Written by: Sandy Smith


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Shower Watchers 1


While I was showering after gym class I often put on a masturbation show and there were a couple of guys who tended to be my watchers. They weren't both in the same class as I was so I was able to have a relationship with each one without the other knowing about it. One guy, named Eric, always took a shower head near me when gym class was the last one of the day. He was also developed like I was and had what looked to be a nice sized cock and set of balls covered with brown/blonde hair.

When Eric was standing next to me I always took the opportunity to put on a show masturbating for him. I pretended not to know he was right next to me and with my eyes closed to a slit I took lots of time soaping my cock and balls then began to stroke my stiff cock. I was able to stretch out my orgasm to give lots of time for any watcher, Eric included, to get a good look at my stiff cock and bulging balls before I came with a grunt in streams of white gold. I know that Eric appreciated my show because he was always incredibly stiff and I had caught him in the past stroking his own cock.

Today I decided that I would be forward and ask him if he wanted to masturbate in time with me. Looking at him I said "I know you watch me masturbate Eric, would you like to jerk off at the same time?"

Eric blushed a bit but nodded yes. He soaped up his cock and with both of us looking directly at the other's cock he modelled my stroking. His cock was a little longer than mine but mine was thicker. I had a flash of what his long cock would taste like and that made me stroke a little quicker than I usually did. "God Eric, I don't think I can last much longer" I panted.

"Neither can I Sandy" Eric replied.

Turning toward Eric I began to shoot streams of semen onto him as he did likewise. Both of us were slick with the other's semen and as our orgasms passed we used our hands to paint the juice over our stomachs, cocks and balls. When I had finished I raised my fingers to my lips and sucked each one clean. Eric gasped at this but modelled my actions and moaned as he tasted my semen off of his fingers.

"I liked that very much Eric, how about you?"

"God Sandy, that was hot. I've never tasted anyone else's semen only my own. Yours tastes incredibly sweet, what do you do?"

"I drink a lot of pineapple juice Eric, it makes my cum sweet. You should try it" I replied.

Eric nodded that he would and then began to soap himself. I stopped him and suggested that we each wash our own cum of the other. Eric thought for a couple of seconds before he agreed and reached with a soapy hand to begin washing my stomach.

My cock stiffened at the feel of another hand on my privates and Eric wasted no time in beginning to soap and stroke it. It felt wonderful having another man's (well a teenage boy anyway) hand on my cock and I moaned in pleasure. Eric did what he knew felt good on his own cock and in short order brought me to another orgasm, splashing my semen onto his stomach and cock.

Eric completed washing my cock and balls and turned me around to wash my bum. As his soapy finger probed my tight rosebud I pushed back to bury it in me, startling him but causing me to moan in pleasure. Seeing what effect that had on me, Eric finger fucked me until I begged him to stop. More soaping of bum, and fucking fingers was then required. Next it was my turn and I vowed to myself to give Eric the most erotic experience I could.

I soaped Eric's cock and balls then had him rinse off. With no explanation I dropped to my knees and began to lick and suck on his cock. This was obviously something entirely new to Eric but he quickly got into his first blowjob by pushing his cock into my mouth. From my training with Mr. Jones I was able, without gagging, to swallow his cock completely and soon was treating him to the varying pressure that I had been taught would bring a man to a fantastic orgasm. Eric began to grunt and pant and through clenched teeth said "Sandy I'm going to cum. I can't hold off any longer."

I looked up at Eric with his cock buried in my mouth and nodded that I understood. I then returned to my cock sucking and brought Eric to orgasm. As he shot streams of cum into my mouth and down my throat I pulled off of him slightly to allow him to cum on my tongue. His semen tasted salty and a little sharp but he produced a substantial quantity of it for me to enjoy. When he sagged at the end of ejaculation I pulled off and stroked a final drop or two of semen onto my tongue.

"Thanks Eric, that was nice, you should start to drink pineapple juice to sweeten your cum."

"Sandy, that was fantastic, that was my first blowjob and I really enjoyed it. Do you think you would like to do it again?"

"Oh yes Eric, for sure I'll suck on your cock anytime we can get together. Why don't you come home with me after school sometime? My mom works too and isn't home before 5:30 so we could do it there."

Eric nodded yes that he would do that then asked "Sandy, could you teach me how to suck on a cock? You sure do it good and I'd like to learn how."

"Yes Eric, I'll be happy to show you how, besides that means I can have my own orgasms in your mouth. How about getting together tomorrow after school?"

Eric said yes and as we were getting ready to leave the shower I saw Mr. Jones at the doorway with a large smile and an equally large erection. He had been watching our sex and it turned him on. Eric became very embarrassed at being `caught' by the teacher but walking next to him I assured him that it was ok. He looked at me with a questioning face and I nodded my answer to his unspoken question. He wanted to know if it was Mr. Jones that taught me how to suck cock and I had answered yes with my nod. Later we would join with Mr. Jones for a 3-way blowjob session but for now it helped him to relax and realize there wouldn't be any consequences from getting caught cock sucking in the shower.

The next day after school Eric came over to my place for his first cock sucking lesson. We went to my room and undressed to lie on my bed. Eric looked at me and asked the question from yesterday "Sandy, was it Mr. Jones who taught you how to give a blowjob?"

"It sure was Eric, he used to watch me masturbate in the shower and it turned him on, I heard him masturbating in his office one day after he had watched me so I asked him if he had enjoyed my show and one thing led to another. We have sex 3 or 4 times a week now, he's still teaching me how to pleasure a man with my mouth as well as with my bum."

Eric seemed surprised and responded "With your bum Sandy? Does he fuck you? Does it hurt?"

I nodded yes and told him that he sometimes fucked me and other times fucked my face. Regarding did it hurt I told him that it only really hurt the first time when he took my virginity, after that it became easier and I said it was very erotic and pleasurable to have a man's cock in your bum and to have him cum. I told him you could feel the streams of hot semen shooting into you and that I found it a real turn-on.

By now Eric was aroused and his cock engorged and stiff. I told him to lay on his back and spread his legs so I could kneel between them. I started by licking and sucking on his balls then licking the cock shaft and wetting his mushroom head. Eric began to thrust his cock trying to get it into my mouth but I held him off. "This is what you need to do before you suck on a man's cock Eric. It turns him on to have you lick and suck on his balls and shaft and pay attention to the under edge of his cock head, it's very sensitive. If you do all of this he'll be ready and dying to put his cock in your mouth and to have you suck him off, just like you are at the moment right?"

Eric grinned and nodded yes so I set to giving him a loving blowjob. I took him to the edge of his orgasm 3 times but choked it off with my thumb and forefinger clenching at the root of his penis. Eric was totally aroused and frustrated at the same time. Finally he pleaded "Sandy, please please let me cum. I have to cum in your mouth."

I looked up at him and nodded that he would be allowed to cum before sinking back down on his cock for a few final sucks. Eric grunted with the first stream shooting down my throat and I let him have his way with my mouth only pulling off slightly so he would fill my mouth with semen. I had to swallow twice before his orgasm subsided. With the last mouthful I looked up at him and ran my semen-covered tongue across my lips and teeth before swallowing noisily. I moved up before Eric could do anything and kissed him so he could taste his semen on another man's lips and tongue. He hungrily sucked my tongue clean moaning into my mouth as he did so. I knew at that point that I had someone I could depend on to be a sex partner and who I could train as Mr. Jones was training me.

(Eric's training continues...)