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My name is Shawn Mulvaney. I am one fucken cute sixteen year old cocksucken gay boy and I'm....I was proud of it. I, uh, well...let me finish up about me then I'll tell you about my fucked up life. Like I said, I'm sixteen. I stand five foot eleven inches. I weigh one hundred and fifty six pounds and I'm solid. Yeah, I have the muscles to make male or female look twice and many boys lick their lips and their cocks twitch and leak. Okay so I live in a dream world. But face it, why wouldn't they want this bod? It is to die for, really. I have a beautiful six pack, huge biceps, nice, defined pecs with tiny flesh colored aureoles topped by little nipples. I don't look like some steroid induced wannbe trany. I'm not trying to be anything but male and I don't care to show my feminine side. The only thing on me that might be construed as feminine is my cock loving mouth and maybe my dick starved ass. Albeit that only one, I might add huge, cock has ever found a permanent home there. Believe me, that boy's dick could rest there anytime but he is not around where he has access anymore. Oh, one more thing. I'm not bragging, you are welcome to measure it for yourself, I have a true seven and three quarter inch long cock. I'm uncut and my dick is a very thick six inch diameter. That's two inches across, I measured it with a micrometer that a machinist friend of mine has. I bet him a blow job, in his shop and his jaw hurt for two days but he knew how big I am. Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, I'm blonde, but not dumb, I'm on the honor role, seven semesters straight. I have a perfect 4.0 grade average and am a senior in high school. I got bumped up a year in third grade because I already knew my multiplication tables and could do long division in my head. I go to a combined junior senior highschool, which is rare these days but it is what they call a magnet school for gifted kids. If they only knew my gifts, he, he. The girls say my greatest gifts are my crystal clear blue eyes that they can look clear through to my soul in. Ha, if they could see my soul they would see that my soul mate was a forty year old fat man that has so much love in him that they would die for one second of his attention.

I'm the starting quarterback on our school football team. We are 7 and 0 for the year and headed to state finals. I play center on the basketball team and shortstop on the baseball team. I run cross country and I play golf twice a week. Let's face it, I like being in the locker rooms with lot's of naked flesh to feed my eyes and I love to walk around with my towel laying over one shoulder and my cock swinging free. I keep waiting for a Tarzan to grab my vine and swing on down.

I swim, again mainly for the eye candy, our coach believes in nude swimming only, except at meets. That does create quite a bit of drag when some of us drop anchor. I'm pretty sure coach is a pedo though. He always knows when a dude has sprung and he calls that guy out to practice his diving. I think the most beautiful sight around is a rock hard dude on the diving board with water streaming off his pecker and every eye in the pool watching his performance.

My one true passion is wrestling. I love to get my hands on another boy and grope him in front of everyone. I have him at my mercy as I rub him to full blown erection in his very tight singlet. I have had some of my hottest encounters with other wrestling dudes. Sometimes we go at it right there on the mats after everyone else has left. There was one time though that you will love. I was fifteen and had been wrestling for only two semesters. I got groped and erect by a real hunk of a senior. He asked me to stay after class so he could show me some moves. Two of his buddies stayed with us. Coach had a staff meeting to attend and told us to be sure and keep the doors locked and not let anyone in. Like we planned to. Left alone the singlets came off and we wrestled Grecian style. Greg pinned me in seconds. He was sitting on my chest and a very hard cock was pointing right at my face. He moved forward and rubbed his dick on my lips and I licked it. That was all it took. He turned around with his ass to my face, raised up and shoved his cock to my mouth as my cock went in his mouth. As soon as we were pubes deep in each other he put his arms around me and rolled over placing me on top. He pulled his legs back so that his thighs held my head in place with his long schlong deep in my tonsils. Then one of his buddies with, I swear a nine inch cock moved in and pushed his cock into my boy's ass. I watched in amazement as that huge piece of meat slid in disappearing into the most beautiful of butts I had ever seen. A moment later I could feel something cold being spread around my hole and then a finger enter me. I had been fucked by my man before so I didn't care and it didn't take long before I had two, then three fingers working on me as my boy nursed my now highly excited cock still buried the full length down his throat. I felt the guy behind me pushing his dick in and he went all the way in one thrust. I bit down on the cock in my mouth and pulled off quickly to apologize. A hand pushed my head back down so I just got back to work. I was getting fucked while I was sixty nining and he was getting fucked before my eyes. Was this hot or not? All four of us got into a rhythm and settled in for a long fuck. When anyone got close we backed off a bit and nursed awhile. We wanted all of us to go at once. When the dude in my ass yelled that he was there the one fucking my boy said he was too. We started humping and sucking for all we were worth and then like dominoes we fired off. My guy first right down my gullet. This sent his fucker off followed by me then my fucker. We all went off within seconds of each other and were a pumping, cumming mass of teenage cum pigs in a pile. Sweat and cum, stench and male musk permeated the air. That with the smell of sweat socks and jock straps we were having a hard time getting soft again. I started sucking my boy's fucker who choked on me. My boy and my fucker fell into a hot 69. We all gave each other another load of cum then headed for the showers. The four of us took a long time washing and starring at each other then we started washing each other and I got two more hot loads of cum from rock hard senior dicks. I knew that the wrestling mats were where I needed to be. I never tried to make the team and never went to a meet but I sure as hell was there the last period every day just for the meat. I ended up sucking everyone on the team and even had the coach join us for a late night practice session once. He said he has a hard time passing up a willing boy's ass when it's waved in his face. He won't do anything else but he does use his monster pole to straighten out a young man's ass and I have never heard a complaint. I just wish I could suck him clean. Damn that is one meaty looking pole but he cums and goes to his private shower leaving us to fight over who is going to fletch the load out of his fuckee that night. I have gotten it twice and I must say it is tasty, I would love to get it straight from the spout.

Well so much for the good times. I'll go back in my life to when I was about nine. My dad was great. He loved me and he loved my mother. He lavished us with love. She said he smothered us. What does she know? The bitch. Anyway my mother was a cock hound. That's where I learned to love it I guess. I take after her in too many ways, it makes me sick. She always had a boy friend around. Traveling salesmen were her favorite. Dad would be working and she would take me to a motel where I would sit outside the door or in the car if it was cold and she would be in the room rutting like a hog. Anybody walking by could hear her and they would look at me and shake their head and keep on walking. I guess Coy was her favorite. He would call her and she would grab a small suitcase she kept packed under my bed and out the door we'd go. She'd tell dad that a relative was sick and needed her. The two of us would drive for two or three hours. We would get to a hotel where I could use the bathroom and get a drink of water then I would sit in the hallway and wait. Sometimes there would be a movie theater nearby and I could go there but most times I sat in the hall.

One town we were in was out in no where land. The only thing in the town was a five and dime, a post office/grocery store and a two story hotel made of wood. I was sitting in the hall when this old man passed by. A little time passed and he came back with a sack of groceries. He opened his door and went inside. A moment later he came back and looked at me and asked me if I was hungry. I nodded yes so he took me to his room. There was one chair a dresser and a bed. He told me I could sit on his bed but I had to take my clothes off as he didn't want to get his bed dirty. Hell, I was almost ten, I could understand that so I took my shoes and jeans off and sat on his bed in my bun huggers and tee shirt and socks. He handed me two slices of bread with a slab of bologna between them and a cup of milk. I ate like a starved animal. He poured me some more milk which I drank it at once then I yawned. He told me that I could take a nap but I needed to take off the rest of my clothes that he wanted nothing on his sheets. I stood up on the bed and pulled at my tee shirt and he put his hands on my hips and pushed my undies down. My shirt was over my face and I froze. This felt so good and it was what I wanted for so long. I hoped that he was going to do more and he did. I felt him rub his face across my rock hard boy cock. It was all of two inches long and stiff as a nail. My balls were not even visible yet. He rubbed my cock against his stubble covered cheek then I felt him take me into his mouth.

"Yes!!" I cried out.

"You like this, do you?" I assured him I did. He pulled my tee shirt off and lay me down on the bed. He removed my socks and started licking my feet. I was wiggling and giggling and he wouldn't stop. I was loving every minute of it until I felt as if I were going to pee. He started tickling my ribs with his fingers and I was laughing so hard and telling him I was going to pee myself. He kept on tickling and put his mouth on my cock. I couldn't help myself, I started peeing. He was drinking it. Not a drop spilled out. I looked down and I was totally dry. He had taken all of it in his mouth. I looked at him as he looked up at me, my cock still in his mouth,.he started licking and sucking on me. Then he spread my legs and pushed them back toward my chest. He licked down between my legs and started licking my crack. I was feeling so good I didn't care how gross it was. He got to my butt hole and started to lick and probe. He told me to push out a little as if I were going to fart but to be careful and not shit. I did as he said and he kept licking. Suddenly I felt his tongue go inside me and I went ape. That felt so good I was wiggling all over the bed. He kept this up for several minutes then he raised up and looked at me and asked me if I liked it.

"Oh, yes." I gushed.

He picked me up and pulled the covers back and lay me on the pillow. He stood up and took his clothes off. He was old. His chest was very hairy and it was grey. His skin was saggy and he was fat. His belly hung over his dick so that I couldn't see it. He got in bed next to me and asked me if he could do it again. I told him yes and he picked me up and turned me around with my ass toward his face and lay me on top of him. His dick was huge. This was the first grownup dick I had ever seen hard and it was right there in my face. He was licking my butt hole and then my cock again, going from one to the other. He took hold of his dick and rubbed it around my face and I took hold of it. I wanted it. I had never wanted anything so bad in all my life. I didn't know what to do with it but I wanted it and it was mine. I could just touch my fingers tip to tip around this huge cock. I pulled at it and the skin moved back showing me his cock head. I had never seen a cock head before and here it was. It smelled awful, like piss and...I don't know what, but it was beautiful. I moved my hands up and down and watched the skin cover and uncover the head. A few minutes went by and he took hold of it and pulled the skin back and pushed it against my face. When the head found my mouth he took his other hand and pushed my head down pushing his cock against my mouth. I knew what he wanted and I decided to try it. I opened my mouth and took it in. He pulled his hands away and started sucking my dick and going up and down on it. I was licking and sucking on the huge cock head in my mouth and trying to take a little more inside. He was making me feel so good I decided to move up and down too. When I did I was in heaven. That felt so good having that huge cock head going in and out of my mouth. I got about half of it in me with each stroke and he was moaning and going at me like ninety miles an hour. He had a finger in my butt and was working it back and forth and I loved the feeling. Suddenly his dick got real big and hot in my mouth and I felt as if my mouth were full of spit but it was really hot. I pulled off of his cock and swallowed just as a shot of white stuff came out of his dick and hit me in the face. His hand came to the back of my head and pushed me down and more of that stuff shot into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and pulled off and swallowed again and I knew what it was. I went back down and kept sucking trying to get more as my body went into the most intense feeling I ever had in my life. Suddenly I started jerking and my dick started pumping and I thought for sure I was going to pee in the old man's mouth again. I was struck with the most intense wave of pleasure that consumed my whole body and I was left weak in its wake. I collapsed on top of him. His dick was limp beside my face wet with my spit and a drop of cum on the end. I stretched out my tongue and licked it off and fell asleep.

When I awoke I was on the pillow beside him and he was laying on his side watching me. His hand stroked my belly and chest. I told him I had to pee. He opened his mouth and I jumped up and got on my knees pushing my dick into his mouth. I peed as he played with my ass. When I finished he told me I better get dressed that he didn't hear any noise from my mother's room. I hurried and put my clothes on and had just finished tying my shoe when I heard her call out my name. I opened the door and walked out. "He needed to use the bathroom so I let him come in here." the old man said. "He was trying to get your attention but you were making so much noise in there you couldn't hear him."

"What we were doing or what you think you heard is none of your business, bastard." My mother can be so vehement sometimes.

"Well it may be none of my business but everybody in town heard you two fucking like a pair of rutting dogs in there."

My mother opened her mouth to say something as the owner of the hotel came up the stairs and looked at her. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. We have had several complaints about the noise up here and the sheriff has been called about this little boy sitting out here in the hall listening to this all afternoon". With that he winked at the old man and smiled at me. Did he know? I'm sure he knew. I looked at the old man and told him, "Thank you for letting me go to the bathroom. You are very nice." I smiled at the hotel owner as my mother pushed me toward the steps. As we got to the door I could hear laughter upstairs and I heard Coy thank the owner. I stopped to tie my shoe as my mother went on to the car and I heard Coy say, "She's a good lay but what a pig. Thank you for getting her out of here. And you old man, did I tell you that boy was hot? Did you get him?"

"Yeah. He likes dick. I think it was his first time but he really loved it."

I hurried on out the door. I pondered about what I heard all the way back home. Mom pulled into a truck stop about an hour down the road and I went to the restroom. I didn't have to go I just wanted to see more cock. I was standing at the urinal when this guy came in. He pulled it out and peed and looked down at me. I had my cock out and it was hard but I was starring at him. He nodded to the stall behind us and I went in. He followed me with his cock out. I sat on the toilet seat and sucked his cock. It wasn't real big and I was able to get most of it in my mouth. He shot his wad in just a few moments and I had my answer. I was a cocksucker for life. I washed my face and joined my mother at the table. We didn't talk. We got in the car and headed home silent all the way.

Two days later my dad didn't come home from work. I was worried. At bed time he still was not there and I told mom I wanted to stay up and wait for him that something was wrong. That's when she told me that she had filed for divorce and that he wouldn't be coming home, ever. I started to cry. The doorbell rang. Mother opened the door and a policeman came in. He looked at me and talked to mother in hushed tones. I listened real hard and heard him say that my day had shot himself in the head and that he was dead. I screamed and passed out. When I came to I was on the couch with a wet rag on my forehead. My mother was cussing and calling my dad every name she could think of. I was learning a whole lot of new words. She said she didn't know what we were going to do now. She really needed child support and alimony to live on but the bastard couldn't take care of his obligations he had to kill himself. She said she was so mad she wanted to kill him again. I knew I didn't like her to much but right there and then I knew that I hated her.

Our life was hell for the next two years. We lived in one dive after another constantly being evicted for not paying our rent. We loaded what little we had left in the car and moved in the middle of the night, many times. The car was on its last legs. It was four years old when daddy died and mother never put any money into fixing it. I was sucking cock where ever I could find it. I didn't want boys. I went for older men and sometimes older teenagers, if they had big dicks. We moved so much that I never got outed so I was pretty safe. I had found out the city parks were a good place to find men. Especially older men. I really liked grey haired men. They seemed so lonesome and they were happy to have me take care of them. They gave me money which I used to buy my own clothes so that I looked good to them.

Puberty hit me with a sledge hammer when I was twelve. I was getting fucked by a fourteen year old with a six and a half inch cock when I had my first cum. I shot all over my belly and chest and I was so happy I started to cry. This kid was one of the few that I really knew and I would take a bus across town to see him when I really wanted to be with someone. He lived alone with his mother and she worked two jobs so we were always alone in the house. We sucked each other and he taught me how to take it easy and enjoy each other. We started fingering each other's butt holes about six months earlier and then just a few weeks before my first cum we fucked each other. I found out that I really liked that. He was slow and gentle and made me feel good. When I shot off he stopped and licked it all off of me and kissed me and told me he loved me. I stayed at his house for a week never even thinking of going home. We fucked each other several times a day that week and would lick each other clean afterwards. I taught him how to suck ass hole and we sucked our own cum out of each other. Whoever was sucked licked the other's cock clean while he in turn sucked his cum from the other's butt. It was wild. One day we went to the park and I taught him how to pick up old men and we each sucked three old men and made over a hundred dollars. We took his mother out to eat and to a movie telling her that we found the money on the jogging path at the park.

About three months later my friend was run over while ridding his bike. He was struck from behind and the driver never stopped. At least he didn't suffer. His head hit the curb and burst open pouring his brains out and killing him instantly. I went to that park every day for several weeks after that. I sat on our special bench. Some of the men we had been with came by and I would suck them off and put their money in my pocket and think about my friend.

One day I was sitting there crying as I thought about him and the fun we had. I was about two months shy of turning thirteen. A man about forty sat down beside me. I was so out of it I couldn't stop crying. He scooted over close to me and I continued to cry. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close and I cried harder as I wrapped my arms around him. After awhile I got control of myself and I looked up into the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. He wiped a tear from my cheek and put his finger to his mouth. I grinned at him and he kissed me on the forehead. I hugged him tighter and he licked the tears from my face then kissed me on the lips. We sat there looking at each other then he asked me if I wanted to go home with him. He told me he would fix me something to eat. I asked him if I could suck his cock. He looked at me and smiled and I said I would like to have him fuck me. My fuck buddy was dead and I needed some love. That started a relationship that lasted for nearly three years.

I left home. I told my bitch of a mother to fuck off. I had all of my papers, shot records, birth certificate, report cards, etc. all in a cigar box in my suitcase. I took all of my clothes in one suitcase and one gym bag. I got on my bike and I rode to Mike's house and unpacked my shit got naked and got in his bed. He looked at me got naked and taught me what it was like to be loved. He fucked me for two hours straight. He wouldn't let either of us cum. He kept me right at the edge. When we let fly the stars came down to earth and orbited around our bed. The sun and the moon bowed at our feet and turned out their light that we may be one with the universe. He buried his cock so far up my ass that I knew it would never come out and he rolled over pulling me on top. We lay their with our tongues entwined I thought several times that we would have to call 911 to send someone to untie our tongues. His dick never came out of my ass. Twenty minutes passed and I felt him harden again. I was already hard, but I was a teenager. I started to ride him. I rose and pushed as he got into a rhythm. Slowly he took over and started to fuck me again. We shifted with me going to my back again with my ankles on his shoulders. I love that position. I love to look into his eyes as he fucks me. He was only my second fuck ever and I let him have me until I was nearly sixteen. I never told him about the boys at school because I didn't want to loose him. I totally loved him.

I came home from my new job at Wal-Mart a week after my sixteenth birthday. He was in bed with a cute little twelve year old runaway that he had found downtown. The boy was cute and he liked to suck and Mike had just taught him that he loved to be fucked. He wanted to see me naked but Mike told him no. He told him he had had enough for the first night. He took me into the living room and handed me a blanket and a pillow and told me that I could sleep on the couch until I could find some place else to live. We argued for a little then he told me that I was too old for him that he liked little boys and he had found him a winner with a wiener. I was crushed. I talked to one of my school buddies the next day and he told me about a program that the school had called "Youth on Their Own". This group helped me move into a one bedroom, furnished apartment, all bills paid. They gave me money for groceries and I had to maintain a 2.0 or better grade average and I had to have part time work. I met all their criteria with flying colors and was off on a life of my own.

Somehow the police found out that Mike had a twelve year old boy in his house that he was having sex with. There was an investigation and my name came up. I had to testify about what he had done to me. How he had seduced me in the park and took me home and used me in my innocent youth. He has a very long prison sentence and if he survives it he will spend the rest of his life in an institution because he has been deemed a non-repentant predator.

Through the years I have sucked several guys who have ended up in prison for one reason or another, none of them sex related. Sex crimes are something that men in prison don't condone and a person who commits rape or sex crimes against children don't have a very good life. I wrote to all of my friends and told them how I had been abused by Mike and I gave his full name and even sent them pictures of the two of us. The prison system is sharp and they watch out for this kind of information getting into the prison because that makes for a very difficult situation for the newbe coming in. I was very careful how I passed on my information and the picture I sent was just of me and my guardian. "Hope you remember him," I would tell them. "We were so close."

About a month later I got a letter from a old friend in one of the higher security yards in the state. Mike had indeed shown up there. My friend was hard into one of the prison gangs that is more or less widely know for their supremest values, especially against certain races, religions, and fags. Their favorite pastime is to beat these low lifes down as often as possible and make them pay for protection. Money is not available in prison but each week an inmate is allowed to go to the store and buy soda and snacks. Those on protection never get to keep what they purchase that only buys them a couple of days without a beating. Of course the perverts sex life is looked after. He is provided with an especially well endowed buddy to be his husband. And if he is in a cell where he is allowed a cell mate his husband is right there with him. He does get to look after many of the other men on the yard and can usually be found during his out of cell time in the company of five or six of them in one dark corner or another. And of course let's not leave anybody out. Since we have here a pervert who enjoys sex with small boys then he is fair game to the other races. He is bought and sold as chattel to anyone with the means to pay. I understand that Mike is never lonely and never in need of companionship. He writes to me sometimes. This is a definite violation. He is allowed no contact with his victims. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this yet.

Oh, and my mother. She has AIDS. I am so fucking sorry. I should shed a tear but I am so hardened now...I know I should give a fuck. I'm just looking for a grand fatherly type to give it to.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

Hangin' hard, dude.

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