Sky's the Limit Chapt 5


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Chapter V

Sky starts to push me behind him and I pull him back saying to these two "Look, we don't want any trouble we're leaving."

"I don't think so" says the knife guy.

"Get back Sky" I ordered firmly and he took a step back as I squared off against the guy with the knife. As he lunged, I moved my right foot for bracing and used my left fist in a hammer strike to a point on his forearm where I knew it was weakest. He immediately dropped the knife. I grabbed that same arm with my left hand, used my right forearm to give him a hard blow to the bicep, and then used the same arm in a downward blow with my elbow just below the bicep. We heard an audible pop. Twisting the now disabled arm and pushing it backward, he bent over while I hit him hard with my right hand just below his ear - a point that should cause unconsciousness. As he was falling forward I delivered a hard blow to his chest with my right knee, my left hand still holding the disabled arm up and behind my attacker. I deliver another hard blow down to the base of his skull with my right hand and he collapsed onto the ground face first.

About this point I noticed his buddy charging me. I ducked and spun out of the way as he passed, delivering a hard swinging sidekick with my left leg directly to the side of his right knee. There is an audible crack as he fell. He struggles to get up and lunges at me. I assume a defensive stance and delivered a swift kick to his face that landed directly on his chin. His head snapped back and hit the pavement hard when he fell. Neither of them were moving at this point.

I looked over at the third guy who was blocking our way, and I hear him yell "DAYAM!" and he quickly disappeared. The whole thing only lasted maybe a minute. I looked over at Sky and his mouth was hanging open, his eyes the size of saucers, and he had a look of sheer panic.

I grabbed his arm and grabbed his shirt at the collar forcefully and said "Sky! We have got to get out of here NOW!!" I turned and ran toward the parking lot, dragging Sky with me. We got on the Scooter and Sky got us out of there as fast as it would go. "Sky, go to my place, its closest. We'll park in the garage." I kept looking back, but I never saw anyone following us. We got to the garage, parked, and got off the scooter. As soon as we took off the helmets Sky grabbed me and held me in a tight embrace. I thought he was crying.

"Sky, it's ok. It's over. We're ok." I pulled away from him a bit so I could look at him. I took his face in my hands "What's wrong Sky?"

I looked in his eyes, he was crying. My big strong Sky. He finally spoke. "You were great, but you could have been killed back there. What the hell were you thinking going after that guy? I was scared shitless back there. Weren't you scared?"

"Hell yes I was scared, Sky, but it's what I've spent years training for. It's part of who I am, like being . . . gay." It occurred to me that it was the first time I had admitted that aloud to anyone, including myself. "Sky, I wasn't going stand around and let those guys hurt you or me when I knew I could do something about it. Frankly, I wanted to get out of there so quick because I'm worried about what I may have done to them."

"What do you mean Jonah?" Sky asked, drying his eyes with his hands.

"I may have killed one of them. I don't know. The guy with the knife I'm pretty sure was just unconscious. I was in control enough not to deliver anything that was fatal. He will have a broken arm, a couple of broken ribs and probably a concussion. His partner surprised me though. I didn't expect him to get back up after I broke his knee. He must have been drunk or on drugs or something. I might have broken his neck with that kick. It was reflex, and I didn't have time to think or pull it before delivery. At the very least I broke his jaw."

"Damn, Jonah, maybe we should go to the police."

"And what? Tell them the two country boys were attacking us because we're a couple of fags? Maybe get arrested for assault and battery on those creeps, then have to explain it to Dad? No thank you. We'll wait `til tomorrow. This is basically a small town. If the guy's dead we'll hear about it on the news, and we'll talk about it then. If not, I doubt they tell the cops anything and they won't be picking on any more `queers'."

"I suppose you're right" Sky said, looking down at the ground and there was a pause. "I love you Jonah."

"What?" Where the hell did that come from? About a million thoughts were streaming through my head.

He looked up and the tears had returned to his eyes. He was looking directly into mine. "I love you. I can't help it. It just happened dammit. I realized it tonight while we were over at Steve and Adam's place. I just couldn't keep it in any more. I know it's only been a couple of days. I know you're leaving next week. I've heard of love at first sight but I never thought . . . I mean... I've never met anyone like you Jonah. You're beautiful, you're sexy, you're funny, you're smart and you're . . ."

"Lethal?" I interrupted, smiling at him.

"Dammit that's not funny. I was trying to be serious. I mean it, you're pissing me off. This is no joke to me. I've never felt . . . What's the damn use, you'll never love me." He was crying again.

I put my arms around his waist and pulled him to me "I'm sorry, Sky. It's my turn to apologize. That was cruel of me. To be honest, I don't know what I feel. I felt something tonight over there too, and I don't mean the wine either. I felt how right it was to be with you, to be together. How comfortable I was with you. I just don't know what love is anymore. My mom kind of took that with her, I guess. There's still a huge hole in my heart. My dad and I -- I think that's mutual respect or understanding. I'm not sure that's love. I'm not sure what it is. I love my sister, but that's different too. I'm crazy about you Sky. You have occupied every thought I've had for the last couple of days. I've been happier since I met you than I have in months. I just need some time to figure out what I'm feeling. I'm scared, too."

"You're scared?"

"I'm scared if I fall in love I'll lose you like I lost my mom. I don't mean like you would die or something, but that you would leave me. I just couldn't stand to be hurt like that. The loss, the lonely feelings - they're unbearable" I said starting to tear up. I think for the first time I was dealing with the loss of my mom on a real level. What it did to me. How empty I still felt.

"Sky, I'm just asking for time. I know we don't have much of that here, but I promise I don't want you to give up on me, please?"

"I understand. It's one of those `it's not you it's me' things. Listen. Jonah, when I say I love you, I mean for the long haul. Even if we can't be together after you leave here. We can stay in touch. I'll wait. There's Christmas holidays, spring break. I have a car. Alabama's not that far. We'll figure something out."

"Sky, I didn't say I didn't love you or couldn't love you. I just need to figure out what I'm feeling before I can commit. I also need to get out of this damn garage." He looked at me and smiled at that last comment.

"Did I mention how you can be so damn funny and you make me smile?" he asked.

"I like to make you smile. You're so damn gorgeous when you smile. Let's go."