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This is my first story on I have been reading stories here for a while and I have never had the guts to post my own. I have a lot of respect for many of the writers here at Nifty. I enjoy their work a great deal.

For my first story, I wanted to write a love story from (hopefully) a different perspective. The main characters will (hopefully) appeal to many different readers. I want it to be a story of hope, love and strength. One that isn't just a wham, bam, thank you Sam sexcapade. One that (hopefully) provokes some thought and maybe helps someone that came to Nifty looking for reassurance that they are not alone.

Here is the second chapter. There is still no sex between Jaden and Kelly. I promise there will be some. I want them to discover themselves and their sexuality. This is a love story. I am a hopeless romantic, sue me.

Constructive criticism is welcome. So are any kind words. I will not respond to any haters or flamers. Why bother. I hope you like this story and I will try to post new chapters regularly.



Just as I put my milk carton up to my lips to take a sip, I get slammed into again. Arrgh! The second time in the last half hour. Milk goes everywhere and my t-shirt is soaked. I am so embarrassed. This perfect lunch is going very wrong in a hurry. I turn to find out who hates me now.

Something About Kelly

Chapter 2

"Sorry about that Kelly." The dark haired boy picked up a napkin and started sopping up the milk on the table. He was almost a carbon copy of Kelly, just smaller.

"Drew, you ass," Kelly growled. "You need to be more careful."

"I said I was sorry."

"Yeah, thanks. What do you want?" Kelly loved his brother but this was too much.

"Well... Julie kind of wants to come over after school." He grinned his trademark mischievous grin. "So I was kind of hoping you could make yourself scarce this afternoon."

"Sure," Kelly sighed and rolled his eyes. "I can go hang out at the mall or the park. Just be safe, okay?"

"Thanks, bro. I always am." With that Drew was gone, leaving both boys at the table shaking their heads in his wake.

As Drew was leaving he caught up with Rob, a friend of his from the j.v. baseball team. Drew looked back at his brother's table and Rob followed his gaze. "Hey, who's your brother eating with? I didn't think he ever ate with anybody?"

"Shut up, ass," Drew joked. "It's a guy named Jaden. He was one of the guys Kelly used to hang with when he actually had friends."

"Well maybe he can get get your brother to quit acting like a fricking hermit."

"Yeah, maybe..." Drew mused. He wasn't sure why Kelly had turned his back on all his friends, but he had his suspicions. Kelly had never shown any interest in girls. Who knew, he might be gay. He did not know what to think about that, he just wanted Kelly to be Kelly again. Drew had tried to get his brother out of his shell early on and had finally given up. He pretty much ignored him now.

The two eighth graders left the cafeteria discussing their respective girlfriends. A subject they always enjoyed talking about. Both boys weaved great tales of conquest and neither knew whether the other was telling the truth or embellishing.

"Sorry about that," Kelly smirked, jerking a thumb at the quickly departing Drew. " My little brother, the Don Juan of the eighth grade. I guess he needs privacy for his newest girlfriend. He drives me crazy. He has every girl in the eighth grade fighting over him"

"Well I'm sure you have plenty of girls drooling over you, too, so it all evens out." Jaden said past a fork of broccoli. He was finding the thought of an eighth grade Don Juan a little disturbing. Last year, he was still trying to figure out the whole boys and girls are different thing. Maybe he was just a late bloomer.

"Right." Kelly mumbled quietly, not able to look at the boy seated across him. "Drew got all the animal magnetism in our family. I guess I got the invisibility magnetism."

Jaden could not believe Kelly felt that way about himself. So, he couldn't help himself, he wanted to kill himself afterwards, but he said it anyway. "Who are you kidding? He can't hold a candle to you. I mean he is cute, but are incredible!"

As soon as he said it he blushed and looked at his plate. He knew he had gone too far. Kelly would be the first one at school to figure out his secret and out him to everyone. Jaden stopped breathing, afraid for what might happen in the next few seconds. Why had he said it? Well, of course he knew why he thought it, but did he have to actually say it? Out loud? He knew he couldn't help it. It just slipped out. Anyway, maybe Kelly didn't pay attention.

Instead of saying anything right away, Kelly just smiled a slow small smile. One of the rare smiles this school year. Jaden noticed the room brighten considerably. He sighed, Kelly was definitely a god when he smiled. He promised himself he would never stop trying to make Kelly smile.

"You're kidding, right? I mean I'm just plain and average. Look at me, I have no friends and even fewer chances with the girls." Kelly was on a roll. The words just tumbled out. "Drew is the incredible one. He has this devil may care attitude and everyone loves him. I live in his shadow, and he's the younger brother."

Jaden wanted to pull Kelly up and drag him to a mirror. How could Kelly not see how beautiful he was? Jaden was not enjoying this side of Kelly. He knew everyone had a few insecurities he just hated that Kelly's were unfounded and such a large part of his life. His heart ached for Kelly's obvious pain.

"Kelly, trust me." He gulped and took a deep breath. He couldn't stop now, he wanted Kelly to know how he felt. "You are like the best looking guy in our class. Great hair, beautiful eyes, a sexy as hell body, you have it all. Anyone that could resist you must be half dead, or crazy, or just plain blind."

Kelly blushed and his smile got bigger and brighter. A little hesitantly he answered. "Thanks, Jaden. Coming from you that means a lot. You're a good guy."

"And I'm a good friend, too." Jaden leaned across the table and whispered. "I hope you'll let me be your friend, 'cause I think we could be good for each other."

Jaden knew he was taking a risk. Kelly could laugh and walk away, tearing Jaden's heart out as he did. Something kept telling him they needed each other. As far as he was concerned the cafeteria was empty and they were alone. He could feel his heart thumping loudly in his throat as his emotions threatened to overwhelm him. He could see Kelly mulling the notion over in his head. He hoped Kelly didn't think he was a freak.

"I'd like that Jaden." Kelly's voice almost cracked from emotion. Letting down his guard was hard for him, "It won't be easy, though. It won't be easy for either of us."

Jaden finally released his held breath and smiled maniacally. "Cool!"

Jaden laughed and Kelly's dark clouds were gone. "Eww, I've got milk all over my t-shirt."

"Yeah, you'd probably better take it off and just wear the other shirt."

"You're probably right," He agreed. "I don't want to smell like sour milk the rest of the day."

"Definitely not. So what will you do after school? I mean now that Drew needs alone time with Julie."

"I don't know, I guess I'll just hang out at the mall." He started taking off his shirt. "Usually I can go home by six and my parents are home by six-thirty."

He peeled his t-shirt off and Jaden tried not to stare. He almost passed out from the view. Kelly was perfect under his clothes. He was thin without being skinny and he had some nice muscle definition. Definitely the start of a six pack and the cutest dime size areolas around his nipples. Jaden felt the tingling in his pants beginning and knew he would be tenting his jeans in about five seconds.

Kelly noticed Jaden staring but didn't comment on it. He did not know what to think of Jaden yet. He was definitely getting a gay vibe from him. He never would have thought Jaden was gay before today. Maybe, just maybe Jaden was a kindred spirit. Maybe he had a secret like Kelly's.

Kelly's mind was whirling with new emotions and sexual thoughts. Should he let his guard down and let Jaden know how he felt about him? Maybe what was happening was real and not some twisted prank being pulled on him. He knew Jaden made him happy. And Jaden made him feel something else he had not felt in a while, loved.

"Well," Jaden began, biting his lip trying his best not to stare at the what he was sure had to be the most beautiful chest in the history of mankind. "W-why don't you come home with me. We could shoot some hoops or play Wii or something. Anything is better than hanging out alone."

Kelly finished buttoning his bowling shirt and thought before answering, "That would be so great. I hate not having anything to do. As long as you don't mind." Kelly paused and just looked at his new friend, then smiled. "I'm really glad it was you that tailgated me after English. I'm especially glad you didn't have that in your pants when you did."

"Oh my god, it just happens sometimes. I...I...oh shit. Yeah, leave it to me to ruin the moment. I promise I'm not a freak or anything." Jaden felt like kicking himself. His cock was softening due to his intense embarrassment, so he picked up his empty tray to put away.

"It's okay Jaden, I'm a guy too." Kelly smiled and put a comforting hand on Jaden's shoulder. "It happen's to me all the time."

"Thanks." Jaden said sincerely. Trying desperately not to pop wood again. Kelly had touched him! Touched him! "We'll have fun this afternoon, I promise."

They traded phones and keyed in contact info for each other. Jaden suggested they meet by the bike rack after school so they could ride to his house together. Kelly said he usually rode the bus and didn't have a bike which was cool, they could walk together. They called their mothers and cleared their plans then headed for their respective classes.

Jaden felt as if he were in heaven. The boy of his dreams, Kelly Hattaway, was coming home with him. The rest of the school day dragged by for both boys. Both of them excited and scared about the afternoon to come. Both of them not believing their good luck.

The day finally ended and by the time Jaden had his backpack and locker sorted, and headed outside, Kelly was by the bike stand waiting for him. Wow, they both thought, could life get any better?

That is it for chapter two. There will be more action in chapter three. I promise.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to say they enjoyed chapter one. I really appreciate the encouragement.

Constructive criticism is welcome. So are any kind words. I will not respond to any haters or flamers. Why bother. I hope you like this story.