Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

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Chapter 19


Angel turned and looked at Josh with daggers in his eyes. "You can't do what you are thinking about doing." Angel struggled to break free of Josh's hold, but couldn't. "You had your chance with Chris and blew it. Let him..." Angel somehow broke free and started to walk up to Chris. Josh ran after him and just in a nick of time, he pulled Angel off to the side, away from Chris and Jacob's friends.

"Look Angel as I told you, you had your chance and you screwed it up. Don't fuck this up for Chris. If you do, he'll never forgive you and you will totally lose any chance you might have had with him." Josh could see that Angel was hurting. "I'm sorry, but you should have known that eventually Chris was going to move on."

Feeling emotions that he had never felt before, Angel turned his head to hide what he knew Josh was seeing, hurt, anger and every other emotion there is. It took him a couple of minutes to get control of his emotions. Once he did, he turned back to Josh with a million and one questions on his mind.

"Do you think I even have a chance with Chris anymore? I mean I know I screwed everything up from day one, but I thought I still had a chance the last time I spoke with him." Angel looked over where Chris and Ethan were. "Who's that guy that Chris is talking to anyway? He isn't in any of our classes. In fact, he looks like a junior at least."

Josh took a quick glance over at Chris, and just as he did, Chris looked over at him. "To tell you the truth I haven't met the guy." Josh turned his attention back to Angel. "He was introduced to Chris by a mutual friend of ours and I think you are right about him being a junior."

Not really knowing how to respond to Josh, Angel just stayed quiet. "Look Angel, give it time and maybe this thing with that other guy might not work out. Even if it does, there are plenty of other guys here at this high school that would kill to have you on their arm and have you as their boyfriend.

In the meantime, don't make a scene or confront Chris about Ethan." When Josh said Ethan's name, he got a look that he has never seen from Angel before. "If you do as you were about to you will surely destroy any chance you might have with Chris. I know now by the way you are reacting and the look on your face, you truly care for Chris. So don't do anything that will mess up your chances with him."

"I know all of you don't believe me, but I really do love Chris, I really do. The only problem is that I don't know how to show it. Unlike you guys, I'm new at this whole thing and on top of that, I'm not out to my parents." Angel took a deep breath before he continued. "There is no way my parents will accept me for what I am..."

He went on to tell Josh about his home life, which after hearing about how he lives, it explained everything. Angel's parents are no longer together. They are divorced, but they do talk to each other only because of him and his sister. His mother is a teacher at the middle school he attended, which made it even harder for him to be who he is since he had her for at least one period each year.

If he even thought about coming out to his friends in elementary and middle school, it would have gotten back to his mother since the two schools were connected. So Angel buried his feelings and now that his mother is no longer his teacher, he doesn't know how to reveal the feelings he has kept so deep down those many years ago when he knew that he liked guys instead of girls.

His father is a little different than his mother. He has a labor job on one of the farms on the outskirts of El Paso. Josh has seen these farms off the freeway when they came into town, but never thought much about it. Now, knowing a guy whose father works on one of the farms with the cows he sees from the road, he thinks differently about them.

"Look Angel no matter what happens with you and Chris. You're still part of this group, just like Rusty. Once you are in, you can't get out." Josh chuckled as he patted Angel on the back, getting a smile out of him. "As far as what you are fighting with, leave it up to me and the rest of the guys. We will help you come to terms with everything as long as you don't fight what you are feeling."

Once again, Josh got a smile out of Angel. "Let's go back over to the table and find out why everyone else is so gloomy. Together you and I will put a smile on their faces. What do you say?" Angel nodded his head. "Good, but you need to keep your smile too. Don't get angry or unhappy. Okay?"

Once again, Angel agreed with Josh as they started walking back to the table. Just as they walked up, everyone was gathering their stuff to leave. Josh quickly ate what was left on his plate as he and the others headed to the trashcans. Since no one was talking, it made it easy for him to eat in a hurry.

Eric and Bernice barely looked at each other as they walked out to the stadium. The evening before they talked, or better said, yelled, at each other as they made their way home after work. Eric tried to make sense of what he saw, but Bernice wouldn't help him. She kept saying over and over again that nothing was happening, but he didn't see it that way.

He tried to explain to Bernice what he saw all through their shift. It wasn't just what he noticed when he walked into the break room, it was a lot more. No matter what Eric told her, she kept coming back that there was nothing going on and his imagination was getting the best of him. By the time they reached Bernice' house, nothing was settled. Their fight all the way home made things a lot worse.

They didn't do their normal goodbye of kissing and saying that they love each other. Instead, they just said they would talk about what they're talking about it when they both settle down. Other than that, they just nodded at each other as Eric turned to head home. Both of them felt bad fighting with each other, but neither of them was willing to fold and admit they were wrong.

That anger poured over into the morning and when Eric stopped to pick up Bernice, Father Gomez informed Eric that she had already left for school. The Father asked Eric if everything was alright, and he lied, which he hated doing, especially to a priest that has been not only a priest, but more as a father figure to him since he met Bernice.

Everyone noticed there was something seriously wrong with Eric and Bernice, but chose to stay out of it. Since they had no clue as to what is actually going on, none of them wanted to stick their foot in their mouth. So instead, they talked about other things, but with the two of them not talking, it brought down the mood.

Fifteen minutes before the bell rang Eric asked Bernice if they could head in early so they could talk. At first, Bernice refused, but after asking several more times, she agreed. They excused themselves from the group and walked into the building.

As they left, Chris joined the group. Angel tried not to look at Chris, but couldn't help himself. Every so often he would steal a glance. He wanted to see if he could read Chris' body language to see if he has lost Chris completely or if he still has a chance of getting him back. However, no matter how many times he stole a glance, he got nothing.

Back in the building, Eric and Bernice walked to the far side of the hallway where they could get some privacy. Neither of them said much at first. Pretty much they just looked down the hall or up the staircase, but never at each other. It was obvious to anyone looking that these two were deep into an argument and they have no idea how to fix it.

Finally, Eric had enough of the ice treatment, so he broke silence. "I don't know why you're mad at me when I am the only one that has reason to be mad here." Bernice looked at Eric with disgust in her eyes. "Come on, don't even look at me that way, you know I'm right.

You know if you would have walked into that break room and it was me that was sitting there with a girl all over me like that guy was with you, you would have blown a gasket. You would have made a huge scene right there and you would've had the right to do that." Eric realized he was getting a little loud, so he lowered his voice.

"So don't stand there and act the way you're acting. You were wrong by not putting an end to that guy the second he started to make the moves on you." Bernice wasn't believing that Eric was calling her out about what happened yesterday. "If you truly love me and truly want to be with me, you should have told that dumb ass to get the hell away from you because you have a boyfriend!"

Bernice moved in front of Eric and started to press her finger into his chest. "You're wrong to say what you just said and you know it! In all the time, we have been going out together, not once have I ever given you a reason to think I see anything in another guy. I'm with you because I love you and there is no one that will ever be able to change that, except maybe you, with the way you're acting right now."

"If you love me, why didn't you tell that guy to get his slimy hands off of you? When I walked into that break room, not only were his hands all over you, you looked like you were enjoying it." Once again Bernice looked at her boyfriend with disgust. "Maybe I am wrong that you were enjoying him feeling you up, which I really doubt by the look on you face. You still didn't push his hands away. You let him cop a feel over and over again and that's what I saw. I wonder what was going on before I walked in there."

Bernice knew Eric had her on that point. She didn't try to push the male co-worker's hands away. In fact, as he said, she was enjoying it. For some reason she felt like a woman with the guy hitting on her not only in the break room, but every day since she and Eric had started. It made her feel pretty, but at the same time ugly because deep down inside her she knew she was cheating on Eric.

"Maybe our relationship has run its course." Stunned on what she just heard, Bernice was brought out of her thoughts. "We got together when you were confused on what sex you liked. Now that you know that you like guys, you might be thinking that you want to play the field a little and not be tied down to just one guy right now."

"I'm not even thinking that at all! For you to even think that it's telling me it's you that wants to play the field."

Eric couldn't help but laugh at what Bernice just suggested. "I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at something so lame. It wasn't me with another girl's hands all over me at work. It wasn't me that didn't stop that from happening and then try to blame it on another person. All that was you!

To make matters worse, you refuse to even say that you were wrong for not backing him off. You liked it and you wanted more of it. So why don't I do you a favor and end this so you're not tied down with me. That way you can go out with as many guys you want here at school and at work."

Bernice didn't even know where to begin with Eric's suggestion. "We both need our jobs and if you can't muster enough will power to tell that guy that you have a boyfriend, it's best we break up. If we don't, I know I'll do something to that guy that I can't take back. We both know that!"

Just then the bell rang, and the halls started to fill up with students. Bernice was still so stunned with what was going on that she didn't even move. Several students ran into her as they made their way either up or down the stairs, but she didn't move. Eric on the other hand left the minute the bell rang because he was hurting badly and didn't want Bernice to see. So, he headed to the guy's restroom and locked himself in a stall.


The day was long for not only Eric and Bernice, but for those in the group. It seems like whenever it rains, it pours. Not only are Eric and Bernice fighting, which is bringing the mood down in the group, but what is going on with Chris and Angel is making things even more uncomfortable. Although they weren't really going out, by them not talking to each other, it's making the atmosphere uneasy.

By lunchtime, the group really didn't know what to say or who to talk to. Neither Eric nor Bernice was asking any of them to take their side, but they weren't sitting together as they normally do. Then there was Chris and Angel. They barely knew Angel, but just like Josh in the morning, everyone could see that Angel is hurting.

Josh wished he could do something to fix all this, but he couldn't even think where to begin. As the lunch hour went on, Josh thought more and more about what he could to help his friends out. He knows if whatever is going on with Bernice and Eric goes much longer, there will be no way it can be fixed. As for Chris and Angel, well, that can only be worked on if Chris and Ethan don't make it. If that happens, Josh decided that is when he's going to step in and do something to help Angel.

When the bell rang ending lunch, Josh waited for Eric to catch up to him and Cesar. "Hey buddy, I know you're having a really bad day. Do you want to talk about it?" Eric didn't respond to Josh's question. "Look I don't really know what's going on between you and Bernice, but I know it's huge and by the looks of it you guys are either close to breaking up or have already gone there. Correct me if I'm wrong." Eric didn't say a word, letting Josh know he was on the right track.

"Okay, I'm not going to try and play therapist or anything like that. You and I will talk tonight after school about anything and everything. When you're ready and comfortable to tell me what is up then we'll talk about what is going on between you two. Hopefully between all three of us..." Josh pointed to him, Cesar and then Eric. "we can find a way to fix whatever is wrong."

"I'm scheduled to work tonight, so I can't stop by."

"That's fine we'll talk during school tomorrow or tomorrow night when you're not working." Josh looked over at Cesar. "I still don't like it that you two went out to get a job so you had money for my tour. Everyone I invited on the tour is my guest, which means I'm going to pay for everything. Hell, my record went gold! I earned a little money on that and will earn a little on the shows I do. So I have some money that I can spend on my friends who were there, encouraging me every step along the way."

Eric felt bad, but he knew he would have felt worse if he took Josh's money. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that Josh was going to pay for everything, but at the same time he thought why should he? Yes, he's inviting them, but he shouldn't be responsible for making sure hotel rooms are paid and everyone has money to spend.

"I know you're willing to pay for everything for us." Eric chuckled for the first time all morning. "But you shouldn't have to since we are able to get jobs. I don't know if Bernice and I are going to make enough to pay for everything, but we are going to try our best to help you out; pay what we can."

Josh patted his long time friend on the shoulder as they walked to their lockers. When they reached the hallway where Eric's locker was, he thanked Josh and Cesar before he left. Josh and Cesar went to their locker and grabbed what they needed as fast as they could. They used up a lot of their time talking with Eric and now only have a little over a minute to get to their fourth period.

Just in the nick of time, both of them stepped into their classrooms. Mr. Franklin looked up at Josh, smiled and then went back to taking roll. Once he placed his attendance outside in the basket for the attendants to pick up, right away he got into what he and Principal Michaels discussed during lunch.

"I know we have been getting ready for our next competition, but one of your members brought up an excellent idea to the Principal this morning." Mr. Franklin looked over at Josh. "Due to what happened over the weekend at Irvin High School, the school district is very concerned about the violence in our schools against gay students.

We thought our school was beyond that already, but we learned how wrong we were with what happened here last Wednesday. Due to that, last weekend's incident and all the others in the last couple of years in our schools, the school district is tired of it. They don't even know where to start to correct it, but they agree that the idea our Principal presented them this morning is a start.

The hate wasn't taught here at the schools, but it did get worse when the students that were taught to hate got into a group with others who had the same hatred. Thanks to Josh talking to the Principal, we're going to try to let all the students in our high schools know that hating one another is not the right road to go down no matter who that person is.

As you all know this coming Friday was half day for you all because of it being teacher conference day. Not anymore." The class started to moan. "Principal Michaels got the school board to agree to let us perform a couple of songs on Friday after lunch, but there is a catch. It will be not only our high school performing, it is going to be all of the high and middle schools in the district."

That grabbed all the students' attention. Those that were falling asleep woke up. "As soon as third period ends, all the students are going to be bussed here. That means by no later than one, everyone should be sitting in the stadium waiting for the speakers that are going to talk, and then the performance."

One of the students asked who was going to be talking. Another followed up that question about lunch. "We are still at the planning phase of all this. The only thing I know for sure at this point is that Josh here has written a new song for just this performance. Other than that, I don't know. However, as soon as we know who the speakers will be, the lunch details and everything else, I will let you guys know."

Mr. Franklin looked over at Josh and waved him onto the stage. "I understand you have written a song for us to sing, do you have it on you?" Josh nodded his head as he handed the music sheets over. Mr. Franklin looked the music sheets over quickly. "I need to go out and make copies for everyone, so please keep it down."

Leaving the class unattended, Mr. Franklin ran down the hall to the teachers' lounge, made the copies and then back to the class in less than ten minutes. He started to hand out the sheet music to the students the minute he walked in the door.

"This is a brand new song that Josh just wrote over the weekend, so I know you will understand when I say at the end of class that I want all the music sheets back. If I'm missing one sheet, no one will be leaving until that sheet is found. Understand?" Everyone nodded, as Josh stood there wondering why Mr. Franklin wasn't going to let his fellow team members take the music sheets home.

Seeing the confusion in Josh's face, Mr. Franklin pulled him to the side. "Josh this is your hard work and sweat. I know none of your fellow classmates will do anything to harm your career, but what about their families? Having a song that hasn't been copyrighted or you singing it first could make big bucks for a person willing to sell it. You don't deserve that and I will do what I can so that doesn't happen here."

With that explanation, Josh not only understood, but was thankful. "Mr. Franklin, thank you for watching out for me. I know it isn't your job, so thank you." Mr. Franklin tried to tell Josh there was no need for thanks, but Josh said it a couple more times. They started to walk back to the others when Josh stopped in his tracks, causing Mr. Franklin to run right into him.

"I have an idea I would like to run past you if I can." As his teacher straightened himself up, he nodded. "Since all the schools are going to be involved from the El Paso Independent School District, why not invite all the Glee Clubs to join us for the opening song we do on Friday?"

"You know what, that's not a bad idea at all. What song do you have in mind as the opening song?" Josh looked down at the sheet music in his hand. "Oh no, it can't be the song you wrote. No sir, this song you have written is going to be for our club here and no one else. Plus there is no way I can ensure that your sheet music doesn't get out there."

"I know and I wasn't even thinking that. I was thinking a song that is already out there and all the clubs could get their hands on the sheet music." Both Josh and Mr. Franklin scratched their heads trying to think of a song. It was Josh who came up with one first. "You know what sir? I heard a nice song on the radio on my way to school this morning called "True Colors". What do you think?"

Mr. Franklins face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. "That's a great song! I know I have the sheet music around here somewhere." He headed to his filing cabinets and started going through files of music. "Yes, here they are I do have them." Turning around, Mr. Franklin waved the music sheets in the air.

He walked over to the others students handing them the sheet music of the song Josh suggested. "Okay, these are going to be the two songs we are going to sing. Most, if not all of you, have heard the second song I handed to you guys just now. So I don't think learning that song is going to be too hard. We'll spend time on it as we need to, but I want to concentrate on the new song Josh wrote over the weekend."

The students started to move closer together in the middle of the stage. Mr. Franklin asked Josh to stand in front with him so he could help instruct the others on where they are supposed to start singing. It took a couple tries, but they got through the first verse of the song. After that it was a lot smoother.

By the time the bell rang, Los Tigres went through Josh's song three times and `True Colors' twice. Just like Mr. Franklin thought, `True Colors' was easier for his students to catch on to. Josh's song is another story. They worked at it, but they all knew they had to spend as much time as possible to get the song down pat.

Before the class was released, Mr. Franklin asked them to come in every morning and after school the rest of the week. None of Los Tigres minded. In fact, if he didn't ask, they would have asked him if they could practice before and after school up till the day of performance since they weren't allowed to take the sheet music home.

As the students left, Mr. Franklin asked Josh to stay back for a couple of minutes to discuss a few more things. Josh was reluctant because he didn't want to get a tardy, but Mr. Franklin told him he would write him a note for his next period teacher. With that, Josh had no problem staying back as long as Mr. Franklin needed him.

"Josh since all this was your idea, I was wondering if you could put everything together for the performance." Josh looked at Mr. Franklin as if he was out of his mind. "I know this is odd of me to ask, but this is your baby. You thought of it and should get credit for it from beginning to end."

Josh thought about it for a few seconds and understood where Mr. Franklin was going with his request. "I think there shouldn't be any dance moves or anything like that. Let's keep it simple and let the voices carry the day. After all we want to send a message out to all the haters and by dancing or moving too much on stage might take away from the message we are trying to convey."

Mr. Franklin agreed with Josh. At the same time, he promised to get with the instructors of the other glee clubs and get them involved. Even if he gets only one or two of them, the show will still go on. Josh liked how his instructor thinks and thanked him once again as he got his note and headed to his fifth period.

The last two periods of the day, all Josh could think about was the performance on Friday. His head was swimming with ideas. When the final bell of the day rang, he nailed down what he would like all the glee clubs and Los Tigres to do to three ideas. None of them was complicated, so it wouldn't matter if he doesn't make up his mind in the next couple of days.

Cesar sat in the old auditorium, watching his boyfriend practice with the others in Los Tigres the song he had just written over the weekend. About ten minutes before Mr. Franklin released everyone, Principal Michaels and several other guys in suits walked in to see what has been put together so far. When Los Tigres finished singing the song, the Principal and the other people that walked in with him started to applaud.

The students turned and when they saw who was applauding they were a little embarrassed since they were far from being ready. Principal Michaels gave them a few words of encouragement as they collected their books and jackets. As they walked out, the Principal and Mr. Franklin thanked them for singing.

Meanwhile as Josh and Cesar were heading home, Eric and Bernice had arrived at work and started their shift. Unlike the days before, they didn't walk in together. The guy that was hitting on Bernice saw that, and he had a big grin on his face. He knew exactly what had happened and he knows it's all good news for him.

The minute Eric clocked in, he headed out to the lobby where he was assigned to make sure the customers that were there had everything they needed. Once he was done with that, he made sure all the tables were clean and made sure everything was filled. Just as he finished up the last table, the evening rush started.

He made his way to the counter to help out Bernice. She took the orders, cashed them out, while Eric got the customers their drinks and any side dishes like desserts they ordered. Not once did they talk to each other about their private life. They kept it to the point and professional. As soon as it started to die down, Eric left Bernice alone at the counter and started his rounds around the lobby.

Pretty much the entire evening went that way. Towards the end of their shift, Eric got a pleasant surprise. The guy that broke him and Bernice apart went and tried to hit on Bernice in front of him. He first put his hands on her waist, and right away she knocked them away. Then when he turned her around against her will, she slapped him across the face, making Eric smile from ear to ear.

Even though they weren't talking to each other, they sat next to each other on the bus. They looked at everything from the floor of the bus, to the roof and out the window in order to not look at each other. There were several times Eric was going to break down and talk to Bernice, but what he saw in the break room the day before came back and hit him like a ton of bricks. That kept reminding him why he was mad and in return that was enough to keep him from talking.

Both of them were uncomfortable, but deep down inside of both of them, they were unwilling to toss in the towel on their relationship. Eric still cared deeply for Bernice so when she got off the bus, he walked her to her house since it was dark already. When they got there, they didn't say their normal goodbye, even though they both wanted to. Eric turned and headed home, after making sure Bernice was safely in her house.

Tuesday, unlike Monday went by fast. Josh arrived at school earlier than his brothers and worked with Los Tigres straight through breakfast. When Mr. Franklin released them, he didn't go to his friends out in the stadium, he went looking for Jacob. Just like him and his friends, he knew Jacob and his friends do the same thing every morning. So he knew exactly where to find Jacob, in the ROTC building.

When he walked in, he felt weird being back in the building again. He hasn't stepped foot in the building since last year and never thought he ever would again. Immediately he saw Jacob in uniform at the back of the classroom talking to another cadet. Staying a couple feet back from them, Josh waited for Jacob to finish up with the cadet.

Jacob let the cadet go, and turned his attention to Josh. "I know what you came down here to ask. If it helps you any, I don't think it's going to work out between Chris and Ethan. They are worlds apart, something I thought they would be able to overcome once they got to know each other."

"That's sad to hear!" Josh shook Jacob's hand as they made their way out. "But I didn't come down here to talk with you about that. I decided to stay as far away from that as possible, unless Chris comes to me for one thing or another. Other than that, I figure to keeps my nose out of whatever is going on between those two."

"To tell you the truth, I wish I had done the same thing. I am barely getting my own love life back together. I don't know what made me think I could play cupid here." Both of the boys started to laugh. If only they would have known what the other was thinking at that very moment would have freaked them out since they were thinking the same thing.

"I don't know if you have heard what is going to happen here on Friday, but just in case, let me fill you in." As they walked out of the ROTC building, Josh explained everything to Jacob about what they have put together so far. When he was done, they had made it across the street and into the main building.

"The only problem I see right now is lunch and that is why I am coming to you. I was wondering if you could help out in anyway there in that area."

Jacob thought about Josh's request and almost right away, a light bulb went off. "Look I love what you're doing. We're both on the same page when it comes down to what is going on with others like us. The majority of the kids like us out there are not as lucky as we've been. They're going through their own living hell, which I don't wish on my worst enemy, let alone those like us.

So if you're willing to let me help out, this is what I can do." Jacob went on to explain what he thought, but made it clear it could be changed if Josh wasn't happy with it. Josh not only had no problem with it, he loved the ideas Jacob came up with. He was thankful and made sure Jacob knew it when they said goodbye to each other as the bell rang to start the day.

All through the day, everyone could see nothing has changed between Eric and Bernice, but also it looked like it had got worse. Not only are they not sitting together, but not even on the same side of the table. As promised, Josh stayed far away from the issue until he had a chance to talk with Eric to see exactly what's going on.

That happened right after they finished eating lunch. Instead of going out to the stadium with the others, Josh, Cesar and Eric went up to the library. With everyone asking to lower their voice, when they were already talking at a whisper, made it hard for both Cesar and Josh to hear what Eric was saying.

Finally, by the time Eric got to the middle of his story, Josh had enough of everyone telling them to lower their voices. He pulled Cesar and Eric out into the hallway, to the far staircase where no one really hangs out during lunch. There Eric went over what he had said and finished up why he and Bernice are no longer together.

"All I can say is that I'm really surprised. I really thought you two were going to be the very few to get out of high school with your first love, marry, have kids and live happily ever after." Eric nodded his head in agreement. "Eric, I still believe that's going to happen. Right now you guys hit a bump in the road and I know you will work it out."

"I agree with Josh on everything he said. I also would like to add one thing to what Josh said. Look at what Bernice did last night. She not only pushed the guy away, but she slapped him as well. That should tell you that she has no interest in the guy. Yeah she made a mistake the other day, but got woken up when you broke up with her. Now she sees what she had and doesn't want to you, the guy she truly loves."

Eric listened to every word Josh and Cesar said and agreed with them. He now thinks that he might have jumped the gun when he broke up with Bernice. Then that thought was replaced with another; one he has been wondering ever since he saw what she did yesterday. Would she have done that if they were still together? He threw that out to Josh and Cesar to help him answer it.

"You know that is a question I don't think we'll ever know the answer to since you did break up with her." Josh looked over at Cesar, scratching his head. "Look, we all have known Bernice about the same time, except you Cesar." Josh once again looked over at Cesar and then back to Eric. "We know that she was confused when we first met her and then she fell head over heels for you my friend.

Maybe with that guy hitting on her made her feel things that she has never felt. After all she went from thinking she was gay to being with you in a relationship, nothing in-between. Now she has a guy hitting on her, making her feel all warm and cuddly inside. I truly believe at the end of the day, she would have never left you Eric, I really do believe that."

Without any reluctance, Eric agreed with Josh. They talked for a few more minutes about what Eric should do to make sure that she is really in love and then what he should do to get her back. Once they were all agreed, they headed out to join the others. Just as they did, the lunch bell rang.

The rest of the day was like the day before with the exception of Josh's mind being flooded with thoughts of the performance. Today he was able to pay attention in class, which was good because he had two exams. When his teachers graded them and handed them back, he was surprised that he aced them after not paying attention in class yesterday.

When he and Cesar got home after chorus practice, everyone was in the theatre room. Josh started to get a weird feeling, but his mother put him at ease the moment he walked in. She told him and Cesar to join their brothers to watch their father on television. They asked her why he was going on television, but she didn't answer since she had no idea either.

The press corps was making their best guess on why the Governor asked for a press conference at six as well. They were more in the ballpark than the Lopez family. There was not a doubt in their minds that the Governor was going to talk about the Lieutenant Governor stepping down. Neither he nor anyone on his staff had spoken out about that, which has made the press corps ask why.

Five minutes to six, the scene changed from the studio to the steps of the state capitol building. The reporter started to talk that they were told the Governor was on his way out with the leadership of both houses. Just as the words left his mouth, the Governor, his Chief-of-Staff, and the leadership of both houses came out.

As they walked to the podium, the cameras panned over to them. Those that were watching could see that they were talking to each other and whatever it is, it isn't too serious since they were laughing. The closer they got the podium, their demeanor changed from relaxed to serious, standing up straight with serious looks on their faces.

Governor Lopez cleared his throat as he softly patted the microphones. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Texans." The Governor looked straight into the camera when he said my fellow Texans. "I know in the last week a lot has happened not only here in Austin, but around our State and I would like to take this time to touch on a few of the stories that are in the news right now.

By Roberto Ceniceros stepping down as Lieutenant Governor, it leaves a huge gaping hole in this states leadership. Although when we first took office a little over a year ago, we didn't see eye to eye on many of the issues that were facing our state, that was changing in the past couple of months. We started to get on the same track on where our state needs to go.

When he came to me and told me his wife had not beat breast cancer and he needed to step down, I had mixed feelings. I understood why he needed to step down, but at the same time I felt that both the state and I needed him as our Lieutenant Governor. As we spoke that day, I told him to go where his heart is at and where he feels he is most needed. So, when he told me it was with his wife, I reluctantly let him go with good wishes to him, his family and his wife.

With him departing, I needed to find someone to fill his shoes. Someone that could jump right in, without spending time to bring him or her up to speed! I looked across the state of Texas from the state level to the local level, but I kept coming back to the one name I started with when I started looking for Lieutenant Governor Ceniceros replacement.

I know when I say his name, many of you are going to be stunned, so let me tell you exactly why I chose this man. When things looked at their worst, without hesitation he took the blame for something he had no part in or control over. He knows you, the press, very well. He knew if there was no one in the highest positions of my administration that would have taken the fall for what happened here in Austin while I was doing my reserve time, you, the press, would have turned and tried to rip this administration apart.

Instead of that happening, he fell on his sword so you, the press, would look at the people that were at fault for those events. No matter what I said to this person to stop him from taking the blame for something he didn't do, he wouldn't change his mind. No matter how wrong it was, he wanted to protect the integrity of this administration.

We need more men like that in leadership positions in this state and around this country. If we had more men and women like the man I am about to announce as my nominee as Lieutenant Governor, putting the people they represent first, instead of themselves, this state and country would be in a lot better condition than it is today.

Without further ado, I would like to announce to the citizens of this great state of Texas my nominee for the vacant position of Lieutenant Governor. Ladies and gentlemen the man I have chosen I've worked very closely with from the day I decided to run for Governor up until now, my former Chief-of-Staff, Rich Kewl"

Governor Lopez stepped aside applauding as Rich stepped forward and took to the podium. He waited for everyone to stop applauding before he thanked the Governor for the honor he was bestowing on him. Then went into a small speech basically promising the people of Texas that the office of Lieutenant Governor will be ran with honor and no more under the table games or lies if he got the position. That made the press happy, but they still had a lot of questions to ask the former Chief-of-Staff when the floor was opened.

None of the legislators present left the podium until all the questions were answered. They were all asked several questions and they answered them completely truthfully. Both the Governor and Rich liked the answers of the leadership of the houses when they were asked if they were going to fight this nomination. All of them answered no and hoped to have Rich in the Lieutenant Governor position by the end of the month.

As soon as the press conference ended, Josh and the rest of his family went and had dinner. The only conversation at the table was what their father spoke about. Towards the end of dinner, Daniel Jr. asked everyone why their father didn't talk about the other items he promised to talk about. No one had an answer, so the table stayed quiet until Barbara broke the silence to try to explain what may have happened.

"I believe your father wanted to talk about a lot more than just his nominee for Lieutenant Governor, but the press took over and started asking questions. In return you father was unable to get back to the other subjects he wanted talk about, but that's okay. I'm sure the minute he walked in, he asked his press secretary to release a paper statement on the other items he wanted to talk about."

The boys understood half of what Barbara said, but agreed with her so she didn't feel that she needed to explain herself again. That conversation ended dinner and everyone headed off to do their own thing before needing to go to bed.

Josh and Cesar went up to their room to cuddle. They talked about the things they did in the day when they weren't together. When they were done with that, they went on to talk about Friday. Josh was getting a little excited, but felt bad for feeling that way since the performance wasn't anything to celebrate.

Just like Barbara said at the dinner table. Daniel Sr. had his press secretary release a paper statement on the things he was unable to address during his press conference that hit the ten o'clock news. In that statement the Governor denounced what happened over the weekend in his home city. He went on to make clear that while he is Governor, he was going to do everything he could to make sure what had happened wouldn't happen again in any city in his state.

That part at first over shadowed the fact that he announced he was going to attend the rally at El Paso High School on Friday. What brought that out of the shadows was the last sentence that told everyone he was going to announce a huge piece of legislation that day. This legislation that is going to change the way people look and think about homosexuals in the state of Texas.

When Josh woke up the next morning it was the first time he heard about not only his father coming into town on Friday, but that he was going to speak at the rally. It made him happy that his father is doing that because it would ensure that it hits not only the local news, but state and national news as well.

No one really expected it to happen, but Wednesday flew by in a blink of an eye. It was just like the last two days, practice, practice and more practice is all Josh could remember. The rest of the day was nothing but a blur. When he and Cesar got home, he was dead on his feet.

Thursday was no different from Wednesday nor the first two days of the week. Eric and Bernice looked like they were working things out in the morning, but when they were at the table at lunch, it looked like they were back to where they were on Tuesday, not talking to each other. That not only worried Josh, but it worried everyone else in the group. They asked Josh if he had any plans to help and fix this, and were surprised to hear from him that he was going to stay away from it.

"I don't understand why you would do that Josh?" Patrick looked at his friend with anger in his eyes. "You are pretty much our leader and we look at you to lead. When things fall apart between couples in our group, we look to you to help those that are hurting to find their way back. So help these two find their way back to each other."

"Patrick I wish it was that easy, but it isn't. We all have too much to lose if any of us try and fix this and let me tell you why. In order to fix things, the one that takes that on is going to have to take sides. If they don't back together, you may lose the friendship of the one that you didn't side with.

All we can do at this point is to be there for Eric and Bernice. If we see a chance to push them together without getting into the middle of it all, then take it. Other than that, just stand on the side lines and hope for the best." Josh looked down to his feet, not liking what he is suggesting. "It hurts me to say what I'm saying, but I have to. At the same time we all must respect Eric and Bernice's privacy and let them work out their problems. If they are meant to be, they will get back together."

Patrick understood where Josh was coming from and dropped the subject. Before they were able to get into the general conversation going on at the table, the other big issue in their group smacked them in their faces. Chris was walking back from Jacob's table and his look on his face was not a good one at all.

Josh wanted to know what was going on with Chris, but before he could ask, the bell rang. He made a mental note to talk with Chris and find out what was going on, but then decided against it. There was no way he was going to become the busy body of the group, knowing everyone else's business. If they want to talk, he'll listen, but he wasn't going to go up and ask about anything. He has enough going on in his life to keep himself busy for the next couple of years; hell, for a LIFETIME!

Fourth period was busy. They spent most of it out in the stadium practicing the two songs they were going to perform the next day. Josh had already decided how they were going to do the show, after hearing that all the glee club instructors didn't have to be asked twice to sing a number during the rally. They all accepted the invitation and started practicing.

When the bell rang ending fourth period, everyone had to run back to the auditorium to grab their books and then to their fifth period class. Some barely made it, and others ran in late. Josh was among those that ran in late, but after explaining why he was late, his teacher didn't mark him tardy. That happened to all the other students that didn't make it in time before the tardy bell rang.

Twenty minutes before the end of fifth period, a student that works in the principal's office walked in and handed the teacher a note. Josh looked up from his desk at his teacher as she read the note. It didn't take her long, and once she was done, she called Josh up front and to bring his books.

It didn't surprise him because something in his gut told him that note was for him. He turned and signaled Cesar their love signal as he gathered his stuff. Once he had all his books in his backpack, he walked up front with everyone looking at him. His teacher handed him the note that was handed to her and told him to report to the principal's office. Some of the students started to chant you're in trouble, but quickly stopped when the teacher looked at them with a look they knew all too well.

That Josh didn't expect! He thought that the note was from Mr. Franklin asking for him to go and speak with him, not the Principal. As he walked down the hallway with his security at his side, his stomach started to turn. For some reason he thought he was in trouble, but couldn't figure out what he had done wrong.

When the got to the principal's office, he was met at the door by Principal Michaels. "I know you were wondering why I'm calling you down here." Josh nodded his head, but the Principal could tell that Josh was worried. "Don't worry you're not in trouble in any way, shape or form. It's totally the opposite in fact. I need your help, well not me, but Stan Dudley's parents need your help."

That almost made Josh's eyes pop out of his eye sockets. "They heard what you put together and wanted to speak with you. Now of course you don't have to speak with them if you don't want to. They've been cleared by your security. So it's up to you if you want to speak with them or not."

Josh looked over at the conference room where he knew Stan's parents were at. "Well sir if they came all this way to talk to me, I guess I should listen to them. I don't think they are going to say or do anything bad." Josh looked back at Principal Michaels. "No I think they just need to tell me what I already know. Their son didn't deserve to leave this earth so early. He had many more great years ahead of him if it wasn't for those bullies."

All that Principal Michaels could do is smile at Josh because he agreed with him. They walked together into the conference room. The minute they walked in, the Dudley's stood up and met Josh halfway. They introduced themselves before taking their seats again. No one talked for a few minutes, but once the silence was broken. No one could shut them up.

"First let me say how thankful we are for what you're doing. When my wife and I heard about the rally that has been put together on behalf of my son, we couldn't believe it. At first we thought it was the school district trying to save face, but then when we heard it was your idea. We knew it was being done for all the right reasons."

"Mr. and Mrs. Dudley I really don't know what to say. The words that come to mind I know you have heard too much and you guys are tired of hearing them. So I won't repeat what has been said since your son passed away! I didn't know him, but I have walked in his shoes and I'm thankful I made it out on the other side in one piece."

Josh looked straight into Stan's mother's eyes. "I wish when I came out, I had a mother that was as understanding as you were when your son came out. That was the only thing that went bad for me. My mother hated me and even went as far as to try and get me kidnapped and killed. She was the only one that didn't accept me, but everyone else did right away or eventually came around."

"Josh thank you for those kind words and for not saying what we have heard over and over again in the last few days about our son's death. Believe us when we say we are tired of hearing how great our son was or how he will be missed and on and on from people who either didn't know him or were the ones that pushed him to take his life. You are one of the few that has talked to us truthfully, not blowing hot air."

"I really hope Stan is the last one to take his life, but I think that is wishful thinking by the way things are right now. Until we get people to change their thinking about who we are, this hate will always be out there. What I'm hoping for with this rally is to open up more eyes and get at least a few more people to change their way of thinking. This hate didn't happen overnight, it took generations to get to this point. So it's going to take a lot more rallies to get even some of the haters to change their way of thinking."

The Dudley's agreed with Josh. They sat there for the entire sixth hour talking about Stan. Mrs. Dudley gave Josh pictures of Stan so he could use them in the rally tomorrow. When it was all said and done, the Dudley's walked out of the school more confident that things are on the right track for change with kids like Josh and his father willing to do the right thing for those that are being victimized by others.

The only thing on Josh's mind and pretty much the entire Los Tigres and student body of El Paso High all evening and nightlong was the rally. Not only were they going to be the first school in the district to host all the high and middle schools, but they are going to host the local community college and university. The only ones that are required to go to the rally are the middle and high schools, but they've already got a huge request for seating from the local community college and university.

When Josh woke up Friday morning, he was more nervous than he has ever been. That surprised him because he has done huge concerts already. Cesar explained to him that he is as nervous as he is right now is because of what the rally means. It isn't just a concert. It's more than that, it's a message that the hatred must end.

To make things worse for Josh, when he and Cesar got to school, all they heard everyone talking about is the rally. As he passed a group of students talking about it, they stopped talking to their friends and asked Josh what is going to happen and what Los Tigres plans to sing. Josh answered what he could, those questions he couldn't answer he left them alone.

The morning announcements were going on as normal until the end when the screen switched to Principal Michaels in his office. He looked serious sitting there behind his desk. There was no doubt in anyone's mind what he was going to talk about. Those that were talking during the other announcements stopped and looked at the screen.

"As you all know we have to honor to host every high school and middle school in our district at our school this afternoon. On top of that, we are going to be the first school that is going to host a rally for a good cause that is affecting all of our schools. By now you all know why the rally is happening. I hope those that believe that what happened to the young man at Irvin High School was just and right will keep their thoughts to themselves. Let's represent this school with pride and honor when the other schools are here."

Principal Michaels looked down at his notebook before he continued. "With that said, I want to go over a few things that are going to happen this afternoon at the rally. As far as your lunch, you don't have to worry about it since one of your fellow students is bringing it in. Jacob Hernandez and his family own all the McDonalds here in El Paso and they are taking care of that. You will have a choice between three different meals and that list is being handed out to you by your teachers as I am speaking.

The rally is going to be around an hour to an hour and half between all those that are going to be talking. Among the speakers here today will be the Governor. He is going to unveil a new piece of legislation that I know is going to make history. Before he comes out on the stage, your local representatives will be speaking.

Once everyone speaks that is scheduled, your own Los Tigres will be joined by all the other Glee Clubs in our district to sing `True Colors'. After that, we are going to have the honor to hear for the very first time a song Joshua Lopez wrote called `It Gets Better'. Once they sing that song, it is going to be released as a single and every red cent of its sales is going to go to the Trevor Project. If you want more information on that, ask your homeroom teacher and they will give you the information we have about the project.

Let's enjoy ourselves this afternoon, but at the same time keep in mind why we are gathered today. You have all seen all over the school on the banners, This Hate Must Stop, is why we are out there this afternoon. Enough with the hate and let's start to love one another no matter what walk of life we come from."

With that, the television screen went blue. Almost immediately the students in Josh's and Jacob's classrooms turned to them and started asking questions. Just like when he got to school in the morning, Josh answered what he could. The questioning went on for almost ten minutes before the homeroom teacher got the students attention and started class.

Unlike the days before, the first two periods of class went slow, but when the bell rang for third period, Josh shot out of his second period class and headed out to the stadium to join the others of Los Tigres. Cesar and some of the security were held up in the sea of students in the hallways, but they caught up really quickly.

When Josh got to the stadium, he found Mr. Franklin out there along with all the other Glee Clubs in the district. They were sitting down waiting for Los Tigres to join them. Once they saw Josh walking up, and other members of Los Tigres, almost all the Glee Club members from the other schools stood up.

Just as the final bell rang, the last members of Los Tigres arrived. "Good now that everyone is here, let's get down to business." Mr. Franklin spoke as he clapped his hands together. "We only have an hour to get this right, so there is no time to waste. Everyone get up and walk to the top of the stadium. Josh and I will tell you where each group is going to stand and sing from."

All the students made their way to the top of the stadium. As they were practicing their routine, down on the field the stage was being constructed. At the same time, the Governor's forward team had arrived and met Mr. Benedict on the field. Within minutes, the security more than tripled.

The students from the other schools that were not used to seeing sharp shooters on the rooftop and across the street on the monument or any high peak looking down at the school couldn't stop looking. It was frustrating Mr. Franklin and the other instructors, but after a few times of asking them to pay attention, they finally did.

Thirty minutes before the lunch bell rang. Jacob arrived showing his employees where to set up. The lunch menu was every teens dream. They had a choice between a Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder with cheese or ten piece Chicken McNuggets. No matter what they chose as their main part of the meal, they were going to get fries and a drink with it.

Once again, it took the instructors several minutes to get their students attention. They worked right up to the bell. When it rang, the instructors released their respective Glee Club to go and eat, but to be back on the field in thirty minutes. The students didn't need to be told twice. They were among the first in line to get their free McDonald's meal.

The El Paso High School students were the first to be served since they were at their own high school. Soon after they got their meals, the buses from the other schools started to arrive. In no time flat, the stadium started to get filled up. By the time the Glee Clubs made their way down to field, every middle and high school had arrived, been served and where sitting in the stadium enjoying their food.

All of a sudden, the stadium went quiet when the students heard sirens. It wasn't anything new to the students to El Paso High School, but it was to all the other students from the other schools in their district, the community college and university. Then when they saw a long limousine driving onto the field they knew who it was.

They sat there watching on as Barbara, Josh and his brothers walked towards the limousine and greet their father. Once they did, the Governor turned his attention to the students in the stadium and started waving at them. Every move the Governor was making, was being caught by either still cameras or all the news channels that showed up to report what was happening. It didn't surprise the Governor that not only the local press showed up, but the national channels were there as well.

It wasn't long after the Governor arrived. Principal Michaels took to the stage. He greeted all the schools and went through the speech that he had prepared. Once he was done, he brought onto the stage the mayor of El Paso, and then it was the District Senator the Congressman from Washington as well as their State Senator and Congressman.

They were not exciting speeches, but they weren't boring speeches either. When Principal Michaels walked back to the podium and introduced the Governor, the stadium broke out in loud applause and chants. They stood on their feet for over ten minutes before sitting back down. Even then, it took another couple of minutes before they quieted down enough for the Governor to start talking.

"I have to say your greeting here today was the best greeting I have got from an audience since I became Governor." The stadium once again broke out into loud applause. "Thank you, please, thank you..." The Governor waved his hands asking everyone to sit back down. "Really thank you, this really means a lot to me."

After a few minutes of more applause, the crowd quieted down. "I truly wish we were here today under happier circumstances. It took another gay teen death to bring all of us together to talk about what is going on in our schools and communities when it comes down to how we treat those among us that are gay.

As you all know I am a proud father of a gay son. Just like my other kids, he is the light in my life and I don't love him any differently because of who he is or who he loves. He is no different than my other sons." Everyone stood up applauding. "I am proud of him for how he has handled those that have shown their hate because of who he loves. He takes the slap, turns the other cheek, and allows the person to slap him again. He never retaliates.

Along with my son I have a brother who is gay also. He has had a rougher time because of the generation he came from. He is what we call that `funny uncle' in my generation. The uncle or aunt that lives alone and never gets married and everyone knows why, but never says it out loud. Those days and the hate of today must end." The audience stood up rooting and applauding.

"As this rally is called, `The Hate Must End', I echo that. Another teen of your generation took his life, leaving behind a grieving mother and father." The Governor looked over at Mr. and Mrs. Dudley. "No parent should have to go through the loss of a child, even more so the way you have lost your child. It is a profound loss and totally senseless. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. And, I know the prayers of those here, around our state and our country are going out to you as well. We pray that you can move on, but know you can never forget what happened.

Due to your son's death and what has been going on in this state since I entered into politics, I have taken on the gay right issue as one of the corner stones of my administration. I know many are going to say this is an issue that shouldn't ever be taken on by a republican or that I am taking it on because of my son. To those that say that, you are right. This is not a republican issue, but it isn't a democrat issue either. It is a human rights issue and it must be dealt with once and for all." The audience jumped to their feet. "And yes having a gay son has opened my eyes even more to this issue, but I have always wanted to do what I could to help out the gay community.

Now that I am in a position, I'm going to do so. In the last couple of months, my administration and I have been knocking out the final kinks of my gay rights bill that I plan to put in front of the state houses within the next month." The Governor looked back over at the Dudley's. "The only thing missing right now is a name, and I would be honored if you would allow me to name it the Stan Dudley Gay Rights Bill."

The crowd jumped to their feet once again as Mr. and Mrs. Dudley stood up and made their way to the Governor. The stadium was so loud that no one was able to hear the Dudley's give the Governor their blessing to name his gay rights bill after their son. It took a few minutes for the crowd to settle down. When they did, the Governor informed them what he was told from the Dudley's.

"This piece of legislation is not feel good legislation. It really has teeth in it and will change the way gay citizens are treated in our state. It will give them the same rights under the law that a man and a woman have when they get married. Not only can they get married by a judge in this state, but they get every right that comes with that."

The Governor took the audience through step by step what his legislation will do. By the time he finished, they saw what the Governor said that is wasn't feel good legislation was right. It not only had teeth in it, but it also made real change for gay citizens in their state. Not one of the people in attendance booed, walked out or had a problem with what the Governor is going to implement in the law.

"With your help, I can get this legislation through our houses. They are going to be reluctant at first, but if you show that you support me and this legislation, they will put this bill on my desk unchanged. If they change one thing of this bill, I will veto it and then take the bill to the people to vote on." That got the audience back on their feet.

"It is high time that we stop hating what we don't really understand. It is high time we stop using the Bible as a rationale for our hate, because we all know that is wrong. It is high time we learn to accept all the differences in each other and live with it without hate. Let' stop the hate and start the love. Treat each other as we want to be treated and if we do that, what a difference it is going to make."

The Governor looked up to the top of stadium to see if the glee clubs were set. "I have the greatest honor to bring out all the Glee Clubs from the El Paso Independent School District, led by my son Joshua Lopez, singing "True Colors". The Governor stepped off the stage applauding along with the audience.

At first all the audience could hear is humming, and then a few seconds later the music started to play. Not long after that, Josh walked out onto the stage and started to sing by himself the beginning of the song, getting the crowd on their feet.

You with the sad eyes
don't be discouraged
oh I realize
it's hard to take courage


All of a sudden all the glee clubs started to sing, but they were not on the stage with Josh. They were not even on the field. They were at the top of the stadium in even groups singing. The audience had to turn back and forth from Josh and the other Glee members to get the full effect on what they were singing, but they didn't mind. They were feeling the emotion in Josh's voice. As he sang, his voice floated through the air as a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

in a world full of people
you can lose sight of it all
and the darkness inside you
can make you fell so small

But I see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that's why I love you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow


The Glee Clubs started to walk down the stairs as the audience was memorized by how in sync they were. Not only were they singing together as if they have been doing it forever, but just like Josh, they sang with a lot of emotion. By the time they sang `like a rainbow', they were on the field and all the television screens turned on. The lyrics to the song started to flash on the screens and the audience didn't need to be told what to do. They got back onto their feet and joined in.


Show me a smile then
don't be unhappy, can't remember
when I last saw you laughing
if this world makes you crazy
and you've taken all you can bear
you call me up
because you know I'll be there

And I'll see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that's why I love you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow


I can remember when I last heard you laugh

If this world makes you crazy and you have taken all you can bear

Call me up

You know I will be there


At this point everyone was arm and arm singing along with the Glee Clubs on the field. Even the politicians were on their feet arm and arm. The press didn't even know where to put their cameras. They kept going back and forth from the politicians, to the glee clubs in the field to the students in the stadium.


I see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that's why I love you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors

True colors

True colors

Shining through

I see your true colors shining through

I see your true colors
and that's why I love you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors

your true colors

are beautiful
like a rainbow




All at once, the students yelled out several more times what the glee clubs said at the end of the song, `IT GETS BETTER'! As all the glee clubs, except Los Tigres, took their seats, the students settled back into their seats as well. They waited to hear the song that has been talked about this last week that Josh wrote just for this show.

When Los Tigres were set, the music started to play. It was more upbeat music than the song that was just played, which got the audience moving a little in their seats. And then just like before, Josh started singing and a few seconds later, another male member of the chorus joined and then seconds after that Sharon started to sing.

It was not long after Sharon that a couple more female singers joined her and then the entire Los Tigres got in. Not even a quarter into the song, the students got on their feet, but this time they were moving along with the music. Even the teachers, the Principal and all the guests jumped to their feet and joined in.

Although this song was not a sad song, it sent the message out that Josh was wanting. The students and those watching at home heard the song and understood that no matter what is happening in their lives, it will get better. Not meaning to, the song Josh wrote touched everyone in their own way. If there was something going on in their lives that wasn't going right, hearing the song it reminded them not to give up and it will get better.

Two and a half minutes into the song, the TV screens on the field went back on and the verses of the song started to flash on them. Just like the song before, the students joined in with Los Tigres. Not even twenty seconds later, the students pushed their way onto the field joining Los Tigres.

The press corps quickly made their way to the stadium and just took it all in. They tried their best to show it all to the viewing audience at home, but they couldn't. There were just way too many students, teachers and staff on the field singing along with Los Tigres. Even the Governor and his staff stayed on the field.

Governor Lopez and Barbara made their way to their sons, each holding a twin. All together, they stood there in the middle of the crowd singing. When the press noticed that, they panned their cameras over to them. Before the song ended, the Dudley's made their way to the front and joined the Governor, his wife and boys arms around each other's shoulders.



{Man oh man was this a chapter or what? Welcome back one and all to another exciting chapter of `Shadow of My Father". I hope you really liked this chapter, because I took extra time writing it to make sure what I wanted to come out of it does. It had a lot, and I still wanted to put more, but there wasn't enough room to do so.

Before I get into the summation of the story, I need to clear a few things up with the songs that were used in this chapter. The video I created used the version of "True Colors" by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angles. If you want to see the actual video of that song, you can find it on YOUTUBE at the following address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnYa9R4N-8c.

The second song I used was created for the Trevor Project I mentioned in the chapter. Several Broadway singers and performers came together to make the song. It was made after the recent suicides among gay teens. If you want to find out more about the Trevor project, please go to their YOUTUBE channel and check them out. There you can read all about what they are doing. http://www.youtube.com/user/metcomedia

Now let me quickly get to the summation of the chapter. I picked up with the cliffhanger of the last chapter. We saw that Josh was able to pull Angel to the side and talk him down. We also saw a different side of Angel, a sweeter side of him. That is the side of the true person I fell in love with. I believe he is a good guy and whoever gets him is going to be one lucky guy. As far as my story, let's see how he comes out. Do you think Angel and Chris are going to ultimately be together? Or is Angel going to be like Rusty?

Josh put together the rally and we all know the result. He had one busy week from beginning to end. His hard worked paid off and the proof of that is how the rally ended. I am glad Josh has a big heart and did what he could to bring to attention that the Hate Must Stop. I just wish there were more kids like him out there.

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley met Josh, which I thought was awesome. They gave Josh pictures of their son that he put on the television with the lyrics of the songs. He put them on the flyer for the rally. I think we haven't seen the last of the Dudley's and more so now the Governors gay bill is named after their son.

Talking about the Governor, what can I say? First, we saw him introducing to the press who he wants to fill the Lieutenant Governor vacancy. I too agree with many of you readers that Rich is going to be a good Lieutenant Governor! With him in the slot, a lot is going to happen in the next couple of years in Austin.

Then we saw the Governor at the rally. He unveiled his gay rights bill. What a perfect place to do so. As he said, it is not feel good legislation. We have too much of that and not any real legislation that makes a real change. If only there was a real Governor or President like Daniel Lopez, things will be a lot better for everyone, not just the gay community.

Now the ending, it was GREAT if I do say so myself. I know there was no cliffhanger, I figured you all needed a break, but don't get used to that. LOL! I think we need rallies like that to bring to attention what is going on in our communities. The more that we do that, the more I think some of the hate, bullying and taunting will end. What do you guys think about my thoughts about that?

So much going on in this story and not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Trevor and Rick will take care of it in their corners. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I haven't even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all didn't forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, the ride is just beginning!

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}


Once again, our illustrious author made me cry with some brilliant writing on a subject which is very dear to my heart. Before I go any further please watch the video's. I know Jacob put a lot of time and effort into creating them especially the `True Colors' one. It was three a.m. one morning before it was finished to his satisfaction.

Angel, well we found out a little bit more about this mysterious and very deep person. I know the individual that Jacob is basing this character on and he is spot on with his description.

The promotion of Rich is richly (sorry couldn't help myself) deserved and be assured his political career isn't going to end there.

Bernice and Eric are so stubborn neither wants to admit to the other they are in the wrong. All I can say is, been there done that and making up after is fantastic.

Finally the concert, all that food must have cost Jacob's company a small fortune. Of course it will be written off when tax time comes around and the Rally, once again the Governor said all the right things to get the crowd on side. (I told Jacob a while ago he could always make a living as a political speechwriter LOL) While the majority of those in the audience in the stadium aren't old enough to vote, the people at home would be and I'm sure the majority of kids would talk to their parents and family about this rally.

Please do as Jacob says and check out the Trevor Project it is a great cause with many famous people supporting it, including Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame. Plus I repeat what Jacob, Rick and I mentioned in the last chapter; if you are suffering or know of anyone who is suffering and have nowhere to turn, contact one of us in the strictest of confidence and we will do all we can to help. Another Gay Youth Suicide will be one more too many.

Finally, I forgot to welcome Rick back last time. Welcome back to the team mate.




Pillow Talk With "Daddy" Rick

I had to do some mental masturbation and come up with something different to title my "corner". Let's see how this one goes over.

Before any or many climb on Jacob for not being factual in some details, let me do a disclaimer. Factually, Rich couldn't be considered or confirmed to be Lieutenant Governor by Texas law. That said, this story is fiction and Jacob rightly and fairly took writer's license. Usually we all are very diligent to keep things factual and realistic, but sometimes in creating good fiction there needs to be a departure from real life. That said, I'm delighted with Rich stepping up and, when confirmed, becoming a leader on the political stage, more in the spotlight.

The rally was incredible! Being a "seasoned" person, I well remember the Stonewall Riots of 1969, when gays said "NO MORE" and stood up for their rights. That was the beginning of what we now know as Gay Pride. As a people, we came out of the shadows. The rallying cry was, "We're Queer, We're Here! We're Gay and Won't Go Away!" That wasn't a very P.C. statement, but it was effective and if it weren't for Stonewall, we'd not be here talking as we are today.

Another great aspect of fiction; it allows us to slip into a more perfect world for a bit. The rally is one such situation. If only in the real world we could affect sweeping social change so widely and easily. There being no demonstrations from the haters, religious zealots and bigots at the rally was a dream. Perhaps they just kept quiet being overwhelmed by the supporters. We know there were more than just a few there. Will there be a backlash after the fact? I can't imagine there won't be.

Double trouble and drama with Eric and Bernice and with Chris and Angel!

With Eric and Bernice, the green monster of jealousy has reared its ugly head. I think the analysis of Bernice liking some attention that makes her feel attractive, desirable and sexy is right on target. Eric's reaction to Bernice's near-indiscretion is predictable and not without reason. Their youth and lack of mature relationship skills are fueling the fire. If their love is true and real, I expect that things will work themselves out. Bernice is already adjusting her behavior and now the two just have to get it talked out. I hope there's a heavy make-up scene in the works.

Angel's ambivalence has got him in a place he doesn't want to be. Chris gets his emotions and feelings going real fast and because of his history, doesn't deal well at all with anyone that isn't solid. Both of these guys need to do some serious maturing. It will be interesting to see if they can both grow and give love a chance to take root and be solid. They both deserve some real happiness.

I heartily and sincerely applaud Jacob for bringing the issues of hate and of the gay teen suicide problem to the forefront. Jacob is an intensely caring person. Injustices to people affect him profoundly.

I want to echo Jacob and Treavor's message: If there is anyone out there that feels alone and hopeless, with a sense that it won't get better, please, get in touch with any of us in complete confidentiality. You DO have friends, people that care and will accept you as you are, without conditions. Reach out. You'll find that it can truly get better.

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick