Sorry Sis...


This story is about one guy making sweet love to another guy. If you don't dig this shit, then please leave. You're also going to have to leave if you are under the age of 18, or 21 in certain areas, cause it's against the law.


Sorry Sis...


Before I tell you what I did, before I tell you how I fucked John, where I fucked John, and when I fucked John, I would like to tell you why I fucked John.

John is 5'10, 170lbs, has a perfect body of toned muscles, brown eyes, tight and tanned skin, and looks incredible in anything he wears. Add to that, an incredible personality and the most perfect head of brown hair you've ever laid eyes on, and you have the most beautiful man in the world. Now let me tell you why I kept John: When I unbutton his pants and pull them down to his knees, and grab his underwear and pull them down too, I immediately start to salivate at his soft 6" cock. Then, after a good warm up, it's time to flip him over and admire his flawless ass and cut thighs. Just the right amount of cushion. This boy's ass is the Siren that can hypnotize me, pull me away from anything I'm doing, and have me wake up dazed and confused the next morning.

In short, I love him.

Chapter 1: Morning glory.

7:00am. : ALARM - SNOOZE.

7:05am. : ALARM - SNOOZE.

7:10am. : smash alarm - ...snooze.

- - -

9:09am. : A big stretch, accompanied by a few grunts and the inevitable morning wood. This is the way I like to start my Mondays. Isn't it funny? If I hadn't of done exactly as I wanted, and slept in a lot longer than I should have, I would have missed an amazing dream...

- - -

I was studying in my room, with all the lights turned way down low, when I felt a strong pair of hands come down on my shoulders and start to massage them. I knew it was a guy, but who could it be? I suddenly became tingly all over and the hands moved down to my pecs. They started to work on my nipples through my shirt. Whoever it was, I could see their jacked forearms. I whipped around and ripped my shirt off. It was the Quarterback of the Senior Football team, Kyle Gaunteur. He lifted me out of my seat and up to eye level, grabbed my head and started making out with me. Real passionate kisses n shit. We stumbled around with locked lips, Kyle controlling where we went, and suddenly he threw me onto my bed. He pounced over top of me, on hands and knees, and started kissing me all over. His tight skin against mine was such an amazing feeling. I reached out with my arms, and was rubbing him all over his chest and back, loving the definition, and writhing around in pleasure on my bed. My hands were slipping farther towards his head, and I could feel his kisses get lower and lower on my body until he was positioned right over my cock. By now I was hard as fuck. Kyle undid my jeans, and tore down my boxers. He looked up at my head, smiled, and said "I love blondes". Then he went on to deep-throat all of my 8.5 inches slowly and skillfully. This was too fucking good. He obviously had a tongue stud because I could feel a little ball rotating around my cock, swirling down to the bottom, then coming back up and plugging the tip. The dimples in his cheeks showed just how hard he was sucking. He got off me, and before I could ask why, he said, "Now, let's share." He turned around for a 69, and I happily accepted, getting onto my side and taking his 7 incher into my mouth, working away on his already raging hard-on. Both of our bodies gyrating back and forth into and out of each other, the warm friction of our skin and his expert deep-throating abilities were way too much. I pumped my cock deep down into his throat, making him groan a little, and blew six powerful shots of gravy down his throat. I wanted him to do the same to me so I started working overtime, until I heard a gurgle (which was probably meant to be a moan) and his balls tensed up and BAM. I woke up. That would have been the first load I'd ever taken. God damn.

I brush my teeth, have a wank in the warm shower and drive off to third period. Gym. As I walked into the change room, I saw Kyle in the shower.

"Yo Kyle."

Kyle looked over. "Yo Kurt. It's monday innit? Aren't you supposed to be at home? ahaha"

Everyone laughed. This was a grade 12 gym class, and I had just come back to do a victory lap before University. Even the teachers would make cracks at how many classes I skipped.

"Yeah god one. Did you just make that up Kyle?" I punched his arm playfully. He punched me back laughing. I noticed something in his mouth... "Oh cool, Is that a new tongue stud?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well that's not even really the beginning of the story, but I thought I'd introduce a few characters. I've got some ideas in my dirty little mind, but you'll have to wait and see... Keep readin!

Oh, and since this is my first attempt at writing a series, or any story really, It'd be cool if people could help me out or even if you just wanna talk or whatever!



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