sky's the limit Chapt 4

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Sky's the Limit

Chapter IV.


They were just looking at us and smiling. One was close to our age, maybe eighteen or twenty. He had a pleasant face, but I wouldn't call him cute. He was thin, but toned, darkly tanned with long, sun-streaked hair tied back in a pony tail. He was wearing only a very short pair of rather tight cut-offs and had an expensive-looking camera of some sort around his neck. There was a sort of fanny pack thing strapped around his waist. He had a spider web tattoo on his left shoulder and both of his nipples were pierced. (I did a sub-conscious "ouchy" when I noticed them.)

The guy with him was older, maybe late twenties or early thirties. He had short black hair with an obvious receding hairline that he had combed back, a medium sort of build and was dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt. He was also `nice-looking' but didn't really do anything for me.

I was beginning to get a little nervous as they were staring at us and broke the awkward silence. "Can I help you?" I asked somewhat tentatively.

The younger guy spoke up. "I'm sorry. We were just enjoying watching you two. You are such a beautiful couple. "

"Thanks" I replied with a somewhat questioning look.

"I'm sorry, I'm Adam Williams, and this is my partner Steve Jackson," he said, taking a step towards us and holding out his hand.

I reached out my hand to shake his but I glanced over at Sky and we both said in unison as if we were thinking on the same wavelength, "Adam and Steve?" with a chuckle in both our voices.

"Please don't go there, we've heard all the damn jokes," Adam said almost pleading as we shook hands.

I looked at him somewhat apologetically, "I'm sorry, but I'm from Alabama and my grandfather is a retired Baptist minister. I mean the bumper stickers and everything, it's just so cliché."

"Tell me about it." Adam said laughing, "And you are . . .?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Jonah Knight and this is my friend Sky, Sky Blue."

"Sky Blue? And you were laughing at us." the older guy Steve said with a chuckle.

"Actually, it's damn sexy and it really suits you. Goes with those eyes." Adam interjected.

"Actually, Sky is short for Skyler, and don't even think about it." I said as I quickly put my arm around my guy and pulled him close.

Everybody except me began laughing about that. I was damn serious. Was this jealousy creeping into my brain?

"Don't worry, he just likes to flirt, damned irritating really." Steve interjected when he saw I wasn't laughing, "Besides, he needs me. I'm also his employer." Then we all shared the laugh.

"I was hoping you guys would let me take your picture." Adam said as we stopped laughing. "You were just so beautiful and the setting and all was just like something out of a gay novel. You guys are both so gorgeous and you fit together and complement each other so well. Steve and I both think so. Do you mind?"

Sky and I looked at each other and just sort of shrugged our shoulders, and Sky said "Well as long as you don't plan on publishing them, putting us on the net, or anything anywhere, I mean neither of us are out to our parents yet."

Adam smiled and said, "That's cool, I totally understand. I was tossed out by my folks when I was fourteen after they found out about me. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. I'm just an amateur photographer looking for subject matter, and you two are just gorgeous. Steve here thought I needed a hobby."

We both said ok and nodded our agreement. We struck several poses together holding each other in different embraces and even kissing as Adam suggested or just holding hands or with our hands over each other's shoulders or around each other's waist.

He eventually got all he wanted and said "thanks, these will turn out great. Give me your e-mail address and I'll send them to you. You have a private e-mail and can download .jpg format right?"

We both answered affirmatively. Adam reached into his bag and pulled out a pen while Steve reached into his pocket and handed him a business card. Adam handed the business card to Sky and Adam handed the pen and said "just write them down on the back with your names."

Sky wrote down his name and e-mail, glanced at the other side of the card, and handed it and the pen to me. "Charter fishing?" Sky asked as I took the card from him.

"Yeah," Adam replied. "Steve here owns a charter fishing service and several boats that he inherited from his father a couple of years ago. I work on the boats. I'm trying to get a captain's license, but I just got my GED last month. Steve made that a pre-requisite."

"Cool," Sky said. "My dad said he wanted to go fishing while we were here this week, I sure would like to take Jonah and his dad too."

"We operate out of Perdido Key. You know where that is?"

"Damn right" Sky said. "My dad's had a house down here since he was kid. I spend the better part of every summer down here."
"Great!" Steve said handing him another couple of cards. "Give him one of these and tell him to tell the person on the phone that it's for the `Blue' party and I'll give you a substantial discount and put you with my best captain and boat. Knowing you guys are teenagers and probably sleep till noon, I'll figure on a half-day right?"

We both started laughing, and I said "Well, unless your morning trips don't leave till after ten, you're probly right."

He laughed, "Morning trips leave at six sharp, so I guess we're talking a half-day here. Listen, our house is just back up the beach a bit. Would you join us for drinks?"

We looked at each other and sort of shrugged. They seemed harmless to me, and frankly were the first gay couple I had ever met. "What do you think?" I asked Sky.

"Sounds good to me."

Steve smiled and said "Good, let's go" and we headed back the direction we had come. Within just a few minutes we were at a particularly wide section of beach and Steve headed toward a nice-looking two-story house up on piers. It had the windows facing the beach, very much like Sky's beach house. However, this one was actually on the beach, not across the highway, and there was a large deck extending out and facing the beach, a rather long twisting stairway leading up to the deck and house. At the base of the stairway was a concrete platform with a pipe sticking out of it and a shower head at the top with a chain hanging down.

As we stepped up to the platform, Steve and Adam grabbed the chain and rinsed the sand off of their feet, and we followed suit. We went up the stairs to the large deck. There were three tables, each with four comfortable padded chairs, umbrellas, and a small wet bar with a couple of stools next to the door leading into the house. Four lounge chairs, suitable for `laying out', were scattered around and there was a huge stainless steel barbeque at the far end of the deck.

"You guys make yourselves comfortable" Steve said as he went into the house. Sky, Adam and I sat at one of the tables. After a moment or so, we heard Elton John playing softly from speakers hidden somewhere I couldn't see, and within a few minutes Steve was coming from the house with four glasses and a full bottle of what I assumed was a pinkish-colored wine.

"I hope you guys don't mind White-Zin. I thought I had something more appropriate, but someone must have drunk it." He said sort of glaring at Adam.

Adam sort of put his eyes and head down in an embarrassed type gesture. Hell, I didn't know what "White Zin" was. My dad was a teetotaler as far as I knew, except for the occasional beer I had seen him drink, even then it was when he had guests, usually clients, over.

"That's fine" Sky said as we each reached for a glass.

Wow. That's good, I thought to myself as I took a sip.

"How long have you two been together?" Adam asked after taking a sip.

"We just met a couple of day ago. It's been a whirlwind for me" Sky replied.

"Really? Adam asked somewhat surprised. "I figured you had been together a while. You look so comfortable and natural together."

I'm sure I was blushing, but I knew what he was talking about. It did feel natural to be with Sky, comfortable, yeah, that was it. I was comfortable when I was with him - like I was supposed to be with him.

"What about you two?" I asked.

Steve sort of smiled and said "We've been together over a year. I'm sure you guys think I'm some sort of pedo or something, but really I'm only twenty-six and Adam's almost twenty. I just look older than I am and he looks a lot younger. I think it's all that damn hair of his and my lack of it" he chuckled. "He had been working the boats for my dad since he was fifteen. When Dad died, Adam was always there to help me, and, well, it turned into something more. I fell in love with this guy. I haven't regretted a moment of it and I don't know what I would have done without him. Plus, he knows more about fishing and these waters than some of the captains that have worked for the company for years. He's just a natural at it or something."

"You also said I was a natural at something else" Adam said toward Steve with a fake pouty look, sticking out his bottom lip.

"You definitely are at that, babe." Steve said glancing over at him and then us and blushing.

We all started laughing.

Then they looked at each other with a look that I can only describe as happy and content. It made me smile and I looked over at Sky and he was smiling too. This was really nice - sitting out on this spacious deck, looking out over the gorgeous white sand beach at sunset with new friends and wine with Elton singing in the background. It was really nice, and comfortable.

"So, I know Jonas said he was from Alabama, what about you, Sky?" Adam asked.

"Clinton, Mississippi, near Jackson." he replied.

Steve interjected "Well, that's not too far. Look, don't take this the wrong way. I just wanted to say, you guys really may want to be more careful around here. I know you thought the beach was deserted, but you never heard us. I mean there are a lot of narrow-minded idiots around here. Probably like where you guys come from, so you know what I'm talking about. They don't call this the `Redneck Riviera' for nothin'. I just don't want to see you guys get hurt or somethin'. This hate-crime thing going on around the country is serious and we got some real nutcases down here. Adam and I don't even openly display affection around Gulf Shores. Pensacola is a lot more tolerant and there are more gay-friendly areas over there. That's usually where we party and all. They even have a gay-pride week every year. We just happen to live here because this was my dad's place and the beachfront real estate is cheaper. Florida beachfront property taxes are hell too."

Sky and I looked at each other with serious expressions. Really it was something to which I hadn't given much thought. Sky looked back at them and said "Thanks, you're right. I've never had a boyfriend down here. I guess we just got carried away."

Boyfriend? When did I become his boyfriend? I didn't object. In fact, I didn't say anything. I think I liked the sound of it. I know I liked the sound of it. I did look over at him and smile and nod in agreement. "Me too. I never had a boyfriend before period. It's all really new to me."

"Awww," Adam said with a shit-eating grin. "First love. This is so cool. I'm so glad we met you two. It makes my heart happy."

Steve just looked at Adam with a really pleasant smile and took his hand, and then looked at us. "Me too. This has made my day. You guys need to find a way to stay together. I think you could have something special. God knows you two look like something special. I have to agree with Adam when he spotted you. You guys look so good together, no, you look beautiful together, like two parts of a beautiful landscape coming together. I have to admit I've never seen two people who look like they're meant to be together – male-male, male-female or other. I really can't put my finger on it, or explain it. I just know it's beautiful to see and one of the most beautiful things I have seen, except for this guy." He leaned over and gave Adam a sweet peck on the lips.

We both thanked them for the compliments and continued to chat about our schools, interests, and so on as we continued to sip on the wine. We both consumed two or three glasses and I was feeling really good. When they asked us to join them for dinner, it was then I realized that both our dads would be coming home soon, and I for one didn't want to explain how we were at the home of an openly gay couple eating dinner.

"We better get going." I said after they asked us to join them. "We both told our dads that we wouldn't be out late tonight. I think they have something planned for tomorrow as it's Saturday." I said begging off. Sky nodded an agreement and we said our goodbye's.

"Don't forget if you guys go fishing to call us." Steve said as we were leaving.

"We will" I said.

As I started down the stairs to go back to the beach I realized I was kind of dizzy. "Sky," I said quietly, "I think I may need some help here."

He put his arm around me as we headed down the steps. I honestly don't think I would have made it without him holding me - at least not on my feet anyway. "It'll be OK. I've got you. Let's go down to the waters edge where the sand is easier to walk. You never drank any alcohol before, have you?"

"No" I replied.

"Man, I shouldn't have let you drink more than a glass or two. Your size and never had any, man, that's probably like me drinking a whole bottle."
"I'm OK - just a little lightheaded" I replied defensively.

The walk was doing me some good. By the time we reached the area of beach across from Sky's place, I was getting a little steadier on my feet. We turned and walked across the beach and highway to his house. There was a new Lexus in the parking area. "Dad's home" Sky said. "You up to meeting him or you want to just hop on the scooter and me take you home?"

"Actually, I think I'll take my chances meeting your dad. He doesn't know me and maybe he'll just think I'm goofy or something. I think I need a few minutes and maybe some food before I see my dad. I'm lucky he hasn't called me yet" I replied.

"Sounds like a plan. Can you make it up the stairs?"

"Yeah" I said holding on to both handrails.

We made it up the stairs and went inside. A very nice-looking man was sitting on the sofa with his feet propped up reading a newspaper. He got up when we came in. "Hi" he said coming toward me with his hand outstretched "You must be Sky's friend, Jonah. I'm Sky's dad, David, David Blue" He said as we shook hands.

"Yessir, very nice to finally meet you" I replied, trying to compose myself. Mr. Blue was tall, (well, tall to me anyway) maybe six feet and really looked like an older version of Sky with much shorter hair and slightly larger nose. I think his eyes were set wider and not quite as large and they were dark brown, but the resemblance was undeniable.
Mr. Blue and I went into the living room and sat down. Sky went to the kitchen and grabbed a Coke and a snack size bag of chips and brought them to me. He turned to his dad and said "Would you like something dad?" His dad just shook his head, but said "have you guys eaten?"

"Not yet, we were going to get something later. We took a long walk up the beach and just stopped by for a coke and snack before we head back out."

"Why don't you guys let me take you out?" He asked.

"Well, we would have to stop by my place and let me change and check with my dad That's really to much trouble, but thank you anyway" I said really trying to beg off.

"Nonsense, your dad can go too if he wants. Why don't you call him?"

"Dad..." Sky said with a little exasperation in his voice, "Really, we were just going to get a burger and hang out downtown a little while, and call it a night. Besides don't we have that golf thing tomorrow?"

"Yeah right. I almost forgot. Jonah and his Dad are going to be the other half of our foursome. We tee off around 2:00. Jonah's dad said you guys can take the shuttle from their condo to the course and we'll meet up there. I've still got your clubs in my car. You guys finish your cokes and grab something, then and we'll go out some other time - maybe tomorrow after the game."

"That really sounds better, Dad" Sky said smiling over at me. "Oh, I almost forgot, we met a couple of guys on the beach today. One of them owns a charter fishing service and several boats. He said he'd give us a discount and his best boat if you want to set up something for Sunday afternoon. I'd really like to ask Jonah and his dad to go too, if it's ok." Sky handed his dad one of the cards that Steve had given us.

"Great!" Mr. Blue said smiling at Sky as he took the card. "Of course Jonah and his dad can come. I was hoping to get some fishing in. The guy I normally use retired last season and sold his boat. I really didn't know who I was going to call."

"Oh, and tell them it's for the Blue party. I think he's going to tell them to expect your call" Sky added.

"Sounds like you've already done the deal." Mr. Blue said smiling at Sky. "I'll call in the morning."

"Thanks, Dad" Sky said smiling back at him.

I finished my coke and chips and was feeling better with some food in my stomach. Sky changed into some cargo shorts and a polo shirt. We left after that and got on the scooter, headed back to my condo for me to change. When I walked in I noticed Dad still wasn't back yet, so I decided I'd better call him. He answered and said he was having dinner with some other insurance people and would be home in an hour or two. I told him I was going to grab a burger with Sky and hang around downtown for a while. He said OK, but wanted me back before eleven because we needed to talk about plans for the rest of the trip. I acknowledged with an OK and hung up.

I looked at Sky, smiling and said "We have at least an hour and I'm damn horny."

He smiled and followed me to my room. The door was barely closed before our clothes were in a pile on the floor. Falling on the bed together, we embraced and started a kiss. Our bodies meshed as one, our hard cocks grinding between our bodies. I kissed him deeply. I kissed down his body till I got to his cock, licking the shaft down to his balls, making him shudder. My tongue moved lower, wanting to hear him moan as I licked that special place between his balls and hole. He spread his legs further and pulled his legs up. I turned around so I could straddle his head and he immediately began working on my cock. I continued my exploration and tentatively licked at his hole. There was a musky odor but not unpleasant, and no taste other than a sort of salty tang. We had been in the ocean and walking most of the day.

I continued to lick him and probe his hole with my tongue, his deep moans thrilling me, creating a vibrating sensation as he continued to suck my cock. I used a finger to take over the explorations of his hole, freeing my mouth to tend his swollen cock. Rubbing his bud, I applied a little pressure and slipped in past the knuckle, making him jump slightly. He moaned, taking his mouth off my cock to say "Deeper, till you feel a little bump" He then began exploring my hole with his tongue. I pushed my finger deeper and I felt the little bump just inside and he moaned. His mouth returned to my cock and I felt his finger at my hole, applying a little pressure and slipping in. I moaned and continued rubbing that little spot with my finger. He was doing the same to me. It was only a minute or two before I felt my climax coming and I exploded in his mouth. I was still sucking him and massaging his hole and suddenly he tensed and I tasted that sweet taste of Sky. When I had gotten every drop, I turned and we kissed.

"How does it keep getting better" I whispered to him as we broke our kiss.

"I think it's just that we're getting more comfortable with each other" he whispered back.

I just smiled back at him. How odd that I had been thinking that exact same thought earlier this evening at Adam and Steve's place. Am I falling for him? Definitely.

"I'm hungry" I sort of half-whispered, "but I need a shower before I get dressed. If we hurry you can join me." He followed me into the small bathroom and I started the water. We got in the shower and gently soaped each other. There was no sex, but it was damn hot. I kissed him before turning off the water and drying off.

After we got dressed we headed downtown. Sky said he knew this place that had great burgers, but it looked like a dive. We pulled into a parking lot surrounded on three sides by some older looking buildings and got off and started walking. We found the place and went inside. It was sort of dark inside, it had only two windows facing the street, one on either side of the door. There was a jukebox playing country music over against one wall and a bar at the back where you placed your order. There were several wooden tables scattered around the old tiled floor, with fifties looking red vinyl chairs around them. Different beer and neon signs decorated the walls and in one corner there was a big screen TV playing ESPN. There were only a few people in there. About half the tables were empty.

Sky saw me looking around. "It doesn't really get busy here till later, after the honky tonks around here get going good."

"Honky tonks?" I asked

"Redneck Riviera, remember" he said smiling.

"Oh, yeah" I said shrugging my shoulders.

We ordered our food and in a few minutes they brought it to our table. We talked a bit about playing golf tomorrow and how well or how shitty we could play. We talked about going fishing. I had never been and Sky was telling all about what to expect and some of his past trips. I was getting pretty excited hearing him talk about some of the bigger fish they had caught - some were over fifty pounds. His dad had caught a 230 pound marlin several years ago, but that was on a full day trip. It really sounded like fun.

I guess we talked longer than I had thought because when I looked at my watch we had been there over an hour and the place was starting to fill up. We got up, paid for our food, and left. We started walking around. There were several bars in the area, mostly redneck, scattered out among the t-shirt and souvenir shops and tattoo parlors. We just walked, looking around and talking some more.

Talking with Sky was getting easier and easier. I told him more about Sarah, my school, friends, and so on. I could actually talk to him about my mom without breaking down. I couldn't even do that with Dex, who had known me all my life. (Make a mental note to call Dex. I haven't even thought about him much since being consumed with Sky.) He told me about his brother, his closest friends. I did notice though that he avoided the topic of his parents and their divorce. I sensed some real anger every time it came up. I didn't push it. It wasn't any of my business anyway.

We stopped at an arcade where he whipped my ass on most of the games. Then we walked around for over an hour until we both started getting bored and tired. We decided to head back to the scooter and maybe just ride around some or head back to his place or mine and watch a movie or something. We turned down an alley next to one of the "honky-tonks" that led back to the parking where we left the scooter. I hadn't even noticed that Sky had put his arm around me.

"Well looky here" I heard a voice say behind me with a real country drawl to it.

We turned and there were two rather large guys behind us. They were decked out in blue jeans, cowboy boots and one had shirt with the sleeves cut off, the other in an Alabama T-shirt (the group) and baseball cap with a confederate flag on it. Both were much larger than either of us, especially me.

"Looks like two queers to me." Baseball cap said to his buddy

The other one pulls out a knife and says "I think we need to give the little one there a pussy so he can make his boyfriend happy". As they were coming towards us, I turned to run and saw another guy standing at the far end of the alley with something in his hand.


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