Sleepover Ectasy

This story is based on a true experience but the majority of it is the result of my imagination.

This story contains writing of a sexual nature and contains some very strong language.
All persons reading this should be over 18 years of age!

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- Wayniac

Chapter One - Tied Together

Throughout the school years I had a couple of nice girlfriends. I kissed them but never had the urge to move any further than that. I enjoyed kissing but they never appealed to me as much as I thought a guy would. I have always been open-minded and curious, so I wondered if I'd feel more comfortable with boys.

With my exams almost over, this was the last month I was to spend in school. One of my close mates, Liam, had arranged a sleepover, almost as a farewell. This was a male-only sleepover, because he didn't want any of the boyfriend/girlfriend cuddly crap going on. This sleepover was a chance for all of us to get pissed and have as much fun as we could.

We all got there by six o'clock, nine of us in total. After a couple of hours, we had played several drinking games and goofed around a lot. The drinks were strong, so we were all in a well-pissed state by now. We were all in our sleeping clothes; some were in pyjamas and some, including me, were in shorts. We went upstairs to play on Liam's Xbox when a few of the boys started wrestling on the bed and floor. Within seconds, we were all found wrestling with each other. There was a lot of laughing going on, and some cries of mercy as locks were applied to all sorts of body parts. As it went, we formed two teams. I was on the team with the smaller numbers and size, which inevitably lost.

One of the larger boys was sitting on my ass holding my arms together behind my back in front of him. I tried to buck him off and squirm out but he was more than my weight and a half. I looked up and saw the other three guys on my "team" in other locks, also unable to break free. Liam was on the dominating team and I watched as he left the room laughing. He came back a moment later with two sets of short rope. The sight made me buck again to try to break loose.

Three of them got me and my mate, Rhys, and tied us together using the rope. We were on Liam's bed with me lying on top of Rhys facing his back. We were tied around the torso (including arms) and at our legs. To be fair, the ropes were very firmly tied as me and Rhys discovered as we tried to squirm loose.

All of the other boys got up and stood around us laughing. They mocked how stupid we looked and one of them took a liking to slapping my ass. He even pulled down the back of my shorts once and slapped my bare backside. The sting was sharp and I knew the flesh was burning red. The boys joked about it and then one of them playfully squeezed my ass cheek and pulled my shorts back up as they left the room. One hit the light switch as they left and closed the door. Rhys and I were left in complete darkness by ourselves.

[Throughout high school I had taken a liking to Rhys. We were very close best friends until he got a girlfriend about two years ago. However, last month they separated, mainly because Rhys was going to university when school finished. Rhys is one of those slightly flamboyant guys, but manages to use it as humour. He has a very good body which I've seen many times and an awesome ass which I've seen a few times too. The sight or even thought of his athletic ass normally gives me an instant, raging hard-on!]

He was wearing pyjama bottoms and I knew from experience he had no underwear under them. He also had socks on but no top. I was only wearing my shorts with boxer briefs underneath them.

"Bastards!" I shouted down to the boys who were downstairs.

"I can't see a fucking thing!" Rhys complained, as he began his attempt to break his arms loose.

His constant wiggling resulted in the parting and connection of our bare bodies. Our body heat was being shared and I could feel a sweat rolling down on my chest and abs. After a few seconds he was now trying to free his legs and in doing so, he continually pressed his wonderfully curvatious ass against my hot crotch. His ass cheeks pressed against the top of my thighs and hips time and time again.

I tried to help break loose by moving my legs around but this simply increased the pressure at which my crotch met Rhys' toned ass. I could feel myself getting excited as a rush of adrenaline hit me. My mind started to blank as I could feel my cock tighten. I didn't want Rhys to know I was enjoying it so I tried to think of something non-sexual; a tree, a pillow, and a cup of tea for fucks sake... it wasn't working. It seemed the harder I tried to think of a turn-off, the harder Rhys was pushing his hot ass into my semi-hard cock.

He then stopped squirming.

"Wayne?" He asked.

"Yeah?" I squeeked in reply.

"Well, is that a banana down your shorts or are you just happy to see me!?" He laughed playfully.

I was filled with embarrassment but quickly replied;

"Well I can't see a bastard thing, but you know I'm always happy to see you!"

I tried desperately again to take my mind off Rhys' ass. My cock wasn't backing down though, I could feel it stiffen with every of my racing heartbeats. It was uncomfortably pointing down towards my feet, against Rhys' ass, so I pulled my torso away from Rhys slightly and then my cock sprung up and faced my upper body. I tried to stay there so that he wouldn't feel my glorious hard-on but I had to relax my hips after a few seconds due to the awkwardness of that position.

During all of this, Rhys had been trying to break his arms free again. As I relaxed and naturally let my cock press against the parting of his ass cheeks, I could here him quietly giggle to himself. I was sweating all over with our combined body heat and the embarrassment that I was filled with.

I could hear Rhys begin to laugh as he began tensing and relaxing his wonderful ass cheeks. This squeezed the length of my solid cock and applied a huge amount of pressure to it. I could feel the definition of Rhys' ass as he did this. My eager cock was surrounded by the great deal of tender muscle which made up each of Rhys' ass cheeks. He laughed as he continued to tense and release his buttocks to play with my stiffened cock.

"Oi!" I pleaded.

"Oooh it's how you like it." He cheekily replied.

I was caught with the incredible feeling of my cock being held and released by his ass cheeks as I could feel a thick drop of pre-cum seep out of my throbbing cock. I involuntarily let out a deep breath as I felt the warmth of my pre-cum be released into my boxer-briefs.

Rhys picked up on this with a laugh but didn't stop the intensity of his action. I started to think that he enjoyed this as much as me and my cock did, so I started thrusting my hips a little. He groaned slightly and moved his ass to meet my thrusts. My thrusts became larger and harder as I pushed into his muscular ass.

It appeared clear now that we both loved the intensity of this as he continued to press his ass up to meet my thusts. My cock was pulsating as I could feel some more hot pre-cum slide out of my dickhead. We were both sweating uncontrollably now as I could feel sweat drip off my face on to the back of Rhys' head and some more sweat wash down my body.

"I'm going to cum now Wayne!" He gasped out.

I could feel my balls tighten slightly so I knew I was nearing. A couple of seconds later he stopped meeting my thrusts and took some deep thrusts of his own into the bed. His body jerked and he moaned slightly as he came. His ass tightened and so my cock met the firm surface only a few more times before an excited shiver raced through my body. My cock became ferociously intense and sensitive as I felt my balls wrap tight around the base of my cock.

I took deep thrusts on top of Rhys' cute ass as I felt a powerful ejection of cum squirt out of my cock. I had a raging orgasm as my cock continued to squirt thick, warm cum into my tight boxer briefs. I kept thrusting into Rhys' ass for a few seconds later until the last batch of cum had filled my boxer briefs and I slumped onto Rhys, with both of our sweaty bodies panting hard.

As we lay there for a few more seconds, I heard the door handle move and then my eyes drew shut as the bright overhead light shot on. "Oh fuck" I thought to myself.

This story was written by Wayniac of Wales, UK during the year 2006. Feel free to use any of the material here as you like.
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