Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the character's lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

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Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 25


It took Patrick some time before he was able to continue. He was completely out of breath and was trying to talk as he was trying to catch his breath. Everyone was waiting on pins and needles for him to tell them what his father was arrested for. They looked over at his brother and Immanuel for answers, but they were not willing to complete what Patrick was trying to say.

When Patrick finally was able to continue, he didn't pick up where he left off. He went back to give a back-story on what happened to get his father arrested. "My dad went down to UTEP this morning before going into work to talk with my sister. When he got there, my sister was going to the library to try and get some work done while there was no one around.

She told my father that, but he was unwilling to let her go.

Somehow he had heard that Bernice's father talked with her about pressing charges against him. He wasn't happy and wanted to make that clear to my sister. She tried to explain to him that she wasn't going to press charges but once again my father, being who he is, didn't believe her. He started yelling at her so loud that those that were still asleep in the dorms were woken up. A few of them actually poked their heads out asking if my sister needed help, and she of course said `no'. So they went back to bed or whatever they were doing.

Once the onlookers went back inside, my sister told my father to go home and not to worry, she is not going to press charges. She wanted the past to stay where it is; in the past. But once again my father being who he is didn't want to listen. He didn't believe my sister I guess.

So he followed her to the library yelling the whole way. Marlene tried to ignore him, but that was really hard considering how loud he was talking. When she arrived at the library, she thought that our dad would give up and go back to his car, but he didn't. The stupid fool actually followed her into the building yelling at her."

Everyone was really into what Patrick was saying. They were all hoping that nothing happened to Marlene, but they had a feeling that something did. Even though Patrick hasn't said anything to indicate that, his facial expressions were strange and the words he was using were words that they have never heard come out of his mouth.

"Right before she stepped in the library, she stopped and told my father to go home and leave her alone. That is when things just went to hell real fast. She made the biggest mistake in her life. A mistake we learned early on not to make, which is turn your back on our father at any time. No matter if he is in a good or bad mood.

Marlene turned her back on our father, pissing him off, to walk into the library. The minute she wasn't looking, he grabbed hold of her arm and swung her around, so hard that she went flying against the wall. Her head hit first, causing her to drop her books as she fell to the ground. You would figure that being our father he would have seen that he hurt one of his kids and try to help, but he didn't.

Instead, he went and stood over her with his hands in a fist. One thing this guy likes is feeling like a god and whenever he is standing above us like he was this morning with my sister that gives him that feeling even more. Normally he would yell for a couple more minutes and then walk off, but for some reason today was different.

He actually started to hit my sister. Lucky for her, she reacted fast and grabbed one of her text books and used it as a shield until someone came out and helped her. My father was so angry, he kept hitting the textbook to the point his knuckles were bleeding. My sister cried out for him to stop, but he was somewhere else, not there.

Several guys in the library came running out and pulled our father away from her. He tried to go after my sister a couple more times, but those guys that pulled him off kept stopping him. They were able to hold him back until the school security arrived. Everyone thought he would have settled down by then, but he didn't."

Patrick started to laugh, causing everyone to wonder if he got hit in the head by his father, not his sister. "I wish I was there to see this part, I really wish I was there. My father was unwilling to back down, leaving the school security no option but to pull out their taser guns. They warned him to settle down, but he didn't.

According to Marlene, he charged at her and he was shot. When the wires hit him, his hands went up in the air..." Patrick started laughing as he showed his friends what he thinks his father looked like when he was being tased. "His hands were against his chest shaking, the front of his pants getting soaked with piss and the back with crap. Man that was a site I wish I was there to see, my father pissing and shitting his pants!"

Everyone's imagination got away from them as they imagined what Patrick's father looked like as he was being tasered. It didn't take long for the entire group to break out laughing. They all knew it was wrong, but they also knew if anyone in this world deserved to be tasered it was Patrick's father. With all the crap he has done to Patrick, his brother and sister, he should have been tasered several more times.

"Anyway..." Catching his breath for the second time, Patrick continued. "My father fell to the ground and was left there in his own piss and shit until the police arrived. When they got there, they didn't want to go near him, or put him in their car. But having no other choice, he was put into handcuffs and taken away."

"Is your sister going to press charges for assault and battery?" Patrick nodded his head to Josh's question. "Good, she needs to do that, plus what he did to her when she was younger living under his roof. Parents aren't supposed to hurt their kids. They're supposed to protect them."

"Yeah Josh, I agree with on that point." Bernice jumped in. "Now that your father is arrested, you need to press charges against him for what he has been doing to you and your brother and if possible, what he did to you both when you were younger." Patrick looked at Bernice with a look as if she was out of her mind. "Come on, I know it's going to be hard, but you need to do that so you can move on. Therapy can go only so far but eventually you need to face your demons that brought you to the breaking point of needing therapy."

Patrick didn't like being preached to, but agreed with Bernice all the way on what she was saying. As he was about to answer her, he was saved by the bell. He nodded his head as they started to make their way to the door they use to get into the building. Once they were in the hallway, they separated and went their own ways.

While Josh and his friends were going to their lockers to start the day, Rich was arriving at the state capitol for the first day of his confirmation hearings. For the last forty eight hours the only thing he did was prepare for this day. He and his staff went over everything they could think of that might be asked so there wouldn't be any surprises. However, they knew everything couldn't be covered and some things were out there they didn't think of.

Rich walked into the chamber with his head high exuding confidence. He shook hands with his staff that showed up to support him and those that came to see him fail. Once he got down the aisle, he put his leather notebook on the table as he looked up to the eight empty seats in front of him. He recognized every name. In one way or another he has worked with them in the short period of time he was chief of staff.

Looking back to his staff, Rich pulled out his seat and sat down. As he started to organize his table, the chamber was called to order. Everyone stood up and stayed on their feet as the eight senators walked in and took their seats. Once the senator that was the chair of committee hit his gavel several times, everyone sat down.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this confirmation hearing for Richard Kewl. You are all aware of the rules in this chamber. Those rules must be followed at all times. If anyone breaks any of the rules, the capitol police will remove you. What they do after you are removed is up to them; we don't care. All we care about is running a smooth confirmation hearing." Senator Perez looked at his fellow senators before continuing.

"With that said Mr. Kewl please raise your right hand so you can take the oath." Rich stood up, looked to his left and raised his hand. He took the oath that everyone had to whenever they are in front of a committee. No matter if it is a confirmation committee or a committee that is holding hearings, the oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth must be taken.

When he was done, he sat back down. "Mr. Kewl, each of us will have thirty minutes to ask you questions they feel relevant to the position you're requesting this committee to send you to the floor of the Senate for a full vote. You must answer all the questions truthfully and completely. If it is found that you lied or refuse to answer a question, you can be voted down by this committee and not reach the floor for a full vote. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, I understand and I will answer all question asked of me to the fullest and truthfully."

"Good then, very good! We will start from my left with Senator Baker." Senator Baker leaned forward and tapped his microphone. "Mr. Kewl first let me welcome you here today, thank you for giving up some of your time." Rich answered not a problem. "I have only a few questions, which means you have a lot of time to answer them.

The first question I have for you is concerning the gay rights bill that will hit our floor this afternoon. I understand you worked alongside Governor Lopez to get that bill ready. If you are confirmed here and you are confirmed as lieutenant governor, will you support the bill or will you go against the bill?"

"Senator Baker that bill is close and dear to my heart. As you all know, I am a proud gay man. It is high time that the homosexual community got the same rights that everyone else has under the law. I put a lot of time into this bill, alongside the Governor. So when it hits the floor, I will be supporting it. I will help wherever I can to get that bill through."

"Mr. Kewl, you just told this committee that you are gay. If you are confirmed, you will be the first gay person in the office of lieutenant governor, at least the first one that is in the open about his sexuality." The gallery broke out into laughter. "Being a gay man in the position of lieutenant governor, some people will say you will use the power of that seat to pass through gay bills. What do you say to those that say that?"

"I would say to them that it is a load of bull. If it was true, then those that are in power would be passing laws that benefit whatever they believe in. That just doesn't happen because there are too many checks and balances. On top of that, I would be the lieutenant governor, not the governor of the state of Texas.

The two offices are separate, but at the end of the day, they must work together. If I have an idea for a bill, I will bring it up to Governor Lopez, and then it will be up to him if it gets put into a bill. I will not go on my own and start making up my own bills. That is not how it works. After all, that is what got the former lieutenant governor in hot water with the voters."

"At the last count, the gay rights bill didn't have enough votes to pass. If the bill doesn't get passed, what, if anything, will you do?"

Rich chuckled as he looked down at his notes. "Senator Baker, I don't know where you are getting your numbers, but the last time I checked the count, it had enough to pass. But if by any chance if the bill doesn't pass, I will go along with whatever Governor Lopez wants to do. If he wants to take it to the people, we will take it to the people. If he wants to try again in a year or so, we will try again at that time.

However, I don't think any of that will happen. I know you all are looking at the same polls we are looking out. Across the board, no matter the far left or the far right, the majority of the voters are for this bill. We are here to serve the voters and they want this bill to become law. So I really hope if your numbers are right, those that are planning to vote against the bill do what their voters want them to do and that is vote for the bill."

Senator Baker looked over to his fellow senators on the committee frustrated that he was unable to get Rich to say something that will come back to hurt him. After looking at each of his fellow senators, he looked at the clock counting down his time. He still had a little over fifteen minutes to go. So he went back to his line of questioning dealing with the gay rights bill, but the more he tried to get Rich, he got himself.

"Senator Baker your time is up, let your fellow republican senator take his turn. Senator Cox start your line of questioning." Senator Cox leaned forward, cleared his throat. "Mr. Kewl, I won't go back to the line of question my good friend Senator Baker was asking even though I feel you really didn't answer the question he was asking. I am going to concentrate on a totally different matter; your experience."

Senator Cox held up a piece of paper. "Mr. Kewl, do you see what I am holding up?" Rich looked at the blank sheet of paper and told Senator Cox the paper is blank. "Exactly the paper is blank because you have never held any elected office in your life. You have got many good people elected, but you yourself have never held office."

The senator dropped the blank paper on the floor. "How are we in good conscience able to recommend you through this committee knowing that you have no experience at all for the job you are asking this committee to send you through. Our job here is to make sure the right person gets confirmed, and you're not that person."

"Well Mr. Senator let me answer your second concern before I deal with the first. You're right; it is this committee's job to make sure whoever gets recommended for confirmation is the best person for the job. At the same time you are required to come in here with an open mind; a mind not already made up on what you are going to do. By the sound of your comments, you have already decided to vote against me because of what I bring to the table."

Rich leaned forward. "Let's talk about what I bring to the table, nothing as far as experience in elected office. With that said, look at the status with those that are and those that were in power that have the experience you are talking about. The last man in the job I am asking for tried to be the governor when he wasn't. Several of your fellow republican senators were right beside him trying to take over this state's government. The voters of this state are tired of the games here and want someone in the position that won't play games. I am that person."

"Mr. Kewl you are really good at side stepping the questions you are asked. In all that you just said, nowhere did you answer my question about experience. You were able to make every else look bad, but not answer my question. I believe also the voters of this state don't want leaders who like to push the blame on what is going wrong onto another. They want you to take responsibility and move. So are you going to answer my question, or not?"

"With all due respect senator, I believe I did. If you feel I didn't, let me try and put it another way, and clear things up for you. First, I am not pushing the blame onto anyone else. I was simply pointing out what experience has got us in this state. Now you know as well as I do there are no classes or degrees you can earn to attach to your resume to become a legislator, governor or any other elected position. Ordinarily the voters have to decide who the right person for the job is. In this case it is the charge of this committee and then the full state senate."

Senator Cox, just like Senator Baker, kept going after Rich on the same line of questioning he started out with. He tried to trip up Rich, but was unable to do so. Rich stuck to his guns that at this time the voters are not looking for experience as much as a person that would be truthful and do what they want, not what the special interest groups want.

When Senator Cox's time expired, Senator Lambert, another republican senator took over. He tried to help his fellow senators that went before him, but once again he was unable to get Rich to waver on what he already said. For his entire thirty minutes he went back and forth from the gay rights bill to Rich's experience. Every so often he would ask about the crime bill and other pieces of legislation he heard that the Governor was working on, but kept going back to the gay rights bill and his experience.

Once his time was up, Senator Perez, the chairman of the committee called a thirty minute recess. The democratic senators went into their own conference room and the republican senators did the same thing. Once the door was shut, the chairman slammed his fist against the conference table, grabbing his fellow senators' attention.

"Damn, you guys are looking like the ones that have no experience, not Mr. Kewl. He is beating us on everything we throw at him. At the same time he is making us look really bad. We need to get our act together or this guy will win over those that have not decided on what direction they are going to vote. You know we need those votes."

Senator Cox looked at Senator Perez, angry with him on how he is talking to them. "First let me say that none of us thought that guy would have come in as prepared as he is. He not only has his facts, but he knows how to talk. I really think no matter what we try to do to trip him up, it won't work. He is too smart for that. We are going to have to play this straight and hopefully by doing so, he will be his own downfall."

The other two senators agreed with Cox. "If we go there, we will never get him to make a mistake. I think we need to keep trying to hit him over the head with what he has said and hope that he screws up on what he has said in the past or here in the hearing. If we catch him doing so, we don't let up on that inconsistency.

"That is going to be a problem Mr. Perez." Senator Baker spoke up. "He has nothing on the record that we can try and use against him since he has never run for public office. We might be able to use what those he helped get elected have said, but as far as he is concerned, he stayed in the background. We all knew that was going to hurt us coming in here today."

Senator Perez sat down, rubbing his knee. "If we go there that can backfire. You all know those that run our campaigns do what we ask them to do. That is what he will say and if we try to go after him even more on that subject, we won't get anyone to work on our campaigns when the time comes. No, we have to find a way to trip him up, or just send him through to the floor for a vote and hope we did enough to hurt him."

The republican senators sat there trying to come up with a plan to get Rich to flip flop on his position on topics that are on the mind of every Texan. While they were trying to come up with their plan, the democrats were very happy on how things were going. They talked a little about what they were going to ask, but basically felt that the republicans are shooting themselves in the foot all by themselves.

Rich sat in his own conference room with his staff going over what they think might be asked next. They all agreed that they have nothing to worry about from the democrats because they like what Rich and the Governor have done so far in his first term. They knew the only one left to really worry about as far as today's testimony is the chairman, republican Senator Perez. There isn't a doubt in any of their minds the chairman is going to go after Rich with all he has. Therefore they are gearing up for that.

Rich and his staff were the first to leave their conference room and head back into the chamber. As they walked in, they were greeted by reporters and flashes from cameras. Rich polity said no comment or wait until the end of the confirmation hearing. The press didn't like it and kept trying to get Rich to answer how he felt he was doing, but he didn't budge. He smiled, thanked the reporters and kept walking to the front.

Just as he made it to his chair, the door that the senators came through just two hours ago opened. The chamber got quiet as everyone watched the senators make their way to their seats. Once everyone was settled in, the committee chairman, Senator Perez, called the committee to order and went back over the rules before handing the floor to Senator Cruz.

For some reason Rich really didn't notice Senator Cruz this morning. All he knows about the senator is that this is his first term in office and just like the Governor and he wants to stay in office. At the same time, he won't sell his soul to the highest bidder, which Rich likes. However, that is not the only thing Rich likes about the senator.

As he looked at the guy, he got a feeling that he was hiding something that he didn't want anyone to find out but he could see it. It wasn't that he gave it away. Over the years Rich has learned to pick up on the smallest thing a person does or says in order to determine if the person is straight or gay. As he got older, he became better on picking up on things. He is now at the point that when he determines if the person is gay or straight, he is right.

"Mr. Kewl let me be the first to say thank you for coming here today. My fellow colleagues on the other side didn't extend that to you, and for that I apologize." Rich looked into Senator Cruz's eyes and thanked him. "I don't understand their line of questioning because it has nothing to do with why you are here today. The only thing that should be looked at is whether or not you are the right person for the job. If we make a mistake, then the voters will correct us come election time by putting in the person they want.

With all that said, I want to ask you about your job before you became the chief of staff for Governor Lopez. You ran campaigns and got a lot of good people elected into office. I have heard in the halls that some here in this committee are going to try and tie you into the beliefs of those you ran campaigns for. I would like you to take this time to clarify your stance."

"Thank you Senator Cruz for that..." Rich laid down his papers on the table and then looked straight into the senator's eyes. "There is no doubt that you all have in front of you what campaigns I ran and what those persons stood on as far as their platforms. At the same time, you know that a campaign manager can only do so much. The message of the campaign comes from the candidate that is running for office.

Out of the sixteen campaigns I have run, there were a few things I didn't like that the person I was working for did. However, no matter how much I hated the belief, I had to weave it into the person's campaign. I did that because that was my job. My job wasn't to come out and back stab the person I was working for. If I would have done that even once, I would have to find a new line of work. No one in my job ever speaks out against the person he is trying to get elected if one wants to run another campaign."

"So you are telling this committee your beliefs are different than the ones that you were working for as their campaign manager?"

"Yes senator, my beliefs many times were different, but they had to take a backseat to the beliefs of the person that I was working for. I was not the person out there asking for the votes. I was the person in the back telling the person what he or she should do. What I found the voters want from their leader. Then it was up to the candidate to decide to take my suggestion or go with his or her judgment.

Out of the sixteen campaigns I ran, fourteen were won and two were lost. The two that were lost was because the candidate stuck to their own beliefs instead of listening to the voters. Not listening to and responding to the voice of the voters is one thing a person in public service can't do if they want to stay in office or get elected. After all we work for the voters, no one else."

"That is exactly it Mr. Kewl, thank you for clearing your perspective on what your job was. I hope now that has been cleared up, no one here in this committee or outside of the committee tries to tie you into another person's beliefs that you worked for. You were doing your job, but when needed, you told the candidate what they should do. It was up to that person to decide what road to go down." Senator Cruz looked over at the chairman. "Mr. Chairman I yield the rest of my time since there is nothing else I have at this time for Mr. Kewl."

Senator Perez thanked Senator Cruz before handing the floor over to Senator Watson. He had Rich go into more detail about his beliefs. Not once did Senator Watson go near Rich's private life. He believed it had nothing to do with why he was there. Being gay or straight wouldn't make a person less or more suitable for a position.

Once Senator Watson was done, it was Senator Simmons turn. He surprised everyone on his line of questioning. "Mr. Kewl, some would say being gay makes you weak. I myself don't believe that, but there are many out there that do. Until today, it was rumored that you were gay. Do you think being gay will affect you to do your job?"


The room went dead quiet. The senators looked at each other and then at Rich. They thought that Rich would go into more detail on that question. Not just answer it with on word. Even Senator Simmons was surprised by the response he got. It took him a few seconds to recover before coming back at Rich.

"Please forgive me; I am stunned that is all you are going to say. This is your chance to make it clear to all those naysayers that believe that mumbo jumbo. Mr. Kewl I am going to ask the question again, and this time I would like it if you could give this committee and all those watching us more than just a one word answer. Do you think being gay will affect your ability to do the job of lieutenant governor?"

"As I said before, I will say again, no. What I do in the privacy of my own home will have no bearing on what I do as lieutenant governor. Just like you senator and every person that goes to work every day, I can leave my personal life at home and not let it interfere with my job. I hope I was able to clear everything up on that topic."

Senator Simmons didn't leave it alone. He kept going after Rich, but Rich didn't lose his cool. "Sir, I am not the person that you should be worried about as far as my personal life getting in the way of doing my job. There are public servants that have mistresses on the side, gambling problems and many other things that do interfere with their ability to do their job. Being gay, straight, white, black, male, female, religious or not shouldn't matter."

"Thank you Mr. Kewl that was the answer I was looking for from you. As you said, being all those things you said shouldn't be taken into account when a person is seeking a position. Some of my colleagues on this committee want to make this confirmation all about your sexuality and some of us don't. But this line of questioning and your answers to it should put that to rest."

Senator Simmons ran out of time just as he finished his statement. The chairman quickly turned the floor over to the last democrat on the committee, Senator Ortiz. He went over all the things that were asked so far in the confirmation. Not just the topics that were touched by the democrats, but he had Rich clarify a few things that he thought were not made clear through the republican senators' questioning.

"I know it has been a long day, so I will try not to ask boring questions." Senator Perez tried to lighten the room. "Mr. Kewl several senators on this committee have tried to confuse the people watching that in your job as campaign manager you have no other choice but to go along with the person you are working for. We both know that is wrong. The direction in which a campaign goes is set by the campaign manager. True or false?"

"Senator Perez that question cannot be answered true or false and you know that. A campaign manager gives guidance to the person that is running for a political position, but the decision on how the message is going to go out and how the campaign is going to be run is made by the candidate that is asking for the votes. They are the ones that will get the good or bad press, so they have to be the one making the decisions."

"Mr. Kewl I believe you are lying to this committee. Every time I have run for my seat, my campaign manager decides on the message. He decides how I should run and what I should say because, like you, he knows what the people need. So we both know what you just said under oath is a lie, do you want to change your answer?"

"No senator I don't because what I said is the truth. However, I would like to say if your campaign manager is the one making all the decisions, he should be the one sitting up there not you." The chamber broke out into laughter. Senator Perez kept slamming his gavel, but it didn't quiet the people in the gallery down. It took over five minutes before that happened.

"That is enough Mr. Kewl! We are not going to turn these proceedings into a circus." Senator Perez scolded Rich for almost ten minutes. When he was done with Rich, he turned his attention to the gallery and scolded them for another five minutes. By the time he was done scolding, his time was pretty much up, so he adjourned the confirmation hearings.

The press was the first up and they reached Rich before he was able to push in his chair. Rich wasn't really paying attention to what was going on behind him. His attention was on Senator Cruz. They made eye contact several times with each other after he had his turn to ask questions of Rich. After that, both of them kept stealing glances at each other.

Even as Senator Cruz walked out of the chamber, he turned and looked at Rich a couple of times. Once he went through the doors, Rich turned to leave, but ran into a wall of reporters. Just like he did when he walked in for the second half of his day, he politely said no comment and told the members of the press corps that he will make a statement after the hearings end. They didn't like it, but accepted it letting him through.

Meantime back in El Paso, Officer Mooney walked into his precinct with every eye on him. When he walked into the locker room, every officer that was in there stood up and started applauding. Nick smiled as he made his way to his locker to start and get ready for his shift. Before he could even put his bag down, several of his fellow officers that went through the academy with him walked over and started asking him questions about the sting.

"Hold on guys, just hold on! I know you have a lot of questions, but you need to give me chance to answer them before you ask me another." Officer Mooney patted his best friend on the shoulder as he looked at his other friends. "Where do I even start?" Nick playfully scratched his head. "I won't bore you with what you know. I will tell you what you don't."

Nick sat down and started to strip off his street clothes. "Everyone knows that there were several minutes that no one knew what was going on and there are several stories about what exactly went on in that time. Let me clear up what's true and what's not." The guys started to laugh as Nick winked at them.

"I won't lie to you, when I ran into that guard, I was shitting bricks. Then when he walked up to me and started to search me and he found the wire, I thought I was dead. The look on that guy's face was a look we all heard about in the academy from veteran officers, but never believed it to be the truth. I can tell you here and now, they were telling the truth. That guy had a look on his face like he was out of his mind crazy. He didn't care about himself. All he cared about was killing me.

So when the guy charged, I really can't say what happened. All I know is what I was thinking and that was I want to walk out of here alive. So I remembered everything that we were taught and man, I think I went through the book that day." Everyone started laughing.

"The first punch connected, and it threw me off balance, but I quickly recovered. I dodged the second punch and at the same time I landed one of my own in his gut. He was grasping for air, and I knew if I had a chance to take him down, this was it. So I walked over to him, grabbed his head, and with all my strength pulled it down towards my knee as I rose it up. When his head hit my knee that was it for him, he was out.

That big guy fell back like a tree when you cut it down. And yes boys, if a tree falls in a forest and if no one is around to hear, it, you do hear it." The officers once again broke out in laughter. "Because man let me tell you, this guy was built like a tree. I didn't think he would go down, but when he did, he shook the house."

"Is that when the backup team stormed in?" A veteran officer asked as he walked up.

"Oh no, they were out there waiting for me to say the code word, except my wire was ripped out. So here I am on my knees in the middle of the hallway of this child porn ring putting together my radio. Guys are starting to realize that something is up and were running out of there like the place was on fire. That is when the backup team came in. I guess by seeing all these guys, some half naked, running out of the house, something must be wrong.

They came storming in placing everyone they saw under arrest. When they got to me, I was still on the floor playing around with my recording device." One of the officers asked Mooney what he did then. "I got up from the floor and joined the others on arresting who we could catch. I didn't want to look like the rookie I am, on the floor scrambling to put together my radio to give the code word."

"Rookie or not, what you did in there was one fine job." The veteran officer that asked about the backup team interrupted. He playfully jabbed Mooney as he turned to walk back to his locker. "Many of us veterans have never been in a position like you were last night. So don't let any of us put you down Nick. In my mind you earned your stripes out there yesterday."

"That's right! Officer Mooney did earn his stripes out there yesterday." Everyone stood at attention as the watch commander and Detective Alvarez walked in. "This guy was able to do something last night that most of you in here won't do in your entire career. Because he didn't lose his nerve, we were able to take down a child porn ring last night, the biggest this city has ever seen."

The watch commander walked up to Nick and placed his hands on the young officer's shoulders. "When you are done dressing, Detective Alvarez and I would like to see you in my office. I have already informed the desk sergeant that you will be tied up with Detective Alvarez today, so not to count you absent when he takes roll call."

Nick looked at Alvarez and then back over to his watch commander promising them he will be there as soon as he changes. With that, the watch commander and Alvarez walked back out of the dressing room, leaving the officers in there to continue as they were. Nick quickly changed and headed out. The other officers wished him good luck as he passed them.

He had no idea why he was being wished good luck because by the sounds of it, he is not in trouble. When he got to the watch commanders office, his secretary told him that they were waiting for him in briefing room one. Nick thanked the secretary as he turned around and walked over to the briefing room. The closer he got to the room, the more his mind ran away on him on why he was asked to join them. He started to think he was in trouble.

Knowing he had no choice, he reached out with a sweaty hand and turned the door knob. Slowly he opened the door and looked in. The watch commander was the first to see him and wave him to come in. Pushing back his worries, Nick opened the door completely, walked in, and closing the door behind him before walking over to the group in front of the monitor.

At first, Nick had no idea what they were watching, but it only took him a few minutes to start placing the rooms. It was the house he was in. However, he didn't remember seeing any cameras in the house as he walked through, but he also remembered he wasn't looking for them. His job was to look for any illegal activity and having cameras on the wall isn't illegal.

The closer he got to the television the screen, the more he was able to see what they were looking at. They were going through a tape that had the comings and goings of the house. Nick didn't understand why they were looking at it, but didn't ask any questions. He didn't want to damage any good will he has built with his commanders by asking stupid questions.

After standing there for about ten minutes, the watch commander turned around and brought Nick into the conversation. "Young Officer Mooney here as we all know played a key role on bringing down this child porn ring. I figure since he went in there without being asked twice, he should stay on this case until it is wrapped up completely."

Detective Alvarez agreed, along with the others in the briefing room. "What we have here Officer Mooney is hundreds of hours of tapes with people who went to that house. We want to see if we can catch others in the act of breaking the law. However, we might not get them all seeing as all we have is a video, not names that go with the faces on these videos."

"How about their method of payment?" Everyone looked at the young officer, and because of all the eyes in the room were on him, he felt naked. "I mean this was illegal, but they were making money off out of their illegal activities. Maybe some of them actually were dumb enough to pay with their credit cards."

"Please forgive my young officer, he still has a lot to learn." Detective Alvarez walked over to Nick and placed his arm on Nick's shoulder. "The one thing he has to learn is that businesses like these doesn't take credit cards. They are pure cash business. If those who visit this place don't have cash, they don't get to enjoy the merchandise."

Nick nodded his head as he looked over at the tape. It wasn't long before all the others in the room were looking at the tape as well. As Nick sat there looking at the video, he decided to never again ask a question that he didn't know the answer to. He wants to grow in the department, and asking dumb questions is a sure way of staying where he is; a street cop.

As Officer Mooney and the other higher commands of his precinct were looking over the video, school had just let out for Josh. He was happy that the day was over and couldn't wait to get home and practice with his band. As he walked toward his locker, he heard Eric calling out for him. He didn't stop, just kept going. As soon as he got his locker open, Eric and Bernice got there.

"Didn't you hear me calling your name Josh?" Eric said as he was gasping for air. "I was calling for you the minute I saw you walking out of your classroom, but you kept walking."

Josh turned and looked Eric in the eyes. "I heard you, but I figured if you have something to tell me and it's important, you will come to my locker. Both of you guys know where my locker is and know that is where I was going. There was no need for me to stop in the middle of the hallway and hold up others that want to get out of here as fast as I do. So what is it that can't wait until tomorrow?"

"Well I don't think we are ok from this morning's conversation. You feel that we were wrong with what we did and we don't. I want to clear the air before we go home because we both know what happens when we don't do that. We've been friends far too long to let something like this tear us apart."

Closing his locker door, and spinning his combination lock, Josh started walking. "Let me make this as simple as possible. I've had time to think since we talked this morning on what you did, and I realized a couple of things. One of which was I didn't ask you guys what you wanted before talking to Jacob. I just took matters into my own hands and did what I normally do and that is to take things over. I promise I won't do that anymore or at least I'll try.

Anyway, I realized that and also realized that you guys want to be independent, not owe anyone anything. If you didn't, you would have taken my offer for me to pay for everything. So I was the one in the wrong this morning and I'm not afraid to admit it."

Eric and Bernice were stunned to hear Josh saying that. They thought they were going to have to fight him to change his mind. They even had their plan worked out before coming to Josh where they wouldn't be caught off guard again as they were this morning when Josh got mad over what they did.

"So, I think there's no need to talk about that subject, unless you guys want me to apologize for the way I acted in front of the others tomorrow." Josh turned to see Eric and Bernice shaking their heads. "Good, then the subject is dropped. Cesar and I have to get home because we don't want to keep my band waiting."

Not letting either Eric or Bernice have a chance to bring up another subject, Josh shook their hands, followed by Cesar and they got into the SUV. Still stunned on how the conversation unfolded Eric and Bernice didn't budge from where they were standing. They stood there watching as Josh, Cesar and their brothers drove off. It took them hearing Father Gomez yelling for them to snap out of it.

They turned, ran across the street and jumped into the car. Father Gomez asked them what they were doing that they didn't hear him yelling a couple of times, but they didn't answer. By the third time asking, he gave up and changed the subject to how they were feeling on their first day at a new job. That got them talking. All the way to the Taco Bell all they talked about was how different things are going to be, or at least hope they are going to be.

When they arrived, they said their goodbyes and got out of the car, leaving their backpacks in the back seat. Father Gomez sat there watching them as they walked into the restaurant. Even after he couldn't see them anymore, he didn't stop staring at the doors. He sat there in his car for almost twenty minutes, making sure his family didn't need him for anything.

While Father Gomez sat in his car, Eric and Bernice walked in asking for the person Ana told them to contact. They didn't have to wait that long for her to come up, and when she did, they both knew at that moment things were going to be a whole lot different. The store manager not only greeted them with a huge smile, but she was laughing and carrying on how they were her life saver.

"You guys can't image how badly I need employees for the evening shift. For some reason I can't seem to keep them, along with my managers." The store manager winked at Eric and Bernice. "Who knows, if you guys show me what Ana believes you can do, you might be running this shift within a couple of months."

Eric looked at Bernice and then back at the store manager, Teresa Fernandez. He never imagined climbing the ranks in the part time job he and Bernice were getting. All he wanted was a job that they could work at without any problems like they had at Taco Tote. There is no doubt now in his mind that they are not going to have the same experience here.

Mrs. Fernandez had Eric and Bernice fill out their applications and then their hiring package. Once they were done with all the paperwork and Mrs. Fernandez got copies of their ID'S and social security numbers, she took them back and got them three sets of uniforms and a hat. Then sent them to the restrooms to change.

Both Eric and Bernice were excited and couldn't believe how fast things were going. They whispered to each other as they walked to the restrooms. Once they got there, they broke apart and went into their own restroom. To Bernice' surprise, she beat Eric out, but didn't dare go back without him. She only had to wait about five more minutes, and when he came out, she teased him for being slower than her all the way back to the counter.

When they met back up with Teresa, she showed them around the store, starting with the store room and ended up at the front line. Seeing how talkative and how active they were, she decided to put them on the register. She needs friendly voices and kind faces like theirs to be the first thing the customers hear and see when they walk in.

At first Eric was nervous when he started working alongside the cashier he was assigned to shadow. Not only was it something he has not done before, but it was the drive thru, the busiest cash register in the store. He tried to catch on as fast as he could, but the speed the cashier was going, he was more in the way than anything else.

He finally gave up and decided to help by getting the drinks the drive thru cashier needed. Once he got that under control, he started helping out the drive thru steamer on putting the orders together. Before he knew it, he was getting a hang of reading the screen and the stuffing counter, two things he was not there to learn.

Finally when the evening rush started to slow down, the drive thru cashier pulled Eric aside and started to show him the keys on the register. When the cashier thought Eric was ready to take his first order, he went to the back and got one of the spare headsets and handed it to Eric when he got back with a big grin on his face.

"You catch on quick buddy, so why don't you take the next order." Eric looked at the cashier as if he was out of his mind. "Don't worry Eric, speed will come to you in time, but the keys you caught onto already. Just breath, stay calm and be polite. Everything else will just come to you as you talk to the customer."

Nodding his head, Eric put on the headset. It wasn't long after that they heard the ping and then those in the car talking. "Um, goooood aft-afternoooon, welcome toooo Taco Bell, how may, may I help you?" Eric choked out. The cashier that was training him whispered that he was doing fine through the headsets.

Eric started to freak because he thought that the customer heard what was just said. Ryan, the trainer, walked up to Eric and patted him on the shoulder and directed him to look down at the box at their side. He explained that button A was to speak to the customers outside, and button B was to talk to each other, and the customers outside wouldn't hear them.

After the explanation, Eric breathed a little easier. He then told himself that he needed to remember that stuff. Just as he made the mental note, the customers in the car started to give their order, but Eric didn't understand half of what they said. Still a little nervous, Eric asked the customer to repeat his order.

"Yes I want to order the ten pack of tacos, with ten bean burritos." Eric looked down at the register for the key for ten pack tacos, pressed it, and then looked for the key for ten pack burritos and pushed it. "Oh, I have a question for you. I saw a commercial about this new taco you guys have called the soft taco, are you already selling them?" Eric looked at Ryan who nodded his head and in return Eric told the customer yes. "Then I would like to have a ten pack of those as well, and that completes my order."

Eric looked down at the key pad, but couldn't find the button for the ten pack of soft tacos. By the time he found it, the customer had already driven up to the window. Nervously, Eric opened the drive through window and repeated the order back to him. When he got the confirmation he had the order right, he gave the amount due. As the customer was going through his wallet for the money, he looked up at Eric with a smile.

"You're new, aren't you?" Eric nodded. "Well you're doing a very good job. I don't want to make anything hard on you, but I was wondering if it was okay that I add two orders of cinnamon sticks as well."

Eric went back to his cash register and added the two orders of cinnamon sticks, got the new total and leaned back out and informed the customer. With a big smile on his face, he handed Eric the exact change, and as he counted it out, he asked the customer if he wanted to add any drink to his order. To his surprise the customer did.

Just as he cashed out the order, the food had already been prepared and on his counter to hand to the customer. Shaking, he grabbed the boxes containing the tacos, handed them to the customer, then the bag with the burritos and finally the drinks. When he was done, he wished the customer a good evening and shut the drive through window.

"That was perfect Eric! You are a natural at this. The quicker you pick this up, the quicker I can get back to what I like doing and that is the steam counter." Ryan patted Eric on the back as he walked past him over to the steam counter to help out the one working there to clean up.

Eric just stood there, shaking, watching Ryan and the other employee cleaning up all the mess from the rush, then restocking everything that was low. Once he got his footing, he joined in and started helping. They got a couple of customers as they were cleaning up, and Eric took care of them all by himself, which made Ryan feel even more confidant that he is going to only spend days training him, not the two weeks Teresa said.

After getting through the second wave of the evening rush, Eric and Bernice were allowed to take their break at the same time. Since they were working just four hours, they were only allowed fifteen minutes, which was plenty of time to eat.

While they sat there eating their free employee meal, they talked about their experiences they had already working the cash registers. Bernice was jealous of Eric because her trainer hasn't let her run the register by herself yet. Eric felt for her, and stopped talking about how different it was actually doing the job than watching another doing it.

Bernice liked that Eric cared that much about her that he stopped talking about how his evening was going. She tried to steer the conversation back to him running drive thru, but he kept it on other things. Before they knew it, their break was over and they had to get back to work. As they separated, Eric wished Bernice good luck and promised her that he would keep his fingers crossed that she gets a chance to work the registers.

The rest of their shift flew by faster than the beginning. It wasn't that they were busier as far as customers. It was because they were being trained on other parts of the store as they worked their registers when a customer walked in. Bernice was able to run the register on her own, and loved it, just like Eric did.

The rest of the week was about the same. Eric and Bernice went straight from school to work and then home with enough time before bed to do their homework and get ready for the next day. They didn't wear their uniform to work, but when they got to their store, the first thing they did was go to the restrooms and change.

Eric was running drive thru alone by Thursday and Bernice was running her counter register alone as well. They were exactly what Teresa thought they would be; great employees. At the same time, she couldn't figure out why their last employer, Taco Tote, would let them go without a fight. Not wanting to dig into it, she let it go.

Rich was having the roughest of days in his career. He was prepared for it, but hoped that he was overreacting to how things were going to go when he and his team started to prepare for this hearing. However, now he can see how right he was. The republican senators were trying to do whatever they could to stop his confirmation.

The biggest problem they had with him was not that he didn't have experience or was gay, it was that he was nominated by a governor they hate. Everything to this point they tried to do to disrupt his work, hadn't worked. Now they are putting all their power and effort to destroy his nomination, which is making them look bad in Rich's eyes.

While the Republicans were trying to de-rail his nomination, the Democrats were doing everything they could to get his nomination pushed through to the floor for a full vote. They tried to keep the process on point, with questions that made sense. Questions that made Rich look like the best candidate for the position.

The one thing that brightened Rich's day was Senator Cruz. He could not wait until it was his turn to ask him questions because that was the only time he could hold eye contact with the guy he is falling for. And by the looks of it, the Senator has the same feelings. Unless you are looking for the signs, you can't pick up on them. That was one of many things Rich liked about the Senator, he didn't broadcast to the world he is gay.

By the time the hearing was adjourned on Thursday afternoon, Rich made up his mind that he was going to go and talk to Senator Cruz. After watching the Senator exit out of the chambers, as he did the day before, he left, running into the press. After telling them the same thing he has told them before, he pushed through, thanking them and walked out of the chamber.

By the time he got out, he didn't see the Senator anywhere. Not wanting the press to catch on he was looking for someone, he made his way to his car, but this time he was not heading back to his office, instead he was heading for the Senator's office. He tried to take the back streets in order to make sure he wasn't followed.

Josh was busy getting to know his band. He knew it was going to be a chore because everyone had their own way of doing things. Because of that, whenever a group of people, no matter if it is all guys, girls or a mixture, things tend to be a little rough at first. It also doesn't matter how young or old the people are, things don't go perfect at first.

To Josh's surprise, everyone hit it off with everyone else in the group. There was no arguing or who was more important than whom; everyone just wanted to play music and that is exactly what they did. They started to put down the first track of Josh's second CD. It didn't take them long to get that done, and they moved on to the second track.

As they were making the CD, Josh was getting to know each of his band members. They were all in their early twenties, with no one past twenty four. Josh liked that. He made a mental note to thank Ivan for getting guys close to his age. It had to be hard because guys his age normally want to play rock or something like that, not country. These guys not only had no problem playing country, they appeared to love it.

Redd, Josh's bass player was the oldest one of the group. He has only just turned twenty four. When he was nineteen, he got his high school girlfriend pregnant and married her. He loved her and was going to propose to her at the end of the month when he got the news, except her announcement beat him to the punch.

Josh thought that maybe his wife's parents were against the marriage, but according to Redd, they weren't. They always liked him, even if playing in a band was his career choice. That changed even more for the better when he told them that he was hired to be part of one of the Governor's kid's band. He didn't even have to tell them which kid, they already knew.

Harley, Josh's lead guitar player was the youngest in the group. He had just turned eighteen. Unlike Redd, he didn't have a high school sweetheart. He played the field and loved it, which Josh could see why, the guy was knockout gorgeous. When he looked at you with his deep stare, he could make any girl or gay guy melt and do whatever he wanted. If Josh was not madly in love with Cesar, and Harley played ball on his side of the fence, he would definitely have tried to go out with him.

There was Oscar, his drummer. He was the joker of the group. A day didn't go by when he didn't have something up his sleeve for everyone in the group. Josh quickly got used to him and was ready for whatever joke he came up with. A couple of times Josh was able to get him back with a joke or two of his own.

Put aside the joking, Oscar did get serious when it was time to play music, which was very unusual for a twenty year old. He also wasn't married, but didn't play the field either. That surprised Josh because of the way he was with the group, joking, but with his love life, he was the opposite. A couple of times the others teased him about his love life, but when they saw he wasn't taking it too well, they let it go.

Huntley, The keyboard player was the hardest to figure out. The only thing Josh really knew about him was his age, twenty one and he loved country music. Other than that, he kept tight lipped about everything else. There were times Josh could swear he saw the guy looking at him the way he and Cesar look at each other. However, each time he would catch him, he would quickly turn away and try to play off that he was looking at something around Josh, but not Josh. Josh new better, but never called him on it.

The three backup singers kept to themselves, but Josh did find out a little about each of them. First there was Rooney, who was twenty two, married and already had one kid and another on the way, both boys. Josh teased him at the rate he was going with kids, he was going to have ten before he was thirty.

Veronica was also married, but had no kids and had no plans on having any, anytime soon. She was twenty one, very easy going. Being the only woman in the group, she didn't take any offense when the guys were being guys. That made it easy for everyone because they didn't have to watch what they were saying and how they were saying it.

And finally there was Alonzo, the loner of the group. He was nineteen, always wore black, and never really got into the joking the guys did. At the same time he never took offense to it either. Josh figured he would open up as he got to know everyone. Until then, he had to be satisfied knowing his age and his favorite color, black.

By the time they wrapped up their session on Thursday, Josh was sure that he was going to get along with everyone Ivan had chosen for him. The only way they would ever leave the band is either by their own free will or they do something stupid that meant Josh's security couldn't allow them to continue. They all promised not to do anything stupid, but they are a band of young kids that will soon be going on the road meeting their fans. No matter how hard they try to stay away from trouble, trouble will find them Josh thought.

As soon as they left, Josh joined Cesar for some alone time. First they did their homework, before eventually ending up on the bed cuddling. This eventually turned into a heavy session, which resulted in them being unable to keep their hands off each other.

At the same time they would gently move their hands up each other's legs, pause at the thighs, and then continue, not stopping until they felt the tip of the others dick. Since they hadn't had sex in days, it didn't take much to get each other going. A simple touch, a kiss on the lips, a nibble on the ear sprung their dicks into action.

Josh and Cesar really wanted to make love to each other, but they knew it was about time for them to go to bed. No matter how hard they try to be quiet when they are making love, they just can't do it. Their moans or the head board hitting the wall could be heard in the adjoining rooms, which means their brothers would tease them all through breakfast.

Reluctantly, they let each other go and started to get ready for bed. As they stripped, they were looking at each other. They saw that the other was aroused when they pulled down their pants. Still, they were able to keep themselves from jumping over the bed and throwing the other on the mattress and have their way with each other, at least until they were down to only their boxers and socks.

Josh couldn't take it anymore! He almost flew over the bed and tackled Cesar. When they landed on the mattress, Cesar was laughing as Josh lowered his head to kiss him. As their lips met, Josh started to brush Cesar's hair out of his face. Little by little, Josh moved his right hand down Cesar's face, trying to caress every inch of it along the way. When he reached Cesar's neck, he stopped and lifted his hand. When it came down again, it was on top of Cesar's hard dick, fighting to get out.

Cesar moved his head to the right, breaking the kiss. "Hey handsome, it's about time that you began taking advantage of me. I was getting worried that you didn't find me attractive anymore with all those hot guys in your band." Cesar looked Josh straight in his eyes as he raised his right hand and started to lightly tap Josh on the nose.

"I'll never fall out of love with you. I don't care how handsome a guy is that's around me. They can't be any more handsome than you." Josh leaned down and gave Cesar a peck on the lips a couple of times. "I've told you this several times, and I'll tell you again, you are my world. There is no way I can live a second without you at my side."

That put a huge smile on Cesar's face. He didn't respond, he just wrapped his arms around Josh and held him tight as he lifted his head so their lips met. Once they did, Cesar gently rolled over until Josh was on the bottom and then broke the kiss. He softly kissed his way down to Josh's chest, spending equal time on each nipple, before continuing down to his belly button, where he stayed making Josh go crazy.

After Josh couldn't take it any longer, Cesar moved on. He gently put his hands on Josh's waist and thrashed it back and forth, driving Josh mad. Cesar could see that his handsome boyfriend was about to unload his sweet juice any minute if he didn't stop what he was doing.

He leaned back and stared at the handsome specimen lying there before him. From top to bottom, he couldn't believe how cute the guy he was so madly in love with is. Josh didn't say a word or move an inch as Cesar sat there between his legs, looking him over. He just laid there with his eyes closed, enjoying everything that was happening to him.

Cesar leaned forward just a little, reached out and placed his fingers under the waist band of his boxer briefs. Once he had his fingers in there, he slowly started to pull them down. The moment he got Josh's underwear past his dick, it came out, hard as a rock, leaking a steady stream of pre cum.

It took everything Cesar had not to go down on Josh right there and then, but he held off. He slowly moved Josh's underwear down his thighs, past his knees and finally to his feet. Once he got them there, Cesar lifted up Josh's right leg, pulling the underwear off, and then picked up his left leg, doing the same. As soon as he had his boyfriend's underwear off, he tossed them onto the pile of clothes in the corner.

Josh still hadn't opened his eyes or moved an inch. He loved the way Cesar was treating him, with love and gentleness, Cesar looked up at his face and saw a big smile, telling him that he was satisfying his boyfriend. He turned his attention back down to Josh's legs. He lifted up the right leg beginning to caress it.

As his hands went up the leg, he bent down and started to kiss it. Josh started to move around the bed like a fish out of water. Cesar stopped and looked up, but all he could see is Josh's dick standing straight up, leaking more pre cum than ever. With lust in his eyes, Cesar went back to what he was doing.

Once he kissed all the way up Josh's right leg, he put it down doing the same thing to his left leg. The only difference this time was that when he reached Josh's nut sac, he didn't go back down. He gently dropped his leg, and took the nut sac into his mouth, gently sucking on each ball, making Josh leak even more.

Not wanting to have Josh explode all over his chest, he let his boyfriend's sac out of his mouth before turning his attention to the one item he wanted, Josh's dick. Slowly he licked up his dick, making sure he got every drop of pre cum. Once he cleaned one side, he did the same thing to the other and didn't stop until he had every drop that was there.

When Cesar felt he got all of his pre cum, he gently grabbed hold of Josh's dick, and slowly lowered his mouth onto it. He didn't stop until he had all of it inside. As soon as he did, he slowly started to come up, but didn't let it completely out of his mouth. Just as he got to Josh's tip, he went right back down, driving his lover crazy.

Little by little Cesar gained speed. Once he was bobbing up and down, Josh started to whisper that he was cumming. The closer he got, the more he grabbed out at Cesar. Just as he reached his climax, Josh grabbed hold of Cesar's head holding it in place as he started to shoot his cum. Cesar of course didn't mind. He swallowed every bit of seed that Josh was shooting, which was a lot since they hadn't had sex for a while.

When Josh had finished shooting, he fell back onto the mattress, trying to catch his breath. However, Cesar wanted more. He kept sucking on Josh's dick. It didn't take long before he was fully hard again shooting yet another load. Cesar took the second load as he did the first, swallowing every drop.

Cesar reluctantly let Josh's dick fall from his mouth when he couldn't get any more of the milkshake he loved. Sitting there between Josh's legs, Cesar looked on as his boyfriend's dick start to go soft. He hated seeing that, but didn't want to kill his boyfriend off plus, he knew he could have him whenever he wanted.

Deep in thought, Cesar didn't see Josh lean forward. He didn't realize Josh had got his breath back until he felt his hands pull him up to his feet, before tossing him down on the mattress. By the time he was able to react, Josh was between his legs, slowly pulling down his underwear.

Just like Josh, when Cesar's underwear passed his dick, it flew out, with pre cum flying all over the place. Josh wanted Cesar's dick so badly, he didn't do any foreplay like Cesar did to him. He tossed the underwear over to the side of the room, and immediately leaned forward, taking Cesar's balls into his mouth.

Cesar moans were getting louder and louder as Josh was sucking on his balls, reaching out, he grabbed a pillow putting it over his face to muffle the moans. The more Josh sucked Cesar's balls, the more pre cum leaked out. When Josh finally let Cesar's balls fall from his mouth, Cesar was leaking a steady stream of juice.

Josh did the same thing Cesar had done, licked up and down each side of Cesar's dick like a lollypop, getting every bit of the pre cum. It didn't take him long to clean Cesar up. As soon as he did, he lowered his mouth onto Cesar's dick and didn't stop until his nose was touching his pubic hairs, which got Josh hard once again.

Slowly he came up, and just like Cesar, when he reached the tip of the dick, he went right back down. Little by little he gained speed until Cesar was yelling out that he was about to cum. Josh started to slow down, but it was too late, Cesar had reached his climax. There was nothing Josh was able to do to keep his boyfriend from shooting.

Cesar's toes curled up, his legs went tense, as he started to shoot into Josh's mouth. As the first shots hit the back of his mouth, he had got Josh so wound up that he shot for the third time all over the comforter. He was moaning as he was swallowing all of Cesar's cum. Never before has he felt what he is feeling right now making love with the man he loves with all of his heart.

As soon as they were both drained, Josh went back to work on Cesar. He wanted a second serving, like he gave his boyfriend. And just like him, it didn't like long for Cesar to get hard again and shoot another load. Josh loved it, and didn't want it to end. When it did, he felt a little emptier inside, more so when Cesar's dick slipped out of his mouth.

Josh got up from the floor and lay down on the bed next to Cesar. They didn't say word to each other. All they did was lay there in silence, trying to catch their breath. When they did, they got up, cleaned themselves up the best they could with a warm washcloth before crawling back into bed, neither bothering to put their underwear back on.

Cesar pulled Josh as close as he could to him and then wrapped his arms around him. With the light from the moon coming through the curtains, they were able to see each other. At the same time they whispered `I love you' and then kissed. They held the kiss for almost five minutes and when they broke it, they just stared at each other until they fell asleep.



{Welcome back everyone to another filled chapter of "Shadow of My Father." I know I say this every time in this corner, but it is always true, this was a full chapter. A lot happened with several of the characters in this story. I don't even know where to begin as far as my summation, but I figure the beginning is the best place to start.

Many of you thought that you had the answer as far as why Patrick's father was arrested, and you might have been right, but I am evil and I might have changed where that plot was heading. I am sorry, but you guys know I love keeping you on your toes.

Patrick's father really lost it when he went to go and see his daughter. I wonder if there was no one there to stop him, would he have stopped or would he have continued to beat on her until he had killed her. Thankfully we will never know that answer since there were people there to stop him.

I really hope now that he is already in jail, Patrick, his brother and sister actually do press charges against him for what he did to them when they were younger. However, they might have waited too long to do that as far as statute of limitations are concerned. Sometimes the laws in this country allow the worst of the worst to get away with murder.

It looks like Josh realized he over-reacted to what Eric and Bernice did. Come on guys, many of you were upset with him on how he reacted. Keep in mind. He is a teenager who hasn't had the hard knocks in life as many of us have already. At least he is learning and admitted when he was wrong like he did in this chapter.

Eric and Bernice seem to be getting along very well at their new job, I am happy for them. They deserve that after what happened to them at Taco Tote. I just hope that good luck they are having at their new job lasts. Again I am an evil author and I might let the past come back to haunt them. Remember Teresa, the store manager was wondering why Taco Tote didn't fight to keep them. I planted that seed; let's see where I go with it.

For those that have never worked at Taco Bell, let me tell you a little bit about the positions there that I wrote in this chapter. A steamer is a person that actually works with the hot parts of the food, like the meat, beans, red sauce and etc. The stuffer is a person that works with the cold parts of the food item like the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and etc. The cashier is position you all know. Eventually I might talk about the back jobs, but when I do, you will know what I am talking about. I felt I needed to explain those other two positions a little bit for those that have never worked at Taco Bell.

Rich is finally going through his confirmation. It looks like once again the Republican Party is out to get the Governor and the Democratic Party is trying to help him. It is sad that the Governor's own party doesn't seem to want to support him or anything he is trying to do. All of the tricks the Republican Party is pulling will come and bite them in the ass because they are forgetting one very important thing; the Governor is very popular with the voters. He is still polling in the low ninety's, so they'd better watch out.

By the looks of it, Rich has finally found someone that he likes. I really hope it works out for him because he deserves it. Everyone in the story has a partner except him. In order for you to find out if it does, you will have to return and see in the chapters to come.

Josh loves his band and can't seem to find anything wrong with any of them. I hope everyone in the band is what they appear to be and don't turn out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Josh deserves to have a break in his life. He has already had enough go wrong that many of us don't get in a life time. However, yes there is a however, there are a lot of little seeds I planted there that can cause problems. I hope you all caught those.

Finally the ending, the love scene! It has been a while since I wrote up a love scene, but I felt it was high time that I did. I hope you enjoyed it. It wasn't a heavy sex scene, but it was one that you can see their youth and their love they have for each other. I don't see anything out there that will break them apart, but who knows, I am evil, LOL!

I certainly don't have an evil streak in my body when I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you a Happy Holiday and a great 2012. I hope you `all come back next year for some great chapters.

So much going on in this story and not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Trevor will take care of it in his corner. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all didn't forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, the ride is just beginning!

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}



Another fine chapter from Jacob as always. His devious mind made sure that the cliffhanger went in a different direction when you all told him the obvious. Mind you seriously, Patrick's father does need to be punished as much as the law will allow for the way he has treated his children all these years. He is an evil man and I hope he gets what he deserves.

Eric and Bernice were surprised that Josh admitted he was in the wrong and now that uneasiness which existed is gone. Their jobs at Taco Bell look like going well too. After all they are two dedicated hard workers which we noticed when they worked at the dreaded Taco Tote.

Meanwhile Rich has been having a harrowing time, but it is good to note that just and only just he may have found the man of his dreams in Senator Cruz. I hope so, he has been without a boyfriend for quite a while. I just hope everything works out just fine for the both of them.

We also notice in this chapter what a dirty game politics is and the Republicans are doing their very best to bring poor Rich down. Yet I am sure he will be an excellent lieutenant governor especially working alongside his old boss and with Al and Johnny Walker in there as well the state of Texas as a great team at the helm.

It also looks like Josh has a great band line-up with seven dedicated musicians who love what they do best, make music. No matter how talented an artist is bad band backing can ruin them.

No cliffhanger over the holidays? Instead a loving sex scene. Jacob really does capture those sexy tender moments and I think he should write more of these scenes himself through the year. Mind you I will personally feel deprived, because that is one of the things I love doing in this job.

Because this will be the last posting before the New Year I would like to thank each and every one of you who have e-mailed me or posted comments on my stories or my editing. It is believe me always appreciated.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and may 2012 be everything you wish it to be.





The posting of the final edited version of this chapter is a day late. I was traveling on Thursday, the 22nd. I am in western North Carolina visiting my daughter and her family for Christmas. Now, I love my daughter and her husband, but my main focus is my nearly four year old grandson. I'm having an incredibly awesome time with him!

I am so glad that Bernice and Eric found a job where they can be happy at work. I've been in bad employment situations and that can be nearly as bad as being stuck in a bad relationship. The misery invades every aspect of a person's life. It seems they are already justifying Anna's confidence. Will they be able to move up to shift leaders or assistant manager positions? If one or the other does get that promotion, will it result in stress to their relationship? It is never good to have one in a couple subordinate to the other.

Yes, the republicans are going after one of their own. As we approach 2012, the events in this chapter parallel the predatory nature of politics in real life. Not even those that are disinterested in politics are going to be able to avoid the politicians behaving badly for the next eleven months. It's going to be ugly.

Rich is holding his ground admirably in the confirmation hearing. He and his staff evidently did a good job of preparing him for the grilling. I really liked Rich's response regarding the question of his lack of experience in elected office. There is no college degree or training program to prequalify a person to serve in elected office, no matter if a person is running to be the leader of the free world or a lower, local office. The republicans on the confirmation committee were sure they could topple Rich's credibility on either the question of his sexuality or his core beliefs. Those that were out to undermine Rich's bid for office were arrogantly sure they could get him to waffle. They were sure that they could get him to reveal some hidden agenda. Whereas Rich and his staff did their preparation, it seems that those that are out to torpedo Rich's confirmation failed to do theirs. I'm sure that there's more intrigue and drama to come with the hearings and then the debates and vote for confirmation.

Josh, once again, showed his depth of character. He realized his was over the top with his feelings and reaction to Eric and Bernice's declining the offer for pre-arranged jobs. He also revealed that he realizes that he can be too hands-on (manipulative) when dealing with issues his close friends might have.

It sounds like Josh's band is a good mix. Whenever you put a group of creative type people together, there will be tension at some point. In this case, musicians are deeply passionate (and therefore opinionated) about their work. I hope that Josh has the leadership skills to deal with the balancing of personalities and differing points of view which are certain to come at some point.

As I type it is early morning Christmas Eve and the end of 2011 is just days away. I look back over the year and for me, there hasn't been a dull moment all year. The "Jacob Sagas" have been a true blessing in my life. I have made some wonderful friends.

I hope that each and every one of you has a fantastic Christmas. I wish you all a happy, prosperous and love-filled New Year.

Until Next Year,

"Daddy" Rick