Sleepover Ectasy

This story is based on a true experience but the majority of it is the result of my imagination.

This story contains writing of a sexual nature and contains some very strong language.
All persons reading this should be over 18 years of age!

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- Wayniac

Chapter Two - Playmates

A new load of adrenaline roamed my bloodstream as I froze. Everything ceased with the exception of our heavy panting. I was horrified... I could feel the warmth and moistness of my cum which filled my boxer-briefs as the boys stumbled in, laughing.

They had clearly been drinking while they were downstairs because some of them seemed to be completely smashed from alcohol. One of the boys, Scott, came over to me and Rhys and started laughing at us. He was too pissed to notice how hard we were breathing and how much we had been sweating. Neither of us dared to say anything.

Scott gave out another laugh again and jumped on me. He then started to pretend to have sex with my ass as he rammed his package into my shorts. Most of the boys looked on and laughed as he pretended to shag me. He was making queer noises which then encouraged me and Rhys laugh too. Scott rolled off me and then what he did next came with no warning.

Scott rubbed his hand across my butt cheek and then attempted to drive his finger into my asshole. He applied quite a lot of pressure as my shorts and boxer-briefs gave resistance. I could feel some of my boxer briefs enter my butt so I clenched my ass cheeks together and gave a fake cry of pain as I tried to stop his finger entering my asshole.

"Agh, piss off cowboy or I'll fuck you up later!" I taunted.

"How do you like my finger right up your ass?" He laughed, as he continued to force his finger into my backside.

The boys laughed at our little argument. I could feel Scott's finger quite deep into my asshole now, despite me having tightened my buttocks together as hard as I could. He started to move his finger in and out slightly.

"Yeah, yeah, oh yeah!" Scott laughed out.

I gave sounds of pain even though his finger moving in my ass felt great. After a few more seconds, he removed his finger from my fully-clothed asshole. Liam then came over, laughing, and untied me and Rhys.

Feeling all of the cum in my underwear, I got off Rhys slowly, with my back turned to the boys. I took a look down and there was just a small wet patch on my shorts. I wasn't sure if that was from my own cum or from Rhys' sweat. My breathing had almost come to rest and I watched as Rhys got up off the bed in the same way I got off him.

We were both sitting, facing away from the doorway and from the boys. I looked at Rhys and he gave a mischievous smile. He looked down at his crotch and my eyes followed. Because he had no underwear on, there was a large wet patch on display. I instantly gave out a loud laugh at the sight.

Of course it would be very suspicious if the boys saw a large wet patch by his crotch, so we both sat there thinking for a moment.

"You're going to have to go to the toilet and I'll walk right behind you" He whispered into my ear.

I turned around to the boys and could see them playing on the Xbox and some were sitting around, talking with alcohol nearby. I got up and slowly walked to the door with Rhys very close behind. His crotch was actually touching my ass throughout most of the way... he couldn't get much closer than that without actually penetrating me back there! Some of the boys laughed at us walking stupidly to the door.

"You! I'm going to fuck you up for that!" I taunted to Scott playfully.

I could here him shout something back as me and Rhys went into the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, I locked the door and let out a laugh at what just happened. Rhys was smiling at me and looking into my eyes.

"We better get ourselves cleaned up" I told Rhys.

"Yeah, I fancy a shower" He smiled.

He took his thumbs around his waistband and I willingly watched as he pulled down the pyjamas. I could see the appearance of his cock for the first time. Although it wasn't the longest cock I've ever seen, it certainly made up for it in thickness. He was uncut and the foreskin was rolled back behind his dickhead. The whole thing looked very supple and was smeared in his gooey reproductive juice.

He laughed quietly, noticing I was nearly gaping at his manhood. I continued to look on, fascinated, as he ran the shower and tested the heat with his hand.

"Are you showering then?" He asked.

I didn't give a reply.

"Wayne! Stop staring at my fucker and answer me!" He said in a slightly raised voice.

I snapped myself out of the daze and looked up. I could see him proudly smiling at me.

"Uh yeah, hurry up then so I can get washed off too" I said to him.

"What? Why don't you jump in now with me? You're not ashamed of your cock are you!?" He chuckled.

"You just want it so you can play with it using your arse!" I teased him back.

"Ah shut up and get in here before the water goes cold" He muttered in defeat.

I untied the drawstring in my shorts and took them off. I stepped out of them and looked up at Rhys, both of us butt naked, to see him smiling at me. I got in the shower cubicle with him and realised there wasn't a great deal of space available for two people. He was facing the showerhead so all of the water was hitting him while I stood behind him almost completely dry!

"Wow, I'm almost drowning in this water! Hold on while I get my scuba diving gear!" I sarcastically joked.

He didn't reply.

"Come on, give us some water then!" I pleaded.

I could hear him laugh to himself as he stood there defiantly hogging my water. He lathered some shower gel into his body and then passed the bottle over his shoulder to me. I quickly covered my body in the shower gel. I stood there for a moment thinking of what I could do to actually get some water.

I got the bottle and squirted some of the shower gel onto Rhys' ass. He stood still so I reached down there and gave one of his graceful ass cheeks a firm squeeze in the hope of a reply. He didn't react, so I left my hand on his ass cheek and rubbed his cheek up and down. Again, he didn't react and continued to massage shampoo into his hair. So I then let my other hand join the action, with both of my hands rubbing his ass cheeks.

He really didn't mind. He was rinsing out his thick hair whilst I was exploring the rounded muscular contours of his lather-creamed buttocks. I was clasped in sexual desire for this awesome feature of Rhys' cute body. As I looked down at his luscious ass, I could see Rhys' hand move quickly in the corner of my eye. I looked up and my eyelid quickly shut as something made contact with the eyeball. He laughed as I realised he had thrown shampoo into my eye.

Because there was such little room in the shower, Rhys struggled to turn around to face me quickly so that he could defend himself. I wrestled him slightly, with him still laughing, and pushed him against the shower cubical wall with the showerhead above him. I had both of my hands pushing his back, with his front pressed against the cubical wall.

His ass was begging for me. I took one hand off his back and quickly drove my middle finger up his soapy asshole. He yelped as I took my hand off his back and had him against the shower wall with my finger inside his ass.

"Yeah, your ass is mine, Rhys" I laughed out.

I was laughing as I put my free hand on one of his slippery butt cheeks and put another finger up his ass. His taut asshole gave a lot more resistance this time, but not enough to prevent my index finger entering him. I could feel the internal warmth of his ass welcome my fingers and could hear his pleasured gasps over the shower. His ass cheeks twitched in excitement and hesitation as I slipped my fingers in and out of his asshole.

I squeezed his firm ass cheek with my free hand as I pressed the outer of his asshole with a third finger. I slowly helped it into his tight ass as he deeply breathed out a loud, delightful moan. My cock had lost all sense of normality and small amounts of creamy pre-cum eased up along my shaft and out of my cock. I lost a breath to this and shut my eyes in ecstasy as I rubbed the inside of Rhys' asshole with my fingers.

Using my free hand, I pulled Rhys' hips off the cubical wall and reached around to his genitals. I cupped his balls in my hand and slowly rubbed them with my thumb. The jerking of Rhys' whole body told me how much he loved that. I let go of his now tight balls and gently gave a stroke of the skin behind his balls to his asshole as I began to slowly slide my three fingers out and then into his ass. He was now groaning sweetly as my fingers delighted his asshole and my other hand gripped the base of his thick cock. My fingers could only just reach around his glorious 'fucker'. The outer softness of his erect cock begged me to milk it.

I rubbed his cock with my fingers as I moved my hand towards the wonderfully sensitive glands under his smooth dickhead. He gripped my arm in anticipation as I began massaging those very glands. The heat being submitted my his cock felt great on my fingers as I rubbed the underneath of his large dickhead with my index finger and thumb. Whilst doing this, the three fingers on my other hand continued to move in and out of his elastic glory hole.

"Uuuhhh. Yeah, fuck!" He moaned out lustfully.

It was getting really intense as I felt my own cock jerk to my vigorous heartbeat. But right then, the shower water which was drizzling onto my naked body quickly lost all of its heat. Within the matter of a couple of seconds, the water was ice cold. I gasped and quickly tried to scramble out of the shower. I slipped over and fell out of the cubicle, with Rhys' naked body falling over me.

As we lay there, I could hear the sudden knocking of the door.

"Hurry up! I need a piss!" A muffled voice yelled from outside.

With this, we both got up and rushed around for towels and clothing, falling over each other as we panicked.

This story was written by Wayniac of Wales, UK during the year 2006. Feel free to use any of the material here as you like.
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