The Sleepover
Chapter 1

Tied Together

We all arrived at Scott's by six o'clock, seven of us in total and a free house to ourselves for the night. We started with a good bit of social talk, with some alcohol in hand. Within the hour, we had gone upstairs into Scott's room and started playing on the PS3. Most of us were watching two of the boys playing the PS3 and we were talking. As time passed those of us watching had become bored as Calvin and Jonesy were hooked on the game. I think football games are pretty shit (and frustrating when you lose) so I wasn't too interested.

I was sat on the bed but had finished my can of lager so I got up to get myself another can. As I got up Jay quickly rugby tackled me onto the bed and tried making me submit by twisting my arms behind my back. I forced myself out of his attempts and grabbed him into a good old fashioned headlock. Can't beat it. He couldn't break out, but fair play to him; I don't think he'd submit even if you could wrap his legs around his head. He's a tough cookie! I held him in the hold for ten seconds or so before Drew came to give him a helping hand. Drew is not the sort I could ever outwrestle; he's 6ft 3 and is full of muscle. Damn.

Drew broke my hold on Jay and pinned me face-down to the bed as Jay attempted to apply several locks to my legs, but he was pretty crap at submissions. Eventually he just started twisting my ankle. I think I yelped at first, that fucking hurt! Someone else then jumped on the bed and got Jay off my ankle. It was Liam. Drew, who was sitting on my back, managed to quickly pin Liam onto the bed too and then Jay jumped on Liam and put him in an armlock.

"Haha, fucking useless." I laughed at Liam.

"Yeah, you're welcome dickface!" was his reply.

We were only there for a few seconds before Scott began laughing like a pre-pubescent girl in the background. I looked around and saw him rushing through his drawers. He grabbed a thick roll of duct tape. Bad times. We always like to play pranks and games on each other, and it was great fun... unless you're the recipient.

Drew, Jay and Scott then threw me onto the back of Liam and taped us together. They started with a good few wraps around our ankles and then around our arms and torsos. We tried resisting, of course, but it was useless. They were pretty firm with the tape too. Completely restricted by the tape, we were sitting ducks now. Calvin had finished his game on the PS3 with Jonesy and he started filming with his phone as the boys made a mockery of us. I had my ass slapped hard, Jay pretended to ride us and we eventually ended up almost completely covered in shaving foam. Thanks Scott. When the boys had their fun, they thought it would be funny to leave us there for a bit. They went downstairs to mix up some punch with wine and vodka. Scott was the last to leave the room and he chuckled as he hit the light switch and closed the door.

"Bunch of wankers!" Liam shouted after them.

Okay, so I now find myself in the dark, covered in shaving foam and tied firmly to the back of Liam. We tried squirming to break out, and as Liam wiggled about, our bodies pressed against each other and his ass rested in my crotch area. He tried bending to try to stretch the tape around us and in doing so, his ass pressed back into me. I can't say that was unpleasant; his ass felt fleshy and warm as it pushed my hips back slightly. We both continued to try to break loose but I could see no way of doing so.

"Scott. What a wanker!" Liam complained.

"Uh, they'll be back up in a minute, but I'm sweating here, it's boiling." I said to Liam.

Our combined body heat wasn't ideal in this stuffy room, and I could feel my body becoming moisturised with sweat. We were on our sides and almost in a spooning position as Liam continued to try to struggle out of the tape. He continued to press his ass into my cock and I could feel his ass muscles tighten and relax as he wriggled. I couldn't help but picture his backside in my mind, as it rubbed against my cock. I tried to think about something else due to the awkwardness of the situation - now wasn't the time to have any fantasies or a hard-on. Too bad. I could feel my cock growing across my waist and as we lay there, it began to press against one of his ass cheeks. I was sure he could feel it, and the embarrassment made me sweat even more.

Liam made no indication that told me he could feel it, but I just knew he could. I froze slightly, trying to make it go away. I tried to think of non-sexual things; a chair, an aeroplane and even a cup of tea for fuck's sake! No chance, this particular erection wasn't going anywhere but up.

"Damn my leg itches like mad." Liam told me as he bent to scratch the lower part of his leg.

Of course this bending just pressed his fleshy ass cheek into my cock even more. I didn't know what to do now; surely he knew I had a boner by now. Should I try to laugh it off? Is he just pushing his ass into me to confirm what he thought he felt? He straightened back up and his gorgeous ass rested against my ecstatic manhood. Sweat was running over me like rain now, and as my arms were pressed against his, I could feel he was sweating as much as I was our combined body heat was great.

My cock felt as hard as a rock and if I've ever wanted to thrust my hips vigorously, it was now. If only I could just live this moment with no consequences and simply dry hump the fuck out of Liam's ass until I could cum between his ass cheeks, filling my sweaty crotch with warm cum. I couldn't believe how wrong this felt; how much I wanted this boy and his ass right now and I really didn't want to show it. This was my mate, a boy. Does this confirm that I'm gay? What if he knows? Is he enjoying this too? This was all a great rush to me, and the strangest part was that we were almost completely still at this point.

"Alex, are y..."

I froze. Please no, please no. Please talk about anything other than what I'm dreading.

" going to training tomorrow?"

Relief! Thank god. We play on the same football (soccer) team together, and we have training on Mondays. Today was Sunday.

"Yeah, got a bad hamstring but it'll be alright I guess." I blurted, trying to reinforce my voice with confidence.

That was a close one. But I was still caught in this predicament. My cock was still hard, I was still very excited. My cock seemed to jerk slightly with my every heartbeat. I think I could feel some warm precum casually ooze out of my dickhead. I wanted to make love to this boy right now, but I knew I should keep my secrets to myself, and just wank over this when I get home.

At that moment, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then finally an abundance of light invaded the room.

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