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Sky's the Limit SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1

Chapter II.

The next day, Dad had to be at the convention center at eight o'clock and mercifully agreed to let me sleep in. I had told him that I would probably just go to the beach and hang out. He was supposed to call me around lunchtime on my new cell. I got up sometime after ten, ate some cereal, and pulled on my new trunks, slapped on a generous amount of sunscreen, and headed out for the beach. It wasn't that busy. There were a few families and kids scattered here and there, a volleyball game going on down a ways, and several people lying around just soaking up the rays. I decided just to walk up the beach for a while.

After a few minutes, I got to an area that was fairly deserted, except for one guy throwing a Frisbee to his dog. I got a little closer and could tell it was a guy about my age, and my Gawd was he gorgeous. He was taller than me, maybe 5'10 or 11". He had a dark golden tan, and sun-streaked brown hair that was just long enough to blow in the wind and barely touch the top of his shoulder. He had six pack abs, and a beautiful treasure trail leading into his low-hanging trunks. His face? Well, think Matt Damon at around sixteen, but somewhat thinner with slightly higher cheekbones and a stronger chin, and without the oversized forehead. Gorgeous. I decided to drop my towel, sit, and enjoy the scenery.

I guess I'd sat there about ten minutes while he threw that Frisbee to his German shepherd. The dog would catch it in mid-air and at times he would throw it out in the water and the dog would swim out and fetch it. They both seemed to be having a good time, and at some point, I noticed I had a full on hard on. I thought it best to roll over onto my stomach to hide my embarrassment. As I did so, I looked up just in time to see the frisbee get caught in the wind and was headed right for me. Out of nowhere, I saw this black-grey streak fly over me. The dog had jumped over me, caught the thing in midair and came down about three inches from my head throwing sand in my face.

Mr. hunk comes running over and said "Man, I am so sorry, that one just got away from me. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, he missed me, I just caught a little sand." I said as I rolled over and sat up before suddenly remembering why I was trying to roll over in the first place. I quickly pulled my knees to my chest to try to hide my still obvious woody.

"That's good. I was really scared he might have hurt you. I'm Skyler, but my friends just call me Sky" he said holding his left hand out for me. It was then I noticed he was looking at me through the most beautiful steely blue eyes.

"I'm Jonah" I said as I reached up to shake the hand he was offering me..

"Wanna play?" he asked as he took the Frisbee from the dog.

"Nah, I think I just want to sit here for a few. Thanks."

"That's okay. I'm getting kind of tired anyway. Schultzie will play all day though." He said looking over at the dog.

"Schultzie?" I asked.

"Yeah, my dad named him after some character in an old TV series named Sergeant Schultz. Schultzie was kind of a fat puppy and dad said the name fit him." He chuckled as he sat down right next to me. I noticed as he sat, the dog sat too.

"So, you here with your family?" He asked looking over at me. I noticed then that he most incredible smile I had ever seen.

"Nah, just my dad, and he's attending a bunch of meetings for some big insurance company thing." I said, returning the smile.

"Me too. Where ya from?"

"I'm from a little two horse hick town `bout an hour north of Birmingham. You?"

"Small town just outside of Jackson, Mississippi. Your folks divorced too?"

"No, my mom died a few months ago." I said trying to look away from him.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry. I guess I pushed that question too far. But when you said you were here with just your dad, I just assumed . . ."

"It's okay," I interrupted, "But I guess that by the question your folks are, huh?"

"Yeah," he said looking down. "More than a year now and it really sucks. My brother moved off to college and now I just get passed back and forth. I spend most of the school year with my mom and most of the summer with Dad. Mom lives in another `burb of Jackson so it's not too bad. You have any brothers or sisters?"

"Yeah, I have a sister. She's already finished high school and livin' in New York. She's a model."

"Man, that's cool. You get to go up there?"

"Not yet, but she's promised me that I will soon. She shares an apartment with several friends and I think it's kind of crowded most of the time."

"That's cool. Hey, you want to go take a swim?" He asked.

"Nah, I think I'll just sit here." I said still trying to hide my erection.

"Aww, come on. The water's great and it's still cold enough to make you lose that woody you've been trying to hide for the last ten minutes." He said with a grin.


"Look man, I get them all the time too. Don't sweat it. Just come get in the water." He said as he got up, adjusted his trunks and headed toward the water. He turned back towards the dog and said "Schultzie sit. Stay." The dog obeyed immediately.

I got up adjusted my trunks best I could and headed out behind him. He was right. The water was kind of cold, and as I got waist deep my erection deflated faster'n shit. In fact, I think my balls were up somewhere around my throat. He looked over at me with this sly kind of grin and chuckled "See I told you. Huge shrinkage factor here." I just laughed back at him and nodded agreement.

We splashed around and played in the water for around fifteen or twenty minutes before we headed back to the beach. We grabbed our towels and he turned to me and said. "You want to come over to our place? I wanna grab something to drink and some food."

"Is it far?" I asked.

"Nah, just across the highway, come on."

"Okay, I guess." I said as I draped my towel over my shoulders and put my cell phone and wallet back in my pockets.

I followed him across the beach. We crossed the highway and headed for a two story beach house built up on piers. It had a parking area underneath, but it was empty except for a two-seat red motor scooter off to one side. He put the dog in a fenced area in the back of the house. I followed him us some stairs over on the far side of the house. Once inside I was in a large family room with large windows facing the highway and beach. To the right was the kitchen and a hallway leading somewhere towards the back of the house. On the other side of the kitchen was a stairway leading up. It was decorated in pastels with a lot of glass tables, thickly padded wicker type furniture and a free standing fireplace filling a corner where the wall and windows meet.

"Nice" I said looking around.

"Yeah, my dad's family has owned it for years. His dad bought the original lot. This is the second house they've built on it. Hurricanes, you know. Where are y'all stayin'?"

"Summer Wind condos up the beach"

"Those are nice, y'all come here often?" he asked

"Nah, this is the first time I've been t' the beach since I was maybe ten or eleven. After my mom got sick we didn't travel much."

"Well, I guess I'll have to show you around and make sure you have a good time. I'm here a lot during the summers. If I'm not here with my dad, my grandparents will bring me. I have my own room upstairs. Wanna see?"

"Sure," I said as I followed him up the stairs. We entered the room and it was a typical kids room. Unmade bed, clothes strewn about, and rock band posters on the wall, including John Mayer, Five for Fighting, Dave Matthews and others. "Cool." I said looking around.

"I think I'm going to change into something dry" he said as he turned around and just dropped his trunks in front of me, leaving me staring at his gorgeous naked ass. His build was fantastic. No fat anywhere, but not too thin either. He had sort of a swimmer's build. Lean, but toned. My erection quickly came back to life.

"Um, I think I'll wait for you downstairs" I said and I knew my voice was shaking.

"Okay, and grab a coke or somethin' out of the fridge I'll be down in a sec" he said as I was leaving the room. Was he teasing me? He already knew I was hard at the beach. What was going on with this guy? Invite me up to his room and give me a strip tease? I mean damn.

I went downstairs and grabbed a Sprite out of the fridge and put my towel down on the sofa before sitting. He came down a few minutes later dressed only in a pair of khaki cargo shorts and flip flops and said "Let's get somethin' to eat. Come see if there's anything in here you like." I got up and walked back towards the kitchen to where he was standing in front of the open refrigerator. "There's some ham and cheese. Like a sandwich?" He asked.

"Sure, but I don't like a lot of mayonnaise" I replied.

"Me neither" he said.

He started making the sandwiches as I just stood around watching. "There's some chips in that cabinet over there" he said pointing. I opened the cabinet and grabbed a bag of chips, and turned to set them on the table when he gave me a flash of his beautiful smile and said. "You know, you're almost too cute to be a guy." I almost lost it.

I just stood there in a kind of shock. I'm sure he noticed the blank look on my face. And his expression got all serious. "I didn't mean to offend you. I mean it, but if that makes you uncomfortable, I'm sorry. If you're offended or uncomfortable that I think you're attractive, you don't have to hang here with me or anything.

I just stood there in shock. His serious expression turned into a grin and then back to that gorgeous smile. I didn't know what to say. "I'm not offended, I was just off guard. I've never had a guy say something like that to me. Are you telling me you're ..."

"Gay?" he said looking serious again.

"Yeah," I said still looking confused I guess.

"I've been trying to give you hints, I guess I decided to get more direct. I don't do this often, if ever, but I don't see guys like you often, if ever, either." he said kind of blushing.

He looked at me with a kind of grin and stepped a little closer so that we were only inches apart. "You don't mind?" he asked.

I was starting to get my courage up, since he had outed himself to me. I guess I felt flattered and encouraged. "No, I don't mind. I'm flattered, and I think you're very attractive too."

He put his hand on my bare shoulder and stepped closer to me till we were almost touching. My heart was in my throat and beating about ninety miles an hour. My palms were sweaty and I was getting lightheaded. His hand moved from my shoulder and cupped the nape of my neck, his free hand gently held my waist. He drew us together and brushed a kiss against my lips. I pulled back. His eyes locked on mine, inviting more. I was suddenly kissing him again, I felt his tongue against my lips. I opened them to let his tongue enter my mouth. I reciprocated with my tongue and we kissed like that for several minutes. My hard cock was straining in my trunks and trapped between our bodies. I could feel his hardness against me too. Fireworks were exploding in my brain. As our lips finally parted, he whispered "Wow!"

"Yeah, wow" I replied breathlessly. "Can we do that again?"

"Let's go sit down" he said as breathless as me.

We went over to the sofa with his arm around my waist and sat down together. We turned toward each other and embraced. His hands were around my neck and waist. Mine were around his. Our lips met and our tongues started their wrestling match. At some point I lay back on the sofa and he followed, his legs moving between mine till he was laying on top of me. Our bodies were grinding into each other. My hands were caressing his back and his stroking mine. I felt his hands at my waistband and then inside stroking my bare cheeks. I could feel his hardness pressed up against my body. I moved my hands down to his fabric covered crotch and stroked the hardness that was there. He moaned in my mouth as I touched him there. He was rather well endowed as best I could tell, definitely larger than my six inches. I felt his hand leave my ass and he reached around and unfastened his shorts I then felt his hand exploring my waistband, but going towards my erection. He took it in his hand. It was my turn to moan. I put my hand on his now exposed member and began stroking gently. He was definitely larger than me, at least seven or eight inches and thicker.

He began stroking me and I began to moan again. His lips left mine and he began nibbling on my neck and shoulder. I felt my release beginning to build I felt his rhythm on my cock increase as did mine on his. I started to scream out in pleasure to warn him, but by the time I started, it was too late. I came in several very intense spurts as I felt his cock pulse in my hand and he too began shooting. Our cum mixed and sprayed on both of our hands, stomachs, and shorts into a kind of a gooey mess. He looked into my eyes again with that smile and said softly, "I think we need a shower."

"That was incredible" I said as we just lay there looking at each other.

"Yeah, awesome." he replied still smiling. "God, you are so cute." I'm sure I started blushing at that point, as he got up and reached out his hand to help me up. He then snapped his shorts and took my hand again leading me to the stairway, up the stairs and into a bathroom.

He then took his hands into the waistband of my suit untied the string and lowered them. He then unsnapped and removed his own shorts. No words were spoken. He reached over and started the water in the large tiled shower stall.

His body was absolutely perfect. His skin was obviously tanned, but there was no tan line. As we waited for the water to heat, he pulled me towards him into another embrace and we kissed deeply. After we pulled apart he led me into the shower. Sky took the soap and gently lathered my neck, chest and torso, then softly working my now already recharged cock my balls. He turned me around and began to soap my back inching his way down to my ass, where he paid special attention to my crack and gently soaped my hole. He turned me back around and handed me the soap. I soaped him just as he soaped me. Just as I was exploring his ass with my hand and the soap, he stopped me and took the soap from me and knelt down to lather my thighs and down to my feet. He stood and turned me around reaching around caressing my body as the water rinsed me.

He turned me again facing him and knelt again in front of me. He then reached up and took my erection in his hand again and quite unexpectedly took it in his mouth. I gasped and moaned. He took me completely in his mouth and began sucking and stroking me. It wasn't very long before I my hips began bucking in response to his rhythm and my second orgasm was getting very close. I felt my balls begin to draw up in my sack. "I'm cumming!" I said, and tried to pull out of his mouth. But he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled my cock completely into his mouth where I unloaded another incredible load. He stood up, smiled at me and gave me another kiss. I could still taste my cum in his mouth. He grabbed the shampoo, squeezed some into each of our hands and said "let's finish the shower thing and eat. I'm still starved - especially after that appetizer." We both started laughing at that.

We finished the shower and dried off. I followed him through another door in the bathroom that led directly into his room. He handed me some boxers, shorts and a t-shirt. "Those are some of my clothes from a couple of years ago. They're small on me now, but should fit you okay."

The shorts were a little baggy but fit reasonably well as did the shirt. The best thing was it smelled like him. He had a very nice smell. "We can rinse out your trunks and I'll give you a bag to put them in."

I gathered up my trunks and we went back downstairs and sat down to eat the sandwiches he had made what seemed like hours ago. He looked at me and smiled. "I think you're best kisser I've ever been with, and definitely the cutest."

"Thanks," I replied and I know I must have turned three shades of red. "I have a confession to make. You're the only kisser I've ever been with."

"What!?" He looked at me incredulously. "You mean you've never . . . I mean you're a . . I mean I thought . ."

"Nope. 100% virgin territory" I replied, still blushing I'm sure.

"Omigod" he said still looking surprised. "I would never have taken advantage of you, I'm so sorry."

"What the hell are you apologizing for? I loved it. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced."

He looked at me and smiled again "Thanks, I just never stopped to consider that you had never, you know, fooled around some."

"So, you fool around a lot?" I asked.

"Not really, but I have been with a few guys and a couple of girls too."

"Girls?" I asked.

"Well, I'm from Mississippi. You can't just be out and have the `fag' label hung on you. Not in high school anyway. It's part of the way you have to hide it. So you go out with a couple of girls to make people think you're straight. It really sucks, but I don't use the girls. I do have a good time and I let them have a good time. I just don't let myself get into any type of relationship or commitment. I know I prefer to be with guys. It's just hard to date a guy and not be out. I can't wait till I'm not in high school anymore and labels aren't so important."

"It's the same for me." I said. "But you said you had been with guys. How do you meet them if you want everyone to think you're straight?"

"Man, the internet. is great. Myspace too, but it's not exclusively gay of course. They're both mostly high school and kids around our age."

"Oh, so, you don't have a regular significant other?"

"No" he replied smiling. "You want to go to town or do something?"

"You have a car?" I asked

Not here, I just turned sixteen and got my license three months ago, but dad didn't want two cars down here. We've got a scooter downstairs and an extra helmet. I've had my motorcycle license for over a year."

"Cool," I said, "but I need to call my dad and tell him who I'm with and where I'm going in case he gets back early."

"That's cool." he said

I picked up my phone and started to dial and then I thought a moment. "Sky, I don't even know your last name."

"Blue" he said

"Sky Blue?" I asked with a grin and chuckle I just couldn't help.

"Don't you dare laugh. My mom thought it was cute when I was little. Something about my eyes."

"Actually, I was thinking how sexy it was." I said grinning. "By the way my last name's Knight."

I dialed my phone and dad actually answered. "Dad?"

"What's up Jonah?"

"I'm going to ride around some with a new friend I met this morning. We're just going to go into town for a while."

"Who is this friend?"

"It's a guy. His name is Skyler Blue. He's from Mississippi."

"I may know his dad. One of our speakers this morning was David Blue. Is he where you can ask him?"

"Hang on" I turned to Sky "Is your dad's name David?"

"Yeah" he said.

"Dad, that must be the same guy. He said his dad was here for the insurance company meetings too and his dad's name is David."

"That's fine. You two have a good time, but if you're going to be after 6:00 call me. I wanted to go out for dinner tonight."

"Okay, bye"


After I hung up the phone, I turned back to Sky "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, shoot."

"How did you know I was gay too when you told me, you know that you were attracted to me? Do I act gay or something?"

"No! I didn't know. I hoped. I noticed how you were watching me on the beach, your extremely cute way of trying to hide your stiffie when I came over to talk to you. Besides, if I was wrong, the worst thing that would happen is that you would get mad and leave. It's not like I'm at home and have to worry about my whole school finding out or something. Let's just say I took a chance and I am sooo glad I did."

"Me too" I said smiling at him.

"Let's go" he said as we got up to leave he took my hand and pulled me back towards him, cupped the back of my head with his other hand and kissed me.

After we broke our kiss we headed out the door and down to the parking area. He handed me a helmet, we mounted the scooter and we took off. It was nice feeling him between my legs and my arms wrapped around his waist. We went downtown, stopping near the amusement park. It was an older park. I remember coming here when I was younger. "You been here before?" Sky asked.

"When I was about eight or nine years old I think. They had a pretty cool coaster, I remember."

"Yeah, that's the only thing I really care to ride, but it's something to do."

We bought our tickets and entered the park. It wasn't very crowded so there weren't many lines for anything but the coaster and we got to do it a couple of times. After about two or three hours, and several rides, we both got tired and hot. I suggested we go get something to drink and relax for a while and talk some. Sky agreed and we headed back to the scooter and back to his place. Upon arriving, he parked the scooter, spoke to the dog and petted him some and we went upstairs. Once inside he wanted me to grab us a couple of cokes out of the fridge while he called his dad.

I got the drinks and he came into the living room where I was sitting. "Dad's playing golf and still has nine holes to go. We easily have a couple a' hours there. You don't have to be back till six, right?"

I nodded and asked "What would you like to do?"

He looked at me with a huge grin and said "Wanna go to my room?"

"Yeah, I think I would like that" I replied with an equally large grin.

As soon as he closed the bedroom door he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into a deep kiss. I felt his hands removing my shirt. I followed his lead, starting to remove his shirt as well. Breaking our kiss only long enough to clear the shirts over our heads, I could feel the pressure as our cocks strained against our clothes. Seeking release, our shorts soon joined our shirts on the floor. Soon we were naked. We resumed kissing, our cocks grinding against each other. I felt him reach down and take mine in his hand. I did the same. Then, he stopped kissing me. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, I want to make sure you're comfortable with whatever we're about to do. I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do. I mean, I know what you said earlier. I don't want you to think you have to do something you don't want."

I looked into his eyes and said "Trust me, I love what we're doing. I trust you, and I want to learn everything. I'll let you know when it's going to fast or something."

He smiled and simply said "Good" as he started kissing me again. He began kissing down my chest, stopped to suck my nipples, and flicked them with his tongue. It made me gasp. "I never knew that could feel so good." He continued working on my nipples while his hand was back on my cock. He continued to kiss and lick down my torso till he got to my cock. He started to lick up and down my shaft coaxing a moan from deep in my throat. Pulling back, he let my cock slip from his mouth, making a slapping sound as it hit my stomach. He licked the sensitive underside of my cock, working his way lower One at a time he licked my balls, drawing them into his mouth and working them with his tongue. Oh God, this feels good. He returned his mouth to my cock and took the head in his mouth and started moving his tongue around the head.

"I need your cock too." I panted. He turned around so that his cock was inches from my face. I took it in my hand. I leaned forward and tentatively licked the pre cum off the head. It tasted good. I put the head in my mouth and began using my tongue as he had. I tried to swallow more of his cock, but I wasn't used to it and started to gag.

He stopped for a moment and said "easy, just take as much as you can. It takes practice like anything else. Your doin' great." I would have said something but my mouth was full of his cock. I simply moaned a response and kept sucking. He returned to working on my cock and soon my hips involuntarily pressed into his face. My orgasm was imminent. I heard Sky start to moan and his balls began to draw up into his body. He stopped long enough to warn me he was about to cum. I continued sucking, stroking the base of his cock with my hand. He returned his mouth to my cock just as my orgasm hit, he also began matching my orgasm blast for blast with his own. I had never tasted anything like it. It was salty, but sort of sweet too. I had tasted my own, but this was different. It was good.. Finished, he turned around started kissing me again. The taste of both our fluids mixed in our mouths. It was wonderful.

I looked at him and said "that was incredible and indescribable."

"Thanks, I have to agree. It was awesome. You did great. You sure you never . . .?"

"Sucked a cock?" I interrupted "Nope, you're the first. But I sure could get used to it."

"I could sure get used to you doing it too." he chuckled.

"You've got a great body" I said while stroking my hand down his chest "but how come you don't got any tan lines?"

He started to blush slightly. "My mom owns a tanning salon. I take advantage after hours."

"Cool" I said "I was wondering if you laid out naked or something. You know, I still know hardly anything about you other than you fool around with guys you meet on the internet. I don't mean that in a bad way, just wish I had though of it. But still, I don't know much about what you like to do and stuff."

He looked at me a little confused "You know I could say the same about you. All I really know is you were a virgin till I corrupted you I guess technically you still are since we've only jacked off and swapped blow jobs, but I don't know much about you either."

"Fair enough" I said. "Can we start with you?"

"Well, I like beautiful guys, duh. I don't have a committed boyfriend or anything. I've already told you that I have been with a couple of girls, but it really didn't mean anything. I guess my other passion is music. I play the guitar and drums, and I love to sing. I belong to my school show choir, Attache' and . . ."

"ATTACH?!" I scream. "You're in Attache!? I belong to my school chorus. You guys kick ass! I mean, you blow away the competition, nationally. Why didn't you tell me you were from Clinton High. I mean, you guys are legendary. Lance Bass was discovered from Attache.

"I told you that I was from a Jackson `burb." he said "Really, I would rather sing with a group like the Madison Madrigals in the district where my dad lives. I really don't enjoy just doing show tunes and dancing all that much, but we do get to travel a lot with "Attache. The coolest trip is Nashville, and I do love to sing. What about you? I take it that you're into music."

"Yeah," I said, "I've been playing the piano since I was a little kid and I love it. I took up the trumpet for the school band and have been trying to learn guitar for a couple of years. I also love to sing and I sing in our school chorus, but we're not even close to you guys."

"Thanks," he said, "We do have fun, but I'm also on my school swim team, between that, Attache and a couple of clubs I belong to, it doesn't leave time for much else during the school year. Between dad and my grandparents, I spend a lot of time down here during the summer. That's about it for me. I guess, what about you?"

"Well, let me think. You know about my piano, and that I'm in the chorus and band, most of my other friends are in the band except my best friend Dex. He's definitely straight and more into sports. I'm really not into organized sports anymore. I used to play baseball, I do some Karate' but that's about it, I guess. You also know I'm in the closet too, and less than 10 hours ago I would never have dreamed I would be laying naked in a bed with the most handsome guy I have ever seen and having this conversation."

He smiled at me at that last comment, "Yeah, and as much as I enjoy it too, I guess we better get dressed before dad gets back. You want a ride back to your place when you're ready?"

"That sounds like a dismissal" I said with a kind of pouty look.

"Not at all. I wish you could stay all night. I just didn't want you to get in trouble with your old man." He said still smiling.

I smiled back at him as we got up and put our clothes back on. We went downstairs and started watching some old movie on TV. He scooted over on the sofa and started holding my hand. I looked over and he was just staring at me with that same nice smile. "What?" I asked.

"I was just thinking how easy it would be to totally fall for you." He said.

"Um, thanks," I said, but I'm sure I was noticeably uncomfortable. I mean I liked him and all, but things were moving too fast. I got up some courage and turned to him giving him my most serious look I could muster and said "Look, I enjoyed the making out and blowjobs and all. It was incredible in fact. You're probably the best-looking guy I've ever seen, and you seem very nice and considerate and genuine and everything. I just need a little time to sort through my feelings. I mean I'm still messed up from my mom and all. My dad just dropped a bombshell on me yesterday too. I guess I'm just an emotional wreck right now and I need a little time. Besides, what happens at the end of the week when I have to go back home? How would I ever see you again?"

"I'm sorry," he said his smile had completely disappeared and had turned to a frown. He looked genuinely upset. "I didn't mean to upset you or make you uncomfortable, I just never met someone like you before nor had anything happen this fast. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have pushed things."

"Damn, there you go apologizing again. Don't. Please. It's not you, it's totally me. I'm just confused. I've never had feelings for anyone. I mean, I've never had a relationship. I don't know what it's supposed to feel like, but I don't want to get hurt when I can't see you either."

"That's cool" he said as the frown was disappearing." I just hadn't thought that far ahead. It was stupid of me. Let's just see how things go the next few days and we'll take it slower. Friends?"

"Friends, definitely" I replied smiling at him. "I need to get back now. My dad'll be lookin' for me soon. That offer for a ride still good?"

"Sure." he said smiling again. "Oh, and don't forget your trunks" he said pointing to a small white plastic bag we had put them in. I grabbed the bag as we left the house and went downstairs and got on the scooter. He dropped me off in the parking garage under our condos and gave me a quick kiss on the lips as no one was around. We exchanged phone numbers before he left and I promised to call him in the morning.

What a day. I was thinking as I got on the elevator headed for our condo. I stepped into the condo and heard the TV playing. When I walked in the living area, dad was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. "Hi, how was your day?" he asked.

"Fine. We had a great time." I replied

"Tell me about your new friend." He asked with what sounded like genuine interest.

"His name is Skyler but he says everyone calls him Sky. He's sixteen and he has a scooter down here his dad got for him. They have a beach house up the highway not quite a mile from here. He's cool and really seems to be a nice guy. Oh, and he's into music too."

"Good. I'm glad you found someone to hang around with. His dad is pretty well off. He owns several agencies around Mississippi, and is getting into the financial planning business as well. I've been talking to him about making that expansion in my agency. I told him you two had met this afternoon and he invited me to join his group at the golf course. They were one man short. Oh, I think they're going to try to put on a father-son golf tournament if they have enough to do it. He wants his son to participate. I was wondering if you would like to."

"Sure, Dad, especially if Sky is going to be there." I said a little too enthusiastically. I thought to myself as soon as I said it that I had better cool it talking about Sky around him.

He kind of raised his eyebrows a bit when I said that, but he let it pass and just said "Good, I'll tell them to count us in. Now go get cleaned up, change into some nicer clothes and we'll go find a decent restaurant. I'm starved. The plastic chicken they served at our luncheon was awful and I need some real food."

We went out to a really nice steak and seafood place. Dad was in a good mood and really excited about this new business thing. He talked a lot about it over dinner but I really didn't have a clue about more than half of what he was talking about. I pretended that I understood and just did a lot of smiling, nodding, and agreeing. We seemed to be getting along for the first time in a long time. We also talked about plans for the rest of the week. He was going to be busy most of the time during the day with these meetings and said he felt a little guilty about stranding me at the condo. I told him not to worry about it. Sky wanted to me to come back and he had the scooter for transportation. This seemed to make dad feel better. He also said he wanted to arrange a deep sea fishing trip for us before we left. That sounded cool.

"So what do plan to do tomorrow?" Dad asked as we were walking back into the condo.

"Not sure yet. I wanted to sleep in some, but I need to get up and practice my Karate katas. I have neglected them the last few days. I thought it might be cool to practice on the beach. It's too close in here. Sensei would be ticked if I was rusty when we got back. Then I was going to call Sky and see what he wanted to do."

OK then, if you're going to get up early you better get to bed. Want me to wake you when I leave?

"That would be fine I guess" I said as I headed for my room.



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