Written by: Sandy Smith


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Shower Watchers 2


The other guy who watched me masturbate regularly was Glen. He always made sure he was directly across from me at another shower head and through my slit eyes I routinely saw him masturbating in time to my own strokes, but I never saw him cum. Today I decided to ask him why he didn't cum and did he want to jerk off and cum in time with me.

I was standing under the warm shower when Glen walked in to stand across from me. "Glen, I know you stroke your cock when you watch me masturbate but I've never seen you cum. Would you like to do it in time with me and then cum when I do?" I said as I stepped across the tile floor to stand under a shower head beside him.

Glen blushed scarlet and while he couldn't seem to answer my question with words he nodded and turned to face me. We both started to soap our cocks and balls, before it went too far I turned and on soaping my bum I finger fucked myself and moaned. This made Glen bolder and he stepped to me and pulling my finger out of my bum he replaced it with his own and began to massage my prostate. I moaned louder and pushed back onto his index finger, Glen pushed another finger in to join the first one and I was in heaven (but determined not to waste my semen on the tile floor). "Please stop Glen I don't want to cum just yet."

Glen pulled out his fingers and stepped back under the warm shower stream. "God, that was hot Sandy. I've never done that before but it really turned me on too. Have you ever been fucked by a man?"

I looked at him and nodded "Yes Glen and it is a fantastic feeling. Would you like to try it?"

Looking around the shower room Glen was trying to figure out if it would be safe to do that when I said "Don't worry Glen, everyone has gone and the only person who might be around would be Mr. Jones and he won't care. He was the one who introduced me to fucking and took my cherry."

Glen was quite shocked but quickly recovered to soap up his cock and turn me telling me to hold onto the shower pod. I felt his cock head at my anus and without waiting I pushed back to bury him fully inside me. He groaned at the penetration and as I began to clench my sphincter muscle around his cock he set to fucking me. His cock was average size and thickness, no challenge in that department, so I concentrated on giving him the best first time experience by moaning and thrusting back to meet his thrusts. "My god Glen, that feels fantastic. I love the feel of your cock and want you to fuck me hard, make me your slut Glen and cum in me."

My dirty talk really got Glen going and grabbing me by the hips he fucked me with abandon until I felt him tense and grunt into his orgasm. Streams of hot semen filled me and I moaned at his ejaculation "That's right Master, fill your sluts bum with your hot semen. Fuck me Master."

Glen came for what seemed like several minutes until with a groan he slumped against my back and said "Sandy that was fantastic, my first fuck ever."

He pulled out and as his semen ran out of me and down the backs of my legs I turned to wash his still stiff cock. I made sure he was squeaky clean as I meant to suck on his cock before our playtime had finished. "I'm glad you liked it Glen, it does feel very erotic doesn't it?"

I washed my bum and allowed the shower to wash away the semen from my legs. When I turned around I asked Glenn if he would like to soap my cock and balls and without hesitation he stepped forward with a handful of soft soap. He spent a lot of time stroking my cock and ensuring my balls were clean, perhaps too much because he had me on the verge of my own orgasm. "Glen, please stop or I'll cum and waste my juice."

Hearing that Glen; dropped to his knees and continued to stroke while positioning his face immediately in front of my now straining cock. "Sandy I want you to cum on my face and into my mouth. I've drank my own semen but nearly every night I masturbate to the vision of me kneeling in front of you and you cumming on my face and into my mouth. Please cum for me."

I didn't need any more coaxing and with a groan that was almost a growl I started to shoot my load onto Glen's forehead, cheeks and into his mouth. I cum a lot and this time was no exception; Glen had to swallow twice or three times so as not to waste my semen. When I was done cumming I took my cock and painted his forehead and cheeks with my sprayed semen. Glen was moaning in ecstasy at the fulfillment of his erotic fantasy. He looked up at me with a satisfied and thankful smile "Sandy I really enjoyed that, your cum is very sweet and tasty. Thank you for making my dream cum true."

I helped Glen to his feet and moved in to kiss him on the lips and invade his cum-tasting mouth with my stiff tongue. Glen really got into this and kissed me back moaning as our tongues duelled for supremacy. He gave up and let me have my way in his mouth, to suck his tongue tasting my own semen. I knew from his willingness and responses that Glen was going to make an excellent and talented cock sucker and that I would have a willing partner for anal intercourse.

We soaped each other again to remove semen traces and when we had rinsed I knelt before him and gave him the most loving blowjob that I knew to do. I loved the texture of his cock, the ridges and the soft, velvety mushroom head. I alternated between deep throating him, licking the shaft and sucking on his bulging balls before he began to moan that he was near. I didn't want to waste a drop of his semen and I was able to enjoy a couple of mouthfuls of white gold. When he had finished ejaculating I coaxed a final couple of drops from his cock and looking up I thanked him for cumming.

I suggested that he come over after school and we could continue to explore each other. As we were about to walk out of the shower in walked Mr. Jones, naked with a huge erection. He had obviously been watching us have sex. Glen was very taken back but I turned to him and said "Don't worry Glen, it was Mr. Jones who taught me the joys of fucking. He and I have sex 3 or 4 times a week. I think that he watched us and it has turned him on enough that he wants some servicing himself."

Mr. Jones nodded "That's right Sandy, I watched the two of you having sex and I need some of that myself." Turning to Glen he said "Glen let me give you some pointers on how to fuck a man. Get on your knees Sandy."

I immediately dropped to the warm tile floor and felt Bill applying soap to my asshole and his own cock. "Glen, the first thing you want to do is to enjoy the penetration. Pushing your cock in slowly increases your pleasure and Sandy's erotic pain. Take your time and don't rush to drive your cock all the way in on the first thrust."

He was playing with my rosebud, pushing his man-sized bulging cock head in a little at a time until I felt it pop past my sphincter and into me. All the while I was moaning in a mixture of slight pain and erotic anticipation. With his cock head in Bill told Glen "Now your partner needs to do some of the work, clenching and easing his anus around your cock shaft for the best feeling. It's your job to use his bum for your own enjoyment; it takes a combination of depth of penetration and speed of penetration to really enjoy fucking someone. It's the same regardless if it is a man or woman you are fucking and whether it is anal intercourse or vaginal with a woman. I like to grab my slut by the hips to control his motion for my enjoyment. I don't let him move without my controlling it."

I was moaning and moaning in my enjoyment. Looking sideways I could see Glen's cock stiff and bulging in anticipation as he absently stroked it. Mr. Jones also noted it and told Glen to kneel at my head and feed his cock into my mouth and down my throat. When he had done that and I was being penetrated at both ends he gave Glen instructions on setting up the rhythm of push and pull so that both fuckers could get to their orgasm at the same time.

In no time I heard the two of them begin to groan and tell each other they were close. Glen peaked first and streams of cum flooded into my mouth and down my throat as Bill started to fill my bowels with his man-sized orgasm. God I felt so used and slutty at that moment; my gym teacher was fucking me and a classmate was fucking my face. I was moaning non-stop at the erotic situation I now found myself in. When their orgasms were finished they pulled out and I heard Mr. Jones tell Glen to wash his cock and balls. I had a belly full of semen and it was running down the backs of my thighs from my just-fucked bum. Standing up I joined the other two and turned to allow Bill to wash my bum and legs as Glen soaped his cock clean.

"Glen, Sandy needs to have some relief and I think it is the best moment to introduce you to anal. Get on your knees please."

Glen didn't say a word but dropped to the floor on his hands and knees. I soaped my cock and his bum before setting to taking his virginity. Bill knelt at my side and gave me directions, although I've fucked him several times, it was for the effect on Glen most of all. I gently pushed my stiff cock into Glen's bum and felt him gasp as my cock head entered him. "You are no longer a virgin Glen, Sandy has taken your virginity. Now fuck him Sandy and cum when you wish."

I love to be told to cum and with this virgin, tight bum it took me only a couple of minutes before I moaned "Master, I'm going to cum, may I cum in this sluts bum?"

"Yes my pretty little slut, you may cum in Glen, cum for me right now!"

On command I came in 3 or 4 major streams of semen that filled Glen as he moaned at the feeling of a man cumming in him. When my orgasm had passed I pulled slowly from Glen and both Bill and I helped him to stand and kissed him to welcome him to the fraternity of the fucked and sucked. We cleaned each other and Mr. Jones told the two of us to join him for sex every second day at lunch. We agreed, then went and dressed to leave.

At the door to the locker room I turned and kissed Glen to thank him for the sex. "Let's get together tomorrow after school Glen."

Glen nodded ok and we left. (more of Glen's training to cum...)