This story is not real, the characters and situations are fictional. It contains sexual situations between high school age males. If you are under 18 or if it is illegal for you to read this due to your local laws please vacate the premises now. If gay people bother you then why are you here in the first place? Get lost.

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This is my first story on I have been reading stories here for a while and I have never had the guts to post my own. I have a lot of respect for many of the writers here at Nifty. I enjoy their work a great deal.

For my first story, I wanted to write a love story from (hopefully) a different perspective. The main characters will (hopefully) appeal to many different readers. I want it to be a story of hope, love and strength. One that isn't just a wham, bam, thank you Sam sexcapade. One that (hopefully) provokes some thought and maybe helps someone that came to Nifty looking for reassurance know they are not alone.

The first chapter is divided into part a, Jaden's perspective and part b, Kelly's perspective. Just a tool to see into both their heads a little. The other chapters will probably not be divided into points of view, as I find it too confusing to read a story where perspectives change constantly.

Constructive criticism is welcome. So are any kind words. I will not respond to any haters or flamers. Why bother. I hope you like this story and I will try to post new chapters regularly.


Something About Kelly

Chapter 1a

(Jaden's Point of View)

What is it about Kelly that constantly attracts my eyes like a moth to a flame during freshman English? Is it his lustrous slightly shorter than Emo black hair? Or possibly his steel blue eyes that I can not see during English because he sits two seats up and one row over from me. How I long to have him glance in my direction so I can get a glimpse of those aqua pools framed by his his ebony lashes.

The more the teacher drones on about eighteenth century literature the more frustrated I get by Kelly's complete and utter lack of knowledge of my feelings for him. This greek god, this adonis that is but a few feet but might as well be a mile away.

Today he is wearing a pair of painted on skinny black jeans and a plain white t-shirt covered by an unbuttoned black and white bowling shirt. From my angle his legs curve gracefully until they reach what can only be described as a perfect bubble butt. His arms are lightly tanned and it is only April. He tans well. I remember last summer how he got darker than almost anyone else I knew.

Sighing I force my attention back to the teacher, Mrs. Allen. The bell will ring in a few minutes and I need to look like I am paying a little attention today. Yesterday was a rare treat for the class in that Mrs. Allen called on Kelly and he answered a question in his fourteen year old not quite a man not all boy baritone voice. I swear everyone was held in complete rapture as his voice blessed our ears.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. It was only me that hung on his every syllable like it was the utterance of an angel. I really do not understand how the other kids in my class can not be affected by Kelly. Can't they see he is perfection made human? Everything about him is beauty and grace.

Gratefully the bell rings and I am freed from the spell that Kelly weaves in my mind. Next period is lunch and unfortunately after that I have no other classes with my secret crush. I don't know how this whole obsession began. Kelly and I have known each other since grade school. We have never been best buds or anything but we have the same friends. Then right before Christmas break this year it's like a spotlight was thrust on him and ever since, I have been hooked.

As I was leaving the class room I was not paying attention, as usual, and I ran smack into someone's back and dropped my books. Guess who, yup, Kelly. He bent down as I did and we bumped heads and both fell on our butts. We couldn't help but laugh. I stammered, "I am so sorry, Kelly."

"It's all good, Jaden." He answered rubbing his forehead. "I shouldn't have stopped like that."

"No, I should have been paying closer attention." I couldn't help it dang it. I just stared into his eyes. Then I did the oddest thing. "Hey, Kelly you want to have lunch together?"

"Sure," He grinned. "As long as you don't tailgate me again."

"Promise." I blushed and held out my hand to help him up. When our hands touched it was like an electric current went through my entire body.

"Um, Jaden" His grin got wider. "Can I have my hand back? I may need it to eat with."

Reluctantly I released his hand and apologized and of course blushed again. Then I followed him to the cafeteria. Lunch period at our school is particularly informative as to the social hierarchy of the student body. The most popular kids, usually cheerleaders and jocks, congregate at the far back corner of the lunchroom, the farthest from the food and from the tray drop off area. Next comes the popular kids that are not quite part of the elite. Then we have the different clubs and academic groups as well as the band kids. Finally, we have the grunges and the goth kids that exclude themselves from all the other groups.

The two groups I split my time with are the band kids and the student government group. Since Christmas I have secretly kept an eye on Kelly and he is usually in the second tier of popular kids. Not usually eating with anyone else, but he is in that circle. So I'm actually kind of surprised he agreed to eat with me. Maybe he is slumming it.

We get our food and he startles me by bumping my elbow with his tray to get my attention. "Hey, Jaden, why don't we head out to the commons and eat out there."

I agree and follow him out. Our school has an outdoor section with tables that is usually occupied by the illegal smokers and skaters. He and I don't exactly fit in those groups but I would follow him anywhere. He finds an unoccupied table and I sit across from him.

We don't say much for a minute or two as we focus instead on the food. I can't even tell you what I ordered. I was just so excited about being near Kelly. God, I am so lucky, I am having lunch with Kelly. He was just taking a drink of his milk when a younger guy ran up and slammed into him, causing him to to spill his milk making a huge mess of his t-shirt. The boy sat down and laughed.

Something About Kelly

Chapter 1b

(Kelly's Point of View)

English and literature are usually my favorite subjects, until this year. Our teacher, Mrs. Allen is so boring. God, can it get any worse. Twenty minutes to go and I might not make it. Drew just texted me, I wonder what he wants? Sometimes he is a pain in the ass, but overall he is not a bad little brother. I bet he wants to bring a girl home with him and needs some privacy. I swear, for a thirteen year old he gets more sex than anyone I know.

Then there is his older brother (me) that is still a virgin. Drew dates a different girl almost every month and I've never even been on a date. What kind of loser does that make me? Sometimes I wonder if one of us is adopted. We are so different. He is outgoing and friendly and always surrounded by friends, while I am a shy loner. Drew is like the All-American boy next door, into sports and girls and hanging out with friends and I am into books and hanging out by myself.

The really sad part is I have never been attracted to girls. I mean yeah, they are nice and all but they don't get my heart racing or my blood pounding. Good looking guys on the other hand...then I get all nervous and my palms get sweaty and one part of me stands at full attention. I guess that is what I hate most about myself, that I am gay. I don't want to like guys instead of girls. It just worked out that way.

I think Drew must have his suspicions about me. How could he not? I mean he kissed his first girl in the first grade. He had sex with a girl for the first time when he was like nine years old. I kid you not. Nine years old. In the backseat of the girl's mother's car no less. Of course her mother caught them and that night my dad gave us both 'the talk' about sex. Drew hasn't been caught again and my parents actually believe he is celibate. Please, Drew celibate? Yeah, right.

Drew tells me all the gory details every time he has sex. Every time. So I know he has slept with at least fifty different girls. Yes, I said fifty. Most of them multiple times. One time he even wanted me to smell his fingers after he had used them to get a girl off. I almost threw up. He still kids me about it.

I don't understand it either. Yeah, he is decent looking. There is no question the two of us are brothers. Same hair, same eyes and nose and pretty much the same body, although I am a couple inches taller than his 5'5". One difference is he smiles all the time and I am kind of somber. So if he can score so much, why can't I?

Oh, yeah, I'm gay that's why. I almost forgot. Not! Still, you would think I could meet at least one guy at my school that I could like, or maybe even fall in love with. Is that so much to ask? I look around school everyday and there are some guys I wish were gay like me, but I know better. With my luck I'll be like twenty-five and out of college before I have sex. We do live in Alabama after all.

To say the least, I stay depressed. In the last year or so, I have just withdrawn into my own space and kind of disappeared off the social radar. I just don't want anyone to find out about me being gay so I pretty much ignore everyone all the time. My old friends used to call and invite me to do stuff but they all finally gave up on me. So here I am, alone and gay and still only fourteen.

If it weren't for Drew I think I would be a non-entity at school. Because of his popularity people are still friendly with me and talk to me. They just don't invite me to mix it up with them after school. Who can blame them, right? After all, that is what I wanted. I have my secret to protect. Today I am stuck in boring English class basically not caring whether I live or die.

I'd be lying if I said I have not considered suicide. In fact, I have thought about it a couple of times a week for the last six months. I mean what's the point in living if I am going to hate myself and be depressed all the time. The real reason I haven't killed myself yet is hope. Hope that I can meet someone that understands me and doesn't hate me for who I am. Someone that doesn't want to use me up and throw me away.

I know, I know, there are a bunch of gay teen support groups online that I can turn to for support, and I have. The last one I went to was okay for a while until my online 'counselor' started to say me things like 'what are you wearing?' and 'we should hook up' and 'send me a picture'. Geez, if I wanted a hook up, I'd just get on IRC. Maybe I just had a bad experience. I don't know. I just know I don't trust anybody with thoughts or feelings lately, and it is killing me.

As Mrs. Allen drones on and on I let my eyes roam around the room. I know everyone in here by name and they know me too I suppose. My eyes finally stop on Jaden Miller. He has to be the best looking guy in our grade. Well, definitely the best looking guy in our freshman English class. He is always smiling and that is what attracts me to him. That and his carefree 'life is wonderful' attitude. That carefree attitude alone also tells me he couldn't possibly gay.

Besides his smile I love how his blond hair brushes his forehead right above his eyes. Not straight down like a bowl cut but swooshing across like a skaters. His eyes are a bright almost explosive blue. When he looks at you, it feels like he can see right into your soul, like he can see every secret you have hidden in your head. I wonder if he can read my secrets? I hope not.

Have I mentioned his smile? I noticed he had dimples for the first time when we were in the eighth grade. He is really cute when he smiles because his dimples magically appear. Jaden's smile warms my heart and no matter how depressed I am, I feel better just for seeing it. He has always been nice to me and fun to be around although we haven't been 'friends' in a while. My problem, not his. It is not like he hasn't tried. He has, I just always have something else to do.

I had not really paid much attention to him in this class because he sits kind of behind me. Today I notice him though, and he is definitely easy on the eyes. Jaden is on the cross country team so he is very fit and trim. He is one of like five or six guys in my school that I would give anything if he was gay (and liked me).

He has a really tight body and I can tell he works out.... oh, shit. He just caught me looking at him. Eyes forward Kelly you don't want him to think you're checking him out. Before I snapped my head forward he smiled at me and I felt better all of a sudden. I can't help it okay? He's so cool.

My homosexuality is becoming a huge problem. It is all I can think of. What will my parents think when they find out? What about Drew? He will probably never speak to me again. Could life get any worse? Then there's everyone at school, they will probably harass me and beat me to death. Oh god.

The bell finally rings and I shuffle around waiting for everyone to get out the door. I drop my spiral notebook and start to bend down to retrieve it when BAM! I'm hit from behind and almost sent sprawling. How embarrassing.

Oh my god! It's Jaden. To make matters worse, we bent down at the same time and we bumped heads then both fell on our butts. It was okay 'cause he just started laughing. His laugh is infectious so I had to join in. God he makes me feel good. He laughed out, "I am so sorry, Kelly."

"It's all good, Jaden." I answered rubbing the sore spot on my head. "I shouldn't have stopped like that."

"No, I should have been paying attention better." Our eyes locked for just an instant and I almost sighed out loud. Then he really shocked me. "Hey, Kelly you want to have lunch together?"

"Sure," I grinned. "As long as you don't tailgate me again."

"Promise." He blushed. Jaden blushed at something I said! Sweet! Then he held out his hand to help me up. When our hands touched I sprang wood immediately. What a loser. I almost backed out of lunch.

"Um, Jaden" I almost whispered. "Can I have my hand back? I may need it to eat with."

He let go blushing the whole time. He followed me to the cafeteria. I wondered where we would sit and I got a little nervous about it. I mean he sits with his buds and I usually just eat alone. I could have sat with his friends but all of a sudden I wanted Jaden all to myself. It isn't often I get to talk to him at all much less eat lunch with him. I wanted to enjoy it. Like our first date, only he doesn't know anything about it and there won't be any kissing or hand holding.

I suggested we eat outside in the commons, and he was up for it. We found an empty table and just kind of got into the whole eating thing. But hey, I am eating lunch with Jaden and not alone and that is enough for me. We don't have to talk for me to be happy. Just sitting with him sends me to a special place. God, I sound just like a six year old girl.

Just as I put my milk carton up to my lips to take a sip, I get slammed into again. Arrgh! The second time in the last half hour. Milk goes everywhere and my t-shirt is soaked. I am so embarrassed. This perfect lunch is going very wrong in a hurry. I turn to find out who hates me now.

That is it for chapter one. There will be more action in chapter two. I just wanted everyone to get comfortable in chapter one.

Constructive criticism is welcome. So are any kind words. I will not respond to any haters or flamers. Why bother. I hope you like this story.