Sky's the Limit chapt 10



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Sky's the Limit

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Chapter X

It was a long drive to Jackson - over four hours. I don't know what I was expecting. It was smaller than Birmingham, but it was a city. Our hotel was in the middle of downtown. We pulled into the parking garage and walked into the lobby. It had rich, dark, paneled wood on the walls and marble floors. The long front desk was just to the right as you walked in the doors from the garage. Past the front desk a long hallway, punctuated with a number of crystal chandeliers, led to shops, then to the restaurant and bar on either side of the front door. It was very elegant.

"Jim Knight, I have a reservation," Dad said to the clerk.

"Mr. Knight, I'm sorry, the system said we had one two bedroom suite available when you made your reservation but there appears to have been some error. But let me see if I can do something." She clicked away on her computer and made a phone call. "Mr. Knight, I'm going upgrade you to what we call our city suite and an adjoining standard room at no extra cost. It's actually much closer to our pool and exercise room, and the most recently renovated."

"That will be fine" he said.

We went up to our room and the bellman brought our bags. The rooms were nice. The suite had a fairly standard living area. Behind that was a brass and glass dining table and behind that a bar and small full size kitchen area. There was a doorway on either side of the room. One led to a bedroom with a large king bed and separate bath area. The other led to the adjoining room which was more like a standard hotel room with two queen size beds and its own bath. Dad took the suite and I took the adjoining standard room.

"David's going to meet me in the bar in about an hour, then we're going to his office to meet some new clients. We'll probably take them to dinner too. It may be late before I get back. I'll give you some extra cash to get something to eat. I guess you want to call Sky." He said handing me fifty bucks.

"Yeah, he said he would come and pick me up. Thanks, Dad."

I went to my room and called Sky. He said to meet him at the front door in half an hour. I was anxious and went down early. In about twenty minutes, A blue Ford Explorer pulled up and blew the horn - I looked up to see Sky waiving at me. I ran over to the car and jumped in the passenger side. I wanted to just grab him and kiss him right there, but the middle of downtown Jackson, Mississippi just didn't seem like the appropriate place. He put the car in drive and we were off.

"God, it's good to see you." I said.

"Man, I've been goin' nuts waiting on you to get here." He reached over and took my hand and kissed it.

"Where we goin'?"

"Well, we could go back to my house, but mom's there. Dad's slut fiance' has somebody doing some remodeling work on his place. We could go get something to eat or the mall or something."

"I got a better idea" I said grinning over at him.

"Let's go get a shake or something for a few minutes till Dad clears out and go back to my room. Our dads are going to be out late entertaining some clients. You can make mad, passionate, love to me and then take me out to dinner. Unless you have a better idea."

"I haven't heard an idea that great since I was in Gulf Shores" he snickered.

We pulled into a Wendy's and got a couple of Frosties. We sat there and talked, catching up. Sky was having problems at home. His mom hadn't adjusted at all to David's upcoming marriage. She had gotten even more deeply involved with her church and was venting on Sky a lot. There was zero tolerance for homosexuality in her church, and the preacher had to say something about it virtually every time there was a service. He was really bummed about it.

Sky knew I was going to come out to Sarah, but I hadn't told him yet about Lori. Hell, it's not like I actually planned that one. It just happened. "Sky, I told my friend Lori" I said waiting for a response.

"Are you good with it?" he asked.

"Yeah, I kinda had too. I found out she liked me. I mean more than friends, and I really couldn't lead her on. I couldn't stand to hurt her, so I told her the truth."

"How did you find out she liked you" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Dex had already told me. I guess she told him something, but it sorta came to a head when she walked in on me yesterday. I was playing and singing a really passionate love song and she thought maybe I was singing it about her."

"Passionate love song, huh" now with a grin added to the cocked eyebrow. "Was she cool with it when you told her?"

"Very. She's not going to out me or anything. I think she was relieved really. She was scared I didn't think she was attractive," I chuckled.

"Who were you singing about?"

"Duh - who do you think?"

"What was the song? Do I get to hear it?"

"Sometime when the mood's right and I have it down as good as I want it" I replied. "What about you? You told anyone yet?"

"Was I supposed to?"

"No, I just thought. . . nothing, nevermind" I said.

"Look, Jonah, I just don't have anyone I'm that close to that I trust. Sure, there's at least one or two guys that know about me. I told you about that. But they're not someone I can or even want to just talk to about this new love in my life. I'm just going to be a junior this year in high school. I've got two more years to survive there. You're lucky to have your sister and your friend that you can talk to about your feelings. You are all I have. I'm actually a little jealous."

"Sky, I'm sorry. It's just that sometimes I feel that if I can't tell someone how much I love you, I'm going to explode. I want to tell the whole world how wonderful you are and how I feel about you about us."

"Don't you think I feel the same way? Damn, I thought you knew how crazy I am about you. It's just so complicated. Dad is . . . well he's like your dad. Even though I don't live with him, he could make my life miserable. Mom is turning into a real nut case and I'm still caught in the damn middle."

"What about your brother" I asked.

"He's never home. He got a job up in Oxford and we hardly talk anymore, and he's leaving the country next month on some sort of foreign studies thing for a year. Besides, he's the big jock frat guy and couldn't care less about gay people. He just would not understand. He would take dad's side."

"Oh" I replied, looking down at my shake. "Could I still talk you into a romp in my hotel room?" I asked somewhat sheepishly.

"Damn straight" he said smiling that beautiful smile of his.

"Umm, I think you're confused, there's nothing straight about what I had in mind."

I thought he was going to choke to death when he started coughing on the Frostie that obviously went down the wrong the way. I couldn't help but laugh back at him though.

We had parked behind the building and there weren't any other cars back there. He clicked the remote, but walked over to the passenger side with me and opened my door. Before I could get in he grabbed my arm and when I turned around he pulled me into a deep kiss. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was soft and sexy and oh how I needed it. After he kissed me there were no words. He waited for me to get in and shut my door, came around and got in and started the car.

"Thank you for that" I said smiling. "I really needed that."

"Me too."

"Did ya hear the news a couple of weeks ago?" He asked.

"What news"

"About that kid down in Bay Minette, Alabama."

"No what?" I asked

"His name was Scotty Joe Welch. He was eighteen. He was murdered, stabbed, and mutilated by three guys because he was gay. Dad gets the newspaper from Gulf Shores and showed it to me."

"DAYAM! He still doesn't know it was us does he?"

"No, Jonah, but what happened to that kid coulda been us. I started to tell'im, I really did. If it wasn't for you and your, uh, talent or ability or whatever, it would've been us."

There were several minutes of silence while I digested that.

"Nice car," I said changing the subject.

"Thanks. Dad gave it to me last Christmas. I drive it, but it's titled in his name. It was one of his company cars. When they get so many miles they sell or trade them.

"Oh" I said.

"Um, do we need to stop at a drug store for certain items before we go to the hotel" I asked.

"Good idea. There's an Eckerds or Walgreens a block or two from here."

We stopped at the drugstore and he went in while I waited. He came out a few minutes later with a small white paper bag and got in the SUV and we were off. In just a few minutes we were back at the hotel.

After we got to the room I unlocked the door and let Sky in. As soon as I closed the door, he threw his package on the bed, grabbed me by the arms, pulled me into him and our lips met. I had presence of mind enough to throw the security lock on the door and make sure the door adjoining Dad's room was locked. He pushed me back against the door as our tongues wrestled in each others mouths. My cock was hard and straining against my clothes. I could feel his hardness against my crotch. I grabbed at his shirt and started pulling it up. Our kiss broke so we could remove our shirts. We embraced again and I pushed him back toward the bed where we fell with me on top of him. I reached for the snap on his 501's and undid them. I grabbed that magnificent cock of his and he started to moan. He lifted his hips so I could remove his pants and he kicked of his shoes. I kicked off my shoes and stood up and removed my pants and boxers. I looked at him laying on that bed and damn did he look yummy. I jumped back on top of him and our lips met as our cocks ground into each other.

I started to get that wonderful tingly feeling as we kissed. The sparks were flying in my brain. My whole body felt warm and flushed. His skin next to mine again was like heaven. He kissed me deeper and I was moaning into his mouth. Our kisses and every touch, every caress became more urgent, more passionate.

I slid down and started nibbling his neck. He was running his fingers softly through my hair. I continued softly kissing and licking his body `til I got to his chest. He smelled like that smell that comes right after a gentle rain in the springtime. I kissed each nipple then took one in my mouth and flicked my tongue over it before I sucked and then nibbled on it. I did the same to the other. He was gently caressing my back, sending tingles down my spine. I continued my journey down his magnificent body till I got to his navel which I kissed and tongued thoroughly. All of my senses were on overload. The excitement I was feeling was like that moment on a giant roller coaster, just before that big drop, multiplied by a hundred. I could feel the precum leaking out of his cock when I took it in my hand and started slowly stroking it. "Oh my God, Jonah" I heard him moan. I put one hand back on his chest and was playing with a nipple as my mouth continued its journey to his cock. I licked the precum off the head and took him in my mouth. I slowly swallowed almost half of it and came back up and licked around the head again.

Since I had seen him last, I had read everything on the internet I could find about sucking a cock. I knew what I wanted to do. I began to go down on him again, took a deep breath, relaxed my throat and swallowed as I went all the way down on his cock swallowing it to the hilt. "JONAH!" OMIGOD!" I struggled to fight off the initial gag reflex and I then began a serious blowjob. I kneaded his balls with my hand as I sucked him for all I was worth. His hands were on my head gently caressing it. It wasn't but a couple of minutes before I felt him tense up and that sweet juice was shooting down my throat.

"How, -- where, -- when, did you learn to do that?" He panted, as I licked the last of the cum from his cock.

"Google is a wonderful tool. Just type in blowjob or oral sex and it will tell you anything you want to know."

"But I thought you wanted to . . . you know." He said looking over at the bag with the condoms and lube.

"Oh, I do," I said grinning, "I just wanted to make sure you lasted longer first."

"You devil." He said smiling at me.

"I moved back up and started kissing him again. I was lying on my side and he rolled over to face me. I put my hand on his shoulder and let it slide slowly down his arm and then moved it to his cock which I slowly began stroking back to life. I leaned in and gently pressed my lips to his. Our tongues met in an erotic dance as I felt his hand on the back of my neck and the kiss became more urgent. The kiss was breathtaking. My heart was beating faster and that warm flushed feeling was quickly spreading through my body again. He responded to my touch and started to harden. I continued to stroke him as we kissed. He was gently and slowly stroking my back and ass. His touch was electric to me, sending shivers through my body. I rolled over on my back and he rolled on top of me. His hand was now again behind my head as we continued to kiss and grind into each other. Ohhh, his skin felt sooo good against my own. My cock was so hard it hurt. "Sky, make love to me now. Pleeease" I moaned.

He put on a condom. I lifted my legs with my knees to my chest and he then began to lube my ass and his cock. He stuck one finger in my hole and gently stroked it in and out. In a few seconds he added a second and was hitting my special spot "Stop, or I'll shoot" I demanded. He withdrew his fingers and placed his cock against my hole. He reached around and got a pillow and put it under my ass. I nodded for him to proceed. He pressed slowly and the head popped in as I gasped. He stopped. In a moment, I nodded for him to go ahead. He slowly and gently eased into me.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and he began slowly pumping into me. My moans of pleasure matched his rhythm. My body felt as though it was convulsing in pleasure as his cock hit that special spot over and over. The rhythm gradually increased. I didn't touch my own cock as I wanted this to last as long as possible. I felt like I was going to explode. He pumped into me for at least ten minutes before I suddenly and without warning exploded in a massive orgasm, shooting my cum all the way up my chest and to my throat and chin. He must have felt my ass contracting as he came immediately afterward and collapsed on top of me.

We were both sweating and breathing hard. As soon as we could speak, I said "Sky, that was . . ."

"I know" he panted. "I don't have words either. I love you so much Jonah, I feel like I'm going crazy or something."

He slowly got up and I heard him flush the condom down the toilet as he came back in the room with a towel. He kissed and licked most of the cum off of my chest and neck and then wiped the rest with the towel and wiped himself off as well.

"Shower" I asked.

"Only if you join me."

"Where am I taking you to dinner?"

"Your town, what's good?"

"That's one of the few decent things about this town -- lots of really great restaurants. What're you hungry for? We got some great Italian, Greek, Mexican, Thai, awesome steak or seafood places, authentic Japanese and sushi, even a couple of gourmet pizza places."

"Really good Italian?" I asked.

"I know a couple of places" he said.

"Take me to your favorite."

"OK, but we're going to have to go home and let me change into some khaki's and a nicer shirt. It's a nicer place." He said. "I'm afraid you'll have to put up with my Mom for a few minutes while you wait."

"I look forward to meeting your mom"

"No, you don't" he said sadly.