Sky's the Limit Chapt VI


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Sky's the Limit

Chapter VI


We went upstairs and I unlocked the door. "Dad?" I called out.

"In here" came the reply.

We walked into the living room and dad was there watching the TV. "What's up guys? You're back a little early."

"Oh, we just went to get a burger and walked around some." I said.

"Sounds kind of boring" Dad said.

Sky and I just looked at each other trying not to laugh and I said "No, not really, a lot of interesting people out tonight."

"Oh, well, I'm glad you had fun" he said as Sky and I both started to chuckle.

Dad changed the subject "Did Sky's dad tell you about the golf plan?"

"Yeah," I replied. "We're supposed to take the shuttle and meet you guys there by 2:00. Which course?"

"Gulfside, and I'll take your clubs with me in the morning. We have about two hours of meetings, then lunch and we're done till Monday." he replied.

"That's good" I said "because I think we're all going fishing Sunday afternoon. Sky and I met these guys that have a charter fishing service and they promised to give us a big discount. Mr. Blue is calling them tomorrow morning."

"That sounds great!" Dad said "I was going to ask you what you wanted to do Sunday. I haven't been deep sea fishing in years. It's high time you went Jonah."

"Good, that's settled." I said. "I'm thirsty. Want something, Sky?"

"Yeah, just some water please."
I reached in the fridge and grabbed a couple of bottles of water and tossed one to Sky.

"Thanks" he said as he caught it.

"Jonah hasn't been bothering you, has he Sky?" Dad asked.

"Heck no, we've had a blast. He's a great guy. It's been a full day, though. We played volleyball this morning, laid out and went swimming most of the afternoon, then walked like three or four miles down the beach and back. Then we went out tonight. I'm kind of beat." he said smiling.

"I'll walk you out" I said as we headed for the door.

"Nice to see you again, Sky" my Dad said as we were leaving.

"You too, Sir" Sky said as we closed the door behind us.

As we got to the elevator I took his hand and, looking back toward my door, I turned to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said "good night."

"I'll wait" he said "till you sort out whatever's going on in your and head and your heart."

"Thank you," I said softly. "Call me as soon as you get home, just in case the cops are looking for that scooter. I don't think anyone could tell it from the thousand others I've seen down here, but call me anyway. Oh, and meet me out on the beach in the morning the regular spot. I feel a real need to run through my katas in the morning."

"I'll call you in a few minutes" he said as he turned to get on the elevator. I watched the doors close, then went back to our condo.

When I walked in the den Dad said "He sure seems like a nice young man. I'm glad you're having a good time. I've been worried about you Jonah. Ever since your mom . . ." his voice trailed off.

"Thanks, Dad. This trip has really helped. I have been kinda down. Getting away, meeting Sky and all has really cheered me up."

"Good, and I'm looking forward to having some time with you myself tomorrow" he said. "I have some good news. I spoke to Sarah. She has a modeling job in Nashville coming up and then she's going to come home for the 4th of July. She'll stay for a few days. Oh, and I haven't told her my little news yet."

"That's great. I can't wait to see her." I replied. "Do you mind if I go to bed? I'm beat."

"Go ahead. Want me to wake you in the morning?"

"Please, just before you leave, thanks" I replied as I headed toward my room.

Sky called just after I had stripped down to my boxers and gotten into bed -- this bed where Sky had been with me just a few hours earlier. I could still smell him on the covers. It was such a nice smell. He had made it home fine and was going to bed, too.

The next morning Dad woke me as he was leaving. He reminded me not to be late getting to the golf course and to be sure and check the shuttle schedule before I left the condo. I got up, showered and slipped on my trunks. I went to the kitchen and fixed me some cereal and juice. I never was much of a coffee drinker, but this morning Dad left the pot on and I finished it. I guess last night was just now catching up to me. I flipped on the TV to see if I could get any local news, but it was after 9:00 on Saturday morning and the local stations were showing cartoons and kiddie shows. I would have to remember to try and find a local newspaper.

As I sipped my last cup of coffee, I started reflecting back on the last two days. Man, so many thoughts, so many experiences. It was overwhelming me. And what about my conversation with Sky last night? The guy told me he was in love with me! ME! I never thought someone like Sky would feel that way about this puny, girly-looking boy. What a bastard I was making a joke about it and not telling him I loved him too. I'm not ready for that though. Am I? I'm so fucked up. I know I feel something. I've felt like I was walking on a cloud since that first kiss at his place. It was more than lust. I know that, although the sex has been incredible so far. I love the touch of his hand, the sound of his voice, and that smile. Oh God, I love that smile. I would be content if I could just see that smile everyday. Maybe I am in love with this guy.

I glanced at the clock, put away my dishes and headed to the bathroom. As soon as I was done brushing my teeth and fixing the hair a bit, I checked the shuttle schedule for the best time to leave. I grabbed a towel and headed out the door, stopping at the desk to sign up for the ride. There was a newspaper in the office lobby - I hid it under my towel to read outside. I put on my shades and headed to the beach. I passed the volleyball area, and those same guys were playing. One of them stopped to ask me to play. I apologized and told him I had some plans. When I got to the spot where I had seen Sky the last couple of mornings, he was already there with Schultzie.

"Hi" I yelled over to him. He turned and immediately ran over to where I was - Schultzie, Frisbee in mouth, running right behind him. He gave me a quick hug and peck, as there were other people on the beach. No one seemed to notice or care though.

"How are you this morning?" he asked.

"K, you?"

"I was still a little freaked out. I mean damn, last night was more than a little intense." He glanced at the paper under my arm "Any news?"

"I didn't see anything - didn't get up in time to see any local TV news" I replied.

"Man, you were so incredible last night. Those guys never laid a hand on you and you had them down in like fifteen seconds. The bigger one would have made two of you. No offense, but man, I mean you rock. Why didn't you tell me you were like a black belt or something?"

"Third degree actually, it's just not something I brag about. That's not what Kenpo or karate' in general is all about" I answered.

"Wow, that's so cool. Will you be my body guard from now on" He asked smiling. Oh God, that smile. I do love it. I do love him. Why can't I just say it?

"Yeah, I'll guard that body anytime. But who's going to protect you from me?"

"I don't think I need protection from you, other than maybe a piece of latex" he laughed.

I joined his laugh knowing full well what he meant. "I need to do my workout. It may be a little longer today, do you mind?"

"Hell no. It saved my life last night. Go ahead. I'll be over here with Schultzie."

I put down the towel and started a few stretching routines before I got into the katas. I must have still been a little pumped because I got into the long set. It is much more complex and gets into the full routine of spinning jump kicks and other more complex moves that I try to go through at least three of four times every week. It's not done in silence either. There is the occasional gutteral "HYAA!" that comes with certain moves as part of the routine. It is really more to focus your breathing control than anything else, but it does sometimes intimidate and distract an attacker. The full routine sometimes takes an hour. I hadn't realized that Sky and Schultzie had finished their play and were sitting off to the side just watching me. Several other people just walking up and down the beach had also stopped to look at this crazy kid practicing Karate' on the beach. When I was finished and ended in the ceremonial bow. I heard several people clapping. That's when I notice Sky and several other people scattered around standing behind him. I sort of blushed and waived my hand in an acknowledgment as I walked over to Sky.

"Man, that is so incredible. That is also obviously what keeps your fine-ass body so toned" he said as I sat next to him.

"Thanks" I said looking at my watch. Damn, it was almost 11:00. "Sky, we've got to meet the shuttle at 1:30. You want to go take care of Schultzie and meet me back at my place?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. You want me stop and grab a couple of Subways?" he asked.

"Sounds good, get me a Teriyaki Chicken. I like everything except olives and tomato. Oh, and no jalapeņo." I reached for my wallet and he simply said "My treat".

When I got back to the condo, I laid out the clothes I wanted to wear to play golf and got my shoes. I made a quick call to Sky to remind him to bring his shoes, and went back to the living room and clicked on the TV.

In about forty-five minutes I heard a knock and when I opened the door Sky was standing there with the food. He came in, I got us something to drink and we sat at the bar and ate the sandwiches. By then it was well after 12:00. "Man, I wish we had time to fool around, but I still have to get dressed" I said to Sky grinning.

"Me too" he said putting his hand on my leg. Then he leaned over and kissed me. "It's going to be tough finding some time this weekend with both our dads being at home" he said.

"I know, but we'll figure something out. For now, I could do with a few minutes of seriously intense necking."

"Mmmmm" Sky purred.

We went over to the sofa and sat as he leaned over and kissed me. I leaned back so that we began to recline together on the sofa. We were both on our side, our arms around each other and engaged in a serious tongue wrestling match. We kissed for several minutes, our clothed bodies grinding against each other. I wanted to do so much more. I wanted him to take me to the heights of ecstasy. I feel so good in his arms, so comfortable, so . . . happy.

I finally broke the kiss. "Sky, you make me so happy" I whispered. "I never thought I would ever be this happy again. I think you're filling that hole in my heart." Although at that moment, in his arms like that, in my mind I was also thinking about giving myself to him completely. Chase that thought away for now, dammit. You can't be late and piss off dad.

He looked at me and smiled. "I'm glad. I want you to be happy. I want to make you happy."

"A much as I hate to say it, I have to get ready. We don't want to piss off two dads at the same time" I said with a chuckle.

"Agreed" he said. "Get that cute ass in there and get dressed."

We got downstairs just in time to catch the shuttle which was really nothing more than a nice customized van with a rack on the back for holding several golf bags. As our dads had our clubs, we just got on. It was a short ride to the golf club and when we got there our dads were waiting on us. They each had a beer and appeared to be getting along real well. My dad was regaling Mr. Blue with his adventures in college ball under Coach Bryant, and Mr. Blue seemed to be somewhat awed by it. I guessed they would be talking football the rest of the day.

We were led over to the Pro Shop where we checked in and were given our tee time. There were two or three foursomes ahead of us. Most of the kids with their dads were our age. Our two golf carts were already loaded and ready to go.

While we were standing around waiting I heard Mr. Blue say "I hear there was some excitement downtown last night." I quickly looked over at Sky and saw him looking at me with his eyes getting wide.

"What happened" my dad asked.

"Dunno" Mr. Blue continued "I eat breakfast at this little diner down there. I know the guy that owns it. He said a couple kids were apparently attacked by two or three rednecks, and this little kid laid `em both out with some kind of martial arts thing."

I felt the air leave my lungs. I'm sure my face was turning blue.

"Why did they attack the kids" my dad asked.

"Rednecks thought they were faggots or something. Guess they were going to teach them a lesson. My friend said the kid that laid `em out was really small. Might have been only thirteen or so. He thought something was going on and had gone out the back way with a billy club he keeps handy for such things, but when he saw the kid lay `em out he just ran back in and called the cops. When he came back out the kids were gone. Must be one tough little kid."

"Anybody hurt" my dad asked.

Here it comes. I know I'm turning blue. I glance over at Sky and he doesn't look much better.

"Well," Mr. Blue continued "apparently one of the guys that had a knife wound up with a broken arm, a concussion, and several fractured ribs. The other guy has a broken leg, a broken jaw, and possibly a broken vertebra in his neck, but they'll survive. Apparently neither one of them was ever able to lay a hand on the kid."

"Damn, all one kid? Sounds like the kid knew his stuff" Dad said. Guess the queers are learning to fight too. Sure doesn't sound like a sissy-boy to me, though. Sounds more like some of the special forces guys I used to command." Then it suddenly hit him I guess.

He looked over where I was standing with a questioning look on his face. I was doing my best to show no expression at all. Then we were signaled that it was our time to tee up.

I guess that was enough to distract dad for now. He teed off first and hit a nice long drive down the wide par 4 fairway. I was up next and hit the ball solid but it sliced slightly into right side rough. Damn.

Mr. Blue and Sky both managed to find the deep fairway and we were off. We got close to my ball and dad dropped me and my 7 iron off and waited till I hit my ball. It landed about three feet from the green and away from the bunkers and I was feeling much better.

The game went on fairly well. I think I played the best I have ever played an unfamiliar course. Sky was very good. I think that competitive thing in me was beginning to show. I wanted to impress Sky. I played my best for him. Dad even commented on my game. I think he was surprised as well. When he said something to Mr. Blue about how well I was playing, it was the first time in like forever that I remember him bragging on me about anything. I was happy. By the time we finished, and the scores tallied, it turned out that the Blue team and the Knight team had finished second and third respectively. We were all thrilled. We took the carts to the parking lot to unload the clubs into our cars. As dad and I were packing up our clubs he turned and said "You played a great game out there today. I was very proud of you."

"Thanks" I said smiling back at him.

"By the way, where did you guys go last night? You don't know anything about that incident Mr. Blue was talking about do you?"

"Dad, we just went and got a burger and then to an arcade and played video games." It wasn't exactly a lie. We did do those things. I just didn't finish the story.

"OK, I just didn't realize there were that many teenage ninjas down here." We both smiled at that and headed back toward the clubhouse to return the carts. Dad and Mr. Blue decided we would all go out and get something to eat, but as it had been rather warm, we were all in need of showers and fresh clothes. We agreed to meet up at a particular restaurant and left. All the way home, Dad was still going on about the golf game and this shot or that, but the gist of the conversation was still the high quality of my play. I was basking in his compliments. I can't remember the last time Dad was bragging on me.

We were back at the condo in no time and quickly showered and changed. We drove to the restaurant and Mr. Blue and Sky pulled in just a minute or two behind us. At dinner the conversation again turned to the golf game. Mr. Blue was also beaming about Sky's performance and how he had never seen him play better. Dad said something that may have hit it right on the head. "You know boys, David, it's that competitive thing. Doesn't matter the sport, they're each going to try to outdo the other."

"Must be it" he agreed. "They both played an outstanding game. I'm proud of both of them."

"Me too." Dad replied.

The rest of the dinner was spent with them chit-chatting about insurance and real estate, football, and so on. The upcoming fishing trip was discussed. Mr. Blue had called Steve and confirmed us for Sunday afternoon and David was asking Sky how he managed to work such a good deal. Sky just shrugged. I was getting bored out of my mind and I could tell that Sky was too, but there was something more, he was too quiet. After we had finished the main course, Mr. Blue suggested "Sky, why don't you guys take my car and go do whatever kids do around here. I'll get Jim to drop me off at the house if he doesn't mind."

"Not at all" my dad interjected. "Sounds like a good idea."

We didn't argue. After we left the restaurant Sky, wanted to drive me around to places that were just a little too far to go on the scooter, or that we hadn't been to, but he was unusually quiet and pensive. We finally rode out to Fort Morgan, an old civil war fort that was now a park. Of course the park was closed at night, but we could get out and walk along the deserted beach area. It was just like our last beach walk, but there was absolutely no one around. He put his arm around me and we just started walking. "Sky what's wrong? Have I done something?"

"No, why?"

"You're so quiet. I thought you were upset with me" I replied

"No, Dad just said something that upset me when we got home."


He was just quiet for a few moments. "It's his damn slut girlfriend. She's coming down tomorrow evening, stopping over on the way to see her folks over in Tallahassee. I just don't want to be around while she's here."

"Oh, I take it then that you don't like her" I said

"She's just a damn whore. She's only ten years older than me for God's sake. That makes her only eight years older than my brother. She only likes him because he's loaded. I wish the son of a bitch could've just kept his pants zipped and he my mom would be ok."

"She the reason for the divorce" I asked.

"Nah, Mom walked in and caught Dad in his office banging a twenty year old secretary on his desk" he said with more than a little disgust.

"Damn" I said "guess that would do it."

"Yeah, ya' think" he said sadly. "It turned my mom into one of those fundamentalist Christians. Her solution for everything is to run to the preacher, read the bible for hours and then pray for days. She hasn't been quite right since. She's my mom and I love her, but she's driving me nuts. If she ever found out I was gay she would have me shipped off to some church till I was brainwashed straight or something. I think I'm more scared of her finding out than Dad, but he would probably just beat the shit out of me. Hypocrite, all he's interested in is making money and getting his rocks off."

"That's a bitch about your mom and all," I said taking his hand and squeezing it, "but don't sell your dad short. I can't blame those women. He is hot for an older guy. Looks just like an older version of you almost, and he's been very nice from what I can tell."

"Yeah, dad can charm the skin off a snake, but when he really loses his temper. . . well, it's not pretty." He suddenly tensed. I felt it. Like remembering a nightmare.

"Oh" I said. "I didn't know." He was hiding something else. Something painful. I wasn't going to push. He would tell me when he could.

He seemed to calm a bit and we continued walking. "I just don't want to be there tomorrow while she's around" he said dejectedly.

"You could come and stay with me" I suggested with more than a little enthusiasm.

"Right, and like your Dad couldn't figure out what was going on the way you moan out when you cum" he said laughing.

I had to sort of chuckle at that too. "I guess having you in my bed all night with Dad there probably wouldn't be a good idea."

We both chuckled at that and finding a secluded spot and just sat and looked out over the water.

"Have you ever camped out on the beach" He suddenly asked.


"Would you like to tomorrow night?"

"Damn right" I said grinning at him.

"My brother and I used to do it all the time. I'm sure the camping gear is still in the closet at the house. I saw it the other day when I was looking for another Frisbee. You won't need anything. You can use Mark's stuff."


"My brother."

"Oh, OK. Sounds like fun. You want me to come over after the fishing trip?"

"Dunno, just pack something with a change of clothes and your trunks, toothbrush, whatever. Maybe your dad will just drop you off after we get back from fishing."

"Sounds like a plan" I said.

We sat there a while longer, and he put his arm around me and pulled me to him. We fell backward onto the sand in a very passionate kiss. Oh, I am falling for this guy. This must be love. I'm miserable when I can't see him and elated when we're together. Just hearing his voice gets me all hot. He's smart, he's strong, he's funny, he's sensitive, caring, sweet, and vulnerable, he's drop dead gorgeous. What's not to love? Why can't I tell him? I know what I'm scared of. I gotta get over it. How many other absolutely perfect guys are out there?

We broke our kiss and just lay there in the darkness in a very comfortable embrace. Our hands were stroking each other's back. There was absolute silence except for the surf on the beach. I broke the silence. "Is this what it'll be like on the beach tomorrow?"

"Yeah, nice huh?"

"Very" I replied "I can't wait."

"I know what we said last night, Jonah, but I gotta say it again. I love you."

There was a moment of silence. I don't know what came over me. I broke down. I started absolutely sobbing. I buried my face in his shoulder and chest. He held me so tight. "I love you too, Sky" I sobbed.

He continued to just hold me like that. I felt our hearts beating. I could feel mine pounding in my chest. I could hear my heartbeat over the waves. I felt like it was about to explode. A flood of emotions poured over me and out of me. I couldn't stop crying. He kept holding me and rubbing my back. I needed someone so bad right then. I hadn't been held and loved like that by anyone, not since Mom. I needed to be held and loved and I was basking in it, relishing every second. Soaking it up like a starved thirsty man in a desert.

"It's alright Jonah. Let it out baby. I'm here as long as you want me to be" he said, softly stroking my head. We must have lay there like that for thirty minutes. When I finally calmed down, I felt drained, absolutely drained - exhausted.

"Sky, thank you."

"For what?"

"Just for being here. For being you. I still don't understand how someone as special as you could love someone as screwed up and puny as me."

"Jonah, you are the brightest, kindest, funniest, most sane person I have met in a long time. You're absolutely stunningly beautiful and as for being puny, I saw you mop the street with those two dudes last night. But," he said grinning. "we really are going to have to work on your self-esteem issues."

He did it again. He made me smile and laugh. God this guy is so special. "I love you, Sky"

"I love you too, Jonah."

There was a long silence as we just held each other. "Are you OK" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm just feeling really tired and drained."
"Let's get you home. Long day tomorrow."



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