The Shirtless Club 2
by Magicmark (

It seemed like a dream. I'd driven up to the state college in my dad's awesome truck with my friends, Tony (who was on the wrestling team with me, though he was a year older and a good deal bigger thanks to countless afternoons in the weight room) and his twin brother Johnny (competitive with his brother, he'd almost worked up to Tony's level in the weight room but concentrated on staying lithe and limber). I was supposed to be helping my older brother, Joe, move into new digs off campus, and Tony and Johnny were supposed to be checking out the school. But something happened on the drive up -- we bonded on a level I didn't know existed. From the moment our hands wrapped around each other's rock-hard cocks for the first time, the moment I stroked another boy's hot teen bod freshly built with thick, pumped, strapping new muscle, the moment I shared my first kisses with their luscious mouths, I felt like we were linked somehow; I didn't understand it but man, it was there, it rocked my whole bod, and when we came on our shirts in the truck we all knew -- and again I don't know how, but we knew -- we'd keep that link alive by keeping those shirts off, nothing keeping our arms, our chests, our shoulders from each other. Then we got to school and our link, our bond, wrapped around my brother, my hot, hot brother, whom I saw with new and appreciative eyes. We stayed overnight with Joe and then Tony, Johnny, and I returned home, and it seemed like our bods melted together in the cab -- it felt almost like we were one flushed, muscled, aroused, stimulated boy with arms and legs intertwined, three long, thick cocks surging and swelling, over and over, till at last when we came to our little town and I had to drop off the twins, I felt like I was breaking off two thirds of myself. They felt the same way, and got out of the cab very reluctantly. Finally I had to pull out of the driveway and they stood near the screen door and watched me go, their shirtless, teenhunk chests flushed and heaving, tight jeans filled not only with muscular cheeks and legs but also with huge and obvious erections -- none of us had gotten soft once all day. I went to bed with an erection, and jerking off only seemed to prime my superhard cock.

Now it was the next morning, and I still felt painfully hard as I awoke a few minutes before the alarm, precum dripping onto my abs, the drops running lightly off the muscles of what would (I hoped) soon be a full-fledged "six pack" into the cuts in between. This was not a hardon that would go away in the shower. Without even thinking about it I wrapped my hand around it, and my cock jumped into my hand. It felt good, like always, to have my hand around it, but now I had experienced more. I thought about Johnny's hot mouth wrapped around my cock, how enormously wonderful that hand felt; and my dick, listening to my thoughts, jumped again. Two thoughts occurred to me at the same time as I continued to imagine Johnny's hot, sweet mouth wrapped around my cock. The first was that my cock was long, longer than Tony's and Johnny's (though not nearly as long as my brother Joe's); and the second was that there were wrestling exercises in which you bent your body double, that I did them nearly every practice, that I was probably the most limber guy on the team apart from Johnny. As these thoughts passed through my head my mouth and hips were already moving, without my really realizing it, until suddenly the quivering tip of my engorged cock was pressed against my lips, and I gave a little gasp. Eagerly my own cock pushed between my half-open lips, and I delightedly tasted my own precum as my long, thick shaft thrust halfway into my own hot mouth. It felt so beautiful, and as I sucked myself, I felt both as if I were competing with Johnny to give myself the best head and practicing to wrap my mouth around Tony's and Johnny's cocks. It didn't take me long to get close, and as my alarm went off I tossed a ton of hot delicious cum into my own mouth. What a trip!

After that experience, which brought back everything from the weekend, I only thought a moment about putting on a shirt as I turned off the alarm and got dressed. I couldn't do it. Instead I pulled on a pair of comfortable old jeans and my tennis shoes. That was it. I hurried downstairs for breakfast. Mom was already there, getting ready for work -- Dad was already gone. She seemed to assume I would finish dressing after breakfast; anyway she reminded me there were some freshly ironed shirts in the laundry room. I smiled and she went upstairs. I hurriedly finished my breakfast, grabbed my books, and ducked out.

I got a lot of looks at the bus stop, but nobody said anything to me (though they whispered plenty to each other). I stood waiting nonchalantly. There were a dozen or so kids, and all of them were looking at me -- some with more than just surprise, I thought. I got onto the bus and sat in the back. It was already warm and the coolness of the bus felt good against the beads of sweat that had developed between my hairless pecs.

Several stops later we got to the twins' stop. I craned my eyes to see if they had done what I had done. I knew they had -- they had to have -- but I wondered whether it had all been in my head, whether I had imagined --

Then they got on.

They were both wearing loose denim shorts and nothing else but their sneakers.

At first they seemed a little abashed -- every eyes was on them, though many were staring in open admiration at their beautiful bods. But then the twins saw me and their eyes locked with mine, and we all grinned. At the same time from the moment I saw them -- not only did my cock stiffen and swell to full erection in seconds -- it felt like my whole body became one giant erection, swelling and stiffening, awash in hormones. They reacted much the same way, walking stiffly toward me, their shorts suddenly tighter and straining, and they sat down next to me on the back bench, Tony on my left and Johnny on my right. Our arms and shoulders touched -- that's all we dared to do, since half the bus had actually twisted around to watch these manboys sit down -- but it felt like fire.

Word spread quickly, and even as we got to our lockers to get ready for home room the vice principal's lackey was suddenly standing in our way. Mr. Kent, the vice principal, was notoriously lazy, and had recruited Jeff Masur, one of the larger (and dumber) seniors from the football team, to keep order in the hallways between classes -- in exchange for not being kicked off the team because of really bad grades.

Mr. Kent had chosen well. Jeff liked bossing people around, and since he spent his afternoons working out in the school gym, he was as big as a college guy. Most everybody was afraid of him. Since Kent rewarded him in some way nobody knew a lot about for every detention he could make stick, nobody crossed him, and when he passed down the hallways people vanished.

Jeff stood in front of us, thick legs planted well apart, hands on his surprisingly trim waist, wearing a white polo shirt that strained around his pecs and shoulders and that had actually ripped open a little at the seams under his arms, exposing the flesh of his bulging lats. I dragged my attention to his face. He was smiling -- we were instant detentions, and he knew it. A crowd of students gathered down the hall at a respectful distance. Standing behind Jeff was his stooge, a Jeff-wannabe soph named Mickey. He was even taller than Jeff, wasn't quite as big, and had short dark hair compared to Jeff's remarkable head of dirty-blond shoulder-length waves.

"Hmph," Jeff said. "What do we have here."

We exchanged nervous glances, instinctively pulling closer together. The twins were on either side of me, and the feel of their naked shoulders against mine, their arms against mine, their pulsing biceps against my triceps, the heat from their hot, teenhunk bods rushed through me like energy passed from one node to another, hot flesh to hot flesh, and I felt a surge of confidence even as my dick filled to overflowing with that physical energy, swelling massively in my jeans.

I remembered Jeff as if I had come back from a dream. I looked up at him and smiled. "What do you want, Jeff?" I asked, deliberately putting my hand in my pocket and adjusting my already hard cock. I watched Kent follow the motion, watched his eyes glitter with interest, watched them track up my shirtless, built bod, up to a face I suddenly knew he thought was hot. I smiled even more broadly. What did he want? I knew what he wanted. Mickey was eyeing us suspiciously -- was he jealous?

Jeff glanced at the twins, then back to me, hesitating. "You guys step into my office," he said, cocking his head toward the boys' room around the corner. He took a step backward -- Mickey nimbly stepping aside -- and watched to make sure we followed. We started moving and he turned and led the way, and we followed that excellent ass and hot broad back into the washroom.

Once we were inside his "office" he closed the door and turned the lock. We stood in front of him. I winked at my compatriots, who were just realizing we might have a chance as Jeff stood in front of us, looking us over -- thoroughly. His jeans were deep black so I couldn't see what was going on there, but I thought I'd caught a movement.

Finally he spoke, but his voice betrayed him. "You fucks --" he rasped, them stopped and cleared his throat. "You fucks realize there's a dress code," he said, macho again. Mickey looked at him in amazement. He always called his victims "fucks," but somehow it sounded different now.

"We know," I said, and I brought my arms up around Tony's and Johnny's broad shoulders, to show I was talking for the three of us. It felt so satisfying to feel those warm, firm, wide shoulders against my arms that I felt dazed and almost lost track of where we were again. I found the thread of what I was going to say. "But," I said, "we don't have any choice."

"What is it," he said, trying to sound glib, "all of a sudden you're allergic to clothes?"

"Yes," said Tony, glancing at us. "It's an allergy."

"Any kind of clothes," said Johnny.

"Just wearing these jeans is murder," I added. "I really want to take them off--"

"Shut up," said Jeff. One of his hands drifted to his jeans and began squeezing, unconsciously, the outline of what now looked like a monster cock, still only half hard. Johnny hadn't noticed, but Tony had, and he gulped, impressed and even more aroused. He was flexing his pecs, the best of the three of ours for sure, as if in time to the throbbing of our cocks. The air was heavy with arousal. Mickey's eyes were darting back and forth between Jeff and us, fascinated. His hand brushed absently across his own well-developed torso.

"You guys are just shitting me," Jeff said suddenly, sounding surprisingly defensive. He was trying to hide his enormous cock with his hand, but he couldn't stop himself from rubbing it. His dark blue eyes stared at us in disbelief at his own reactions. Disbelief, and dismay. His nipples were stiff and erect, almost pushing through the tight, stretched fabric of his shirt.

I stepped forward. Jeff was breathing hard.

"No, we're not," I said softly, moving toward him until I was inches away. That thick chest was heaving, and he was looking into my eyes like someone who knew he needed something bad but couldn't take the first step. "And you know what the best part is?" I breathed.

He didn't say anything, just stared at me.

"It's contagious," I said, even as I brought my full lips hard against his. I pressed my bod against Jeff's and felt every muscle react, felt his whole body thrill to my touch -- and as if my words had come true I heard his shirt suddenly rip -- his heaving, suddenly writhing torso was tearing it open. He kissed me back with abandon, his sudden passion taking me close to the edge. I yearned to feel his flesh against mine and savagely ripped off the rest of his shirt, tossing it aside. I had time to notice a small crop of hair wedged between the tight, heavy, packed spheres of his pecs before I planted my chest against his. We both moaned even as we passionately explored each other's bods with our hands, our mouths, our tongues. I had awakened some kind of animal passion in both of us, and it was exhilarating.

In the mirror I caught Tony and Johnny going at each other, their beautiful cocks standing tall and stiff out of their shorts as if they had burst through the flies. For a while we all watched each other, getting even more turned on at the sight of all this flesh, all this arousal, all this heat. I don't even remember shucking our jeans, because the next thing I knew we were naked, and Jeff's monster cock -- the biggest I'd ever seen, bigger even than my brother's huge log of a cock -- was pressed against my abs, and he was humping me hard, my hands on his bowling-ball asscheeks. I felt the sexual heat of another hot body pressing against me from behind, sandwiching me with Jeff, a stiff hardon rubbing between my own cheeks. I figured it was Tony, but when I looked in the mirror I saw it was Mickey! He'd taken off his clothes too, but I saw he had caught and was clutching Jeff's discarded, ripped shirt. He was very worked up, as if he had been holding back for years, and he threw himself into our passion. I couldn't believe how good it felt to be immersed in those naked hot bods pressing against mine, muscled arms everywhere, beautiful legs intertwining, a writhing six-armed, six-legged manifestation of sexual heat.

And then the twins melted in with us, and we were all together, five bodies writhing together like one, and everywhere I turned there was a luscious mouth to kiss, or a muscular neck needing the touch of my lips, or a sex-packed torso to run my hands across -- how many hands? I couldn't tell. So many of our hands were wrapped around Jeff's monster cock, and there was still room for more, and we all felt his pumping into those hands, the fists of many hands giving that cock the tight fuck it was too big to know from any ass. Our other cocks were deep inside other broad hands or hot slavering mouths or white-hot ass canals. Together we pumped, our bodies fucking together, until suddenly we all felt the monster cock surge, and the sensation shot through our bodies and drove us all over the edge, all our cocks exploding together, covering us with tons of hot cum.

We collapsed together, panting, dazed, and it was a long time before we reluctantly recollected our selves. We straightened up, but still all in a cluster, our bods pressed together, smiling, passing out a kiss here, a caress there, very unwilling to separate. Even as we cleaned up with paper towels we did it together. Finally I focused on Jeff's head, which was right in front of mine. He brought his lips to mine and kissed me softly, then pulled back far enough to say, "We have to go."

We nodded sadly and slowly, one by one, broke away, until I was left pressed against Jeff. I pulled away with a final caress of his thick, heavy pecs and turned to find my pants. As I pulled them on and the twins got into their tight shorts Mickey crossed back to Jeff and after a little hesitation held out the ripped, cast-off shirt. Jeff glanced at us with a grin, then turned back to Mickey. "No thanks," he said. "No more shirts for me."

Just hearing him say that was enough to get me hard again, and I looked longingly at the other guys. Everyone seemed to feel likewise, but we had to go. For now.