Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

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Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 10


Garrett was ready for anything that was thrown at him except for one thing, his friends running from the fight. Just as he got ready for the guys that followed him and his friends, his friends turned and ran like little girls. Garrett could not believe his friends had done that, leaving him alone to face down these guys.

"It looks like you need to get yourself a new group of friends. At least I would after what they have done to you." One of the them teased. "You just keep fucking around at school thinking that you run things. I am here to tell you that you don't and to make sure there is no misunderstanding about that, I am going to make it clear by kicking your ass."

The kid that was talking waved off his friends because he wanted it to be a fair fight. His friends tried to talk him out of it by telling him that Garrett and his friends would not have shown him the same courtesy. The leader of the group agreed with his friends, but made it clear they are not like them and they needed to stay out of it.

Just as he turned his attention back to Garrett, a fist was flying at him. He ducked just in time, causing Garrett to fall forward. He landed face first into the road, but lucky for him his reaction was quick. He caught himself so the only thing that was scraped was his elbows and hands.

Quickly he got up afraid that he was going to get the same treatment, but to his surprise, he did not. The guy he didn't know stood there, allowing him to dust off and retake his stance. They circled each other for a couple minutes, neither making a real move. They were sizing each other up to see where the others weak point was at.

After a few minutes of dancing, Garrett swung again, and again he missed. As he turned around, he heard his friends yelling as they ran back to him with bats and sticks in their hands. The others that were asked to stand back jumped right in to make it a fair fight, if you could call it that since the others had bats and sticks in their hands.

Garrett's friends started yelling out curse words, trying to provoke the other guys to charge at them. However, the other guys were playing it smart; they stood back finding their weak points. Once they got going they danced with each other, but it wasn't Garrett and his friends that made the first move, it was the guys that followed them.

They charged, but instead going for the face, they ducked the bats and hit the guys in the gut, and one actually got hit in the nuts, causing them to double over. As they doubled over trying to get their breath, Garrett and the leader of the other guys, Craig, stopped dancing and charged each other.

Unchanging his way of doing things, Garrett had no chance. Craig knew exactly how he was going to attack and was able to dodge the punch, but unlike the others times, he threw a punch of his own and connected. Just like his friends, Garrett doubled over, but he did not wait to catch his breath. He quickly got back on defense and threw another punch. This time he connected because Craig did not expect him to recover so quickly.

Quickly he turned around and threw a punch, followed up by a kick in the gut. This time Garrett was unable to get back up. Both the punch and the kick connected, causing him to fight for every breath. He fell to the ground, trying to breathe, but he could not. It felt to Garrett like his throat had caved in.

Craig stood above Garrett, watching him like a hawk. He has heard the rumors at school that Garrett likes to fight dirty. Whenever he can, he will throw in a cheap shot in order to win. So if he ever looks like he is down, do not turn your back on him. Usually he fakes being hurt in order for the guy he is fighting to let his guard down.

Seeing that Garrett was really having problems breathing, he knelt down beside him, giving him instructions what to do to open his windpipes. After a few minutes following the instructions that he was told, Garrett was able to breathe a little more. When Craig saw that, he leaned in a little further to whisper to him.

"You listen, and listen good buddy. If you don't want to get worse than what you got here today, change your fucking attitude at school. If I see you pick on one more person, I don't care who it is or if that person started it, you and I are going to go a couple more rounds. In addition, let me tell you if you make me come after you again, it won't come out good for you. So stop your shit, and just stay in your own little world."

Craig did not give Garrett a chance to respond to what he said. He quickly got up and walked over to his friends, they were looking down at Garrett's friends on the ground. They weren't having a hard time breathing, they were just beaten up. Craig kneeled down and smiled at Garrett's friends. When they all looked up at him, he delivered the same message that he delivered to Garrett.

Neither he nor his friends left until Garrett's friends promised to leave everyone alone at school. Once they got the promise, Craig got up and joined his friends. They walked away, looking back a couple of times making sure that they were down and were not going to try to hit them when their backs are turned on them.

Meanwhile, Patrick, Immanuel and Antonio were about home when they heard honking behind them. They turned to see their father and mother in the car waving them over. Patrick looked at his little brother and saw fear in his face, fear that he had many times. He then turned to Immanuel and did not see fear, but anger instead.

Not knowing what was on Immanuel's mind, Patrick asked him to stay with his younger brother and no matter what happens not to leave his side. Immanuel did not like the idea, but Patrick was insistent. Having no other choice, he let Patrick go, but he kept a very close eye on his boyfriend's parents. One wrong move is all he wanted and he would be over there faster than they could say I am sorry.

Patrick kept looking back at Immanuel to make sure he was doing what he asked. The closer he got to his parent's car; he stopped looking back at his brother and boyfriend, but instead kept his attention on his father. He and his mother had gotten out of the car already and looked like they were ready to grab a hold of him and force him in the car.

"What is it that you want?" Patrick asked in an angry voice. "You have no business here and you know that. If you don't want us to call the police on you, you better just head back to your house and stay away from me, my brother and friends."

Mr. Petrillo took a couple steps closer to Patrick, causing Patrick to take a couple steps back. "You listen, you fucking ball-less faggot, you don't speak to us that way. I don't care if you live with us or not, you are still our son and I still can whop your ass. So if you don't want an ass kicking, you better show your mother and I some respect."

"Respect is earned, and that is something you will never earn from me." Patrick looked back at his younger brother. "In fact I can say with complete confidence you will never earn it also from Antonio." Mr. Petrillo took a couple more steps closer to Patrick, but this time Patrick didn't take a couple steps back. "If you make one more move, I will give your drunken ass a kicking that is long overdue."

Stunned on how his son was speaking to him, Mr. Petrillo took a couple steps back. Mrs. Petrillo on the other hand did no such thing. She walked a little closer to Patrick, thinking that her son did not see her moving. Also, she believed that her son wouldn't talk to her the way he is talking to his father, but boy was she wrong on that.

Patrick turned and looked at his mother. "You get back in your car and leave if you do not want this faggot ass to bitch slap you and don't think I won't since you and dad think I am a girl. On those promises I can walk over there and just kick your ass and not think twice about it."

"I do not know what has gotten into you Patrick, but you better stop speaking to your dad and me that way. If you say one more bad word or raise your voice at us once more, I am going to knock you into next week and you know I can."

"I am no longer afraid of you, mom or you dad." Patrick turned and mad dogged his father before turning his attention back to his mother. "The days of you pushing me around and hitting me are over. If you lay a hand on me or talk to me the way you have, I am going to go off on you. If I land up killing you, no court in this land will convict me with what is on record of what you have done to me.

You guys fooled everyone into thinking you were such perfect parents. Parents who worked day and night for your kids to have what you never had. Boy did you have everyone fooled on that, but now they are starting to see the real you. They are starting to see how bad you two are as parents.

Not only did you not love us, but also you made our lives a living hell in that house whenever you were home. The minute you got off the road, I couldn't wait for you both to leave again. At least then, Antonio and I were safe from you. We were not being beaten every night and told how worthless we were as your kids."

"Your life was not that bad in our house as you have been telling everyone Patrick. Look at your sister and see how happy she is. If we were as bad as you say we were, then explain that. Explain how she got a scholarship to go to college. Explain to everyone that you have been bad mouthing us to how she is so happy and you guys are so miserable."

"That is easy! You two loved her mom, but not the way a mother and father should love their daughter. You didn't want boys when you had kids. No you wanted girls and let me tell you why." Patrick looked over at his father. "I know you were doing something wrong to my sister at night whenever you were home. I could hear her crying through the walls when you walked into her room all those times. What were you doing in there dad, raping her?"

Mr. Petrillo wasn't about to stand there being accused for another crime. He made his way back to the driver side of the car. Just as he opened the door, he yelled out to his wife to get in. She looked over at him and back over to Patrick with a confused look on her face. Patrick never fell for that look. There was no way she didn't know what his father was doing to his sister, no way.

"Yeah dad run away from the truth. Not only are you a drunk, an abuser, but as well a rapist." Patrick at this point was yelling at the top of his lungs. If there was anyone in the houses where they were, they could hear him as plain as day. "All the wrong you have done to your kids that you were supposed to be protecting, not hurting, is going to come back to haunt you. I hope when it does, you will not get another good night's sleep. I want you to feel how I felt not able to close my eyes because of the nightmares you gave me."

Mrs. Petrillo barely got into the car, when her husband sped off. Her door wasn't even shut yet and the way he was driving, she almost fell out of the car. The only thing that saved her from that happening was grabbing onto the seatbelt. Just as she pulled herself back into the car, the seatbelt broke; almost throwing her out, but the door was slammed shut by the force of the wind.

Patrick did not move from the spot where he was standing when his father tried to approach him until he saw his parent's car disappear. Once he saw that, he felt that he and his brother were safe for now. He turned around to find his brother trembling. Not really stunned at seeing that, Patrick walked up to him and consoled him like a big brother should.

He and his brother have been through a lot by the hands of their parents. Besides all the beatings they got, they had to endure verbal abuse as well. Patrick could not figure out why he and his brother are not worse than they are. Any other person that would have grown up in that house that they grew up in would have come out as murderers or worse.

As he held his brother close to him, they along with Immanuel started walking to the house. Patrick made a promise to himself right there and then not to ever become like his parents. If he is lucky to have kids, which he wants to, he will never treat them the way he and his brother were treated. He is going to treat them like gold, as all kids should be treated.

Friday was gone in a blink of an eye. No one saw Garrett and his friends at school, but no one was really looking. Craig caught Daniel Jr. and Carlos in the hallway between classes and he informed them that their plan was carried out. No other information was exchanged because neither group wanted to be fingered if the principal or worse the police questioned the other group.

They figure if they kept each other in the dark on their part of what happened to Garrett, neither side could implicate the other. It was a good plan and on top of that, both groups' of friends got what they wanted. Daniel Jr., his brother and friends were able to put Garrett back in his place without raising a finger. Craig and his friends were the ones that were able to carry out the butt kicking, which they loved doing to that guy.

No matter how much people despised Garrett and his friends, yet they were not gossiped about. Normally if a group of friends like Garrett's misses school on the same day, the students question why. They make up what could have happened to them, but not here. Once again, they were not even noticed being gone.

During lunch on Friday, Chris and Rusty for the first time since their second break up left the group to be alone. Both of the boys knew they are never going to get back together, but the others in the group thought there was a chance even more so when they saw them take off together as the group headed to the stadium.

Chris and Rusty wanted privacy so they decided to walk down Schuster Street to the Seven Eleven a block away. At first, neither said a word; they just walked along looking at the other students from their school either making their way to the store or coming back. Finally, half way to the seven eleven, Chris broke the silence.

"You know I was glad that we tried once more to see if we were meant for each other. When we broke up the first time, I always wondered if I was not stuck on Josh still, would we have made it as a couple. When we got back together and realized that was impossible, I got the answer to my question."

"Yeah I wondered that as well when we first broke up." Rusty spoke in his low voice as he always does. "You and I just look at things differently. Some of the things we could overcome, but there were just too many. If it wasn't one thing we were fighting about, it was another and it was getting old."

"All that I agree with and lot's more! I love you Rusty and I always will. You were the one that got me over Josh and for that, I would always be thankful. You told me on day one that you didn't want to be the rebound and I am sorry that you were. That is why I wanted to try it again to make sure it wasn't my last relationship that caused us not to make it as a couple.

We didn't make it as a couple because we weren't meant for each other. Nothing in common, we couldn't even find middle ground on most things. As you said, we fought a lot and most of those fights as I look back at them were stupid. Fighting over things like who gets in the car first or who pays or how we are looking at another guy. Those fights were stupid and should have never happened. For those fights and many of the others I'm sorry and wish I could take them back since I am the one that mostly started the fights."

Rusty chuckled as he grabbed Chris's hand. "We were both to blame on those fights. I have to know you and I knew if I just kept my mouth shut, we would not have fought. It was just that we are both hardheaded individuals and that will never work. Neither of us ever wanted to be wrong and we didn't care what we said to each other or did. Just as long as we came up on top of the argument. That hurt us the most I believe."

Chris did not respond to Rusty on what he had just said. He stopped and looked down Medical Drive lost in his thoughts. Everything that Rusty had just said and much more happened. They fought about everything under the sky. At times they even fought about what color a car was, and that was when they both knew the relationship was not going to work and called it quits.

"As I said before Rusty I will always love you. You helped me when I needed it and I am glad at the end of it all we were able to stay friends. I don't know what I would have done if that didn't happen." Chris turned around to look Rusty in the eyes. "You and I were not meant to be boyfriends, but we were meant to be very good friends."

"I agree with you and I know we are going to be friends till we get old, grey and leave this world. Also just like you, I will always love you. You brought me out of my shell and I got a great group of friends out of all this. Friends I know are always going to be there for me whenever I need one in my corner."

Chris chuckled, but did not say another word. They stood there looking out to the distance. Not at anything in particular, both of them were lost in their own thoughts remembering the good times they had with each other both times they tried to date. Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Chris broke it telling Rusty that they should be heading back to the school if they didn't want to be late for fourth period.

Rusty did not object, they turned and made their way back down Schuster. As they walked back to school, they talked about what they were going to do over the weekend. To each other's surprise they were both going to be at Josh's house on Sunday. Neither of them asked the other not to go, in fact it was the opposite.

Josh and his brothers have been planning a pool party for all their friends ever since they moved into their new house, but had to cancel several times. Something had come up, and they had no other choice. However, this weekend nothing to this point has come up, so the party is on.

The rest of the afternoon was gone before the boys knew it. The final bell of the day rang, ending the day and week of school. Before heading out to the SUV, Josh checked in with all his friends to see if they were still coming over on Sunday, all of them confirmed. Once he talked to everyone, he and Cesar headed out.

Josh spent the evening working on more songs for his second CD. A little after seven he was called into the living room for a phone call. He was not expecting a call, so he had no idea who was on the phone. As he made his way to the living room, the only one he could think of on the phone was his father to ask him and his brothers to be careful at the party they are going to have on Sunday.

Barbara handed Josh the phone and walked out of the room. Hesitantly Josh raised the receiver to his face and said hello. The voice that came over the receiver was a pleasant surprise it was George Strait.

"Josh I have some good news for you, and some bad depending on how you look at it. Which one do you want to hear first, the good or the bad?" Josh chuckled and asked to hear the good news first. "I thought that was what you were going to ask for. As I promised you when I left, I did the moment I had a free chance.

I spoke with my record company over the last couple of days. I let them hear your CD that you sent me and they just love it. They want to sign you to their label and get that CD out to the stores as soon as humanly possible. What do you think about that?"

Josh was barely able to contain himself on the news he just heard. He wanted to jump around the room, but did not want someone to walk in and see him doing that. They might think he had lost his mind or something close to it. So instead, he gathered his thoughts and calmed himself down before speaking.

"That is awesome news George, I mean awesome. I want to jump up and down for joy, but I am afraid it might look ridiculous." Moving the receiver from his face for a few seconds, Josh chuckled. He cleared his throat and moved the receiver back. "You said you also have some bad news for me as well, what is that?"

"Well I said it depends on how you might take the next piece of information I have for you. I have been in this business since nineteen eighty-one and let me tell you I have seen many things and been through many things. Over the years, I have gotten to know the business, more so with the only record label I have been with, MCA.

Anyways after they listened to your CD, they right away wanted you, but asked me if you would mind recording your music with professional musicians behind you. They love your voice and they want to do it some justice. So what do you think about that Josh, are you willing to record your music and let MCA be your label?"

"Not only yes, but hell yes! Just tell me when and where and I'll be there."

"Well I explained to them your age and that you are still in high school, and they agreed they have to do it around your schedule. Figuring that you would not have a problem with their request, I told them to start setting things up, which they have. Monday a couple of suits are going to be at your house after your return from school to explain how things are going to unfold. I need to let you know things are going to happen really fast because they want to get your CD out right before the concert."

George chuckled. "That reminds me of another thing Josh, they are going to ask you to do some promoting of the concert we are going to have. It is going to be your actual first paid gig and they need your help, along with mine, to sell out the stadium. So, they are going to set you up with live interviews on radio and television stations in your town. I will join you a week out from the concert.

It is not only going to be sold as me being one of the artist's performing, but also as your introduction to country music. It is going to be a coming out party for you and you need to be ready for that because the record label is pulling out all the stops on this concert. That is the other reason they need your CD to be ready to hit the shelves at the same time as the concert."

"I have no problems with any of the things you have said so far, as long as they know it has to be done after school. My dad will not allow it any other way. However, I'll give them every minute I can after school to get it done, that I promise."

"Josh I know that and I've already told the label that. However, you have one thing going in your favor right now, your songs. You have them already done and recorded them once before. Therefore, it should be a couple of days at the most to re-record them with professional musicians behind you. After that, it is all on the label to get it through whomever to get the CD in stores when they want it, the day after the concert."

George and Josh talked a little longer going over a few more things. Once all the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted, George wished Josh a goodnight and told him once again to call him if he needs anything. Before hanging up, George made sure Josh had his numbers right and then hung up.

Just as he hung up his receiver, Cesar walked into the room. He knew something was up by the way Josh was smiling. Wanting to know the news, but he held back and not asked what was going on. He waited for Josh to tell him. It took a few minutes, but Josh finally got it out. Before he was able to finish, Cesar grabbed him and hugged him as they danced in the middle of the living room and started to yell.

Their yells grabbed the attention of everyone in the house and they made their way into the living room. They saw the celebration that was going on and wanted to know what was up. Josh was so excited about the news; he had to tell his family several times what it was before they were able to understand what he was saying.

Once they did, they also started jumping up and down for joy, going up to Josh congratulating him. Taking turns hugging him and telling him not to forget them once he becomes a famous Country Singer. Josh promised each of them that he will never forget where he came from, plus all his friends and family. However, at the same time, he told his family he does not think he will become a famous singer in country music or any other music for that matter. He believes it is just a fad and it will wear off in a year or so.

What he just said did not sit right with anyone in the room. It was his brother Carlos who spoke up first voicing his concern. "You are wrong about that little brother and you'll see when your first CD sells faster than the stores can get them. Then it will be repeated over and over again whenever you release a new CD. So don't ever say it's a fad, because you aren't a fad and you need to stop looking at yourself that way."

"Yeah I agree with Carlos on that Josh. You are an awesome singer and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you will get comfortable in your own skin. Singing is what you are going to do the rest of your life and let me tell you that everyone at school is going to envy you. No matter what they say, all of us dream to be where you are heading."

Josh heard both of his older brothers clearly and agreed with them. Not so much what Daniel Jr. said about everyone envying him, but everything else they said he agrees with. He needs to get comfortable with all this, because this is what he is going to do for the rest of his life hopefully.

Before anyone could say another word, Barbara interrupted. "We need to add one more person to this celebration that is not here." She looked at Josh. "You should call the mansion and give your dad the great news! I am sure that will make his day, no scratch that, make his decade."

Josh smiled at his mother as she handed him the phone. He held up the receiver to his ear as Barbara dialed the number. A few rings later, his father's voice came over the line. At first, he thought something was wrong, but after Josh was able to get him settled down on that, he went right to the reason he had called.

There was a few seconds of silence after they finished talking, but when his dad came back, he was more excited than Josh and Cesar was. "There was not a doubt in my mind that you were going to get a contract. You have not only the voice but also the ability to get your audience into the song and feel what you feel when you sing. That my son, is a true artist and that you were born with! No one taught you that, no one."

"Thank you dad hearing from you really means a lot. The only problem I see right now though is re-recording the CD next week. According to George, he told the label that school comes first and then my singing. They are going to arrange everything around my schedule, which means I am going to be doing a lot of things in the evening."

"I have no problem with any of that. You can trust George when he says something. Because not only he is a man of his word, but also he is a father as well, a son, whom I believe is named Bubba. He had a daughter, which they lost in eighty-six to a car accident. He and his wife knows what it means being parents and what is important for you at this time in your life, which is getting an education. Therefore, he is going to make sure that happens.

Do what you need to do to get the CD ready to be released. If they do not want to use your recording studio that is fine, go where they want you to go. At the same time though, make it clear, they have to let your security clear everywhere you go before you arrive. So, it might be easier as far as recording your CD for them to do it at the house than anywhere else. I wish I was there to make sure everything goes smoothly for you."

"I know you do dad and I wish you were here too, but you have a very important job that you are doing. None of us wants you to be thinking about anything else except the job that you have right now. What you are doing affects millions and it is all good. Mom is here and she will make sure things are being done right."

Barbara and the rest of the family were standing there hearing what Josh was saying. She felt humbled and proud that Josh and the rest of the boys considered her mother. Not calling her by her first name, as most kids do with their stepmother. No, not these four boys, they have been calling her mother even before Martha had passed away.

Josh calling her name pulled her out of her thoughts. When she heard Josh clearly, he was telling her that his dad wanted to talk with her. With a smile on her face, she took the receiver and thanked Josh before talking to Daniel Sr.

As she was talking to the governor, the boys started to plan what to do with all the millions that they were going to make. They were doing it all in good fun and Josh knew that. As of now, he does not even know what he will do with the money he gets from his CD or the concert. More than likely, he knows that his dad is going to make him put it in the bank and save it for the day when he needs it. For now, his dad will give him everything he needs or wants.

The rest of the evening and all day Saturday Josh spent in the recording studio putting together songs for his second CD. He was not too worried about his first CD since he had already laid down tracks for it. The only thing now he has to do is what the recording studio wants and that is re-recording the CD with a real band backing him up.

Before Josh knew it, Saturday was coming to an end and he was heading up to his room with Cesar. They got ready for bed, but did not go to sleep right away. They stayed up talking about how things were going to change when his CD hits the stores. As they talked, Josh could hear the concern in his boyfriend's voice. At times Cesar got close to what he really feared, but stopped before saying it, losing Josh to another guy.

"Cesar I don't care where my life goes, I want you at my side. There is no one I would rather have on my side for this journey than you and I know you know that. I also know why you are feeling the way you are and I do not blame you. If the shoe was on the other foot I probably would be thinking the same thing."

Josh turned on his side to look Cesar in the face. "Yes, there are going to be girls screaming at me, maybe stalking me and even throwing pieces of clothing at me. At the same time there is going to be guys, gay guys, doing the same thing. However, you are the only one that is going to be on my mind during the concerts and the only one I would ever want to have in my bed and make love to. I love you with all my heart Cesar and there is nothing that is going to change that, nothing."

Cesar started to tear up. He felt guilty on even feeling the way he was feeling and more so bringing it up. Ever since he and Josh got together, Josh has never looked at another man, including his ex. On top of that, his mother tried to break them up, and she was unsuccessful doing so. So therefore, he should have known to never doubt his relationship.

"I love you to Josh with every part of my body. As you know I have loved you from the moment I saw you out in your freshman year, but you were going out with Chris at the time. Therefore, I stood back, admired you, and dreamed about you all the time. When you and I got together, I was the happiest man on earth."

Cesar chuckled a little and then continued. "If girls throw pieces of clothing at you, keep it for souvenirs. If guys throw pieces of clothing at you, throw them back because that is a little weird." Josh started to laugh. "How in the world can they even get a piece of clothing off and toss it on the stage?

Can you imagine Josh guys pulling off clothes in the audience? Come on they have to take off their shoes and then their jeans to get to their underwear." Cesar started to laugh as he talked. "Can you see it, these guys bouncing around in front of the stage as they struggle to get their under wear off. They might even fall a couple of times as they do it. They will become part of the show as they try and get to their underwear."

Josh started to laugh along with Cesar. He was imagining what Cesar was saying and it would be a funny scene. There on the stage, he is singing and looking out at the audience singing a love song and a guy catches his eye. Not because he is a good looking guy, but because he is, as Cesar says, bouncing around pulling off his clothes to throw at him on the stage. He would be stumbling around that might even make him laugh as he is performing on the stage live.

"You are right; it would be a funny thing to see." Josh could not stop laughing. "What if the guy brings a piece of clothing from his house to do just that? You know a pair of underwear he wore the day before. He sticks it in his pocket and when he gets a chance at the concert, he pulls it out and throws it on the stage with his number on it."

"First, that would be gross to say the least. If a guy actually brings dirty pair of underwear from home, I wouldn't even look at it, more so pick it up. Who knows, the guy might not have cleaned his butt right after taking a crap that day. Not only will you get his number, but you'll get another dark surprise in the underwear."

Josh stuck his finger in his mouth pretending to gag. "And second of all, if a guy would do that and think you would actually call him, he has to be out of his mind. I know you are going to tour and all that, but I am hoping..."

Interrupting his boyfriend, Josh felt he needed to make something clear to him about touring. "If and when I tour, you are going to come with me. I cannot go a night without you sleeping next to me, no way Jose. You are going to come with me and we are going to enjoy every minute of every day of this thing. So when it ends and we return back here to El Paso, we will have stories to tell everyone about what we did on tour and saw."

That put a smile on Cesar's face. "I need to show you how much I am in love with you right now." With an evil grin, Cesar lifted up the blankets for Josh to see his hard dick wanting to be set free. "I really want you to make love to me tonight. I have wanted us to make love ever since the last time we made love. That is all I think about."

With a big grin on his face, Josh got under the covers not saying a word. He let his actions speak for him. Before Cesar knew it, his dick was set free and a warm mouth was around it giving him the pleasure he has been wanting since they made love the last time. His head fell back and started to moan softly.

Taking turns giving each other pleasure, they made love for almost three hours. At times, they got a little loud; enough for those in the rooms next door to hear them. When they realized that, they quieted down for a little while, but it did not last. Those in the rooms next to Josh and Cesar have had a very late night along with these two. When they finally tired out, they fell asleep and did not stir again until they were called down for breakfast the next morning.

The pool party turned into a celebration for Josh on getting his recording contract. As soon as everyone showed up, Josh and his brothers gave their friends the good news. Each of them went up to Josh and congratulated him. Some of them asked to be part of his band, playfully. When it was all said and done, everyone was very happy for Josh.

It was still cold outside but the Lopez family had an inside heated pool that was very comfortable to swim in. At first, everyone stayed in their own little groups. Then as the day wore on, they all were together in and out of the pool. If you could not find the person in the pool, you could find them in the theater room.

The only time they were out of the pool or the theater room was when it was time to eat lunch. By the time four o'clock rolled around, the pool party started to break up. By six, mostly everyone had headed home. The only ones left were the boys and a couple of their closest friends, mainly Josh's.

Chris and Rusty hung out together most of the day, but not as boyfriends, but as just good friends. They talked like they had the Friday before and cleared many things that were left in the air, paving the road for them to just be good friends.

Eric and Bernice were in the corner of the pool having their own little fun. Whenever they did get involved with the group, it was for a short period of time. Eventually they made their way back to a corner of the pool or a corner of the theater room to be alone with each other to kiss and cuddle.

Patrick and Immanuel hung out with Antonio most of the day. The few times they broke away from Patrick's younger brother, they as well cuddled with each other. They cuddled with each other even when Antonio was around. Patrick knew his younger brother and knew that he was not going to take offense seeing him cuddle or kiss his boyfriend.

The rest of the Lopez's friends pretty much did the same thing if they were not involved playing water volleyball, Frisbee, chicken fights or football. If they came with their girlfriends and boyfriends, they slunk off to have some alone time, but if they did not come with anyone, they hung out with whoever was in the pool.

As the sun went down, the last of the friends that had not made their way home yet, did leave. Barbara did not want any of them walking home in the dark, so she gave those that did not have a parent coming to pick them up a ride home. When the last person left, it was after eight. The boys headed up stairs and got ready for the next day.

Josh and Cesar made love once again before going to sleep, but once they laid their heads on their pillows, they were out like the light. When the alarm clock went off the next morning, Josh hit the snooze button three times before either of the two got out of bed and started to get ready.

Cesar was the first to rise and after rinsing the love making of last night off, he went and dragged Josh out of bed. As Josh was taking a shower, Cesar was dressed and laid out Josh's clothes so he could get dressed quickly. Cesar did not want them to be the last at the breakfast table because he knew they wouldn't hear the last of it.

The morning classes were like every Monday, slow and boring. By the time lunch rolled around, Josh needed sugar to wake him up. Once again, Garrett and all of his friends, except one, did not show up for school. Just like Friday, no one noticed and those that did did not really talk about it. The one that showed up from the group was stunned to see that no one noticed them gone and were not wondering what was going on.

All morning long, he kept looking over his shoulder for the ones that jumped them on Thursday, but did not see any of them until lunch. When he did, he started to freak out. He almost dropped his tray of food as he ran out of the cafeteria. That grabbed everyone's attention and got them talking.

By the time the lunch bell rang, everyone that was talking about what happened in the cafeteria moved on. Garrett's friend that made the scene was nowhere to be seen because he went and hid in the dugout where he thought he was safe, but he was wrong.

Craig and his friends found him and started to taunt him like he, Garrett and the others have done in the past. He didn't like being on the other side of the taunts and made a decision right there that he was not ever going to join his friends on doing it to others. When he made that promise to Craig and his friends, they stopped and left him alone.

Just as he stepped out of the dugout, the first bell rang. He waited until most of the students were making their way into the building before he started his way. When he reached his locker, he saw Josh and his friends at theirs talking. He wondered if it was Josh that sent those other guys after him and his friends. As he grabbed his books for his afternoon classes, he kept an eye on Josh swearing if he found out it was he or his friends, that he will get his revenge on them.

Josh had no idea he had someone looking at him. He felt weird, but did not think anything of it. After getting his books together and closing his and Cesar's locker, they made their way to fourth period. Halfway between Cesar's and his classroom, they bid each other goodbye with a kiss, hesitantly turned, and left.

As Josh made his way to Mr. Franklin's class, he debated with himself about telling his instructors the news he received on Friday night. He thought if they knew about his record deal, they might make him quit Los Tigres. After going back and forth on it, he made up his mind just as he walked into the classroom.

Before taking his seat, he went up to Mr. Franklin and informed him about the recording contract he got. "That is good news Josh, very good news." Mr. Franklin got up from his desk. "I hope your label doesn't make you quit this class because it will be a big loss for us. But also at the same time I will understand if that is the next thing out of your mouth."

"No they haven't told me anything of the sort. I was worried that you were going to ask me to leave Los Tigres since I am going to go professional."

"I don't know where you got that from. There is no rule that says that if a student has a recording contract, he or she cannot be in the schools choir. As far as I see it, you are welcome here as long as you want to be here. The only way you will ever leave Los Tigres is if you step down."

Just as Mr. Franklin finished saying what he said, Mr. Edgar patted him on the shoulder and asked to speak with him in private. He did not congratulate Josh on his good news. He just walked away and waited for Mr. Franklin to join him. Seeing that he was not wanted, Josh made his way to his seat and waited with his class for the instructors to finish their little meeting they are having.

"Mr. Franklin I believe we should remove Josh as our soloist in order to protect us from losing any of our competitions in the future." Mr. Franklin had enough of Mr. Edgar, and Mr. Edgar could see his frustration in his face. "You are right about the rules, but who knows what the other schools might do if they find out about Josh. I feel we should take action now so we don't land up having to defend something that we will lose."

"First, let me say this, you no longer have a say in this matter. For some reason you have it in for Josh and I am tired of it. I do not understand, it is just that I am tired of it. You fought with me last year to get him back. You are the one that suggested the joining of the two groups in order to share Josh. However, here you are doing everything you can to pull Josh out of the soloist position, which is getting very old.

Secondly, I am right about the rules and they cannot be changed in midyear when they see something they do not like. Then when the time comes that they can change the rules, they need two thirds of the schools to agree with the change, which they will never get. Not with my friends, I have at the other schools that will back me up.

So do not worry about this issue, I have it well under control. You worry about having a job next year because if I have anything to say about it, you won't." Mr. Edgar looked at his friend confused on the threats that were coming from him. "Principal Michaels is itching for a reason to relieve you from your position and I believe you have just given him that reason by asking me to remove a student from this class when it didn't warrant the request of the removal."

Mr. Franklin turned and walked to the middle of the stage. He quickly looked around and took attendance before pulling the students on the stage. Time was not on their side and they have a lot of work to do in order to be ready for the concert. His students are having a problem on catching on to the new dance steps, which by him going over and over them is taking up time that they do not have.

On top of that, Los Tigres have a meet at the same time. At first, he thought that they could use the same three songs, but he rethought that idea. The schools they are going to compete against will see the show and know what they are going to sing. In return, they will change their songs in order to try to have the upper hand.

Unlike the morning classes, the rest of the afternoon for Josh went by fast. After leaving Mr. Franklin's class, he had PE, which all they did was play basketball. Then his sixth period was Biology, which Josh likes more and more. Unlike science, which he had to take last year, his freshman year, this year he had to take Biology. Not as much book learning than there is dissecting, which Josh loves.

When the final bell rang, Josh and Cesar headed to the lockers, Josh wanted to get home as fast as he could, but just as he shut his locker, Chris was standing there. Josh looked at him a little confused, and then it dawned on him why he was there, swim team practice. He completely forgot about practice. Knowing how the coach gets if you miss a practice, Josh reluctantly went with Chris to practice.

Cesar followed, but not into the locker room. He always watches Josh practice, not only to be with him, but he likes seeing his boyfriend running around in his Speedos. He sits in the stands with a couple of the security agents as Josh swims. He does try to take that time to do his homework, but does not get much of it done since he cannot keep his eyes off Josh as he comes out of the water.

Today was no exception to that. Just like every other practice, the coach has the team swim laps to warm up. Cesar watches Josh as he swims back and forth from one end of the pool to the other. Then when he pulls himself out of the pool, Cesar could barely contain himself. Every time Josh gets out of the water, Cesar has to put his backpack over his lap to hide his raging hard on.

Any girl or gay guy would get a raging hard on watching Josh pull himself out the water. He has a smooth body, not a hair anywhere except the top of his head. He has an ivy color to his skin, which Cesar always found weird since the rest of Josh's brothers and parents are a darker brown than he is. At the same time, he loves the light reflection Josh is, because he stands out from the rest of his family.

As he pulls himself out of the water, the water runs down his smooth body, bringing out every muscle on his back, chest, six pack and legs. When Josh turns around, the Speedos seem to get even tighter around Josh's package when it gets wet because you can see his package a lot clearer. On top of that, the old saying that cold water shrinks a guy's package, well that doesn't happen to Josh. Cesar knows his boyfriend and his package, and there is no way the water does anything to it as far as shrinkage.

There is no doubt in Cesar's mind if anyone would take a picture of him as he looks at his boyfriend when he gets out of the water, his tongue would be hanging out. Every moment of every day, Cesar feels he is falling more and more in love with Josh, which he does not understand since he has been completely head over heels in love from day one.

All through the almost two-hour practice, Cesar did not get any of his homework done, like every other practice in the past. He sat there watching his boyfriend warm up, and then blow every one of his teammates out of the water when they start to race each other in the different races. When Josh wins, he does not throw it into his teammate's face, as some of the others do. No, he tries to help his teammates beat him. That is another reason Cesar believes that Josh is never going to be beaten he has a good heart.

When practice ended and the coach blew the whistle excusing the swim team to the locker room, Josh went running. Less than ten minutes later he reappeared changed, but wet, ready to go. He leaned in and kissed Cesar when he reached him and they then walked to the SUV to head home.

When they drove up, there were several cars in the driveway that Josh did not recognize, but knew who they were. He and Cesar walked into the house and were called into the sitting room immediately. Josh placed his backpack at the bottom of the stairs next to the coat closet along with his boyfriends. They walked into the sitting room to find three men and a woman sitting there with Barbara.

Barbara got up and introduced the boys to their guests. She went around the room, and it was the people that George said were going to be heading down. After the introductions were done, Josh sat down and they got right to the point, the recording contract. Those from the label liked the fact that Josh was all business.

They started to go through the contract line by line and made sure Josh and Barbara understood everything. Before signing anything, Barbara made sure there was no small print anywhere that will come back and bite Josh in the butt in the future. Once she was sure the contract was on the up and up and the label was not screwing Josh over, she went ahead and told Josh to sign it.

Once the contract was signed, the subject jumped to recording the CD over again. "I know Josh you already laid down the tracks and thought you had the CD done, but we need to get group of professional musicians backing you up. What you have here..." one of the men from the label held up Josh's CD. "Is gold and will sell out the minute it hits the shelves, but we want them to keep coming back for more. In order to do that, you must put out great CD's every time, not just once in a while."

"I understand what you are saying sir and I have no problem re-recording the music. However, you have to understand it is hard for me to get around because of who my father is. We feel to make it easier for you and me that we should re-record the music here in my studio. I believe it is big enough to fit a full band."

"Let's see this recording studio." Josh nodded his head as he got up and led the four representatives of the label to his recording studio. When they walked in, they were surprised to find what they found. They thought when Josh said recording studio he was talking about his garage with mattresses against the wall, not this.

"This is an actual full recording studio with all the bells and whistles." Josh nodded his head as he showed them around. "I don't have a problem you re-recording here. In fact I love the idea because it will save us money on renting one." The same man that has been doing all the talking turned to the others and whispered something to them.

"Now that we got that out of the way, we need to talk about the upcoming concert. I understand George talked with you about promoting the concert." Josh nodded his head. "Good, well we will do everything to get you on the radio here and the talk shows, all you have to do is show up. In addition, George will come into town and help. Plus we're very close on getting Johnny Cash saying yes as well to sing at the concert."

Josh could not believe what he was hearing. He loves the man in black's music and thought that his music was before its time. Now he might actually have the opportunity to meet him and sing on the stage, he could barely contain himself.

For the next hour, they sat in the studio going over what they would like to happen, but the executives from the label made it clear that nothing ever goes as planned. After going over when the CD should be done, the concert and how they would like Josh's help on promoting it, the executives headed out. Before they left, the one that was doing all the talking explained to Josh that he would be assigned someone from the label to watch over him and make sure he gets everything he needs.

The next couple of day Josh spent his time when he was not in school, in his recording studio laying down his tracks with the professional musicians. Just as George explained to Josh the last time they talked, it was going to be easy since he had already laid them down once. Almost all of them they got on the first try. Those they did not, it only took two takes, and they got it.

By the time they wrapped on Wednesday evening, all the songs were recorded and ready to go into production. The label was thrilled when they got the demo on Thursday morning and sent it off to the company they use to create the CD's. They were given a small window to get it out to the stores, but they had no problem getting it done.

Things were going according to plan, which the label was getting a little itchy. They rather have the wrench thrown into their plan now, not a few days out from the concert. If they get their hiccup now, they can fix it a lot easier. Little did they know, their wish was going to be granted.

After swim practice on Thursday, Josh and Cesar headed out to do an interview on the local country station, Y96 FM. When they got there, there was nothing out of the ordinary to worry anyone. The fans that turned out to get a glimpse of Josh were the normal teens that the security has dealt with in the past at Josh's other performances.

They escorted Josh and Cesar into the studio where the radio manager met them. He introduced himself as he took Josh and his group to a small waiting area. A few minutes later, another person came out, got Josh, and escorted him to the studio where the show was going live. He took his seat, and immediately the host introduced him.

He spent thirty minutes plugging the concert on January thirty-first and his upcoming CD, which hasn't been named yet. After the first fifteen minutes, the host opened the phone lines for his listeners to call in. All the callers were nice and just wanted to wish Josh good luck or ask if they could pre-order his new CD.

When his time was up, the same person that escorted him into the studio escorted him back to the small waiting area where Cesar and the rest of his security were waiting. They quickly made their way out of the radio station, heading over to the local NBC station. Time was a factor since they needed to get there before the end of the six o'clock news.

They arrived at twenty minutes to seven, were rushed to makeup. Josh did not like another person touching his face and putting makeup on it, but after fighting it for a couple minutes, he just laid back and let the makeup people do their job. When they were done, Josh was rushed to the set where the local news anchors were just completing the story they were reporting on.

The last ten minutes of the six o'clock news was devoted to Josh, the concert and on his upcoming CD. While Josh was on the air, his security was having a problem keeping the lanes to the SUV clear from those that came to see Josh in person. At first, they thought they were going to be able to handle it, but the crowd got bigger and bigger. It got to the point they got pushed back into the building.

When Russ heard what had happened, he called the police department for help. They dispatched all the units they could, but Russ felt it was not going to be enough, so he called Benedict and briefed him on what was going on. Benedict instructed Russ to keep Josh and Cesar in the building until he arrives with his security.

Once the interview was over, Josh walked off the set, heading to the door they came in, but was stopped and escorted into a dressing room. Russ explained to Josh what was going on. He understood and sat down beside Cesar to wait for Benedict and more security. They only had to wait another twelve minutes for the extra security to arrive.

Still with the extra security, they were not able to leave right away. Benedict saw the crowd when he arrived and did not like what he saw. There was no rope line or anything that they could push the crowd behind. He was also upset that Russ's men lost control of the area and now it is going to be harder to get that control back.

Benedict handed out assignments and they went to work. Most of the men were assigned to push back the crowd as far as they could so they could get Josh and Cesar out of the building and into the SUV. It took them a little while, but they were able to move the crowd far enough back that they could not touch Josh and Cesar as they passed. At least they thought that they were successful.

The security agents outside radioed in that it was all clear and they could bring Josh and Cesar out. Russ walked back into the dressing room and waved the boys over to him. They got up from the couch they were sitting in and followed Russ and several other agents to the door that they came in. Before heading out, several more security agents arrived and they surrounded Josh and Cesar, making a wall between them and the crowd that was outside to see Josh.

The minute the door opened, the crowd went wild chanting Josh's name. Josh wanted to thank those that came down to see him, so he waved at them as he made his way to the SUV. The crowd started to push, but the security was able to hold them back. The closer Josh got to the SUV, the more the crowd pushed.

As the crowd tried to get closer to Josh, security concentrated on making sure that did not happen. They did not see one of the guys in the crowd get through, but Cesar did. Through the corner of his eye, he saw someone that he recognized. From where he does not know, but he has seen him before.

Then he saw it, the guy pulling out a shiny object from his jacket as he ran up to Josh. Out of pure instinct Cesar threw himself in front of Josh as the guy lunged the knife between the security agents. Before the guy knew it, he was face down into the pavement and Josh and Cesar were rushed into the SUV.

The crowd started to panic and started to run in all directions. The security agents and the El Paso Police officers could not hold them back any longer. The crowd was able to push through. They did not care whom they stepped on or whom they pushed out of the way, they just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

All the while the agents that were holding down the guy that tried to stab Josh, they had to do what they could to not only protect themselves, the guy on the pavement, but make sure the knife was not kicked away. Several of them were stepped on, but not bad enough that they could not continue doing their job.

As the security was making sure the scene was maintained, the SUV sped off, trying not to hit any of the bystanders that were trying to get out of there as well. Josh and Cesar were face first on the floor as the SUV made its way out of the parking lot and onto the main street. Once they got a few blocks away, they picked up several police cruisers who escorted them onto the freeway.

Once they were on the freeway heading home, the security in the car allowed Josh and Cesar off the ground. That is when they saw that the knife was not at the scene, it was sticking out of Cesar. Immediately they informed the cruisers in front of them and in the back that they had to get to Providence Hospital.

Josh held onto Cesar tightly as he bled from the wound, saying over and over how sorry he was. Cesar looked up at Josh and with a smile on his face and told him it was not his fault before losing consciousness. Josh screamed at Cesar, shaking him, trying to wake him up. Russ turned to Cesar and Josh trying to see what was going on, but all he saw was an unconscious Cesar, a scared Josh and a pool of blood.



{Welcome back one and all to another chapter of "Shadow of My Father". I hope you enjoyed the chapter as much as I did writing it. I have listened to your comments and spiced up this chapter a little more the last chapter that was posted. Have to keep in mind not all chapters are going to be as spicy as others are because some of the chapters are going to be needed as chapters to set up for spicy chapters.

With that said, let us get on to the summation of this chapter. In the last two chapters, the time line slowed down, but in this chapter, I picked up the time line a little more. Not in months, but about a week went by in this chapter. I know you people are little confused on the time lines of the stories, so I had better clear that up right now.

This story is about a month and half behind of "Jacob", "Alex", "Regrets" and "Rebirth". "Shadow" right now is right now on January 16 of 1992, where "Jacob" and "Alex are hovering around February the 28 of 1992. "Regrets" is on February 22 of the same year and "Rebirth" is around March 3 of the same year. I know it is a little confusing, but there it is in a nutshell for you all. I am hoping very soon all the stories will be running around the same days, maybe off a day or so, but that is all.

Now that we got that out of the way, let us return to the chapter at hand. It picked up where the last one left off, Garrett getting his butt kicked. One of you readers guessed it right on the last chapter that Garrett's friends went running, and they returned with bats and sticks, but that did not help them. They still got their butts kicked. We also know from the other stories that Garrett did not go with what he promised. Is that a surprise to any of you that he broke his promise?

Then we went into another action plot of Patrick standing up to his parents. We are learning more and more about his parents as the chapters unfold. When we first met Patrick, we thought that his parents were goody two shoes, but we were wrong. When they were not on the road, they were at home making their kids lives miserable. I am glad that Patrick finally stepped up to his father and mother in this chapter.

You all finally heard or got a little more detail the following day on why Chris and Rusty broke up. I put that in because my editor Ed feels that it needed to be explained since when they got together I rushed the time line. Normally if it doesn't work the first time, it will not work the second time in a relationship, and I am talking out of experience.

Josh got some very good news that evening from George Strait. George was able to get him a recording contract with his label. It looks like Josh is on his way and I hope things do work out for him, but there is a lot of life before Josh and anything can go wrong. He knows that by the last year and half of his life.

The family loved the idea and Daniel Sr. as well. The pool party turned out to be a celebration for Josh on getting his recording contract. The young couples took that opportunity to be with each other, and hopefully nothing big happened with them when they went off on their own and cuddled.

Monday at school, were you surprised on how Mr. Edgar took the news of Josh getting a recording contract? I was not. Mr. Franklin looks like he has had enough of Mr. Edgar, but can he get what he promised to have done. Teachers are hard to fire and I believe Mr. Edgar knows that because that is why he does what he does.

Josh spent the first part of the week rerecording his CD. By Wednesday, it was done and sent off to the label, which they sent to get ready to be put on the shelves. At that point, it did look like things were going according to plan, then Thursday rolled around, and boy was there a wrench thrown into the mix of things.

Josh and Cesar were off promoting the concert and the new CD at the local country station and NBC. The security had no idea that there was going to be that many people turning out. If they did, they would have made the necessary arrangements to protect Josh and Cesar. Russ did it right by calling in the local police and more security from the house, but by then they lost control of the outside area.

The questions I want to leave you all with on this cliffhanger are these. Who was the one that went after Josh? Cesar recognized the person, so who was it? Is Cesar going to be all right? They rushed to the ER, but first off they had no idea Cesar was stabbed. They threw Cesar and Josh into the SUV; did they make the wound worse by doing that? There is so much to answer in this plot, so come on back for the next chapter in this saga.

There is so much going on in this story, with not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Trevor will take care of it in his. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more ones that are new are to come. I hope that you all did not forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats people, the ride is just beginning!

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A lot happened in this chapter some good, some very good and some things not so good. We all knew, or at least hoped Garrett would get a beating and he did.

One thing Jacob did not mention was, what a sexy couple Josh and Cesar are, there into each other every minute they can by the sound of it, and before you comment, YES I AM jealous. On the other hand, should I brag and say had been there done that.

I am speaking from experience when I say either record companies are very slow making decisions or like today they rush in like crazy, after all they are only interested in the dollars pouring in. Poor Josh and Cesar I do not think they realize just what they are letting themselves in for. Never again will they be able to go to the mall with their friends or to a restaurant, or even go and kick a ball in the park. He will be recognized everywhere they go. If you have been reading my story Adventure of Cliff & Derek you will read that all those things happened to Derek and I and they really did happen. There were times when I would get quite mad when people came up for autographs and pictures, luckily my b/friend was great at calming me down, but by then my meal was usually stone cold.

However, enough of me back to the story. Another dear old friend of mine Johnny Cash is now on the bill of the show. On one of his visits to Australia, Johnny, and June, became close friends of mine, and remained so right up until his death.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. What the hell is wrong with Mr. Edgar? Why does he hate Josh so? Maybe he was the one with the knife at the end who stabbed Cesar instead of Josh. I do not think it was him, in fact I have a good idea but I'm not saying.

Finally, what will the governor think about all this and especially the stabbing? He might just put his foot down and cancel the whole thing so his family is kept safe.

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