Sky's the Limit Chapt 8-final


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Sky's the Limit

Chapter VIII.

The rest of the day was spent alternating between the beach, where we did join our friends from last Friday in another game of volleyball, my condo where we made passionate love, his place where we made passionate love, and the beach where we took another romantic walk. Tuesday was spent on the beach playing with Schultzie, playing volleyball, making passionate love at our condo, making passionate love at his place. I think you're probably picking up a theme. It wasn't as boring as I just told it. Actually, the sex was ... I can't think of a word. Incredible is so overused and just so lacking. Magnificent doesn't even begin to touch it. Every time we were together in a passionate embrace; my cock in his mouth, his in mine; Sky making love to me, and me making love to him, it was wonderful. No, it was more, it was ecstasy. It was everything you read or hear about and more. I loved this guy with every fiber of what I am. I fell so hard for Sky and this was the last day of the foreseeable future that I would be with him. By Tuesday afternoon, after a particularly hot session of very passionate sex, we were laying in Sky's bed basking in that now familiar afterglow.

"Sky, what are we going to do? I know our dads have said we can visit, but you know at best that means maybe Christmas and Spring break. I can't stand to be away from you that long. I'll go nuts, not to mention my nuts might explode" I said.

He started chuckling at my last comment. "Jonah we've been over this. We'll have to make do with email and cell phones for now. Oh and I told you about Wahoo Messenger and webcams, right?"

"It's not the same. What am I supposed to do about this" I asked, playfully squeezing his cock.

He sighed "I guess I'll just have to let Rosie take care of it."


"Rosie, Rosie Palm" he said holding up his hand. "I can't believe you never heard that one. That joke is old as Methuselah" he said as he chuckled.

"Oh, me too I guess" I sighed.

"Look, Jonah it's not forever. I've got a car. One day you will too. I know it's two or three hours apart, but that's not that bad. I love you Jonah. You're definitely worth waiting for."

"Oh, I feel the same way Sky. I love you so much. I just ... I'm just greedy, dammit. I want you all the time forever and ever."

"Trust me, Jonah. I'm not as religious as my mom and all, but from what I do know I don't believe God would let us find each other and have a love this deep, perfect, and complete and then take it away. I refuse to believe that."

When he said that I just snuggled deeper into him. It was almost time for his Dad to come home and Dad wanted me home tonight for one last evening out before we left in the morning. It was so hard saying goodbye. I felt like my heart was being ripped out. I knew this feeling was coming. The very reason I didn't want to fall for Sky in the first place. I HATE THIS HURT! It's a hurt you can't bandage or kiss and make all better. At least there was a hope of being together again. Not like when my mom went away -- When she died.

I don't remember the last words Sky and I said to each other that evening, but I'll never forget the kiss.

That night dad wanted to drive back over to Perdido Key to this restaurant we saw the day we went fishing, it was called the Oyster House. We were seated at our table, and we sat in near silence as we waited for our waitress. "Cheer up," Dad said. "I told you that there was no reason you and Skyler can't visit each other down the road. It's not like we don't have a phone. Besides it'll be great to get home and see Dex and Lori.

"I know Dad. It's just not the same thing."

"I know son. Friends are important at your age. I have a bit of news you may be interested in though."


"Well, you know I was talking about expanding into the Birmingham market before your mom got sick."

I nodded. "And?"

"Well, that deal is about to close. That's part of the reason we're down here. I'm buying out a small agency already established in that market, and all the necessary people were going to be here anyway. Mr. Blue was interested in expanding his investment business into Alabama, Birmingham, in particular, and we're going to establish a partnership. We're going to call it Blue Knight Investments and Insurance. We've even come up with a logo. The whole thing came about in part because of you kids."

"What does this mean?" I felt my heart rate almost double.

"It means I'll be doing some traveling. I'll be spending a lot of time in Birmingham, but I'll also be going over to Mississippi. Mr. Blue will travel to Alabama from time to time. I'm sure you and Sky will get to see more of each other.
"Awesome Dad. That's great." Suddenly my world was a little brighter. I'm sure I was much better company the rest of the way through dinner.

That night, after we got back to the condo, I called Sky. His dad had given him the same news, along with another bombshell. He was going marry Katie, aka the "blonde whore slut". He was pretty pissed about that. We talked about it till the battery on my cell was going dead. I promised to talk to him in the morning before we left.

Dad got me up at the ungodly hour of 8:00 a.m. I showered, dressed and started throwing my stuff in a bag. Dad had some sort of toaster pastries ready to eat and he was sipping his coffee when I walked in the kitchen and sat at the bar.

"Ready to go?"

"I'm packed if that's what you mean."

He laughed. "Cheer up. I hate to leave too. It's been a really good and profitable trip for me. I had a blast at our golf game, the fishing trip was unbelievable, but most of all I enjoyed just spending some time with you. It's been long overdue, but we gotta get home."

"I know.I'm just gonna miss Sky and everything. He's a lot of fun to be around and I feel like I just got to know him."

"You did" Dad chuckled.

"But I feel like I've known him forever."

"Well, you've still got other friends, Dex, Lori, and everyone. And besides, you'll get to see Sky again soon enough.

"Yeah, guess so. You're right" I admitted. All I could think about, though, was how miserable I was going to be.

I tried to call Sky when I went back to my room to gather my stuff, but he didn't answer. He's either still asleep or walking the dog I thought to myself.

I started taking my stuff down to Dad's SUV and was loading it in the back when I saw a familiar red scooter coming into the garage. Sky pulled up right behind me got off the scooter and pulled me into an embrace and kiss.

"Sky! Dad could be down here any minute!" I exclaimed pushing him back.

"I'm sorry, I had to see you one more time before you left. I was miserable last night even with dad's news about the business merger thing. I'm still pissed with him about that damn slut he wants to marry. Mom is absolutely going to freak. I know she's going to drag me with her to every prayer meeting she can get to. The preacher already has her seeing something called a `Christian psychologist'. I just wanted to hold you again to make sure all this is real. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"I know, same here" I said as I was starting to tear up. Sky started to pull me into another embrace when I heard Dad coming. I quickly dried my eyes, and took a step back.

"Hello, Skyler, this is a surprise" Dad said approaching.

"Hey Mr. Knight. Just wanted to come tell y'all bye before y'all pulled out" he said smiling at my dad.

"That's very nice of you. Tell you're Dad I look forward to seeing him again in a few weeks and you too" he said, smiling back at Sky and shaking his hand.

"I'll tell him." He turned to me and took my hand, pulling me into one of those "manly hugs" and patted my back a couple of times. "Bye dude. I'm really going to miss ya" he said, flashing that damn sexy smile.

"You too" I said. "Oh hey, you were going to write down you e-mail and Wahoo messenger address and stuff."

"Oh yeah" he started patting his pockets and pulled out a checkbook. "Got a pen?"

Dad reached in his pocket and handed him a pen. He tore a check out of his book and wrote all his info on the back and handed it to me as he handed Dad back his pen. "My home address is on the printed side of the check and the home phone at my mom's too. You already have my cell."

"Thanks!" I said slipping it into my wallet.

He got back on the scooter and left. Dad and I finished loading the Escalade and we were off. The drive home was pretty quiet. Dad would talk from time to time, but I wasn't really in much of a mood to talk. I think he knew that.

We finally got home. It wasn't thirty minutes after I finished dumping all my stuff back into the house when Dex walked into my room. We never knocked or rang doorbells when coming into each other's house. We even had keys so we could check on each other's house when one family or the other was away. But, ever since that time I walked in on him beating his meat, he usually knocked before walking into my room.

"Don't you knock?" I asked feigning anger. He turned around, closed the door, knocked, and barged right in anyway without waiting for me to answer.

"Better, asshole?"

"Not much" in the same feigned anger tone. "I guess I'll just have to kick your ass."

"Yeah, right. You and what army, Grasshoppa?"

I jumped up and assumed an aggressive karate' stance he would know, like I was going to attack, and then smiled and jumped at him hugging him.

"Damn glad to see ya, freak." I said smiling at him.

"Yeah, I missed you to too, shrimp" he smiled back at me. Dex was probably the only person in world that could get away with the "shrimp" remark. We called each other names like that all the time. The Grasshoppa thing goes back to the Kung Fu TV show we had on videotapes that we used to watch when we were kids, and just starting Karate' lessons. Like I said, We did everything together, except for my piano lessons. He did study karate with me, but I was far more advanced and he knew it. He sort of stopped progressing after he got his first brown belt, but he was so involved with other sports that he really didn't have time.

"So, how was your trip?" I asked.

"Long and boring" he said. "I mean, I love Grandma and Granps, but really, they have no clue what `fun' means. Dad and I did go rafting one day, and I got to ride horses with gramps. He had bought a new ATV that was really cool. I took it on some of those mountain trails near their house. Rest of the time we just sorta hung out at their house. At least they had satellite."

"Sounds really rough" I said rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, well what about yours? Bet you just sat up in that condo all day scared those babes at the beach would figure out you only had a one inch dick."

"Shut-up, fuckwad" I said throwing a pillow at him, as he jumped back laughing. Actually, for a moment I had this compulsion to just blurt out that I had met the most beautiful guy in the world and fell madly in love, and had better sex than a porno producer could dream up. (Not that I had seen that much porn, but I do have internet.)

"Well," he said "earth to Jonah! You gonna tell me, or what?"

"I really had a blast. I hung around with this guy I met at the beach. His folks have a big house down there and he had a Honda scooter we used to get around. We played a golf tournament with our dads and came in second and third. We all went deep sea fishing and caught these huge-ass fish, played volleyball with this group of kids around the condo, hung around the beach, camped out one night, and just really had a good time."

"Man, that sounds cool. Jonah, I'm really glad you had a good time, dude. You do look happier than when you left. Lori and I've been worried about ya, man" he said putting on a more serious tone.

"Where is Lori? I figured you'd bring her over with ya so y'all could gang up on me" I asked.

"Nah, She's in Birmingham with her mom shopping or something. She's really starting to turn into a regular girl. She actually wore pink with girly shorts and had makeup on when they left" he said chuckling

"Yeah, I guess we need to stop treating her like one of the guys at some point."

"You know she has this huge thing for you don't you?" Dex asked.

"What!?" Where the hell had that come from? I furrowed my brow and frowned at Dex.

"Come on man, don't tell me you didn't know. You got to be the dumbest guy in the world if you haven't noticed."

"Noticed what?"

"How she puts on that girly act the minute you walk up. The way she wants to hang on your arm or anything else she can grab hold of. I'll admit she's not great at flirting, but damn man, you have to be blind or a monk or something not to notice it. Besides she told me."

"She what!? I was absolutely dumbstruck. How could I not I have noticed? Oh, yeah. Wait a minute. I'm gay.

"She told me she thinks your hotter than shit and I think she wants in your pants, dude. Personally, I don't see it" he said.

"You're lying" I said firmly.

"Swear to God, man. She's hot for ya" he said.

"Man that is so wrong. I always thought of her just as a friend. It would sorta be like doin' it with a sister or something" I said.

"Ewwww. The picture that paints with my sister is so gross. I wish you hadn't gone there."

"I'm gonna hafta talk with her. I need to nip that in the bud" I said.

"Wait a minute. Am I hearing right? Have you looked at Lori lately? She's really cute especially when she does that hair and makeup thing. If you've got a chance to get some man, you oughta take it" he said.

He was right about one thing. Lori had grown out of that tomboy thing. I had noticed that. I might be gay, but I'm not blind. She is cute, very cute in fact. But I had no interest in her like that.

"Look, Dex, I know Lori's cute. But we've been friends too long. I would rather keep her as a friend than get the sex thing between us. It would just be too ... complicated."

"I guess I can get that" he said, "but do me two favors."


"First, let her down easy and don't hurt her. She's my friend too. Second, don't get pissed if I try to get in her pants" he said with a chuckle.

I laughed and threw my other pillow at him. "Perv" I yelled as he ducked.