. Their spring break went by in a blink of an eye and now they have to go back to school. Just as Josh hit the snooze button for the second time, his door flew open. He peeked his head out of the covers to see Barbara standing there.

"I know you don't want to go to school, but you have to. So get up, get ready and come down for breakfast. I promise you it won't be as bad as you think it will be. Maybe at first everyone will be looking at you, but as the day goes on it will get better. If it doesn't, you won't care because you are a better person than the other students."

"Thank you Barbara!" Josh tossed the blankets to the side and crawled out of bed.

"Any time sweetie, I am here when ever you need me! I will see you downstairs in a few minutes for breakfast." Barbara closed the door and walked over to Carlos's room to get him out of bed and then Daniel Jr.

New procedures have been put into place regarding going to school and coming home from school. As far as going to school in the morning, they have to be driven in an SUV. They are no longer allowed to walk to or from school anymore. In the morning they have to go together, but in the evening is a totally different story since they have practices. Each detail is responsible for their own person they are in charge of keeping safe.

Just like Josh feared, every eye was on him when he got to school. To make matters worse for Josh, he has a new detail and a bigger one. Lloyd decided to be part of Josh's detail for the first couple of days back to school. But the other detail heads are to report to him every hour on the hour with all that is going on.

Unlike his old detail, his new one wouldn't allow anyone near him that isn't on the approved list. They also are surrounding him, not walking back several feet behind him or in front of him. That caused more looks than Josh was already getting. Then he remembered what Barbara said to him in the morning. Josh put on a smile, ignored the eyes that were trying to see right through and walked to the cafeteria.

He joined his friends at the table, with three empty chairs. Josh knows why two of the chairs are empty, but none of the others do. Rusty is angry with Chris, so he isn't sitting with them right now, Patrick in the hospital and Frank, well everyone knows.

Bernice tried to keep the mood upbeat so she told jokes, which were not funny. She can't tell a joke if her life depended on it. By the fourth joke, everyone was begging Josh to give them a riddle, even Eric! That got Eric a punch in the arm from Bernice since he didn't support her and her joke telling.

"Okay guys I hope you know what you're asking. You guys get mad when I don't give you the answer of the riddle until one of you figures it out. So are you sure you don't want Bernice to keep telling us her bad jokes?"

Everyone all at once answered Josh. "No, please no, tell us a riddle." Josh laughed as he leaned forward. He slapped his hands together and started rubbing them trying to remember a riddle that he hasn't told them yet. He knows he hasn't told his friends all the riddles he knows, so he doesn't understand why it is taking him so long to remember one.

"Okay I have a good one. If any of you can't figure this one out, you need to drop your classes and sign up for special-ed classes." Everyone started throwing something from their tray at Josh. "Let me tell you like I always do, don't think to hard about the riddle. Just listen to the words and I will come to you.

For some I go too fast, for others I am slow, to most people I am an obsession, but relying on me is a well practiced lesson. What am I?"

Everyone looked at each other, trying to figure it out. It didn't take long for them to start throwing guesses at Josh, but that is what they were; guesses. None of them were right. Josh sat back watching his friends trying to figure out the answer when Russ walked up and blurted it out.

"The answer to your riddle is time, it is TIME!" Everyone looked at Russ and then over to Josh to see if Russ was right.

"That isn't fair Russ, you shouldn't be answering the riddle, but you are right." Josh smiled as he looked up at Russ. "Well guys as you can see the riddles are not that hard, Russ here figured it out. I had wished though one of you figured it out."

Right when Eric was about to ask Josh to give them another riddle, the bell rang. Russ held Josh back as the lunchroom emptied. Once there were no other students around, Russ let Josh up to toss his trash. On the way to class, Russ cleared a path in the hallway to make sure no one got to close to Josh. Because of all the precautions Russ was doing, Josh barely made it to class in time.

The very first announcement in the morning announcements wasn't an announcement. Instead they asked everyone to bow their head and give a moment of silence for both Frank and Elizabeth. After the moment of silence, they went on like normal not talking once about what had happened over spring break.

Just like Barbara said as the day wore on, everyone stopped looking at Josh. By lunch, barely anyone was looking at him. After they finished eating, they made their way to the stadium. As they stood there talking, Josh saw Rusty sitting in the same spot he was sitting in the day they met him. He decided to give it one try to see if he could help both him and Chris through this bump in the road.

Josh walked over to Rusty and sat down next to him. Russ looked over at Josh and knew right off the bat what Josh was there for. He knew Chris went running to him and told him everything that happened. Just as he was about to say something, Josh interrupted him.

"Look it is none of my business what happened between you and Chris. What he told me, you are right, he was wrong and I told him that. There is nothing I can do to get him to move on. Only time will do that for Chris. I won't sit here and make excuses for him, but you should really think about giving him another chance. Once you get to know the Chris I fell in love with, you two will be together for a long time.

I have said my peace so let's move on. Although you and Chris are not getting along right now, that doesn't mean that you are not our friend. I can promise you that Chris isn't going to tell anyone what happened between you two, so don't worry. So stop sitting here alone and come over with your friends."

Not wanting to give Rusty a chance to say no, Josh got up and headed back over to the group. A few minutes later Rusty joined the group and jumped right into the conversation. Not one of them asked Rusty why he was sitting on his own are didn't come and sit with them during breakfast and lunch.

When the bell rang for fourth period, Josh was heading to Mrs. Nunez's class. He forgot that he changed over to Mr. Franklin's. It took Russ to stop him from walking into the wrong classroom. When Russ did, Josh felt like an idiot on forgetting his schedule.

He walked over to Mr. Franklin's class and the minute he walked in everyone surrounded him asking him how it was singing with the famous Dolly Parton. Even Mr. Franklin got into the conversation. Josh sat there telling them how he felt when he met her all the way to singing with her on the stage at his father's wedding.

"Man you are so lucky to be the Governor's son. You get to meet all these famous people like actors, actresses and singers. Tell us who else have you met since you dad has become Governor. I bet you that you have met a lot of people."

"Not really Eddie! First it isn't as good as you guys think being the Governor's kid. Yes we get to do things and meet people that others don't. But at the same time we lose a lot of other things. And secondly, my dad knew Dolly Patron long before he became Governor. He met her when she gave a concert to his soldiers. They became friends then."

Mr. Franklin let his students talk with Josh for the first half of class. Then he had no other choice than to get down to business of teaching. He started explaining to the class that they are now going to compete in competitions that the school Glee Club competes in since they have their group complete. Everyone clapped and cheered when Mr. Franklin gave the news.

The beginning of the week went by fast. Once Josh got over the hump of returning to school on Monday, everything went smooth. Wednesday was already here and Josh was starting to look forward to the weekend. The only thing Josh is sad about is that his father and Barbara are leaving, going back to Austin after school.

So of course Josh wanted the day to go by slow, but it didn't. He found himself walking to the convoy as soon as school ended. Coach Montoya excused him from practice so he could see his father off. Even if the coach didn't excuse him, Josh was going to go anyway, knowing it might cost him his spot on the swim team.

On the way to the airport, the car was quiet. Daniel had the plane flown in since he and Barbara decided to spend the days they had planned to use to drive back with the kids. Even when Wednesday came around, Daniel didn't feel right to leave, but had no other choice. He knows if he stays away from Austin much longer, he will lose his footing he fought so hard to get with the state houses.

When they arrived at the airport, none of them got out of the car. They knew the press was out there, so they said their emotional good byes in the car. Once everyone collected themselves, they got out. Before Daniel and Barbara went up the stairs, they hugged the kids once more as they talked to them. When Daniel got to Josh he knelt down.

"Don't you let anyone tell you that you are to blame for anything that happened. You are so strong, I am scared of you. Keep that strength and if you need to talk, call me. I don't care what time of day it is, you call me. I will clear my office so we can talk. I love you Josh and I don't want anything bad to come to you or to any of my kids."

"I love you Dad! I will make you proud every day, I promise I will!"

"I know you will Josh! I have never worried about that with you." Daniel hugged Josh once more before walking to the stairs of the plane. Once he and Barbara got to the top of the staircase, they gave the family one last wave goodbye before steeping in.

The family stood there as the door shut and the planed taxied out to the runway. Even then they didn't leave until they saw the plane taking off. As it flew over head, they waved at their father and Barbara. Once they couldn't see the plane anymore, they got into the limousine and headed home.

Josh and Cesar went straight up to their room and did their homework before dinner. Josh put his English book to the side and started looking around the room. Cesar looked over at Josh and wondered what he was looking at. He laid down his book and followed Josh's as, but didn't see anything.

"What are you looking at? I don't see anything on the wall or the roof where you are looking. I might be loosing my sight, but I don't think so." Cesar looked at Josh, hoping that he heard him.

"I can't wait until the new house is built. My dad is one step closer to getting it done since he bought the land on Monday." Josh got up and walked to the edge of his bed. "I know you don't know about everything that happened in this house. It is a good idea to get out of the house that brings more bad memories than good."

Cesar knew some of what Josh was talking about, but not all of it. He knows that there are still a lot of things they haven't told him. He never asked because he figured if he should know, they will tell him. Plus he doesn't want to open up old wounds. Just like every family out there, there are things they don't ever want to talk about from their past.

"Well Josh I can't wait either to get to the new house, you know why?" Josh shook his head no. "Our new room is going to be just that, our room. Don't get me wrong, I will go wherever you go and stay in a dump if that is where you want to live. I just love the fact that this new house will be new to both of us."

Josh walked over to Cesar and sat down on the bed next to him. He leaned in and started to kiss him as he thought about what he said. There is no way he will ever live in a dump, but it is good that Cesar is willing to live with him there if he chooses. They broke the kiss and went back to work on their homework.

When they made their way to school the next morning, they noticed the press pretty much was gone. Josh breathed in a sigh of relief when he saw that. Now they don't really have to be really watching themselves in their own front yard. Like the other day when Chris came over and he didn't go out and sit with him on the curb due to the press. Things can go back to normal in his house, for a while at least.

Chris met Josh as soon as he walked into the building. Josh could see that Chris had something weighing on his mind, more than likely Rusty. He asked Cesar to get him his breakfast while he talks with Chris. Cesar agreed and walked off to the cafeteria while Josh and Chris got out of the middle of the hallway.

"I know you told me not to do it, but I needed to know. Before coming to school this morning, I stopped at Rusty house to see where we stand. He was as angry as he was last Friday. I don't know what else he wants me to do. It isn't like I can turn back time and not make that mistake. I swear I didn't mean to do or say what I did."

"I know you didn't and I know Rusty knows the same thing. He is hurting Chris, you need to give him time to heal. Like I said before, if he doesn't settle down by tomorrow, you will know it is over. Normally when a person stays angry with another person more than a week, there is no way they are going to forgive. I could be wrong though.

Give him as much time as you feel is needed. Once that time as come and gone, you then need to decide to either give it more time or walk away. If you choose to walk, I will be here and help you find another boyfriend. No matter what, you and I are best friends for life. We have been through too much to be anything less than that."

Chris hugged Josh and thanked him. They walked to the cafeteria talking about what they want to do over the weekend. One thing they both agreed on, they don't want to be in the house. They want to go out; where doesn't matter, just as long as it is out.

As Josh sat down, he couldn't help but look over where Frank and Patrick sat. No one has taken their seats. Josh can't believe how much he misses both of them. He knows Frank isn't coming back, but Patrick can. That is when he decided to talk everyone into going with him to visit with Patrick over the weekend. Let him know that his friends are here and want him to come back as soon as he can.



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The chapter picked right up at the night of the wedding. Man, by the sounds of it, they had a lot of fun. I bet Daniel wished that he rented the dancehall a little longer. But who knew everyone was going to wind up having so much fun and sticking around. Heck after a bumpy week, no one knew.

It is about time Daniel decided to build a house that suits him and his family. He doesn't want to look rich, but living in the house they are living in right now is very unsafe; not only for his family, but every family that lives around him. This is a normal community that you can pretty much hear what is going on in the neighbor's house because of how close the houses are.

I know many of you will want to know how the new house looks after if gets built. I have been getting a lot of email on how Jacob's house looks right now after the remodel. I promise to make a sketch of his house and Josh's and get it out to you all either via email or in a story post. Trust me both houses are nice.

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I hope everything turns out right for Chris and Rusty, but if they don't, I hope Chris moves on and Rusty stays in the group of friends.

Well we found out what happened to Patrick through Bernice. There is no surprise there since Frank was Patrick's boyfriend. Like Rick said in his last editor's corner, he froze as Frank laid there on the ground dying. I wonder if he heard something or saw something from Frank in his final moments before passing.

The funeral was a hard plot for me to write. I hope I did it justice. It is a sad occasion no matter who you are. No one deserves to die as young as Frank did. I am glad Josh got up there and said his goodbye to Frank. Maybe that will help Josh from having the rough nights he is having. He might just have needed to say goodbye.

I wonder who video taped Josh speech and sold it to the press. That I really don't think we will ever know. I like how Josh finally went out and told the press what he told them. I especially like the ending when he said I am fourteen and see what you are doing is wrong. They are adults, they should have more common sense, but many times adults don't. Still Josh needed that as well. He was holding too much in for a young kid.

Things have changed as far as security, but it is for the good? I am glad that Josh is back to school so he could drown himself into school work, swim team and the chorus group. Maybe that way he can move on faster. When a person has nothing but time to think, they will be haunted of their past and never come to a solution.

So many open plots and so many more plots to come in this story. I love the political scenes a lot and I hope I am not offending anyone with them. Keep in mind it is only a story and I am trying my best not to preach my beliefs. Please stay tuned and I promise that you guys won't regret opening every new chapter.

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Josh's statement to the press was so on target!  How often do we see on the news that there is bias and spin that clouds the base issue? So often it feels that the press are predatory, simply going for impact and not reporting facts as they are sworn to do.

Daniel Sr. finally said what has been on my mind. It is the adults that were ultimately responsible for Elizabeth being able to go off on the rampage. As Daniel said, the adults should have taken decisive action to get her help. Yes, that is something the adults will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Frank's funeral was raw with emotions. Josh's eulogy was perfect for the situation and the circumstances. Yes, I sense he is Daniel's carbon copy, but living his life will and starting to deal with the world so early on will refine him in ways his Dad won't ever achieve. That's not taking a thing away from Daniel Sr., it's just that Josh could easily become very influential much earlier in his life than his father.

I'm glad Russ was thought provoked in his approach to Josh when he saw Josh hurting. Now that he's spoken with Daniel, he knows he's able to respond to Josh as he sees fit. He appears to be an honorable man. I was somewhat fearful that Russ might want Josh and cause problems. My concerns are eased a bit now.

I am deeply concerned for Patrick's welfare. I can only begin to imagine the pain he's feeling. I also think there's more to his story than we know regarding what he saw during the violence. I just hope that he can come out of this without losing himself in his grief.

Rusty and Chris; now there's a fine mess!  What the blazes is going on in Chris' mind? He's STILL obsessing over Josh yet he knows without a shred of doubt that what was will never be again.  I think Rusty was a bit over the top in his reaction and actions, but I certainly understand his feelings.  If I were Rusty, I'd back off fast in that there's no percentage in getting involved with someone that is carrying a torch for a past love. Rusty seems to be solid and deserves to be a "one and only" to his partner. I sense he would give as good as he gets in that regard. Chris, on the other hand, has a ton of bad baggage. Until he bags up his emotional trash and put it out at the curb, he's going to be nothing but bad news to anyone that gets romantically close. I wonder if Chris will ever get over Josh until there is some serious distance put between them.

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