Sky's the Limit Chapt 7


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Sky's the Limit

Chapter VII.


Dad was home by the time I walked in. "Hi" I said as I walked in the living room where he was watching television.

"Hi, have a good time today" he asked.

" Yeah, nice course."

"Me too" he said. "We need to do stuff like this more. Oh, David said that we need to be at the pier by 12:30. We're going to pick them up about 11:00, go get something to eat, and then head on over there."

"Sounds cool. Sky and I were going to the beach in the morning, but I'll call him, don't think there'll be time. I may just sleep in a while in morning. I'm really tired" I said.

I did call Sky. His dad had already told him the same thing. He also said he had a lot to do to get ready for the campout in the morning. Damn, I forgot to ask Dad.

"Dad" I said walking back into the room.

"Yeah. Thought you had turned in" he answered.

"Sky wants me to camp out on the beach with him tomorrow night. Is it Ok?"

"Camp out?"

"Yeah, he said he and his older brother used to do it all the time down here. He still has all the gear and everything. I think he kind of misses it and besides I don't think he wants to hang around their house tomorrow night."


"Dad please don't tell Mr. Blue I told you, but Mr. Blue's girlfriend's coming down tomorrow night and spending the night. Sky really doesn't care for her and I think he just doesn't wanna be there and doesn't wanna be alone either."

"Don't worry, son. I won't say anything to David. I think it's nice of you. You two get along pretty well, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess so. He's a really nice guy. I think he's had a hard time with his folks' divorce and all" I said trying to hide my excitement.

"I think you two have been good for each other. He seems to be helping you cheer up some too. Yeah, a campout sounds like fun. Y'all just be careful. Ok?"

"Yeah, Dad. Thanks. Goodnight" I said and headed back to my room.

Hell yeah. I was going to be able to sleep with Sky all night on a deserted beach. Heaven! I was so excited at the thought it was hard to get to sleep at first. Then the exhaustion of everything of the day and that night caught up with me. I finally fell into a deep sleep.

For some reason I woke up on my own. No alarm. I didn't hear dad, he must be sleeping in too. I looked at the clock, it was only 8:30. This would be a good time to try and call Dex.

I dialed the number Dad had given me and Mrs. McGee answered and got Dex on the phone.

"Hey" I said.

"Hey, thought you had died or something asshole. Where ya been?"

"Been busy. Hey, I'm on vacation at the beach" I said.

"Yeah, I bet, probably been screwing every bikini bod down there" he laughed.

"Not yet, but I'm working on it" I lied. "How `bout you. How's your grandparents?"

"They're good" he said "it's just kinda boring here. Lisa's driving me nuts. I swear I'm just going to have to kill her. Will you come visit me in prison?"

"Well as long as you don't expect a conjugal visit" I laughed.

"Ewwww, don't worry about that" he chuckled back. "So what's going on down there?"

"Going deep-sea fishing this afternoon with Dad and another guy I met and his dad" I replied.

"Man, that sounds so cool. Wish I was down there instead of here" he replied.

"Me too, man. I miss ya."

"Same here. Y'all still coming home on Wednesday? We're leaving tomorrow."

"Yeah" I said trying to hide the sudden sadness I was feeling at that thought. "I'll see ya when I get home."

"Yeah, and I want full details of those bikini bods man" he said chuckling.

"Later" I said.

"Later, bye."

Good ole Dex. He was really the brother I always wanted and never had. He wasn't particularly hot to me, but he was far from ugly either. He had dark brown hair that he hardly ever combed, and matching brown eyes, and button type nose with a generous helping of freckles. His ears were maybe a bit too large and turned out slightly, but he had a really nice face and his eyes always sparkled and he was always smiling. He had a nice bod though. He stayed in shape because he played sports. I was sure he would make the football team this year. He had been working out and lifting weights and had bulked up nicely.

I did miss him, though. I was crushed when I found out he couldn't come, but if he had been here, I would never have gotten with Sky, so I guess in a way things like that do work out for the best. Sky is definitely the best thing that has happened to me that I can remember. At some point I will have to tell Dex my secret, and about Sky. But I've got to know more about how he will react. The timing has to be right. I've got to tell someone. If I don't I think I'll just explode. I want to climb on top of a mountain or something and scream "I'm in love with the greatest guy in the world and he loves me"! That's my dream right now anyway. I think I'll start with something simple, though. Maybe Sarah, yeah, she lives in New York. She models for all those flaming gay designers like you see on TV. She'll understand.

Dad knocked on the door disrupting my thoughts. "Up yet?"

"Yeah, Dad."

"Go ahead and get a shower and dressed. I'll fix us some breakfast." He said.

By the time I was done and got into the living room he had fixed eggs, bacon, and toast. I was amazed. I couldn't remember the last time he fixed something more than a bowl of cereal.

"Looks good, Dad" I said, sitting down at the bar where he had set my plate.

"Well, I thought you deserved something special. You've been really great on this trip. Not a single complaint and your mood's improved dramatically. Seems like every time I see you, you're happy."

"Thanks, Dad."

"David told me the same thing is going on with Skyler. Seems like you two have been good for each other. I guess making a new friend is something you both needed."

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss him we go home" I said.

"Well, David and I discussed that too. Seems like you have a standing invitation to visit anytime Skyler is with his dad, and I extended the same invitation to David for Skyler."

"Oh Dad, that's great" I said as calmly as I could. Inside, I wanted to run around the room jumping and screaming.

"We'll have to work out the transportation issues, but I'm sure we'll figure something out. By the way, we're going to pick them up in my Escalade and just take one vehicle over to the pier. I need you to clean out the large ice chest and bring it in case we do catch something we want to keep."

By the time we cleaned up the kitchen and got everything ready, it was time to head over get Sky and his dad. They were waiting on us and we loaded up and were off. Sky and I sat in the back seat and he pointed out different landmarks to me including the Florabama. Apparently, it's a very popular night spot, half of it in Florida and half in Alabama. Looked like a dump to me.

Perdido Key was actually only a few miles down the beach highway from Gulf Shores. We stopped for some burgers on the way. After several minutes back on the road, we made a sharp turn and were headed towards a tall bridge. Mr. Blue directed dad to turn off before the bridge and we went up this little road to a small marina adjacent to some nice-looking townhouse style condos. There were several different types of boats in the marina from large yachts to sailboats, with several fishing boats scattered among them. We went inside the marina office and Steven was there. He saw Sky and me and walked right past our fathers and towards us with an outstretched hand.

"Hey guys, good to see you again" he said while we shook his hand. "Ready for some great fishing?"

"Absolutely" I replied. I then introduced him to our dads.

"I've got you set up on my best boat. It's out there in slip 27. Name of the boat is Just Cruisin' he said with a wink to us.

I caught the double meaning and I think Sky did too. It was hard not to laugh out loud.

He looked over at Mr. Blue and Dad and said "I've got a little paperwork for you guys to sign and you're set to go"

Mr. Blue looked over the papers that Steve handed him, signed them and then gave him a credit card. Dad was arguing with him about who was going to pay, but Mr. Blue said "Jim, don't worry about this. This is the cheapest I have been fishing here, ever. I don't know how Sky worked this deal."

Steve started laughing. "Don't get used to this deal. I'm losing money. You're literally just paying for the fuel, bait, and the captain. You've got two really great young men there and I think they have a special friendship. They impressed the hell out of me and my friend that works with me here. This is a favor for them. Besides, I understand you guys are in the insurance biz. I'm all the time fighting with my agent. Maybe I can get a rate from you guys sometime."

"You got it" they both said, handing him their business cards.

We found our way to the boat, and there was guy with a ponytail, his back to us washing off the deck. When he turned around it was Adam. He saw us and smiled and yelled "Hi guys".

He jumped onto the pier to help us onto the boat. "Good to see you two again" he said. "This must be you're dads. I'm Adam and I'm your deck hand today. Your captain's name is Rob and he's inside below checking a couple of things before we go. Make yourselves comfortable in the main salon. There's beer out here in this cooler and soft drinks in the other. Steve had me make sure the liquor cabinet was stocked too. It's under the bar in main salon so just help yourselves. I've got to go up top and re-rig a couple of lines." He patted Sky and me on the shoulder and climbed a ladder to the next deck.

The back deck of the boat, where we were standing, had four comfortable looking vinyl covered swivel arm chairs with a rod holder on the front middle of each seat bottom. There was a sliding door in the center of the back of the main cabin that led to a rather spacious room. On the left side was a white leather sectional sofa with a low table in front of it. Opposite the sofa was a pair of very comfortable looking white leather swivel chairs with a small table between them. The floors, cabinets, trim, were all a rich red-colored wood. Of important note, it was cool inside the cabin - obviously air-conditioned.

Within a moment a very nice-looking guy with red hair, maybe in his mid thirties and wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts, emerged from the hatchway. "Afternoon, I'm your captain today. My name is Rob. If you need anything at all, or have questions, don't hesitate to ask me or Adam. You have the run of the boat except the flybridge, that's mine. The galley is right down at the bottom of the steps to the right and the head is just behind the dinette on the left. The bar is fully stocked with the basics and open. One word of warning, anyone gets visibly intoxicated, it is my discretion to turn back and come in at the first sign of any trouble. I don't have trouble makers on my boat. Also, if you feel sick, throw up over the side or the transom. I don't like puke inside my boat. We do have several sea sick remedies available. If you're susceptible, take something now. We have the stick-on patches too. Just tell Adam and he'll fix you up. We'll be casting off in about ten minutes and it'll take about twenty or twenty-five minutes to get where we'll be fishing. You can lounge in here in the meantime or on the back deck. Any questions?"

"Very nice boat" Mr. Blue said to Rob.

"It's actually Steve's, but I treat her like my own. On weekends and summer holidays I live on her. Saves time. She's a '90 model, 52 foot Viking - the very best. She has twin 1200 horse Cats and a 20kw generator below, and I guess you noticed the marine a/c. She'll make 35 knots in open sea. Steve just spent a couple of hundred grand upgrading the electronics, too. Radar, GPS, Plot charters, sonar, autopilot, and every safety feature imaginable -- all integrated. She's a hell of a lady."

"I'll say" said Mr. Blue.

"I gotta get topside, make yourselves comfortable" he said as he walked out the door and headed upstairs.

"Jim, I don't know if you know this, but this is a damn two million dollar boat. I've never been fishing out of here on anything this nice, and I've been doing this for years. We owe our kids big time for hooking us up with this deal. Cap'n seems very competent too" Mr. Blue said to my dad.

I looked at Sky and he was looking at me and we just smiled. This was really nice. First class nice. I would have to remember to thank Adam and Steve when we get back. The fishing went really well. Adam really knew how to handle the rods and how to set the lines and everything. We caught some king mackerel, several bonita, which they said were trash fish, some grouper, and I hooked into something they called a Jack Cravelle that fought for over an hour. When we got it aboard, Adam took my picture with it. It was over forty pounds. Big fish. We all had a ball. When we got back, they unloaded our catch and took our picture with it, and loaded our ice chest with what we wanted to keep. Before we left, Sky and I went over to the office to thank Steve, Adam came walking in right behind us.

"Guys, if you wait just a few minutes, I'll download and print these photos for you. I told your dads it would just be a few minutes" Adam said as he walked in with his camera.

"Thanks, and we want to tell you and Steve thanks so much for today. We had an absolute blast" I said, and Sky jumped in with "Yeah, man, thanks so much".

"Steve's already gone for the day, but I'll let him know how much you guys enjoyed it. Y'all did great with your fishing too. Let us know next time you're here we'll do it again."

He went in the office and in a few minutes came out with some five by sevens of the fishing trip and us posing with our catch. He also handed Sky and me an envelope. "These are for you two from me."

I opened it and inside were some wallet-sized prints of some of the shots of Sky and me on the beach. Even the ones with us kissing! Man, they did look hot.

"I e-mailed you digital copies that you can print yourself if you have a photo printer, or you can put them on a disk and take them to a photo store or even Wal Mart. But, I thought you would like these" he said.

Sky and I both reached for our wallets and put them inside. "Thanks, Adam. These are special. We owe ya" Sky said shaking his hand.

"Anytime man. You two stick it out. You're meant for each other" he said smiling at us.

On the way back home, all our dads could talk about was the fishing trip. They were going on and on about how great we had done and the awesome fish we had caught. They were ecstatic. I think they had as much fun or maybe more than we did. It made me happy to see my dad happy and pleased with something we had set up and planned. I just kind of wished I could tell him about me and Sky, about how happy he really made me, but I knew that was never, ever a possibility.

I had packed a backpack with a change of clothes and other stuff I needed like Sky had asked, and Dad agreed that I could just stay for our campout when he dropped Mr. Blue and Sky off.
We all needed showers. Sky and I took turns in the shower and changed. When we went downstairs he pointed over to a pile of stuff and we started hauling it over to the beach. He had already dug a fire pit that morning and carried several pieces of firewood over there. While we were gathering the stuff to carry, a BMW convertible pulled up and a very attractive thin young blonde woman got out. "Hey Sky, where's your dad?"

"Upstairs" Sky almost snarled.

As she headed upstairs I noticed that Sky had tensed up and was frowning.

"Girlfriend, huh?"

"Yeah, damn slut whore"

I took his hand and kissed it. He looked over at me and the frown disappeared. We gathered the rest of the stuff and after two trips we had everything over there.

He had found a rather secluded area amongst some of the low sand dunes and set up the tent, which was nice and easily large enough to sleep three or four adults. He also had one of those double size air mattresses with a battery powered inflator. He opened the two sleeping bags and zipped them together to make one large double bag. It looked all comfy and cozy. Sky then got busy starting a fire. He had brought some hot dogs and marshmallows to cook on the fire, along with chips and other junk food and a large playmate with some drinks and water including a few of his dad's beers. I thought it was all very sweet and considerate of him to plan it all.

"Don't we need a permit or something to camp or build a fire out here" I asked.

"Not if you own the beach." He answered smiling.


"My grandpa and a few of their neighbors bought this stretch, years ago, before I was born. It's private beach. They just don't fence it off or anything. Don't think you can" he explained smiling.


By the time the fire was started, it was dark, but there was a full moon. He grabbed a couple of beers out of the cooler and handed me one.

"This is perfect. I can't imagine anything nicer" I said as I stared out over the ocean, listening to the surf.

"Yeah, it's been a couple of years since I've done this. I had almost forgotten" he said as he sat right next to me, our legs and shoulders touching.

He put his arm around me and I snuggled in. "You think your dad and what's-her-name might come out here" I asked.

"You kidding? They're already fucking like rabbits. They'll be at it all night too. Why do you think I couldn't stand to be in there?"

"Oh, all night, huh? Did you inherit his stamina, I hope" I asked chuckling.

"Yep" he said as he turned to me with that gorgeous smile of his, put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss.

We cuddled and kissed for maybe half an hour. Since we hadn't jacked off or exchanged blowjobs since Friday evening, before the redneck incident, I was horny as hell. We decided to cook the hotdogs, and finished off a couple more beers. I was feeling pretty damn good - not drunk but definitely well buzzed.

"Sky, let's go in the tent. I need you now."

He smiled and we went into the tent. We undressed each other in silence. There was a small battery lamp that gave out a low light. We lay down on the sleeping bags and began to kiss. Our arms locked in mutual embrace. Our bodies grinding against each other, our erections trapped between our bodies. I didn't want this to go too fast. I wanted to know some things, but my dick was taking over my brain. I broke our kiss. "Sky, can I ask you something?"


"Sky, when we talked about making love, really making love, you said you wished you had waited you first time. What did you mean?"

"Well, there was this boy at my school I had suspected was gay. He avoided girls like the plague even though they were trying like hell to get into his pants. I knew for sure when I found an ad on XY that he had posted with a photo. I confronted him. Well, one thing led to another and we wound up together. We would make out at each other's house when rents weren't an issue or in my car or his truck. He was a nice guy, but we really didn't click. We were into each other just for the sex and we both new it. One day we were at my house in a hot session and he had been teasing my hole and, well, I let him do me and I did him. The next day, I was trying to find him and went to one of the places at school we would use to hide from everybody and caught him with someone else. Well, I felt so humiliated and dirty I almost puked. I wouldn't even talk to him. I don't think I've said more than a dozen words to him since. That was almost a year ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry" I said. "I shouldn't have asked. I didn't mean to bring up a bad memory."

"No, you have a right to know. I was going to ask you to make love to me tonight. I want to know what it's like to make love with someone I love deeply" he said softly with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Actually," I replied "I was hoping for the same thing tonight from you. I want you inside me Sky.

"Are you sure?" he asked stroking my hair.

"I've never been more sure of anything."

"There's one thing, I don't have any . . ." He put his finger over my lips, reached in his pack and pulled out a box of condoms and a tube of KY. I smiled back at him.

There was no sound other than our breathing and the ocean. He started kissing down my body. I was harder than I ever remember. My body felt like it was on fire. There was a tingly sensation all over. He felt so warm. When he got to my nipples he kissed, licked, and then gently sucked and nibbled each one, making me gasp. He was driving me insane. He kissed down my body some more, and circled my naval with his tongue, tracing a line to the base of my cock. He gently moved upward, swirling his tongue around the head, tasting my juices which were now flowing freely. He swallowed the head and then most of the shaft. It made me gasp again and moan. Electricity was shooting up my spine, to my brain, and back to my crotch. The feeling was incredible. He sucked me `til he sensed I was getting close. He released my cock and began sucking my balls slowly one at a time. He began to lick under my ball sack. I raised my legs and spread them more. His hands were on the back of my thighs, holding them back while his tongue found my hole. I was writhing and moaning at this point. I felt like was about to explode.

He stopped and got the KY and put some on my hole. He gently inserted one finger while his other hand slowly stroked my cock or fondled my balls. He kept moving his finger in and out of me for a while and added some more KY and a second finger. Omigod, that felt so good. He was being so gentle. No words had been spoken, the only sounds being my intermittent gasps and moans. After a few moments he whispered "Let me know if anything hurts". I felt him adding some more KY and trying to push another finger. I jerked and grimaced. He stopped. "Try pushing out a bit." I bore down and the third finger slipped in. I moaned in pleasure. "Ready?"

I nodded and hissed "Yesss".

After fumbling with the condom wrapper, finally tearing it with his teeth, he slipped on the condom and positioned himself between my legs. He carefully lifted them, scooting closer. I jumped as his cock brushed my hole. He looked into my eyes and smiled as he began to apply a steady pressure. I tried to open myself to him by pushing back. I bore down again and the head slipped in.

It hurt. A burning pain pierced my body. I tightened up. He started to pull away. "NO! Wait" I begged.

After a few seconds the burning went away. It was replaced by a feeling I can't describe, a sort of fullness, but it was good. I nodded at him and tried to push back against him. He slowly moved forward slowly until our bodies met. We both groaned. He leaned down and kissed me passionately as he slowly began to pull out of me. His hands had moved to brace himself on either side of my head. I had wrapped my legs around him, my arms around his neck as his pumping increased. Our kiss continued and we were moaning in each other's mouths. His cock kept hitting that special spot inside me. I was on fire. Suddenly, I simply exploded in orgasm. There wasn't the usual churning. No warning. Neither of us had even touched my dick since he entered me. Before I had finished shooting, he tensed and pulled away from our kiss. He threw his head back and was moaning as he came. With a last gasp, he lowered himself onto me kissing me with a force and intensity that stopped my breath. As he began to nuzzle my neck I buried my face in his chest and began to cry. I was sobbing again.

"What's wrong Jonah? Did I hurt you?" There was almost panic in his voice.

"No" I whispered between sobs. "I don't think I've ever been this happy."

When I was finally able to speak, I whispered "Sky, I love you so much. It was more wonderful than I could've possibly imagined. I don't know why I'm crying like this. I never cry. Now this is two nights in a row."

"I love you too, Jonah. I'll hold you all night if you want" he whispered.

He held me and stroked my back. I just melted into him. At some point I fell asleep. When I awoke, I was on my back and his arm was draped over my chest. I turned slightly to look at his face. There was a low light in the tent but I had no idea what time it was. He had such a beautiful face - so peaceful when he sleeps.

I gently moved his arm, put on my boxers and crawled out of the tent. I had a pressure in my bladder and needed relief. I walked a few yards and found a place to relieve myself. When I got back to the tent and crawled back inside, Sky had rolled over onto his other side. I removed my boxers and spooned in behind him. I put my arm around him and dozed back off.

When I awoke I was still lying on my side with my arm draped over Sky, but he was on his back and he was awake and he was watching me. "Good morning" he said softly.

"Good morning lover" I replied. "I could so get used to this."

"Me too."

"What time is it" I asked.

"Early, almost six."

"Mmm, have time for more fun?" I grinned at him.

"Absolutely, but I gotta go outside a minute first" he said as he sat up, grabbed his shorts and crawled out of the tent. In just a few minutes he was back shimmying out of his shorts and laying back down next to me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss. His hands were behind my neck and back as mine were stroking his hair and back. We rolled over so that I was on top of him as I began kissing and licking my way down his chest and torso. I was on fire again, and my cock was so hard it hurt. His breathing became deeper and faster. I took the base of his cock in my hand and then swallowed it, making him jump and gasp. As I was sucking his cock, I massaged his balls probed his hole with my fingers. His breathing became deeper and his moans more urgent. He pulled me back up to him, his hand was behind my neck and we were deeply kissing again. His other hand was now on my cock stroking it gently. His touch was electric, sending shivers down my spine. I pulled back and gently nibbled his bottom lip. "Make love to me Jonah," he gasped.

I reached for the lube and condoms and realized that I had never used one before, and wasn't entirely sure how. We had only had slides of drawings in health class. My school was one those that thought abstinence was the better lesson than teaching kids how to use condoms. I fumbled with the wrapper and finally managed to open it.

"Sky, will you put it on me?"

He looked at me curiously, then smiled, and took the condom from me. He gently rolled it down the length of my shaft. I took the lube and put some on my now covered cock. I put some more on my finger and gently inserted it in his hole as I bent back down and kissed him. He moaned louder as I slipped another finger in making him jump slightly. There was no sound except our breathing, moans, and the surf outside. I gently moved my fingers in and out as he stroked my back. "Now, Jonah. Please" he moaned.

I moved between his legs as he pulled up his knees almost to his chest. My heart was beating about ninety miles an hour, this was like nothing I had ever even dreamed. My senses were going crazy; his smell, his touch, My God, if I died right now, I would be happy. I placed my cock at the entrance and gently pressed forward. It finally slipped in and he jumped. He winced slightly, but in a second, he smiled at me as I eased forward until I was completely inside him. "Jonah, I love you" he whispered. I my rhythm slowed as I leaned forward and kissed him. I noticed that he began pushing back into me. I reached down and found his cock. It was hard as steel and hot as fire. I began stroking it as our rhythm gradually increased, we were both moving as one. The tightness and warmth of his passage was like nothing I had ever felt. I never imagined anything could feel so good. The tension was building and I in a few moments I felt him erupt in my hand. I pulled up slightly as the pressure on my cock from his spasms sent me over the edge and I exploded inside him. After an incredible few seconds, I collapsed on top of him, totally drained. He held me tightly as I kissed and nuzzled his neck and shoulder.

Oh, I wish this could last forever. We lay like that for at least half an hour. "I guess we need to get dressed" I said softly.

"Why? Nobody can see in" he said

"This may be a private beach, but I don't think it's a nude beach. I prefer not to get arrested or get perved by the folks that walk by when I open that flap to let some breeze in." I said with a chuckle.

We both dug our trunks out of our packs and slipped them on. "It's still early" Sky said.

"Can we just lay here a while and cuddle?"

"Yeah, absolutely" he said wrapping his arms around me again.

I guess I dozed off like that because when I woke up the sun was higher and I heard people off in the distance on the beach. Sky was still holding me when I started stirring. "Welcome back sexy" he said.

"What time is it?"

"Almost eight."

"Damn. We need to get up. I'm hungry."

He laughed and we discussed some plans for the day. We packed up the tent and carried the gear back over to the house, but we just stacked it in the garage. David's girlfriend was obviously still there and Sky had no wish to see her. He needed to exercise Schultzie and I wanted to do my katas, so we headed back to the beach, deciding to go somewhere eat afterward.