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This is my first story on I have been reading stories here for a while and I have never had the guts to post my own. I have a lot of respect for many of the writers here at Nifty. I enjoy their work a great deal.

For my first story, I wanted to write a love story from (hopefully) a different perspective. The main characters will (hopefully) appeal to many different readers. I want it to be a story of hope, love and strength. One that isn't just a wham, bam, thank you Sam sexcapade. One that (hopefully) provokes some thought and maybe helps someone that came to Nifty looking for reassurance that they are not alone.

Here is the thirdd chapter. There is still no sex between Jaden and Kelly. I promise there will be some. I want them to discover themselves and their sexuality. This is a love story. I am a hopeless romantic, sue me.

Constructive criticism is welcome. So are any kind words. I will not respond to any haters or flamers. Why bother. I hope you like this story and I will try to post new chapters regularly.



Jaden felt as if he were in heaven. The boy of his dreams, Kelly Hattaway, was coming home with him. The rest of the school day dragged by for both boys. Both of them excited and scared about the afternoon to come. Both of them not believing their good luck.

Chapter Three

The afternoon had finally culminated at three o'clock and Jaden's heart leapt into his throat. What had he been thinking, inviting Kelly over to his house? His mom would know immediately what was going on as soon as they hit the door. He knew he could never fool her. She could read him like a book.

He could hear the conversation in his mind as he walked to his locker. 'Hi mom, I'm home!'

'Hello Jaden, dear. Who's your friend?'

'You remember Kelly don't you mom? We used to hang out."

"Oh, yes. Hello Kelly. Did you know that my little Jaden thinks you're hot? That he wants to kiss you and hold your hand and...'

'Stop! Stop! Stop!' Jaden screamed in his head. Maybe he could just back out on the deal. Yeah, he would just make up some his mom called and said she was dying and had to be rushed to the hospital. Yeah, that might work.

Jaden was concentrating so hard on his excuses that he walked right past his locker and out the front door of the school without even noticing it. Looking up, he realized his mistake and with a loud sigh trudged back into the building to sort out his locker and backpack. After what seemed an eternity he got to the front door once again. It was now or never.

He turned the corner to the bike rack and was startled to see Kelly talking to Jaden's neighbor from down the street, Kyle. Kyle was an okay guy. He and Jaden got along really well even though Kyle was a year younger and they were in different grades. At this school that meant they were in different social universes as well.

"Hi Jaden," Kelly said as Jaden appeared from around the corner.

"Hey Jade!" Kyle practically shouted in excitement. He liked it when he and the older Jaden hung out. He hoped some of his friends could see because it could help his popularity. In the ninth grade if a tenth grader was hanging out with him it was worth many brownie points.

"Hi Kelly, hi Kyle." Jaden responded cheerfully, happy just to be near Kelly again. He hadn't senn him since lunch and suddenly that seemed like to long.

"Hey Jaden, Kelly said it wouldt be okay if I walked home with you guys." Kyle usual enthusiasm had him busting at the seams. He could barely contain his excitement. "Is it okay with you too?"

Jaden looked over at Kelly and raised his eyebrows in a question and continued. "If it's okay with Kelly it's okay with me."

Kelly laughed and Jaden noticed his eyes dance in merriment. "Who could say no to that? How do you know Kyle anyway?"

"He lives just a few houses down from me. How about you?"

"He and my little brother hang out quite a bit. They are pretty good friends."

"Yeah I'm over at their house all the time." Kyle supplied, helping Jaden unlock his bike.

"I've got an idea, Kyle, why don't you ride my bike and I'll walk with Kelly." Jaden offered.

"Rad!" Kyle let out a whoop. (Did I mention he was highly excitable?) "I'll see you guys."

With that he was gone. Shouting at his friends that Jaden had let him ride his bike.

"You sure made him happy." Kelly smiled as they walked shoulder to shoulder off the school grounds and toward Jaden's house. "You seem to be doing that for a lot of us today."

Jaden smiled and blushed, looking in Kelly's eyes his heart melted. How could he even have considered ditching Kelly? "Well, some people just enjoy making other people happy."

Pausing a second to screw up some more courage he asked "How did I make you happy today?

Kelly thought about it before answering seriously and earnestly. "For one thing, you saved me from having to wasting the afternoon 'cause I couldn't go home."

There was an awkward silence as Kelly thought about the rest of his answer.

"Was there another thing?" Jaden interrupted quietly, keeping his eyes on the sidewalk ahead.

"Yeah." Kelly spoke barely above a whisper. "It's no secret I've been kind of a loner lately. I'm tired of it and I could use a good friend for a change."

"Like I said at lunch, I'm applying for the job." Jaden's heart was near bursting again and he felt he could barely breathe. This was all so much. He finally whispered. "I really like you Kelly. I've wanted us to be friends again for the longest. I hated it when you quit hanging around with the rest of us. I missed you."

Jaden could hardly believe he was being so honest. His inner voice was screaming at him to shut up or Kelly would figure out how much Jaden really 'liked' him. Sweat rolled down his back sending a chill through him.

Kelly leaned closer to Jaden so their shoulders were touching as they walked. The contact was electric and warm and reassuring all at once. "I don't understand what you see in me, Jaden, but consider yourself hired. I just hope you don't regret it."

Jaden took a chance an wrapped his arm around Kelly's shoulder. "Thanks, bud. I promise I won't ever be late to work and I can work as much over time as you may need."

Both boys laughed. Their bond growing stronger. The sun shone brighter on each of them for just a moment. Somewhere in the universe a key turned and a door opened. A bond had been formed and the universe approved.

"Hey guys!" Kyle jumped the bike to the sidewalk right in front. "Here's my house.

"I'll pick up my bike later Kyle, we're just going to walk from here."

"Thanks again for letting me ride your bike home Jaden. I will keep it safe, see y'all later."

With that he was gone. Self consciously Jaden removed his arm from Kelly's wonderful shoulders. Kelly felt a little empty at the lack of contact. So did Jaden. Kelly noticed his surroundings for the first time since leaving school. The neighborhood was a cozy one from the last century. Huge oak trees formed a canopy over the wide street and the houses were all craftsman ad bungalow styles. It was all very cozy and brought a relaxed smile to his face.

As soon as Jaden had handed over his prized possession to Kyle he realized just how much he was under Kelly's spell. That moment it became crystal clear he would do anything to be with Kelly. He had never let anyone else ride his bike before and here he had letting free-spirited Kyle take it for a spin. Jaden rubbed the sweat off his palms onto his jeans and crossed Pine Street.

"It's not far Kelly, I only live a couple of streets away." He smiled, noticing the sun bounce off Kelly's remarkable jet black hair. "Your hair is so black and shiny it looks almost blue in the sunshine."

"Really?" Kelly laughed and swept his hand through his hair tossing it up and back in a shower of jet black radiance. "My mom's hair is just as dark as mine, only her's is wavy. I wish mine wasn't so straight."

Kelly sighed and flipped his hair one more time, causing Jaden to wish he was running his fingers through the jet black silkiness. When Kelly flipped his hair like that, Jaden could feel his sense of time slow down to the point that in his mind Kelly was moving in slow motion. He could almost imagine a scene in a cheesy teen movie when Kelly would be in slow motion only when he flipped his hair.

Before Jaden could answer Kelly continued. "Every day I wish I could just wake up with my mom's hair for a change, and everyday I look in the mirror and I am stuck with this."

"Well, I like it. I wish my hair was as shiny and black as yours, it really sets off your green eyes." Oops, Jaden barely held in a sigh at the end of that statement. He needed to get a grip on himself or Kelly would know his secret. Not that it would be a bad idea for Kelly to know, if he were gay. Jaden just couldn't come out until he had a better feeling about Kelly's sexuality.

"Thanks, but your hair is the envy of almost everyone at school. Especially how blond it gets in the summer. Right now it's kind of cool the way it's more dishwater blond." Kelly reached over and brushed the hair across Jaden's brow. "I love the way it can swoosh across your forehead and stay in place without hairspray by the feel of it."

Jaden stopped as soon as Kelly touched his hair. His legs simply forgot how to move forward. Kelly had touched his hair and said he liked it! He could die happy now. Was Kelly flirting with him? He had to find out, but he didn't know how.

"Um, Jaden?" Kelly snapped his fingers in front of Jaden's love struck eyes. "Earth to Jaden. Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?"

Blinking out of his reverie, Jaden realized he had zoned out. "Wrong? No nothing wrong." He smiled stupidly as he continued walking. He looked around and they were just about home. He did not remember walking this far. "Kelly can I ask you something?"

"Sure, I guess." Kelly was surprised by Jaden's sudden mood shift. He had been so animated and happy until now. Now he seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. "Everything okay? You seemed so happy a minute ago. Now, I don't know..."

The boys had almost reached Jaden's house and were waiting to cross the last street before Jaden's and sudenly he just sat down. Kelly, not knowing what else to do sat on the curb next to him. Jaden looked about ready to cry. Kelly put a comforting hand on his shoulder and they sat that way for a minute before Kelly asked, "Jaden, what's wrong? Why so sad all of a sudden? Is it me?"

His eyes welling with tears ready to be spilled, Jaden looked over at Kelly. "It's me Kelly. There is something wrong with me and you need to know about it before we get home." A tear trickled slowly down his cheek and dropped onto his jeans. He sighed and slumped his shoulders in despair and defeat. "It involves you and I didn't want to bring it up yet. I wanted us to enjoy at least one afternoon together before I dumped this on you. I'm sorry."

"Dumped what on me?" Kelly was starting to get concerned. "Are you sick, or dying? Do you have cancer? What ever it is it will be okay. I promise."

Jaden took a deep breath and Kelly listened. "I didn't want to tell you, like I said. It's just that I need you to know. I'm not like the other guys at school."

"I know. You're way nicer than they are." Kelly grinned, trying to cheer Jaden up. He was worried but he had an inkling of what Jaden might be trying to say.

Another tear escaped Jaden's blue eyes but this time Kelly brushed it away. "Don't cry Jaden it can't be that bad."

"But Kelly, it is that bad, it is even worse." Jaden sniffled and wiped his nose. "You deserve to know and I hope you won't hate me, but if you do I understand. Kelly, I'm...I'm...

"Gay." Kelly finished for him quietly. All movement on the street had stopped even the birds had stopped singing. The two boys were completely focused on the next quiet words out of Kelly's lips. "You're trying to tell me you're gay , right?"

Jaden's head shot up and he quickly asked, "How did you know, am I that obvious?"

"I don't think you're obvious. A little dramatic, but not obvious." He hugged Jaden and reassured him he wasn't freaked by the news. "You just started sounding like a bunch of stories from a story site called Nifty I read. Guys always suffer major meltdowns when they come out to the guys they like."

Both boys eyes got wide and Kelly gasped. "I'm the guy you like aren't I?"

Jaden started to deny it but jut said, "Shit. Yeah, I like you. I really, really like you." He sighed and stood up. He grabbed Kelly's hand and shook it. "It's been really nice talking with you. I understand if you hate me. Just please don't spread it around school, okay?"

"Jaden, you idiot." Kelly sighed and crossed his arms. "Don't you ever read Nifty stories?"

"No, I haven't ever heard of it."

"Well if you had you would know it is mostly a GAY website." He paused to let that sink in for a minute. "Get it? A gay website?"

"You mean?" Jaden started to smile as hope and understanding merged. "You mean you are gay too?"

"Duh!" Kelly laughed, pulling Jaden into a quick hug. "And you are the boy I like too. Jaden, you are so sweet and sexy and gorgeous. I can't believe you like me. I'm just so plain"

"Plain, right." Jaden rolled his eyes and laughed. "I think I told you at lunch I thought you were the best looking guy in our class. What I should have said was you are the sexiest and best looking guy in the whole school."

'Oh come on," Kelly cut him off. "Give me a break."

"Not only that, but since we got back from Christmas break, all I have been able to do is stare at you and wish you were my boyfriend. I Can not get enough of you."

Kelly blushed and giggled. "I've got a secret."

"What's that?"

For the last couple of month's I have been noticing you more and more and hoping you would be gay. You have made me so happy."

"I'm so happy too!" Jaden laughed. "What now?"

"Well, I thought you invited me to spend the afternoon with you. I guarantee it will be more fun now!"

They laughed again and ran the rest of the way to Jaden's house.

That is it for chapter three.

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